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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 28, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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they didn't. donald trump has said he wants this year's republican convention to have more of a show biz feel. how about more of a sweaty basketball arena feel. watch this space. good morning everyone. i'm alex witt in new york at msnbc world headquarters. here's what's happening tflt wild west all three presidential candidates barnstorming california with three different messages. >> we can win here in california. with your support we can go into the democratic national convention with a great deal of momentum. >> we are going to win the state of california because people are tired. people are tired of the hillary clintons of the world. >> senator sanders and i, our supporters together, have so much more in common than we do with donald trump. >> who stands to gain the most with the victory in california?
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and why is donald trump there at all? hasn't he locked up the gop nomination? tropical storm warning just in time for memorial day weekend. it could be hitting the atlantic coast as early as later today. more on weather headlines. waiting game. did the tsa pass a big test at airports as the holiday season kicked off? details next in a report from a busy new york hub. and we begin with protests in california outside of both of donald trump's rallies, the first in fresno, then 350 miles to the south in san diego. demonstrators clashed with supporters at both of them although it was more chaotic outside of the rally in san diego. insults and punches were thrown. some protesters threw eggs and bottles of water at police who declared unlawful assembly and pepper sprayed those who refused to leave. in the end, 35 people were arrested. despite the large number of latino protesters, trump again called for a border wall and
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even chanted along with supporters at a rally in san diego, just 20 minutes from the u.s./mexico border. we're going to build the wall. we're going to build the wall. latinos for trump, i love you. you know. build the wall. we're going to do great with the latinos because i'm -- i'm bringing back jobs. the latinos, african-americans, we're doing great with african-americans. they want jobs. >> trump and hillary clinton are both off the campaign trail but sanders is in california holding three events today. the senator attacked trump at one rally. >> what this campaign is about is not allowing the donald trumps of the world to divide us
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up. demagoguery and dividing people up is just been going on for hundreds of years, what they want to do is tell us we're supposed to dislike people of mexican origin or muslims or blacks or whites or gay people and all that stuff. and you divide everybody up, and you know what happens, the rich get richer and everybody else gets poorer. we know that trick and we ain't falling for that trick. >> hillary clinton also stumped in california and former president bill clinton was in new jersey where without mentioning by name he attacked trump and sanders at an event. >> if you are for a future economy where everyone american can step on an escalate tear the future with more upward mobility hillary is your candidate. the only person you can vote for with a proven record of actually getting things done for other people. >> clinton's campaign added two events in new jersey ahead of
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the june 7 primary. democrats in wyoming are bracing for another possible showdown between clinton and sanders supporters when they meet to select 14 delegates at their convention today. although sanders won the caucus. clinton has four superdelegates which add up to 11 for her. the other gathering is a libertarian party national convention in its second day today in orlando, florida. and as we've said donald trump is still making headlines with a big decision friday. alex jafy, an early good morning to you. he is not debating bernie sanders after a lot of talk. what are you hearing about this change of plan and is this final? >> reporter: you know, it's not entirely a change in plansment we have been hearing it was more of a joke, donald trump's famous sense of humor. but bernie sanders kept upping the ante by putting out
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increasing releases, making plans, reaching out to some of the broadcast networks, so with donald trump finally ruling it out yesterday, both on the stump in fresno and in a statement he said he was concerned the networks wouldn't contribute the planned money to charity and also that he shouldn't be debating a second place finisher. he called it inappropriate in his statement. it seems like that is entirely put to bed. so those of us hoping for what really would have been sort of the political matchup of the century are going to have to wait until the fall for fireworks when donald trump joins likely democratic nominee hillary clinton on the stage. >> alex, okay, there is that. what about these rallies yesterday. anything surprising come out of that? >> reporter: you know, it's been said pretty frequently by donald trump but it still surprises, he claimed he could expand the map to blue states, that's why i'm campaigning in california and i'm going to win new york as well.
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but he also said that he could unite minorities and took aim at hillary clinton, that was in san diego, take a listen. >> because we're going to unify our country, we're going to take care of the hispanics, get jobs, we're going to take care of the african-americans who are really suffering in this country. and hillary clinton can't do a damn thing for them and she never will and guess what, she doesn't want to. okay. she couldn't care less. >> reporter: that was a surprise because as you saw, there were thousands of protesters outside of that event. many of them hispanic americans protesting his stance and rhetoric on immigration, we have yet to see how donald trump plans to do that but it was another sort of unorthodox strategy he has. >> probably not the last one. thank you so much. joining me now is jonathan allen, and author of hrc state
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secrets and the rebirth of hillary clinton and from washington, political reporter for the washington examiner and with a good saturday morning to you on this holiday weekend, thank you both for joining me. to you first, gabby. how much of a relief do you think it is to the clinton camp that a sanders/trump debate is not going to happen or did it even matter to them? >> it certainly mattered to hillary clinton's campaign. because of what donald trump would have likely turned this debate into, that would have been a complete fest of him and bernie sanders going after her and criticizing a number of her policies and once again exposing the differences that they have with the former secretary of state. hillary clinton had lost 11 of the last 19 democratic nominating contests, her campaign is having to do damage control over the state department's inspector general report released earlier this week. for donald trump and bernie sanders to get on a debate stage and participate in a debate that likely would have attracted unprecedented viewership is a
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headache that hillary clinton is presumably happy to have avoided. >> jonathan, look, you wrote the book on clinton. was there that kind of concern about this potential desfwhat >> i think it was a no win situation for hillary clinton. if donald trump wins he gets stronger, he looks like he's able to beat back a democratic foe, if bernie sanders wins, then bernie sanders gets stronger and the argument that he would be better in a general election gets stronger. this was the worst possible thing short of a state department ig audit that could have happened to hillary clinton this week. >> all right. gabby, you wrote about trump passing that 1237 delegate threshold. how did that happen on thursday? and does that mean there's no challenging now at the convention, period, it's over? >> well, north dakota decided it new have a primary or a caucus this election cycle, and that made all 28 of their national convention delegates unbound. so earlier this week when donald trump was visiting the state for
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that energy policy speech he gave, a handful of delegates announced that they would support him on the first ballot at the convention. so no, it's very unlikely at this point that there's going to be a contested republican convention. donald trump effectively became the gop nominee when he reached that magic number of 1237 delegates. but what we could see play out at the convention is a debate over the party's platform considering what donald trump has said about immigration, and trade deals and national security. that's definitely something we could see play out between his delegates and the delegates who support other candidates. >> june 7th primaries there, trump doing a lot of campaigning out west including new mexico. you wrote about himming critical of the governor of that state who had been among those in the vp discussion. how productive is it for trump to be critical of one of the gop's leading hispanic officials. >> it's not that productive when he is trying to unite a
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fractured republican party. i think a lot of this stemmed from donald trump getting feelings hurt because governor martinez decided not to attend that rally in albuquerque. so donald trump said before when he's wounded he likes to wound others, i think that's where a lot of these insults came from. but what is interesting is that he did receive some criticism from republican national committee officials over his decision to criticize martinez and even wisconsin governor scott walker came out defending her saying that she's not the type of woman to even care what donald trump has to say about her. >> okay. jonathan, in your article you write about the report on hillary clinton's private e-mail server. the report too soft on hillary clinton. with respect to this investigation by the fbi we should ♪ separate from the ig report. is there anything that could affect the ongoing fbi investigation? >> i don't think there is, in that report that makes her criminally liable in and of itself. i do think if the fbi were to try to move forward and
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recommend that the justice department pursue charges against her you start to get to a pattern of behavior that a prosecutor might use in making a case to a jury. i think we're a long way from that. i think it's extremely unlikely she'll end up being prosecuted but if it was to get to that point what you do see here is a real effort to evade, to circumvent, to subvert open records laws and no matter how many times hillary clinton says it, says that she was allowed to do what she did, she has been undercut by pretty much everybody who is familiar with those laws and rules for keeping open records and i think that's been harmful to her. >> in terms of poll numbers, the latest in california shows a tight race. what is the latest line on that? she is still the favorite, right? >> she goes in on a slight favorite. california, unlike some of the states where she pulled out muscle wins in iowa and in kentucky and massachusetts, places like that.
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nevada. unlike those places, in california really have to fight an air war and you have to get sort of that big momentum on your side. i think sanders has a good opportunity in california. >> you guys, thanks both so much. let's go to the weather and two big headlines, a tropical storm could ruin a lot of plans this weekend. plus t cleanup in central texas after record rainfall there. bonnie schneider is joining me with more on the weather. good morning. what a mess in texas. >> absolutely, alex. the good news is the rain there is really subsiding, now it's a matter of the water receding. and the tropical depression churning out in the atlantic getting convection to the north and west of the center of circulation. the question is will this become a tropical storm and by no coincidence i guess it will be bonnie. we're going to see likely a tropical storm by the time we get to later today or possibly tonight into the overnight.
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here is the track. it does become a tropical storm as the winds get stronger, above 39 miles per hour. by the time we get to sunday morning so kind of the middle of the night. keep in mind even if this doesn't become an intense storm we're looking at widespread impacts from rough search, beach erosion and high rip currents and heavy rain. particularly on coastal areas into the carolinas, i know it's the holiday weekend, people want to head to the beach. actually this moisture will linger into the coming weeks so we'll be talking about it on tuesday and wednesday across much of the mid-atlantic. in terms of texas, houston has record rain and bryant, texas we've seen so much over seven days, almost 20 inches of rain in some areas, 14 in others north of houston. the forecast is calling for drier conditions today, we are going to wait a while for the water to recede. here is your forecast, very warm temperatures, 91 in new york city, another hot one for today. it's a hot holiday weekend in
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the northeast and we'll be watching closely for sunday as we watch the advance of bonnie potentially impacting the carolina coast. finally for memorial day, we are looking at pretty good conditions but there will be stormy alopg the gulf coast. >> bonnie, thanks for the heads up. about bonnie and the rest. janet samblyion is in one of the city's hardest hit by the rains in texas. over 17 inches of rain. how is that city trying to recover? >> reporter: and they had -- have been slammed. this is a small community. they have never seen anything like it. i've lived in the houston area a long time. i have never seen anything like it in this area. there is a major artery in the community just washed away. one example of what they have seen over the past few days. as bonnie was talking the focus vale shifting to the southeast and that tropical depression that could threaten the holiday
4:15 am
weekend. across southeast texas relentless rain. >> 19.4 inches, almost 20 inches. >> reporter: leading to raging waters, flooding homes and stranding drivers. rescuers working around the clock. police in conroe breaking the window of a flooded car to save a woman who risked her life by driving around a barricade. throughout texas at least two dead and three feared missing believed swept from their vehicles. relatives say darren mitchell posted this of his truck filling with water before he disappeared. his caption, and all i wanted to do was go home. allen is cleaning up after riding out the storm with his family. >> we saw this tree come down and smashed my shop all to pieces. >> reporter: in the plains no relief. wind and hail in kansas and funnel clouds spotted in morehead, minnesota and fargo, north dakota. and in missouri close to 100
4:16 am
people forced from their apartment complex after flash flooding. >> it was crazy just for the fact of the roar of the water that was coming through and how fast that it came up. >> reporter: it follows a week of powerful tornados in the heartland, more than 100 reported since last saturday. and now, all eyes on the southeast. >> will it make landfall, possibly or maybe even hug the coast. >> as the season's second tropical depression, an increased danger of rip currents and rough surf. >> reporter: back here in brenham you're looking at the destructive force of flash flooding. what it has done to an artery here in this community and again, this is not an isolated situation. flood waters in texas they come up quickly, however, they recede quickly. and alex, now we have it's dry now, there are scattered showers in the forecast today. but this drier weather hopefully will give people a chance to assess damage on roads like this
4:17 am
throughout the area. >> it's all so frightening. that one picture you included that the 21-year-old who may have been swept away from inside his car, the water up there. no way he could get out of that. >> reporter: unbelievable. heart breaking. what gives you goosebumps is he had to know at that point there was no escape. as a mom that one just -- that kills me. that was hard to see. >> me too. thank you so much. holding out hope, coming up, who or what bernie sanders supporters believe could still bring down hillary clinton. paramedic. the value of nissan's... [safety beeping] intelligent safety shield technologies. whoa! like forward emergency braking that could stop your car for you. save even more with holiday bonus cash this memorial day, during nissan's safety today event. for a limited time, save up to $1,500 on the 2016 nissan rogue with $500 memorial day bonus cash. where can i buy it? sign me up!
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mr. trump is known to change his mind many times in the day. and i would you know, trump, he's a big tough guy.
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well, mr. trump, what are you afraid of? >> bernie sanders sharing the disappointment there will be no debate between him and donald trump. trump stepping back from that which he proposed saying it would be inappropriate to square off against the second place democrat. sanders is in california today as he works to beef up support in advance of the june 7th primary there. and danny freeman is in santa monica covering the sanders campaign. an early good morning to you. does the candidate believe he's got a shot at taking the golden state? >> reporter: good morning, alex. the simple answer is yes. senator sanders very much does believe he has a shot winning and taking california. there are a few things you can see as a tell that he believes he can take this state. the first thing is that of course he has gone up with ad buys in the state in places such as san francisco, fresno. but also you can tell because his schedule is so intense in the next 11 days leading up to that june 7th primary. he is spending just about every
4:22 am
day here in california holding multiple events a day and often big rallies. his goal to speak to 200,000 people at some of these large rallies before june 7. he was in san pedro last night at an event. check out what he said about the california strategy. >> brothers and sisters, we can win here in california. we can win in many of the other states coming up on june 7th. with your support we can go into the democratic national convention with a great deal of momentum. and we can come out with the democratic nomination. >> reporter: now, i want to highlight key word out of that sound bite is momentum. senator sanders believes a big win in california could give him the momentum heading into the democratic convention in july. he may still be behind in
4:23 am
delegate numbers, he knows that, but momentum is what he is looking for to make a strong case to the superdelegates to give him the nomination coming out of that convention. he might have hope because in california the recent polling shows a tightening race. >> okay. thank you, danny. if you expected chaos and long lines at the airport there is is one take away from the holiday weekend so far that might surprise you. (pilot talking to tower on radio) once you get out here... there's just one direction... forward. one time: now. and there's just one sound. you and us... together. telling the world... we're coming for you.
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4:27 am
earns finally kicking off their holiday weekend today that means you're probably driving so we found some pretty good tips for you. security lines wrapping around airports. as 4 million americans take to the skies ready to kick off their summer travel season. >> we were earned. we heard about the lines. we wanted to make sure we anticipated delays. >> i was hoping it would go faster. >> reporter: after coming under fire the tsa says 90% of the wait times at the country's 20 biggest airports were under 15 minutes by thursday. >> the average peak across the system is well below 30 minutes. >> reporter: still, 38 million americans are expected to travel this weekend. and while the airports may be packed, the roads aren't much better. >> we tried to miss the peak driving times of the morning and the evening as best as we can. >> reporter: 89% of travelers this weekend are taking to the roads, partly that's because of the low gas prices. at a national average of $2/32 a gallon, gas has gone up 18 cents
4:28 am
in the past month. but is still 42 cents cheaper than it was this time last year. >> we can pull in and fill up now and feel good about it. >> reporter: travel expert robert sinclair says if you are getting behind the wheel this weekend, there are a few important things to keep in mind. >> what's the first thing we need to check? >> you want to check your inflation pressure. you see we're at about 15 psi. >> is that good or bad? >> most tires are in the 30 range. this would be a severely under ifinflated tire. >> do the penny test. >> you want to make sure you are covering lincoln's head. >> this weekend millions of americans traveling by plane, train and automobile but hey, if that gets too stressful, you can do it the old-fashioned way. >> reporter: so if you didn't take a horse and buggy like me, that means you got to be extra careful on the roads. if you're headed to the airport, you might want to give yourself an extra hour, but if you are going to drive, that means you
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have to be careful of the rush hour. you may want to come back on sunday evening so you can avoid the monday evening rush because more on the roads, means there are more likely chances for accidents. >> oh, my gosh. i'll concur with that. i was driving from boston but north, epic. i remember thinking i would have turned right around. there was no way i was going to endure that. good for you. thank you, morgan. donald trump has essentially locked down the gop nomination. he is spending time and money in california. if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good,
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welcome back. i'm alex witt. bernie sanders is the only candidate out stumping today. he has three events in california. donald trump doesn't have any scheduleded appearances but grabbing headlines for an about face about debating bernie
4:33 am
sanders and a day of protests which rocked two cities in california. here is katy tur. >> reporter: battle ground san diego, protesters trying to climb barricades, clashing with police and getting rough with donald trump supporters. 20 minutes from mexico this is the closest trump has been to the border since last august. >> we're going to build the wall. we're going to build the wall. >> reporter: the headline friday was trump's about face on debating bernie sanders. >> if you're in first place you don't want to debate a guy in second place. >> reporter: releasing a statement that it would be inappropriate to debate a second place finisher. just a day after he told reporters the debate was on. >> we can raise for maybe women's health issues or something. if we can raise 10 or 15 million dollars for charity. >> reporter: sanders finding out the deal was off through reporters. >> i heard that he was going to debate me. then i heard he was not going to debate me and i heard he was going to debate me. now you tell me he is not going to debate me. i hope that he changes his mind
4:34 am
again. >> reporter: a trump/sanders debate the vermont senator's advantage shining the spotlight on him. sanders saying friday he's scared she'll lose to trump. >> am i worried? why do you think i'm going crazy, running all over the state of california. >> reporter: clinton not just battling sanders and trump but herself and e-mail scandal that won't go away. >> you compare the number of e-mails probably to the number of -- any number of tax returns she made public, she looks pretty good. >> let's bring in rick tyler, msnbc political analyst and joe watkins, republican strategist. so gentlemen with a good morning to you both. rick, i'll start with you. i want to talk about protests at donald trump's rally last night. 35 people arrested there. so where does it go from here?
4:35 am
what does a convention look like? a trump white house look like? will there be protests following him everywhere? >> i don't know about the white housement we'll see what happens there. but yeah, i think the protests are going to follow along. the protests have been at republican conventions forever. maybe this one will be quite larger. but alex, i think the protests help donald trump because they emphasize that you know, this is the left that's trying to shut down free speech, it doesn't help that you have a lot of mexican flags on american soil. i know people are trying to show their heritage and pride but it's sort of reinforces donald trump's message that you're losing your job to illegal immigration. >> rick, i got to ask. you said it helps donald trump. is that with his base? >> yes. >> or -- okay. >> all elections now -- >> anybody else? >> see, in years past you would say no, it's not going to help.
4:36 am
it won't win the middle. the middle's gone. so if you think about the way we used to think about elections like ellipse and you wanted to be in the middle. now it's like this. so it's the left and the right. there really is not many in the middle. so all elections now and obama pointed this out in 2008 and 2012 where he turned out his base and won and the republican party still trying to get the middle which doesn't exist and the republican party needs to do is turn out their base. when he turns out his base which he is doing which by the way right now it's mostly working class white voters, the republican party needs to attract minorities, hispanics and african-americans but donald trump doesn't have a strategy to win that way. he's got to turn out the white working class voters. bernie sanders is turning them out and if clinton can't keep bernie's voters she's probably going to lose. >> does it hurt trump, joe, to back out of a debate with bernie sanders? >> no, i don't think it hurts him. donald trump continues to
4:37 am
demonstrate his ability to really dominate the media with the story of the day. and this is what this is. people for another 24 hours or 48 hours are going to wonder will he or won't he. will-y change his mind, debate him. at the end of the day i don't think there is a lot for donald trump to gain other than remind democratic voters that the primary process is not been fair on the democratic side to bernie sanders. bernie sanders is talking about the rigged economy, donald trump is saying that the democratic process is rigged against bernie sanders and get as chance to remind democrats of that. >> rick, why is trump in california? he's got no opponents left so what's the point of campaigning there. is that throwing away funds for a general election? >> i think he wants to finish strong in california. if bernie, excellent points, spot on there, but if bernie wins california you know, you're going to have hillary clinton lose her last state even though she's going to be the nominee and go in weak and donald trump wants to finish strong. >> so joe, trump says he is
4:38 am
going to focus on 15 states likely including new york, ohio, michigan, florida. so what does he need to accomplish there? is it too late in the game to build that kind of support that he needs in those states? his ground game, how effective is that? >> well, he's looked at the electoral college map and going to rely on the ground game that the rnc put in place. they have over 3600 staffers around the country in place and have been in place for a long time in a lot of these battleground states and look to build where they need to build. look already at the key states of places like ohio, pennsylvania, virginia, florida, those are the key indicator states in the electoral college. he will look to strengthen in places where republicans have not been strong so he's smart to concentrate on the few. >> rick, when you were opposing donald trump talk about his ground game. did he have much of a ground
4:39 am
game? are you worried that if he doesn't -- >> no. >> worried about november? >> we had a terrific ground game. the media in to look at our headquarters and see all of the phone calls. we let the reporters go out and knock doors. >> that was you guys. ted cruz had a great one. >> with trump they won't let people in. here's the problem. look, ground game can be worth up to 2 to 3 points. if this is close you would hate to have the idea they lose on the ground game. i don't think the rnc is a substitute for that. people, unless the rnc can organize the trump voters because people go out for a candidate, not going to go out for the rnc. you know, the conservatives are not going to knock doors for the republican national committee. so look. it's also part of this internal struggle with the trump campaign. there's a lot of internal rift there which donald trump encourages. i get accountability and internal rivalries if they are healthy. these are not healthy.
4:40 am
so while they are battling each other they are not organizing. if the trump does win election that's going to be problematic. >> i want to ask about the mitt romney factor. it's extraordinary that the former presidential nominee for the party is speaking out against the current presumptive nominee or official nominee depending how you want to word it. in "the wall street journal" he says he is talking against trump so he can sleep at night. talk about that. and is that all he's hoping for? >> well, earlier on the process there was some thought that perhaps his strong statements against donald trump were in the event of a brokered conzrengs that he might be able to sway. but the reality is that the train has left the station here. donald trump is the presumptive nominee. he has already the 1237 delegates that he needs. mitt romney of course a great american, he has the right to speak his mind and tell americans what he thinks but with regards to how it will impact the election it hasn't so
4:41 am
far. donald trump won this hands down. >> joe and rick, thanks so much for joining me on a holiday. comedies to action, a lot to choose from this summer at theater. >> get out of my friend ghost. >> ouch, that's going to leave a mark. >> take a pill too. >> yikes. will these films look up to the hype. a preview next. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. we showed these hey yeveryday experts...ide? i'm a police officer. paramedic. the value of nissan's... [safety beeping] intelligent safety shield technologies. whoa! like forward emergency braking that could stop your car for you. save even more with holiday bonus cash this memorial day,
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4:45 am
chief film critic, ann, let's talk about this, a mock some call it a pop version of spinal tap. what are you hearing about it? >> all i hear about it is from what i saw from the trailer, the rest of that trailer we saw that clip from. and it looks really funny. with these things it's all in the execution. and it's all in the possibility that the movie has more to it than just what -- they didn't cherry pick all of the good pieces for the trailer. but i think all of the creative elements with andy sandberg and all of the kind of forces that are coming into play here, bode very well for this movie and it's definitely on my highest want to see list. >> great. good to know. it's got a terrific cast. let's talk about x men apocalypse. how is this different from the others? >> well, you know, it's introducing a lot of new characters. and i think it's sort of a piece
4:46 am
what we've been seeing so far this year from these comic book movies. except for dead pool was which an outlier and a huge hit. we got batman v superman, then captain america, these are big long overstuffed crowded multi-layered, multi-character movies. and it seems like apocalypse is continuing that to the point of almost exhaustion. it's interesting to me i feel like the studio is sort of managing expectations on this one. i don't think that they are necessarily predicting that it will do as well as the last one in terms of this opening weekend. and for my part, i'm interested in how audiences, if audiences will finally just become exhausted by keeping track of so many characters. but this one is introducing oscar isaac in the title role. that's always you know, it's
4:47 am
like captain america, it's introducing inyou characters and new young actors. >> which means more sequels down the road. the ghost busters all female cast. what the are expectations? >> this one of course has become caught up with this sort of political run this year and the political context, because when the trailer first dropped, it got this huge backlash from men who were upset at the idea of an all-female cast so it's become highly politicized and you know, the other day the cast went on the ellen degeneres show that hillary clinton went on that married those two in the way i don't think the studio was excited about. i think what we're all just waiting to see is, again, execution. i feel like the first ghost busters really was a bill murray movie and when you go back and see it, it was by no means perfect.
4:48 am
it had its dead spots and its flaws. this is more of an ensemble. will it be a melissa mccarthy movie. she is an incredible amazing force of nature and commerce at this point. >> and a force of fun. >> in the film business, indeed. again, very promising team and paul fieg at the helm. we're excited. >> let's get to talking about jason bourne movie. it's universal pictures movie but take a listen and look at the clip. >> this is jason bourne. >> i need to talk. >> 32 kills. people all safer because of what you did. >> this one has been a monumental money maker for sure. does it live up to the hype? >> well, we don't know yet because they haven't screened it for us yet. what's interesting is that for the longest time matt damon said he would not come back to the franchise unless paul greengrass, his director in the
4:49 am
other two that they did together, who is a wonderful direct e he held out for him to come back. which he has done. so it's re-uniting those two which bodes well. because i really respect greengrass as a filmmaker and his taste. what is interesting to me is that the writer didn't come back. that's tony gilroy who is a smart guy. >> super talented. >> very talented. very gifted. and also directed that kind of reboot that they tried with jeremy renner. so there's a lot of subtex to this. really for my point of view, i'll be interested in the writing. in terms of the structure, the story, and just how smart and novel it is. they are touting this chase scene. the greatest chase scene. >> they say it's epic. everyone is looking forward to. we're showing clips of that. i want to get to finding dory, ellen returns as the fish from finding nemo. what are you hearing about this one? i got to say it's top on my list. i want to see this. >> it's definitely the top of
4:50 am
our list. this is such a long thing. they have been talking about this almost since finding nemo went off the screen. then they -- of course she announced it on her show. as a product of fan requests. they just -- they knew they were going to do a finding nemo 2, but coming from people moo loved that character and wanted to see a movie. what i like about pixar is they really won't do it until they get that story right. this goes back to the script. they focus on getting that script right. and the emotional tone correct. the fact it has taken this long they won't let it loose until it's ready. >> what i appreciate about you is the fact that you respect the writing so much. that's the way i am too. without that you never have success. let's hope the writing is up to
4:51 am
par which i'm sure it will be. thank you. good to see you. happy holiday. 2.5 million to 11.8%. some of the numbers that matter this week in politics. we'll explain next. is touching. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing this... is how it begins... with a mighty roar... that tells the world... we're coming for you. don't let dust and allergies get and life's beautiful moments.
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. as we come near the end of the primaries next week here in california and eight other states not only is there some public discontent with the process itself but also with the results. there are those who don't care for either. >> that was david brinkley's commentary on this day in 1980 and it came on the heels of a mention by then anchor john chancellor on public sentiment about the presidential race at the time. >> ti"time" magazine has a polln which voters were asked which presidential candidates excited them. 45% said none.
4:55 am
>> let's fast forward to today and five numbers that exist. steve, with a welcome to you let's get to the first number, 2.5 million. who is spending this money and where? >> these are two democratic candidates spending money in california and to a lesser extent new mexico. most of it is from bernie sanders. he is spending about 1.8 million of the 2.5 million. that seems like a lot of money but it is not. the candidates spent about 10.5 million before new york primary last month. we are still ten days out from the california primary but this is how much they are currently planning to spend. >> california ad buys are expensi expensive. 11 11.8%. >> that is hillary clinton leads over bernie sanders in california. there is a lot of attention on a public policy institute of
4:56 am
california poll that showed clinton up two. that is the only poll so far that shows it. that clip from john chancellor, we will hear from the field poll next week. we will get other sources to see if that two-point lead is real or if that is the outliar and hillary clinton's lead is a little more solid than that. >> let's go to 4.8%. >> that is hillary clinton's current lead in the beauty contest primary in washington state. you recall tuesday night donald trump won washington state republican primary. hillary clinton won the democratic primary. it didn't count for anything. they had a binding caucus in march which bernie sanders won. so far almost 800,000 voters have voted in this mail in nonbinding beauty contest primary in washington state. it sort of under cuts bernie
4:57 am
sanders -- bernie sanders has done a lot better than higher turnout primaries so far. >> the next number, 95. why is this a big deal? >> the number of unbound delegates that donald trump has committed to him. that is what caused him to cross that key threshold on thursday, the associated press, nbc news declaring he had crossed the 1,237 threshold because 95 delegates were unbound said they will vote for him at the republican convention. that is not that big of a surprise. it does signal that some folks who were able to go to the convention and vote their conscience have come around to donald trump despite the fact you mentioned mitt romney earlier this hour still holding out. these delegates have come around and are backing donald trump. >> and the number 61%, that is about voters. >> this is from the nbc wall street journal poll. this is the number of voters who
4:58 am
say it will matter a lot. the results of the presidential election will matter a lot. this is historically, candidates always say this is the most important election of our lifetime. voters have started to believe that. in the 90s and right before the elections in 1992 and 1996 voters didn't think who won mattered that much to them and to their family and their lives. voters don't feel that way now. they think this is a key choice and this goes back, this is not just this cycle with hillary clinton and donald trump. this goes back to 2012 and 2008. it is really a modern sort of phenomenon. voters really think it matters who wins. >> it does, in fact. thank you so much. could the libitarian party rule the white house? i will talk to former prosecutor william well. a tropical storm forming that could ruin memorial day plans.
4:59 am
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