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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  May 26, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> that is true, although he didn't say it at the time. >> chris, come on. >> a.j. delgado. thanks for coming on. that's "all in" for this evening. "the rachel maddow show" starts right now. >> that was fun. evening. continueses dinner but i always felt his best joan that his best joke in all of those years was this one. >> of course,'ve after i've done all this, some folks still don't think i spend enough time with congress. why don't you get a drink with mitch mcconnell, they ask. really? whew don't you get a drink with mitch mcconnell. >> all in the dlirchry. arguably getting a drink with mitch mcconnell, trying to make
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fake friends with members of congress who you don't necessarily like very much, that arguably is part of being president and that's a good reminder that i'm sure being president is generally a great job but i'm also sure there are parts of it that are no fun and that you'd really rather not do, even though you like being president. we're reminded of that again just this week. president obama flew off to another international summit. in this case it was the g7 summit in joe louis arena japan and one of the things they have do is do a fam lu portrait. you know, they have do so many of these things. usually most people look okay. somebody always looks off. angela merkel looks like one of the kids. a lot of times they wear unflattering outfits. it's all u.s. presidents. there's some things about the
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job that probably get grading over time. they don't make you psyched to get up in the morning even if you very president of the united states. really? i have to wear this? whether it's the ceremonial occasion. there's george bush in the background. or you have to do something creepy with your hand, like you left your body. i have to tell you i once went to the white house christmas party. it was a huge honor, personally as matter of human empathy, it made me very sad at that christmas party to see the president and the first lady standing under hot lights in a window less ceremonial room for hours and hours as a giant long group of people snaked through. people waiting in line by the hundreds where they got to shake hand to the pr and say hello to the first lady. get a picture to extract every
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human ounce of energy out of them like blood sucking ticks all lined up in a row. you know, that was only one of like a dozen parties that the president and first lady did that month, you know, that particular year, and they do it every year. and there's these rope lines that they do. a lot of the things about being president must be really cool but not everything about being president is cool. i mean nobody's going complain, right? if you're president you're supposed to be super humanly capable. if you're president, you take the bad with the good and you've got to do it all. being president is a big job. you've got to do it all. or maybe you don't. the chairman of the donald trump for president campaign gave a remarkbling interview to howard fineman at the "huffington post" in which he told mr. fineman there are part os testify job of being president that, donald trump, quote, doesn't want to do. howard fineman asked paul manafort who donald trump might
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choose as his vice-presidential running mate. quote, he needs an experiencing person to do the part of the job he doesn't want to do. he sees himself more as the chairman of the board rather than the ceo. let alone the chief operating officer. really? so, sure, donald trump wants to be president but there are parts of being president that he's not going to do, that he's going to -- he's just going to oversee broadly. the actual running things part of it. being the chief operating officer, even being the executive in charge, he's not planning on doing that. he'll find other people to do that. he'll hire only the best. it does leave open can what part of the jobs he really does want to do. who knows. it's possible the christmas party part of it will be right up his alley. maybe that will be his parent part and also the outfits at the
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apex summit. i don't know. thl is quoting from "the huffington post" today. the campaign probably won't choose a woman or a member of a minority group for vice president, manafort said. quote, in fact, that would be viewed as pandering. depending on how you think about this, this is arguably a little bit illegal. i mean if this was a job listing, you would not be able to put out a job listing saying we're only considering a white person for this job. if you're a white person or very not, this job would be for you. we think that would be considered pandering. try putting that in your local paper. see how that goes over. try putting that on the help wanted sign with an aster risk
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that you put up in the window of your coffee shop. lille legally speaking vice-presidential running mate is not a job. so i don't think anybody has standing to sue the donald trump campaign for only considering white men for the role. yeah, that's what they said. it's been a weird year in politics. today was a weird day in politics. i mean there were some normal things that happened in today's news -- in today's news, bernie sanders for example expanded the list of other candidates he w.h.o. he's endorsing and who he's asking his supporters to fund. for the first time today he picked a senate candidate. he's asking his supporters to throw their weight behind russ feingold who's waiting to get his seat back, running to unseat johnson in wisconsin thachlt was
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interesting. and in the on going democratic primary in california has it a two-point race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders as of today are running ads in california. hundreds of thousands of dollars in adds to try to win the california primary. that's interesting because that means the democratic primary running right to the end is proving among other things is proving to be an expensive proposition. it's also interesting on granular level because california is such a diverse state. it's interesting for these candidates. you can't get way with just running bilingual states. there's subtitling. mostly asian languages. the clinton campaign is running phone banks in seven different
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languages because the state of california is so awesomely diverse right now. so that's news today. sort of normal political news today. interesting. on the other side of the country in kentucky we got the results of the recanvassing of the kentucky primary which the sanders campaign had requested. they recanvassed kentucky. there was no change at all. sanders campaigns with hoping for one delegate for the statewide recanvas. they did not get their one delegate so the kentucky result is unchanged. like i said, there's some normal stuff, interesting stuff but normal stuff in today's police cal stuff. beyond normal stuff, there's whole other stuff that the political news is handling that honestly is epically weird. first of all, consider the fact that the republican presidential primary ended today. today was the day. surprise. in all of those election nights, all of those sunday mornings,
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political explainer big board moments, that we looked at the maps, counted the delegates to figure out when and where the republican nomination would be clinched. none of those maps, none of those see nair yores would ever suggest that he would hit 1,237 on thursday may 26 in north dakota, but that's what happened tore. he hit the magic number. he hit 1,237. he got the majority of numbers he needed and clinched the nomination today not by win anything particular state, not by prevailing in any particular contest. he clinched the nomination just by a few unbound delegates decided to take phone calls from the "associated press" where they plan to vote for donald trump. than -- and that was it. all of this happened on the occasion of nothing.
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it because thursday in north dakota. why not. let's end it today. so after he got the pledges, donald trump lined up those previously unbound delegates who now say they'll support him and he got behind the podium in north dakota that was it. after all this, this is him announcing he's the republican nominee for president this year. >> thank you very much, everybody. the folks behind me got us right over the top from north dakota, so north dakota made a big statement and i just really appreciate it. we will not forget it. thank you very much. >> that was it. that's how it happened. a year of buildup, four years of anticipation, right, since the last election. and that is donald trump winning the republican nomination for president today. and that was weird enough. but then he immediately moved on to winning the democratic nomination for president, too, or at least trying to win the democratic nomination. >> you said you wanted to debate bernie sanders.
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>> i'd love to debate bernie. >> would you actually take the steps? >> i said last night on jimmy's show, it was a question that was posed. i said i'd love to debate him but i want a lot of noun be put up for charity. so what we can do is money raised for health issues or something, if we can raise 10, $15 million for charity, which would be a very appropriate amount, i think we could get high ratings. it should be in an arena somewhere. i could have a lot of fun with it. the problem with debating with bernie sanders is he's going to lose. his system is ricked. >> the democratic system is rigged against him. on the day the fromtd running party clinches the nomination, a 100 plan, to debate head to head, one on one, a candidate from the other party who honor isly is not in contention to win his nomination, this is very
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strange. this is like a hat trick, a slam during and a dunk all in one. there's no risk of him losing that. imagine the worst-case scenario for his debate with bernie sanders. where bernie sanders just trounces donald trump. humiliates him in the debate. that poses no long-term authentic to donald trump. there's no chance he's going to be his general election opponent. and in fact the better he looks in a debate with donald trump, the better it is in the long run for donald trump because that would only elevate bernie sanders' standing in the ongoing democratic primary which is still ongoing. and if you elevate bernie sanders' standing in the primary, that still prolongs that already long and expensive
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primary, it further undermines hillary clinton's standing as the democratic likely nominee, theechb e she's shir of getting nomination. it only undercuts her. for donald trump, this prospect of a debate with bernie sanders, it's all upside. all upside for him. why on earth would democrats le him play in their primary like this? imagine if something like this happened in 2012, right? barack obama obviously the nominee for the democratic parties in 2012. mitt romney in 2012. imagine if before mitt romney had technically clinched but while he was on track to win, imagine in bachl 'nounsed he was going to do a head-to-head prime time tv debate between himself, barack obama, and newt gingrich. right? it would have been a hilarious, hilarious play in the other party's primary.
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a giant cross-party dirty trick that you get to play right out in the open. the impetus for this idea, this trump versus sanders debate reportedly came from the sanders camp. he told donald trump that the question he was about to ask him about debating bernie sanders, that question had been given to him by bernie sanders. apparently the kimmel show asked bernie sanders' cam pane if they had a question that jimmy kimmel should ask. should he fwe dee bait bernie sanders. oh, yeah. today he should be really excited about getting his wish. >> let me begin by telling you something i just learned a few moments ago and excites me very much. we asked donald trump if he would be prepared to debate, and
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it appears that donald trump is prepared to debate. and i'm very excited about it and i think i'm going have to rent out the largest stadium you have here in california and maybe he can tell us why he was one of the leaders of a so-call ed birther movement designed to try to delegitimize the presidency of the first african-american president we have ever had. so i they -- i they mr. trump for agreeing to debate. i look forward to it. and i look forward to defeating him and becoming the democratic --
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>> i look forward to defeating him and becoming the democratic nominee. donald trump is not who you need to defeat in order to become the democratic nominee. the person you would have to defeat would be this person who is now in a very weird position. unprecedent position because nothing like this has ever happened before in modern u.s. history. actually nothing like this has ever happened before in any part of u.s. history. no presumptive nominee has ever debated a rival from the other party ahead of the general election. it's just never happened. but now as sorts of a pistonser move against hillary clinton both for their own reasons, bernie sanders and donald trump are working together to try to pull this off. it's never happened before. hillary clinton's basic decision, la, la, larks la, la. >> do you think it's appropriate?
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>> you know, i know they've gone back and forth on this than thaind seem to be saying it's some kind of a joke. trump doesn't sound very serious but i can tell you i'm looking forward to debating donald trump in the general election. >> do you think if bernie sanders does this, it's a way of setting back party unity in the democratic party? >> i doerjts think it's going happen. i think that's pretty clear. >> your reaction, would you be open to joining the two of them in that debeat? >> this doesn't sound like a serious discussion. i'm looking forward to debating donald trump.
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that maybe hnlt will turn out to be right. maybe it won't happen. you know, the trump campaign -- initially voiced last night on late night tv the trump campaign said this morning that donald trump was just joking around. it's just something that came up on a late night show. didn't mean it. that's what the campaign was. no reason to take this seriously. then you know what? this afternoon in his wooerd bunker-like presidential conference where he claimed the presidential nomination, the candidate himselfmate made it seem very clearly that he's ready to go ahead with this. >> have you guys started talking to the sanders votes? >> jeff weaver said his time has been having conversations with your team. >> it's true. they have to pay a lot of money for it. at this case, it's over $10 million.
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why should networks put the money in their coffers? i would rather give to various groups involved with women's health issues. okay? >> it is martd to believe that the democratic party would let its own party be hijacked like this. it doesn't appear there eej knell they can do. there aren't any more, right? as to the 20. i have no idea. it kind of makes your head spin thinking about it. bernie sanders had suggested talt very start of this president am campaign last summer, i remember talking to himmen it directly.
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as part o the process, democrats and republicans should face each other. that would be an interested way. involved in their primarying but facing off against each other along the way frmgts that was the idea. he floated it at the start of running for president. but it zboe going into tell ooh felkt now, one of the matters han a income. they can pick off in order to screw two the oven per's nominee? that's something they didn't conceit of before. but apparently here it goes. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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there are a number of things that are different in our nation because donald trump is now a presidential nominee.
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one of the things is we have to get used to ourselves that someone picked donald trump as a nominee for president. some of the things that are different about this time we're now living in american history some things about that are tough. however, some things about that are awesome. like trump your cap. do you remember trump your cat? this is something that powered me through a good portion of last summer when i was just getting used to the idea of mr. trump even running for president. you trump your cat by brushing your cat to create a pile of your cat's own fur and you form that into a trump like toupee and you put it on your cat's head and then you take a picture and put it on instagram. whatever else you think of donald trump being president this year and i think a lot of about that every day, you have to admit it's a matter of public
9:24 pm
record that without him, we would not have had trump your cat, which is a comfort in troubled times. and now we can add the comfort of this as well. this is colorado governor john hickenlooper who has a new book out, which is neat. he also has these special socks. which are the sock equivalent of trump your cat. they're socks you, i'm guessing, you have to comb or sometime i don't know if they require shampoos. apparently they're made by gum ball poodle and they're patent pending for the hair socks. thank you. thank you governor hickenlooper. every little bit counts. i don't feel better exactly but look act those socks, i do feel something.
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in case he needs to destroy a city somewhere or in case he needs to destroy all the cities. that's the football. the nuclear football. the biscuit is a laminated card that contains the verification codes for the launch process which the president is supposed to be carrying all the time. he should never beseparated. but sometimes the president does get separated from one or both of these. a military aide who carried the football for president ford sauce it once got left behind on air force one and somebody had to pass it to the staffer guy from a moving car president clinton reportedly misplaced his biscuit for months and never told anyone. when there was the assassination attempt on ronald reagan. it was separated from him when he was rushed to the hospital and then they cut the suit off
9:28 pm
of him when they were working on him but the biscuit had the code in it. the suit and biscuit was thrown into a plastic evidence bag and carted away by the fbi. as far as we know, president obama has never lost the football or the biscuit, but he is right now taking the nuclear football somewhere it has never been before because no sitting president has ever gone there. president obama just a few hours is going to be taking the nuclear football and everything else that goes alopgs with the president to hiroshima where the united states dropped an atomic bond at the end of world war ii. as was written on the date of this visit, quote, at hiroshima this week president obama will have the ant at his fingertips to launch 22 hiroshima's in the course of 32 minutes. that's what it gives him.
9:29 pm
when he gives his remarks, it will be before 3:00 a.m. u.s. just before 4:00 p.m. friday in japan. we do not know exactly what president obama will say in hiroshima, but no sitting president has ever ot there. this is a fascinating moment. i mean people often say things are unprecedent. this really is unprecedent. no sitting president has gone there, and once president obama goes to the place where they droched the u.s. atomic bomb, he will be physically accompanied at very close range by the machinery needed to launch hundreds of nuclear warheads, each many times the size of the one that blue of her oiroshima a moment's notice. it has never been true before where the president has all right dropped a nuclear bomb. ca.
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man 1: the network? man 2: shhhh. man 1: when did this happen? man 2: over the last six months. man 1: how did we miss it? man 2: we caught it, just not in time. man 1: who? how? man 2: not sure, probably off-shore, foreign, pros. man 1: what did they get? man 2: what didn't they get. man 1: i need to call mike... man 2: don't use your phone. it's not just security, it's defense. bae systems. on august 9 iks 1974, richard nixon stood for an iconic post. he resigned in advancement of impeachment proceedings and he left. and his exit was a little unorthodox, but that's the thing about presidents. one way or the other, whether they get voted out or leave under sketchier circumstances, they do all leave.
9:34 pm
they hop a flight out of washed, -- washington, d.c. and they go away. he lived at la casa men cena. >> when jirld ford left, he flew off in that chopper and went to live in ran crow mirage, california. four years later it was jimmy carter. bye-bye president carter. he left the white house and went off to live at his peanut farm in jo. eight years later it was ronald reagan. he said good-bye to washington, got on board his chopper and went to live at his 688 range in santa barbara. four years later it was poppy bush and he went off to split his time between houston and the bush family compound. when it was bill clinton's time to go in 2001 he went off to
9:35 pm
live in chappaqua, new york, north of new york city, which essentially step the table for hillary clinton's new york senated by. in 2009 george w. bush left the white house and went to live out his time in texas to cut brush ride cattle and ride the range. just kidding. he moved on from the crawford ranch we heard about so much, the ranch he moved into once he was president and once he wasn't president he ditched the ranch and went the gatd community in dallas. but regardless of where anyone of these presents went, the important part is he went. that's the system. the new president gets inaugurated and the old president leashes town. the last president who duh not leave town was woodrow wilson. he was the governor of new jersey.
9:36 pm
he got re-elected 100 years ago in 116 but by the time he left office he was debilitatingly ill. he god a bat stroke while in office and was basically infirm firm. he stayed three years in washington the last three year of his life after he left the white house but he was the last one and he was the president last elected a century ago. since then they all go. it's not writtenen in the rules somewhere. you don't have to vacate the city when you're no longer president but it's become a very some em tradition. it's almost internationally unique uninterrupted history of peaceful president of power. new presidents arrive. old presidents go away. but not this one apparently. possible, the first lady, their daughter, malia and sasha, they're staying, at least for a while. the young girl, sasha, she's 14, the obamas have previously indicate thad they might stay in
9:37 pm
d.c. until sasha is done with high school in a few years. now this week we've learned that this is where they'll be staying. they'll be renting this house in d.c.'s kalorama neighborhood. it's right around the corner from woodrow wilson's house. the owner is bill clinton's press secretary joe lockhart. now we know where the obama family will be staying. we have these neat real estate pictures. adding more substance to level this means for if first time in forever, for the first time in our lives we're going to have a new president taking over in washington while the active young pretty popular charismatic former president will still be in d.c. living his life. we've really never seen this before. every president in recent memory has been been inaugurated and then he's had the city to
9:38 pm
himself in terms of presidents. what is president obama's role in politic going to be once he's former president obama. how visible is he going to be? duh it matter whether the white house is occupied bypot trump or president clinton? also if president clinton is elected is washington ready for two former democratic presidents along with the one just elected? what you're looking at right and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime. and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer.
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what you're looking at right here is the woodrow wilson house in washington, d.c., home of the last former president who decided to stay in washington, d.c. after he left the white house but that last president who stayed in d.c. is about to change as of january when president obama will reportedly be moving with his family into this house in washington. there's one person i can think of in the world who i would like to explain to me the significance of this phenomena. his name is michael. it's great to have you here. >> i love the way you set this up. it really sounds like a sit come. i would suggest yo begin with marine one, the helicopter, taking off in front of the capitol, makes a turn around the capitol, lands back in the same place, three presidents in washington, the fun begins. >> you know, when hillary clinton became secretary of
9:42 pm
state, we all got acquainted with the fact that she had a house in washington and that she and bill clinton were going to be there. it raised some questions as to whether or not bill clinton being in washington as the husband of the secretary of state would be an unusual thing. it ended up being of little effect. >> he has mainly lived in chappaqua and worked in new york but it's possible to be a former president, spending a lot of time in washington and not taking any of the limelight away from the incumbent. >> when presidents have left office and they have thought about their role sort of amid and against the presidency of their successor, has there been a wide range of different kinds of decisions that former presidents have made in terms of how activists to be, how visible to be, how involved in politics
9:43 pm
to be, or do they all sort of follow a tradition of keeping it low key and the way that, for example, george w. bush has? >> it goes all over the map. george w. bush and his father both said to their successors, i'm not going to give you trouble and come out in public, disagree with what you're doing. one of the ones who was at the other end oddly enough was dwight eisenhower who we think of as this nonpolitical figure in 1962, two years after he was out of office. he was so angry at john kennedy and at kennedy's criticism of him that he actually went on the campaign trail, campaigned and directly criticized the president in a way that we don't often see. >> michael, i want to ask you about something else we're weighing on tonight, 3:00 a.m. east coast time, 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon in japan. we're going to get these remarks from president obama at hiroshima. i wonder as a historian, do we know if any of presidents since
9:44 pm
the bombing of hiroshima have ever considered going? >> oddly enough harry truman was asked to go there for a television show in the early '60s and i think i can say this on the air. he said, i will go to japan if you want but i will not kiss their ass. that was his quotation, not mine. he was so defensive of what he had done. but his successors all the way until 1974, you did not have an american president going to japan, although a couple have tried. >> michael beschloss, e i'm going to stay up and watch those remarks. >> i am too. i'm glad there are two of us. >> all right. much more ahead. stay with us. recently, a 1954 mercedes-benz grand prix
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9:47 pm
monkey that clapped with symbols. within a year he announced his resignation and he sang zippety do-dah as he quit. now the guy who seceded him is doing things in radically different way. nobody can tell me why he's doing it this way or what it's about and i'm starting to think it's important. this story is next.
9:48 pm
9:49 pm
no one is paying a ton of attention to congress right now but in general things are not going great particularly in the house of representatives. we've had some unruly speck talls on the floor of the house where republicans had to hold open the vote after time had run out on one piece of legislation. they held the vote open so they could rush back and have just enough republicans change their votes. that's because something unexpectedly pass that they did not expect to pass and they did rchlt know how to deal with it. they also embarrassed themselves with an attempted impeachment hearing in which the congressman said he didn't know what was an impeachn't offense anyway and he read from wikipedia to try to give the republicans some legal position on what they were doing. paul ryan under his leadership as speaker there appears to be no risk whatsoever this year.
9:50 pm
the house republicans will be able to get it together to even there appears to be no risk whatsoever this year, that house republicans will be able to get it together to even try to pass their own budget. so -- i mean, with paul ryan, you got to take him in context, right? you have this undying adoration for him, nothing can affect that. there is nothing he can do which will put any sort of didn't in his positive press coverage. but despite the press's undying adoration for him, paul ryan is having trouble on his day job. and here, it is therefore weird that he is also doing a totally different job, as well. in some important way he is failing at his day job. but this little side job he is doing well, and nobody can explain why he is doing it. we started reporting on it last month when speaker ryan unexpectedly released this. >> we all want to be prosperous and healthy, we want everybody to succeed. we want people to reach their potential in their lives.
9:51 pm
now liberals and conservatives are going to disagree with one another on that. no problem, that is what this is all about. so let's have a battle of ideas and have a contest on whose ideas are better and why our ideas are better. >> that was the first one. a little weird, right, everybody was swearing up and down at that time that paul ryan was definitely not running for president. kind of looked like a presidential campaign ad. then he put out a second one that looked just like, then a third one that looked like that. this one looked even more like campaign ads, the second one amped up to look even more inspiring. all the while insisting he is not running for president. and tell me this is not a guy running for president of the united states or at least running for something. >> i have not seen the kind of bitterness in our politics like we have today. and i got to say i think it's both sides.
9:52 pm
it's not -- i would love to say it's just democrats, but it's not. it's both. it doesn't have to be that way. this anxiety has got to be channeled and dealt with, with solutions instead of just accelerated and exacerbated. the leaders, we haven't had that kind of leadership lately. leaders need to say here is my principle, here is my solution, and let's try to do it in a way that is optimistic, that is inspirational and focused on solutions. that is a choice that you have far month than a personality. republicans always lose on personality, but we win on ideas. we owe you that choice. >> you see how he charmed that blonde lady, too, he tells the whole joke, you see the people taking pictures of him, god, they're so inspired by him.
9:53 pm
they want to capture this moment on their phones, they can't even look at him, he is so -- paul ryan is the speaker of the house in terms of being speaker of the house it's going okay. not great. meanwhile, he is starring repeatedly now in these increasingly well-produced, campaign-style ads with soaring music and rolled up sleeves and shots of adoring crowds. what is he doing? what is this for? joining us now, the white house reporter for huffington post, good to see you. >> you, too, you're so worked up about paul ryan. >> i am worked up about everything. it is a problem i can't escape. ask me about anything, i'm worked up about it. does it help him do better at his job as speaker of the house if he has the kind of profile he is trying to build with this stuff? >> well, i think there is a couple of things going on here, i question the phrase that the
9:54 pm
beltway is going crazy, not that everybody is writing stories that are just pro-paul ryan, and want to throw ourselves at his feet -- >> that said, but when is the last time you read a boy, paul ryan is bad at his job police piece? >> well, problem the paul ryan, he is a policy guy. he is not as flashy as a person with charisma, fired up louis gomer type of guy. >> but the takedown, paul ryan being a bad policy guy, happening in opinion columns. >> fair enough -- >> i think his halo, i would argue for the halo, but tell me what he is doing with the videos. >> all right, here is what i think is going on. first of all i think he is trying to provide a counterweight to donald trump. he has a whole bunch of his members running for re-election, all of them actually. and some of them are pretty
9:55 pm
vulnerable and don't want to be tied to donald trump. so you have to have this counterweight, the leader of the house of representatives who is a reasonable policy-focused polished, young attractive guy who sounds inspiring, right? so on the one hand he is looking out for his members to at least let them tie themselves to somebody else. >> like a shadow presidential campaign? >> no, okay, hear me out. i think he is trying to help his republican caucus on the one hand in this november election so they don't all get tied to donald trump. >> one with me, don't run with trump. >> exactly, but on the second point and more to your point, i have felt all along that he is just grooming himself for the next presidential election. i don't think he is going to show up in this summer's convention and be like surprise, and you know rip off donald trump's face mask and take over the party and everybody is relieved. he has the long game in mind. he is a young guy, popular, exciting, i don't know if i would call him exciting.
9:56 pm
he is a policy guy. but he is a likeable guy with ambition. he was the vice presidential candidate last time. so what does he have to do to make himself look good? have polished videos? stick up for his caucus. have a good turnout for his numbers and push policy ideas instead of outrageous rhetorical arguments about muslims and women, other stuff that donald trump is running his campaign on. >> i want people to stick a pin in the calendar, i want them to remember, this day, the date that donald trump clinched the republican nomination, thus kicked off four years of paul ryan for president ads. >> i want you to have me back on here in four years. >> good deal, white house reporter for huffington post. it will be before then, i swear that. we'll be right back.
9:57 pm
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on the day that donald trump locked up the delegates for the nomination, paul ryan is really trying to think what he thinks before he endorses him. the best way to do that as we'll find out in the program is not to listen to what donald trump says but to follow the money. donald trump's money. and later, a special last word about one of donald trump's new favorite words. pochahantas. >> i'm so honore


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