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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 25, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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afternoon, everyone, i'm kate snow. donald's rally in new mexico started as a peace protest that is called a riot. protesters got violent as protesters battled with law enforcement and inside not exactly a picture of tranquility. trump's speech was interrupted several times and the crowds cheered him as they mocked the prote protesters. and several republicans who did not endorse trump and did not appear at the rally, the
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governor saying she was too busy. >> we have to get your governor to get going. she's got to do a better job. hey, maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico, i'll get this place going. >> as we wait for trump in anaheim, california, perhaps unwelcome news for his likely general election opponent according to an audit obtained by nbc news, the state department concluded hillary clinton violated federal records rules through her use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. more on that in just a moment. with all the candidates in california today, we have a team of reporters across the state. we will start our coverage in anaheim. after last night's violence in new mexico, police in california have issued a new warning saying there's no place for violence in anaheim. katy tur is out there covering the trump campaign for us today. the last i heard, there weren't a lot of protesters gathered. >> no. i think a few dozen.
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more members of the media outside than protesters. anaheim was prepared and wouldn't tolerate any violence, orange county and los angeles county and hundreds of officers prepared to disrupt any disruptors who might be coming out to potentially start things up with supporters. that being said, we are still seeing some clashes between some supporters and some protesters, some protesters saying they don't believe donald trump should be here because he lied about them, a supporter asking what did he lie about and the protester saying he lied about calling mexicans rapists and a supporter saying, mexicans are rapis rapists, getting tense with a few outside. and inside donald trump is expected to take the stage any moment right now. we anticipate he will be hitting
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hillary clinton on this e-mail scandal and the latest findings she is going through today. we've seen him talking about this over and over again on the campaign trail, one of his favorite attack lines. he believes she will get indicted and she's not qualified or frankly she should not be running for president with this investigation going on over her head. an eventful day when it comes to hillary clinton. donald trump will no doubt have words for the protesters last night as well. >> katy tur inside that anaheim rally as we wait for donald trump to appear. we will monitor that. let's turn to jacob rascon. you were at the albuquerque scene last night. describe that for us. it looks pretty calm behind you this afternoon. >> reporter: behind us, in fact, surprisi surprisingly, there are almost no protesters, this is a line
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supporters go in the convention center and protesters allowed to come and engage with them. you heard katy talk about that. interestingly those two people she talked about arguing interestingly hugged and one of the officers commented happiest place on earth. it's rubbing off. that is not the case in albuquerque, hundreds of prot t protesters who showed up in albuquerque, it started out pea peacefully, then an angrier segment of the protesters started to engage with the supporters angrily, and then rushing through barricades, then to engage with police and even throwing rocks at them and eventually scattering and taking over streets and intersections, police engaging with them, more rock throwing, pepper sprays and at least one arrest. we saw officers getting hit in the face masks with rocks, some proteste erers were hit with ro i was hit with a rock.
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it was really out of control. the orange county sheriffs s anaheim police said that will not be tolerated but there is nothing to be tolerated. >> it is noon on the west coast so a different time frame, we're not in darkness. thanks so much. now, let's turn to the democratic race. both candidates campaigning hard ahead of that state's primary on june 7th. at a campaign event moments ago, clinton wasted no time slamming trump's economic plan. >> when donald trump talks about the economy, he is talking about trickle down on steroids. he has put forth an economic plan that is by a billionaire for billionaires. and it is going to hurt a lot of people. he doesn't seem to actually care about making america great so much as he seems to care about
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making himself look great. >> as we mentioned at the top of the hour, we're following developing news today on hillary clinton's private e-mail server. a state department audit found hillary clinton violated federal records rules through the use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. the 83 page report concluded at a minimum, secretary clinton should have surrendered all e-mails dealing with department issues before leaving government service. because she did not do so, she did not comply with the state department's policies impleme implemented in accordance with the federal records act. shortly after the report was released, rnc reince priebus tweeted the stakes are too high to entrust the white house with someone with as much poor judgment and disregard for the law as hillary clinton. kristen welker following the clinton campaign, what are we hearing out of the clinton
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campaign about all this? >> reporter: i can tell you as soon as secretary of state clinton's event wrapped up, reporters rushed to what is called the rope line to ask about the department of state's findings. she didn't answer. to be fair the music was quite loud and not clear how many questions she heard. bottom line, she is not talking about this today and instead we're getting an official statement from her campaign. it's from brian fallon and says the inspector general shows how consistent her practices were with other secretaries and says contrary to the info for some time now, there is no evidence of any successful breach of the secretary's server. this comes at a difficult time for secretary clinton. she's trying to clench the
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nomination, campaigning vigorously in california. she needs to win this state not so much for the math, she has a huge delegate lead and momentum and optics. she wants to head into the convention on strong footing. bernie sanders has never made an issue of her use of a personal e-mail server. donald trump has, as katie was discussing. this only ads fuel to the fire, her strategies to try to pivot away from this issue. you heard her remarks when she tried to slam him for his controversial comments but at some point she has to answer tough questions about this report. kate. >> thanks. let's turn on the other side of the democratic campaign, kelly o'donnell covering the bernie sanders campaign from california. i know it's crowded and noisy out there. i know he's about to take the stage. >> reporter: all right, kate. i think you talked to me.
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a little tv magic, couldn't hear a word you said. senator sanders has been introduced in cathedral city, california. bernie sanders has not made an issue of hillary clinton's e-mails so it would be notable and striking if he were to speak about it today. at the same time, i can tell you he has been critical of hillary clinton in the last few days in california on the campaign trail but on issues like campaign finan financing, the fact she has super pacs, they have differing views on an issue like fracking and each time, the supporters of bernie sanders have been loudly boo'ing hillary clinton. as you can see now, he is at the podium. i will pause as he is saying hello to cathedral city here. it is a baseball field where we are, hot as can be, a california day for bernie sanders. i can tell you he has been s saying he expects to win in california and wants to use that kind of momentum going into the
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convention. i'll pause here as bernie sanders takes the microphone. >> let me begin by thanking the hive minds for their musical band. our california field organizer. greg, and others for that really good introduction. are you ready for a political revolution? [ applause ] are you ready to tell the world that we want a government which represents all of us and not just the 1%? [ applause ] >> are you ready to tell the
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world? are you ready to tell the world that this country is in a serious crisis and that together we are going to resolve those crisis? [ applause ] we're going to win this election for a number of reasons. the most important reason is that the american people understand that given the problems we face, a government run by billionaires is not going to solve those problems. here in california, we intend in this campaign to do dozens of rallies up and down this state. we're going to speak to more
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than 200,000 californians. and on june 7th, there will be a huge vote out and we will win the democratic primary here. >> all right. bernie sanders in cathedral city, california, a sunny day out there. we've been listening in on him. we want to let you know about another piece of news happening on the west coast, the city of seattle downtown undergoing a major power outage right now. a helicopter shot in the downtown area. we will get more information on that. seattle city light tweeting s saying an equipment failure at a sun station has caused this outage and may last a couple hours. we are awaiting donald trump at this hour in california. coming up, will he or won't he? reports today about a paul ryan
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live pictures from anaheim, california, where we are awaiting donald trump, his first appearance today since being in new mexico last night. you may recall there were very strong protests outside invol involving some amount of violence and police having to calm the crowd last night. we await donald trump and will bring it to you when it happens. house speaker, paul ryan, pushing back against reports that they will endorse donald trump as early as this week s saying there's no update and we have not told the trump campaign
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to expect an endorsement. luke russert joins us now, what are you hearing on the hill? >> reporter: they there, kate, i think what happened when this bloomberg piece dropped last night speculating this could happen sooner than later, there was this idea that paul manafort of the trump campaign is trying to stress this culture of inevitability of donald trump uniting the conservative movement and republican party. in this case, they may have gotten out in front of themselves. paul ryan took a question 45 minutes with reporters, more of pen and pad, more with print journalists but the tv reporters were allowed in as you know. he said we're a big party with a lot of different wings. the question is to unify. can we figure out the common foundation that ties all these wings together. that's what we're working on. kind of similar language he said the last few weeks.
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as far as a timeline, ryan stressed he doesn't have a timeline. it has to be soon and he will have meetings to see where they see eye-to-eye on policy and areas they differ and common ground they can find. a lot has to do with the role of the conservative branch and some more bombastic things donald trump said during the course of this campaign that made paul ryan uncomfortable. can they get to a place ryan he himself is comfortable going all the way. i will say this, paul ryan is on the island right now. he is the only gop leader who has re-signed himself to say, i will go with donald trump, like mitch mcconnell and his deputy, mccarthy. and part of that, preserving his electoral future and has higher aspirations that i didn't go all in with donald trump and the other part that he wants to extract something he can bring back to his own constituents and
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house gop and his own conscience. >> as always, on political, luke, thanks so much. i want to bring in david trucker now, nice to see you, thanks for being with us. >> good to be here. >> let's start there. as luke said, the story got ahead where he actually is. how much longer are we going to wait for this endorsement? >> i think we will wait until probably early or mid june, i think at some point, donald trump and paul ryan will find a way to come out and say they agree on broad policy principles. they will never agree to the tone and tenor of his campaign, but i think paul ryan is resign as speaker of the house highest elected official in the country he has to endorse donald trump for president because it's more trouble than otherwise. he will get there but wants to send a message to trump he will
12:20 pm
never endorse him just for his own sake because they have such deep differences on policy. on capitol hill, luke and i discussed this most agree on policy but disagree on tactics. when it comes to paul ryan and donald trump, there are deep policy differences as well as difference on tactics. i think paul ryan is trying to keep some sort of control over the republican party, as we've understood it the past 30 years and send a message to donald trump but not cede full control of the party and its direction to donald trump. >> you wrote a piece recently for the washington examiner about don't truald trump and hi ground game and resources since he doesn't really have that sort of machinery. is that putting a strain on the party? >> donald trump has done things differently and worked for him in the primary. i think he quietly concedes it
12:21 pm
won't work in the general election and why he's raising money from donors he previously called a bunch of corrupt lac y lackeys and going to the special interests he criticized because he needs them and their money. for the republican party, we one thing they have going for him is the republican national committee created a pretty good data ant lytics and -- analytics and field program that would go to whoever gets the nomination. a potential boost to the party. it was unexpected they would come to the table with nothing, had it been ted cruz or any other candidates they would have come with a skeleton field program and some sort of operation but here they have to go from zero to 60. and hillary clinton has the advantage. the general election electorate picture is much different than a
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republican primary. >> thanks so much. we have breaking news out of seattle, a power outage a couple hours. you have live areas over the city and cal perry monitoring social media. >> they're calling it an equipment failure, kate. about 60% of traffic lights in seattle are down, a big concern police have. they want everyone to be aware when traffic lights are out, that's a four-way stop sign. if you're listening to us on sirius xm, stop there because it's causing a lot of snarls. a lot of calls coming from 911 for rescue elevator, people stuck in skyscrapers, purple e ones resolved and green yet to be resolved and they actually think now, a bit of good news they think they can get the power back on in 15 or 20 minutes and think they can
12:23 pm
resolve it sooner. initially they thought it would ta take a couple hours. they think they can get this equipment on mass avenue in seattle up in about 15 minutes. here's hopinhoping. >> people getting around not only in cars but ferries. any word whether the ferry system is working? >> light rail and the ferries are working. the public traffic is surviving, seems to be the traffic lights and police departments. >> we look at people trying to make their way through the traffic intersection. it can be dicey. thank you. up next we wait for donald trump to take the stage in anaheim, california, we dive into the latest polling where republican voters there rank the economy as their largest concern. democrats have it pretty high up, too. which candidate does it help the most?
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breaking legal news to tell you about this hour. texas and other states have filed a lawsuit against the obama administration over its directive to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice. defendant, department of education, and other states join texas in that suit. let's join legal correspondent ari melber. this comments back to the directive that came out of the obama administration and guidelines based on real life concerns they had gotten from school districts wanting to know how to handle this issue. >> it was expected because this legal strategy had been outli outlined. it is just now the lawsuit filed, these 11 states all republican officials, what they're basically saying is they want to challenge whether the
12:28 pm
obama administration has the authority or is correct in trying to make what they consider a big change to bathroom policies that reflects or involves public institutions and schools which is a policy, as you mentioned, the obama administration had applied for some time and only recently codified and made official which says given the concerns transgender have faced they could use the bathroom they identify with rather than some other definition. >> we remember that the attorney general, loretta lynch, a couple weeks back, was very very strong on this subject. she gave a speech in which she compared this to jim crow law and says it needs to change. people transgender or lbgt need the same rights as everybody else. what's the legal argument. are states arguing they don't have the authority and not getting into the actual policy? >> no, they will do both. they will either say we heard this politically about states
12:29 pm
rights, they will say we shouldn't be forced by the feds to do this and one of the hooks has been the threat of reduce original eliminating federal funding or they got it wrong, just to get into it, what's the detail here? what the federal government under the obama administration has said basically to do anything but allow people to go to the bathroom of their choo choosichoose ing is itself sex or gender discrimination. there are already laws against any kind of discrimination based on someone's gender or gender identity. what's new is the idea this is something the feds will now order. they've been doing that a few years but the directive is new. >> with federal funding on the line as well. thank you. we will continue to follow this developing story. but for now back to anaheim, california, where donald trump has taken the stage, his first appearance since last night in new mexico. >> come up, jerry, come on.
12:30 pm
>> usa, usa, usa. usa. ♪ oh say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hail at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ oer the ramparts we watch were so gal lently streaming ♪ ♪ and the rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air ♪
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♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ oer the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ [ applause ] >> great voice, thank you. so when i got here, there was a group of a couple of hundred women, great women and i didn't
12:32 pm
know about this. they were in one of the conference rooms and it was p k packed, i spoke to them for a while and i said -- where are you all, in the audience. bring some of them up. where are they? come on up here. these people, look at them, they're women that love trump. i'm telling you, women do like me, i'm telling you. [ applause ] >> god bless america! thank you, god for sending us donald j. trump to be our next president of the united states of america! he's a job creator, he's a
12:33 pm
father, he's an american patriot. thank you. >> y'all have a good time, okay? thank you. thank you, everybody. thank you very much. >> oh, boy. there were hundreds. this is our representative gr p group. thank you very much. chinese americans. chinese americans. good. hey, it's our leaders fault, you know, it's not the chinese fault. they do take advantage of us, folks. it's our leaders fault because we have leaders that don't know what the hell they're doing, believe me. they don't know what they're doing. so it's been an amazing few weeks. last night, we had the state of washington. we have a tremendous number. now, we have more votes than
12:34 pm
ever cast in the primaries in the history of the republican party. that's big. what we have is a movement. we have a movement. last night, we were in new mexico and it was beautiful. we actually, you wouldn't believe to it watch television within that arena, it was like a love fest, it was beautiful. packed packed place. outside, they showed some other things but it's one of those things. a lot of flags. thank you. thank you. doesn't worry about it. don't worry. don't worry. [ crowd cheering ] >> that's all right. the police will get them out. do we love our police? do we love our firemen? we love our police and we love our firemen. they do an amazing job.
12:35 pm
they don't get credit for the job they do. so i began and we had 17 people running for what we're doing right now today, and right now, it's myself and it was supposed to be hillary watching us get to the convention, and then they said we may not even be able to finish in the july convention, we would need another convention in august, they didn't know what they were going to do but it wasn't going to happen. i said, i think they're wrong, i think we will make it easily, boy, did i turn out to be right, did i turn out to be right. everybody said, the pundits, geniuses said, that hillary, as i say, crooked hillary, crooked hillary, she's as crook eed as they come, she had a little bad news today, as you know, some reports came down, weren't so
12:36 pm
good. but not so good. the inspector general's report, not good. but i want to run against hillary, i just want to run against her. i don't know if you're going to be able to. it could be we're going to run against crazy bernie. that could be, crazy bernie. he's a crazy man, but that's okay, we like crazy people. i hear they want to put biden in, i hear they're going to actually slip joe biden in and he is going to take bernie's place. now, i hear they want to slip in -- because i will say, the system is rigged against bernie 100%. get him out of here. get them out. get them out. out, out, out! [ cheering ]
12:37 pm
>> don't hurt them. see what i say? don't hurt them. i say that for the television came cameras, do not hurt him even though he's a bad person, folks, bad person. bad person. is there any place more fun to be than a trump rally? right? [ applause ] >> even one at like 12:30 in the afternoon. i mean, there's just nothing like it. i love it. i actually love doing it. i love doing it because we are having an impact, they say like has never happened before. you know, so many of the pund pundits, many of them cannot stand me, they said, he'll never run, and then they said, and if he runs he won't do well and he'll never put in his
12:38 pm
financials. i put in financials the biggest number they've ever seen by far, they were so unhappy, so unhappy. he'll never sign form a, where you basically sign your life away. then it started. june 16th it started, right? we had a total of 17. then, boom, one out, two out, three, four, five. one after another. six, seven, eight. and then they said, oh, we better start taking him serious because i was the one that kn k knocked out that first eight, did that single-handedly. we peter start taking him seriously. they spent 1$100 million, 66,00 ads, i am not kidding you, i saw it on fox so it has to be true. 66 shows
12:39 pm
66,000 ads, and said to my people, i was watching television in florida and i said, there's no way i can win, how can i possibly win? every single ad is a negative ad. most of them are false. there was a little truth to some of them, i'll be honest, but for the most part, they were false. and i was being hit by everybody, i was being hit by the republicans, i was being hit by pocahantas, elizabeth war en, en,-areen, warren, i call her goofy. she gets less done than anybody in the united states senate. she gets nothing passed, she has a big mouth and that's about it. they use her because hillary is trying to be very presidential. she's stopping with the sho shouting, okay. but then i listened before, i'll be honest with you, i cannot
12:40 pm
listen to her, i cannot listen to her, can't listen. i've been hit -- i've been hit by 66,000 ads, negative ads, said, no way. we won florida in a landslide, won it by 20 points. it sort of began, i did actually very well in iowa, i never did it before, i came in second, i should have come in first, but we'll explain that to you some day. i'll tell you what, i went to new hampshire, what a place new hampshire is, what a place. and i was not supposed to win new hampshire, bush was supposed to win new hampshire. that was his territory. i won in a landslide, i won new hampshire in a landslide. then we went to massachusetts we won almost 50% in massachusetts. he has a tom brady shirt, yes! tom brady loves trump! tom brady is my friend. that didn't hurt. in fact, i kept wondering how
12:41 pm
come i did so well in massachusetts. i think tom might have had a little impact on that. by the way, he's a great guy. bobby knight in indiana, did he help? did bobby knight help? so i went to all these different places and was winning in big big numbers. i'll tell you what was really exci exciting, in south carolina, we didn't get the endorsement of the governor, we got the endorsement of the lieutenant-governor, a fantastic guy and everybody else was endorsing different people. the evangelicals are very very strong in south carolina and the military, the military, we love those evangelicals, right? and the military, the military is very very strong in south carolina. everybody said that that was not going to be trump territory. and i won south carolina in a landslide. [ applause ] >> and we won alabama and arkansas and kentucky. we won the entire south in a
12:42 pm
landslide. we won almost everything. and then we came to new york. you know, the nice thing about it from the standpoint of people that aren't in new york, i love that, latinos for trump, believe me, believe me, i love that! [ applause ] >> latinos for trump. by the way, by the way, you're all here legally. you have houses, you have homes, we're going to keep your houses and your homes, you're going to have them forever, and your jobs aren't going to be taken away by people just coming across the border, you don't know where they're coming from and you don't know where. you know what? more and more, i'm seeing it, latinos for trump, they have groups forming. i have great relationships with the hispanics. we will do very well with the hispanics because i'm going to create jobs and jobs is what this country needs.
12:43 pm
we need jobs. we need jobs. there's another one. hispanic -- look at that sign. i love that sign! let me see that person. hispanic female veteran. three great words, three beau beauties. three great words. that's so nice, thank you. no, the hispanics, i have thousands of hispanics that work for me, people from mexico and people from all over, they're phenomenal people, phenomenal people. what i'm going to do very easily, i do it naturally, we're bringing jobs into our country. we're not going to let other countries take our companies away from us so that everybody like carrier, like ford, like a nabis nabisco, so all these people get fired, it's not going to happen anymore, folks, not going to
12:44 pm
happen anymore. whether you're hispanic or as you say, latino or whether you're whatever you might be, we will create jobs in our country. i tell you who's going to be one of the great beneficiaries, the african-american population in our country is being treated very very unfairly. african-american youth has a 59% unemployment rate, okay? we're going to bring jobs into our country, folks, and we will get people working for real good numbers because that's what happens. it will be a beautiful thing to see and i will tell you, the hispanics are liking donald trump. it also helped that univision settled with me for their lawsuit. that was fair enough, i thank you. but we will have a lot of great people. we will have a lot of great things happening in our country. we will have so many great things. what happens, the guy says, i love your hair, trump, do you believe it? this is what i have to go
12:45 pm
through. how's my hair? you know, it is my hair? you do know, right? [ applause ] >> it is my hair. whether we love it or hate it, it's my hair. so we went to south carolina, we won a state that we weren't supposed to win, we won it in a massive landslide. we then went to -- all over the place. then we go to nevada, and nevada was amazing. nevada, by the way, had exit polls of hispanics where they vote and then they leave and they're doing polls. i won in a landslide all of the exit polls with the hispanics. i won nevada very big. and what i liked about new york -- we get to new york, we get to new york and i end up winning, the people that know me the best is new york. new york is a tough place, they're very critical people, we love them, they're critical,
12:46 pm
that's good. i'm critical, too. we get into% with three people. that's not 62 with two people. these guys, these dishonest people, because they are the most dishonest people in the world, the most, they're the worst, but, you know, i remember early on i'd have like 12 people running and i'd get 32 something and i'd have 34 and they say, he did not crack 50. when you have 12 people, you can't get 50. abraham lincoln could not get 50, okay? you can't get 50. so we gol and we win and keep winning. in new york, i won massively, won everything. and then we go to pennsylvania, a state that we are going to do so well in november, we go to pennsylvania, maryland, connecticut, we go all through the whole area, we had five, delaware, rhode island, we win all five, we win every single
12:47 pm
county in every single state. now the opposition is starting to get a little bit tired, but they said, don't worry, indiana! that's the firewall, indiana. so that's the firewall. so i got a little lucky, because about a year and a half ago bobby knight called me. i don't know bobby knight. he said, mr. trump, this is coach knight. i said, coach, you're the greatest, how many games did you win? 900. >> how many national championships did pew wwin, coa? >> three. >> the had nine undefeated years and almost had one more. he said, tell them it's not my fault. i said, i'm not saying this, coach, but he's tough and smart and they love him in indiana. he calls me -- i love you, too. he say, but we love you, i love you. here's the thing. so in indiana, i say, wow,
12:48 pm
indiana, usually by that time, somebody's -- indiana is a big factor, a friend of mine comes up, says, you know, if you could ever get bobby knight to endorse you that would be great. i said, he called me about a year ago and said you should run, you're tough, smart, what we need, love the country. he gave me a whole thing. i weasn't even decided to do it. i said, you know what, i think i can maybe find it. forget about the iphone stuff, i have a big stack of papers, thousands of papers, i lift it up and there's his number sitting right there. i don't know, that's from god, okay? >> bobby knight's number. i call up bobby knight and he goes, i've been waiting for you to call. indiana was the next week. anyway, he's a great guy. he came and endorsed me. we just won that state. we won with women, with men, with young, with old, with rich,
12:49 pm
with poor, with blue collar, white collar, we won with everything. we won indiana. we won, by the way, big, for me, very important, we won with the evangelic evangelicals, you saw that. we won with everything. then, everybody said, okay, it's time to let trump go and do what he has to do. now, i'm doing it. we have a person running for office who is not equipped to be president, she doesn't have the temperament to be president. she's got bad judgment. she has horribly bad judgment. that was stated by none other than crazy bernie. i mean, burney -- bernie said -- bernie said that hillary clinton has bad judgment. if you look at the war in iraq, look at what she did with libya, a total catastrophe, and by the way -- and by the way, with
12:50 pm
benghazi and with our ambassador, remember, that's all hillary clinton, folks. let me tell you something. if she wins, and i hope she doesn't, but if she wins, you better get used to it because you will have nothing but turmoil and you will have nothing but four more years of obama, and you can't take that. our system and our country can't take it. so you remember the famous ad, when they call at 3:00 in the morning, who will answer the call? she said, i will answer the call. she was sleeping. they called, they kept calling. did you see hundreds and hundreds of e-mails and calls and they kept calling. she was sleeping, folks. she was sleeping. i don't sleep much. i don't sleep much.
12:51 pm
so we have to make changes. it will be about security. we will have great security. we will have great borders, we will have the wall, we will have that wall. >> donald trump speaking in anaheim, california. we've been listening to much of his speech actually beginning with a show of bringing women up on stage before he began spe speaking. and i want to let you know about one other thing in seattle we've been talking about next hour a major power shortage, luckily that has been resolved and power restored to the city of seattle. as we continue to watch donald trump on the left hand side, let me bring in beth fouhy. i thought it was interesting, he said quite a few words about hillary clinton and the in spect --
12:52 pm
inspector general of the state department saying it's not good and she had bad news today. i want to run against hillary clinton because he calls her s dishonest and has bad judgment and bringing women on stage-struck me. >> that struck me as well as the repeated invocation of hispanics and how much hispanics love him and he will get support from hispanics because he's a job creator, that's his argument. that argument rings so hollow. he is in california where he has no chance of winning in november because of the hispanics. it's a majority minority population in california now. more latinos in california than white voters. more latino people than white people. the share of latino voters is going way way up. california will not return to the republican column any time soon largely because of the latino vote. he's got a big speech there, got a big crowd there at anaheim,
12:53 pm
the california home of orange county of the republican party, but his support is very limited. there is a ceiling on his support in california because of latino voters basically reje rejecting republicans for the last 20 years. >> he brings up this inspector general report. we talked about it earlier in the hour, this is potentially damaging news for hillary clinton, another drip drip drip of reports saying she didn't follow the rules and essentially found she didn't follow regulations in terms of having a private e-mail server. they say in the report she should have asked permission and it would not have been granted if she had asked the department for permission. not good news for them today. >> no. it's a pretty damning report and one each those things hillary clinton thought she had turned the corner on the whole e-mail controversy. we do know there is an fbi investigation into this matter and we haven't heard much about that for quite some time. bernie sanders doesn't really bring it up. we heard months ago him saying
12:54 pm
he didn't want to talk about her damn e-mails and see if he changes his mind about that now that they're still fighting it out on the last of our primaries here. it just reminds people this scandal is out there. that perhaps as secretary of state she made bad choices that might have resulted in compromise to security and that is not what she wants to project right now, somebody the tested leader in this field and somebody voters ought to trust. it's clearly coming from people who investigated this matter and were saying this is not something she should have done. that is going to be a bad head line for her. >> a lot of what we're hearing is traditional trump speech. he is always ex tem pore ra rainious and goes in different order. talk about california. you say he's in anaheim, southern california, he has a good chance of winning the primary there but in november a very different scene. >> he'll win because there's basically on the in the race
12:55 pm
anymore. i don't mean in any way to say there aren't a lot of trump supporters in california. i'm sure there are. it's a huge state, very diverse state and lots of voters receptive to donald trump's message. overwhelm the latino vote, latino population is significant and he won't win in november. that's 55 electoral votes republicans have had to take off the table for years now because they haven't been competitive in california. when you start in the electoral college down 55 votes, it's very hard to get to the 270 you need to win the presidency. trump may have another path there absolutely plausible but not through california. >> i would point out as we pl planned our day this morning, we were anticipating perhaps there would be large crowds outside this rally in anaheim, california of protesters given what we saw last night in new mexico. that has not materialized for the record. you saw she not for the hour, jacob rascon standing in front
12:56 pm
of a handful of people. not a large crowd. what does that tell us that part of california? no, lunchtime nobody shows up? >> i'm thinking lunchtime has something to do with it. costa mesa not too far from anaheim there was a big protest. i don't think trump is out of the woods with protesters yet. the one in albuquerque was in the evening where more people are off work and can show up. trump didn't get it in anaheim and probably a big relief to local law enforcement and others who don't want to see violence and clashes between people and the police, not a good scene or good for anybody. in the west coast where it is so diverse and the population is so so diverse, it's unlikely he will make it all the way through without encountering a few other prote protesters. >> there were some people obviously ejected from the event we've been watching. we couldn't see them because we only have one camera location
12:57 pm
we're allowed to be in for the record, we're not able to get to other parts of the arena to show you the crowd. that will do it for me this hour since we're approaching the 4:00 hour on the east coast. we will keep an eye on donald trump and i'll hand off to chris hayes picking up our coverage after this. ll two days before responding. perfect! we're never gonna see each other again, will we? no-no. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back. 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. ♪ offers free cancellations, so you're free to decide if the trip you're on... hahahahahaha! ...isn't really the trip you want to be on. hahahaha... hahaha... [mountain woman and key laughing together]
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or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. good afternoon. i'm chris hayes here in new york. it is a a busy day in the state of california. donald trump, bernie sanders and hillary clinton all holding events there in the last two hours. trump still going right now in anaheim, a day after violent protests at his rally in new mexico, or at least extremely spirited ones. today, the real estate billionaire went after his democratic candidate hillary clinton, his attacks were timely after this morning's news. an audit revealed hillary clinton broke the state deputy's protocols and rules by using her own private e-mail server. let's go to jacob wrasse cone who is outside the trump rally among the protesters. jacob, what's the scene like there? >> reporter: outside this event


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