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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  May 27, 2016 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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extending to every child. that is the future we can choose. >> breaking news from overseas, president obama is now the first sitting president to visit hiroshima, japan. the city where the u.s. dropped the world's first atomic bomb 70 years ago. his message of peace to the japanese people and the world. and back here at home, it is official. donald trump seals the deal for the republican convention this summer earning the delegates needed to claim his party's presidential nomination. now he is discussing his plan to win it all. and the outsider takeover as trump says his people have talked to bernie sanders' people about their open debate. some democrats aren't happy about this. we'll have hillary clinton's response. good to have you with us. it's 5:30 a.m. on the east coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early."
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hey, everyone. we did it. it's friday, may the 27th. yeah. happy to be friday. pay day friday as mike knows. paying his rent. let's get right to it. president obama has something -- has done something that no other sitting president has. this is his visit to hiroshima, japan. he joined the prime minister, shinzo abe, for a wreath laying at a peace memorial, a jessture to show the strength of the alliance and new efforts to eliminate nuclear arms across the globe and then he turned his attention to the survivors and dignitaries gathered on site. while he did not apologize for the bomb that killed 140,000 japanese, he spoke about no less than the nature of war, peace and civilization itself. >> there are many sights around the world that chronicle this war. memorials that tell stories of courage and heroism.
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graves and empty camps that echo of unspeakable depravity. yet in the image of a mushroom cloud, that rose into these skies we are most starkly reminded of humanity's core contradiction. how the very spark that marks us as a species, our thoughts, our imagination, our language, our tool making, our ability to set ourselves apart from nature and bend it to our will, those very things also give us the capacity for unmatched destruction. >> the president wrote in the guest book there, we have known the agony of war. let us now find the courage together to spread peace and pursue a world without nuclear weapons. in comments released by the white house, the head of an
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islamic bomb survivors organization said quote, i never imagined the president would come while i'm alive. we do not need apologies. i hope he'll present in hiroshima what is good for the happiness of human kind. now, yesterday, back here at home with the world watching the g7 summit the president addressed domestic politics, giving this assessment about some leaders and the take on donald trump. >> they are paying very close attention to this election. i think it's fair to say they're surprised by the republican nominee. they are not sure how seriously to take some of his pronouncements. but they're rattled by it. >> rattled, rattled by what donald trump is saying and what he is promoting. and what he stands for. the best way to reassure ourselves and the rest of the world is to make sure that
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donald trump, this loose cannon, never gets close to the white house. >> i love that word. he used a bad word because he knows nothing about business. when you ralt -- rattle someone that's good. if they're rattled that's a good thing. he is a man who shouldn't be really, you know, airing his difficulties and he shouldn't be airing what he's airing where he is right now. and i think that you're going to see it stopped pretty soon. >> sooner than expected donald trump has secured the necessary delegates to win the presidential nomination on the first ballot at july's republican national convention. trump passed that mark after gaining the support of unbound delegates in north dakota, colorado and pennsylvania. trump now stands at 1,238, more than the majority plus one. the number he needed to meet 1,237. the business man's first response was to post a picture on instagram of him eating mcdonald's french fries. yes, celebrating 1,237 was the
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caption. i think that's a big mac and a diet coke. his social media director tweeted this of the core campaign staff saying they get world at trump's california residence. iconic photo. and trump talked about the states that he'll target including some unusual ones for a republican. >> i want to focus on 15 or so states because we have to win. and i want my energy to be put in the states where it could go either way and we're going to play heavy as an example in california. now, no other republican they wouldn't go to dinner california. we're going to focus on new york which everybody -- if for instance, ted cruz or any of the guys -- good guys, but they're more traditional. if they won, if they got the nomination, they wouldn't spend ten cents in new york. they wouldn't go there. they wouldn't do well there. if you look, it's a very tough path to get to the presidency.
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if you're a republican. i put 15 states potentially into play. they put three or four states. if he loses one little thing, one state, it's over. whereas the democrat can sail along, lose a number of states and they'll win. don't let it hurt you. a day after the report on clinton's e-mails, she defended herself in a series of interviews. >> well, it has been allowed and the rules have been clarified. i said many time it was a mistake, and if i could go back i would do its differently. >> you have said that you'd talk to anyone any time about your e-mails. yet, you did not cooperate with state department investigators an agency that you ran. why? >> well, i have talked about this for many, many months. i testified for 11 hours before
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the committee, the benghazi committee. i have answered numerous questions. we have posted information. on our website. and the information that we had is out there. it's been clearly public and my e-mail use was widely known in the department, throughout the government. and improve ride is -- improve ride issed all my work related e-mails and i asked that they be made public and i think that, you know, that demonstrates that i wanted to make sure that this information was part of the official records. meanwhile, senator john cornyn is pushing for a special investigator in the case and donald trump tried to score some political points over it. >> i want to run against her. look, she has bad judgment. this was all bad judgment. probably illegal. we'll have to find out what the fbi says about it. but certainly it was bad judgment. i just read the report.
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it's devastating, the report. it's devastating. and there's no reason for it. >> so clinton still has work to do to sew up her own nomination and during a series of events across california and nevada, she was careful to be inclusive of senator bernie sanders and his supporters. she saved her best jabs for the republican nominee, targeting him on his income taxes, reports he sought to profit off the housing crisis and posture with unions. >> there is absolutely no way that we can let donald trump get anywhere near the white house. can you produce positive results that will improve the lives of americans? secondly can you be commander in chief, protect our country and lead the world on behalf of the united states, with the kind of smarts, steady, strong leadership in accordance with our values that we need and, number three, can you unify our country?
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now, you will have to make those decisions, but i can tell you not just as a candidate, but as a voter donald trump fails every one of those tests. donald trump is an urgent threat to our rights and to our country. two years ago, donald trump personally signed a contract with a union busting firm to break up unite here's organizing campaign at his hotel in las vegas. i was proud to join those workers on the picket line last fall. >> so senator bernie sanders is not letting go of hope that california will be the state to propel him to the democratic nomination. he rallied a crowd of close to 10,000 thousand in southern california yesterday. sanders didn't have much to say about hillary clinton or the
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democratic party. but he did mention his offer to debate donald trump. >> it appears that donald trump is prepared to debate. and i'm very excited about it. and i think we'll have to rent out the largest stadium you have here in california. >> i'd love to debate bernie. but they have to pay a lot of money for it because, look i'm in first place. i have won, i would say something over $10 million. we have actually had a couple of calls from the networks already. >> do you think it's appropriate if bernie sanders debates donald trump? >> one-on-one? [ laughter ] >> i know they have gone back and forth on this. and they seem to be you know saying it's some kind of joke. trump doesn't sound very serious. but i can tell you i'm looking forward to debating donald trump
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in the general election. i really can't wait to get on the debate stage with him. >> so clinton may have laughed it off, but some democrats are ticked off that sanders would try to debate trump one-on-one. senator joe manchin told politico it's b.s., though he used the actual word and he questioned why anyone would expect sanders to unite the party, saying he's quote not a democrat. and sanders responded to clinton's claim that she will be the party's nominee. >> that is already done in effect. there is no way that i won't be. >> does that make you mad seeing that? >> just a tinge of arrogance there i think. so let's talk about one other front in the presidential race that's increasingly a place of heavy fire. yesterday, at donald trump's press conference we had a native american woman and freelance writer attending the event calling trump out for the way he has taunted senator elizabeth warren. >> warren, she seems -- >> who pocahontas?
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>> is that offensive? >> look, she is -- >> very offensive! >> oh, oh, i'm sorry about that. pocahontas, is that what you said? >> it's absolutely ludicrous in this day and age we're recognizing why cheek bones, the stereotypes. pocahontas, it's so overdone. like come on. i believe that mr. trump and his tone was offensive today. if there was other young indigenous or native american -- young girls sitting here, what's that signaling to them? >> the war of words continued online with trump responding to the idea that calling warren po pocahontas. i find it offensive that warren, pocahontas pretended to be native american to get into harvard. she responded, i didn't go to harvard, i'm a graduate of the
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university of houston and rutgers. she described herself as a minority in a law school directory when she was a professor at harvard in the mid 1990s. though she hasn't been able to prove proper family lineage that she's cherokee. secret service employees have been punished for violating the safety of chaffetz. 41 employees improperly about sessioned his an mications and now -- accessed his applications and now one has resigned. while 40 others received punishments ranging from bad marks in their files. chaffetz say it was an attempt to intimidate him into backing off his study into the agency. a bombshell sexual assault
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welcome back to "way too early." kenneth starr the former special prosecutor best known for his role in the bill clinton saga was removed from baylor university yesterday. this after they mishandled the sexual assault involving the football players. it comes after a scathing report by an outside law firm commissioned by the university looking into baylor's handling of the allegations. according to the university, the report found the school quote failed to take appropriate action to respond to reports of sexual assault and dating violence reportedly committed by football players. the report found baylor administrators had chosen not to report sexual violence and dating violence to an appropriate administrator outside of athletics.
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in those instances, football coaches or staff met with the complainant or a parent and did not report the misconduct. starr was stripped of the title as university president. but is going to remain as the school's chancellor. baylor also fired head football coach art briles. one of the most successful and highest paid coaches in the college game. we're checking on business news now. listen to this, wells fargo offering low down payment mortgages geared to millennials. how low is wells willing to go and what effect that will have on the housing market? >> well thomas its seems as if the bank is trying to make this as simple as possible and open the door to those shut out of the market since the lending crisis. they said they can meet their down payment of 3% in any number of ways and that the fico score needs to be a minimum of only
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620. but you have to remember there's always coming a but here this is underwritten by basically freddie mac, and the question is whether or not they can actually make the higher borrowing requirements of that organization. so this may not be as simple as a process as wells fargo is letting on. i want to give you a quick check of the markets, the asian markets are closing ahead. ahead of the jobs and economic data due out later today and of course janet yellin is supposed to talk to us about whether or not there's a rate hike this summer. all eyes on the fed as we get close tore that -- closer to that announcement today. >> hadley gamble thank you. i want to check on the weather now. bill karins standing by to give us the forecast or the feud. bill, how is it shaping up for the holiday weekend? >> a lot going on. we have a lot of bad weather, but the weekend looks calmer. let's show you what happened in texas yesterday. one early tornado, during the early morning. you can see little flashes there. those are the transformers blowing as the winds tear apart the power lines.
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the big story that developed later in the day and continues this morning is the flooding. we have had a ton of rain. this was around the austin area. bryant, texas, college station, north of houston, this entire region of southeast texas has gotten pummelled by endless thunderstorms over the last 12 to 24 hours. let me take you to the weather map. this shows you how much rain has fallen. see the bull's-eye over the top of brenham, 16 1/2 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. that's a foot and a half of rain. this is the flash flood emergency for the area. they're doing water rescues. they're telling everyone to stay at high ground wherever you're safe. don't leave your house this morning because it's a mess. we still have numerous thunderstorms in this region. flash flood emergency in the red. not including the city of houston, but from woodland to bryant to brenham, that's the worst of it. the flash flood watch will continue through this afternoon and we can get additional rounds of storms later on today. here's the latest radar, we are
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not done yet. brenham is located up in here. they're finishing up with the last thunderstorm. i mean, just smaz -- amazing. that's the deal here. also our friends in ft. worth and in texas, here's the dallas and here's ft. worth. thunderstorms rolling through your area too. but the flash flood threats are not that high. we're still watching the developing tropical system hurricane hunters are going to fly into it this afternoon. it may be subtropical or tropical. if it does it would get the name of bonnie. it would be the second named storm of the season and our computers take that to the carolina coastline. we're not thinking it will be a big, devastating storm or anything like that maybe a low end tropical storm, but the rip current threat and rough surf will be dangerous on the holiday weekend with a lot of people not used to the conditions. >> parents and lifeguards pay attention.
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>> people may not be allowed in the water in some spots. >> thank you bill. why the national spelling bee may have had football fans cheering along with the champs. that's coming up on "way too early." (pilot talking to tower on radio) once you get out here... there's just one direction... forward. one time: now. and there's just one sound. you and us... together. telling the world... we're co ming for you.
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this is from mr. trump. he says, dear crazy bernie will you run a third party communist against crooked hillary or are
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you a coward and a loser, signed president trump. sorry, i'm reading the wrong thing. he asks bernie you have been treated very unfairly, both primary systems are rigged but in particular the democrats' system of super delegates. will you run as an independent when debbie wasserman schultz and party bosses steal this nomination away from you? >> well i think there's a bit of self-service there from donald trump. >> i like that. >> you think he's really worried about me? you know, maybe you're right. >> tell me last night he doesn't like to see you and hillary fighting. it's upsetting to him. >> i do appreciate his concern for me. >> you do? >> i know that comes straight from his heart, but tell him that what i hope will happen is that in fact i will run against him as the democratic nominee for president of the united states and if i do we're going to beat him and beat him bad. >> you can tell him for that. >> but did you notice that
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sanders did not rule out a third party run. last night, scripps bell spelling bee crowned two. nihar janga and jairam hathwar took home the top prize. >> can i have the language of origin? >> it's from a trademark. >> feldenkrais. f-e-l-d-e-n-k-r-a-i-s feldenkrais. >> that's correct. >> gesellschaft is this from a german word? >> yes, it is. >> g-e-s-e-l-l-s-c-h-a-f-t, gesellschaft. >> that is correct.
2:57 am
>> so look at that. a little bit of a high five. 11-year-old janga finishing the last word but his opponent crosses his arms. might remind you of wide receiver of the dallas cowboys, dez bryant. look at the two young men right there. holding that trophy high above their heads and congratulations to the champs. those two words were hard. all right. that's going to do it for me on "way too early." coming up over the top, donald trump securing more than enough delegates to secure the presidential nomination. now he's talking about his plan to win the general. plus the significance of president obama's historic and emotional visit to hiroshima this morning. that and much more next on "morning joe."
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we walked in the room today and you said you're not getting a truck. we have a bet if he wins the nomination, i get a truck. what is he saying with? >> he's saying he doesn't want to buy you your pickup. >> you better save your money. >> super tuesday is in the books and it's all over. >> mike barnacle last summer offered a brand new truck to


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