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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 26, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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of the word pocahontas. trump went onto use that name for elizabeth warren warren again. and the point ben just made about press availability on the clinton campaign is something our own kristen welker raised yesterday. the next hour, kate snow, here to take it over. kate? >> thanks so much, brian. let's get you caught up now. donald trump versus president obama. the presumptive republican nominee responding just moments ago to the president's claim today that the real estate billionaire is causing world leaders to be rattled. >> that's good. is that right? that's good. i love that word. he's a president who's allowed many of these countries to totally take advantage of him and us unfortunately. he's got to say something. and it's unusual that every time he has a press conference he's talk about me. it's just one of those things. but i will say this. he is a man who shouldn't be
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really, you know, airing his difficulties and he shouldn't be airing what he's airing where he is right now. and i think you're going to see it stop pretty soon. >> that from his first press conference since nbc news announced today that he has hit the number of delegates. no one was sure whether donald trump could ever reach 1,237 delegates before the july convention to ensure the nomination. well, today, thanks to pledges from unbound delegates in north dakota, colorado, and pennsylvania, he has clinched it. his senior advisor tweet add thank you to supporters along with this photo of the team a short time ago. last hour was really a bit of a victory lap with north dakota delegates hilined up behind tru on stage. any minute now, we expect trump to deliver a speech on energy. and all of this without an official endorsement from the
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house speak. which we'll talk about from a few moments. trump is also trolling hillary clinton by entertaining the possibility of debating bernie sanders. a few hours ago jeff weaver told our andrea mitchel there are back channel discussion going on between trump and sanders teams. he did at that press conference just say he would love to debate bernie sanders. given how far out and downright odd this election season has become and considering all the times pundits have said that will never happen only to be proven wrong, let's just say it could happen. so on this big day in application, we are happy to have nicole wallace, also pastor mark burns is standing by. let's begin with katy tur who's been coverage the trump campaign since day one. sum up for us what we learned
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out of that press conference a short time ago. >> reporter: i think wide ranging is the best way to describe it. to the points you were just making a few moments ago. he is for fracking. he said that clearly. of course that's a big issue here in north dakota. he also took that opportunity to attack hillary clinton and bernie sanders saying that they are against fracking. he also took the opportunity to go after hillary clinton on the second amendment in that moment. whether it comes to debating bernie sanders, we asked if he'd be willing to do that. he says that if bernie sanders was able to raise $10 million preferably for a woman's charity, he said, then he would absolutely debate bernie sanders. that's an on the record yes. he also confirmed that his team is talking to bernie sanders' team behind the scenes. unclear, though, if that will end up going anywhere else. there was also a moment in there where he referred to elizabeth
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warren as pocahontas, a local reporter in the crowd piped up and said that's very offensive. donald trump looked at her said okay and then repeated calling elizabeth warren pocahontas again. that is a moment that is certainly getting some play out there. we also asked him about the muslim ban. on the muslim ban there was news today that his campaign manager or one of his aides said that the muslim ban was not necessarily something that donald trump would enact in total, that he was softening on that issue. i asked him about that. and another reporter asked him about that. he kept dancing around that issue. refusing to unequivocally state that he is still in favor of banning all muslims from coming into the united states if they are not united states citizens, at least on a temporary basis. so again, wide-ranging, a lot of
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news. we're awaiting a speech from him -- his third or fourth major policy speech on energy here in north dakota. >> katy tur wrapping it up for us. nicole wallace is here with me in new york. so good to see you, my friend. >> thank you for having me. nothing going on. >> nothing at all on a thursday before memorial day. can we take a trip down memory lane? >> sure. >> can we play sound we found from a very smart woman talking to us back in july of last year on "morning joe." >> trump can't even get his own paperwork in on time. the notion that he could get himself on the ballot in 50 states a ludicrous. >> i called myself a trump denier. but i think in that same interview, i talked about how he had a kernel of something real when he started talking about
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kate, the beautiful young woman from san francisco murdered by an illegal alien which was living in san francisco, which is a sanctuary city. i did see that he was onto something that people feel the federal government has failed on time and time again. and that's how he wrapped up this nomination. he's speaking to the people and completely bypassing and disregarding the establishment of political media and the establishment of politicians. >> by the way, you were not alone, by the way. there were many, many people a year ago this time saying absolutely no way, it will never happen. and today's the day it happens. >> people went all the way through january. national review, a very prominent publication in conservative circles, a never trump issue. it was over by january. donald trump had been at the top of the polls from the time he descended the escalator in trump tower until really the time that he looked up the nomination.
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with just a couple stumbles. he lost wisconsin. we had conversations about whether he could get his groove back after that. he soared to the nomination after that stumble in wisconsin. >> we just heard him go after president obama pretty directly, talking about obama's comments that world leaders are rattles. he basically said, good. is there any concern in the republican party about him saying things that are -- laying the groundwork now for relationships that he'll have to have with world leaders? >> there are mountains of concern in the republican party about the things that he says. and the relationships with foreign leaders aren't simply the most important ones are the bilateral relationships, leader to leader. but leaders have relationships and they seek support from the american congress as well. when b.b. netanyahu came here, it was a period where relations with the white house were somewhat chilly, but he had
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independent relationships with the congress. >> and nobody has the power to say, hey, watch what you're saying, this is affecting diplomacy? >> they have the power to say it, they just don't have the base of the republican party behind them. so there's high risk to coming out and criticizing donald trump who is now clearly the party's choice to represent the republican party in 2016. so there are people who continue to criticize him, but i would guess that his supporters are happy that world leaders are rattled by his straight talk. >> that's the very thing they like about him. jimmy kimmel last night, donald trump entertains this idea of debating bernie sanders in california. just last hour we have him saying it again. the sanders people are taking this quite seriously. what could be better for them. >> i asked donald trump last week if he would take ten minutes to talk to bernie sanders and consider him as his running mate because they're both running against a rigged
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economy, they're both running against a rigged political system, and they both express the same level of animosity and distrust toward hillary clinton. he said that's a good question and ruled it out. but it is no secret that there is tremendous political opportunity for trump in appearing to court sanders and his supporters. sanders can't be the democratic nominee, but it is not a certain outcome that all of his supporters will go to hillary clinton. >> is there a downside to having a prime time debate -- >> trump -- sanders would be held to the debate standards that any normal candidate is held to. trump is held to the trump standards. his poll numbers always go up after he takes that stage because he has, as other folks have said, he has this die hardness in his support and his fans love him no matter what he does. when he stumbles, they almost double down on their guy. so it's zero risk for trump and
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a great opportunity for sanders. >> in that press conference, he talked about bill clinton's past yet again. it was brought up in a question, but he did that trick where he does where he says, i really don't think i should be talking about that. >> he's already talked about it. >> the clinton campaign would say he's revisiting things that have been widely discredited. is this the right path for the republican nominee to keep going down? >> at risk of being wrong again on tape that gets rolled for me six months from now, i'm not going to call it a losing strategy. i polled an inform mall group of trump sip porters in my personal life. one is visiting me right now. she said, i think people should be reminded of the character of the clintons. i said why. she said because that is very much what we have to choose between. and the trump supporters are very animated by this. talk radio is very divided on
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the final choice in the republican primary between cruz and trump. and where trump really can't shore up any sort of record or credibility on social kert issues or issues that animate the sort of talk radio crowd, he can animate and unite them by really going after the clintons. >> we weren't trying to be a gotcha with that tape. >> i've been educated. >> we've all come very far. thank you so much. my next guest introduced donald trump yesterday at his rally in anaheim, california and he was fired up. >> i said it around the country and i'm going to say it here in california that there are no black people. there are no white people. there are no hispanic people. there are no asian people. there's only but one color that matters and that is the colors of red, white -- >> blue! [ cheers and applause ]
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>> usa, usa, usa! >> pastor mark burns joins me now. that was quite a performance, pastor. >> thank you, so much. good to be here. >> it's nice to have you. let me ask you about what you just said in that clip. donald trump as you know facing some pretty tough numbers when it comes to minority communities, african-american support only 9% in our latest polling saying that they would vote for donald trump. among hispanic voters, it's only 20% who support donald trump. can donald trump really be competitive in a general election without major support from those community siescommun? >> i really believe he's making every effort to do bridge the gaps, to really bring the colors, the races together, really to get us to stop focusing, as i said it before,
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on the colors that divide us and really begin to focus on the colors that unite us. as long as we're focusing on the colors that makes us different, it would be very difficult for us to see the things that we can do together that we have in common. what's right now the biggest issue is jobs and security. so mr. trump is really, really -- he's not pandering. i think paul manafort said it earlier today about picking a vp. where someone would say you should pick a minority or a female. and they would -- and the public would see that just as pandering where mr. trump does not want to pander, tap dance like hillary clinton does just for your vote. once you made her hot sauce comment on the breakfast club and she is pandering just to the african-american vote to get there. where mr. trump wants to focus on the color that really matter,
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that is the color of green. the green represents wealth, jobs, empowerment, that's really what impact every race whether you're black, white, hispanic, whether you are native american. it really doesn't matter. it's all about bringing an economic development, an economic revival back to this country. >> it is something that donald trump talks a lot about too. last night he was speaking to mario lopez. i want to play the sound of what he said in answer. >> my relationship with hispanics is fantastic. i know so many, so many are friends. they rent apartments from me. and i have so many employees that are hispanic. they're incredible people. >> mark, i have so many hispanics he said, hispanic friends. that kind of language makes some people cringe. does it make you uncomfortable? >> it don't. again, as i said many times
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before, i'm from the south. my wonderful wife, we have six beautiful brown babies, six beautiful mixed babies. i know what real racism looks like and even sounds like and it's not donald trump. donald trump is simply stating that he loves that particular group of people. he has to say the hispanics. so he's talking to the hispanic people. kate, i saw yesterday in anaheim, there were many hispanics that were in that rally, so many came up to me, wanted to take pictures. i was blown away. as a matter of fact, that's one of the things that i stated was how diverse this rally was in anaheim and how so many hispanics were coming out to show their support for donald trump. i believe just like in the african-american community, there are many donald trump supporters. because right now in this political climate, it is politically incorrect to support
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donald trump if you're a person of color simply because of the narrative that has been played out that donald trump is this bigot, that he hates mexicans and black people and that's not the case at all. let's stop focusing on colors that divide us. let's focus on the color that will unite us. that's red, white, and blue of america and the color green which says jobs, wealth. >> let me ask you just a very simple question. you just brought up jobs. the slogan is make america great again. as someone who believes in donald trump and is working for him. what do you want that america to look like? what america are you talking about when you say make america great again like it was before, what era are you looking back to? >> well, you know, again, i'm no political pundit. i'm a pastor whose message is bring this country back to god,
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bring god back to this country. the kind of america i like to see is one that do give rev entrance back to god. two two, where there's an economic boom, where people have job. over 65% of african-americans are unemployed. they are unemployed. they don't have jobs. and when you don't have jobs, it creates frustration that no oozie, no gun could ever stop. when someone can't feed their child or pay their mortgage, that becomes an issue. donald trump knows i'm not going to tap dance for your vote, but i'm going to deal with the issue that's really going to bring change to your community. that is to make it difficult for companies like carrier to leave and go to mexico, but to keep them here in america. you're not going to leave america, take the jobs with you, rape us so to speak and then profit off the hard working people of this country without having jobs. that is the real issue that is
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plaguing the social problems of this country. we're not going to walk on egg shells focusing on feelings. we're going to focus on the facts. and the fact is, if you feel like you're under any kind of racism or feel like you're under any kind of discrimination, the best way to overcome it is to become better than that person, become better than they are by working harder, by making the right decisions. like i said, i'm from the south. i've had many situations where people, simply based off of the color of my skin. but i've outgrown that. i didn't let that faze me or stop me. here am i on international television talking to you about the republican nominee who just clinched it, donald j. trump who is all excited that he's going to go onto cleveland, accept the nomination, and then win the
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presidency in november. >> pastor mark burns, let me leave it at that. down in our lower right corner, we can see donald trump has just begun speaking. >> there's a big news flash that donald trump had won the nomination. and i said what happened. i thought i had to wait a couple more weeks. and they said no, the delegates from your state, right here, you, north dakota. where are you? where are my delegates? stand up please. so i guess you would call them unbound, but now they're bound. [ cheers and applause ] north dakota, you brought us over the line folks. i will always remember that. and to my unbounds who are now
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bound, i think you're bound. you promise you're bound everybody? yes, they promise. so thank you very much. this is a great honor. we were supposed to be watching hillary clinton and guess what. we're watching hillary clinton. that's the way it worked. crooked hillary. [ cheers and applause ] crooked hillary. and that report yesterday, that was a report. all right. let's talk about energy, okay? i'm delighted to be in north dakota, a state where really you're at the forefront of a new energy revolution. oil and natural gas production is up significantly in the last decade. our oil imports have literally, frankly been cut in half. that's something that nobody thought was going to be happening really for a very, very long time. but all of this occurred in spite of a massive new
12:21 pm
bureaucratic and political barriers. president obama has done everything he can to get in the way of american energy, for whatever reason. he's made life much more difficult for north dakota as costly regulation, and i mean serious regulation, makes it harder and harder to turn a profit. if crooked hillary clinton is in charge, things will get much worse, believe me. you've seen it. all you have to do is follow her career. she'll shut down energy production across this country. and by the way, she'll also, unrelated, abolish the second amendment and we're not going to let that happen. that i can tell you. that i can tell you. [ cheers and applause ] last week, i got the endorsement of the nra. these are great people and i appreciate that endorsement very
12:22 pm
much. millions of jobs and trillions of dollars of wealth will be destroyed as a result. that's why this choice -- and this is a very important choice, november, going to be so, so crucial. and here's what it comes down to. wealth, serious wealth, for people, for workers, for everybody, versus poverty. north dakota shows how energy exploration creates shared prosperity. better schools, more funding for infrastructure which we really need throughout our country, higher wages, lower unemployment, things we've been missing for a long time. it's a choice between sharing in this great energy wealth or sharing in the poverty promised by hillary clinton. [ cheers and applause ]
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you don't have to take my word for it. just listen to hillary in her own words. she's declared war on the american worker. here's what hillary clinton said earlier this year, we are going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of work. [ booing ] by the way, her timing wasn't so good. the following week she went to west virginia. she didn't do too well there. but i love the people of west virginia. we did. and i love the people of pennsylvania. they don't like her too much, i can tell you. and if hillary can shut down the mines, she can really shut down our whole country and your business will be permanently, in many cases permanently ruined. so let me tell you how president obama undermined our crisis and our middle class. the president stated that it was his intent to eliminate oil and natural gas production in america, if you can believe
12:24 pm
this. his policy is death by a thousand cuts through an onslaught of regulations. for instance, the environmental protection agencies use of totalitarian taxes forces energy operators in north dakota into paying unprecedented multi--billion-dollar fines before a penalty is even confirmed. which is actually rather hard to believe. government misconduct goes on and on. the department of justice filed a lawsuit against seven north dakota oil companies for the death of 28 birds while the administration fast-tracked wind projects that kill more than 1 million birds a year. far more than a million birds. i have to tell you. far more. [ applause ] the u.s. fish and wildlife
12:25 pm
service abuses endangered species act to restrict oil and gas exploration. adding to the pain, president obama now proposes a $10 per barrel tax on american produced oil in the middle of a downturn. and you've had a downturn. but we did hit $50 today. i will take credit for that. harold, i want 10%. i want 10%, harold. at least 10%. i love you too, thank you. at the same time, president obama lifts economic sanctions on iran. he imposes economic sanctions on america. he's allowed this country to hit the lowest oil recount since 1999, producing thousands of layoffs. thousands. america's incredible energy potential remains untapped.
12:26 pm
it's totally self-inflicted. it's a wound, and it's a wound that we have to heal. under my presidency, we'll accomplish a complete american energy independence. complete. complete. [ cheers and applause ] and lots of jobs, lots of jobs. imagine a world in which our foes and the oil cartels can no longer use energy as a weapon. wouldn't that be nice? be very nice. going to happen. if we win. but we're going to win. [ cheers and applause ] we're going to win. but president obama has done everything he can to keep us dependent -- and this is so important -- on others. he wants us to be dependent on others. it's different thinking. it's from a whole different school. let me list some of the good
12:27 pm
energy products that he's killed. he rejected the keystone xl pipeline despite the fact that it would have created 42,000 jobs. his own state department concluded that it would be the safest pipeline ever built in the united states. and it would have no significant impact on the environment. yet, even as he rejected this -- and this is really something because we have that great relationship can canada. so he rejected the america-canada pipeline. he made a deal that allows iran -- boy, does he make bad deals with iran -- to transport more oil through his pipeline than would have ever flowed through keystone with no environmental review whatsoever. what are we doing? president obama has done everything he can to kill the coal industry. that we all know.
12:28 pm
you just ask the people of pennsylvania. ask the people of west virginia. look at what's happened there. it's horrible. here are a few of president obama's decrees. regulations that shut down hundreds of coal-fired power plants and block the construction of new ones. how stupid is that? [ cheers and applause ] a prohibition against coal production on federal land. draconian climate rules that unless stopped would effectively bypass congress to impose job-killing cab and trade. a disaster. president obama has aggressively blocked oil production of oil and national -- just take a look. every single move he's made is to block the production of oil and natural gas.
12:29 pm
he's taken huge percentages of the alaska petroleum and you take the reserve. he's taken it off the table. he's taken it completely off the table. oil and natural gas production on federal lands is down 10% which is pretty hard to believe. 87% of available land in the outer continental shelf has been put off limits totally. atlantic lease sales were closed down too despite the fact that they would create -- listen to this -- 280,000 jobs and $23.5 billion in economic activity. president obama entered the united states into the paris climate accords. unilaterally and without the permission of congress. this agreement gives foreign bureaucrats over how much our energy and how much we use right here in america. so foreign bureaucrats are going to be controlling what we're
12:30 pm
using and what we're doing on our land in our country. no way. [ cheers and applause ] no way. these actions have denied millions of americans access to the energy wealth sitting right under our feet. wealth we didn't even know we had five years ago and ten years ago. this is your treasure. and you, the american people, are entitled to share in the riches. president obama -- >> we've been listening to donald trump speaking to an audience about energy policy, speaking about oil production in north dakota. as we mentioned and if you've been watching in the last hour, donald trump giving a news conference in which he confronted very directly the comments of barack obama, the president, who's over in asia and donald trump saying that it's okay that he's rattling up world leaders.
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i want to turn for more now to kelly cobiella in our london bureau. tell us how all this is being received overseas. >> reporter: it's no surprise that world leaders, particularly people in europe who have spoken about this, are not particularly impressed with donald trump's vies, his rhetoric or some of his ideas. the muslim ban is obviously the most high profile which we've spoken about several times and both the prime minister in this country and the new muslim mayor of london have spoken about. but they're also worried about ideas of isolationism, ideas on trade, his talk of immigration, and of security of things like nato. talk of allies not pulling their weight financially or in terms of resources to fund nato and other places where the u.s. supports its allies. just for a moment, i want to tell you about this new poll that's out just within the past
12:32 pm
few days. this is a ugov poll, very commonly used pollster in the u.k. and throughout europe. they polled six countries, the public in six countries, u.k., france, germany, mexico, canada and japan. they found that 78% of those polled thought that trump would make the world more dangerous. 78% of the public polled for this. 61% said his views made a paris-style attack more likely. and kate, just one other bit from this poll that shows that the inflammatory rhetoric about muslims, mexicans, women as well is damaging america's reputation among people in these countries. 74% of those polled said they thought less of america thanks to trump's hardline views. so concerns on all sorts of front from leaders in europe, also in central america, in
12:33 pm
mexico, which we've talked about quite a bit. but even within the past few days, kate, interestingly, the prime minister, david cameron here was asked about the muslim ban and about a possible visit to the u.k. should he become the nominee. and the prime minister said, of course he will be welcomed to this country. he didn't back down on his belief that trump's views on muslim ban were in his words, stupid, but he did say, yes, he would be welcomed in, and we would have to find a way to work with him saying that america is obviously a very important ally. and i think you'll find that among leaders, not just in the u.k., but throughout europe and other places and in other allied countries. >> all right. kelly, thanks so much. after the break, we'll shift gears and check in with the democrats, heading out to california where bernie sanders and hillary clinton are neck and neck in the polls less than two
12:34 pm
weeks ahead of the primary there. >> plus, sanders says he's ready to debate donald trump, questioning if the republican nominee has the courage to join him on stage. my son and i used to watch the red carpet shows on tv now, i'm walking them. life is unpredictable being flake free isn't. because i have used head and shoulders for 20 years. used regularly, it removes up to 100% of flakes keeping you protected live flake free for life when yaren't moving in the right direction, it can be a burden.
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oh no, we couldn...okay thanks. when you hot dog's kosher, thats a hot dog you can trust. hebrew national. for democrats, it is game on in california. numbers show the race is close, a new poll from the public policy institute of california shows hillary clinton with a two-point lead over bernie sanders. that is well within the margin of error. both candidates are campaigning there today, hillary clinton holding events in san jose and san francisco. bernie sanders is in ventura and pamona. for sanders, a win in california would mean some momentum heading into the convention. clinton does still hold a very large delegate lead. she needs now only 79 more delegates to clinch the nomination. donald trump officially hit the magic number on his side of delegates to win the nomination for the republicans.
12:38 pm
let's turn to kasie hunt covering the clinton campaign from san jose, california, today, clinton just spoke with reporters right? >> reporter: that's right, clinton spoke to the pool that covers her. this is the first aside from a brief interview -- brief comment she made in an interview with univision, which was the first time she's talked at some length about those e-mails and that state department ig report that said the way she used it was improper. she again reiterating, it says that the report showed that personal e-mail use was the practice of other secretaries of state. they pointed to powell has another example. of course, the question being at that point, there was no real policy in place for a secretary of state to use e-mail. she also says, i know people have concerns about this, but i
12:39 pm
think voters are going to be looking at the full picture of what i have to offer, full -- compared to the threat that trump offers for our country. so of course, the clinton campaign wanting to focus more at this point on donald trump than this issue. it's taken her quite some time to get out in front of cameras and address it. when she's been on the stump and she spoke at a union event in las vegas earlier today, and she's on her way here to san jose. take a look at what she had to say to that crowd about donald trump. >> donald trump is and your -- urgent threat to our rights and to our country. two years ago, donald trump personally signed a contract with a union busting firm to break up an organizing campaign at his hotel in las vegas. i was proud to join those workers on the picket line last
12:40 pm
fall. and i'm even prouder as they overcame trump's intimidation campaign and were officially certified as a union this year! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: so this messaging plays into the overall strategy that we're starting to see emerge from the clinton campaign against donald trump. in many ways, the clinton campaign has to grapple with this, just like other republicans felt, it's difficult to run against such an unconventional candidate as trump. they're arguments about the housing crisis, for example, trump's comments talking about profiting from the housing boubl, painting him as somebody out to make money for himself and not for the little guy. trump has painted him as a blue collar billionaire, an example of someone that's been able to make a lot of money, can stand up and be an example of the american dream for people.
12:41 pm
the clinton campaign is aiming to try and undermine that. you're hearing her focus on these kinds of themes and not focus of course on many of the personal attacks that donald trump has levelled at her. >> as you mentioned at the top, there was this new sound we're just getting in from hillary clinton. this is in las vegas where she was asked questions by the pool of reporters who travel along with her about the report yesterday out of the inspector general's office of the state department and her use of private e-mail. let's take a listen. >> this report makes clear that personal e-mail use was the practice for other secretaries of state. and i know that because it is well-known, it's pointed out in the report. but it was still a mistake. and as i've said many times, if i could go back, i would do it differently. i know people have concerns about this. i understand that. but i think voters are going to be looking at the full picture
12:42 pm
of what i have to offer, my life and my service, and the full threat that donald trump offers our country. and i have confidence that they're going to be making the right decision. just today, it was reported that donald trump has clinched the number of delegates he needs to be the republican nominee. that means an unqualified loose cannon is within reach of the most powerful job in the world. >> but this report said that you, quote, had an obligation to discuss using your personal e-mail and that you didn't. how can you really say that it was allowed? was it an error of judgment? >> well, it was allowed and the rules have been clarified since i left about the practice. having said that, i have said many times it was a mistake. and i if could go back, i would do it differently. >> you said you would talk to anyone, any time about your e-mails, yet you did not cooperate with state department investigators, an agency that
12:43 pm
you ran. why? >> well, i have talked about this for many, many months. i testified for 11 hours before the committee, the benghazi committee. i have answered numerous questions. we have posted information on our website. and the information that we had is out there. it's been clearly public. my e-mail use was widely known in the department, throughout the government. and i have provided all of my work-related e-mails. and i've asked that they be made public. and i think that, you know, that demonstrates that i wanted to make sure that this information was part of the official records. >> is your interview with the fbi scheduled yet? >> no, it's not. but i have offered since last august and i am looking forward to seeing this matter wrapped up. >> are you frustrated that it's
12:44 pm
continued on this long? do you think they have an obligation to do it before the fall campaign? >> that's up to them. i think it's important that we fou kus on what's at stake in this election. when we now know donald trump will be the republican nominee, a man who has insulted our closest allies, has talked about more countries getting nuclear weapons, has advocated publishing women and deporting 11 million immigrants, and actually rooted for the failure of the housing market saying that that would be a good result for him, which brought a lot of misery to many people. i think that's what's on voters' minds. >> after this report came out last night, donald trump kept saying this was not good, he called you crooked hillary repeatedly. what do you say to that? >> well, i think the report is consistent with what i have been saying, that the use of personal e-mail was a practice by other secretaries of state. and the rules were not clarified until after i had left. and as i said many times, if i
12:45 pm
could do it over again, i would have done it differently. but i think it's all out there. everything that has been reported is in line with what was found in that report. >> now, some of your supporters would say that you have to fight back a lot harder against donald trump, that his attacks against you and your husband are left unanswered. >> i'm going to run a campaign about the american people. i'm going to run about what solutions i'm putting forward to get more good jobs and rising incomes, deal with education so every child has a good school no matter where that child lives, make sure we get quality affordable health care. everything that i've been talking about is what people across the country talk to me about. and i'm going to keep moving forward making this campaign about the future of the american people. he can run his campaign any way he wishes, but i'm going to stay focused on what matters to voters. >> trump and sanders are now talking about debating
12:46 pm
one-on-one. what do you think of that? >> well, i'm looking forward to debating donald trump. i am very much anxious to be on the debate stage with him, to draw out the contrast, to make the points about his background, his dangerous and divisive rhetoric and policy suggestions because i want the american people to have a very clear understanding of what the choice is in this election. >> would you join with them, though? >> well, i understood they said that was a joke. and i'm going to look forward to debating donald trump. >> you know, you talked a lot about unity lately with the democratic party. have you reached out to senator sanders yet about having that conversation? >> we are certainly communicating between our two campaigns. i know we're both trying to do our best in the upcoming contest. but i have every reason to believe that after june 7th, we will begin to unify the democratic party. that's what i did after the 2008 primary season was over.
12:47 pm
and i'm very sure that as senator sanders has said himself, he wants to do everything he can to defeat donald trump. we have to be a unified democratic party to do that. >> are you willing to make policy platform concessions to senate? >> well, we're going to go through the process. we're going to be talking about everything. that's what one does in preparing for a convention. we're going to go into the convention unified and we're going to defeat donald trump in november. >> so $15 minimum wage, you would consider that? >> i'm for raising the minimum wage. so is senator sanders. donald trump isn't. i think that's a big enough difference that we can be talking about. >> hillary clinton speaking there with the pool reporter, the one reporter who represents all of the media on a day like today when not everybody can travel with her. so one reporter asking the questions. the question i am most frequently asked by friends and people outside this building is what is happening with the fbi
12:48 pm
investigation. you heard her be asked by that reporter, is she going to take questions from the fbi. he says it hasn't been scheduled yet. what do we know? >> reporter: at this point, kate, some of her advisors have been talking about this also in the course of the last 24 hours. they say that they've been waiting by the phone to find out what the next stage is in this investigation. you also had some advisors saying that that was part of the reason why she didn't speak with the state department because they're focused on what's going on with the justice department. you heard her talk a little bit about why she says that she didn't cooperate with this state inspector general's probe n some ways really the most difficult part of this investigation for her. but at this point, the timing on the fbi investigation has gotten stretched out beyond what many in the clinton camp thought that it would be original. >> thanks so much. another political story b e
12:49 pm
brewing today. protecting transgender students is coming under fire. 11 states have now sued the administration with texas leading the charge. after the break, we'll talk to that state's attorney general. l. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ [ male announcer ] tora bora fallujah argonne khe sanh midway dak to normandy medina ridge the chosin reservoir these are places history will never forget but more important are the faces we will always remember. ♪
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some breaking news about the egyptair plane that disappeared and has been the subject of so much inquiry. we're learning airbus, the maker of the plane, told egyptian investigators that they received signals from what's known as emergency locating transmitter part of the equipment, one of three pieces of equipment on that plane that of course went down in the mediterranean that would indicate the location of the plane in the depth of the mediterranean. again, airbus telling egyptian authorities that they believe that they have gotten some signals from this emergency beacon, this emergency equipment, on board that plane. that would be a major development in the search for the wreckage. mississippi governor phil bryant becoming the latest to dive into the debate over transgender bathrooms. in a facebook post, he announced
12:53 pm
that he would like mississippi to join 11 other states now suing the obama administration, saying the government overreached by directing public schools to let transgender students use the bathroom that matches their gender identity. joining me now, texas attorney general ken paxton who brought the lawsuit we were speaking of. >> thanks for having me on. i really appreciate it. >> basic question, you're clearly getting a lot of support from other states. why is this a priority for your state and so many others? >> the president made a priority, he pushed guidelines through and it's a priority because there's 100,000 schools across the nation, and now if they don't go along with what we believe is illegal action, they potentially federal funding. that's a huge risk for our schools and huge risk for our state. >> what are you telling schools in texas right now? >> we're telling them that here to tip them. if they want to be part of what
12:54 pm
we're doing, we're here to help them. we have our own state entities that can sue but we're here to take care of the children of texas. >> has it even been an issue in school districts? you mentioned one district in the lawsuit but when we checked on that, it hadn't been an issue in that school. they haven't had any transgender students. >> well, this is now an issue because of the guidelines. guidelines made this an issue. this hasn't been an issue. this is a solution in search of the problem. the problem is they created a policy that has broad implications affecting all of our schools. >> let me play some portion of an interview, sir, that i recently did with mimi and joe, their son is 6, he is transgender, and they said they were delighted when the obama administration came out with the drinki directive and here's why. >> there are a lot of transgender people out there in schools who are bullied, harassed, who really have a terrible time of it. and this is just one protection
12:55 pm
that will help them make sure that they have the bathrooms that they can -- they need to go to and have the standard level of dignity that all of us appreciate and take for granted every day. >> mr. paxton, what do you say to families like theirs? >> we take care of all children. in our state, this is dealt with on a case by case analysis. we have a problem with is the obama administration coming out with a broad, sweeping policy that sort of one size fits all and they did it without congressional approval and going outside of what think is the stated law in the statutes. >> but the family needs that protection, government authority to step up and make sure their child is going to be safe. do you want protections for transgender students? >> here's what i'd say, as i said in our state, it's dealt with by each school district on a case by case and they should deal with it as they see fit. if there needs to be a broader
12:56 pm
policy here, broader statute, it should be done by congress. right now you have a president acting outside constitutional authority and that's fundamentally a problem we can't live with. >> a statement opposing north carolina's bathroom law, discrimination of transgender youth can cause real harm. i have interviewed a lot of families and a lot of people who are transgender who say that they struggle with depression, with suicidal thoughts. this can be very serious. i guess on the record, i want to know what your position is in terms of passing any kind of laws, even on a state or local level, to protect people who are transgender. >> look, again, i think this is dealt with by our school district, very well, on a case by case analysis. this has not been a massive issue in texas. if this needs to be taken care of it needs to be taken care of at the congressional level not by one person. i think this is a policy that
12:57 pm
actually doesn't do very much about what it claims to be doing. >> texas attorney general ken paxton, thanks so much for being with us. >> thanks for having me. i really appreciate it. >> i will see you back here tomorrow afternoon. my colleague chris hayes picks up coverage after this. it time for the "your business" entrepreneurs of the week. orrin and ronnie frank founders of talk space and reimagining mental health care using technology, connecting therapists with patients who communicate all the attacks. the idea is not without detractor but was the company is growing quickly. for more, watch "your business" sunday at 7:30 on msnbc. (vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our heating and cooling systems so reliable. if there's a breaking point, we'll find it.
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there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. good afternoon. breaking news on the disappearance of egyptair flight 804. joining me by phoning ayman mohyeldin who has more. what is the latest? >> reporter: chris, the latest that we learned from the head of the investigative committee, that is in charge of both ongoing investigation and trying to locate and identify the black box is that the committee has received documents from airbus, that is a company that manufactured the plane, that made egyptair 804. but essentially the committee received documents from airbus indicating that they have received signals f


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