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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  May 29, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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(smoke alarm sounds) oh no... charlene? charlene. no. charlene. why is she wearing earrings? why is it a she? shh... at, we always find innovative ways to save. get 15 percent off your first order. this sunday, a rough week for both this sunday, a rough week likely for both nominees. for hillary clinton, it was that report contradicting her statements old and new about her e-mails. >> well, it was allowed and the rules have been clarified since i left. >> for donald trump, it was an unprovoked attack on a popular republican latina governor. >> she's not doing the job. hey, maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico. >> this morning my interview with the only candidate still viewed favorably by the voters, bernie sanders. >> would you take the call if
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hillary clinton asked you to be her running mate? >> plus, we have seen clinton/trump polls tight. but how tight will they be if and win sanders gets out? we have a first look at the true state of the presidential race. also, before donald there was arnold, the celebrity candidate who shocked the political world by winning in california. around schwarzenegger one on one on the state of the party and donald trump. joining me are my guests. welcome to sunday. it's "meet the press." good sunday morning on this memorial day weekend. in a moment, we'll bring you my interview with bernie sanders,
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but this holiday weekend we're going to pause to look at this head-scratching presidential race. let's admit up front that every year somebody is upset with the party choices we have in the u.s. but how did we get here? how did we get to the point where on one side hillary clinton would be the most unpopular nominee in history for not for the fact that donald trump is more unpopular? it is undeniable that this week the candidates seem to be doing whatever they could to make matters even worse. maybe we should start asking what does this mean for january? >> thank goodness for e-mails. i love e-mails. frankly, what hillary has done is criminal, folks. it is criminal. >> donald trump harping on the clinton e-mail scandal that just won't go away. this week a state department inspector general said hillary clinton did break the rules, that she never asked for permission to use a private server, and would have been
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denied if she had. the report contradicts what clinton has said before and since. >> it was allowed and the rules have been clarified since i left about the practice. >> the problem for trump, he has his own transparency issues. >> my question is really simple. if you have paid federal income tax, show us. >> just 19% of voters give clinton good ratings for being honest and straight forward. even fewer say trump has the right temperament to be president. >> hillary is a disaster folks. she has terrible judgment. that was said by bernie sanders. he's given me a lot of my best lines. >> trump is trying to drag the clintons back into the 90s. >> nobody, nobody, perhaps in the history of politics was worse to women or abused women more than bill clinton. >> but trump has had his own affairs. >> can you imagine how controversial i'd be?
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>> this week trump exposed republican divisions, mocking his party's most prominent latino politician, susana martinez. >> maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico. >> firing his recently hired political director. so far trump appears to be a candidate coat eed in teflon. not so much for clinton. >> i end warmup with a lawsuit. what the hell. why not talk about it for two minutes. >> while clinton struggles to explain. >> the information that we had is out there. it's been clearly public, and my e-mail use was widely known. >> bernie sanders of course is presenting himself as the more acceptable alternative to both
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hillary clinton and druonald trump. i got the chance to talk to him yesterday just after he held a rally in california. i began by asking him about his difficult path to the democratic nomination. >> let me start with a simple question, but maybe a complicated answer. how do you win? senator clinton has basically declared herself the nominee. the math is certainly very much in her favor. explain to me how you're the nominee in july in your head. >> fair question. and i think we take three -- there are three paths to victory. number one, i want to go into the convention with more pledged delegates than secretary clinton. that's going to be an uphill fight because we're 270 or so delegates and we have 40% of the pledged delegates. i think we can win california here and win in a big vote. do very, very well in the other five states. i believe going into the
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convention, if we can do this, with a majority of pledged delegates is very solid victory. we're going to talk to pledged delegates to say do what the people in your state want. they voted for bernie sanders. you as a superdelegate should follow their wishes. third point and most important point. as you know, chuck, there are over 400 superdelegates that came onto secretary clinton's campaign eight months before the first ballot was cast, before anybody else was in the race, before they could get a sense of what the campaign is about. right now in every major poll, national poll and statewide possible, done in the last month, six weeks, we are defeating trump often by big numbers and always at a larger margin than secretary clinton is. we're going to make the case to
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the superdelegates that your job is to defeat donald trump and i'm the strongest candidate. >> in your answer there, they're basically contradicted yourself on the issue of superdelegates in this way. you're saying you want them to respect the vote in their states. then at the same time, oh, by the way, for those of you that are a superdelegate in a state that clinton won, why don't you think about the general election? it's a little bit hypocritical to be on both sides of those issue. >> no, no, no. that's not what i'm saying. i'm saying there are over 400 superdelegates who made a decision to vote for secretary clinton before anyone else was in the race, before they got a sense of what the campaign was about. all i'm saying is to those superdelegates who came on board before i was even in the race, you have the very grave responsibility to make sure that
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trump does not become elected president of the united states. vote for the strongest candidate. it is not just the polls. if you look at the momentum and the energy and the enthusiasm of our grassroots campaign, it will result in a high voter turnout. democrats and progressives do well when the voter turnout is high. republicans do well when the voter turnout is low. i think our message of income and wealth inequality, the fact that we're the only major country in the world to have health care, will resonate. >> is it fair to say if you don't win california you believe your campaign is over? >> no, that's what you said. not what i said. california is obviously very, very important. 475 superdelegates. obviously, if we don't do well in california, it will make our path much, much harder. no question about it. but i think we have a good chance to win in california. maybe win big and maybe win four or five of the other states. >> without a california victory,
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you can't win a majority of pledged delegates. obviously, you will once again not succeed in a big state with a diverse population. it is going to be hard for you to convince democrats to go with yo without a california victory. fair? >> chuck, california is the big enchilada, so to speak. obviously, it is enormously important and we want to win it. my campaign has been written off since before we started. nobody thought we would do anything. we have won 20 states, primaries, and caucuses. by the end of the process, we may win half of the states. we're going to fight until the last vote is cast and try to appeal to the last delegate that we can. >> last week with me secretary clinton said when it comes to party unity she's doing her part. she's going to do her part, but there is a responsibility that falls on you as well if she is the nominee. you have a responsibility to do what it takes to bring your supporters on board with her.
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do you accept that responsibility? >> well, the responsibility that i accept in a very, very serious way is to do everything that i can to make sure that donald trump is not elected to president of the united states. donald trump would be a disaster as president. i will do everything that i can to make sure that does not happen. but at the end of the day, whether it is secretary clinton or bernie sanders or donald trump or anybody else, the way you gain support is through the candidate himself or herself. so my job is to make sure that trump does not become president and i will do that. but if secretary clinton is the nominee, it is her job to reach out to millions of people and make the case why she is going to defend families and the working class, take on wall street, deal aggressively with climate change. that is the candidate's job to do. >> you just said you want to do whatever it takes to stop him. you don't believe you need to be
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out there telling your supporters you may not be happy with hillary clinton, but she's better than him. >> no question about that. no question about that. but where my mind is right now is to do everything that i can for the remaining caucuses and primaries to try and win them and make the case. if your question is do i think secretary clinton is significantly a better candidate for america than donald trump, that is not a debate. of course, that is true. >> do you think hillary clinton needs a clean bill of health from the fbi before she accepts the democratic nomination? >> i have said many times i'm trying to run a campaign based on the needs of the american. that is raising the minimum wage, the $15 an hour, the paid family and medical leave, making public colleges and universities free. i have not gotten into the e-mail situation at all.
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there is a process unfolding. there is an investigation that is going on. it will play out. we'll see what happens. >> i understand that. but do you think for the democratic party and for superdelegates, do you think it is important for them to find out what the fbi is going to do before the vote in philadelphia? >> well, that's not the decision of the superdelegates or anyone else. that is the decision of the fbi. i have no idea when they're going to make their report or come up with their conclusions. do i think that will be an issue that donald trump and the republicans will seize on? i think there is little doubt about that. >> you told the "wall street journal" in november that if clinton's actions compromised information, that those were valid questions. the state department ig report said just that. what was your reaction to that report and does that trouble you? does that add to your list of
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issues that you believe she has a judgment problem with? >> well, again, these are areas that i have stayed away from. there is a process. people will draw their conclusions from the inspector general report. but again, i think the american people are tired of that type of politics. i think the media and the candidates have got to talk about why the middle class is in decline and why we have massive levels of wealth and income equali equality. those are the issues that i focus on. i just gave an hour speech right here in santa barbara. it wasn't about e-mails. it was about the future of the american middle class. >> do you have a problem when some of your supporters are quoted in "the new york times" saying they're sort of rooting for an fbi indictment when it comes to clinton? do you tell your supporters not to talk that way?
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>> i tell you i have a real problem with "new york times," which from day one has been trying to be dismissive of our campaign and very negative about our campaign. you can go out and talk to millions of people and get any response that you want. we're going to -- our campaign is about defeating secretary clinton on the real issues. i want to break up the wall street banks. she doesn't. i want to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. she wants $12 an hour. i voted against the war in iraq. she voted for the war in iraq. i want to ban fracking. she doesn't. those are some of the issues that i'm campaigning on. "the new york times" talks to a handful of people into a front page story. that's a problem for t"the new york times," not my campaign. >> i want to ask you about some issues coming up. a couple of your appointees, he refers to the palestinians as
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the plight of an occupied people. do you agree with his characterization? >> what i believe is that the united states has got to be playing on a level playing field in dealing with israel and the palestinian people. i am 100% pro-israel in the sense of israel's right to exist. i lived in israel. i have families in israel. israel has the right to live not only in peace and security, but to know their very existence will be protected by the united states government. on the other hand, i think if we're looking at lasting peace in the middle east, the united states has got to respect the needs of the palestinian people. they cannot be pushed aside. that is my view. other people can say whatever they want. that is my view. >> what do you want the platform to say? do you want to refer to the palestinians as an occupied people? do you want to say that israel is occupying gaza? >> we're a little bit early about worrying about the wording of what the democratic platform
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will be. we've got some good people on our platform writing committee. but i think at the end of the day there will be a general recognition by the entire democratic convention that of course israel's right to exist in peace and security is not in debate, but on the other hand, the palestinian people's needs must also be respected. i have the feeling while the media wants to make this into a great conflict i think there's going to be broad consensus within the democratic convention on that issue. >> friday, you warned secretary clinton that she better -- if she ends up the nominee, that her running mate essentially better not be a conservative orred or moderate type of democrat if she wants to win over your spo
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supporters. do you consider tim kaine falling into that category? >> again, chuck, i don't want to shock you, but i think we are once again into a little bit of speculation. i have known tim kaine for years. i really like him very much. my point was -- and let me repeat it -- for democrats to win, they're going to address the needs of working people. they're going to have to address the needs of the middle class. that means standing up to wall street and the greed of corporate america and even now and then standing up to the media. that means having a candidate that can excite working families and young people and bring them into the political process. when we do that, we're going to win the election. i would hope that the vice presidential candidate will not be from wall street. will be somebody who has a history of standing up and fighting for working families, taking on the drug companies,
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taking on wall street, taking on corporate america, and fight for a government that works for all of us, not just the 1%. >> would you take the call if hillary clinton asked you to be her running mate? >> here we are in california. i'm knocking my brains out to win the democratic nomination. that's where i am right now. what happens afterwards, we'll see. but right now, my focus is on winning the nomination. >> that was a very political type of answer that says you're not answering the question. fair enough. you're not ruling it out. >> what i am saying right now is our focus is on winning the democratic nomination. >> all right. thanks for coming on. stay safe on the trail, sir. >> thank you very much. later in the broadcast, my interview with arnold schwarzenegger on the state of the republican party and donald trump. we're going to honor the men and women in uniform who have died in the past year in service
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gary seid and kellyann conway and robert acosta. since you are somebody that the hillary clinton campaign has appointed to this, bernie sanders, is that still an aggressive opponent of hillary clinton, the bernie sanders you just heard? >> i thought he made a lot of great points about democratic unity. he does seem to focus on the general election, which will be against donald trump. i think he made clear that that is the paramount concern for democratic dcandidates. i think he'll be clear about that when this primary is done in june. >> that sounds great, but it is not true. senator sanders is the most
2:23 pm
aggressive against secretary clinton. >> i disagree with that. >> he's won 20 states. 10 million voters and counting. he wants to kick off members like barney frank and a governor malloy. he's in open warfare with the democratic national committee. >> he didn't look like in warfare for me. >> then why doesn't he drop out? so long as bernie sanders is playing robin to donald trump's batman, these guys are waging a two front war against hillary clinton. >> i hear that. that is definitely why her negatives are where they are. >> unity. >> but the point here is that i was on hillary clinton's campaign eight years ago. it was a hard fought campaign at this point. and then just as the primary ended, hillary endorsed obama and was a strong champion for him and united the party. there's nothing in what he said that denies that. >> i heard in terms of the
2:24 pm
merger being negotiated. you have to be respectful of me. >> in terms of the merger. >> we all play the stereotype. w you have to pick a vice presidential nominee that i can live with. what he didn't say when you asked him is do you have some responsibility for making your supporters back hillary clinton, ultimately he wouldn't go there. that's the real question for me. will he tell his people you've got to go there or back off? >> i think he's already doing that by what he said here. >> he seems pretty confident, the senator, when it comes to the platform. the way he answered the tim kaine question, he praised senator kaine, but this was not an enthusiastic embrace. he wants a progressive in there. it is about who is on the ticket should he not win the nomination. >> there is hand wringing in democratic party world. i will give robby mook his quote
2:25 pm
of the day this morning. it wouldn't be a general election without some early bedwetting from washington insiders, but there's a reason for it. >> present company excluded. >> it's how she's dealt with the e-mail controversy. >> i know people have concerns about this. i understand that, but i think voters are going to be looking at the full picture of what i have to offer. >> you know, the fact is people have official accounts. they have personal accounts. when it comes to personal, people don't want their personal e-mail accounts made public. >> it was allowed and the rules have been clarified since i left about the practice. >> "new york times" editorial board, the nation should not be judging the leadership as who is less untrustworthy. clinton has to answer questions about the issue thoroughly. they don't want to do this. >> no, they don't.
2:26 pm
the hope is that it would go away, but the belief is that the candidate's answers continue to get her into trouble. the best way to approach this probably is to say, look, here's what happened. you all know what happened. there's no mystery left in this. i did this because i wanted some privacy for my e-mail accounts. it was a mistake. the big issue is what the justice department says ultimately. what happens when she is interviewed by the fbi, which is almost certain to happen? >> what we saw this week is insert herself more into the national political conversation maybe taking a political cue from donald trump. she's trying not just to have some rote answers. >> i'm curious your take on this, the two different ways they deal with their baggage. here is donald trump who decided to talk about trump university and he attacks the judge.
2:27 pm
>> i have a judge who is a hater of donald trump, a hater. he's a hater. his name is gonzalo curiel. what he is doing is a total disgrace. we'll come back in november. wouldn't it be wild when i'm president to come back and do a civil case? >> when you attack a judge, you might get headlines like that one. judge bash by trump orders release of company records. in the next two weeks, there's going to be a whole lot more on trump university. he does handle his baggage a lot more than hillary clinton does. will it eventually catch up to him? >> no. ask the 16 republicans who ran against him in the primaries. hillary clinton and her surrogates are recycling those same arguments. here is something that donald trump has mastered.
2:28 pm
he understands define yourself before you're defined. he puts all of this out there, chuck, himself so when the voters hear it for the 15th time, it doesn't strike them as brand-new information. the inspector general's report, brand-new information. let me say this one thing about hillary and the report. it is a very unusual place for her. this is the inspector general of the state department of the obama administration. this is his justice department looking at this. >> i'll give you a chance to respond. i know you want to. >> where can you respond? we did have a lot of news this week about donald trump. i would say you're right. he was able to defeat the republican primary, but that does not mean that he will do well in the general election because he has the highest negatives of anyone. he has -- just this week we have learned all kinds of information about him. he'll never return his taxes. he was betting on the housing crisis, essentially.
2:29 pm
he is teflon is ridiculous when he has the highest negatives. >> he is actually the nominee of his party and she is not. >> she will be soon. she will be. >> we will take a pause because you guys will be returning. we'll be back in a moment with a guy who knows about running for office as a celebrity outsider. my interview with arnold schwarzenegger about donald trump and his new poll. we continue to honor those service members who have died in conflict zones just in the last year. more from afghanistan. ♪ before i had the shooting, burning of diabetic nerve pain, these feet were the first in my family to graduate from college and trained as a nurse. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions
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welcome back. this election isn't the first time someone well-known f and welcome back. this electionor isn't the first time someone well known for being an entertainer found himself in a position of political power.
2:33 pm
in fact, the state of california has brought a few of them to us, including george murphy, who became a u.s. senator, and of course ronald reagan. you may have heard of him. you can say our next guest helped prep this generation for taking an entertainer seriously as a political player. around schwarzenegger served as the governor of california from 2003 to 2011 and he joins me now. welcome back to "meet the press." >> thank you, chuck. it's wonderful to be back. >> this has been a year for outsider candidates. many people have made some comparisons of your candidacy in 2003 and donald trump's today. what similarities do you see and what are the differences? >> well, i think that i don't really study that much of what is the difference between donald trump and my candidacy. i study much more the field polls and polls we have just
2:34 pm
done about what do the people really think and the main interest in the people's minds when we have our election now on june 7th. this is really my interest. this is why we did the polls. this is why we really came up with these wonderful studies. they are quite interesting. i think when you look at it the important thing to comes out of it is that 69% of the people want our politicians to work together. i think this should be a message to democrats and republicans to work together. this is why people are very upset about washington today. >> i want to play something that you said in 2004 about what made you a republican and then find out if that still holds today. here it is. >> then i heard nixon speak. he was talking about free enterprise, getting the government off your back, lowering the taxes, and
2:35 pm
strengthening the military. listening to nixon speak sounded more like a breath of fresh air. i said to my friend, what party is he. my friend says he is a republican. then i am a republican. >> can you comfortably say that today with donald trump as the standard bearer with the republican party? >> i always will be a republican because the republican party is a big tent. therwanoalways things i agreed with or they didn't agree with me many times, but the fact of the matter everything is exactly the same. what is more important about it is not what do i think and about donald trump. if you talk about the bigger issue, it is what do the people really feel. the fascinating thing about the poll is both democrats and republicans found that most important is to improve the economy and create more jobs, to save social security, and to really take care of public
2:36 pm
schools and they're concerned about the public education in general. those are the kind of issues that democrats and republicans are concerned about. of course, they have different ways of solving those problems depending on if they're democrat or republican. >> well, let me just ask it straightforward. are you ready to support donald trump for president? i know you were a john kasich supporter. are you going to support trump and will you go to the convention in cleveland? >> well, chuck, as i said, do me the most important thing is now to talk about the latest poll numbers and how the people of california feel and how the people of america feel. i think it is important that we go and bring both of the parties together. the more we go to the left, the more we go to the right -- i believe it was president eisenhower who said politics is like the road. the middle is drivable. i've seen it firsthand only when
2:37 pm
we brought democrats and republicans together we could really solve very important issues. that's how we really started rebuilding california and invested $60 billion in infrastructure. that's where we made a commitment to reducing our greenhouse gases to 25% by the year 2020. >> governor, i can't help but notice though you're avoiding saying anything about trump. you're not saying you're for him. you're not saying you're against him. you're trying to stay out of it. by you not saying anything, you're actually making a statement? >> not really because i try to stay focused. remember, there's one thing that i have learned over the years when i have promoted body building and fitness and my movies and politics is to stay focused. today i want to talk about our poll numbers, the field polls that the institute released this
2:38 pm
last week. i want to talk about that because that is really important for the state of california. it's important that the people know how they feel and in which direction to go. it will also to help the candidates to listen to the people carefully and not to d deviate from that. i think the presidential candidates, whoever they are, have to address those issues. >> finally, i want to ask you a question about your native country, austria. you could argue they had an election where it came down to somebody from the far left, maybe similar to a bernie sanders, and somebody from the far right, a nativist of sorts. nobody was happy. now this country is experiencing the appeal of a socialist and the appeal of a nativist. what lessons do you think americans should take away from
2:39 pm
this? >> in many different countries i have seen that. they're looking for an outsider and people are dissatisfied with the status quo. people are dissatisfied basically with the action that is being created. politicians are not keeping their promises. politicians don't solve problems. 69% of the people say the politicians have to work together. that is the most important thing. they have to come to a compromise. in washington, not much is getting done. i think to spend billions of dollars on that capital -- and it is the worst investment because nothing is getting done. therefore the people are looking for something else. they don't know where to turn to. so this is what you see in america and this is what you have seen in austria and this is what you see in germany and france. you see this all over the place. >> i'm going to ask you one last time. do you plan on publicly saying whether you'll be for trump?
2:40 pm
>> i will make an announcement before the election. you can be sure of that, but i will do it my way, which is always an unusual way. as you remember, i announced my candidacy for governor on "the tonight show." that was very unusual. i will do the same thing with the endorsement. i will study the various different candidates and then i will make up my mind and make the endorsement. i will make an endorsement, but it will not be here because then that would be the headline. >> i guess you're saying we're too usual of a place to do this. we're not unusual enough. anyway, governor schwarzenegger, it is a pleasure. thanks for coming on. >> thank you very much for having me. when we come back, is the clinton/trump race really as close as the latest polls indicate? we have some new data that suggests one of the candidates may soon get a very nice bump. that's next. ♪
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cash back on purchases. backed by the service and security of american express. ♪ and we are back. it's data download and we are back. it is data download time. so how much is bernie sanders hurting hillary clinton? democrats still locked in their primary battle. republicans starting to get behind their nominee. recent polls show an
2:44 pm
increasingly tight race. is this tightness something that is going to last until november or is this a current sanders phenomenon, meaning bernie sanders supporters aren't coming home to the democrats? if history is any guide, we think that's what it is. clinton should pick up about 70% of the current people who say they are sanders or trump, but not yet ready to vote for hillary clinton. call them the sanders only voters. we'll show you what they mean. we see a close race between hillary clinton and donald trump while sanders a double digit lead. what happens in chlinton gets 7% of that difference if you leave trump's number as-is? clinton's lead would jump five points to 51.43. same phenomenon in other polls. they had sanders up double
2:45 pm
digits as well. 51-38. if you shift the support from sanders, clinton would pick up another three points and the lead would increase to nine. 50 to 41. clinton trailed trump by three points in the fox news poll. sanders led trump in their poll. 70% of those sanders only voters, clinton could poll even to 45-45. by the way in 2008, barack obama picked up, you guessed it, three points against john mccain in the first poll after hillary clinton dropped out. the polls between hillary clinton and donald trump are tight right now. this gives you an idea if democrats do rally around the nominee what the race will look like when conventions begin. sanders supporters don't seem ready to move just yet. we'll be back in a moment.
2:46 pm
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let me bring the panel back. th let me bring the panel back. the biggest political story of the month may be taking place right now in orlando, the libertarian party convention. don't laugh. their place on the ballot they could be none of the above, if
2:49 pm
that's possible. we noted -- we put a battleground map together what would happen if you had a third-party candidacy that could get 10%. here are the states we know will be in play no matter what. those are in purple there. ten states in there. if the libertarians can get ten, we think these three red states suddenly come into place, perhaps for clinton. then we have two blue states to put in minnesota and maine for trump. do you think the libertarians are going to make a splash this year? >> i think they could. as you know, in our polling, we found that there were so many respondents that were asked about a choice between hillary clinton and donald trump saying i won't vote in that race. if those people find someplace else to go, even if it is only to make a statement, it could be a significant number to tip some states. >> are you nervous about some of
2:50 pm
the libertarians candidates? >> yes. i think getting her to 51% seems to be broiling her. this convention based on the public reports, bill weld is the vice president running i think the party -- >> test interesting you do that. there is a primary of sorts that is taking place. they had a debate last night. first, let me give you a little of gary johnson, the 2012 nominee, former new mexico republican governor who is trying to be the mainstream libertarian this time. >> the libertarian party is growing. what i'd like to do is fill up your current weekly meeting that's occurring in the tree house to an auditorium. here it is, we're at a threshold here. a real threshold to grow this party and to make it better. >> that's gary johnson's argument. here is a compilation of some of
2:51 pm
his opponents. >> i believe in a world where gay marijuana couples can protect their fields with semiautomatic machine guns. >> i believe it's good to have two separate bathrooms. one for people who wash their bathrooms and people who do not. >> they know not to give heroin to a child unless under the direct supervision of a doctor. >> there's a real chance where gary johnson could get rejected by his party and the libertarians are not a factor. >> he could. we talked to members of the house and republican senators. they are inching close to the idea of supporting the libertarian ticket. they realize it's an imperfect vessel. they are considering libertarian but they don't fit into that culture. >> where do you think this sort of neither, the none of above vote goes.
2:52 pm
does it go to greens and lirtarians and split. do they not show up? does turn out go down and not up? >> i think a lot of the negativity of the race is designed to lower turn out. to be so negative that everything lowers democratic turn out. going into this race, it's a crazy year. if it's not johnson or somebody else, i think that still could attract some republicans even though you would think that some of these statements would disqualify them. >> we shouldn't forget there's another place, the none of the above vote can go and that's to the green party. that's some of the sanders voters could drift there to make a statement. >> he has a history with democrats which is ralph nader. >> some have drifted toward trump because they see the main republican party as too hawkish. >> i can make an argument --
2:53 pm
trump could be more comfortable in the libertarian party than trump would. >> let's hope they are comfortable with trump as the nominee, and i think they will be. i don't think there's a single hidden vote of hillary. i think there's many hidden trump votes. >> it's a fascinating debate. i've had people swear there's hidden hilly votes. we'll be back with a look at what a trump-sanders debate might have looked like had it happened. my colleague richard engle got rare access into america's drone operation in a sit down to talk about our country's drone strategy. you can watch that at 7:00 eastern. coming up, "meet the p end game. brought to you by boeing. building the future one century a
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"meet the press" end game is brought to you by boeing. building the future one century at a time. end game time. panelists here. you know, there was another there was another player in the trump-clinton campaign this week. it was president obama in overseas in japan. he was asked about what foreign leaders are saying about donald trump. here's what he said. >> it's fair to say they are surprised by the republican nominee. they are not sure how seriously to take some of his pronouncements. they're rattled by it and for good reason. >> jerry, there's a couple of unusual things about all that statement. he did it overseas. there was some criticism whether that okay or not. trump embraced the attack. >> you do hear that a fair
2:57 pm
amount from people who go overseas. they tell me they get the same thing. it also suggests that barack obama is raring to go to campaign for hillary clinton. he does not want his legacy to be named donald trump. >> i think what he said later on is the quote, eventual democratic nominee. i haven't heard him say he's campaigning for hillary clinton and endorsed her. >> we'll see in a few weeks. he went there his own experience is we had a long democratic primary and hillary was really unified with him. i expect president obama to be campaigning and his numbers are up now. >> you can talk about the bernie sanders bump in the poll. you see the republican party, the elders in the republican party are not with trump in a significant way. >> that's been amazing. nobody has benefitted more from
2:58 pm
this campaign than barack obama. >> the clinton campaign people. the scenario will tell you most of the trump rise in the polls has been consolidation of the republican vote. that's the biggest portion of his rise. she'll get her share of that. how big, we'll find out. >> this might be donald trump's high water mark. she's a lot more room to move. >> we do have two conventions. i think we know where the race will be. we're not going to get trump-sanders debate. we thought we would put together a facsimile. here it is. >> we're going to run against crazy bernie. >> donald trump is post. >> this socialist slash communist. >> it's not a wild socialist idea. >> he's crazy man. >> he claims, he claims to be a billionaire. >> a lot of bernie sanders people have said they are voting for trump. >> we defeat donald trump by very large numbers.
2:59 pm
>> big, big, huge victory. >> a huge voter turn out. >> huge victories all over the place. >> huge, and i mean huge. >> pay per view. would you have paid? >> oh, yes. >> yeah. >> in a minute. >> is that worth 25 bucks. >> hillary would have been odd man out. >> yet it didn't happen. i wonder why. >> why didn't trump say yes to this? >> trump's explanation is he doesn't want to go against someone he think will come against second. trump's a showman. i'm surprised. >> sanders is a good debater. maybe he couldn't handle it. >> the only naeperson that woule the loser is hillary clinton. oh, well. maybe for another campaign year. that's all for today. we'll be back next week because if it's sunday, it's "meet the press."
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