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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 25, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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police in california are issuing a new warning ahead of another trump rally taking place in a few hours. also ahead, did trump pay up months after promising to donate to veterans causes? a report in "the washington post" indicates that money had not been paid until this week. and what about trump's claims that he raised $6 million? developing now, at least one fatality early this morning after heavy flooding and dozens of tornados in the midwest. now millions of americans are in the path of more severe weather today and perhaps over the weekend. good morning, everyone, i'm tam ron hall coming through live from our msnbc headquarters in new york. we begin with some breaking news from the state department. an audit done by that department faults hillary clinton and previous secretaries of state for poorly managing e-mails. the report cites long-standing systemic weaknesses in and related to the department's communications. joining me live now by phone,
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nbc's intelligence and national security reporter ken dilanin who looked through the report. ken, this mentions other secretaries of state and how they handled e-mails as well. >> yes, it does, tamron. it points out former secretary of state colin powell did not comply with the federal records act and used personal e-mail for government business and some of those e-mails have yet to be retrieved, but this is going to have huge reverberations through the political campaign because it takes on some of the central assertions that hillary clinton has been making about her use of private e-mail. for example, she has said that by sending her personal e-mail to government accounts, that was a way of preserving the records under the federal records act. the audit specifically says that was not true. that was not an appropriate way to preserve the records. also remarkably the audit quotes the senior information technology people at the state
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department saying they were never asked to approve clinton's personal e-mail arrangement. if they had been, they would have advised against it. >> and part of the argument from the clinton team has been that what she did, having this server, was not different than other secretaries of state. and we see in this report as mentioned, john kerry, condoleezza rice as well as colin powell here. we talk about the impact it could have on the campaign trail. does this report still allow for hillary clinton and her team to point to how the agency and other secretaries of state handled e-mail? >> oh, it absolutely does, and this has long been known. but this report expands on the idea. you know, i interviewed colin powell about his e-mail practices and he was very clear that he used a private e-mail account and didn't see anything wrong with it. but he used it a lot less frequently than clinton did. and clinton was the only former secretary of state to have had a personal server that she
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maintained in her house and routed every single piece of government business through that server. so the issue with clinton is scale. i also think the issue in this audit is that it challenges some of the central assertions that she's made about this not -- she, for example, has said that this complied with the rules at the time. the audit is raising some questions about that. >> just quickly going back to the state department and criticism that may fall on the agency, when you look at this notion that some of these secretaries were slow to recognize, as the report says, and manage effectively legal requirements and cyber security risks, we're talking about secretaries of state. why weren't measures then put in place, i think a lot of people will ask, to make sure that these e-mails were properly handled? we're talking about the u.s. government more than we are individuals and there seems to be a problem within the state department, according to this report. a long-standing problem. >> that's absolutely true. and the answer to why that
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didn't happen is because the state department has been an information technology disaster for years. that's well documented in a series of audits. their cyber security has been in question. their technology has been in question. powell will tell stories about how they weren't even computers on everyone's desk when he got there, well after the internet age had taken hold. yeah, that's a long-standing issue. i think that's separate and apart from clinton's decision to use a personal e-mail server and what this report says about the ramifications of that. about who was consulted and about why she may have done it. there's a line and an e-mail to an aide where she said she wanted to make sure her personal e-mail was not subject to -- did not become part of the public record. >> we'll continue to follow this. meanwhile this morning police in anaheim, california, are warning anyone planning to protest at a donald trump rally here this afternoon, quote, they will not tolerate any violence. that follows the chaotic scene
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in albuquerque, new mexico, last night. what started as peaceful protests turned violent. demonstrators according to police threw rocks, knocked down barriers, smashed windows and started fires. police responded with pepper spray and smoke grenades. the violence erupted after the real had ended and trump had left the arena. >> we're here today because the people of albuquerque specifically did not want donald trump in our city. >> we're not going to tolerate trump's hate and speech. >> it was stop trump's hate with love. >> it's self defense. donald trump cannot come to our city after calling us rapists. >> several police officers reportedly were injured in that and i'm joined now by one of the protesters in albuquerque last night. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you, ma'am. i appreciate you giving me the opportunity to be here. >> obviously i know that these -- the protests started out peaceful, as we've reported, but you see the violence that erupted. police now say several officers were injured.
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did the message get lost in some of the scenes that are now on the screen here? >> well, ma'am, i'll tell you at a time that i was protesting, it was around 5:00 and i was downtown in albuquerque for a couple of hours with hundreds and hundreds of protesters. i've heard that there were up to a thousand protesters at that time. the protesters, myself included, were able to march for blocks, several blocks and it was peaceful. it was actually beautiful. unfortunately, i never saw any footage of that last night. what i did see last night was violent and it was heart breaking actually. >> and you say heart breaking. why? are you worried that the message gets lost? why was it heart breaking for you to see this? >> it was heart breaking for me because i know what had happened hours earlier, which was a
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beautiful, peaceful protest. and what i saw on the television last night was just a handful of folks causing trouble, and i thought that didn't reflect well on the city because, you know, the city -- we came out strong and we did have a strong message and it was just unfortunate. when i was marching, and i was with, i'll tell you, they weren't criminals and thugs. i was marching with two attorneys, i'm an attorney myself, and my sister, who's an elementary schoolteacher. all very peaceful. but i never saw a camera out there to capture that, and i found that unfortunate. >> in a tweet from donald trump, he put out this morning, and i should note that you are an attorney, you mentioned your sister, teacher, and you're both a family of immigrants here and you were peacefully protesting. donald trump's tweet this morning, the protesters in new
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mexico were thugs who were flying the mexican flag. the rally inside was big and beautiful, but outside, criminals! your reaction to that. >> well, i strongly disagree with mr. trump's characterization of the rally. what i saw -- well, i'll tell you i didn't see criminals and i didn't see thugs. i saw people out there of all ages with a peaceful message. like i said, i was with a number of professionals out there and i saw professionals out there as well who i know are not criminals nor are they thugs. in fact during the march, there was one incident a vehicle had stopped near the protesters and was -- a couple of young men in the vehicle were hurling insults
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at the protesters and there were a couple of folks in the group, in our group that actually took the bait and engaged these gentlemen, i use that word loosely, but they engaged these two young men and started throwing water at them. well, i'll tell you that the protesters, the majority of them, told these couple of protesters to please stop. don't do this. this is not the message we want to send. other protesters held hands and formed basically a human barricade between the couple of angry protesters and the two young men that were trump supporters. >> we appreciate you joining to give your version of why you were there and what played out. we'll see what happens. donald trump has a rally in anaheim, california, and police already have an alert.
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this morning paul ryan's office is denying reports that the house speaker is about to endorse donald trump. this after trump's campaign manager, paul manafort, told a small group of republicans that the speaker was getting closer to endorsing. and making party unity even more difficult, donald trump used the stage last night in new mexico to launch a new round of attacks. among his targets now, new mexico's republican governor, susannah martinez. she's the nation's first female hispanic governor who has yet to endorse donald trump by the way and has denounced his comments about mexican immigrants. >> we have to get your governor to get going. she's got to do a better job, okay. she's not doing the job. hey, maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico. i'll get this place going. >> governor martinez' office responded by saying the governor will not be bullied into supporting a candidate until she is convinced that candidate will fight for new mexicans.
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joining me live, the newly named chairman of the platform committee at the republican national committee, senator john boraco. we have a lot to get to but you have endorsed the presumptive nominee, donald trump. part of your concerns as you expressed after the meeting with donald trump that we all followed very closely was his tone, his focus on policy or lack thereof. since that meeting in washington with donald trump, have you seen a change in his tone and his focus on policy? >> well, he's certainly focused on issues that are going to actually get america growing again in terms of the economy, in terms of jobs. the kind of security that people want in this country, job security, economic security, certainly national security. and what you're just showing in new mexico, i think that is disturbing to lots of people when they see a peaceful protest turn violent. so there are people there who are breaking down in terms of
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the way that things ought to be held in a peaceful way and that's a concern to many of us who are so focused on our security both at home and in terms of what's happening around the world. and donald trump, i think, is striking a chord with people around the country who want to get our country growing again. >> going back to my original question, which was the quote was from you tone matters and that was a part of your focus meeting with donald trump. since the meeting that you had with donald trump in washington, d.c., have you seen a focus, and i need a specific here, regarding policy, which you said was important to you, and tone. have you seen a change in either since you expressed your concern? >> well, yes, i see him talking about specific policies. he's been focusing on foreign policy. he worked with henry kissinger last week, with bob corker -- >> that was a meeting, that wasn't a working session. what came specifically out of the meeting with henry kissinger
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that would be policy that you would be tiebl able to support donald trump, foreign policy? >> i think the president has been completely wrong with iran. the president has given them $100 billion and they're still doing ballistic missile testing at a time that it used to be a violation of the united nations, but that continues. so i think donald trump is absolutely right on middle east. we've talked about nato and the issue that they need to pay their way. they haven't been. but there is a very vital role for the united states with nato. when we see russian appellate vladimir putin and his aggressive nature, absolutely, donald trump understands what this aggression is doing to us. you see it now with russia in syria. >> but you mentioned donald trump's -- you mentioned the aggressive nature of vlad her p -- vladimir putin.
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one of donald trump's points was he was close to vladimir putin because they were both featured on "60 minutes." they never met but he's touted the strong man, as he said, as someone that he could have a relationship with. so are you along the same lines as your presumptive nominee on that? >> well, i'm telling you that hillary clinton pushing the reset button, that opened an opportunity for the aggression of vladimir putin. when barack obama drew a red line in syria and basically forgot about it, that was a green light for dictators around the world to be more active. we've seen it in north korea. i'm on the foreign relations committee, i work closely on these areas, and secretary clinton and president obama have been wrong on issue after issue of our national security and foreign policy and i know that donald trump will be strong on those areas. >> last week donald trump's big foreign policy headline was that he would be willing to meet kim
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jong-un. do you support donald trump's decision if he were to follow through on that meeting? >> well, i have -- i've been in south korea most recently, i know the aggressive nature of the north koreans toward us -- >> but the question is would you support donald trump's meeting with kim jong-un? that was his big foreign policy headline. >> if certain concessions were made by the north korean dictator in terms of what they're doing with nuclear testing and missile development, that would be a point for negotiation. >> do you know that that would be an extraordinary reversal for members of your own party who criticize the obama administration regarding iran and the nuclear deal, and that did not involve a one-on-one meeting with the president of the united states as proposed with north korea and donald trump? >> well, i think that this president -- president obama, has been very weak in foreign policy. you know what you're seeing now is one of his advisers, his deputy security advisor,
8:16 am
national security advisor telling "the new york times" that they're making things up as they go. they're writing fiction. that this comment about a war with iran, it was either sign the agreement or war. it was all fiction. so that's the way we've had -- that's the way we've had foreign policy in this country for the last eight years with barack obama and hillary clinton running foreign policy. >> senator, speaking of making things up and all fiction, let me get your thoughts on donald trump yesterday commenting on what he said perhaps was the murder of vince foster, which by all accounts was a suicide. donald trump also saying that hillary clinton may have had something to do with the fishy activity. this is a long standing issue with your front-runner. he said that president obama was not an american. he said that he had investigators who had information that we would not believe. that was five years ago and he's not provided that information.
8:17 am
and again the latest indicating that something was fishy with vince foster's suicide and that it could be murder. does that count as making something up? >> well, you look at hillary clinton what she's been making up for months about her e-mail and her server in her own home and today the state department under barack obama's presidency has come out to say that what hillary clinton has been saying sounds like she was making it up and that's why she is so distrusted by so many americans. so you're seeing a campaign which happens where you see lots of twists and turns and statements being made and will continue to be made for the next six months. but i think when i look at secretary clinton's record in terms of jobs, the economy, foreign policy, you name it and trustworthiness is what we see now with the state department even saying about her comments on her e-mail and internet use that she can't be trusted.
8:18 am
>> senator, you just used the word twists and turns. throughout this five-minute interview, every question i've asked about donald trump you've answered with hillary clinton or not obama. you've not directly answered with all due respect, sir, a single question, starting off with the tone of donald trump, which you said you were greatly concerned about and your desire to see him focus on domestic and foreign policy. every answer you've given me for five minutes has been hillary clinton, obama. so is that the strategy, ignore, ignore, ignore, obama, clinton, ignore? with all due respect? >> hillary clinton is going to be the nominee of the democratic party. i think she would be terrible for the country. i think that donald trump would be much better in terms of jobs, economy, national security, job security, in terms of returning power to the people, in terms of eliminating the bureaucrats who have been in some ways overburdening the american people. i want to relieve that burden on
8:19 am
folks. i want to get the economy growing again. i believe donald trump wants to do exactly that. when i hear hillary clinton and barack obama, they seem to be stuck in the new normal of an economy that's growing from 1% to 2% and that cannot be the new normal for the united states of america. >> senator -- >> we need to be the continuing strongest and most respected nation on the face of the earth and we've lost a lot of that under barack obama and a third obama term with hillary clinton will make it worse. >> well, we would love to have you back on if you could be more specific about how you believe donald trump can make america great again but i think we need more time for that segment. it's a great pleasure always having you on. thank you so much. >> thank you. up next, democratic senator elizabeth warren goes after donald trump over years-old comments where he appeared to root for the housing market saying that he'd hope the collapse would happen so that he could make money. >> a small insecure money grubber who doesn't care who
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gets hurt, so long as he makes a profit off it. >> our first read team calls elizabeth warren hillary clinton's new weapon. we'll dig into that next. re eark from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. jen stops working, but her aleve doesn't. hey mom! because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours?
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we're now back with developments in the battle between hillary clinton and donald trump. the latest war of words is over the housing bubble that cost millions of americans their homes and financial security. in a web ad released yesterday, clinton hit trump over comments he made during an interview in 2006. >> if there is a bubble burst, as they call it, you know, you could make a lot of money. >> now, trump defended his words last night at a rally claiming it was a smart business thing to say. >> i see this low life, she puts
8:24 am
on an ad. donald trump is a terrible person. and he wanted to buy housing when it was at a low point. who the hell doesn't? >> in a continuation of her attacks on trump, senator elizabeth warren jumped into the fray yet again showing that she may be what our first read team calls hillary clinton's weapon against trump. >> what kind of a man roots for people to get thrown out of their house? what kind of man roots for people to get thrown out of their jobs, to root for people to lose their pensions. a small insecure money grubber who doesn't care who gets hurt so long as he makes a profit off it. >> let's bring in our political panel. republican strategist and former george h.w. bush white house aide, george watkins. also mother jones washington bureau chief david corn. let me start off with you, joe, here. donald trump says that he wanted to make money.
8:25 am
is that what he said in that quote? because when you listen to his own words, he was hoping it could happen so that he could make money. is there a distinction here? >> yeah, he did say that. i mean there's plenty of -- he's got plenty of quotes over the last 20 or 30 years for folks to draw from. but what hurts other candidates hasn't yet so far hurt donald trump, so it's kind of counter intuitive. you'd suppose a remark like that would really hurt him, but it's that same spirit that he has of how do you take advantage of an opportunity that americans are looking for him to do as a candidate for president. so you've got six million americans working part-time for economic reasons. another nearly 27% of the unemployed, long-term unemployed, looking for an opportunity. they're looking for somebody to come in and shake it up and get them back to work to grow the economy. so this kind of thing doesn't hurt donald trump with the people who already like him. >> david, are we back to the greed is good, where people hear
8:26 am
that? >> i think to a certain degree that he is seen, as you and i were talking about off camera, as a successful bold-faced name business guy. that's how people know him. they think he's successful and think he has good idea. if you look at his business career, yes, he's made a lot of money, but at casinos that sucker people and they went bankrupt. he made money off golf courses. when you built trump tower, he used immigrant wages. >> but does any of that hurt him? >> people know him from the caricature. it's a tv performer. it's a performance art. the question is whether the next few months attacks and critiques from people like elizabeth warren and others will cause some people, not his fans already, to think, wait a second, there's another side to donald trump other than mr. celebrity apprentice, and that side is not good and does not show him as qualified to be president. >> joe, let me go back to just looking at some of the people
8:27 am
that donald trump would need to come on board if he's going to win this general election to david's point. he's got his base, and they may for whatever reason ignore claims of, you know, murders, conspiracy, the laundry list of things. but he needs more than the core base that got him through that primary. do you believe that he and his campaign understand that? >> i know they understand that. paul manafort and the people working with him are very smart. they understand what it's going to take for him to win. and he's certainly within striking distance. all the polling data that i've seen shows this is already a very, very close race. if you look at the electoral college map. donald trump is a brand as well as a candidate for the presidency. he's a brand that a lot of people are taking a very strong look at because of the success that the brand brings with it. that's what he's been able to really push, especially with people who are looking for better days, for a brighter future. he has a shot to get minorities. he doesn't need to get all of them. he doesn't need 100% of the african-american vote.
8:28 am
but if he can get 10% or 15%, he's within range to win this election. >> we have to go. please come back. thank you. >> happy to be here. >> we want to get to our next guest. coming up, oscar winning actor and director tim robbins will bow one of the famous artists at the white house today. we'll talk with him about his role and his influence on the campaign trail. he's a bernie sanders supporter. what does he feel about the campaign now? we'll be right back with tim robbi robbins. if you have medicare
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this afternoon students from across the country will join forces for a talent show unlike any others happening at the white house. it's part of a major push towards restoring funding for arts education in america through the president's committee on the arts and humanities. the program known as turn around
8:32 am
arts launched its first show in 2014 serving a number of nations underperforming schools. in the pilot year participating schools saw an average 23% rise in math scores, 13% rise in reading along with significant spikes in attendance and community engagement as well as a drop in disciplinary issues. it involves using innovative arts like dance, theater and music programs to address the achievement gap and is bolstered with the help of celebrity mentors like sarah jessica parker, ed norton, josh grobin. joining me is actor and director tim robbins. thanks for your time. >> my pleasure. >> when you think at the results of this program, and this is not just about introducing a kid to the arts, it's opening his or her eyes so much so that reading and math scores increase. it seems like this program sells itself. it should be done and done and we're all supporting it. >> right? i mean there's 6 million kids in the united states right now that
8:33 am
do not have arts education in their schools. this is something that is a real betrayal of a responsibility we have towards our children. wouldn't you want a child to have a better chance at academic achievement? and the arts have been proven again and again to be that catalyst. my school, burbank elementary in haywa hayward, california, has gone from 18th in its district to number one in the two years it's been involved in turn around arts. the big statistic to look at also is the 60% or upwards reduction in disciplinary infractions. this is something that is a real indication of what's going on and the dysfunction in our school systems where there's so many people being suspended,
8:34 am
it's not long before they're on a track towards prison, this school-to-prison pipeline. i know because i work inside the prisons in the state of california. and almost to a man and woman that we work with, these people did not have arts education in elementary, middle school and high school. there's a direct connection between active involvement for people and being still involved with their schooling and disciplinary infractions. i personally can attest to being one of those people. when i was in high school, i was lost. i did not really get what algebra was. i was kind of lost. and some of the science was lost on me too. and if it wasn't for a teacher named thomas dolan, an english teacher that encouraged me to get involved with theater, i would have gone that way as well, as many of my friends in our neighborhood did. i know the value of arts
8:35 am
education. i know that it's absolutely essential for not only the privileged children to have, but for every child to have. >> right. and when you look at the numbers, the program right now, 68 schools in 36 districts across america, certainly that number should be far more than that when you point to the factual evidence of its success. i do just have to ask you before we let you go about politics. last night another contest that is seen as something without consequence and where the race stands right now. you're a bernie sanders supporter. there is a concern that the democratic party will not coalesce, new numbers show at least a few polls donald trump leading hillary clinton if she's the nominee. where do you stand right now? >> well, i think those polls also show that bernie beats him sometimes by 15 points. bernie beats trump by 15 points. so i think the people in the democratic party establishment should really look at those numbers hard and fast. there's something that's
8:36 am
happened since this primary process started and what has happened is that a candidate has emerged that is speaking to a lot of the anger and resentment and frustration that trump supporters seem to have. i would encourage those in the dnc to look at those numbers with a sober eye and look at what the election possibilities are in november and to try to avoid a disaster of a trump presidency. >> tim, thank you for your time. again, turn around arts right now, speaking of numbers that matter, in 68 schools, 36 districts across the country. i know you greatly want to see that program in more schools for the kids who deserve it most, which is just a fighting chance. thank you so much, tim. >> my pleasure. coming up, what happened to the millions of dollars donald trump said he raised for veterans? >> we just cracked, the sign was
8:37 am
just given, we just cracked $6 million, right? $6 million. >> that was donald trump in january. he said $6 million. now he is saying that he did not say $6 million. "the washington post" has been reporting on this for a few days now. we'll have the very latest. plus, what happened to the $1 million that donald trump personally said that he would pay? we have an update. that's next. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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8:41 am
and we just cracked, the sign was just given, we just cracked $6 million, right? $6 million. >> now, trump told "the post" in an interview tuesday that he never said $6 million, despite what you just heard from that day. now, the 6 million included $1 million of his own money, a claim he's made at rallies and in interviews since the event. but in a series of pieces published by "the washington post" trump said that he had actually raised $5.5 million. so far "the washington post" says it has been able to verify $4.1 million in donations. trump told "the post" it takes so long to donate the money because he needed to vet the organizations before donating, but he has a long standing relationship with at least one of those organizations, the marine corps law enforcement foundation, and that is the group that he says he will give his $1 million donation to. joining me now, jon soltz.
8:42 am
there has not been any verification trump has given $1 million of his own money. but on camera in january saying $6 million and now denying that he ever said what we all heard on that tape. >> we're just calling him trump fraud. this is another attempt to wrap himself in the american flag. he's a professional marketer who's trying to hide behind veterans. there's been a lot of veterans that are really upset with him, protesting in new york city. this is someone who had a long track record of kicking veterans, disabled veterans off the street in new york city that were vendors that had had a law protect them for a hundred years, in front of his hotels because it wasn't good for business. he's trying to hide behind veterans, use veterans and it wasn't until after he was exposed that he decided he would write this check. >> what's interesting you say that, because when you look at some of the primary contests, he
8:43 am
as he noted got huge support from veterans who see him as a potentially strong leader. when you look at new numbers from the nbc/wall street journal poll 68% are around that express some concern regarding his lack of military experience. i do want to put up what donald trump was once quoted as saying in a "new york times" article. mr. trump said his experience at the new york military academy and experience at prep school where his parents had sent him to correct poor behavior gave him, quote, more training militarily than a lot of the guys that go into the military. your reaction to that. >> i just think that's a total joke. i think he's a narcissist. i think he had four draft deferments in vietnam. he insulted john mccain. said john mccain isn't a hero because he was captured. he liked people that wasn't captured. he went on the howard stern show and compared his personal vietnam to the 1980s and stds in new york city. i think he's a total fraud. like a lot of other issue groups, he's now seeing a lot of
8:44 am
these things played back up. i think it's a terrible statement that he made about military boarding school. and i think one of the reasons he feels insecure and saying i'm going to take care of the vets, which is his mantra, because he said all these ridiculously stupid things and i think he's a fraud and it's up to the veterans groups to expose him. we're going to spend a lot of money and hit him on these issues. >> he would point out, okay, $5.5 million versus $6 million, it's still millions of dollars raised for veterans organizations, $4 million of it, according to "the washington post" has been dispersed. >> i met him one time. i met him one time in my life in tavern on the green in new york city in 2006. vote vets was a very tiny organization. he's at charlie rangel's birthday party. i said, hey, donald trump, helping veterans run for office. will you help us? he turns around, dismissed he and said send me a letter or something like that and walked away from me. this isn't someone who's been active in the veterans community. he didn't take care of kids
8:45 am
coming home. he's given very little money to veteran. if it takes a long time for him to vet groups, of course he does, because he doesn't know who any of them are. >> it will be interesting to see the debate within the veteran community as we move on. thank you, jon. >> thanks. the notorious romanian hacker who claims that he breached hillary clinton's private e-mail server has just changed his plea deal in federal court. we'll have more on the charges he faces stemming from targeting another secretary of state and a former president's accounts. and developing now, after yesterday's deadly storm systems spawned tornados in at least four states another round of violent weather is expected in the midwest today and the dangerous threat could extend through the weekend. we'll be right back. ♪ (sfx: golf swing and breaking glass) ♪
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a guilty plea from a notorious hacker tops the stories we are covering around the news nation this morning. the romanian hacker changed his
8:49 am
plea from not guilty to guilty. in virginia court today, the hacker is accused of breaking into the accounts of the bush family, general colin powell and others. charges against him include cyber stalking, unauthorized access to computers and identify theft. he has claimed he's hacked into hillary clinton's private e-mail server, but that claim has not been confirmed. another round of severe storms expected to pummel the plains states this week. about 24 tornados were reported in four states yesterday as a violent storm system ripped across the region. one person was killed in oklahoma, two others critically injured in kansas. the storms damaged homes, toppled trees and caused widespread flooding. severe storms with heavy rains, damaging winds and hail all in the forecast for that region through friday. up next, now that a judge has ruled bill cosby will stand trial in connection with one case, his attorneys remain defiant, accusing the judge of violating cosby's right to due process. could his other accusers play a role in his upcoming trial?
8:50 am
i'll talk to the editor of "new york" magazine who profiled dozens of cosby's accusers that was featured in an award-winning cover. we'll be right back.
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8:53 am
welcome back. now that bill kocosby is set to stand trial on sexual assault charges, his attorneys are battling to keep a deposition that formed the basis of these charges out of court. cosby admitted in 2005 that police statement he pursued young models and actresses for extramarital affairs and obtained quaaludes for women he hoped to seduce. the deposition was the result of a civil lawsuit filed by former temple university andrea c constand. constand's accusations are the basis of the criminal case brought against bill cosby. the comedian actor previously acknowledged a sexual encounter with constand but argued it was consensual. his lawyers maintain he's not guilty. the judge has not set a date for the trial, but if convicted bill
8:54 am
cosby faces up to ten years in prison. joining me now new york magazine's kirby has spoken to many of the women who allege they were assaulted by bill cosby, all he has denied. capture those stories yesterday. what were some of the reaction from the women that you featured? >> i haven't spoken to any of the women once after the trial date. i spoke to a few of them before, not necessarily about the trial but it definitely loomed large and, you know, i think they were holding their breath to see what happened, to see if the trial would go forward, which it did. so now only time will tell how the women, you know, factor into this. >> and that is the question will some of their allegations play a role in this case, and it seemed from that article, and even just the mere photo of it on its own that many of these women have felt alone but now they feel power in numbers.
8:55 am
is that the feeling you got from them during the course of this ten years at least with this one case? >> well, you know this one case was kind of the first, happened a decade ago and many of the women had, you know, come out after that case. there were 12 jane does who signed on and some came out publicly and their stories drifted away. they felt very alone. ten years later they were able to come together. i think one of the most powerful quotes of that piece was that this was a sorrowful sisterhood and that they hadn't been able to find support and certainly now i think they feel that now that one case is moving forward. >> did you get the impression or did they directly say, some of them, they would be willing to follow this all the way through? >> you know, it's hard to say. i can't speak for the individual women because even though they do have, you know, one thing in common and one story they do share, each of them feel very differently. some want to move past it and want to move on and find other ways to kind of, you know, to
8:56 am
tell their story and show their story so it's hard to say for each individual woman what they'll want to do. >> as we mentioned in court yesterday bill cosby's attorneys have said their defense is this is a lie, that it was consensual and that's been the same with the women featured on the cover of your magazine. bill cosby maintains that none of this is truth. and if sex happened, it was consensual. do you see, though, the scars on some of these women who have been called on publicly? >> that was a huge part of what many of them had said when we spoke to them. they didn't want to be -- one of the reasons they didn't want to come forward, they didn't want to be dragged in the mud or be told that they were liars. so it took a lot of courage for them to come forward and admit it and, again, the more they were able to come forward helped make them stronger. >> we'll see if any play a role in this case. to be determined when the trial will start. >> thank you very much.
8:57 am
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♪ right now on a special edition of "andrea mitchell reports" live from los angeles, anti-trump protests out west. california officials warning protesters don't try what happened outside a trump rally in new mexico last night as trump shows up today in anaheim a few hours from now. >> walk of shame! walk of shame! >> the people of albuquerque specifically do not want donald trump in our city. >> we're not going to tolerate trump's hate in his speech. >> the republican mayor of anaheim joining me now. and the democrats' best attack dog, elizabeth warren and a coordinated campaign attack.


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