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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  May 30, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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quarters from msnbc in new york. thanks for stopping by. we'll stop in new york for you where bill clinton and hillary clinton is spending their afternoon. kristin welker is joining us now with the latest, hey, kristin. >> reporter: hey there richard, that's right, secretary clinton and bill clinton is attending that memorial day service right now. this comes as she's still fighting on two fronts trying to clinch her on party's nomination and taking on donald trump and of course, we are seeing the fight unfolding in california, senator calling that state the big encihilada. he's going to be there today and he's not leaving the state. secretary clinton is making an aggressive push for california. she spent the better part of last week there and she's up in
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ads. it is a tight race, she's up by two-points but independence can vote in the california. take a listen of what senator had to say over the weekend. >> we win big in california and win in the other states that are in june 7th. we'll go in the democratic convention with a heck a lot of momentum. we'll come out of the democratic convention with the nomination. >> reporter: now, senator sanders would have to win california by the vast majority of votes there in order to catch up with secretary clinton and it is possible that she could clinch the nomination by winning new jersey and clinching it by california. she's going to be campaigning in new jersey a little bit later this weekend interesting to know
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richard sanders did not rule out running. he was asked about that by our colleagues, chuck todd and chris jansing. i tried asking the question today to see if she will rule that out. i anticipate she's going to get a whole lot of questions about the life presidential nominee once she does clinch the investigation if that happens. richard. >> yeah, it is a busy day, thank you for that. >> lets bring in california's congressman, loretta sanchez, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> lets move off of what kristin welker was talking about. last week showing secretary clinton up from two-points of senator sanders in your home state in the margin of error. are you surprise of how close
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this race is right now. do you believe that poll is accura accurate? >> no, i am not surprised because i have seen the energy out on the campaign trail both from the hillary clinton camp and the sanders camp. i think it is really good for the democratic party to have their message out there to have campaigns going on. it is a first time that we have seen california in play in a long, long time. it is actually pretty exciting. >> what's exciting about that is you watch the numbers here and you look at the number of registrations that came out, looking at the democratic registrations are up of almost triple from what it was. who do you think those registrants are? are these bernie sanders supporters or hillary clinton supporters? >> we know a lot of them are young hispanics. we know that every month 80,000 hispanics who are u.s. citizens
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turn 18 and what we saw just in two days facebook pushing the buttons and get to registration. we saw almost 200,000. >> i think that's evenly split. in particular the latino community still remembers the clinton years were good for them and yes, there is some sort of excitement about bernie sanders in particular in talking about the in equities of what is going on. >> you certainly understand different parts of california. we talk about the four states of florida, i want to ask you about the five/six states of california. you know 7th, where are you watching it or where are you keeping your eye on here? >> certainly, a person from orange county, i will tell you that people forget that there is about 270,000 registered democrats in san francisco county. there are over 400 registered democrats in orange county.
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if you are talking about bernie and hillary, you are talking about these places where people don't anticipate that democrats and declined the state. if you are not registered with the party. you can also vote within the democratic primary for president and of course, anybody can vote for the senate race where i am run ugh. >> we'll get to that. >> you will see a lot of increases out from the south where you typically have not because it is june and we are at the beaches and we are taking vacation and the kids out of school and etc. you will see that entry. >> representative, since you are talking about senators, lets talk about dine an feinstein who had this to say yesterday about the democratic race and what will be happening june 7th in california, take a look at what she's saying. >> he ought to be able to read the sign post. if he did that, he would know that it is over. i know the passion of a campaign and i know when you are in it
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and you keep ongoing until the last hour is there. well, the last hour is close by. >> representative, if that hour is close by, do you think bernie sanders should shift gear and start to work together with sena secretary clinton? >> let me say that, my senior senator feinstein is very wise. he continues to do it as hillary has. she came to orange county and she will come back in this coming week up and down tp sthe state. once we see the numbers play out and i do believe they are in clinton's favorite at this point. once she clenches the nomination, i believe that bernie sanders will come in the full. >> you don't want him to now do that now? you want him to wait. >> well, i mean -- we'll really need about eight or nine days
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away from the california primary. i don't see him slowing it down. i see the excitement coming out. i don't anticipate that he will do that. i do anticipate one of the things that i have not liked recently is the nastyness that has gone on. as democrats, we all want to see once the nomination is clenched. >> i want to turn to the race that you are in in california, the latest polling is looking good for you to make it to the run off there with the state attorney, attorney general carp harris and as we look at the movement in california, you are definitely apart of that. it is a group of experienced politician that is are moving into different spaces and as that reallocations that happens which you are apart of here. do you see that's an opening for the unconventional rather, t
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bernie sanders and donald trump. >> what we are seeing is a newcone new coming of age of young people and new people interested in casting their votes that'll make a difference in california. i see us getting in the primary, we have millenials with us and we have the spanish with us and we built a strong coalition of asian and african-americans and conservatives. it is been really interesting to watch it. when we move past primary and into november and where we have our city council races opened and supervisors for our counties and water boards, so important with the water situation going on. i would hope that some of these people because they have until august to file and would consider running and bringing new blood into the system. >> you are talking about the
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complexity and the asian americans and african-american complexion. lets talk about a fellow latino american here. when you look at him lookihitti out, -- of equal opportunity? >> well, i have not seen from his rhetoric of what he says that will trump pass conscious about women equality or particular about mexican-americans or for that fact. i am not surprised that he would go after someone she's not standing for that rhetoric. i don't like what's coming out of your mouth. it is been interesting that he would hit his own fellow
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republicans, a governor that's widely respected by her colleagues who are governors and plenty of them across the united states. i think that goes really we well -- badly for him as he try to construct a coalition that'll bring him across the finish line come november. >> you know that coalition that you elude to here is going to be listening to comments made by donald trump and one of the things that happened over the weekend is the class action lawsuit against trump university and donald trump reacting to the p presiding judge and his nou announcement. lets listen to trump first. >> he's a hater. his name is gonzalo, the judge
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is mexican, i think the mexicans are going to end up loving donald trump when i give all these jobs, okay? >> the judge was born in indiana and is of latino decent and let me add one more thing before you get to this commentary. this comment comes from donald trump at a memorial day event. in many cases, illegal immigrants are taking much care are really taking much better care by this country, taking care of our veterans. >> those who comments, we also understand your state, california, ten million immigrants and many of latino americans, that community has it and reacting to the trump narrative which has been consistent and these comments were just in the last several days. >> look, i don't want to go after people on memorial day. memorial is a very serious day. you know my husband is a retired
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colonel. we are a military family and this is a day to remember and it is a day for military family in particular. all latinos have fought in every single war for the united states. they have given in their lives and come back in many cases have been disrespected but we have been there and fought in the country for the true values of america. i want a president, my next president and next commandeering chief for this united states to be somebody who appreciates the valor and the sacrifices that all families have made in the united states and so there is no time in particular today for donald trump to be campaigning.
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this is a day of remembrance and a day for military families and latino families have been there and are there and will be there to make this country great. congresswoman, loretta sanchez, thank you for you and your husband, i appreciate your time today. >> this morning, he did tweet this. "have a great memorial day and remember that we'll soon make america great again." he spent yesterday addressing the crowd of mostly veterans in washington. take a listen. >> our veterans have been treated so badly in this country. you have a secretary that last week said no, the wait times does not matter, forget about wait time, i know people and i gotten to know so many vets and we just raised almost $6 million for the vets because i did not do a television choice. lets do this and we are announcing on tuesday all of the
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groups that we put up this money and we raise this tremendous amount of money because we love the vets. joining me now with more with my colleague, halie jackson, good day to you, today is as quiet one for the presumptive nominee, still some questions regarding the money raised a few months ago. >> yeah, where is it and who did it go to. he will be revealing all of that tomorrow at a news conference in trump's tower in manhattan tomorrow morning. he will be there to find out more about his nomination. he's been asking questions of where this money has gone to and how much it was. he raised and he says some six millions after skipping that debate and holding his own participate rally with that money being donated to charity. something that trump is talking about or asked about and we
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should get more answers about it tomorrow. >> something is keeping an eye here back and forth because of that tweet from conservatives. crystal tweeted this over the weekend. there is the trump response also, the republican party has to be smart, strong if it wants to win in november and cancel out to set up a spoiler in the candidate. where does this all stand? it seems like it is come zing a going. >> obviously, it is the most recent time with that hint from bill crystal being tweeted o ut there. there is a question of who this person maybe and people's whose names have been tossed around and rouled out.
9:17 am
ben sass, his name came up. his team telling us over the weekend nothing as changed as far as he stands. you heard john kasich's name being banned about a couple of weeks ago, him receiving a call from mit romney, john kasich and his team saying hey, listen, where were you weeks ago when i am in this race. no, i am not going to run as an inspect candidate and there is romney of this subject of speculation over testimony last few months of maybe being a person who can come in and be an independent candidate. i will tell you this, in conversations with sources about this, there seems to be a question of who is willing to do this and put themselves up to be an independent candidate and what is the liability of independent candidate and the ballot is closing and becoming more and more difficult to see how it is viable to have somebody and yet another candidate. a question of what kind of a team you have in place. it is tough to recruit a candidate when you cannot point
9:18 am
to any solid plan or step. here is how you can see winning if you were to go up against both donald trump and the democratic nominee, likely hillary clinton at this point. there is still oa lot of questin marks. it is all attentive and speculative at this point. >> the question of who's risk loving it. nbc's halie jackson in washington for us. up next, we'll head to the palmetto state, it is drying out after getting soaked by tropical depression bonnie. today, a busy travel day, we'll check into see how airports are doing. defiance is in our bones.
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from two separate storm systems is affecting millions of americans this holiday. in the last hour, bonnie was downgraded from a tropical depression to a post tropical cyclo cyclone. it is making its way up the east coast. while further west, part of texas and the plains are bracing for more rain and strong winds are possible for a tornado as well. in texas, at least six people dead since friday. the flooding triggered an evacuation in georgia and carolina as bonnie made land fall there. rough surfs and strong currents the from the storm. how is it looking there and looking good right now with people out on the beach, janet. >> reporter: yes, they are. the post tropical cyclone is a fancy way of saying the threat is over. can you see thousands of people on the beach behind me here at
9:23 am
myrtle beach. they were not able to do this on saturday and sunday because the area was slammed with rain. in fact, interstate 95, south of here was closed because of flooding. the backup left in 22 miles. yesterday, people could not go in beyond their knees. today, people are enjoying the sun here. why this was such a soaker because it was not that intense but it just lingered over the area. texas also had a fair share. we saw the brazos river and the death toll there had gone to six people and they are expecting more rain this week. in terms of the south carolina and north carolina and virginia beaches we are in in the trouble zone. they are catching the break as the rain moves their way.
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i need that in my world. anything that makes my life easier, i'm using. and windows is doing that. . on this memorial day, we stop to remember the men and women who served our country and recognizing those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. president obama laid the wreath at the tuomb of the unknown. >> the americans who rest here and their families, the best of us, those from whom we had everything. ask of us today only of one thing in return. that we remember them. >> joining me now is steve
9:28 am
clemo clemons. steve, as we remember those who have served and are serving right now, i want to go to something we are watching carefulfull caref carefully, that's service members now in iraq, some who which lost their lives, the iraqis military specifically, a key isis stronghold right now, the iraqis military is attempting to over take that in the morning and how successful does that look? >> right now, i think it looks very good and i think right now you got a coordinated iraqis force going in and you got u.s. military advisor that are closer in and playing a key role and quite a bit of this interestingly available out on youtube to watch where these
9:29 am
drone strikes are hitting and the coordination and the sophistication with the iraqis military had been enhanced quite a bit from those tragic days when you see an entire iraqis battalion just melt away and fold. right now things are looking good and i think united states says and it is compelling, iraqis standing up these cases. >> the medal honor recipient is joining us now. colonel, what is crucial as you look at this and steve, given some of the key points that he's watching. >> well, there are two things that come into mind of a combat in the built up area that i fought in urban terrains of the most labor intensive and the most time intensive, and you got to isolate individual blocks and
9:30 am
top to bottom and you have to have enough forces to control the area once you have cleared it. that's the first thing. isis had been there for years and so there are tunnel and booby traps. i think it will be difficult to do this and the second fact are worth noting it. this is a large sunni city being attacked by a large shia force. united states would be in a similar situation and if as and when they take the city, there will be a lot of retribution. this is a difficult battle and a difficult after math and it will be interest to see what positive impact overall. >> on this day here, i want to share something that you know very well growing up in new york
9:31 am
city after world war ii and now teaching west point, i am interested of your perspective of memorial day, how you describe to your experience and the meaning of today. >> the senior class just graduated. they are in it and they understand from the time they got there, they understand the whole routine. it is very much different for people who have not served in the military, who are not in the military or whose parents did not serve. we are far removed from the servic services sacrificed. one of our obligations is to educate the next generation so they won't take freedom for grant it. they'll know what contributions have been made by generations of america. >> colonel, i cannot help pointing to the pictures we are showing, those are of you. when luke at it, what do you
9:32 am
remember? >> i don't remember looking like that. those photographs were all taken like last thursday. >> i think they are. >> these are both vietnamese and americans that i served with. the sergeant from maui and the other guy, the officer battalion that was killed in combat. >> i am honored and impressed by you thank you very much. >> steve is feeling the right way, am i right, steve clemons? >> steve, i owe you one and thank you both on this day. >> thank you. >> coming up, this weekend is the first test of the summer travel season for the tsa. we'll head out to orlando international airport and see how they are doing keeping the
9:33 am
lines moving and passengers lines moving and passengers along the way.
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>> reporter: the order time have been reported and wait time is only 15 minutes often below at the major airports. even with the morning rush, wait times are only about eight minutes. it is not that hard as you can see it. walking right there is a four legged dog, is a bomb sniffing dog. when a person is cleared and sniffed by the dog then it is clear. as a results, these lines are moving quickly. that's a ahead of an expanded service team. they'll be adding thousands of employees moving from part time to full-time and as many as
9:38 am
3,000 additional hires. since it is memorial day, i should add that the tsa is comprised of 25 percent veterans. you should keep that in mind. safety is also up. last week was a record week for the tsa. they confiscated 74 gun and 65 of them armed, that came after a terrible failure last year of 67 times out of 70 agents were able to sneak firearms through. some good pr today for the tsa. we can only hope it is an indication for a better performance, richard. >> thank you for the 25% who worked there had who are veterans. tony dokoupil . >> the cincinnati zoo, protecting the little boy. what is the best protocol when people are in danger? jeff corwin weighs in.
9:39 am
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welcome back, the cincinnati zoo is under fire after a zoo keeper shot and killed an endangered gorilla. others say the zoo did the right thing. the 400 pounds grab add 3 years old child who had fallen into its enclosure. >> they had no other choice. we want to warn you that no, ma'am of the video you are about to see is hard for some to watch. nbc's blake mccoy has the story for us. >> cell phone video capture tg horrifying moment of a three years old boy coming face to face with the 400 pounds. you will hear his mother's desperate calls. >> visitors watched the gorilla picked the boy up and dragged him through the water. >> oh my god. >> i heard the splash and people were yelling, you know there is a boy in the water. >> witness, kimmel conner, says
9:43 am
the boy wanted to go in the water. the boy flipped but the railing and passed wires to enter the enclosure. >> ten agonizing minutes go by before zoo keepers make a difficult decision to shoot the gorilla. >> it is a great big animal. it is seen by our professional team that it is a life-threatening situation. >> so the choice is made to put down or shoot the gorilla. he's gone. >> they say a tranquilizer would have taken too long. on social media blamed the child's mother, i am sorry your child is hurt but i am angry that perennial negligent caused the death of this animal. >> he don't have a voice anymore, they gunned him down so we have to be his voice. >> i felt like they did this
9:44 am
gorilla wrong and i felt that the mother should be held accountable. >> we extend our heartfelt thanks by the quick action of the cincinnati's zoo staff. we know it is a difficult decision for them and they are grieving the loss of their gorilla. the incident comes after a week after zoo keeper in chile shot and killed two lion. in cincinnati the gorilla exhibit is closed while the memorial grows for the gorilla who he just celebrated his 17 birthday. bla >> blake mccoy now, the day after, what have you learned of terms of what will be next and how will they handle the exhibit? >> reporter: they are reviewing security around the exhibit to see if any changes are made. the exhibit had been here for 37
9:45 am
years. this is the first breach that ever happened. we did reach out to police this morning, they tell us there is no investigation under way because there is no evidence of anything criminal happened and they have no plans to charge these parents. nbc's blake mccoy for us. >> joining us now, the host of abc's ocean mystery. jeff corwin, thank you for joining us. what is the protocol of children are in danger? >> the first level is to have a good enclosure and the enclosure where these gorillas live. all the protocols of standard of practices of the ava, it really should not have happened. ultimately, when something like this does happen, you want to reasonably and quickly try to separate whoever is in harm's way from the animal.
9:46 am
sometimes, they're able to taunt the creature away or trap the creature away with food or base or repellent or stuff like that or hoses. >> in this situation, it happens so fast and so quickly and so shockingly. >> when you watch this video and we have been playing it which you mayor may not see, what do you take from the video that we have been playing and that you have seen. >> my heart is just -- it is racing when i watched it. it was very hard for me to watch. this i see this incredible gorilla that has done nothing wrong and just being a gorilla. it did not escape or not running king kong style and not raising mayhem and just in this situation due to no fault of its own and it pays the price. >> the emergency response team may not have the name correctly
9:47 am
here. the group that were looting to the zoo officials, what are they charged of doing and what are the rules of engagement with animals such as harambi. >> to have an an mall escape or have someone finding themselves in the enclosure. in most situations, they are able to diffuse those moments. also, very important to know that many of these situations, if the result is human error and of that gentleman jumping in the line, that was his own decision. these folks there testing these scenarios all the time and try to have good methods in place to detour them. it is important to know. this exhibit had been around for
9:48 am
40 years. they have never had a situation like this. this zoo is the most important conservation sent center on the planet. they brought back a dangerous species of the rhino. >> providing a place where thousands of inner city kids connect in nature. that was as terrible tragic moment for them. there is a lot of questions will be asked and with need to be answered. >> jeff coleman, tough for your time and your expertise on this. could an independent candidate, another wrenching of the 2016 race of the white house, we'll take a look at that. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn
9:49 am
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what will you do with your aleve hours?
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we have a long road ahead until november. the week leading up to the democratic convention, it seems voters can expect the unexpected
9:52 am
has been said. an independent candidate will soon jump in the phrase. we have ken vogel. thank you for joining us today, ken, i will start with you. approval ratings for both nominees record high right now. many voters admitting they see this election is voting for the lesser of two evils. when we look at such high negatives, does it say, yes, third party success possible. >> well, i guess it depends on how you measure success. we see gary and johnson already hitting 10% in some polls. there is a potential to get the ideas of the third party and the libertarian party in this case out there. but, there is no potential for him to win the presidency. >> it is a good point made
9:53 am
there. to you jane, when we take a look at this, they get double digits in some polls here. does that say it will fight off some of the votes for democrat and potential republicans. >> libertarian options among young voters across the isle looking at ron paul and his bid. he was not a third party bid but he threw a lot of support from young college voters identifying as democrats. it is not out of the realm of possibility that the candidate could draw both democratic and republican vote. >> what do you milwaukee up here, of there will be an independent contender here or donald trump is saying, you know, this is not something that he slams this sort of spoiler idea back and forth on twitter.
9:54 am
what do you make of this? we have reports that it is dead and we are hearing a possibility. it is a spoiler. there is no question that this is not somebody that conceivably wins. you are looking past a lot of deadlines and texas, you have this point to write in the candidate which is impossible to win. it is a stop the trump movement and it will hand the presidency to clinton and it does show the division of the republican party that remains and donald trump's challenges in uniting the party >> ken, whaen you are watching the headline here, what are you hearing from your sources and is this dead or a potential naming of bill crystal. >> well, bill crystal had been promising for a third party candidate and we heard of mit romney and potential third party nominee and also senator ben sass of nebraska and all said no for the obvious set of reasons.
9:55 am
it is going to be difficult to mount the candidacy as they missed the headlines getting on the state and it is going to cost a ton of money so you look at the potential profile of a third party candidate maybe of bill crystal. the candidate would have to be wealthy on their own and could put a lot of their own money into it and comes from outside of the world of politics. sounds a lot like somebody that's already a major party nominee, donald trump, and that goes to show you that this is a stop trump as oppose to elevating the idea of someone else. >> 15 seconds to you, jeh, you are watching a libertarian convention, most likely, of that surgery and show, does that prove that this independent run is viable? >> um, i mean look, there is an independent run for a long time, ross perot and you need to name one. this is the kind of thing that's hard to -- there are two parties
9:56 am
entrenched and every single state. this is a two party system that'll be very hard to change into a three party system. it will take a much longer campaign. thank you very much. you both have a great monday. >> thank you, richard. >> thank you for watching at this hour, i am richard liu, we'll be right back after this. was going to really happen. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away
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10:00 am
that dragged a little boy fallen into the gorilla's enclosure. >> we begin with the deadly weather in texas and carolina. texas had flood waters threatening part of the state and forcing evacuations. >> meanwhile a slow moving post tropical cyclone is bringing heavy rain and choppy surf across the carolinas. i-90 was shut down for 60 hours. officials reopened it a short time ago. lets get to the latest and get to bonnie snyder, our meteorologist. we have seen a lot of changes here. >> the bonnie, the storm is a post cyclone. that does not mean it is a rainmaker or causing those rip currents. we'll be watching it throughout the weekend and into the first part of in the case week. lets take a closer


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