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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 27, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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a good friday to you everyone, i am craig melvin, we start this afternoon in california where we expect to see donald trump in any minute now. he's holding a rally in fresno. but, what was supposed to be a vict victory lapse for the presumptive nominee, out lash and protesters. trump looking for an election strategy. >> it is a very tough pass to get to the presidency. i want to focus on 15 suspects. >> we'll take a look at that strategy and the presumptive nominee seems to be changing his tune a bit today about marco rubio. he took to twitter to urge rubio
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to run for election for the senate in the fall appears to be mutual. >> in my sense is i am going to go to the convention. >> you are? >> i don't know if i have a role in the convention but i have a lot of supporters. if donald trump ask you to speak, you would do so? >> yeah, i want to be helpful, i don't want to be harmful because i don't want hillary clinton to be president. >> nbc's halie jackson is inside the event and should kickoff again any moment now, steve patterson outside with protesters, let me start with you there, how vocal of a crowd are we seeing there so far? >> reporter: craig, we are looking at dozens and a lot of people here. i want to show you around here. this is a sizable crowd that's formed out here in fresno. you can see basically what's happening is they set up outside
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of the entrance where some trump supporters are filtering in as they do that, it is like these people coming in and chanting until they are able to get inside. it is on both sides because some of the trump supporters give it back. sometimes they shout something and then there is a lot more yelli yelling. the thing that's keeping this separate and i don't know if you can see there. it is like a 30 foot parallel gap. it is lined with fresno police officers and you can see them holdi holdi holdi holding visual. we have seen police chiefs and he's been in the crowd where i am standing right now making sure that people are not disrupting this too much or making sure that people are peaceful with their chanting. so, the fresno police have done
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a good job of coverage here. the chief has about 150 police officers and as well as people inside to making sure people don't sneak in and surveillance cameras are all around here. fresno had been watching this and it is been happening all over the country in places like eugene and san francisco and anaheim and albuquerque and they want to make sure if it happens here, they are prepared for it and they have done a good job here. >> all right, thank you, lets go inside halie jackson is standing by for us. lets start with this 15 states strategy that donald trump talked about. some of these states obviously are swing state, virginia, florida and north carolina. california and new york are also on that list. any indications of a serious strategy behind this comment or just donald trump's talking.
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>> reporter: this idea that he's trying to flip some of these state tavars reflect what you h. maybe 17 states they think they can make a hard play into try to steal votes away from the likely democratic nominee, probably, hillary clinton at this point. the thing is if you look at some of the numbers and look at president obama's marginal victory back in 2012, they were significant. they were not just blue. they were very blue. new york, you won by 27 points and california, it was up by 21 points and these are states where there was a significant victory for the democratic, now, donald trump thinks that he can maybe brought a changed mind given of where he is with some of his policies given and the type of voters that he beliefve coming over to his campaign. you talk about florida or ohio, those are all swing states.
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if you look at the numbers back from 2012, it is the state that president obama did win but by a margin of only five points so a realistic shot potentially for trump to be able to taste that stage. the challenge, the campaign letting goes that director. so it can be an uphill battle for them. >> coming back here outside the hall, what's the biggest hurdle taking california, what's the biggest obstacle making that particular state competitive? >> reporter: yeah, you have to repeat that, i am having a little problem to hearing you, craig. >> that's understandable, you got a few hundred people screaming behind you. california, what's the biggest hurdle making that state competitive in the general election? >> reporter: for donald trump, i
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mean, i think it is going to be, you look around here, and we have seen a lot of people who are extremely upset that he's even here so that obviously is one hurdle. for bernie sanders, i think he's really counting on this as his last hope. i mean, so sanders is planning rallies all over the state up and down the state and 200,000 people he want to get eyes on. he's the person that want to keep this state relevant. they're talking about a sanders/trump debate ahead of the california primary, that would be huge. every year, i think people think this is kind of by the time we get to california, things are relative. the larger discussion of what's going to happen into the general election, i think there is a lot left on the table here especially with the amount of people that rewith seeiwe are s. >> steve patterson there.
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donald trump is expected to speak any moment there. steve and halie thank you. i want to bring in former crew campaign speaking. lets talk about the 15 state strategy, is that viable. can donald trump put states like california and new york, can he really put those states in play? >> i really think he can. look, it is ironic because after the autopsy done of the -- the republican party certainly needs to do that in the future and really for the survivor, it is not a strategy for donald trump this year. he cannot win by attracting more hispanics and more african-americans, those are not going to happen for him. he would literally have to get 36% of the african-american votes and up of 70% of the hispanic votes.
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that's not going to happen for donald trump. what he's instead of focusing on is this working white voters class not only for him but for bernie sanders. if hillary clinton cannot hold those working white voters, she's going to lose and to put it in perspective, he needs to get just about three and every hundred, that's the number that mit romney fell short if mit romney gotten three and every hundred white voters turning out for him, he had a chance to beat donald trump. donald trump is turning out these voters and in the swing states that's critical. even some states that would go to the democrats. >> i want to talk to you about this debate this trump standards debate and folks salivating over the idea of this, any chance of this happening or is this a cable news fantasy?
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>> you know i think it may happen. it is a little bit risky but what it does is marginalize clinton as seeing as a weak link. looks like hillary is going to win anyway, but she would end up. if he can help bernie wins california, she finishes off december 7th which is the last state to vote and if she loses that, that's a really weak way to go into the general election. i think it is the possibility could happen. >> on the left side here, our views at home, we got the camera view inside the rally that convention hall there in fresno, california. on the outside a familiar scene, rick, protesters so far this is been a peaceful protest and early this week of albuquerque and new mexico, several officers were injured.
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what do you make of that and what do we make of these protests that seem to be ramping up? >> oddly enough, i think it helped donald trump. he can point to him and say look, this is what the left does and they want to shut down debate and shut down speech. they could just support candidates. and instead they got to show up and protest candidates. it is sort of a rehearsal of what everybody thought it is going to go. looks like the convention is rather calm because there is no possibility of a contested convention anymore. looks like democratic convention could get a little dicey. >> raick tyler, we'll leave it there. >> roughly 15 minutes from now, the presumptive nominee will be taking the stage there in
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fresno, california, rick, thank you to you. rick mentioned just the other side, lets go to democrats and a bit of an opposite situation. bernie sanders and hillary clinton is campaigning hard and poll showing her of a steady lead. sanders is hoping for an offset right now. secretary clinton is in okposo la oakland. hillary clinton laughed it off in an interview with chuck todd. >> is it appropriate if bernie sanders debates donald trump one on one. [ laughter ] >> you know, i know they have gone back and forth on this and they seem to be, you know, saying its got some kind of a joke and trump does not sound
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very serious. i am looking forward to debating donald trump in the general election, i cannot wait to get on the debate stage with him. >> kristin welker, our expert on the clinton campaign, joining me live from the left coast, she's in los angeles. she sounds nonchalant of the possibility there. that would be an awful scenario for the clinton campaign. >> they are laughing this off privately when i speak to her campaign officials they don't think it is going to happen. however, there is no doubt that just the mere talk of a possible debate between trump and sanders under cut secretary clinton. if by some chance this were to happen the optics would be terrible for her. it under scores the fact that she's fighting on two fronts against donald trump and against bernie sanders we have seen her
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ramped up her attack against donald trump after yesterday he clinched the nomination. she's still vigorously going after senator sanders trying to win here in california. she zdoes not need a win here. the reason is if she does not win here, she will be limping into the convention and she wants to look like a solid front runner, when you talk to top democrat democrat democratic centra gist --sts op of this, the e-mail controversy coming up and of the ig report she spent doing damage control and she's going to redouble those efforts and refocus on donald trump, i anticipate. >> kristin welker, kristin, thank you, time for a break of today's pulse question.
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"should donald trump and bernie sanders debate before the california primary." there is the question that you can weigh in at >> here is what trump and sanders have said about the possibilities. [ laughter ] >> maybe you are right. he told me last night he does not like to see you and hillary fighting but i don't want to upset him. >> i do appreciate his concern. [ laughter ] >> straight from his heart. but, tell him that what i hope will happen is in fact i will run against him as a democratic nominee for president of the united states and if i do, we are going to beat him and beat him bad, you can tell him that. >> i said i would love to debate him but i want a lot of money to put up for charity. we can race for women health issues or something or if we could race for 10 or $15 million
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which is appropriate amount. i understand the television baptist very well, i think we'll get high ratings. it should be a big arena some where and we could have a lot of fun with it. >> jeff weaver is the campaign manager for the bernie sanders, joining me now from burlington, vermont, jeff, rnc's spokesperson says this would be a big win for donald trump and a big win for republicans as well. >> if they want to do that, it would set up an unbelievable contrast. both in the process and substance. on the process, you have hillary clinton saying she will debate anywhere and any time except bernie sanders in california which she agreed to. the idea that donald trump can walk in and show, hey, i will do it anywhere and any time speaks volume. >> jeff, how real is the worry that this kind of specticle
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would boost campaign in november. >> they'll talk about the differences between their divisions, donald trump believes in tax breaks for the rich and wages. >> did we just lose jeff? we'll work to get jeff back. something seems to have happened there. >> jeff, you are back with us? >> i think contrast is quite dark and not favorable to mr. trump. >> jeff, i want to read the words of some senate democrats quoting of the possibility of this thing of a trump/sanders debate. gary peterson. "i don't know why he would do that. it is time to whining down the primary and time to move on." "what is he trying to do dt"? he's trying to bring attention to himself.
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is this a serf serving move is this another example of bernie sanders making it about bernie sanders? >> well, i would argue with your character of another example, i don't think we have seen that in this campaign at all. this debate is great service to voters across the country and california. i estimate you would have 35 or 40 million people in the country watching the debate and people would see a dark contrast between substance between the two visions that's being offered by senator sanders and mr. trump. anything that brings people in the political process that heightens interest of the presidential race is a positive for this country. >> if senator sanders is seriously wanting to win the nomination and you have indicated time and time again that he is, the ig's report that came out a few days ago, why does he not use this as an tu opportunity to go after clinton.
10:18 am
why not go for jugular now? >> that's not the campaign he's running from the beginning. he has big differences with secretary clinton on important issues and like minimum wage and health care and foreign policy and those are the issues that he focused on and that's been why he's so successful. he does not like to go around making personal attacks of the whole e-mail situation. there is a process going on and it will play itself out. there is an fbi investigation going on. and the gi report they can read it themselves. he wants to have a discussion about substance of issue with mr. trump and clinton. >> if he's not the presumptive nominee then how did he have the right to have that conversation with donald trump now? >> well, i don't know about the right but if the two of them want to appear on stage and have a debate, believe me, every television network is
10:19 am
interested. the truth the matter is, secretary clinton agreed to debate and back in february, she wanted to debate in new hampshire and losing very badly. you know we agreed to that and she backed out of it. if there ends up of being a bernie sanders/donald trump debate, secretary clinton had nobody to blame but beherself. >> if you guys lose in california, is this the end of the road. if california is a wash and do you guys bow out? >> the polls are very - as you know are closing rapidly in california. bernie sanders has a tremendous momentum and a lot of enthusiasm in california for bernie sanders. i think he's going to go quite well and he will win there. >> you think he will win in california? >> i think he's going to win in kal california. the people are being energized and we'll win in california. neither candidates is going to
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have enough pledged delegates to win the nomination. the super delegate is going to decide who's the nominee and that's the reality. there is an opportunity as the voting, whines up for super delegates to take a another look at this race to see who can best beat trump and the republican in the november which the polls really shows as bernie sanders and who can win against independence and the polls are showing bernie sanders. >> if that's the case -- then why is he down 3 million votes and 3 million popular vote to hillary clinton, if all of those things are true? >> when you get in the general election, it is not just democrats who votes, the polling shows that clearly bernie sanders wins independence overwhelmingly against donald trump and hillary clinton does not. what we have seen, we are an open primaries in the process
10:21 am
where independence -- so he's extremely popular and he's extremely popular with democrats and there is some republicans would cross over. i cannot say that about hillary clinton at this point. >> jeff weaver, thank you very much for your time, enjoy your weekend. senator sanders will be tuck todd's guest along with arnold schwarzenegger. do check your local listing. . breaking news right now, punishing rainfall over night led to this scene in texas. heavy flooding throughout the great plains and more rain is expected today. as much as 15 inches fell in south eastern texas. a 120 homes are evacuated. residents warned to stay off the streets. the rain is possible for two deaths so far in the town of
10:22 am
brenan texas. our reporter is on the ground. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: just to give you an idea where brenum is, it is an hour and 30 minutes of northwest houston. we have seen record rainfall in this area. it is raining right now. in less than 12 hours, we have seen more than 17 inches of rain coming down in this area and as a result, a lot of the streets have collapsed because the pressure of this water of this rain is just too much for a lot of these road ways to handle. if you look over here to my right, you will see that this main street in brenum, it runs from north all the way here, the street here, the side of it has completely collapsed until as a result city crews and police put up these orange cones like you can see here with this yellow tape so people do not drive in this area. this is incredibly dangerous, of course, as you can imagine and
10:23 am
as we keep walking here, you can get a better look of this massive hole on this side of the street. you can see it fenced over here and pushed to one side and to your right, you can see orange cones pushed and there is recycle bins and debris and down trees in this area. walk with me over here and we'll see more damages to the road ways here. you can see big pieces of asphalts that's been moved. much of this damage is to the road ways. in the residential areas, we have seen a lot of down trees in people's yards and thankfully not on top of anybody's homes. two people were killed and one person suffered from a heart attack and a second person drowned in high water. search crews are looking for a missing person about ten miles east of where we are on the east
10:24 am
side of brenum, they are looking for that vehicle. >> thank you, giving us a close up look of what a lot of water coming down really quickly can do. >> thank you, be safe. a reminder here we are waiting on donald trump. that's the left side of the screen inside o f the convention hall in fresno, california. donald trump is going to appear in five or ten minutes one day after clinching the delegates needed for the nomination. protesters have been outside for hours. this is msnbc, we'll be right back.
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screen, that's i-90 in cleveland. things look to be moving pretty smooth and both of them behind me, chicago and miami, just a few of the cities we have behind. more than 30 million people are expected to travel. if you are one of the 2.5 million sliding through tsa, most airports are not experiencing long delays as we have been seeing at long security check points. >> the average peek is well below 30 minutes which means again, most airports are actually doing pretty well and we are talking about the top 20 airports or so where you have the challenges. >> correspondence are keeping a close eye on the holiday get away. we start with hartsville, indiana. what kind of delays are you seeing at this airport, good
10:29 am
sir? >> reporter: things are moving smoothly, you can see there is a steady slow and you can see people are moving and the line this we have extends quite a distance between just the entrance here. they got a line further up there. one of the things they are doing here to speed things along is using yellow cards. take a look here of yellow cards that are handed to passengers. they have a dog sniffing around their feet and that means the dogs have checked to see if there is any sort of explosives there and if they don't alert with the dog and they continue onto security, they don't have to take their shoes off. that has helped things move along faster. let me show you the pace of people moving along here. if you just arrive at the airplane, you are maybie making time. some people still getting here three hours ahead of time is a smart thing to do because you will never know when there will be a problem.
10:30 am
we want to show you what it looks like as you had arrived then. these are the folks who arrived here at 5:12 a.m. and like cattle went through this chute back and forth and back and forth. most of them as you notice got through about 35 or 35 minutes. we saw a few people arrived late and missed their flights but everybody made it through. sometimes you feel like sheep and now you know what it looks like. >> amen to this. kerry, in atlanta, nbc's blake mccoy at chicago, o' hare, what are you seeing or hearing there? >> reporter: this is been one of the troubled spots over the last several weeks had tsa apologizing and approving more overtimes to get these lines moving quickly. it appears to be working. look how fast this line is moving right now.
10:31 am
it is been like this all day, we have to see if people coming by. i have to walk you up there. you can see just how quickly this line is moving. that really has been like this all day. i have not wait more than ten minutes in chicago. this is one of the busiest airport in the country, number one is at the atlanta airport and three is jfk, passengers have been told to arrive three hours early. we have byron headed to dallas. you were told to head to dallas two hours early. >> you eyes were scaring me and i got here just about on time and it is not bad. >> monday was scary. good thing you are here. thank you, byron. >> that's really been the scene all day. tsa had been warning people two hours early because they don't want people to miss their flights. it does seem to be unnecessary
10:32 am
though. blake in chicago, thank you. cal perry is joining me now. millions and a lot of folks are going on tp rohe road ways this weekend, what's out there to keep people some what sane. >> this tells you which airport is running late. right now we have weather issue in dallas and houston and new york is looking fairly miserable. lets say you are flying later today and you want to know how bad is your airport. lets say you are flying out of laguardia this evening. you are going to have some issues about between about 4:30 and 11:00. right now 11:00 to 20 minutes. you are looking at 20 minutes or more. what's business app. and waze.
10:33 am
>> oh, i love waze. >> look at new york right now. that's not good right now. >> that's like on any day. >> this one it tells you where you can go to -- you are going to laguardia? plug it in and it gives you long it will take you. >> about 45 minutes. >> it is not bad. last thing is it gives you the terminal and gate number and how full the bar is. >> that's the most useful. >> safe travels to you this weekend. when we come back, we'll go back to politics. they spent months calling each other names. but, there seems to be a little bit of bromance between the two of marco rubio and trump. and it could be the end of
10:34 am
antibiotics. a new detail of the super bug discovered in the united states for the first time ever. that's coming up next. show me movies with romance.
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we are waiting in donald trump here in fresno, california of a rally any minute now. protesters have been outside that rally for hours. we are watching it closely. we'll bring it to you as it happens. >> marco rubio, we maybe see a different marco rubio moving forward than we saw in the primaries. now that donald trump has clinched the party nomination. rubio is sending signals that he wants to help. >> my sense is i am going to go to the convention. >> you are? >> i don't know if i will have a role in the convention but i have a lot of people that are going there and supporters. >> if donald trump asks you to speak in his behalf, you would
10:38 am
do so? >> i want to be helpful and i don't want to be harmful because i don't want clinton to be president. >> donald trump quickly responding to him and says he has no plans to do that. >> donald trump has taken the stage here. lets listen in. >> twelve years ago and did you remember the problem? i think it was running horse. i was going to take it over to a beautiful job. fortunately, i did not do it because there is no water anymore because they sent autothe water out. i would have worked it out. it was interesting. some of the radio guys and one in particular, one of you were here. he was so great, where is that guy? where is he? he was so great to me -- he was
10:39 am
so good that i would send the project. that would be terrible. we had great support and great community support and a couple of politicians who are against it and who didn't like me who said i was not a nice person, that thing was hitting there. you know, you don't want to go wild because i do that a lot. you go in and they want you to love you and everything else. i didn't do it and i made a fortune by not doing it. good, i made everyone. some of the best deals are the deals that you don't do. you understand that. we'll solve you a water problem. you have a water problem that's so insane and ridiculous where they take in the water shoving it out to sea. [ cheers ] i just met with a lot of farmers who are great people and they say we don't understand it. nobody understands it, i have heard this from other friends of
10:40 am
mine in california, they are farms up here. they don't get water. i said oh, that's too bad so there is a drought, no, we have plenty of water. well, what's wrong? i said why? and nobody knows why. they're trying to protect a certain kind of three-inch fish but -- >> [ crowd boos ] >> by the way, they adopt kndon why. i have received awards and done well environmentally. you have some people really wanted to get in the way, i don't know if it is for their ego or what but there are so many things and we want jobs and we have to bring jobs back. if we can bring this part of the world water that we have, that we have -- [ cheers ]
10:41 am
>> it is true, i gotten so many awards and i am proud of it. there are some great environmental people and they really do. you know my environmental standard is simple. i have said it to everybody. i want clean air and i want clean water. that's what i want. >> clean air and clean water. >> very, very simple. so anyway, we'll be backup here. if i win, we'll open up the water so that you can have your farmers survive. [ cheers ] >> so your job market will get better. [ cheers ] >> there are some things that are in conceivable that they happen and you are wondering. i am asking everybody, why, why and nobody could explain why they would do it. your senator supports and they are in effective. they are forward for you and to the other side there, they're forward for them. then you wonder why nothing
10:42 am
happens. when you are with the senator, they want you then they go over to the environmental side and they want them and then you say gee, that's strange, for me, we want the water but the environmental is just a door stem, i wonder why. i will tell you how it works. they play both sides of it but they're not for you. we'll get it done and done quick, don't think about it. that's an easy one. [ cheers ] >> yes, was a big day, you know yesterday -- [ cheers ] >> yeah, we'll bring it back,
10:43 am
folks. we'll bring this country back. you know what it is? look at all those red hats and white hats and tblack hats. the gun shooting hats they do pretty well, i will tell you. the nra last week endorsed donald trump in the earliest endorsement they ever given. that was a great honor. wayne and chris and all the guys, these are great people. these are great americans. these are people that want to do great thing force the country. they try to build them -- now, hillary clinton, wants to abolish the second amendment, remember that. she wants to abolish. you know i watched her on television and it is really hard for me to watch her.
10:44 am
honestly, it is very boring, you know? it is very boring. i watched her last night and she lies so much. she was saying last night so many things -- donald trump wants to see japan get nuclear weapons. i have never said that. donald trump wants to see germany get nuclear weapons. he wants to see south korea to arm themselves. i never even said close to that. donald trump loves north korea, he loves the maniac that's running north korea. donald trump is a friend of putin. well, actually putin did call me a genius that he said i am the future of the republican party. he's off to a good start. i will say -- [ cheers ] >> i will say he's off to a good start, right, folks? by the way, i am not a friend of putin, i have never met him and
10:45 am
i respect him, he's a strong leader. unlike what we have, we have a pathetic leader. we don't even have a leader, we don't even have a leader. would it be nice if we could get along with russia? would i be nice? >> we spend almost $5 trillion in the middle east and we are in more shape today than 15 years ago. if these presidents would have gone away in vacation and not done anything would be in better shape that we are today if you think about it, right? i was against the war in iraq, totally against the war in iraq, totally against it. and hillary raised her hand, hey, it happened and a disaster. president obama got us out very badly. he set a date, we are going to be out a certain date. the other side did not believe
10:46 am
it and could not believe it. they thought it was misinformation. general douglas and general george patent getting in their graves when they see what's happening with our country when this great country cannot beat isis which is essentially 30,000 people and smart people -- but, when they see that we cannot beat them and you know we are fighting not to win. we now fight war in a politically correct manner. we got to get out of there and win. we got to get out of there and we got to win, we got to build up our military bigger, better, stronger than ever before. [ cheers ] [ whistling ] >> you know donald trum--
10:47 am
>> donald trump there with a rally with a large group of farmers there spending some time talking about his views on foreign policy saying vladimir p putin calling him al genius and reminding folks he was against the war in iraq as well. a familiar trump speech that we heard there from mr. trump. you did hear him there celebrating yesterday, of course, the day that he officially got enough delegates to become the presumptive nominee. luck russer is joining now, lets start and talk about this rubio back and forth, is this the start of a real alliance? if it is, what's the calculation? >> reporter: well, it is interesting because as we said going into this segment, it is a
10:48 am
sort of a bromance that's developed between marco rubio and donald trump. you and i remember what they said between the campaign trails. it got nasty and marco rubio joked about the size of donald trump's head and inferring other things. it gotten down in the gutter. if you have seen what they have been doing on twitter, marco rubio essentially saying he will support trump because he does not want to see clinton in the white house. there are only two people running and he's not going to ask people not to vote - he want to support trump in this case. trump then say marco rubio should stay in the senate. a lot of republicans believe that marco rubio is the best chance for them to hold that seat in florida and it is a competitive seat. here is what marco rubio said on cnn about that. >> i was running for the senate, i didn't run and i said i was not going. he got in the race, he's a
10:49 am
lieutenant governor of famililo. i think he's a strong candidate. i think he's put in time and energy to it and deserves the chance to see where he can take it. >> if you did not have a friend running, might you reconsider? >> he's a friend, he's an actual friend and not a politics friend. >> oh yeah, i have known him as a college student. sure, maybe, i enjoy my work in the senate, i always do. >> reporter: he tells msnbc that he will not run in that interview because his colleague is apart of the republican primary trying to take that open seat. it is interesting that donald trump has supported of him going forward and mitch mcconnell. marco rubio is going to have an interesting role moving forward. he also said in the interview that he would be willing to speak at the convention, maybe he will become trump's
10:50 am
surrogate, we'll see. >> oh my, oh my, quite a turn of event. still ahead at this hour, it is a e-s-e-l-l-c -- >> yes. >> you couldn't do it. two winners that this year's description spelling bee. co-champions will join me on the other side of the b-r-e-a-k. his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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. i couldn't turn away last night. i could not turn away from the national spelling bee competition because of these two gentlemen. take a look. >> feldenkrais, f-e-l-d-e-n-k-r-a-i-s.
10:54 am
feldenkrais. >> that's correct. >> gesellschaft. g-e-s-e-l-l-s-c-h-a-f-t. gesellschaft. >> it is correct. >> look at the excitement. a tie. a tie for a third year in a row at the scripps spelling bee. 11-year-old nihar janga. only a fifth grader. his co-champ, jairam hathwar. they both join me from washington. first of all, jairam hathwar, i understand you two are friends. did you dream of taking down your buddy or was this a scenario you guys had actually considered? >> well we actually were friends now for a year. we met in a similar competition
10:55 am
last year. and while we weren't thinking about taking down each other or anything, but once it came down to the two of us we both were trying to encourage each other to possibly become co-champions. >> nihar, you're justin fifth grade. your first time participating in the competition, as i understand it. did you think you could win it? >> no, not at all. >> not at all. are you going to come back next year? >> you can't participate in the bee once you won it. >> oh, if you could i bet you would be back. guys, here's something else that i found out last night. $40,000. that's the cash prize that both of you get. i see you're nodding jairam hathwar. i guess you knew that. what your spending your money on >> most likely be saving it for
10:56 am
college. >> of course. >> same here. i want to go to harvard, and i want to be a neurosurgeon and i want to focus on the brain so i can develop major cures for alzheimer's and parkinson. >> you guys left the spelling bee tied. but i want to see if someone can win my challenge. this is the name of a small town in wales. i'll show you the spelling. for perfect pronunciation watch your screen carefully in washington. here's the word. sunshine in northwest wales, just up the road. the temperature got to 21 celsius at 70 in fahrenheit. all right. there's the word. we'll start with you jairam hathwar. you're on the clock. >> well, first of all that word
10:57 am
isn't even in the miriam webster dictionary so it wouldn't be eligible to be asked at the competition. >> you smart alec. >> i can try pronounce it. >> i'll settle for that. [ pronouncing the city ] >> i'm going to show it one more time. i got to be honest with you. you probably nailed it. here's the word. we'll give to it. that was pretty doggone gone. congratulations to both of you. i didn't even get to see the end of the golden state game last night because i was so enthralled. congratulations. we're looking forward to see what to two of you do in the years to come. that will do it. i'm craig melvin. have a great holiday weekend. erika hill will pick it up on the other side of this break.
10:58 am
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