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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 26, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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has over what's needed to clinch the nomination. now, celebrating facing off bernie sanders on the debate. bernie sanders' game on with trump. >> are you prepare to debate the major issues facing our largest state and the country before the primary. yes or no? >> yes, i am. i think i should give and take that money to give it to some worthy charity. >> coming up, we'll ask jeff weaver if this is going to happen. global warming. president obama says world leaders paying close attention to the election here. >> i think it is fair to say there is some pride by the republican nominee, they are rebel minds and for good reasons. and drip, drip, drip, clinton tried to defend herself from the
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devastating states department report. she claims it exonerates her. >> as i say crooked hillary. inspector again report, not good. i want to run against hillary. >> good day everyone, i am andrea mitchell, in california today. donald trump hits his magic number of delegates. democrats remaining locked and looking like a close race here in california. the party is deeply divided. hillary clinton is facing new questions about her e-mails of all this. it is donald trump's rhetoric that's all the way in japan where president obama is holding a news conference in summit. >> displaying of ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude or -
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or -- uninterested getting tweets and headlines instead of actually making it through of what it is is required to keep america safe. >> trump is trying to turn attention to highly critical clinton e-mail reports. he's tweeting today, the inspector general's report on crooked hillary of clinton. that's of course, donald trump's tweet. halie jackson is in montana covering trump today and kristin welker is in las vegas for hillary before heading our way in california. nbc's kevin o' donald covering in california. to all of you, halie, first, they must be celebrating in trump land as we are going over the top. we are calming him the presumptive nominee and after recounting those delegates in
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north dakota, colorado, he has officially passed the magic number. >> reporter: here is why that's significant and at least when you talk to the trump campaign. i spoke with a senior advisor who pointed out a few things. trump has hit that magic number before hillary clinton has on the democratic side assuming that she will end up doing so before or after the california primary on june 7th. second, they believe that this is a sign that the grass roots are coming around donald trump more so than leadership in the gop is right now. that's significant because as you know conversations between speaker paul ryan and donald trump the last few weeks revolved around party unity. the last 48 hours we see donald trump going after mit romney and george bush. to the trump campaign hitting that magic number seems like they have appeals from supporters. the rally does not start until
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hours but people are out here with their signs and flags ready to go. a couple of point to make about donald trump clinching the nomination. it is a milestone. look back at where we were in march. we went to a field of 17 now to one and over and over again, you heard -- we had a stretch of several months where all of us in the media and a lot of focus in the media and in the republican party thought we could be headed for the convention. now, that drama has gone away. now, he's still the presumptive nominee. but, hitting 1237 for trump is significant and i can bet he will be celebrating at his rally here. i am sure if he talks about it, you will hear the cheers and applause and folks. >> indeed, halie jackson out there. first of all, the poll, luke,
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have you been digging into that, you just spoke to the speaker about it. no endorsement yet from the speaker and a lot of speculations in speaker land they did not like that attack on governor martinez and the governor of new mexico and unsolicited and attack from donald trump as well as a lot of other nasty attacks on the clinton's history. >> i think it is fair to say that paul ryan would prefer the republican nominee to focus more on policies. ryan's whole mo is republicans often lose personality contact, he believes they could win policy contest. donald trump insults the first governor -- i think that gets under his skin. i would say that there is tension between the ryan and
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trump cams. the ryan camp feels that trump is trying to create this culture of in ability. they were upset of a report that came out this week that says paul ryan is going to make an endorsement soon and felt that their hands is being forced to some degree. that's not a great way to build up trusts between the highest ranking republican who has not support you. i don't think paul ryan has a lot of issue with donald trump and donald trump's view of the executive branch. i asked ryan how the phone conversation went, this is what he said. >> we had this conversation and our staffs have been meeting and it was a very productive phone call, leave it like that. >> he went onto say later he's concerned of party unity. what in a real ruunity.
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the question is what israel party unity. donald trump is not going to have support of mit romney and the conservative family, bush. paul ryan has serious policy differences with him. ryan, we expect to get to a "yes" at some point because there is no other way out of it. he's taking his time and preserving his own political future. and it remains to be seen. what will get paul ryan a yes, he's on an island, he's the only congressional republican leader that's significant that has not gone all inuit. the longer this pushes forward, the more faster it becomes and more unprecedented it becomes. the speaker of the party of the nominee, they're tight. they're very tight. >> it is a fascinating drama, thank you very much, luke. >> kristin welker in las vegas,
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there is a labor rally there. we are waiting in california for hillary clinton. what's remarkable with her response was she's on uni vision and let me read her quote and hard criticism from the state department. she wrote, "i have turned overall my e-mails and no one else can say that and i have been incredibly opened about that it is not an issue that will affect the campaign or my presidency." kristin, this is applying in the face of criticism from the report itself and the fact that she's the only former secretary of state refused to cooperate with investigators. >> reporter: that's right, she has a huge challenge right now which is try to turn the page on that report which pointed out a couple of things.
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one, she did not ask for permission to use her personal e-mail account and the private server. i asked top officials about that and the response was look, her predecessor calling it. she didn't think she had to ask for permission. the report said she broke federal record rules by not turning overall of her e-mails and records when she left the state department. the reaction of that is she forwarded e-mails and copy people on e-mails, that was her way of preserving her records but the record said it is just not good enough. the clinton campaign is spinning this to say there is nothing new of this report but there are some new details which we have been discussing. secretary clinton herself has yet to face this. we are going to do this again today in las vegas when she talks to union workers here.
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she has a challenge right now because she's fighting against the general election against donald trump. trying to rally her supporter and urgency to this primary battle. of course, she want to win a state like california, not so much because she needs the mass because she wants to head into convention with solid grounds. right now polls showing her at a tight race. she leads but only by two-points. it is going to be a nail biter here until the end. >> andrea, and chris, a couple of quick point. the colin powell analogy is completely inaccurate because it is not apparel or the rule is the same. there is a number of problems of rebutting this. kelly sanders, kelly o' donnel
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has been covering this. the donald trump might have been joke about this. it helps both of them to have this kind of faceoff, would it? >> i have been talking to sources, andrea, yes, this is one of those moments where the political star and agenda could align between donald trump and bernie sanders in a way that it is in so many respects far more trump oriented kind of a splash shi debate and controlling the media cycle. for bernie sanders, it matters, too. the potential for the debate. she was opened to holding such a debate in may before the california primary. for sanders, being on the same stage with donald trump would give his candidacy a sense of parody that is very hard to find in the primary season. there is so many advantages to
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hillary clinton in terms of the delegate count and so forth that sanders is trying to proou ve t voters that he's still in this. the crowd has wrapped around the perimeter and also, he's doing what is not on his public schedule and a forum with some african-american media and trying to take the message directly to that community where hillary has strengths. for bernie sanders, there is a serious interest in meeting donald trump on a debate stage. they'll appear on the tv show "jimmy kimmel" and we expect this will be apart of the late night conversation, could it be a real forum or the on television agreement. if it happens, it will be one of the most notable moment in presidential politic force a long time. this is something to watch
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andrea. >> indeed, it is. thanks so much. sanders campaign's manager, jeff weaver, is joining me right now. >> i saw that thing last night and it seems like donald trump was serious when he's talking about. i hope that his handlers don't just swayed him and chicken out on this. it would be great for the american people to see these two candidates on stage. donald trump has a disaster agenda for america and wages are too high. and to contrast that with bernie sanders' bold vision with working families, i think it would benefit with a lot of
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voters in the country. i have to believe this would be the most watched debate in presidential politics. >> jeff, lets take a look at the way donald trump referred to bernie sanders yesterday in anaheim, california. >> it could be we are going to run against crazy bernie. that could be. [ cheers ] could be crazy bernie. he's a crazy man but that's okay, we like crazy people. >> so he's setting you up, is he? he's trying to take advantage of the situation to hurt the democratic party by labeling you crazy bernie by trying to pump up bernie sanders and dimini diminishing hillary clinton. would such a debate -- >> i don't know if crazy is building us up but -- >> well, he's trying to make more of this than perhaps -- um, actually exists. he's trying to build bernie sanders up as the person he's
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taking on? >> well, lets see if he has the courage to get on the stage with bernie sanders and going on one on one of the issues of the country. that would be the real test. >> in an attempt to hurt hillary clinton though? >> i don't know it is going to hurt hillary clinton or bernie sanders of the nominee. if bernie sanders gets on the stage and exposes that donald trump stands for androg agenda, that'll devastate the economy and helping rich people like hi himself. it will galvanize the democrats as how he's looking to create america and benefit the rich and her working families och. >> back in las vegas months ago, bernie sanders in the first debate gave her a pass on her e-mail controversy. in reading the report from the state department, do you have e
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regre regrets, does bernie sanders have a second view or new thought about what she did and the whole damage of the e-mail controversy? >> well, you know the senator has been clear since that debate that he wanted this campaign to focus on substances between if two candidates of minimum wage and health care and climate change and fracking. there is a whole whohost of substances. this ig report is one part of this project. investigation is going on and there is fbi investigation going on. this is the state department of investigation. >> this is a substance of issue. the issue of security and e-mails and security of classified communications and potentials that we are seeing from the report that there were attempts to hack the private server and what about her judgment? >> well, i think senator sanders has talked about her judgment of
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a number of times. but, this process has not done of this investigation until e-mails and the server is not done, i think we should wait until it is done and see what the fbi comes up with. lets see how the process working its way out. if we get this debate, hopefully, if donald trump has the courage to get on stage with bernie sanders between donald trump and bernie sanders. >> and i want to ask you about debbie sholts, in fact, someone say say leaving her swis twitwisted wind. >> she has to make a decision going forward and we have to focus on now is how we unite.
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>> is it possible for the party to unite as long as debbie sholts is still in the convention? we have seen overtime that the chairwoman has been a device figure in the party. proponent of secretary clinton campaign. i this even people like -- the conduct that we saw from the chairwoman's office over the course of this campaign is a sticking point for a lot of people out there who supports senator sanders. the millions of people that support sanders, they have seen the finger on the scale and they are not happy about it. >> are there back channel resolutions right now between the clinton cam and yours to
9:19 am
rethr resolve this and requiring your point of view having a different chairman? >> well, i would say this, i think unity in the party is much easier to achieve if we have consensus and a chair who was committed to playing the traditional role that the chairs of party plays. you know sharp elbows and a primary contest and the chair of the party is looking out for the broad interest of the party to make sure the party could come together in the end and we have seen repeatedly from chairman woman sholts that's not the role she's playing. she came out and according to one clinton, unnamed clinton source in the story. she poured gasoline to the power. she tried to escalated the situation. that's not the role of a party chair should play. if you look at the republican side, the party chair mahas bee
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about. >> moments ago house speaker paul ryan, joining me now are the aids of house republican speakers. first, to you, john, paul ryan is in a truly awkward situation here. when can you recall a house speaker not endorsing the nominee of his party and donald trump went over to the top today? >> never. i don't remember this happening in my lifetime. this is an unconventional season and if a politician at all of donald trump. i think paul is trying to cover for some of his members who just don't know if they can go there yet. he has some personal misgivings. the fact that the party is unifying and trump got 1237 and he's going to go beyond that. it got about the same percentage of delegates that mit romney had
9:25 am
during his nomination. it is time of the party to all unify and beat hillary clinton. >> let me play to what donald trump have to say about hispanics. they may be unified. lets watch. >> my relationship with hispanics is fantastic. i know so many friends and they rent apartments from me and i have so many employees that are hispanics. they are incredible people. >> michael, what about that? that was on "extra." i think that's the kind comments that make speaker and many republicans reluctant to offer full support to donald trump even if he's the presumptive
9:26 am
nominee. i think the attack on governor martinez fall os on the kind of category making everyone very nervous of him being the presumptive nominee. >> another attack, going back to elizabeth warren who's been an attack dog against him. look at the ethnic slur that he employs in going after her. >> my relationship with hispanics is fantastic, i know so many and they buy apartments and rent apartments from me. >> and hence, that was clearly not the right clip. i think we were referring to him going after elizabeth warren and referring to her by the nickname "pocchantas." >> did you ever hear that name?
9:27 am
she's the senator that's doing just about to lease the united states senate, she's a total failure. >> there is been a lot of failure of the trump/warren match up. very little has been said about the ethnic slurs in referring to her as pocahontas. john? >> listen, donald trump is politically incorrect. he says things that's outrageous and that's the greatest strength and weakness. he's not a politician and he dou does not talk like a politician and he says things that's out of bound. it is part of his charm and weakness. michael says it right there the nervousness of some republicans to support him because he's so politically incorrect. >> michael, what did you expect paul ryan to do as he try to br bridge this gap. >> he's going to continue to work with the presumptive
9:28 am
nominee to find common grounds and find a place where he can get comfortable. we want a nominee that we can be proud of and have real unity around and really support going into november. the important thing to remember here is that the alternatives is most likely hillary clinton. as we saw again with the ig report this week, she has extremely questionable judgment about crucial area including national security. we hope we can get to a place. thank you both and coming up. speaking of hillary clinton e-mail clean up. is the secretary of state making more of a mess. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. which are the bad guy sketches. you need good resolution,
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clinton campaign, claiming of the state general's report exonerated her using of e-mails. this is new evidence revealed attempt to hack that private server. joining me now is the top democratic at the house of the intelligence committee, adam shift, are you troubled by this report? >> reporter: actually, the id report for those that's been following this does not present a whole new information. each of them has either in fuller or in part using private e-mails to conduct official business. it sets out a little bit details than what we had before. >> congress, let me fix the record here.
9:33 am
madeline albright did not use any e-mails and colin powell used e-mails and he used both official and personal e-mails. hillary clinton is the only one who had a private server and the only one who did not cooperate with the investigators and the only one that's not out front about it. colin powell believing it is very important that he dragged the state department in the 21st century. she was doing this so secreti secretively according to the e-mails that's reported. people were told not to discuss the e-mail usage.
9:34 am
does it suggests secrecy? >> you can see colin powell ises the first secretary of state using -- >> reporter: if i can finish, the former national security, the former joint. effectively uses the same practice and not his own server and if you look back at the albright administration, of their top staff. even the current secretary of state and even after all of this controversy, he has used personal e-mails for official business. none of it makes it right. it makes it consistent. >> congressman, i have to interrupt you because the facts
9:35 am
are that when secretary kerry came into office long before anyone knew about the private e-mail of the private server and he was transitioning from the senate and immediately archived those. she's according to this report, she's the only secretary of state who not only used a private server but turned over nothing. nothing. >> reporter: andrea, i am not trying to criticize secretary kerry, i think he's extraordinary. the fact that he's using personal e-mails for business early on, it is an indication that up until recently this was not seen as more than a recordkeeping requirements and pr preservation of record issues. i think the complex issue has changed about that.
9:36 am
what i am pointing out and what i think the report pointed out is this is a long standing problem and i suspect if you look not just at the state department but at other department as well, you will find it consistent application and find until this day of a lot of personal use of e-mails for official business. this is something that we have to spend systemically, the ij laying out the number and we also have to implement. it is unfair to look at this support which frankly is critical of the last four secretary practices and merely say this is somehow an indictment of secretary clinton. >> well, in fact, the rule has changed under secretary clinton and they were tighten and she herself sent out the direction of work force under her signature, telling them all to follow practices that were not practiced by herself. powell did by the way have an
9:37 am
official account as well as a personal account. the other point here is what does it sate about her management since it was not improved as the state department supposedly upgraded its practices under her rules. >> reporter: i think the secretary has said it best herself. it was a mistake. she should not use a private server for her official business. had she do it again, she would not employ the same practice. she wanted to protect her private e-mails and privacy which i can understand. frankly, this is not new. this is something that the secretary has acknowledged for months and months. it is been the subject of extensive commentary throughout the campaign. the broader scheme of things, honestly if i compare additional value or input of this inspector general's report along of what happened this week and in terms of donald trump's acknowledgment, for example, he was happen to see the housiinin
9:38 am
crisis because it is an opportunity for him to make more money. i know a great men lost their homes during the downturn of the economy and i am giving comfort by the fact that donald trump welcomes that because it could make more money. that is something that goes the heart of americans economic concerns going forward and far more than an e-mail issue frankly has been around for considerations now for a couple of years. thank you very much congressman. >> thank you, you bet. coming up, up in the air, the tsa scrambling to ease the check down before the summer travel season kicks in high-gear, you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. (ray) i'd like to see more of the old lady. i'd like to see her go back to her more you know
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focusing on the one on one rule. that's very important. >> if they drop that, will the lines be better? >> i know there is a direct correlation between people carrying prohibited items and slowing down the check point. >> ahead of the tsa with matt lauer trying to explain gridlocks of airlines waiving check bag fees for summer travels. joining me now is tom costel. >> hello? how are you? >> a little bumpy there. speaking of bumpy, how is the traffic at the airport? >> you got multiple explanations for this. why is the tsa under staffed? >> in addition to that, we got the record number of passengers. they have made some progress. today we heard from the director of chicago, airport authorities,
9:43 am
she said things have improved this weekend at o' hare, the very airport where last week we saw lines extending two or three hours and today they're down to about 20 mens accordiinutes acc her. airports around the country that seems to be the status quo. 20 or 30 minutes seem to be the first delay at airports nationwide. this is going to be a holiday week. 38 million people expected to travel and all but 4 million of them expected to drive. this is really not about flying this week, it is about droiving. it is interesting to see how this all changes or if it changes over the coming weeks when the kids are out of school and summer vacation heats up again. we expect 2.5 million people every single day to be flying this summer and that'll certainly pressure tsa getting all these people through effectively and efficiently. they are doing a lot of thing and converting a lot of part
9:44 am
timers to pufull-times. they're adding more 768 extra screeners by late june. so they're trying to push and surge as many tsa screeners as possible. the bottom line is they're 100 million more. the number is staggering and i think i am miss speaking but i am not. 100 more million passengers this year than four years ago. they're down to 4,000 screeners to where they should be. they don't have enough people for a tremendous surge and the numbers of travelers. at the same time, they're trying to improve security. they failed those security audits the last couple of years. yet, really, that's what's happening here. we have so many factors coming
9:45 am
in together at the same time and the new tsa chief, peter neffenger is trying to make things work >> he and the people in the field, i can attest to that. thank you very much. >> when they see you coming, they all get out of the way. >> guess what, that does not happen. [ laughter ] thanks again, tom. coming up here, question time, president obama weighing in on 2016 besides stepping on clinton's e-mail controversy. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. one coat guaranteed marquee interior. behr's most advanced paint. get the best paint for any budget and save 10 or 40 bucks. only at the home depot.
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y it is hard. president obama at the g 7 summit in japan speaking from experience of democratic presidential primary of some questions today of hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. joining me now is from our daily fix, chris cillizza and marcus, thank you very much on the big promotion. >> thank you very much. >> to both of you, what about clinton verses bernie sanders in california, a closely fought race. what about the impact of this server scandal and the ig report? it is a very tough editorial in your paper today. >> there was and i have to say it was merited. this was a self inflicted wound that has continued to obsessed her and the clinton campaign has
9:50 am
not been able to heal. this is a very difficult report for the clinton campaign at not a very good time. it all stems from this decision she made to decide to keep her e-mails private and we got a glimpse in this ig report of what was behind that, she did not want any risk of the personals becoming public. >> and, her response to uni-vision, let met play a little bit of that. >> there maybe reports coming out. it is the same story. i use personal e-mails and many people did. it was not at all unprecedented. i have turned overall my e-mails and no one else can say that. >> chris cillizza. >> yeah, it is not right. you can think this is a small issue or a big issue in the
9:51 am
campaign or no issue in the campaign. what she said is not born out by the facts, couple things, she's right that this ig report was about more than just her looking back at other secretary of state. she's also right that other secretary of state colin powell which she has named before did use private e-mail addresses. two things there though. andrea, one, no more before her using exclusive e-mail address. number two, as you know better than i do, the rules got tighter and tighter so the rules under colin powell what was allowable there are not the same as the rules allowable secretary clinton. the other thing is that there is in the ig report essentially saying this is not something that should have been done and they found no evidence of this legal review that clinton folks said had happened about whether or not she could set this sort of thing going in motion and
9:52 am
again, many people there is a huge dispute on whether this is a big or small issue. what secretary clinton said is not entirely accurate. there are just facts that we know have been -- independent inspector general's and there is an fbi investigation. this is not partisan talking back and forth. >> this fbi investigation which ought to be the final word, but this is moving on a snail pace. they say they have not yet been contacted yet. >> if you are the fbi, you want to make sure of two things. you conclude the investigation in a way does not appear in the election timing. you don't want to be in the position where you are going to be accused of having done thing
9:53 am
in a sloppy way. >> with marcus and chris cillizza. >> donald trump is about to make his comment since officially securing the republican nomination right here on "andrea mitchell reports." can you love wearing powerful sunscreen? yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer. unbeatable protection helps prevent early skin aging and skin cancer with a clean feel. the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect.
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we are following breaking news from north carolina. u.s. coast guards confirmed of two fa 18 have crashed. it was an in flight mishap. all four are alive and alert. thank goodness for that. that does it for "andrea mitchell reports," follow our show online and on facebook and instagram. craig melvin is up next with donald trump's first comment since officially locking up the republican nomination right here on msnbc.
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good thursday everyone, i am craig melvin, we start this hour with breaking news, we are awaiting donald trump who's expected to speak to reporters soon. this is the first time since we heard from him since he clinched the 1237, the number of delegates required for nomination. ahead of this plan 2:00 p.m. speech in north dakota. we'll bring it to you live as it happens. we heard from house speaker paul ryan. ryan is still not endorsing trump and despite another phone call between the two republicans last night. >> it was a productive phone call, we had this conversation and our staffs have been meeting, we had a very good and productive phone call, i will leave it at that. i


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