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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 28, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> we can win here in california. we can win in many of the other states coming up on june 7th. with your support, we can go into the democratic national convention with a great deal of moment momentum, and we can come out with the democratic nomination. >> meanwhile the democrats in wyoming are bracing for another possible showdown between clinton and possible supporters when they meet at their convention today. the clinton has an additional four superdelegates, which adds up to 11 for her. the other big gathering today is the libertarian party national convention. it will be in its second day now for orlando, florida. let's go to chris jansing. she's with the sanders campaign in santa barbara. describe the scene.
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there a lot of people there, that's for sure. >> reporter: it's not a great day here, especially along the coast. we started showing you pictures at 6:00 this morning. my crew tells me they were actually coming starting at 4 a.m. for an event that hasn't even started yet here. he's been drawing thousands of people. that was a big question, right, once hillary clinton got so close within less than a hundred delegates of winning the nomination, would people sort of feel like, well, you know, it's over. well, these folks don't feel it's over. this is his 13th event this week alone. he has been crisscrossing the stay by the end of the day. interesting to know that hillary clinton not only added stops here, he was at least in a five, six, seven places here in california since tuesday. she's also adding stops in new jersey. that's where on the 7th she would like to close all of this out. the last 24 hours have been dominated of course by this will
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they or won't they back and forth between bernie sanders and donald trump over this supposed proposed debate, something that obviously would have been very good for bernie sanders and would have drawn enormous crowds, as all the debates have. but this might have been the biggest overall. late yesterday donald trump saying he's only going to debate the first place finisher and that does not include bernie sanders. the interesting thing i think is that it was kind of a reprieve for hillary clinton, who had been facing a lot of criticism about this inspector general's report about her e-mails. that kind of took the attention away from it for at least 4 hours. both of them, by the way, hillary clinton and donald trump, you will not see bernie sanders in that time, he'll be in california, not in urban areas where hillary clinton is strong with african-american and latino voters but places like
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this college campus, he's been killing hillary clinton with the young vote, the under-30 vote, including under-30 women, including places where, frankly, they haven't recovered as quickly from the recession and where people really respond to his message of income inequality, all the kinds of things we expect to hear from him when he takes the stage shortly this morning. alex. >> chris jansing under a little bit of an early cloud of the june gloom that locates there along the coastline of california. >> joining with a welcome to yo we'll start with a poll showing that clinton is virtually tied with sanders. did clinton widen her lead? if so, where did that happen? >> i thisnk it's too early to say. she has such a long history with
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the state. she has been coming here for years. her husband clinched the nomination here. similar polls show her up 6, 8% i think there's a big question about whether this poll is is an outlier. >> bernie sanders said donald trump backed out of the debate because he's scared to go up against him. should he have done it? >> i think it would have helped bernie sanders. but there's an interesting complication in all of this. to my mind sometimes donald trump is crazy like a fox. i think that by backing out of this debate, he encourages sanders' supporters. he gives further heft to their argument that he is afraid of sanders. it helps donald trump if bernie sanders does better because he
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thinks that his general election is going to be hillary clinton and he wants her damaged within the democratic party as much as can be the case. >> sima, just one day or so after sanders announced that his $1.5 billion ad line in california would take place, clinton said she's going to be a spend being $1 million. did i say billion i? meant million. a win in new jersey will easily put her over the mark so why such a big focus in california? >> california is an enormously diverse state. a loss here would be embarrassing. she wants to go out with an exclamation point, have the wind at her back as she goes into the convention instead of having headlines for three weeks saying she lost one of the most democratic states in the nation to a socialist. >> that makes sense.
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>> and they're seeing hillary clinton dealings with the e-mail controversy. >> my personal opinion is an indictment is rather unlikely, but it just goes at this point about the real chasm in the democratic party, particularly from sanders supporters, who at this stage know they need something extraordinary in order to derail clinton and they want that extraordinary thing, an indictment, to happen. >> but what more could the party be doing to get on sanders' good side so that, you know, when all is said and done there's a more cohesive democratic party? >> well, i think there's a couple of concessions i could make.
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i see that today the sanders campaign is trying to change the make up of the national convention. but i think it is a fine balancing act for the democratic party because they need to bring sanders on board by offering perhaps some concessions yet not so many as would actually fuel this primary fate and deepen the divide that they're trying to alleviate. >> seema, how damaging do you think overall this e-mail situation can be for hillary clinton in light of this week's inspector general's report? >> i have sort of two different thoughts on that. first of all, i think she owes donald trump a gift basket or a present as somebody put it in one of the papers today for distracting so much of the attention with his talks of debates and rallies. this report was in the news but it could have been a far larger story if there weren't other stories going on. hillary clinton has been in the public eye for a quarter century or more. there are very few people in this country who don't have an opinion about her, who either really dislike her or really
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like her. if you really like her, you think this is past of the vast right-ring conspiracy. if you don't like her, you think it's another example of the clintons feeling they're above the law. i don't think it's going to change a lot of minds about her. >> we're going to put up a graphic that says the control of the senate, the oddsmakers say the democrats have a 65% chance of retaking control. how big a deal is that? will you put that in perspective? >> obviously it makes a huge difference to the president if the president were to be a democrat and have a democratic senate, that makes a lot of things easier. those odds are pretty substantial of the democrats, who are in the minority at the moment. and i think the odds you have just illustrated there, alex, really go to the point of why so many republicans here in washington are very concerned about the effects of donald trump as their nominee on national races, on control of the senate, and even further
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down the ballot. >> do those numbers seem right to you, though? 61.5% believe the odds are that democrats will take over the senate? >> well, certainly the democrats very much fancy their chances. they are trying to take seats in states that president obama won in the 2012 election. so definitely they feel that they are on offense and that those odds seem prodbroadly in with that. >> thank you both very much. >> a tropical storm could ruin a lot of plans along the carolina coast this weekend and beyond. also, the clean-up in central texas after record rainfall there. meteorologist bonnie snyder is joining me with all the weather headlines. take it away. a lot of people are banking on some good plans this weekend. >> in the carolinas, we have a tropical depression that will affect you. it's just starting to make its
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way across the carolina. we have a ways to go. and this storm is likely to intensify. the next name is tropical storm bonnie. that's right. no relation to me. we'll see this storm emerge later on today and tonight in terms of intensification. not like a huge storm. but keep in mind, it's going over the warmer waters of the gulfstream right now and that is why we're likely to see some intensification. right now winds are at 35 miles per hour but we are seeing a slowdown. the movement is to the northwest at 13 miles per hour, still a ways away from charleston but those rain bands are coming on shore. right now light rain reported in charleston. when i open up the radar, the bulk of the participation will work its way to florida and as far south as daytona beach tomorrow. the strongest winds are at charleston at 17 miles per hour. they will pick up today and tonight especially. landfall is expected to be sometime in the early hours of sunday but we're really going to get some of that heavy rain and
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tropical storm force winds as early as tonight. rip currents straight for tomorrow and keep in mind the heavy rain, especially in coastal areas, we could see up to 3 inches. speaking of heavy rain, it's dry right now over louisiana and texas but it has been anything but in and around the houston area. on thursday almost 20 inches of rain in one spot north and west of houston. that's why we still have a ways to go for floodwaters to recede. once again another day today at 90 and we'll see them again for sunday as well and for memorial day itself, if you're traveling or you're planning to do a barbecue, keep in mind we have stormy weather to contend with, at the same place we've seen it before so oklahoma and texas, rain is in the forecast and we do have dry and hot conditions, temperatures climbing to the 90s. storminess as far to the north as well.
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we'll be watching for impacts on memorial day as tropical storm bonnie forms later today and tonight. >> another state is joining texas to appeal transgender bathroom rules. i'll ask the attorney general of texas why he believes it's overreach. paramedic. the value of nissan's... [safety beeping] intelligent safety shield technologies. whoa! like forward emergency braking that could stop your car for you. save even more with holiday bonus cash this memorial day, during nissan's safety today event. for a limited time, save up to $1,500 on the 2016 nissan rogue with $500 memorial day bonus cash. where can i buy it? sign me up! shop your local nissan store and today. ♪ twell what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut.
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. what we have a problem with is the obama administration coming out with a one-size-fits-all policy and they did it without congressional approval and did it outside the stated law in these statutes. >> that was the attorney general of texas, ken paxton explaining
10:16 am
why they are suing over the transgender bathroom guidelines. joining me is the texas attorney general, ken paxton. thank you for joining me. i appreciate your time. >> thank you for having me on. >> you say this is about federal overreach. tell me why you don't see this as a civil rights issue. >> it may be a civil rights issue but the authority vested in congress to change law comes in our constitution. there have been congressmen who is tried to change law to address this issue, it hasn't happened. so the president has come in as the president, he's come in and changed this and he doesn't have the authority to do that under the constitution. that's the argument. we think it's right. >> if you were to believe this was a civil rights issue, would there be a pathway to allowing transgenders to use the bathrooms in your state?
10:17 am
>> this is governed by congress. if they want to have that political debate, i'm all for political debate and i'm all for congress making the decision. those are our elected representatives. but one person should not have the ability to come in and change the law. >> why can't states move to either accept or reject this? >> well, there's no authority right now to change this law. states can do -- in our state we deal with it on a case-by-case analysis. we have local teachers and parents and we have school districts that handle this on a case-by-case basis. what we don't like is having an elicdict from washington saying this is the way you're going to do it, even if the situation doesn't require that. >> do you understand the situation with which say a
10:18 am
transgender female, was born male but dresses as a woman, conducts herself as a woman, do you understand the sensitivity with which that person would enter a men's bathroom and be instantly uncomfortable, let alone make everyone else around her uncomfortable. >> it makes sense but this is an issue that schools have dealt with for years and years and they deal with it on a case-by-case basis. this should not be pushed on us by an administration that is overreaching. >> but attorney general paxton, if that is the case, is the reason why the texas state legislature couldn't take this issue up and make its own rules that would be enacted within your state? >> sure. the texas legislature is a legislative body duly elected by the state of texas. they have every right to take this up. we'll be back in session in january. they have every right to deal
10:19 am
with this. >> let's look at how this breaks down. it's almost split right down party lines. why do you think overall the gop has such a problem with the obama administration's guidelines. >> it's the guidelines but it's also how it's being done. it's being pushed down our throats. it's not working through the process as the founders set this up, which is our elected representatives are the ones that are supposed to pass laws and change laws. i think you see just a push back from states and you have for the last several years where the obama administration doesn't follow the constitutional process and they end up acting like, you know, a king. >> how do you see this playing out for your state, the lone star state? >> well, we're going to be in court very soon, i'm sure. i'm very optimistic about how it's going to go. i think you'll see other states participating beyond what you have now. we're going to go defend our school on the threat of losing
10:20 am
federal funds if they don't follow the guidelines. >> let's turn to south carolina where our tropical storm warning is in effect for the next 24 hours as a depression gathers strength in the atlantic. dave markov is still in myrtle beach, south carolina where that storm is supposed to hit. about an hour ago you thought it was coming your way in half an hour with the rain. is it there yet? >> we felt a drop. a tropical depression, it's depressing. these ladies here, they're from nashville. it took them nine hours to drive all the way from nashville to south carolina to get to the beach and now these are the very last minutes. you can see that all these families are pulling up stakes here. last chance to build a sand castle down here. but they will be moving inside. not only is it all these families here, but there is a
10:21 am
massive bike rally, a motorcycle rally here on the beach and that is not necessarily something that you can do indoors. as far as the storm, it's possibly going to turn into a tropical storm. that would be bonnie, about 2 a.m. or so it will hit the beach here but it's going to start raining any time now. look at that sky. can you see how dark those clouds are and it's just going to get worse. so, alex, the most depressing thing we have to do is put this on at this point. this is not what you want to be wearing on the beach on memorial day weekend, but, you know, it's the job and you got to do that, right? >> i know. you always have to dress the part there. hey, is it humid? >> reporter: it's a little bit humid but it just feels like a nice day right now. but we know what's coming. we know that's going to turn into a storm and we're going to have to bring all those barbecues inside. maybe you can cook on a patio that has an overhang there and
10:22 am
then bring the barbecue stuff inside. but that's not as fun as doing it right here on the beach. that's so horrible when you have all those people. those girls went nine hours from nashville to here and now they have to end their vacation because of this storm. that's the same story for 2 million people up and down the carolina coast and that does not include tourists. >> and poor dave. you're depressed having to talk about this situation. good luck with it. thanks. >> it is the reason so many americans are hitting the road this holiday weekend and that's next. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill.
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(man) hmm. ♪hat do you think? (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. welcome back, everyone. i'm alex whit here in new york. some republicans are looking for an alternative to donald trump, more attention is focused on the libertarians. do you think there's a bit more
10:30 am
excitement at this year's water convention than at previous ones? >> reporter: without a doubt, alex. there's a record number of attendees here. a quick illustration is it's personal freedom, personal responsibility and economic fiscal policies. and drug legal signaturizatiole. there's a hemp stand here. they would like hemp farming to come back to america. we are an hour away to determine who is in the presidential debate tonight and who will have a primary place tomorrow when the nomination actually occurs. this is for perry, peace, freedom, love and liberty and austin peterson, he was a playwright from missouri, the son of a landscaper. if you come a little bit further, you can see the room
10:31 am
where the delegates will be gathering to make their final vote tonight, right through here. all of this is going to be filled. they have a thousand delegates this year. that's more than they've ever had before. gary johnson, former gop governor of new mexico is the front-runner, he's polling at about 60% within the party, 10 nationally against hillary clinton and donald trump. the question is who will he take more votes from if he's nominated, trump or clinton. we caught up with him to ask him that question. here's what he had to say. >> there's just so many things i'm 108 degrees with donald trump on, starting offer deporting 11 million illegal immigrants. let's just start with the premise that immigration is really a good thing. we're a country of immigrants. with that said, let's not deport 11 million illegal immigrants. really, it's a craze notion. building a fence across the border is a crazy notion. >> and, alex, the gary johnson
10:32 am
campaign here is no joke. he's at 10% of the polls. if he gets the 15% in five national polls, he'll ought matly becomema -- automatically become a part of the election. this is no joke at all. >> we should say it's a very serious contender, could be. >> no public events for donald trump today. police say 35 protesters were arrested yesterday after violence erupted on the heels of the trump rally in san diego. any response yet from trump's camp about the protests, katie? >> reporter: no response from the trump's camp about the
10:33 am
protests. this is something they've come to expect when he travels to the larger cities. protests even in fresno as well. whenever donald trump comes to an area that's either closer to the mexican border or california, frankly, he's met with large scale protests. aids from the trump campaign will tell you these protests actually help their cause. it makes them look as if donald trump is speaking out against pc culture, he's standing up for the rights for those who feel he's been pushed to the side and ignored for the past few decades and forced to adhere to this new way of speaking and living that they just frankly don't agree with. this thing helps their cause, they believe. as for the protests themselves, there were a few organized protests there, one from local unions but then also the san diego democratic party. that being said, they were largely the peaceful protesters, the ones that got out of hand
10:34 am
were those that stayed later after the convention. the ones that were trying to get into it with trump supporters waiting for them to get out of the rally and then the ones that just stayed for hours afterwards, refusing to leave. it seemed to be looking for a fight between police or between trump supporters. the organized protesters left much, much earlier. but the trump campaign is moving on regardless. they are going to be back in california we believe next week of course. the primary here is on june 7th and regardless of the fact that they're not actually competing with anybody any longer, they are still campaigning in this state because they want to turn this very blue state red and they do believe they had a shot at doing that. at least they claim they do. >> katy tur, right there for us from san diego. >> let's bring in my next guests. welcome, gentlemen, to you both.
10:35 am
you recently defended donald trump's public persona, telling the "boston globe," "you can't become a multi-billionaire by giving heads of corporations unfavorable monikers." what are we missing? what do you know that we don't? >> it's not that i know something you don't, it's just that i've been out on the campaign trail for two, three cycles. i've seen the anger progressively get worse. the level of discourse has declined, the decorum has dissipate patri dissipat dissipated. what we're seeing is a culmination i think of several past sykes -- cycles. when the rhetoric gets so bad, you're able to raise dollars. all the networks want you on if you're going to be a little bit of a fire brand. so it's been popular to do that for the past several cycles.
10:36 am
people have won elections using that type of tactic and here we are today with someone who is speaking for the american people. the cap driver turned around to me and said you're going to fox. i said what's the deal with trump? he said he's yelling all the time. he side finally someone is yelling for me. and i think he encompassed what a lot of americans feel. they want someone talking the way they talk, sticking it right to the folks who have been sticking it to them for the past decades. >> the latest election polls show hillary clinton in a statistical tie after she spent months with a commanding lead. how do you have explain her slip in the polls? >> well, frankly, she's in a tough primary. she's running against two people right now, both bernie sanders and donald trump as she looks forward to a general election. she's very close to clinching the nomination. i suspect she may do that in the state of new jersey on june 7th.
10:37 am
so she's very close to clinching this nomination. to be honest, i think once we have -- i think the convention resets this a little bit and the debate resets this a little bit. my sense is as we get further and further into the election year, all start to see the polls change quite substantially. i don't think a poll about a general election now will hold as much water as it will in six or eight weeks. >> and quickly, you said you think she'll clinch in new jersey. how do you think she'll fare in california? what do you think the heat that bernie sanders is bringing? >> he's certainly campaigning hard there. but she won california against barack obama in 2008. i think the demographics of the
10:38 am
state do help her if you look at the large number of african-american and latino populations up and down california. she's been doing extremely well with those constituencies across the country. i do think there's an infrastructure there with her campaign and on the ground but also i think that just california's demographics as well, the voters that are out there, i think they'll support her again eight years later. >> hogan, one of the most unusual facets of this election is that both of the presumptive nominees, trump and clinton, have these sky high unfavorable ratings. donald trump has the worst ratings and she's got the second worst in terms of likability there. how does this change the race when people may be voting against candidates instead of for them? >> i don't know that anyone ever wins an election if you're voting kind of against the other
10:39 am
person. let's be honest, nobody rallies republicans like the clintons. so regardless of the folks and the rancor we had on our side, it looks like people are rallying behind donald trump because people dislike clinton and the same is true on the other side. you see in the republican race also the democratic side, it really is about turnout because people always talk about the independents that changed the election but the country is so polarized, i think it's somewhat of a fantasy to say the independents are going to swing this. it's think it's about turning out the base. barack obama was able to add 10 million votes to his turnout, barack obama couldn't touch that. and now it looks like donald trump is able to turn out a lot of our base and bring in a lot of folks that weren't part of our party before. he's eclipsed john mccain's vote totals for nomination had he ran, eclipsed mitt romney's and
10:40 am
he's about to beat george w. bush's record. people are voting for this guy. on the republican side, it's up around 67% of participation and it's down around 22% on the democratic side. so it looks like republicans are really rallying right now behind someone like donald trump who hasn't been a part of our party for a very long time. >> i'm curious how you feel about that basil. what kind of problem is that when you look at the millions that he has brought in under the republican tent? >> democrats to say the same thing. there are a lot of democrats that have come into the process that were not part of the process before. we have historically had lower turnout in the primaries than the general election. i expect our numbers to go back substantially come november. what strikes me as odd is donald trump has substantially across
10:41 am
the board higher unfavorable numbers than hillary clinton does but hillary still wins with folks that believe that she can deliver on middle class policies. people still believe that she is the most conversant on public policy issues and can actually deliver in washington, but somehow when compared to donald trump, who to me looks like he's the specter of a trump presidency and the spectacle of the candidacy, it sounds like he's going to govern more towards fear than people's aspirations. somehow she's not doing as well as he is because i often wonder why that is. there are people that still believe she can actually deliver for them. >> hogan, last word quickly. >> he's right. obviously people are upset and a lot of people are voting on the democrat side as well but i think people are angry. the negative numbers are for both candidates. the difference is donald trump
10:42 am
does lead her in one major category and it's economy and job creation and that's what people want, stagnant wages for 30 years and donald trump is the person they're looking to to fix that problem in this country. hillary's part of the quote unquote problem, part of the establishment and bernie is the one leveling the charge and not us. so the cake is baked for her and her untrustworthy numbers. >> american airlines says 70,000 passengers have missed flights this year because of long security lines. why has airport waiting gotten so bad? that's next. that's crazy. macbooks are not able to do that. "hey cortana, remind me we have a play date tomorrow at noon" i need that in my world. anything that makes my life easier, i'm using.
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10:46 am
bringing more canine units at the airports and more aggressively marketing the precheck program. joining me is ron nixon who covered the department of homeland security. your article focuses on the missteps by the agency. what was the most glaring one to you? >> first of all, thanks for having me on, alex. i think there were a number of missteps that the agency made. among the most glaring was this overoptimistic point that people would sign up for precheck, their expedited screening process where you pay $85 and they do a background check on you and it aligns you to go through without taking your shoes off and taking everything out of your bag. the thought was more people
10:47 am
would sign up for it and there wouldn't be a need for as many people at the checkpoints. that was a major point. >> i talked with tom blank and he instituted the policy of the bag screening. he said they got the staffing level wrong. what do you have think about plans to at nearly 800 tsa officers next month? >> i've heard the same things that, you know, they got the staffing level wrong for a number of reasons. one, budget but, two, as i mentioned before the thought that people would sign up for these expedited screening programs like precheck. and so the tsa itself, for instance, in their 2016 budget requested $100 million less for screeners, as well as wanting to reduce that workforce by nearly 1,700 people. so, you know, that was something
10:48 am
that they themselves brought up. >> so with regard to precheck, what are they going to do? are they going to more aggressively market it? do you know what the plans are to make it more appealing? do they consider lowering the price? if i'm not mistaken, if you were signed up today, it only goes through the end of that calendar year, right? you'd have to do it all over again in january. >> no, actually, that's not correct. when you sign up for precheck, it's for five years. you pay $85 and you sign up online. once they've gotten your information, they send to you a center where they do fingerprints and do an interview and once you get that, then you're in precheck for five years. five years from now, then you will have do it over again. but in regard to what they're trying to do, they are trying to better market this. they're reaching out to the private sector to come up with
10:49 am
better ways to market the program. whenever you see the secretary of homeland security or the administrator of the tsa there talking about it. if you're looking at social media, they're pushing that more. they are trying to get people to sign up for it. >> actually, that's a pretty good deal, $85 for five years to get expedited. i'm signing up. good to talk to you, ron nixon. >> good to talk to you. >> back to politics in a moment. what are the issues that could spell the difference for hillary clinton? we'll take a look. americans...
10:50 am
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i'm a bernie or bust. i'm not for hillary either. >> so if she's the nominee, you won't vote for her? >> no, i won't. i'm bernie or bust. i'm bernie or bust. >> our chris jansing there talking to a bernie or bust sanders supporter who will not vote for hillary clinton in the election. just one of the issues facing the clinton campaign right now. here to talk to me about the the mayor after san jose, california, and clinton
10:53 am
supporter. mr. mayor, nice to see you. i want to know what you say about the bernie or bust voters. i know they are hoping the fbi may put an end to clinton's presidential run. is that surprising to you? >> i don't know enough about any investigation to give you a serious answer. but it seems to me that a lot of this is politically driven, a lot of the accusations. and really we need to focus on the issues. and i think out here in san jose and silicon valley we've got a community that's an engineering culture, we're pretty focused on solutions. and secretary clinton is the one that offers great solutions for us. >> well, i'm sure you've seen how the latest polls according to one of them california's in a dead heat between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. in fact, early this morning on a holiday weekend supporters in santa barbara, they were lining up for sanders by some accounts at 4:00 a.m. local time when our crew got on site there at santa monica -- rather santa barbara city college. you know, is there equal enthusiasm for the crowds for
10:54 am
hillary clinton, ones that you may have seen in your area? >> i was just at a rally for secretary clinton just a couple days ago. folks waited for several hours. it was an incredibly enthusiastic crowd. i think the voters will be there certainly in june to propel secretary clinton to victory. but i think importantly that senator sanders is raising critical issues for us. it's good for democracy that we're having these kinds of discussions and debates. and after june i hope we can unify and really focus on the battle ahead. >> specific to those debates, mr. mayor, the editorial in the sacramento bee called for hillary clinton to beat bernie sanders rather than the sanders-trump debate the last few days. what are your thoughts on that? >> they've had several debates already. so certainly folks have had ample opportunity to hear from both candidates. and they'll hear from both candidates more, particularly here in california where i know
10:55 am
they're stumping up and down the state. i'm confident at the end folks will find that secretary clinton has the experience, has the ability to build coalitions, to make things happen that will support the progressive agenda that we want to accomplish in washington, d.c. and ultimately we need to recognize that really the real challenge down the road is someone who just came into california yesterday to declare that there is no drought. and that's donald trump. this guy who is completely out of touch with california. and we know we can do better. >> yeah, i got to say i read that one and i'm an l.a. girl native and i was like really? anyway, do you think though that californians would deserve a debate? because, look, their primary's at the end of the road there, june 7. these debates took place a considerable time ago. what about a debate that would focus on things specific to californians? >> well, we have those conversations every day. and i know they'll be ample time for debate after june as well.
10:56 am
i really am not an expert in deciding when exactly debates should happen or shouldn't. i know we've had plenty. we've seen both candidates on television amply. i think it's time to call the question and let's move forward. >> all right. i want to get to the e-mail situation. as you know according to the office of the inspector general, secretary clinton deny declined the interview in fact she was the one of only several secretaries of state who declined. if she doesn't have anything to hide, why do you think she didn't cooperate? >> i couldn't tell you. i certainly haven't been talking to anybody in the clinton campaign about that. and i certainly haven't been talking to anybody at the department of justice about it. but i can tell you most of us aren't really sure what it's all about. frankly. i certainly have worked in government for several years and i can tell you there are plenty of reasons why you may not want to rely on a government i.t. system in order to do -- accomplish the basic things you need to accomplish. we've had several breakdowns in
10:57 am
our own and we're in the heart of silicon valley. so i frankly don't understand what it's all about. i think most voters don't either. i think we really want to focus on what's important to people in this state. that's affordable housing. that's things like tackling the drought. it's about ensuring that the innovation, economy can continue to move forward, and immigration. we are really a community of immigrants, 40% of the adults in my city are immigrants. half of the folks who have led venture-funded companies in silicon valley are immigrants. we need comprehensive immigration reform. i think that secretary clinton can deliver that. >> all right. mayor, thank you very much for your time. have a good one. >> thank you. >> that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. richard lui is next and look at why merps are so alarmed about a superbug in this country and why it's so dangerous to us all. i'm alex witt, see you right back here at noon eastern tomorrow on msnbc live. (war drums beating)
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