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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  May 26, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> isn't that why the e-mail hit isn't as effective? >> i think the e-mail hit will continue to be effective. every time she says she did what over other secretary of state -- she did something entirely different. every time she said she turned over the e-mail, another news story has to come saying she didn't. >> he's donald trump. none of the rules apply. they apply to hillary clinton, clearly. >> there's the general election for you. >> i will stop here. thank you. we'll be back tomorrow. "with all due respect" starts 17 seconds late. my apologies. it starts right now. after two days of preliminaries, we're down to the final round of the scripps presidential spelling bee. getting the finals under way, 69-year-old donald trump and your pronouncers mark halperin and john heilemann. >> congratulations on making it this far. is there anything you would like to say?
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>> we started off 17 people up on the stage. what the hell did i know about this stuff? i've never done this before. >> that's great. let's move on. your word is lying. >> lying. how would you spell that? l-y-n. >> i'm sorry. that's not quite right. you're new at this. would you like to have another try. >> lying. l-y-i-n'. >> we'll accept that. >> your next word is little. >> l-i-d-d. lidle. >> that's incorrect. >> i love you folks, but i can think of places i'd rather be, right.
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tonight, we're coming at politics from all directions, north, south, east and west as in wes anderson. stay tuned. first, we're starting with a word in our spelling bee theme. the word is meh. today donald j. trump, billionaire, held a conference. yet, some mainstream republicans still are not behind him, endorsing him, supporting him like new mexico governor, chair of the republican governor's association. it was governor martinez' non-endorsement that led donald this week to say she is quote, not doing her job in her state. the party's establishment had raced to her defense. paul ryan, marco rubio, scott walker, all publicly siding with the governor against the presumptive nominee and taking swipes at trump in the process.
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here's my question. trump is in the process of trying to unify the party, this martinez thing is specific kind of out burst. how big of a problem is this specific thing but what it symbolizes about trump's approach to the project of unification. >> he also hit jeb bush. he hit -- >> mitt romney. >> they're donors don't like that. they've got donors he wants to win over. i think having reflected on this overnight and looking at the reaction, i think the trump brand is anti-establishment, anti-career politician and it's about strength. he wants people to get on board. if people aren't going to on board, he's going to flick at them. if they don't come on board, he doesn't think he needs them. i get the notion the unity project is important. he's going to get paul ryan and almost everybody else. >> it's hard for me to see. there's not a world in which i'll say that donald trump, for
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basically no reason, martinez is not never trump. all she said so far is she wants to wait and see what kind of a nominee he'll be for the people of new mexico. he's not one of these people who said i'll never. unlike romney who trashed him. i don't see a world in attacking a latina governor of new mexico, a swing state, makes a lot of sense. it doesn't add up for me. >> i'm saying, the trump brand and trump success -- >> all about attacking latina women. >> he doesn't think most people don't have any idea who she is. >> it's an important state. >> i don't think they are counting that in their electoral votes. >> the people have eventually come to yield. that's how trump rolls. i see the downside. all i'm saying is the notion this is dis aaster that the pre
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releases are saying. >> i think trump doesn't care about unity. if unity is what he's after, this doesn't help. >> our next word is please. in an interview donald trump did last night, kimmel passed along a question from bernie sanders asking if trump would debate sanders before the california primary. trump agreed. sanders tweeted this. game on. trump sources said the comments were meant as a joke and there was going to be no debate. then at that very long press conference trump held today, the nominee said he would debate sanders for a price. >> i'd love to debate bernie. he's a dream. i said last night on jimmy show. i want a lot of money to be put up for charity. if we can raise for might be
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women's health issues or something, if we can raise 10 or $15 million for charity, which would be a very appropriate amount. i understand the television business very well. i think it would get high ratings. it should be in a big arena somewhere. we can have a lot of fun with it. i'd love to debate bernie. the problem with debating ber ne bernie is he's going to lose. his system is rigged. >> he said the debate will happen if someone will raise $10 million or more. trump said he would hope the money gould to a charitable donation. we're going to have jeff weaver on, sanders campaign manager to talk about where the negotiations, if there are any. what do you think the chances are this will happen. who does it help? who does it hurt?
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>> i do not have the faintest idea if this will happen, but god let it be so. i think some of the problems that sanders has against a very prepared, predictable like hillary clinton would go away in the situation. sanders has a lot at stake. he would take this seriously. he's trying to prove he would be a better general election nominee. he would go in arm for bear and trump always goes in arm for bear. i think it's the first time he would see a lincoln douglas style debate. >> i'm deeply skeptical that trump will do this. it's a bit of a risk and things are going well for him now. i think it would be great for sanders. it would be bad for clinton. i think that potentially it would be good for trump because he could be a socialist and define himself, move more to the center. maybe it will happen. the whole price tag thing, trump said this before. he seemed to suggest at one point that the money needs to
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come from a television network but maybe because it would be a huge spectacle and incredible pre-game. >> i'd make that deal in heartbeat. i don't know if anybody will. you're right. with trump just in the last day. i'll do it. people are saying it's a joke. i really think the key here is what you said a second ago is it will really be terrible for hillary clinton if this happened. it would be like a terrible thing. >> i'll tell you one thing, bernie sanders would raise a lot of money. >> a will tlot of money. our next word is shake up. last night donald trump's campaign announced it was cutting ties with national political director rick wiley. he was always going to be a
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temporary hire. others say that's not so and he was fired. others say this is internal turf war. my question is to the extent it reflects disarray, how big a problem is that for his candidacy? >> i think there's some basic stuff they need to get done. trump has loyalty to people who will have been loyal to him. i think in the end, if you said what are the five biggest dangers to trump winning, this is one of them. just having a system, a team that's close, has each other's back. i think it's a bad sign for him.
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this does not speak well of what kind of president he would be. the back biting, leaks, personal attacks, it's quite something. it's reminiscent of a clinton campaign. >> of a hillary clinton campaign bill clinton, you think about whose won. it was a lot especially early on. they became quite cohesive. the obama campaign quite cohesive. i don't think it applies to the presidency. it helps you win an election. >> you have got clear tensions in the campaign, leaking on each
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other, criticizing each other. calling everybody in the room and saying no more. the clinton campaign has been remarkably relative. >> all right. democratic presidential race in detail. clinton-sanders. that fight is still going on. we'll talk about it right after this. i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests, i invest with e*trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests...
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so you can get back to whatever it is you civilians do when you're not thinking about car insurance. state department report is still the talk of in towns. the town of brooklyn, usa, the town of manhattan and washington, d.c. today bloomberg has a poll out. it was taken before it was
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released. it shows that clinton is slightly leading trump. 48% says they are unsure which of the two is more untrustworthy. clinton has been addressing the ig report. here is one thing she said earlier today. >> this report makes clear that personal e-mail use was the practice for other secretaries of state. i know that because it's well known. it's pointed out in the report. it was still a mistake. as i've said many times, if i would go back, i would do it differently. i know people have concerns about this. >> how effective has she and her campaign been in neutralizing the impact of this negative report? >> let us observe the fact she's out there answering herself indicating to me that brooklyn believes they have not been effective enough.
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if they could handle this with surrogates, they would not have her out doing interviews answering questions. they feel they're not doing a strong enough job. in the end they're doing what they always do. they are practicing misdirection. they're not addressing a lot of central claims and sometimes lying openly about things that are in this ig report. politically, it may work. >> i agree with joe. i think she needs to tell the truth about what happened. she said she was cooperating with the investigations and didn't. they're saying so many things now. i respect them as professionals trying to do their job. they're saying so many things that are not responsive to what's many the report. this is cable, but i can't say what i think of that. it's not the right thing to do. she made a mistake. she should own up to it. the latest thing is the ap has
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pointed out is some of the e-mails that we've never seen before. her claim that almost all the e-mails that were supposed to be handed over or archived, it's just wrong. >> the ig report says the first three months are missing. no one has the first three months. >> the report about her wanting a government e-mail and two e-mails about the serve being hacked, these are problems. i think they're doing their best today. they're not going with the trust. the topic came up. and he took le bait. >> they are paying very close attention to this election. i think it's fair to say they are surprised by the republican
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nominee. they are not sure how seriously to take his pronouncements. they are rattled by the proposals he's made displayed ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude. >> he said rattling is not necessarily a bad thing. sometimes rattling the cages can be quote, a good thing. this is not the first time president obama weighed in on this and will not be the last. on this notion that trump is creating tremors around the world. is that an argument that will hurt trump or some way in which trump can jujitsu that and make it a political asset? >> trump's coalition will side with him over world leaders saying we don't like his
3:18 pm
unpredictab unpredictable. people are not happy with the status quo. there's no doubt that world leaders and diplomats across the globe are freaked out by the prospect of donald trump. not all of them but many. this is one where i think donald trump's instincts will help him. she will want to undermine trump as not being commander in chief. >> if part of what the clinton argument is he's not ready and he's disqualified and unsuited for the office. pointing to david cameron or whoever, that's not going to win you any points. is there part of larger picture. a sense of persuadesabable vote.
3:19 pm
if they have that sense in a visceral way, is that something that might cause them to have doubts about making him commander in chief. i think it might if it builds. >> not barack obama just saying it. >> all right. who has the hardest job in america? find out after these words from our sponsors. new, from the makers of claritin. with the #1 prescribed ingredient. and nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. return to the world with clarispray. man, it's like pure power at your finger tips. like the power to earn allstate reward points, every time i drive. ...want my number? and cash back for driving safe. and the power to automatically find your car... i see you car! and i got the power to know who's coming
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joining us now is josh green. it's called how to get trump elected when he's wrecking everything you built. it's a day in the life of rnc chairman reince priebus as he works toward unifying his party. welcome to the show. i just want to know what is going on in the heads of these two guys about each other. >> they put up a great front. they say they talk every day by phone. it's both of them are struggling to pull in a slightly different direction. priebus had the rnc autopsy. i think had a different type of candidate in mind than a donald trump.
3:23 pm
trump came in and he won and he won with a distinct set of policies and attitudes that are different. that's the direction it looks like the party will go in. >> when there's a presumptive nominee, it's the uniform relationship between the campaign and the party regarding the convention, fund raising strategy. is this a conventional relationship or does that remain to be seen? >> i think every trump relationship is unconventional relationship in politics. the one-on-one priebus-trump relationship does seem to be strong. in very close to chairman priebus. maybe that's a sign of discord. at least in the way they speak about each other very polite and professional. seem to have a good working relationship. i think trump understands he will need to rely on the rnc's technology staff, et cetera if
3:24 pm
he's going to have a shot to win. >> trump talks a good game. he may not respect someone but says he does. do you think he genuinely respect priebus? tick tock, tick tock. that's hard question to answer. >> can i use a lifeline? >> just can't tell. >> i think he does. i think he doesn't want there to be any doubt about who is in charge. >> i was struck by your interactions with both of them in the piece. particularly struck by your reactions you'll talk about trump in a second. the chairman got upset with you on multiple occasions in the course of the interviews. he seemed to fly off the handle. talk about what are the things you were challenging to cause him the fly off the handle a bit. >> his great vision was in order the keep up with the demographic changes this america, we need to broaden our appeal to women,
3:25 pm
young people. i said you've got a nominee who said that barack obama isn't born in america and who is called mexicans rapists and drug dealers. i think he's under a lot of pressure and does understand it's a problem. maybe for the president of the party too and didn't really appreciate the line of questioning. >> trump seemed to be extended in the interview and had you stay longer than you wanted to stay. >> you asked what he envisioned for future of the republican party. >> trump said i want to put my stamp on the republican party the same way i put my trump brand on a building. it's a movement echoing bernie sanders. he wants to get people wage
3:26 pm
increases. >> as i read the piece, i wasn't there for the interview, based on other conversations i've had with trump, tell me if i'm right. he's kind of more thoughtful than some of his critics about the place of the party, the mood of the country, what he could accomplish. >> a, he's a very shrewd analyst. he saw what was missing in the republican sales pitch and he supplied it and took over the party. trump reads ryan the riot act and says we're not going to go cut entitlements and try to sell that in an election when the democrats are talking about expanding entitlements.
3:27 pm
you see his political i thinsti kicking in. >> how the republican party can be the thing that people turn to, right? >> i agree entirely. >> i don't think he gets -- there's so much attention paid to insults and the feuds. i don't think people look at the fact that he's articulated a clear set of ideas that republican voters have rallied around. >> it's hard making piece with this. >> no. >> not making piece. >> he talks about drinking at breakfast. >> daily's on the corn flakes. i do that all the time. i don't know what that means. josh green. awesome story. up next, we have bernie sanders campaign manager joining us. we'll get his take on the trump-sanders debate right after this. f, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms.
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hillary clinton hit the air
3:31 pm
waves with msnbc chuck todd at cnn saying that the rules of that e-mail were not clarified until after she left the state department. she said everything she said already. joining us now in the wake of this democratic story is the campaign manager, that's jeff weaver. thank you for joining us from burlington, vermont. give us everything you know, all the details secret, otherwise, about the current state of the trump-sanders debate negotiations. >> you want me to name names as well. >> certainly. everything. everything you know. >> what i will say is this will be a phenomenal opportunity for the american people to see two different visions on stage together one-on-one an let the
3:32 pm
american people decide which vision they support. donald trump's tax cut for the rich, low wages, climate change is a hoax made up by the chinese or bernie sanders dealing with wealth and income inequality, health care for all and free tuition. let's see which one prevails. >> what's the state of negotiations? >> there's been some behind the scenes talk about the possibility of this happening. i think there's probably a division on the other side about whether to go forward. clearly donald trump said that he would like to debate bernie sanders. repeated it today. we hope he does not chicken out and has the courage to get up on stage and sand by his positions. >> do you mean there's direct contact? >> i would say that's a yes. >> jeff, it seems like you agree with us it's in your interest to get this thing to happen.
3:33 pm
you're a busy man. how much time were you going to invest in trying to pull this off and when will you know if it's real. >> i would hope we know very soon. it's best for people of california to have this debate before hand. it should be a real opportunity. >> your candidate said he didn't care much about hillary clinton's darn e-mails. is there anything they should say about what they knew on the report? >> i think the report speaks for itself. bernie sanders has opinion clear he wants to have a campaign on the substantive issues. this process is still going on. there's an fbi investigation,
3:34 pm
obviously. i think what he has said, and what he's standing by is let the process play itself out. >> the report doesn't totally speak for it. is there something you would point democratic voters and say we think this is what you should take away from it or you want to let voters read it themselves and make their own conclusions? >> let voters read it for thems. they can make a decision between the two. you have differences on minimum wage, health care and foreign policy. i think there's plenty out there for which to make a decision. if people want to read this report, they are welcome to. the process is not yet complete. >> jeff, you're a voter and a citizen, right? >> i am. >> there's two different ways of looking at this report. some people think it's damming and scathing and it becomes hard on secretary clinton and raises question about her judgment.
3:35 pm
there's no news here. it exonerates her. as a voter, as a citizen of the united states of america, i know you've read the report so what's your judgment about which of those is more broadly true? >> my opinion of it really doesn't matter. >> it matters to me. >> it's what people who read it themselves think. if people want to read it, they can go ahead and make their own conclusions. this whole investigation is not over with yet. >> it's clear your posture is no longer the posture of senator sanders which was no one cares about your e-mails. you're saying voters should read the report and come to their own conclusion. >> i think you're overreading what i just said.
3:36 pm
>> jeff, go back to the possible trump-sanders debate or the sanders-trump debate. are you the main point of compact for the campaign ? >> i don't really like to name names. the discussions are at a point where it would be more helpful. >> tell people about the historical relationship between your colleague tad devine and paul manafort. >> i know they have worked together on one international project. they do have a relationship. >> is that helping make this more likely to happen? >> well, that's another way of you asking me to name names. >> no. i'm asking you if the fact that there's a relationship that exists at high levels of the two campaigns you think makes it more likely that negotiations
3:37 pm
can be concluded more successfully? >> i think it makes it more likely the negotiations will happen. >> i can't speak to whether they will be successful or not. i think the question is does donald trump have the sort of courage to get up there on stage with bernie sanders. >> do you think calling him a chicken will make it more likely to happen ? >> i don't know. the ultimate question is about fortitude. >> let me ask you about the upcoming democratic national convention. there's a story in the new york times about the possibility of a platform fight over the democratic position with respect to israel. you guys have put cornell west on the platform committee. a lot of people consider that a provocative thing to do. when i say a lot of people, i mean people in the clinton camp and some number of democrat who is think they will stir up some degree of debate and trouble. do you have any concerns about that as sending a signal that you're not coming to make peace
3:38 pm
but coming to make a fight? >> i don't think so. there's a number of discussions about the platform. maybe disagreements. it will be votes on the platform committee. if there are platform points that the senator loses he thinks might be better brought to the floor, that's always a possibility. >> you don't see the two appointments as being, again, if someone said those two individuals seem like provocative appointments, you would say what? >> i would say absolutely not. i think there's a broad range of views to the democratic party. i think both of those gentlemen are highly qualified to be on the platform drafting committee. there's a number of hearings around the country. i think the more views that are expressed an put into the platform discussion is better for the party. >> 18 months ago did bernie sanders know who jimmy kimmel was? >> yes, he did. yes. i would say yes.
3:39 pm
it is a big night. >> jeff weaver, thank you for coming on today. always good to see you especially up there in a very sunny burlington, vermont. >> very. coming up next, who is a little rusty in their fight to win over the rust belt states? we'll answer that question and more right after this. new, from the makers of claritin. with the #1 prescribed ingredient. and nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. return to the world with clarispray. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me that i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin. trulicity responds when my blood sugar rises. i take it once a week, and it works 24/7.
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press presses. the latest bloomberg purple poll focusing on middle income voters in the rust belt. the states were michigan, ohio, pennsylvania and wisconsin all being targeted by the trump campaign. very key demographic for the trump campaign as they prepare to win electoral votes. doug, let's talk about the overall top line number about support between clinton and trump for this very key middle income rust belt demo. >> the good news for clinton here is she's got a lead. she's leading by seven points. it's a true swing demographic. every single election that the winner carried this group nationally and in these states where we looked, where we can look at that data, the winner
3:43 pm
carried that demographic as well. right now in this key swing demographic, clinton has a bit of good news. >> let's break it down and look at a couple of key segments. >> we want to talk about white voters and independents. these are pretty important groups. >> what we see is some real polarization here. among women clinton is leading by strong double digits and trump is leading among men. he has a slight lead among independents as well. if you look at race, it's a substantial issue. we have white voters supporting him but minority voters, she has a strong double digit lead. when you take a look at the election, in a lot of ways this group, this key swing group is mirroring a lot of the demographic issues we're seeing nationally. it works in clinton's favor.
3:44 pm
we'll see if there's some swings after recent news over the coming weeks. >> in the data you ran through regarding whites, women and independents, if you were trump, what would make you happiest about it? >> the thing that would make me happy is i'm leading among independents. it's obviously something that's going to be critical and within this group of swing voters of middle income voters. he wants to be winning that group. having said that, i think he should be a little bit concerned that he's not dominating among white voters in these key rust belt states. that's wisconsin, michigan, ohio and pennsylvania. in the end, a lot of theory of this race is trump can cut into democratic constituencies or swing constituencies that can take away states that have gone democratic. this sort of breaks up the point that maybe that's not going to be so easy and perhaps more important that he may have to build a more traditional
3:45 pm
republican coalition of evangelicals and that type of group rather than cutting into democratic strongholds. >> let's talk about how the voters see them as potential commanders in chief. we have seen how they see who is better on foreign policy and terrorism. talk about that contradiction and how it works to different candidates advantage. >> when you take a look at having the right temperament to successful execute foreign policy, clinton has an unbelievable advantage with over half supporting her, a 20-point lead, plus point lead over trump. when you take a look at who would be strongest against terrorism fighting terrorism here and abroad trump has a lead. the thing that's really harming trump more than anything is his temperament. how he behaves. that cuts through not just with foreign policy but also on some
3:46 pm
very specific negatives. the strongest negative we tested against him was how he behaves toward women. the type of language he uses. when you put that together the things that make trump trump have have got him a lot of support are the things that are the difficulty for him. >> doug, he's behind with this group. that's a snapshot of where we are today. does the data suggest it's within reach and that's a sensible route or should he go back to more of a florida, colorado strategy that the romney folks did. >> they can move. that's first. second is i can't imagine they would give up on states like this because if you tell people that you're not going to fight,
3:47 pm
that gives the opponent the advantage. i don't think it's hopeless here for trump. i think there's a lot of opportunity. one thing that's striking is 75% of voters and it's true across party think to improve the direction of the funding. we need to have major changes in the way government does business. trump has a huge advantage over clinton when it comes to changing the way washington works. when you put those two together, trump has major advantage that he can use moving forward. i think there's a lot of room to grow despite trailing. >> great poll. we'll have more slicing and dicing coming up throughout the year. when we come back, we'll talk to wes anderson. if you're watching us in washington, d.c., you can listen to us on the radio radio any time on bloomberg 99.1 fm every
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it's time for conversation regarding the race for the republican party. i hope you're getting like the wes anderson jokes we've been doing throughout the show. that was one of them. you worked for governor generji in this race. that didn't go as planned. how surprised are you that donald trump is the nominee to the republican party? >> i think if you had asked me a year ago and put money down, i would have lost that bet. i think almost every republican pollster would have. the entire thing is surprising. in the last four months, not at all surprising. >> you're with mr. trump or still many the hold out category? >> i'm going to vote for him. with all the caveats that a bunch of republicans like myself
3:52 pm
would give. i'm going to vote against hillary clinton and there's chance a majority of the voters in the united states will do that. that's probably as enthusiastic as i can get. i still have reservations. hillary's real opponent is not donald trump. it's 50%. she hasn't broken 50 in any credible national surveys in almost a year. i can't imagine there's anything she can say or do between now and november that will change any significant block of voters opinion of her. >> it's more dire for her than for trump because she's the incumbent party. >> absolutely is. >> he's not broken 50 either.
3:53 pm
>> absolutely not. we can come up with laundry list of why there's no chance that trump will win the race. all the national polling is converging into the margin of error in the mid-40s and he can win this race. one of the things we found, we did a large battleground survey for presidential swing states and we found that both of them are wildly upside down on image. trump more so and when you look at his unfavs, you think there's no chance. this can't be and when we do the palette test and he's down two points. people talk about how upside down they are on image. we like to get a little more granular. we ask are you very unfavorable or somewhat unfavorable. they refer to the hate line. most telling demographic in
3:54 pm
every survey from now till november will be those folk who is say they are very unfavorable toward both candidates. that's about 20%. it's who those folks are that's interesting. these are rough numbers. it changes state to state. only about 10% are democrats. most of them are under 35. most are sanders supporters. >> do they come home? do they hold their nose and go home? probably but they're young. a chunk of them may bail out. i don't know what percentage. >> you wrote a piece that argue the much relied upon among demographics that president obama in his last two elections and democrats have enjoyed is not the insurmountable structural disadvantage to republicans. that counters a lot of conventional wisdom. why do you think that? >> there's a number of reasons. number one, president obama was
3:55 pm
the first president since modern record keeping has existed in national elections to win with fewer votes. you have to go back to the third race where that was the case. there were several million americans overseas. it hasn't never really happened before since modern recordkeeping has been kept. >> it's not ascendsing but declining. >> that's right. >> that's right. that's exactly right. he loses significantly. he's getting fewer votes the first time around. he loses by four points in these states in the last 20 years would be land slide. how do you have barack obama winning significantly while he's
3:56 pm
getting fewer votes the first go around. the attempt to look for those answers is an attempt to make an excuse for what was obvious. that was that our candidate did not inspire the coalition he needed to inspire. one quick note on that doing some corporate work in september of 12 doing focus groups of swing voters in the suburbs of columbus, ohio, heard something, heard two things in those focus groups amazing to me. >> we only have time for one. >> one was a lady said you don't like him. she said i think the thing is he doesn't like me. >> thank you. we're going to have you back to talk more detail about that thesis because i think it's interesting. coming up, what donald trump just did to celebrate reaching the magic 1237 right after this. ♪
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mr. trump tweeted celebrating 1237, eating some mcdonald's. >> until tomorrow. >> hardball with chris matthews is next. trump's over the top. let's play hard ball. donald trump has earned enough delegates to win the republican nomination on the first ballot in cleveland. he is over the top. it was unbound delegates that did it. he did a victory lap tossing out red meat attacks against president obama,


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