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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 26, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. good afternoon. breaking news on the disappearance of egyptair flight 804. joining me by phoning ayman mohyeldin who has more. what is the latest? >> reporter: chris, the latest that we learned from the head of the investigative committee, that is in charge of both ongoing investigation and trying to locate and identify the black box is that the committee has received documents from airbus, that is a company that manufactured the plane, that made egyptair 804. but essentially the committee received documents from airbus indicating that they have received signals from elp
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equipment which is on board the plane. elt short for emergency locator transmitter and as a result of that, they are able to narrow the area of the plane or narrow the search area of the plane. keep in mind, they're looking according to the investigative committee an area that is 20 nautical miles some this announcement is seen as a very important step because it comes on the heels of a french company contracted to go to the search area. there are about five different search areas that are being searched at the moment. but this development that airbus has received a signal from the elt equipment on board is considered a very important step for the egyptian military which has now been given the information as they try to narrow the search for the black box and the wreckage. >> am i correct in understanding this means there's a live beacon, live sort of transponder, a, operational, b,
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operating at moment now, and is being received, and that will narrow the terrain for searching for the wreckage? >> well, the information that was provided today by the investigative committee did not elaborate on how frequent this elt emits a signal. elaborate. the wording of the statement that was put out as well from the head investigator, the person in charge here, was very clear, that the committee received documents from airbus indicating they received signals from elt equipment, which is, you know, one of the three different pieces of equipment on board the plane that can emit this type of transmission. when we talk about the back box itself, the black box has a small pinging noise that it emits and that can be detected in about a space of one mile and
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enough for up to 30 days. that means 30 days they can detect the pinging noise. it's not clear from the statement made by the investigative committee if elt, the emergency locator transmit, one of the systems on board the plane, when that was detected, how long it will remain active for, and where exactly it was, when it was actually last detected in terms of airbus information systems. >> all right. ayman mohyeldin, thank you for that update. appreciate it. a lot going on today. donald trump is doing a victory lap. 1 1237 the number of delegates he needed according to nbc news official count he as 1238, unbound delegates put him over the top. he's the so-called presumptive nominee, that happened after ted cruz dropped out. a major ceremonial milestone. he pointed that out a short time ago. >> so north dakota brought us
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over the line, folks. i will always remember that. i will always remember that. to my unbounds who are now bound, i think you're bound, you promise your bound, everybody? yes, they promise. so thank you very much. this is a great honor. this was a little by sooner. we were supposed to be watching hillary clinton. guess what, we're watching hillary clinton. that's the way it worked. >> let's begin with nbc's katy tur in bismarck, north dakota. a victory lap of sorts today. >> reporter: well, this energy policy plan much like his foreign policy plan, was under the banner of america first. the same thing he was saying over and over when talking about his foreign policy plan. this idea that the country's problems can be solved with a renegotiation of trade deals, renegotiation of treaties, and an anti-regulation attitude. donald trump kept talking over and over again about how open he was to all forms of energy, as
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long as those forms of energy, the cleaner forms of energy, didn't discount more traditional forms of energy like oil or coal. he made extraordinarily big promises saying he was going to bring coal jobs back, saying he was going to create more jobs, saying he was the one that could fix everything and that he's the only one that can fix everything, whereas hillary clinton will be somebody who will take everything from you, overregulate, keep you poor, make this country, in his woords, worse again, unlike great again as he wants to say. he was going to repeal all executive orders that obama has made in the last eight years and basically, that he doesn't support anything hillary clinton supports. this is on top of, it's after, what was a wide-ranging press conference about an hour ago where he hit a number of topics including the muslim ban, including energy policy plans and managed to offend a local reporter.
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take a listen. >> seems to have made it her job. >> who? polcahontas pocahontas. >> is that offensivoffensive. >> very offensive. sorry. >> i'm sorry. >> pocahontas? >> why are you having -- >> shut up. every once in a while i'll tweet. when i tweet, not that many 50 people are watching her tweets. she is as native-american as i am. but she's a woman ineffective other than she's got a big mouth. >> reporter: in that same press conference he said he would love to debate bernie sanders, if bernie sanders was able to raise $10 million that would go to what he would prefer to be a woman's charity, then he lo do it. i also asked him if it's true his staff is having conversations with bernie sanders' staff behind the scenes and confirmed that is true. chris? >> katy tur, thank you.
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it's the daily will he or won't he check in with paul ryan. still not endorsing donald trump as the presumptive republican nominee reached the magic number of delegates. speaker ryan spoke on the phone after shooting down rumors he was planning to announce an endorsement. luke russert joins us now. where is he now, luke? >> reporter: hamilton on the potomac, i liked it, a good line there, crisp it's a good question. i think for a few reasons. one, there's been this constant back and forth, this dance between paul ryan and donald trump. and paul ryan has said he's wanted to solicit a few things. one a promise that donald trump would follow conservative principles but that's a hard thing to ascertain, what exactly does that mean, this idea that donald trump would not abuse cu executive authority in the branch.
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and that he would tone down his inflammatory rhetoric in some areas, whether the muslim ban, calling undocumented immigrants across the border rapists. so, as far as time frame, paul ryan ryan says, look, nothing's changed, i'm not necessarily there yet. i can tell you this week was fascinating behind the scenes because there was some real, i would argue, bad blood between both camps. what do i mean by that? early in the week there was a bloomberg story that said, look, paul ryan endorsement is all about inevitable, a lot of blind quotes from trump camp officials saying, ryan's on board, it's a matter of time, he doesn't want to fracture the party anymore. the speakers 's office felt the were strong armed on that. they released a video, leadership is about ideas, it's not about personality. we lose battle as a personality, we win badder battles as idea of
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republicans. you're starting to see friction between the camps through the media. is it like cruz versus trump? by no means. will ryan probably get there in some capacity? one would think, if he's chair of the rnc. but as long as you have this battle play out, paul ryan is on this island. he's the only elected congressional republican leader who is not on board with donald trump. sure as a former running mate, mitt romney isn't there, the bush brothers and father aren't there. but he occupies a space and he's going to be there for the foreseeable future. they still need to come to kumbaya and it's unclear how that's going to happen in the near term, chris. >> thank you. let's bring in today's panel. msnbc contributor, most of "majority report" podcast, political editor at heat street, and author of "black ethics."
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where should we start? should we start, panel -- >> start panicking? >> no, no need to panic. let's -- the paul ryan thing, which i just don't see his way out of this. like i feel like this is ill considered what happen luke said was interesting, it's been very clear that the trump camp has been trying to use off the record sources to essentially strong arm him -- and reporter fsz you're watching, don't just run with unsourced things from the trump camp saying paul ryan is about to endorse because you will get played, right. >> i really appreciate the stand that he's taking. it is about ideas, like he's saying. donald trump is not a man who has bad ideas. there are republican leadership that needs that voice. this the first test of donald trump's supposedly legendary negotiating powers and i love that paul ryan has gotten him to come to the table, cornered him on this. >> your interpretation is different. >> yeah. there's a lot of republican primary voters who would take
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umbrage with the idea that the republicans are about ideas and not personality. i think one thing that donald trump has revealed about the republican party is that, in fact, there's very little ideology here. i completely disagree. it is divided right now. there's not a lot of unity but there are a lot of republicans, myself included, who are extremely distraught about donald trump, want it to be about principles and paul ryan is sticking up -- >> i have no doubt there's a minority of republican whose feel like that. >> there is a group of whom that is true. i don't think it's a lot. >> we're vocally aghast. >> yeah, vocally aghast caucus. what are the ideas, doesn't it hurt the case for ideas if ryan says it's about ideas and eventually buckles? that seems to vitiate whatever principled standard. >> if donald trump does end up the best path forward for republicans to have strong congressional leaders that can
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hold donald trump accountable, that can push forward conservative ideas. what i'd like to see that be is a pro-immigration platform because i believe in a free mark for labor as much as free mark for anything else. i want to see opportunities, lower regulation. we're looking at a guy who has been completely inconsistent on these things throughout his career and i hope congress can keep him in check if he does end up getting the office. >> immigration, if there's one thing they're not going to win on, those forces, it's immigration. that, i, this we can all agree. >> if the republicans candidate -- the issue is, we have a nominee now who doesn't fundamentally understand how the separation of powers and how congress works. and so, when he's negotiating with paul ryan, i think paul ryan is in a jam but i like the fact that he's not -- i mean the fact that all of these other elected republican officials said, never trump, never trump, and then within minutes they're like, okay, we'll get behind the party line. i don't think it's about them thinking that he's a substantive
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candidate. it's trump is a bully. >> right. >> they're following prey to his tactics, which i think is an unfortunate sort of moment we're in with the republican party. >> let's see where ryan ends up, right? i mean, i think he's going to end up rolling over, trump's going say a few slightly more gentle things. >> right. >> and so giving him credit of sort of standing tough, trying to position himself that way doesn't do much for me. as for the constitutional issues and trump not being interested, trump's saying two things. he's saying i tell it like it is and don't worry, i don't mean the stuff i say. >> exactly right! exactly right. >> there's people like that. they say, really can't be worse, and that turns out to be most republican voters. so the establishment, that ryan's trying to stand up for, they don't have anything behind them. they are exposed. >> an example of that, he gave this energy speech which was essentially a bunch of slogans, taken from a grab bag of
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republican anti-regulation pro-fossil fuel policy. to me highlights one way in which the party will decide, on the stuff trump doesn't care about, namely most areas of policy, he's going to put -- they're going to put in the prompter and put before congress if elected whatever the consensus republican position is. >> i don't think there's a shred of evidence that donald trump is on the wrong side of the republican issues. i mean, you can -- i'm glad that you're -- i'm talking in terms of the republican party and everything that they have done when they have had the opportunity to do it. i mean, he -- i think he does say, like i'm hemming and hawing and here and maybe he's more explicit about certain things. there's no debate about issues. in they had ten debates. there's maybe a couple of foreign policy -- >> there was a real debate on immigration and foreign policy. >> out of the 17 people there, i think there was never a time
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where donald trump was out of sync with the top two or three people in the race. i mean, early on -- >> i would say foreign policy in south carolina was a notable exception to that. >> yes, and i think there's one or two occasions. >> and trade. >> but this is not a massive debate -- >> an example -- >> i think there's a long list of things in which they disagreed. >> here's what he's good at. he's good at understanding the id of the part. my favorite part, he talks about today about the how the endangers species act was killing limited gas development but talked for a while, a long riff, about how what wind turbines are killing beautiful birds and he just like, there's no consistency other than those are both things that stick it to liberals. there's no actual ideological consistency to that. that is like liberals like both those things, i'm going to stick it in the eye of liberals. >> talking about crooked hillary in his sort of always putting an
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adjective on someone's name but says, by the way, she hates the second amendment. who is writing -- >> that's the point. always return to home base, which is why i think the spector of a possible debate not with hillary clinton, but with bernie sanders, which is the debate, yuge debate of very specific new york city accent that we've all been longing for might happen. don't go anywhere. aindrone? can't blame you. it's a drone you control with your brain, which controls your thumbs, which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone to get you a copy of my resume. umm, maybe keep your hands on the controller. look out!! ohhhhhhhhhh... you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. yeah that's probably safer. ok, cool. try your favorite ranch with a fresh taste so crisp,
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delegate. >> reporter: chris, we are with bob weifele. >> reporter: priorly in the navy and did a stint in vietnam. >> off the coast of vietnam in 1966, three years on a destroy, 24 in reserves, attorney general of the state for 4 years from 1981-1984 and state district court judge from '99 to end of 2010. >> reporter: most pertinent, unbound delegate. >> right. >> reporter: pledged support for donald trump? >> i haven't done that yet. i'm going to go -- i'm a noncommitted delegate. i will go to the conventions i believe donald trump will be the endorsee, i'm sure i will vote for him at the convention. i'm going as unbound delegate because it's protest against the presidential primaries. >> reporter: you're waffling on whether you will vote for donald trump you expect to -- are you sure.
1:21 pm
>> yeah, i'm going to vote for him. there's no one else to vote for. i don't like the presidential primaries. i think they're the wrong thing. what happens in primaries, the candidates go to the left and the right, and the general election is a centrist election. we have to pick candidates that can appeal to the center. donald j. trump has done an excellent job appealing to lots of people. i think he'll be elected president of the juz a good option to appeal to the center of the country. >> a lot of people left. >> reporter: who are the people left out? >> a lot of people on main street, in the farms, communities that feel they're not get what they want out of our national government. people that feel they've been disenfranchised, it doesn't matter what they say, washington does whatever it wants and he's appealing to a lot of the folks, and i think this is a big election. i think he's going to win. >> reporter: you have a tie with notable republicans from past on. how do you think donald trump
1:22 pm
stacks up to those guys? >> i think he's a progressive. i think he's an independent. i don't think he's a true conservative. but i think he's exactly what the country needs at this point now, refreshing change from politics as usual that goes on election after election. republican or democrat. >> reporter: what did you make of the speech just now? >> i thought it was good. he's got a lot of fir. stirs up a crowd nicely. delivers well. he's got a lot of good ideas. i don't think he's obligated to say i'm going to do points a, b, c, i'm going to put so much in this pot or so much in that pot. i think he's got the right idea. his appeal to people about regulations and being overregulated, people feel that. >> reporter: a lot of big promises saying we are overregulated and by taking away the regulations, we as a country will create more jobs or he will be able to do that. but also promising clean air, clean water and working with
1:23 pm
environmentalists, conservationists. without any regulations, how do you work with conservationists and ensure that you still have clean air, clean water, or is this a bit of a pipe dream? >> i don't think he said we're not going to have any regulations. he said we're going to try to get regulations that will free people, free businesses to do the right thing. his real strength -- he didn't mention it in the speech -- he's a deal makeren he'll go to congress, enough of this partisan politics, let's sit down, cut deals and get the country moving. i believe when he does that, when he gets there, it's going to unleash all of the money. i believe you and your listeners know, viewers know, that there are billions and billions of dollars sitting in banks and corporations not being invested because they don't know what's going to happen, what's going to happen going forward. i believe when trump is president he's going to have to get the money out, get it moving
1:24 pm
philosophy. i think there's all kind of way to promote clean coal, one of the things they're working on. i think that's a viable alternative. i think he's right about the wind turbines and he's right about solar and wind. they're great when the sun shines and the wind blows. >> reporter: you don't like primaries it sounds like there's a candidate you somewhat endorse going forward, you believe is going to appeal to the moderate of this -- moderates of the country and will be elected president. >> i've grown more and more impresses with the campaign as it went along. donald trump is going to be the republican endorsee for president of the united states. i believe he's going to be elected. i think it's not even going to be close, quite frankly. >> reporter: thank you, appreciate it. back to you. >> thanks. ever have a friend who you heard trying to talk themselves into a bad relationship? ever had those conversations with friends talking themselves? i bring that up, nothing. both democratic candidates
1:25 pm
campaigning in california today ahead of the state's primary june 7th. a new poll shows hillary clinton with a two-point lead on bernie sanders, which is well within the margin of error. let's turn to nbc's kelly o'donnell covering the sanders campaign from ventura, california. senator sanders is addressing a big crowd right now. >> and that is -- >> reporter: a can't hear. okay. chris, sorry, i'm not able to hear you. the sound is so overwhelming. but let me tell you that bernie sanders just arrived here in ventura, california, and began speaking to several thousand people by saying that he has some news that donald trump is willing to debate him and that he is looking forward to that debate. donald trump didn't exactly say it quite as plainly but for bernie sanders, he is seizing upon this moment to try to do a couple of things. by talking about a debate with donald trump, it elevates bernie sanders to greater parity because trump is the presumptive nominee for the republican
1:26 pm
party. and hillary clinton has declined to debate bernie sanders in california though her campaign said earlier she would agree to do that, having some sort of debate in may in california. the clinton campaign is not doing that and is trying to look forward to november and their general election campaign. but for sanders, who is mathematically behind clinton in those key and all-important delegates, he is fighting hard in californiaing believing he could win in this state and by telling voters here to remain as enthusiastic, talk about getting friends and colleagues and neighbors to show up for the june 7th primary because he believes if he can win in a place as big and substantive as california, he has a credible case for the nomination. of course, there's a lot of mileage to go before now and philadelphia. but the news today is bernie sanders wants to be one-on-one with donald trump and will do what he can to encourage that publicly to try to make that happen.
1:27 pm
no specification reaction to trump saying he wants it to be a charity-related event but perhaps that will unfold in the hours to come. >> kelly o'donnell in ventura, california, thank you. talk of donald trump/bernie sanders debate heating up. moments ago trump had this to say about the possibility of it -- >> i'd love to debate bernie. he's a dream. i said, and i said last night on jimmy's show, it was a question posed. i said i'd love to debate him but i want a lot of money to be put up for charity. if we can raise more maybe women's health issues or something, raise $10 million, $15 million for charity. i understand the television business very well. i think it would get very high ratings. it should be in a big arena somewhere and we could have a lot of fun with it. >> earlier today in a revolt tv town hall, sanders said he was looking forward to debating trump. >> now, i understand that
1:28 pm
yesterday on the jimmy kimmel show -- which i'm going to be recording later today -- donald trump has agreed to debate me and i look forward to that. because i think -- see hillary clinton has not agreed to debate me here in california. i look forward to debating mr. trump. >> all right. sanders/trump. well, first of all, start with whether -- do you think it's a good idea? >> i think it's a great idea. >> i agree. >> i'm thrilled to watch. it's going to be good tv, if nothing else. the charity thing is cheap, given donald trump's weird thing with the vets before. >> let me explain what the weird thing with the vets was before last time we had a big debate related stunt it was holding an event instead of doing the fox news debate, he said he would raise $6 million. they found about $3 million, final tally $4.5 million but
1:29 pm
they couldn't find his 1 million and they tried and tried and the day they were writing the article he called to make the pledge to write that million dollar check. the backstory there. >> fair enough. >> you like the idea? >> yeah. more dialogue is good. right now it's -- i think a lot of people are viewing this as hillary clinton/trump race. i'm not thrilled with the idea of two new york liberals, may as throw a socialist into it. i want to hear a conversation. >> trump's a nightmare to me in a lot of ways. all of the people he's embarrassing, discredit, it's wonderful. sanders has some of that, too. the democratic and republican establishment, socialist not a member of the party -- >> he is now, was not. >> for his entire career. just laughing at how this is supposed to go and setting up their own nice tv time. >> but the thing is, to me, the caveat here, trump doesn't want to do it, because he's setting like -- bernie sanders wants to do this, let's be clear.
1:30 pm
>> of course. >> trump does not. he wanted to do it he could make it happen tomorrow. this $10 million, $15 million figure creeping up. >> soon it will be, well, depends, he'll keep either setting locations or i don't like the women's organization he's chosen. i think he's shook, which is quite interesting. because unlike the 16 other republicans that trump went up against, bernie sanders really is not afraid of donald trump. >> 100% agree. >> there are a lot of gender issues -- >> a slugfest. it would be -- >> he can be brooklyn. right? and he'll be rewarded for being brooklyn in a way that hillary clinton would definitely not be rewarded in the same way. >> i think not only is trump afraid to go up against bernie sanders, but regardless of who ends up being democratic nominee, this puts trump at a disadvantage, right? this is going to be the first time where he's going to have genuine ideological differences, he's not going to have a mass of
1:31 pm
people to appeal to on tribal signifiers and -- >> also his first one-on-one debate. >> right. >> greatly benefited him and let me go back to the additional back when this whole crazy process started when we had like 20 people running for president, i kept saying we should have at this stage cross i'd logical debates. i would have loved to see a bernie sanders/ted cruz debate. it would be interesting to see that exchange. i'm generally in the category of more speech than ever. >> what happens frustrating to me not having hillary clinton vocally participate. she said she's going to do it, she's not doing it. >> the sanders debate. >> look at earlier democratic debates held at times not a lot of people watching. i think she's afraid to debate. >> she's in a classic position of front-runner who doesn't -- the person winning doesn't want to debate. the person losing does want
1:32 pm
debates. >> they're not in the -- >> a lot of gender dynamics that work against her in a debate. that's not her strong point, as an individual as a candidate. as a woman it's not set up for her. >> i think they work in her favor against donald trump. >> she would have to practice that because the thing is, he deals from the bottom of the did ex-and he'll go there. she'd have to practice well. when he sighs, it's donald. if she sighs, it's oh, she has an attitude. >> i agree. i think -- >> exactly. exactly. i think the interesting thing, too, tough thing for trump at this point is, he is the presumptive -- i mean, technically, i guess the nominee at this point. but he's still in the zone where he's not quite in the general and if he has to go up against bernie sanders, he's going to have to take some positions and i think bernie sanders is very -- excuse me, i think donald trump is very afraid to take positions and bernie sanders is not going to go towards donald trump's sort of
1:33 pm
indiscretions in his personal life. >> true. >> donald trump will have to address that with ideology. >> on minimum wage. >> and he doesn't have annan answer. >> he's not going to have to answer because he's not going to debate him. he's giving bernie sanders what is trump is brilliant at. he's giving him earned media, right? and taking it away from hillary clinton. maybe she likes that with the state department stuff coming out now. but donald trump is dominating the conversation, giving the person who is still biting at her ankles more space and that's the game. he's terribly good at that. >> yes, he is best at feeding chum into the content waters for the sharks to eat. that is, by far, the -- and he's also -- look, we did this piece last night about his -- the trump network, like multilevel marketing scheme on vitamins you peed in a cup and sent them in, pull up the clip. what's clear, it's the guy who will say what he has to say to
1:34 pm
get you in the car. totally consistent across all venues. him selling trump network was identical to him selling energy policy or anything else. it's like what do i have to tell you to get you in -- >> trump university. >> one who hawks illegal university stakes and also foreign policy. like i need you to pick a lane and work at some which he's never done. >> go fund me pages set up -- >> i'm sure there's e-mails being -- >> to a certain extent, too, you know, the sort of attack from all sides that trump was dealing with in terms of the comments about the housing crisis, i imagine from trump's perspective, if i can shift the conversation away from ten different people attacking me or the fact he's calling elizabeth benefit. trump always finds something. the point is one point he's going to have to address the
1:35 pm
challenge. he's gone down the road. i have little doubt that bernie sanders will come up with 10 million, 15 million. >> that's an interesting thing. sanders wants to call the bluff. 2.58 million travelers will take to the air for the memorial day weekend. that's brutal. after the break, new technology speeding up airport check-ins at one of the busiest hubs. i like the bride more than the groom. turquois dresses... so excited. did all her exes get invited? no one's got moves like uncle joe. ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ when it's go, book with choice hotels and get a free $50 gift card for staying just two times. book direct at you always have a choice.
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1:39 pm
homeland security committee telling congress what they need and can do to ease the lines. one of the hardest hit airports chicago's o'hare seen additional staff move there. we see nbc's blake mccoy. how it's looking at o'hare? >> reporter: well, you heard the tsa chief say you're going to see long lines but they're going to be moving efficiently. that's what we're seeing here now. back there, we have every checkpoint open if you look down this aisle here, we have a bomb-sniffing canine. that's significant, the dogs have been here all afternoon. when canines are at work smelling for explosive devices they can move the line quick somewhere expedite the screening process if the canine does not detect anything. a look right now, about what the line looks like. it's not that pretty. going into a thursday afternoon, as people get a jump start on the holiday travel weekend. again, it is moving. now, tsa says there's one thing that everyone can do before they get here to keep the line moving
1:40 pm
faster, know what you can and can't bring on the plane. if they don't have to spend time taking out liquids over 3.4 ounces, pocket knives, this line will move quicker. they will not jeopardize safety in order to get the line moving faster. take a listen. >> we're not compromising security for speed. it's very important to know. your security is our focus. that's why we are here. we want to make sure you get to your destination safely and get home safely. >> back here live, you can see the line does continue for quite a ways but it has been moving even as long as this looks, i would estimate this to be a 30-minute line from what we've been seeing all day just make sure you get here early. keep in mine, tomorrow is expected to be a busier travel day, unfortunately when you're planning to fly. >> blake mccoy in chicago, thank you. as they add more bodies to
1:41 pm
checkpoints looking for more technology to speed up the boarding process for passengers. kerry sanders from atlanta with latest on that. >> reporter: hello, crisp i'm riding down the escalator to get an overview, first of all, of what the lines look like. at this hour of the day, things look good. you can see there's not a backup. people are moving through. but, one of the things that really is a problem, as we heard blake mccoy talk about, people taking the wrong things through the line and causing a backup. here in atlanta, the busiest airport in the nation, they're trying to use some new technology. walk over here. excuse me for a second, ma'am. i'm going to show you here what they've done. this is being adopted from the european model. so if you traveled through heathrow or amsterdam you may have seen this. okay? this is traditional bin that you have here. and your luggage might fit in there, that's about it. look here. see how much larger this is? it has a radio chip. you can put more things in it.
1:42 pm
but that's part of the piece of the puzzle here. pot just larger but automated. take a look. this goes into a belt and the belt moves. now, as you traditionally travel if there's a problem, they have to stop everything, somebody has to grab from the tsa your bag put it to the side, sometimes put through a second time you hear them yelling bag check, get somebody to look at the bag. in the new system it goes through and if there's a problem, it diverts on to a separate path leading directly over to tsa folks. so, they can see your bag, it comes right to them, and assuming it's staffed they can look at it and move people through a lot quicker. one other thing that they're doing, chris, they know the lines are going to get long here, in fact, people are being told get to the airport early. let's see here. excuse me, how early are you for your flight? it leaves when? >> three hours. >> three hours. here you go, a guy who did what he was supposed to do, got here early, based on the way the
1:43 pm
lines are moving, he's going to make it. one other thing they've done here at airport designed to get people a sense of like eliminating frustration, hired musicians and you can hear the musicians entertaining here. i guess the idea is that music soothes the savage beast. bottom line, chris, if you're traveling, tomorrow, by air, it's going to be the fourth busiest travel day in our nation expect a delay, get there early. >> kerry sanders in atlanta with the epic sax behind him and the smooth operators of the tsa standing by. next -- take on trump overseas. the president continuing his visit to aisha and the reaction there to america's presumptive gop nominee. we just learned that hillary clinton will join chuck todd next hour to discuss today's big news about donald trump, who locked up the delegates needed to secure the gop nomination as well as e-mail controversy continues to swirl around her campaign. catch that conversation at the top of the hour in a few minutes
1:44 pm
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>> they are paying close attention to the election. i think it's fair to say that they are surprises by the republican nominee. they are not sure how seriously to take some of his pronouncements, but they're rattled by him. and for good reason. >> that's president obama today. the g7 summit in japan, continuing the theme he's been pushing, world leaders are telling him they're very concerned about a possible trump presidency. trump fired back this afternoon. >> he knows nothing about business. when you rattle someone, that's good because many of the world, as you know, many of our countries in our world, beautiful world, have been absolutely abusing us and taking advantage of us. so, if they're rattled in a friendly way -- we'll have great relationships with the countries -- but they're rattled
1:48 pm
in a friendly way, that's a good thing, not a bad thing. he's a president who has done a horrible job, he's allows many countries to take advantage of him and us, unfortunately. he's got to say something. it's unusual every time he has a press conference he's talking about me. >> bring back the panel. what do you think about the way this is all being interpreted overseas? >> i am not sure i believe in a friendly rattling. that's a hilarious phrase. obama's right on this one. if you look at what trump's record is, he's cozy with putin, he said tiananmen square was a show of leadership, talked about kim jong-un, admire him keeping ranks in control. we're seeing our democratic allies are nervous and rightly so. he's got working on his campaign manny for the who advised the
1:49 pm
ukrainian dictator, buddying up with the chinese government, fi want feeling nervous. i don't like it either. >> yeah, i mean, i share their concern, frankly. and i think, you know, president obama's doing what he can, at least i think at least acknowledging it makes our allies at least sort of aware that there is some concern here. >> right. >> it would than much more concerning if they had some sense of like the entire country seems to be buying into this notion. and i think, you know, that is the sense that is, i think, there's -- that is portrayed to a large extent. how many times do we hear in the media people talking about the american public has come around on donald trump and, no, it's just the republican party did. hopefully it doesn't go further. but there's no evidence that it will. >> the thing to note in response to him saying the president's done a horrible job, you know, i mean it should be noted.
1:50 pm
this president now is 53% approval rating, he's at the highest he's been in a very, very long time, you know, elected twice. i think that there's a disconnect between how unpopular donald trump thinks barack obama is and how the american people feel about barack obama. >> barack obama's been a steward of american decline after the wars of the president before him started. he's been open without using that turn of phrase. trump is saying there's no reason for decline, let's start doing it, the airport lines and everything else. it terrifies world leaders. for americans who feel frustrated and what, why are we declining, why are we losing? that's the message trump i guess is trying to communicate. >> i think a lot of trump supporters hated obama before appointed to office. they said hes and a failure. >> or a kenyan, how he launched his akecareer. >> never mind his mother's an
1:51 pm
american citizen. but we're saying that, you know, he's speaking to his base constantly. but he is going to have to figure out how he negotiates this language of obama's been abject failure when looking at vast majority of the country. actually he hasn't been a failure. >> think about foreign leaders, think about berlusconi, the closest analog to a trumpien figure abroad in the developed would be berlusconi. a guy who was brash and exactly the same way, kind of macho in the same way, bragged about sexual conquests in the same way. 4 was legitimately extremely rich, richest person in all of italy and controlled three television channels which helped quite a bit. i had a conversation with an italian friend about this. he was really bad for italy. that was not a good period of time for italy but italy survived. but italy wasn't the most powerful country in the world. this was him saying this, yeah, we survived, and it was bad.
1:52 pm
but it matters more berlusconi running the united states of america. you guys are still the cornerstone linchpin of the international order, like it or not. >> trump supporters have taken fair objection with obama's foreign policy they're getting the sense you can't point to a place in the world safer since obama took office now. that's a problem. you've got the red line. you've got russia acting aggressive and ukraine and us taking a weak response to that. their critique is fair. but it doesn't mean -- >> no, but i think the critique, i mean, the point that harry made is important, right? the critique on the other side is strength. and the critique of strength means like maybe we went to war in syria. maybe we put -- i say this has we have pictures of american special forces today wearing ypg patches in an operation outside raqqah in syria. we have american service men in syria now facing possible death, right? their bodies are on the line. that said, part of the
1:53 pm
difficulty, i think, of defending the obama foreign policy in a political context is precisely the counterfactual that didn't happen, right? you can say, look everything's a mess. what would have been on the other side in you have great examples. in syria we didn't invade, it's a mess. libya, we bombed, it's a mess. in iraq we invaded all the way, it's a mess. >> afghanistan. >> of course. >> one thing that changed my mind going to iraq, talking to kurdish people that had been subject to chemical attacks and having them talk about how sad american retreat. that narrative is coming out more and more. >> i think -- i think that's true of the kurds. there's literally two or 300,000 less iraqis for you to run into and talk to about that because they're dead because of our invasion. >> right. >> perhaps christian, i don't care what the religion was. we were responsible for their deaths as a country. so the idea that somehow the
1:54 pm
world is less stable now than it from what happened eight years prior is frankly i think lunacy. i don't deny that there are people in the republican party and perhaps in other parties that feel differently. but i mean the fact of the matter is, we had eight years of massive destabilization of our alliances -- >> the clinton point if we go back far enough -- >> there's iraq liberation act 1998. let's me say this, unifying point here, it is the case the world is extremely unstable now and feels unstable, right. how do you deal with that instability? >> is it barack obama's fault? >> would trump be an improvement on stability which i think is a difficult thing to sell. at the trump news conference this afternoon, native american blogger nicole robertson took donald trump to task for his latest nickname for elizabeth warren, pocahontas. >> she seems to have made it her
1:55 pm
job. >> who? pocahontas? >> is that offensive? >> she is -- >> very offensive. >> oh. >> sorry. >> i'm sorry about that. >> pocahontas, is that what you said? elizabeth warren. >> nicole robertson joins me now, write somewhere blogger along with executive secretary to the mha nation. can you tell me what did you get from when you called out it was offensive and you acknowledged it and he used it again, what was your takeaway from the interaction? >> first, thank you for having us on the show. i, first would like to start off formally to recognize that the line that we're on, perhaps allow ken to take the very first jab, if you will, at the story. this is aur protocol in native-american country.
1:56 pm
we believe obviously in our leadership and so mr. ken hall is executive secretary to the mha nation, which is the -- the land that we're on now here in north dakota. so, ken, i don't know if you want to answer to the audience here what occurred today. just the feeling overall. >> okay. i wasn't in the room with nicole. i was kind of a press conference before the rally. so i just heard this speech out in the main audience. but we were a little disappointed on donald trump visit because he failed to acknowledge not only the original territory of the people but the leadership that was here as well. those are proper protocols when you visit anybody on anybody's
1:57 pm
original territory. that was what other than that, i think the speech was encouraging. if you were an oil and gas company, land and mineral owner, i think that part, i resonated with me as well, but as far as the comments made in the press -- the press office i was not in the room. so those are my comments for now. >> all right. nicole, since you were in the room, you want to respond to them? >> yes. so, yes, i essentially was sitting there waiting for his arriv arrival. as a writer, as a first nation native-american indigenous person living what we call on turtle island, which is canada and usa, the united states, i found the word "pocahontas" to
1:58 pm
be extremely offensive. when you look at the historically where we're at in this country, we have come a long way as native-american people. to me, you look at the number of women that have been victimized through either missing and murdered indigenous women that's happening continent wide, human trafficking, to use the word "pocahontas" it brings to mind derogatory comments that are not in this day and age a word that's just not usable. it's not good. and for someone that's going to be maybe the next american president, you know, he needs to definitely look at building rerelationships on a nation to nation basis with all native-american leadership in
1:59 pm
this country. >> all right. thank you for your time both of you. appreciate it. all right. that was an interesting exchange that happened there. and also sort of interesting window into the incredible political subtext of a visit to that part of the country and also the energy politics that were at stake there. quickly, the odds of a trump/bernie debate happening. >> slim. >> 50/50. >> 50 eye 50. >> 20/80. >> not happening. >> 40/60. >> 40/60. i think 50/50 is enkcouraging. there are a lot-clinton democrats scared of the spectacle tag teaming, basically, going after her together, which would not happen. i think sanders would understand his role proving to democrats he can take on trump which would be the point of the entire thing if that happens.
2:00 pm
i'm chris hayes. back in three more hours for "all in" at 8:00 p.m. in our studio downstairs. first, hillary clinton, one and only, will join chuck todd when "mtp daily" starts right now. if it's thursday, donald trump clinches the nomination again. hillary clinton, though, here to respond. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. are? good evening, a packed show. i'm chuck todd in washington. welcome to "mtp daily." a wild 24 hours of head leans for both hillary clinton and donald trump. trump clinches the gop nomination if you believe the delegate counts.


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