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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 25, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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twitter, quote, the stakes are too high to entrust the white house to someone with as much poor judgment and reckless disregard for the law as hillary clinton. donald trump scheduled to speak in anaheim, california, roughly two hours from now. anaheim's police just saying here on msnbc he will not tolerate the kind of violence we saw in albuquerque, new mexico. police there called it a riot. at least one arrest. several injured reported. among them police officers trying to keep up the peace. elizabeth warren. >> what kind of a man routes for people to get thrown out of their house, for people to get thrown out of their jobs, for people to lose their pensions? a small, insecure money grouper
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who doesn't care who gets hurt so long as he makes a profit off it. >> did you ever hear of pocahontas? it's pocahontas elizabeth warren. she was going out -- she is probably the senator that's doing just about the least in the united states senate. she's a total failure. >> have democrats found a way to get under donald trump's skin? six reports now in the latest out of both presidential campaigns. that breaking news we just mentioned, the inspector general finding that hillary clinton did, in fact, break the rules by using that private e-mail server. secretary clinton has struggled with this perception she is not trustworthy. it could bring new life into criticisms from donald trump and
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others including reince priebus, the tweet we just saw there. e-mail practices among other secretaries of state have been questionable for years across several administrations. clinton expected to speak any moment now. she's in a tight battle with bernie sanders ahead of that state's june 7 primary. the state department briefing room. we are expecting to hear more on this later in the hour when that briefing starts we'll go there live. the intelligence and national security reporter for msnbc, kristen well ter in southern california monitoring campaign reaction. walk us through what the state department found here. >> reporter: let me read the quote from this report which is
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at a minimum secretary clinton should have surrendered all e-mails before leaving government service and by not doing so this report says she violated the federal records act. there are other interesting things in this report that directly contradict statements clinton has been making about this whole issue. one of which is the report says her use after private e-mail server was never approved by anyone in information technology or the state department's legal team and the i.t. people said if they had been asked about it, they would have advised her not to do it. and, secondly, there are people actual ly within the state department that raised questions about this saying, hey, are we sure it's a great idea federal records going out over a personal server and they were silenced and told never to discuss it again. now it absolutely comes in the context of a larger problem with the state department e-mail practices. the state department's response this morning where they say in a statement, quote, it is clear that the department could have done a better job preserving
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e-mails and records of seconds of states going back several administrations. we also acknowledge the report's findings, compliance with records management has been inconsistent. >> really quickly, just to jump in, does the report say precise ly who it was inside the secretary of state's office who said to basically keep quiet, stop raising these concerns? does the report make mention of that? >> reporter: it doesn't name people. it provides a title. the director of the information it technology office that supported the secretary of state. >> kristen welker, this, of course, is a story that has dogged the campaign. we heard from reince priebus, rolling out this national strategy to go after trump. but now, once again, she has to contend with her own past
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actions. what is the campaign saying about this? >> reporter: well, craig, they came out with a response quite quickly. i will read you part of that response from brian fallon. the documents show just how consistent her e-mail practices were with those of other secretaries and senior officials at the state department who also used personal e-mail. con traerp to ttrary to the rep was known to officials within the department during her tenure and that there is no evidence of any successful breach of the secretary's server. so obviously they are focusing on the part of this report which finds other secretaries of state did this same exact thing. however, that could be still a political problem for secretary clinton. it only adds fuel to the fire of donald trump, of course, who has been referring to her as crooked hillary and, of course, there's still an fbi investigation, craig, that is ongoing and trump
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brings that up every day. you can anticipate he is going to use these findings today to slam her yet again. she will likely try to shift the narrative when she speaks here in buena park, california. we anticipate that will happen shortly. we'll try to get a question to her. we'll see if she answers it. she's still locked in a primary battle, craig, so the optics are not great as she battles for california with bernie sanders. of course she doesn't need to win this state mathematically but she does want to win here so that she heads into the convention on solid ground. so we'll ask her about all of this if we can get to her after this event. craig? >> chrkristen welker for us the in california where that clinton event expected to get under way in a few hours. the trump event is in a few hours. will the state department's ig report on clinton's private e-mail server hurt her election chances? there's the question.
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the pulse is live. you can join the conversation by heading to to cast your vote. we will share those results with you later in the broadcast. let's get to nbc's katy tur now in anaheim, california. that trump rally expected to start in just a few hours. katy, one would imagine donald trump would address the latest chapter in the e-mail story this afternoon or has his campaign already said something about it? >> reporter: they haven't said anything yet. of course this just happened relatively -- a couple minutes ago. they haven't yet responded. you can bet the campaign is going to be hitting hillary clinton on this. he often calls her crooked and often brings up this e-mail scandal, so this will certainly come up. i also think he's on the defensive right now when it comes to his comments about the housing crisis, essentially rooting for it in an audio book where he says i sort of hope that happens because then people like me would go in and buy, saying he's going to make money on a recession which is what the
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clinton campaign and when you've seen democrats come out strongly against donald trump saying how would you want somebody in the white house who is rooting against you keeping your home in order to make profits for themselves. >> meanwhile, this rally that's coming up at 3:00, police we saw last hour already preparing for possible protests like the ones we saw last night in new mexico. in the past 24 hours donald trump has lashed out at hillary clinton. he's gone after senator elizabeth warren and has gone out to new mexico's governor. the first and only latina governor of this country, susana martinez, the head of the republican governors association. here is what he said about her. take a listen. >> hey, maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico. i'll get this place going. and i think we raised like $5.7 million. we raised a lot of money.
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>> martinez responding that she won't be bullied into supporting a candidate until she is convinced that candidate will fight for new mexicans and she doesn't care what donald trump says about her. what's the thinking here, katy? walk us through what the campaign gains by going after susana martinez. >> reporter: let's give some context. it's extraordinarily significant for the presumptive nominee to go after another republican politician especially one as popular as susana martinez, she's the first latina, as you said, to be a governor in america. the first latina woman to be a governor in this country, and she's somebody whose name was bandied about for quite some time when it came to vp speculation, somebody who could certainly help him on a ticket maybe bring in more of the latino vote, issues with women and also help him in the state
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of new mexico. so she was a pop larp idea early on, but martinez has not been a fan of donald trump. she's been quite critical of him, critical of the wall specifically saying it's not a feasible thing to do. she's pushed back certainly against him. she said last night she was too busy to attend his rally. a member of the campaign says over and over again and what donald trump says himself, he's a counterpuncher. anytime he feels he's attacked, he's going to come back ten times harder. that's exactly what he's doing with martinez. is it a good idea? well, that is not entirely clear at the moment. we're still waiting to find out if there was any reaction from the republican national committee on this. >> all right. katy tur in anaheim, thank you. ben ginsberg served for both the romney and bush presidential campaigns, ron reagan, author, radio host, both are analysts. thank you for your time this afternoon. ron, let me start with you.
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we can already hear the strains of crooked hillary coming out of trump's next speech in anaheim, california. how bad ly will this report fro the ig damage hillary clinton? >> well, that depends a lot on us, on what people like us say in the media all the time. do we bring it up every time we mention hillary clinton? do we talk about scandal and e-mails and things like that? i don't know. what do you think would happen if every time we talked about donald trump we mentioned the fact he had twice -- twice in his life been accused of rape -- once by a former wife. every time brought that up. what effect do you think that would have on his campaign? so a lot of this depends on how this is played out in the media. do i think this report in and of itself is terribly damaging or should be to clinton? it's not great but what it really points out is there's a problem with how elected officials, government officials keep their e-mails and has been for quite some time this has gone on for several administrations that these things haven't been adequately
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policed. >> including general colin powell. ron, you would concede that this does play into this narrative, and a lot of folks, again, in poll after poll, have said if there is one thing that worries them the most about hillary clinton it is this fact whether it's real or perceived it is this view that she can't be trusted, that she's always hiding something, that the clintons are mired in some sort of scandal. that's the perception. >> that's the perception, that's the narrative that is often promoted by the media not just fox news but, you know, our outlets as well. as long as there's the steady drip, drip, drip of always a scandal associated with hillary clinton, yes, the perception grows and that is her weakness and that is the danger for the country in the possibility of a trump presidency is that a lot of people over the years have come to not trust hillary clinton. i won't take a position on whether you should or you shouldn't but, really, do you think you should trust donald
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trump? how trustworthy is he? >> in november voters are going to essentially be asked to weigh one candidate's baggage against another candidate's baggage. you have clinton's e-mails but you have trump's tax returns. you've got the conspiracy theories. there seems to be a new one each week t. how do you weigh one set of baggage against the other? >> probably not in an uplifting manner the way we're reporting this out. look, this e-mail report also has a couple of things that are noteworthy about it. it's by an obama department appointed inspector general. it goes to her stewardship of the department. interestingly enough the report points out that neither mrs. clinton nor her aides cooperate ed in the report which tells you the seriousness of the fbi investigation because as a lawyer you're not going to allow a client to talk for a civil matter when, in fact, there's a
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criminal matter going on. and, number two, it's a taint on the obama administration's overall theme of being an open and transparent administration, and that's going to have some long-term ramifications. >> i do want to talk about this latest trump story with regards it to veterans. "the washington post" has been doggedly following whether he gave the $1 million that he promise d to vets back in january. quote, as recently as last week, trump's campaign manager had insisted that the mogul had already given that money away, but that was false. trump had not. in the same interview trump said the fund-raiser had raised about $5.5 million for veterans overall. that contrasted with the account last week from lewandowski who said that about $4.5 million had been raised. this it goes to the point you were making, you have to wonder whether he would have taken out the checkbook and pledged this new $1 million if journalists
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had not said, wait a minute, did you really give the money or did you just say you were going to give the money? >> well, exactly. flip this. let's say hillary clinton pledged to give $1 million to somebody and we found out she hadn't done it. that would be a headline. we would be talking about nothing else but hillary clinton, the liar who says she gives money and then she doesn't, and she's cheating the veterans. this plays into a weakness that donald trump has and it's going to be, i think, exposed during the campaign. he's not worth as much money as he says he is. if he's really a billionaire writing a check for a million dollars to the vets would have been a no-brainer. he would have written the check. i don't think he's a billionaire at all. i don't know that he's a thousandaire. he doesn't have nearly as much money as he wants to pretend. he's trying to hide that and that's why he's not releasing his tax returns among other things. >> ron reagan, i'm sorry, we'll have to leave it there.
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msnbc political analyst, ron reagan. ben ginsberg, a big thanks to both of you. i wish we had more time. another big story we're following today on capitol hill, the head of the transportation security administration in the hot seat trying to explain those ridiculously long lines at airport security. he'll talk about his plans to fix them, but will it be enough for summer travelers? one person who says the agency is destined to fail. a look at how one airline is taking matters into its own hands. the tsa is dedicated to ensuring better efficiency while remaining acutely focused on counterterrorism mission. we cannot and will not compromise on the security of the traveling public.
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texas. texas will be filing a lawsuit over the obama administration's directive over use of school bathrooms for transgender individuals. making that announcement via tweet a short time ago. we're told that news conference will happen at 3:00 eastern. kim paxton will be appearing on mtp daily with chuck todd at 5:30 this afternoon. all of that happening in a few hours. getting to the bottom of what's causing those ridiculously long lin lines. peter neffenger was questioned about scenes like this one, people waiting in lines for hours, some people even camping
10:21 am
out to make sure they don't miss their flights. neffenger says they're trying to keep up with the surge of summer travelers. >> we project we will screen millions of people. an increase of 100 million people in just four years while our full-time workforce was reduced. >> joined now by congressman john micah, congressman, thanks for being with me, sir. you have been one of the harshest critics of the tsa. you said, i believe, quote, you cannot recruit, you cannot train, you cannot retain and you cannot administratd mince trait.
10:22 am
can the tsa be salvaged? >> well, it could be. what happened when neffenger came in, the new adi add min t addadministrator and now they're spending resources and focusing on innocent americans, 99% of whom pose no risk. so it's not a matter of having resources it's how you direct the money and the resources. >> i want to call your attention to this full-page ad, this is the american federation of government employees, the full page ad that they took out in the hill newspaper yesterday urging congress to act, urging congress to pass emergency legislation that would help fund some 6,000 additional screeners. you just heard from the tsa administrator there, mr. neffenger, say the it tsa
10:23 am
expects to screen considerably more people this year than they did just a few years ago. how much is congress to blame for these long lines that we've seen? >> well, first of all, the congress and republican congress the last three years each of the last three years gave more money to tsa than the administration requested, each of those years. we also changed the formula so some of the airlines that didn't pay pay and they have more money in fees coming in so they have more money. they had 5,000 vacancies. they only hired about 400 people. about 30% of the people they hire are washed out in the first year. they cannot recruit, they cannot train, they cannot manage these people. >> you don't think that quantity is the solution? >> well, no, it isn't. also, the focus, now they're
10:24 am
shaking down people who pose no risk. the risk is not vetting people who work at airports, they don't even check these people. they don't have social security numbers for nationals working there. they don't do the things they should be doing to ensure we connect the dots and that's a failure of a government function. that's how you stop terrorist threats and terrorists before they get to the gate. >> it sounds like to me you would scrape the whole operation altogether. >> we screen our nuclear facilities with private screeners. they need to get out of the human resources business. they can't manage that workforce.
10:25 am
get them back into the intelligence, connecting the dots. vetting people who have access to the secure areas or to the system and the aircraft. the testimony we had from inside witnesses said that's in kchaos in tsa. >> john micah, florida congressman, thank you for your time. >> good to be with you. >> a quick programming note, tsa administrator peter neffenger will be on the "today" show tomorrow morning in an exclusive live interview. up next terrifying moments in this country's heartland. >> oh, my god. there's a new tornado. new tornado. >> massive tornadoes ripping through the plains. then came the deadly flooding. a look at where that severe threat is headed next. intelligent one. ♪
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oh, my god! >> that's just one of several tornadoes that tore through western kansas last evening. forecasters believe one of those twisters that you see there was roughly a half mile wide. at least two people were hurt critically. we have not received so far any reports of deaths there but one person, we're told, did drown in central oklahoma when their vehicle was just swept off the road. the weather calm right now in kansas but more severe weather and the chance of even more tornadoes is in the forecast there. also in the if forecast elsewhere in the great plains later this week. wre do want to get back to our breaking news from the nation's capital. right now we are awaiting the daily press briefing from the state department. that's the upper -- the right side of your screen there. this comes after that internal audit by the department's inspector general found that
10:30 am
hillary clinton did violate federal records rules through her use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. the 78-page report said in part, quote, at a minimum secretary clinton should have surrendered all e-mails dealing with department issues before leaving government service. because she did not do so, she did not comply with the state department's policies. the report goes on to fault her and past secretaries of state as well for failing to preserve government relate d e-mails. the state department has issued this response in response to the ig's report. it is clear that the department could have done a better job preserving e-mails and records of secretaries of state and their senior staff going back several administrations. we also acknowledge the report's finding that compliance with e-mail and records management guidance has been inconsistent across several administrations. joining me now hillary clinton
10:31 am
supporter congressman schiff, ranking member of the intelligence committee. congressman, i should note for our viewers and listeners at home if you have to bolt during our conversation, i get it. you have some votes coming up. really quickly here, your general reaction to the ig's report? >> i guess what i found surprising in the report, how much of it was really new. most of the facts are well-known to the public already in terms of the problems that have plagued subsequent administrations, many administrations, in fact, going back to condoleezza rice's tenure, colin powell, secretary clinton as well as the current secretary. these have been identified across many years and administrations. >> this was a bit new to a lot of folks, the report included mention of an incident where an
10:32 am
i.t. director was asked about concerns involving clinton's e-mail server. the director was said to have instructed the staff never to speak of the secretary's personal e-mail system again. doesn't that just add to the perception that we've seen in poll after poll questioning hillary clinton's trustworthiness? >> well, you know, if you look at the report as a whole it shows the same kind of issues in each of the prior administrations with each of these last four secretaries of state. so you could as well say they would raise questions about each and every secretary of state. i think the more accurate reflection this has been a systemic issue at the state department and the report says it goes beyond the state department and across the entire federal government. as we have moved into the internet and e-mail era as of about 20 years ago, our record keeping practices haven't kept pace, they haven't been consistent and the ig lays out a
10:33 am
series of recommendations i think are very sound that both the state department and congress ought to look into implementing but, again, this has been a cost cutting problem and i don't think it fair just to focus on this secretary because she's running for president. >> we should note while we're having this conversation we are waiting for the former secretary of state to speak there in california. when that happens in buena park, we'll go to it. this is what hillary clinton told our own andrea mitchell about this e-mail controversy last year. take a listen. >> this was fully aboveboard. people knew i was using a personal e-mail. i did it for convenience. i sent e-mails that i thought were work related to people's dot-gov accounts. >> well, congressman, that statement would seem to be counter to the findings in the report. especially that everyone knew she was doing it. was she just wrong? did she not recall? >> the report also identifies that many people did receive e-mails from the secretary, were
10:34 am
aware of the private server because of the nature of the e-mail address the e-mails were sent from, so i think there's certainly abundant evidence within the ig's own report that people at the state department were aware of her use of the personal server but, look, the secretary said this was not the best practice. she had to do it over again, she wouldn't. but colin powell used exactly the same practice. he had his own use of personal e-mail for all of his official business. so, again, this is an issue not just for the past secretary of state but even secretary kerry has acknowledged at times using his personal e-mail account for official business. if you look at each and every department of the federal government you would find similar deficiencies in both democratic and republican following policies of record retention. >> california congressman adam
10:35 am
schiff, we will have to leave it there, congressman. thank you. let's update our pulse question. the state department's ig report on lyclinton's private e-mail server hurt her election chances? the results are in. so far at least 64% of you say no. the pulse is live. you can keep voting on today's question, enter well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world.
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10:39 am
optimistic and that's aspirational, focusing on solutions. >> let's go to luke russert on capitol hill. speculation on the hill today that ryan may be closer to this endorsement, equal speculation that it's not ryan but trump pushing the story. i know you just came out of a meeting. what can you tell us? >> yeah, i think we can agree it's more of the latter. paul ryan just held court with pen and pad for about 40 minutes and said over and over and over again, no matter how many times it was asked of him that he, in fact, is not ready to endorse donald trump. he doesn't have any specific time line in mind. he did remind reporters that his staff talks daily with that of donald trump and he still wants to have conversations with donald trump about what an agenda project would be going forward about where they could see eye to eye on the different tenets of conservative fill
10:40 am
philosophy and about policy positions heading into november. so while it's fair to say ryan has isolated himself on an island amongst the gop leadership, this idea that he was going to get off that island and join his colleagues in saying we're all in with donald trump, not there yet and don't expect them to be there this week and i would ventura few more weeks. he still has some things he wants to wonder, craig. >> these meetings going on between the two teams, these staff meetings, is it a situation where paul ryan is looking for certain concessions and they're waiting to iron out the details or is that an oversimplification? >> reporter: no, i think that's right. i think that's part of it. ryan himself sees the differences he has with trump on a whole range of issues. for example, within the pen and pad we just had, he was laying out where he sees house republicans going in the next month by releasing these policy papers. one thing that was not going to be part of the policy papers, a mass deportation of undocumented
10:41 am
immigrants something donald t m trump has called for. those are the types of divisions they're trying to iron out as they move forward. it's also about paul ryan preserving some of his electability if he has higher aspirations in the future, i believe, he doesn't want to alienate a lot of conservatives upset with donald trump, craig. >> luke russert keeping us honest in all things concerning speaker paul ryan. good to see you, my friend. >> thank you, sir. >> donald trump due to speak in anaheim roughly 90 minutes from now. the anaheim police department warning protesters that it will not be tolerating the kind of violence that was seen at the trump rally in albuquerque, new mexico, tuesday night. police in new mexico say at least one person was arrested in the melee. several officers were treated for injuries after protesters hurled rocks at them. jacob, let's start with -- well, i was going to start with the preparation but i can see behind
10:42 am
you we already have some protesters who have gathered. >> reporter: yeah, craig, what we have behind us are some supporters and a protester going back and forth arguing about their convictions. let's -- right here. who supports hillary? back and forth. on the right you have somebody who says they're hispanic for trump, very excited. anaheim and orange county, is majority hispanic. that's a big factor. you have this back and forth for the last several minutes. let's walk over here and show you the scene which is kind of surprising in that this is an area where protesters can come and there really aren't any and this is also an area where trump supporters who are going to the rally will walk through. and as you can tell there's a big police presence. we have orange county sheriffs, this is in stark contrast to -- and we'll show you some video, the albuquerque protests got out of hand so quickly, so many hundreds of people who had come initially very peaceful but a group of them very aggressive
10:43 am
and they started to taunt supporters and then move over to taunt the police officers eventually throwing rocks at them, throwing bottles at them, in one case a gate at them. they moved over, started taking over streets and intersections. it got very messy as you can tell by the video. anaheim police promising they're going to be harder, more quicker in responding to any disobedience to orders. craig? >> jacob, thank you. in the ongoing war of words between donald trump and elizabeth warren, a new salvo, this coming from the massachusetts senator just mere moments ago. fling as much mud as you want, donald trump. your words and actions disqualify you from being president, and i won't stop saying it. oooh! [ brakes screech ]
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democratic lead eers to find th best way toward uniting the party. the latest item up for discussion, the fate of dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz. there have reportedly been conversations on capitol hill whether she is the best fit given her public spat with be bernie sanders. last week sanders backed wasserman schultz's opponent. in the last hour house minority lead er nancy pelosi talked abot the discord. >> we have important challenges this election is about. i'm not going to get into conversations about personality. i told you that debbie wasserman schultz has the respect of her colleagues in the house. for her hard work to unify and win the elections. >> alex bolton, reporter for broke the story. based on your reporting, on the folks you're having the conversations with, given us a sense how the conversations have been going owe far.
10:48 am
>> the conversations took off last week after nevada where there were outbursts from sanders' supporters, chairs thrown, angry demonstrations. that was concerning. they felt wasserman schultz really poured fuel on the fire when she went on tv and really criticized sanders after the sanders' campaign issued a statement that condemned violence generally. they thought she should have been more diplomatic. what lawmakers are worried about it will be tough to unify the party when debbie wasserman schultz is the face of the party and when young voters who aren't that enthusiastic about hillary clinton are a key to this election. >> probably also worried when she gets up to speak at the convention that sanders'
10:49 am
supporters will boo and hiss as well. here is the thing, alex, as you know she's not just the dnc chair. she was appointed by president obama back in 2011, if i'm not mistaken. what is the white house saying about all of this, if anything? >> the white house has been silent on this and the president has been historically supportive of wasserman schultz. you know, she hasn't been the best ally on capitol hill. she opposed his effort to normalize diplomatic relations with cuba and more recently co-sponsored legislation that would have gutted the upcoming regulations on payday lenders coming out of the consumer regulatory bureau. that's the crown jewel of this 2010 wall street reform act. >> hillary clinton has taken the stage there in california. she is being introduced, was introduced by actress jamie lee curtis. we'll take a quick break. when we come back we'll listen in. hmmmmmm.....
10:50 am
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someone's strength, someone's intelligence, someone's attention to detail. someone's open generous heart that is dedicated their lives to public service, who has worked on behalf of people, minorities, women, who has a women's heart, a warm deep loving women's heart and it's about time in this country that we had a women running this country. >> actress jamie lee curtis there introducing hillary clinton at a fired up rally there. we are going to continue to listen in here.
10:54 am
we expect that the democratic front-runner, look at that. it's as if she's watching our air and listening for our time cue. it's as if she's listening. hillary clinton in california. >> whoa! hey, it is great to be here with all of you. i am thrilled to be in orange county. i got to tell you, it was a treat to be introduced by jamie lee curtis. i am thrilled that she is here with us and i really did like "fish called wanda" and "freaky friday" but i like her
10:55 am
enthusiasm, her energy, her heart. i am so pleased, too, to be here with my long -- someone who is -- i'm going to put this back in here because clearly -- it's okay. it's okay. that's fine, we don't mind. we don't mind, because you've got everybody all wrapped up. i want to thank my friend and colleague and both in the congress of president obama's cabinet, hilda solis. hilda has been a congresswoman, now l.a. county supervisor. in every job she has had she has performed magnificently and h p
10:56 am
helped so many people. she's a dear dear friend of mine. we are here at the home of ufc local 324. i want to thank fred and rick for welcoming us here and all of the ufcw family and thank andrea zinder for appearing on the pre-program. thanks also to art brown and everybody from the park that has made us so welcome. mostly, i want to thank all of you. one of the great things about campaigning across the country is to stand where i'm standing and look out at this audience and audiences like it and really see america.
10:57 am
see where we are as a nation. i have this old-fashioned idea we are stronger together. stronger together when we make the economy work for everybody, not just those at the top. stronger together when we knock-down all the barriers that stand in the way of any american getting ahead and staying ahead. >> love you, hillary! [ applause ] and i love all of you, too. you know, you know what's at stake in this election because here you are. you understand. we have a big big choice, as you just heard from jamie lee, this is a point in our history where there are not just one but several hinges. here at home and around the
10:58 am
world, the decisions we make, who we are as a people, whether we're going to continue moving forward together or we're going to build walls instead of bri e bridges. we have decisions to make. i've talked a lot in this campaign about what's at stake and i'm going to continue talking about it because i don't want anybody to be surprised. you know, when people run for office and they tell you what they want to do, you should believe them. one of my great friends oh and great american i cons, said when somebody shows you who they are, believe them.
10:59 am
that's why i've gone across the country now for more than a year, ending up here in california. talking about what kind of country i want for all of us, not just some of us. a country where we are creating more good jobs with rising inco incomes. a country where we are not only growing the economy but making it fairer by raising the minimum wage and guaranteeing equal pay for women's work. a country where an education system starts for everybody starting with early child education so every single child can be better prepared to succeed. >> hillary, they're kicking us out. >> they're making us leave.
11:00 am
>> hello! >> you know what, as long as they don't take anything else off -- [ inaudible ]. oh, good, okay. you know, you've got to make split decisions, that's what leadership is all about. we are a big diverse country. okay. where was i? i got to admit, it is a little distracting standing up here looking at him. so i'm going to look over this way and i'm going to look over that way. i'm going to look back here.


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