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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 25, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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♪ right now on a special edition of "andrea mitchell reports" live from los angeles, anti-trump protests out west. california officials warning protesters don't try what happened outside a trump rally in new mexico last night as trump shows up today in anaheim a few hours from now. >> walk of shame! walk of shame! >> the people of albuquerque specifically do not want donald trump in our city. >> we're not going to tolerate trump's hate in his speech. >> the republican mayor of anaheim joining me now. and the democrats' best attack dog, elizabeth warren and a coordinated campaign attack. >> donald trump was drooling
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over the idea of a housing meltdown. what kind of a man does that? a small, insecure moneygrubber who doesn't care who gets hurt. >> i'm a business man. i made so many money, i'm a business guy. what am i doing? i didn't know i was going to run for politics. >> and breaking news, the state department's independent inspector general ruling that hi hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server and failure it to turn over all her e-mails when she left government did violate federal rules, running counter to the argument she made to me in september. >> this was fully aboveboard, people knew i was using a personal e-mail. i did it for convenience. i sent e-mails that i thought were work related to people's dot-gov accounts. and good day.
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i'm andrea mitchell in los angeles. as local officials and law enforcement out here warn pr protesters that what happened in new mexico outside donald trump's rally tuesday night will not be tolerated when he holds an event in anaheim, california, just a few hours from now. nbc's halle jaie jackson. >> reporter: you can see police have been slowly clearing block by block intersection by intersection trying to get the protesters or the demonstrators who are out here out of the road. what we saw were people spinning out tires. that was something we saw maybe four or five times in the span of a couple of minutes here. tell me about why you're here today. >> we're here today because the people of albuquerque do not want donald trump in our city. >> katy tur is in anaheim awaiting donald trump's arrival. we're hearing from law enforcement and the mayor. they're not going to tolerate
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it. what are they going to do to prevent this from happening or control it if it does? >> reporter: they have hundreds of officers both here and in orange county and from los angeles and this is some heavy duty stuff. it's a tactical armored car behind me and that's what they'll have in their arsenal to potentially stop any unrest. that being said this is happening, the rally is happening at noon on a wednesday in anaheim, most people are at work but they are still preparing nonetheless. every city we go to there is riot police on the street. there is this real imagery of the divide between americans in this country, the divide between urban americans and rural americans. some new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. anaheim is not going to tolerate it.
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these municipalities end up paying for the extra costs these law enforcement incurs by being here. the campaign has said in the past they are willing to pay back any city that asks. >> and i know the democrats are concerned that all of these protesters, the imagery is going to be enforced trump's law and order message. the real protests were outside and donald trump has tweeted today the protesters in new mexico were thugs flying the mexican flag, the rally inside is big and beautiful but outside criminals. then the issue of susan martinez, head of the republican governor s association. governor martinez hitting back. here's what he had to say about her last night. >> we have to get your governor to get going.
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she has to do a better job, okay? your governor has got to do a better job. she's not doing the job. hey, maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico. she cares about what he says and will help new mexicans. she didn't hear anything about that today. she is a major figure in the republican party. she's the first and the only latina governor in the republican party. >> reporter: donald trump is a counter ppuncher. martinez has been critical of trump, critical of the border wall.
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she was really too busy to come to his rally last night. there's also been a lot of vp speculation surrounding her, she's a rising star, she's the first latina governor. she's the head of the republican governors association. she's a big deal and could certainly help donald trump he is pegsly when it comes to his appeal to women and minorities. it's also new mexico, a state he would want to carry. then again this is the sort of thing that we see when someone does not agree with donald trump. he has no mercy in attacking regardless of what that may mean for his future relationships. >> and you correctly point out, katy, that she's the first latina governor and a major figure. no way that she's going to be on his vice presidential list nor apparently would she want to be. katy tur, thank you. we'll have all of your reports from anaheim as donald trump arrives there and we have breaking news now from the state department, the inspector general, an independent
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official, has released a long-awaited report. the first independent official review of hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. nbc's national security reporter is joining me now. ken, you have this report and it is basically very krcritical of hillary clinton and use of the private server and her failure to turn over her e-mails to the department before she left. >> it is indeed, andrea. this report by the state department's independent watchdog, a man appoint ed by president obama, essentially concludes that clinton violated the federal records act by turning over the e-mails and that her explanation she was sending them to people in the department so, therefore, they were preserved, is not valid, is not appropriate. the report also details a number of occasions where people inside the state department were raising concerns about her use of a private e-mail server and the issue of federal records and their concerns didn't go anywhere. they were rebuffed. one example where a director
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said please never speak of this again. so there's a lot in this report that seems to directly contradict assertions that hillary clinton's been making about her use of private e-mails. >> it also does say that there has been a failure, an institutional failure at the state department on e-mail usage going back, you know, years and years but even before hillary clinton. certainly by the time she took office that she should have known and did not know. the sued anymore pseudonym. he claims that he hacked into her private e-mails. he's produced no evidence of that. >> there is a mention of hacking in this report where the report quotes the official who is running the private server for
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clinton saying, hey, somebody tried to hack us today and another aide says please don't send the secretary any sensitive e-mail. the report suggests the hackers didn't get inside. that's been one of the big concerns and questions is, hey, you know, if you're doing government business and sensitive business over private e-mail server in your house in chappaqua, was this secure from hackers? >> i know you'll be all over this today and head of the tsa is back on capitol hill today facing a grilling from the house homeland security committee over the agency's mismanagement of painful bottlenecks at airport checkpoints. >> with respect to the lines, this is not our first rodeo. why didn't we see this coming? >> that's a good question. >> as you know, when i came onboard last year on the heels of the ig's results, it was immediately apparent to me that one of the challenges we were going to have is enough screening staff to man the checkpoints. >> joining me now is republican
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congressman peter king, a member of the house homeland security committee. he was at that hearing. did you get the answers that you want from the newer head of tsa about why a top official who has now been transferred got a $90,000 bonus despite all of these failures at the agency? >> i think the admiral is trying to turn the tsa around. things could have been done much more quickly. it's not an issue of them getting enough employees from congress. that was not the issue. congress is never innocent in these things. if they asked for more employees they would have gotten them. they thought they would somehow get the job done with lesser number of employees. when he came in there had been a report showing how deficient the tsa had been not screening, not doing proper inspections at the
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checkpoint. so, result, they increased the number of inspections, the patdowns and the more personal inspections, and in addition to that had more passengers. you had more passengers, more screening, and you had less employees which made absolutely no sense. also, they were hoping to get 25 million people into the precheck plan. they only got 19 million -- i mean 9 million. 9 million instead of 25 million. that's 16 million short. again, you had more passengers coming through and less people to screen them. less officers to screen them. and as far as the bonus, i don't think there's an adequate answer on that. >> congressman, i want to ask you about this e-mail report from the inspector general, first, just to button this down, do you have any questions about the level of security despite what we know are the failures of the long lines and the inconvenience, the missed flights and all the other
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problems. what about the level of security now at tsa checkpoints? >> the level of security has improved under admiral neffinger. it's better now than a year ago. better now than even six months ago. so, also, not just at the checkpoints but also what i call the insiders. these are people, almost a million people, have access to planes for behind the scenes. these are the vendors, the cleaners, the mechanics. up to a million people have these badges and that is a real concern. are they properly vetted? do we know who they are? and, again, the inspector general's report were showing they were not properly vetted. again, he has made changes and right now that is also significantly improved. >> now to switch gears to the e-mail controversy, this is the first independent report, it's an it from the inspector general appointed by president obama but not considered an advocate one
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way or the other and they have found that hillary clinton violated the federal records act. in not turning over all of her e-mails and having that private server, basically violating the guidance at the time even though it was not a law. what do we say now about this and about her responsibility? >> this is a very scathing report and as far as the politics of it, this is why donald trump should be focusing on, not having to exaggerate, not having to go back 15 to 20 years, focus on this, what was wrong with it, why hillary clinton did the wrong thing, why this couldn't put security at risk. that's what we should be focusing on. there were enough legitimate issues. this does rebut so much of what hillary clinton was saying, that people knew what she was doing, there was no issue, this was not in violation of state department practices and procedures. this is not coming from some right-wing group. this is coming from, again, an inspector general appointed by
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the president. i know he's independent. we're not talking about anybody from the right wing or any conservative or republican, this is an independent report coming out by an individual appointed by the president of the united states. >> let me just share with you what i've been told by high-ranking officials who are diplomats, who are not partisans here, and that they are strapped by the lack of having confidential devices, mobile devices. so if they're traveling distances, 12-hour flights and going back and forth and they have to brief washington and they are not near an embassy, what is known as a skiff, a secure area, they do send vaguely coded messages about what a foreign leader may have said. that has been common practice in a number of agencies and particularly at the state department which is woefully behind on computing and upgrading their systems. what do you say to diplomats who have been working under a number of administrations on this
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score? >> they should be more secure than they are? are you saying they are not complying with the procedures? >> i'm saying they are not complying with procedures. this is routinely done and it did not start -- i'm not talking about hillary clinton's private server now, just the lack of security, which is also addressed in this report. >> yeah, okay. i think this is a wake-up call for everybody. we have to be much more secure, we have to follow procedures exactly. this is an enemy trying to monitor or hack into everything we do. what would make it different with secretary clinton she was a top person, a secretary of state. also it appears that it went far afield, it wasn't just family e-mails back and forth. i've had access to some of the e-mails and some of the messengers that were there and, i tell you, this was pretty
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high -- highly sensitive material. >> peter king, thanks so much on all counts. good to see you. and coming up, golden state warriors, clinton and trump just warming up for a general election. full-court press as they crisscrossed california today. we'll check in on the clinton campaign trail next on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone to get you a copy of my resume. umm, maybe keep your hands on the controller. look out!! ohhhhhhhhhh... you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. yeah that's probably safer. ok, cool. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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who has the lowest. just go to and get up to 50 free quotes. choose the lowest, and hit purchase. so you can get back to whatever it is you civilians do when you're not thinking about car insurance. did you ever here of pocahontas? huh? it's pocahontas elizabeth warren. she was going out, she is probably the senator that'sing doing just about the least in the united states senate. she's a total failure. >> donald trump was drooling over the eidea of a housing meltdown. it is a man who cares about no one but himself --
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mra[ applause ] -- a small, insecure moneygrubber who doesn't care who gets hurt so long as he makes a profit off it. >> wow. hillary clinton is not the only prominent democratic woman taking the fight to donald trump. joining me now nbc's chrkristen welker for a clinton event there in the next hour in buena vista. elizabeth warren is the real attack dogs, saying things hillary clinton doesn't even attempt to say against donald trump and this thing is really heating up. what about the e-mail controversy. the clinton team has not responded. they are going to be back on their heels about that. >> reporter: they are. we are waiting for a response from the clinton campaign. we understand they're working on that right now. obviously this is a blow, as you've been discussing all morning long, andrea. it counters a number of
9:21 am
statements that she has made particularly the fact that she said, look, she didn't think she was violating any state department rules. this essentially says if the clinton team had asked i.t. regulators they would have advised her not to go this route. this underscoring one of the ongoing problems, this e-mail issue and it feeds into that crooked hillary narrative, donald trump's words, he keeps using on the campaign trail. i anticipate them to come back with a firm statement and, again, we are waiting for that statement, andrea. the timing not ideal. secretary clinton doesn't need this state to win mathematically but she needs it in it terms of momentum heading into the convention. this is one more thing that feeds into donald trump and the republican narrative. the attack dog we are seeing in senator elizabeth warren, you can just sense her anger in those comments that you played
9:22 am
there. i think it's a preview of things to come. she could be vital particularly when it comes to rallying and unifying particularly those younger voters and progressive voters who are going for senator sanders. andrea? >> thanks so much, kristen welk welker. we'll be watching that as hillary clinton arrives. trying to unseat debbie wasserman schultz. new reporting from from luke russert on capitol hill next here on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. (vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our heating and cooling systems so reliable. if there's a breaking point, we'll find it. it's hard to stop a trane.
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causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and i love helping little ones get off on the right foot. ask your doctor about lyrica. divisions in the party are now reaching fever pitch. there are new questions today about the party's leadership as democrats on capitol hill discuss removing democratic
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chair debbie wasserman schultz according to reports, who has been viewed as a key figure in the party's divide at least by the bernie sanders contingent. luke russert is joining me now. tell me what pelosi has to say about debbie wasserman schultz. >> reporter: the eidea debbie wasserman schultz has not been doing a good job, of being a neutral arbiter and a lot of democrats have lost faith in her as the chairwoman of the dnc especially ahead of what needs to be a cumbaya as they face donald trump come november. take a listen. >> chairwoman wasserman schultz has the respect of her colleagues for her leadership inside the party and during the election in november.
9:27 am
>> reporter: so there is pelosi doubling down on her support of schultz. what was interesting, though, andrea, is that pelosi said the unease from both the bernie camp and the hillary camp about this process should probably force the democratic party to look at how delegates are allocated in the future and reminded reporters she's been oppose d t super delegates so you might see changes on the horizon. as for what it means for wasserman schultz, unclear right now. there are reports schumer was asked whether he had faith in her on the senate side. a story still very much in flux. >> that's hardly a ringing endorsement and there have been divisions among the house members you cover about debbie wasserman schultz. clearly it reflects the divisions between clinton and bernie sanders party.
9:28 am
up until now hillary clinton has been supportive and if anything debbie wasserman schultz has been faulted for overplaying her hand in going the clinton way. any sign that clinton people, including people like schumer, most importantly, would be abandoning now? >> reporter: the worry is she is looked at as, quote/unquote, toxic. if they're trying to join with the bernie folks and they have somebody who the bernie folks view as in the camp of hillary as the chairperson this dnc how would she be able to open the convention especially when you would have bernie delegates there. would that not cause for a chaotic scene? so it's an interesting question. i think that's been the same over there on the senate side with schumer and there's no doubt we know hillary clinton has been supportive of her in the past but this is not going to go away anytime soon
9:29 am
especially, and the other word i keep hearing on progressives side is, you know, bernie sanders is supporting debbie wasserman schultz's primary candidate. the more personal this gets the longer it will stay around and could be harmful to the party going into the future, andrea. >> and, in a word, what do you expect to hear from paul ryan as to whether he's about to finally endorse donald trump? >> about to meet with paul ryan here in five minutes. we have been told there will be no breaking news about him endorsing donald trump today. probably will happen in the future at some point. not today, andrea, as much as i'd love to do it on your show, though. >> if you get any word, you know where to come. luke russert, thank you so much. and coming up, glass houses. can two of the most unpopular candidates in history win over voters with their latest counterattacks? but first "snl's" kate mckinnon has us seeing double.
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i see this low life puts on an ad, did you know that donald trump was rooting against housing because he wants housing to go down because he wanted to buy them. they have a clip of me many years ago saying, yeah, if it goes down, i'm going to buy. i'm a businessman. that's what i'm supposed to do. so when the housing market goes down, i guess what she'd like to do, you see, if she did it, she'd like to buy at the top. i buy when it goes down. i feel badly for everybody. what am i going to do? >> donald trump and hillary
9:34 am
clinton and that is the whole housing issue hillary clinton went after him about. he then responded using attack lines as they head to california today. joining us chris, founder of "the washington post" fix blog, political he heditor jean coupl and bureau chief for t"the new york times." welcome all. so, first, let's just update what we now have from the clinton campaign. on the e-mail controversy. tweeted out a response saying the gop will attack hrc, that's clinton, of course, because she is running for president but her personal e-mail use was not unique at the state department. he went on, though to say the report shows the problems with the electronic record keeping system preceded her, that there were no official e-mails until her successor, john kerry. but the fact is to all of you,
9:35 am
she was unique in having a private server and this is an official independent report saying she was wrong and she violated a federal records act. to you, chris, what is the political impact of it now? doesn't it give donald trump a new message against her, a new attack line and this is backed up by the i.g.? >> well, andrea, i think it validates a lot of what he has said. you made the exact right point which is we knew they were going to say, look, colin powell's e-mail practices were not perfect in terms of archiving the materials and all of that sort of thing, two important things to remember here that make her unique, one, she is the first secretary of state, that includes colin powell, john kerry, condoleezza rice, who exclusively use -- exclusively use -- a private e-mail server
9:36 am
and address. that's point one. point two, all those names you mentioned are not currently the presumptive democratic presidential nominee. right? so i understand the attempt by the clinton campaign but what you have seen here is to say an independent inspector general appointed by president obama said this did not comply with our rules. she should not have done it. it's just difficult for me to see how this doesn't make things worse for her. you can argue it was already baked in. this is not a good day for hi hillary clinton's presidential campaign. >> and here she is in california. adam, as the bureau chief here for the "l.a. times," a political expert, the field poll today saying both parties, both find the economy is the number one issue. this would seem to indicate some advantage for bernie sanders
9:37 am
since economic issues have been his hall mart. what is your take in watching this campaign. she doesn't need california to go over the top. but, boy, it would be a big boost for bernie sanders. >> i don't think she wants to end her campaign by losing in california. of course she will still get the nomination, i think, if she loses here. it's just a bad way to go. this has always been clinton country. she has the same problem, again, everyone assumes she's going to win and no one really likes her that much. bernie sanders are packed with people. a lot of clinton voters here.
9:38 am
bernie sanders might. >> and jean cummings, what about this whole attack line donald trump did bet on the housing crash by being, as he puts it, a good businessman. is that effective especially in states like california, like new jersey, florida, nevada that really took a big hit during the recession and the mortgage collapse? >> when you figure the fight between the two of them will have to do with working class whites and you go into pennsylvania, ohio where people lost their homes or came close to that and she's going to argue this is a guy who wanted to make money off your misery, that's a potent argument. they are testing lots of different messages now but there is much trump said in the past, they can go back and pull these things out and if the economy is
9:39 am
the number one issue having someone bet against the u.s. economy is a pretty good argument to make. >> here in california we have what you refer to as the jungle primary, the top two vote getters end up running against each other. how does that play out in the way the voting is? we have a big senate race as well. >> the general primary will apply in the senate race, not the presidential race. it's unnecessarily complicated here. i think two democrats at the top. in the other race the complication is independent voters can vote in the primary. they cannot vote in the republican primary. independent large i cannot vote in the democratic primary which could certainly be bernie sanders' campaign. in the states he's won, he has a lot of independent voters and those are the voters they're
9:40 am
hoping to get to come out for him on june 7th. >> if you are a registered independent you can't vote for president but if you haven't -- >> if you're registered -- if you're a blank voter, you're not registered for any party you can vote. >> and right now if you had to make a prediction -- >> i've learned -- >> years ago, both of us, never to make predictions. this is going to be very exciting race. thank you to you. it's great to see you again. and jean cummgs and chris, to you both. trump's biggest ally chris collins joins me next. time for your business entrepreneur of the week. using technology connecting
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hey, maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico. i'll get this place going. >> donald trump in albuquerque blasting the first latina governor in new mexico, a republican, suzanne a martinez, her office was saying the governor will not be bullied into supporting a candidate until she is convinced the candidate will fight for new mexicans. donald trump's first supporter in the house, one of his top supporters, was that helpful, attacking the republican governor of new mexico? >> andrea, i think all of us are frustrated. trump has now united 87% of republicans, actually a number higher than mitt romney had four years ago. so one thing we know about donald if somebody takes a shot at him, he's going to take a
9:45 am
shot back, and i would call on any and every republican to be supporting with enthusiasm donald trump. he's going to win in november and so let's get on the trump train. i think this was donald being donald but he was being truthful in how he was speaking in new mexico. again, he has the support of republicans, of working class democrats, of independents. donald trump is going to win in november. we're united. unlike what they said would happen, it's the democratic party that's absolutely fractured between bernie and hillary and riots in nevada. it's been an interesting last three weeks, andrea. donald was just being donald. let me unpack a little bit of that. the republican governors association saying governor susana martinez has effectively instituted conservative reforms in a blue state won twice by president obama while winning re-election by the largest
9:46 am
margin for a republican in state history. and, i mean, you referred to the ruckus in nevada at the state convention but arguably what happened in albut ker kquerque lot worse. it might help him politically, i grant you that, but that's not the image you want following him throughout the campaign. >> i think it's putting donald trump in a more sympathetic view. these are not republicans protesting against donald trump. these are democrats, hillary clinton supporters protesting against donald trump. i don't think you're seeing any donald trump supporters protesting at a hillary clinton rally. it shows the frustration on the democrats' size now realizing hill can i can't win, won't win, that anger has bubbled up at the trump rallies. these are democrats that are protesting at the trump rallies. so i think it's a sad state of
9:47 am
affairs. they don't know what to do with donald trump. they realize they're going to lose to donald trump. you're seeing the frustration bubble over. i'm sorry to see it happen but i don't think it's reflecting poorly on mr. trump. it's exposing those who say -- those who are supporting bernie or donald. the 20% of americans who think the country is going in the right direction are the hillary supporters. >> you said a few minutes ago to me that it's time for all republicans to unite behind donald trump in so many words. does that include paul ryan and what are you hearing about when he will endorse -- you assume he's going to endorse but is it today? is it now? what is he waiting for? >> well, certainly i have called on speaker ryan to endorse mr. trump. he and i have chatted about it. he has a different position than those of us who are rank and file members.
9:48 am
he's a deliberate person. he has said time and time again he will support and vote for the republican nominee. he's just now getting to know mr. trump. they're having policy discussions. i've spoken to both men. they both feel like this is moving in the right direction. while there's not a rush i'd rather it be sooner than later. i'm personally confident, not speaking for either man, that it will come together. i can't put a time frame on it. mr. ryan is saying way more positive things about mr. trump than anything you would deem negative. >> do you think donald trump and the people close to him are frustrated by this? >> no, no. they realize that speaker ryan is in a different, unique place in the house than the rank-and-file members. they have been pleased with the conversations, as has mr. ryan's team. everything in due course. the majority leader, the
9:49 am
conference chair, kevin mccarthy, rodgers, the majority of the committee chairmen, republican committee chairmen and the vast majority have jumped on the trump train. this is simply a process and we have plenty of time. may 4th was not a day anybody thought this nomination would be locked up. they said june 7th at the earliest. this has been a wonderful ten-week window the republicans have been given to get united. we are united. mr. ryan, i'm confident, will be onboard. certainly i prefer it be sooner rather than later. >> thank you very much, congressman. good to see you. donald trump heads to anaheim this afternoon. police are already warning potential protesters. the city's mayor joining me next here on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc.
9:50 am
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swift action if protesters get out of happened this afternoon at donald trump's big rally there. the mayor of anaheim tom tate, mr. mayor, thank you very much. i know you have your hands full and you're out there at the location. tell me what do you expect, what is your strategy going in with the protests that you saw last night in albuquerque? >> well, we're -- we're very hopeful there's not going to be any violence. we don't expect any. if there is, we're very well prepared. we're sending a clear message if you're here to cause trouble, create violence, there's no place for you here. >> what is the cost of all of this, even the preparations without knowing what's going to happen you have to prepare? >> certainly there's a lot of cost. we don't know. this all came up suddenly. yesterday bernie sanders was here. today donald trump. but that's part of we had the
9:54 am
largest convention on the west coast and that's just part of the deal here. we're part of the democratic process. it's come to california and certainly orange county is a big place to be. >> orange county has always been a republican stronghold. i've been there a lot with republican candidates. donald trump is counting on crossing both party lines in terms of his draw. he thinks that he can draw people from both parties. what are you seeing out there as a republican elected official? >> i didn't quite hear that. it's a little loud in here. >> i'm sorry. i know you're out it at the convention center. what about donald trump's attractiveness, his draw to potential sanders' supporters, to others, to democrats with his message? what are you seeing as an elected political republican politician there? >> i'm not quite sure -- i think i have the gist of that. i'm here as the mayor of the host city. i'm not here endorsing anyone or
9:55 am
not endorsing anybody. we're here to make sure people are safe. that's our job to make sure everyone who comes to it our city, who comes to the rally or comes to the protest, our job is to protect those rights. >> there was an anti-trump resolution that was proposed in your city council that did not pass, what was the thinking about that? >> well, that was brought up by a colleague, a councilwoman on our city council. i opposed it. simply because it was not the position of elected city government to be taking a position of political race using city resources, things like that. so it's just not our -- it's not our job. our job is to make sure we have our infrastructure is strong, people are safe, that the city's well run. we have no business getting involved in national political campaign. >> mayor tom tate, thank you very much. i know you have a lot on your
9:56 am
plate. we appreciate you joining us today and hoping everything goes well there in anaheim. >> we're well prepared. >> indeed, i can tell. and that does it for us for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." tomorrow morning on "today" peter neffenger, will be on for a live, exclusive interview on all the problems with tsa. remember, follow the show online on facebook and on twitter. craig melvin is up next here on msnbc. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars.
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10:00 am
reince priebus said this it on twitter, quote, the stakes are too high to entrust the white house to someone with as much poor judgment and reckless disregard for the law as hillary clinton. donald trump scheduled to speak in anaheim, california, roughly two hours from now. anaheim's police just saying here on msnbc he will not tolerate the kind of violence we saw in albuquerque, new mexico. police there called it a riot. at least one arrest. several injured reported. among them police officers trying to keep up the peace. elizabeth warren. >> what kind of a man routes for people to get thrown out of their house, for people to get thrown out of their jobs, for people to lose their


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