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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 27, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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hello, everyone, on this friday, a holiday weekend, i'm erika hill. we're monitoring several events at this hour in california which of course at this moment is the center of the political universe. several hundred protesters are on streets of fresno and san diego. the cities where donald trump is holding rallies today. this as trump reveals a 15 state strategy that includes winning california. that's something republican hasn't pulled off in decades. here's trump just moments ago blasting hillary clinton. >> himry is a disaster, folks. she has bad judgment. that was said by bernie sanders. he's giving me a lot of my best lines. i mean, he's given me such great lines on her. >> speaking of bernie sanders,
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also this hour he appears to be itching for that debate with donald trump. >> you saw what i did for you. >> you made it possible for us to have a very interesting debate. >> that's right. >> about two guys who look at the world very, very differently. >> oh, boy do you guys look at it differently. sanders for his part will speak at a rally in san pedro any moment. we'll monitor that. we'll bring you any news from that event. we want to kick things off at this hour with a protest at the trump rallies elsewhere in california. hallie jackson is in fresno where the rally from this morning is just wrapping up. what did we see out there a day after clinching the nomination? was there a different tone at all from donald trump on the stage? >> list gentlemen, he was celebratory. he's still up on stage. he start this event maybe 30, 40 minutes late. he met with farms here near
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fresno, obviously a big agricultural communities indicated by how he started his remarks talking about the drought, talking about some of the issues folks here face. you can see signs farmers for trump that the campaign has handed out hoping to lock down that support. they hope it will be a battleground come november. again a state that president obama won quite handedly by 20 plus points back in 2012. an uphill battle for any republican coming into california in the general election. what you heard from donald trump not just an acknowledgement reaching that delegate number that he needed yesterday but he also talked about that debate with bernie sanders. listen to what he said just a couple of minutes ago. >> she has bad judgment. that was said by bernie sanders. he's given me a lot of my best lines. i mean, he has given me such great lines on her and, you know, if i say it, they will say
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that's not a nice thing to say. so i always refer to bernie sanders. we do get much bigger crowds than him. we get much bigger crowds. i want to debate him so badly. i would love to debate bernie. >> reporter: that's something donald trump has been saying for days he think as debate with bernie sanders would be fun as you heard bernie sanders say on jimmy kimmel he hopes to go head-to-head with donald trump in order to press him on some policies they disagree. trump will head down south to san diego in california before taking some time off the campaign trail at least for tomorrow. he's been holding fundraisers here too. that's the other notable thing in california where he's come to try to raise money as he looks for a very expensive general election match-up, potentially raising a billion dollars. he's revising that goal downward to half that. >> thank you. meantime steve patterson is outside of the fresno rally where dozens of protesters are still gathered and earlier, you
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said it was a fairly vocal crowd. what's the scene like at this hour? >> reporter: from hundreds of people inside that love trump to00 of people outside that cannot stand him. i got to tell you the crowd has been loud. sizable. lot of vitriol, bull garbutt mostly peaceful. you can see the crowd surging, rotating in there. any time basically anybody comes through to go inside to see trump as we saw them come in they would start yelling and sending vulgarities and obscenist and goad the people coming inside. trump supporters would give it back, sometimes prodding them. so you would have these kind of verbal firefights across a police line. mostly peaceful probably because of the police. fresno has done a really good job about 150 uniformed police officers.
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some plain-clothes inside. but they are holding the line. they have a huge kind of parallel, about 30 feet between the protesters and the trump supporters. really the only thing to worry about now is course all of those people went in and now they have to come out. i spoke to the police chief. he's most concerned with when people are now having to start pouring back outside of that building. but so far really no incidents here in fresno. >> and as you said we'll be watching to see what happens as the event wraps up and people pour out. as we saw eefrl donald trump's fresno rally, steve was walking us through it drew a number of protesters. in just house the presumptive republican nominee will take the stage again in san diego. police there also bracing for demonstrations saying they won't tolerate violence. jacob is outside the san diego convention center where donald trump will hold his next rally. give us a sense at this hour. we know protesters are expected.
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we see some people behind you. i'm not sure if those are be folks in line to see donald trump or protesters. >> reporter: they are definitely not people to see donald trump. these are protesters. we expect hundreds of protesters to come. give you a sense of what we're doing. this is the barricade that separate the protesters and then you that have police presence, more gates. then an area of about 200 feet a buffer between where the supporters if they want to stand and chant and heckle back and forth are supposed to stand. nobody there because those trump supporters are, in fact, in line to see the event. if we walk up we'll show you where they are. they are already being let in. police say there's 2,500 of those supporters who have already been here, who have already gone in, most of them. they are very excited. a lot of them have been paying close attention to the rallies in recent days and weeks and seeing the violence. they applauded the police as they came by. we expect big protests here.
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six organizations that we found online that have been organizing for days to come. and then the big wild card always are those who don't advertise themselves online, but simply show up, you know, to cause violence. that's what the officers are really looking for, whether there are those who are not here to make noise but here because they want to pick a fight. back to you. >> jacob, thank you. we'll go back to fresno for just a moment because i'm told as we were speaking, jacob, as you were setting up the scene in fresno, on the other side of your screen, i believe this video of some protesters, donald trump yelling at the protesters to be yelling for them to be taken out or to get out. >> the cameras never take the camera off of me. the only way they take the camera off of me, the only way is when there's a protester. i love my protesters.
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>> donald trump talking about protesters. protesters in fresno have made their way inside to that event as we know hallie jackson is on the scene. she will keep us posted. i want to bring in now republican strategist and former adviser to jeb bush, michael steele. first i just want to get your take, if i could, michael on what we see happening here, the protests that we see oftentimes as hallie said the tone didn't change with donald trump, it was more celebratory. how is he representing the republican party, in your eyes, at this point? >> well, i think it was a sad day for the party and a sad day for the country when he clinched the nomination. i think for all of the hints and behind-the-scenes suggestions that we're going to see a kinder, againstler, mo-- gentle,
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he's still brash. >> it's interesting because we've talked so much about the need for unity and the push for unity within the party, that is once donald trump became the presumptive nominee, that happening before he hit that magic dermatology number. there's an interesting ad out today and then i want to get your take on the other side. >> the laws and regulations in effect when i was secretary of state allowed me to use my e-mail for work. that is undisputed. >> no evidence she had requested or received approval to use her personal account for official business. >> you said it was allowed. >> yes, it was. >> who allowed it. >> it was allowed under the rules of the state department. >> we're looking at an rnc ad attacking hillary clinton. but taking a page out of the donald trump playbook with some of the language there. so as we're seeing the rnc adopt
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that language, are you concerned about the future of the party because you're clearly not happy with the candidate. >> not at all. any republican candidate running against secretary clinton would focus on the massive failure of judgment was her e-mail scandal. this is one of the things that makes it so clear that she would be a disastrous commander-in-chief, both on national security and on the economy. >> there's also another headline today that we're seeing, though, is this shift coming from marco rubio. i want to hear a little bit of what he had to say and then i want to ask you about that as well. >> my sense is i'm going to go the convention. >> you are. >> and i don't know if i'll have a role in the convention but a lot of people are going there that were supporters. >> if donald trump asked you to speak on his behalf you would do so? >> i want to be helpful not harmful. i don't want hillary clinton to be president.
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i can be helpful to the cause i would be honored to be considered for that. >> i would like to get your take. how do you think marco rubio explains that shift because obviously this is not the way we heard him characterize or talk about donald trump in the past and then how would you classify it? >> senator rubio is wrestling with the same issue that tens of millions of republicans are wrestling with. we believe secretary clinton would be a disaster as president of the united states. she would double down on president obama's economic policies which left the middle class behind. and make america less safe. at the same time, all of the criticisms that senator rubio raised against donald trump in the past that he's not a conservative, that he is something of a con man all of those things remain true. so it's a really difficult choice and a difficult decision for senator rubio and for millions and millions of republicans like him. >> does it ultimately hurt senator rubio? >> i don't know it hurts senator
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rubio but i don't think donald trump will be able to win in november without uniting the republican party and uniting the republican party is going to require him to speak to people who have these doubts about him and somehow reassure them, allay those doubts so we can unify the party and win in november. >> we're seeing more and more republicans adopt that rnc ad adominating donald trump's language. there's a shared mission there neither one want to see hillary clinton elected. we're seeing more line fall behind donald trump rather than donald trump falling behind the party. lack of endorsement from speaker ryan. how important is that at this point moving forward? >> i think it's definitely important to continue, for donald trump to continue working with the speaker, to find some common ground, to find a way the speaker can endorse him and have a nominee we can be proud of. when it comes to the rnc's
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attack on secretary clinton's e-mail scandal i think any republican candidate would be -- it would be criminally irresponsible not to raise that issue because it's a massive failure of judgment on her part. >> one of the things that shaun spicer was asked earlier today about donald trump and his reaching out and some of the things he said and i'm reading this. of course he's spoken out in the past there are some issues with his words and phrases and the tone he's used but largely he's been successful in doing it his way. talk about the messaging that donald trump uses. moving forward, you as you have made very clear not a fan of donald trump, you're not a fan of the way he does things. but as more and more people fall in line behind him is this the message that ultimately will be represented this, kind of rhetoric and tone will represent the party? >> well, i think that there's no question in order to uniffify t party, donald trump has to take
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a different tone than he has in the past. no question his attacks on latinos, veterans, native americans, women have all had an effect on making it harder to win this presidential election. >> michael steele we appreciate your time. thanks very much. >> good to be with you. up next as hillary clinton struggle tolls shift the conversation way from her e-mail scandal donald trump promises he'll do his best to keep it front and center. >> she lies so much. and she was saying last night, so many things. donald trump wants to see japan get nuclear weapons. i never said that. donald trump wants to see germany get nuclear weapons. he wants to see south korea arm themselves. i didn't say that. i never even said close to that. shield technologies. whoa! like forward emergency braking
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we want to take you back now live to fresno california. outside of the donald trump event there. our steve patterson is covering the scene outside. as i understand it in less than ten minutes or so since we last spoke things are heating up. walk us through what's happening. >> reporter: less than five minutes ago i would say erika the protest movement surged from where it was in front of the building now to the back and what happened was a police line obviously saw this happening, they started suiting up in riot gear and formed a police line and started pushing people back as well. now it looks like that crowd that was surging in front of the police and stopped and recirculating trying to find where donald trump will come out or where trump supporters will come out or just to cause problems. we've kind of seen this behavior before when police have to get
11:20 am
involved and people are kind of guesting back into maybe thinking about getting into some violence. so, again, the crowd is kind of rearranging, recirculating around the building trying to either find an entrance or find somewhere else they can go where police have not formed yet. >> steve, we know you'll continue to northern it and let us know if anything else happens. we'll check in with you. steve patterson in fresno. bernie sanders is also speaking at the moment. tee, of course, in california at this hour. let's listen in a little bit. >> the debate in doing should not be whether we cut education or food stamps or health care, the debate should be how much the wealthiest people and largest corporations start paying in taxes. the debate should not be how
11:21 am
many people we throw off of the affordable care act, the debate should be why in the united states not every man, woman and child gets health care as a right. what the american people understand is that we are living with a rigged economy. look, here is the fact. if we were a poor nation and there are poor nations, if we were a poor nation we would have a certain type of discussion. but let us be clear, media won't talk about it but you understand it. this is the wealthiest nation in the history of the world. there is no excuse for 47 million people living in poverty. there is no excuse for american workers work two or three jobs just to earn enough money to take care of their families.
11:22 am
there is no excuse for women making 79 cents on the dollar. but this is what america is about today. it is a nation in which the top one tenth of one percent now own almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. 90%. does anybody think that has anything to do with justice or morality? i was in san francisco a couple of weeks ago and literally i could not believe it. there were people, i didn't know, honest to god if they were alive or dead they were lying out, sleeping i suppose on the sidewalk. you had to step over them. you have veterans sleeping out on the street. you have children in america who are hungry. i went to an american indian reservation where the life
11:23 am
expee exexpee expectancy is 58 years old. we got 29 million americans who have no health insurance and many of you have high deductibles and high co-pays. and yet we are living in an economy where almost -- >> bernie sanders speaking there talking about what he calls a rigged economy. speaking, of course, in california. as he's speaking donald trump holding a rally in fresno california, just four hours away. here he was moments ago. >> hillary is a disaster, folks. she has bad judgment. that was said by bernie sanders. he's giving me a lot of my best lines. it's really hard for me to watch her because honestly it's very boring.
11:24 am
you know. very boring. but i watched her last night and she lies so much. >> california is just one of the 15 states trump has said he wants to now put into play come november states that have not gone republican in a presidential election in decades. >> i want to focus on 15 or so states because we have to win. and i want my energy to be put in the states where it could go either way. we're going to play heavy as an example in california. now no other republican -- you know they wouldn't even go to dinner in california, they wouldn't do it. we'll focus on new york which everybody -- if for instance ted cruz any of the guys, good guys, but they are more traditional. if they won, if they got the nomination they wouldn't spend ten cents in new york, they wouldn't go there and they wouldn't do well there. if you look, it's a very tough path to get to the presidency if you're a republican.
11:25 am
>> our own battleground map shows he may have a point. in the seven toss up states you see on your screen, 95 electoral votes up for grabs. hillary clinton needs just 17 of them to become president based on that map. joining me now a political analyst, director of university of virginia center for politics. we want to dive into that 15 state strategy that donald trump is laying out but before we get there, he said something a short time ago. i want to get your reaction on the other side. >> so now she ends up in the "new york times". that's good, she has to say nice things. wrote a book said nice things about me in the book. she gets on and says he's not good. he's not good. he's this, he's that. he said to me don't have that piece of candy. [ laughter ] and i would never want to say she was heavy or not heavy i would never do a thing like that. >> it's coming back again.
11:26 am
that in relation to this "new york times" piece where they spoke with a number of different women. donald trump as we know does not have great numbers when it comes to women. does bringing this issue again and treating it in that light, how does that impact his struggle to gain more female support? >> well, it can't possibly help him. look, it's may and a lot of this won't be remembered by the fall, but if he persists in this kind of campaigning it will hurt in the fall because election day will be just a few months or weeks or days or hours away. so i think his campaign needs to be concerned that he's gotten into a bad habit, a bad pattern. not just with respect to women, look at the attack that he levelled on governor suzanna martinez, the republican governor of new mexico and the first latina ever elected governor of any state in american history. that was completely unnecessary.
11:27 am
it did him absolutely no good but he enjoyed doing it and when he enjoys doing something he does it. >> as we see. i want to take a look now. he's laid out this plan for these 15 states. and the key there is the ground game. he boasted to the ap he's deploying 15 state directors but an anonymous state campaign said it was ginned up to make it seem we're doing something when we're not. what is your sense of the trump campaign's ground game? is it in place for this kind of operation and is this his best strategy? >> no, it is not in place and his own people will say that off the record or at least some of them when they are not fighting wither to people in the campaign. and second, it's just a press release, essentially. it's declaring we're going to fight hard in these 15 swing states. well saying it and doing it are
11:28 am
two very different things in politics. it takes hundreds of millions of dollars to fight a ground game and do it well. you know, trump has actually mentioned california and new york. democrats hope he spends money in california and new york. maybe he thinks that if he says it and he spend as little money there somehow he'll induce the clinton campaign to spend money in california and new york. they would be sued for political malpractice if they spent a time in california or new york. >> we have to leave it there. enjoy the holiday weekend. >> same to you. president obama is en route to the u.s. after a historic trip to hiroshima, japan which the president stood where a bomb once fell and called for an end to nuclear stockpiling. >> among those nations like my own who hold nuclear stockpiles we must have the courage to escape the logic of fear.
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11:33 am
>> hey are you guys live? >> reporter: here's the deal. crowd has become incredibly mobile. what we're doing is trying to keep up with the crowd. if you follow me this way this is the end of the crowd and then back down here is where they are rotating all the way around the building. police keeping a very tight perimeter inside of this fence line that they built around the convention center. if you see any of them they will have full riot gear and vests. i want to take you around the corner and you can see where the crowd has gathered. this is where they were ten minutes ago, where they were trying to get into a back entrance to basically where the parking lot is. we figure where the trump supporters will come out after being inside the convention. now they formed up here on the steps and it appears like they have just blocking the sidewalk. really we see no incidents of violence yet. nothing has broken out. as they continue to kind of circulate around the building,
11:34 am
it's pretty clear that they are trying to find something and so we see here in the crowd, looks like a little bit of a scuffle. but this really what it's been like so far, erika since about 20 minutes ago the crowd has been surging around the building, just doing laps and so now here they've gathered and started chanting but, again, no incidents of violence that we can tell so far. >> no incidents of violence but keeping you on your toes. we'll keep checking in with you. appreciate the update. if you're packing the car, maybe getting ready to head out of town for the memorial day weekend holiday here's a look, live look at the east coast major highways. on your left the 76 expressway in philadelphia. interstate 93 in braintree massachusetts on your right. that looks more congested. millions of americans will travel this weekend, unofficial start of the summer. whether they are taking to the
11:35 am
rails, roads, air to get to their destination travellers are anxious. nobody wants to sit. nobody want as delay especially following the recent staggering delays we saw at so many airports. head of the tsa is preparing for large numbers of travellers. >> be prepared for large crowds and my goal is to make sure i move you even if you got a large crowd of people that i move you efficiently through that system. >> that is the goal. how is it working out? we have our team of correspondents fanned out across the country at a number of the nation's airports. we start things off with kerry sanders who is in atlanta. how are the lines moving at this hour. seems like they are moving fairly quickly? >> they are. they are moving very quickly. this is the bizziest airport in the world. if they are able to handle the crowds today you know they got things worked out. interesting one of the things they are doing a little bit different as we take a peek down here you'll see as people are walking this agent from the tsa
11:36 am
is walking towards us. look who is with her. that's dougie. dougie is the dog who is sniffing along and every once in a while there's a group of passengers who come through and they are each hand ad yellow little ticket. everybody who gets that yellow ticket and then is sniffed by the dog is cleared from having to take their shoes off, taking their computers out. when they get to the mad and bag they are cleared from all that. as we go along -- where your going? >> greenville, south carolina. >> how many hours are you. >> three. >> what do you think about the speed >> it's pretty fast p.m. >> what your going to do on the other side? >> read a book. >> we can see some passengers here who have arrived early, followed the advice. we met a few earlier who came at the last minute thought they could get through missed their flights and discovered as they
11:37 am
probably should have realized on a day like today every seat is sold out. when you miss your flight you get bumped to another flight there's no seats to get another flight on. >> that's when the old adage pack your patience comes in handy. we go to dallas-ft. worth international are arraignment. what your seeing there? what are flyers expecting there? >> well here you see getaway day here and they are expecting 10% over the usual amount of crowds. so far it's been pretty good. i want to show you the tsa up here. this shows the wait time at the 13 different checkpoints. it's zero in many places and where it's not zero it's less than ten minutes. let's go see how people are doing. now this line right here is to get your luggage checked and to check in. ma'am, where are your going today? >> edmonton. >> how early did you come to the airport? >> i missed two flights so far. >> so you're hoping today goes smoothly.
11:38 am
>> i came from midland this morning. >> you had trouble with the weather. >> i missed two flights. >> we had more than 400 flights delayed here in the dallas area yesterday. more than 50 cancellation. here's the bright spot in all of it. let's swing around and take a look. the tsa line currently is less than five minutes, maybe 20 to 30 people in line here and they have at this airport 13 checkpoints in five different terminals and this is just one checkpoint. at this checkpoint there are four people checking i.d.s and four lanes open. that may be why the lines are so small. erika, back to you. >> good to see. we want to head out to los angeles. scotty schwartz is monitoring developments at lax. how are things going there? >> today lax is expected to be one of the busiest airports.
11:39 am
it will be the busiest airport of the weekend in the entire country. 849,000 people are expected to pass through here. 229,000 people expected today alone. so far the lines are moving pretty decently. but one of the biggest concerns here at lax in l.a. in general sa is the traffic and they are encouraging people to take shuttles to cut down on traffic. even on the shuttles we are barely moving. this is the line to get into the traffic at lax. there's a horse shoe that will be right above this hill and that's where everybody has to go wait. there's 183,000 cars expected to come through here today just to give you a little bit of an idea of the congestion that we've seen and did you guys give yourself extra time today >> we gave ourselves an extra hour. >> you got tsa pre-check. >> exactly. >> you can breeze somewhat through. >> i hope i'm not hated too
11:40 am
much. >> we just checked in with southwest. lines are moving about 15, 20 minutes. so far, so good. >> let's hope it stays that way. we are also following some breaking weather news out of texas. there is heavy flooding in the lonestar state. some of the weather that had led to some issues at dfw. a week of severe thunderstorms in areas of the state. two people are confirmed dead. one person still missing. as much as 15 inches of rain have fallen in southeastern texas and more is expected. want to check in with a reporter in brennan, texas with more on the current situation for us. good afternoon. >> reporter: brennan is a city nuft northwest of houston, an hour and 30 minutes northwest of houston and it's raining. it has started raining again in this area but they have been pounded by record breaking rainfall. we have seen in less than 12
11:41 am
hours more than 17 inches of rain. so as a result a lot of these roadways have been damaged. they have collapsed because the pressure of the water and the rain is just too much for it to handle. this is a main street here in the city of brennan. it's called north park street. i want runs right down the middle from north stout. the sides of this street have completely collapsed. we're seeing these big gaping holes. these fences pushed by rushing water. orange cones, trash cans all sorts of debris. there was car against this fence that was flipped over on its side. it's now been moved. the owner of that car said he was driving in this area yesterday when this rain was happening and the water was waist deep and it actually picked up his car and moved it, slammed it against that fence. he had to get out of the car, stand on top of the roof and wait for tloich. somebody came by and helped him and took him home. this is the kind of storm damage we're seeing now. if you walk with me over here
11:42 am
you'll see these big chunks of asphalt that have been ripped apart. several inches thick here. a lot of damage here to the roadways but at this point city crews and brennan police have put up these orange cones and this yellow tape to prevent drivers from driving in this area because it is incredibly dangerous. we have been urging folks on our local station to stay home if they do not need to be out in this water. but two people have been killed in these storms. one person suffered from a heart attack and the second person actually drowned in those high waters. at this hour search crews are looking for a missing person and that person's vehicle, about ten miles east of where we are on the east side of brennan in myersville. we're seeing incredible pictures out here, terrible storm damage urging folks to be safe as this storm, this weather continues.
11:43 am
back to you. >> we also have some breaking news to get to. this weeks long verizon strike now over after 42 days union workers have reached a contract deal. striking workers are expected back on the job next week. the tech giants putting down roots far outside silicone valley setting up shop miles from detroit. which company is that? >> google is headed towards the motor city. the tech giant announced plans to build a self driving technology development center 30 miles outside of detroit in novi, michigan. the facility will serve as a hub for the company to work with its partners in the auto industry. last month google announced a deal with fiat chrysler. the office should open later this year. that's the update. cherg o-- check out more on
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>> you think he's really worried about me. maybe you're right. designee told me last night he doesn't like see you and hillary fighting. it's upsetting to him. >> i do appreciate his concern for me. i know that comes straight from his heart. but tell him that what i hope will happen is that, in fact, i will run against him as the democratic nominee for president of the united states and if i do we're going to beat him and beat him bad. you can tell him that. >> i'll tell him. >> bernie sanders there offering up his own fighting words for donald trump on jimmy kimmel last night. he's in a dead heat with hillary clinton ahead of the june 7th california primary. he's wrapping up an event south of los angeles. we dipped in for a bit earlier. chris jansing has more for us. >> reporter: so he's wrapping up after talking to this union crowd. one of the things that we've been looking at is who is
11:48 am
supporting bernie sanders. young women. in our analysis 68 to 31% over hillary clinton women under 30. so we sat down with a group of young women to ask them about the impact of the revelation of the e-mail controversy involving hillary clinton starting with a woman who served for six years in the u.s. air force. take a listen. >> i take national security really seriously, and, you know, the idea that she would have a private e-mail server, it demonstrates someone who thinks that they are outside of the rules and not accountable. it's reckless. and i don't -- the most disappointing part of all of it i don't think she's taken responsibility for it >> you're a supporter of her. are you worried about the controversial? >> i agree with the concerns. the report also stated she was not first person to do this, that this was a consistent thing with other people who held that office. when people are in positions of
11:49 am
power they have a responsibility and a duty to make sure that what they do is transparent. and the entire problem with this e-mail server issue is that she's not being transparent. >> you don't think even now. >> no. >> what she said about it. >> no. it's totally -- when somebody doesn't abide by the rules they are not being transparent and the rules are there for at that reason and, yes, she's being held accountable. maybe it's the political climate we're in. >> she's being criminalized versus being held accountable and there's a difference. for bernie supporters who talk about mass incarceration talk about how the system is broken we're criminalizing people of color but we're criminalizing one person for one mistake which defeast the purpose of -- >> no. for me it's not just about temp males. it speaks to her character. when we talk who we want leading us and in larger sense than just
11:50 am
specific policy issues or specific decisions, i want someone who i can trust. who i think has, you know, a character that is credible, and that, you know, i'm going to believe what that person says to me and i'll believe they hold themselves -- good leaders hold themselves to higher standards. she's not going that. she's above the rules. >> the greet irony of the e-mail exchange she moved people to support her through the emails coming out. you can see that she's a person that cares about her staff. she watches "the good wife." it's the great irony it humanized her in a very particular way. >> you think it's helped her? >> in some ways. a lot of people feel i understand herbert and i can see what she's like behind closed doors. a lot of times people have trouble interpreting her. she feels cold inauthentic.
11:51 am
she's not good at running office. this has shown her truer self who she is behind closed doors and people are surprised by that and they like her. >> reporter: the other women around that table skeptical the e-mail controversy is helping hillary clinton. you can see behind me people mobbing bernie sanders talking to a lot of people in this crowd. she will have a tough time getting the bernie or bust as they call them crowd to back her in the general election. in the meantime the campaign here energized by recent polls that show this to be a dead heat after hillary clinton not so long ago was beating bernie sanders by double digits. >> chris jansing for us live in california as bernie sanders wraps up and a fascinating discussion with those women. i want to get you another look at this microsoft pulse question. we're asking should donald trump and bernie sanders debate before the california primary? you are weighing in. here's a look at your responses that hour. pollster remains live.
11:52 am
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both donald trump and hillary clinton have historic negative ratings for presidential candidates opinion that's created an appetite for a third-party candidate. can the libertarian party fill that void. we go the libertarian convention in orlando, where the party will choose their candidate. i know you've spoken with gary johnson, the likely nominee of the party. what your hearing?
11:56 am
>> reporter: good afternoon. the libertarian convention is a more exciting place than it's ever been before. they have a record number of people here. they also got a comic book conference going on next doors. 30% increase in membership in recent weeks. the party chair says it's a boom year for them. gary johnson likely nominee he thinks he can pick-off voters from the republican party and democratic party but so far chatting with delegates voters are coming in here interested in the libertarian cause. say it will be coming from the republican voter base. i met a doctor who six weeks ago was a republican. he switched over to the libertarian party. i met another young man from arizona ten days ago he was a member of the republican party. now he's a delegate here in orlando looking to vote. a lot of excitement as can you tell looking to vote for the libertarian party leader and gary johnson is at 60% right now and nationally in head-to-head match-ups with donald trump and
11:57 am
hillary clinton he's at 10% right now. that's a record. back to you. >> we'll be following with you throughout the weekend. that will wrap things up for today's show. here's a final look at the roadways for you as we leave you this hour. have a safe memorial day weekend. remember the reason for this holiday on monday. i'm erika hill. thanks for spending some time with us. kate snow picks up our coverage next. you're watching msnbc. it's the time for your business entrepreneurs of the week. the founders of talk space station are re-imagining mental health care using technology they are connecting therapists with patients who communicate all via text. the idea is not without detractors but the company is growing quickly. for more watch your busiest on sun mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? our new cocktail bitters were doing well,
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which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone to get you a copy of my resume. umm, maybe keep your hands on the controller. look out!! ohhhhhhhhhh... you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. yeah that's probably safer. ok, cool. happy friday to you. i'm kate snow in new york and it is a busy one. if you're planning on hanging out with the family this holiday weekend or just kicking back at home there's a lot to tell you about before you break out the barbecue. just a week and a half to the end of the primary season and isn't that a relief. donald trump is in california on the latest stop of his republican victory tour. he had a rally in fresno a short time ago and he has another rally in san diego. a couple of hours from


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