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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  May 30, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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endangered 400 pounds gorilla that dragged a little boy fallen into the gorilla's enclosure. >> we begin with the deadly weather in texas and carolina. texas had flood waters threatening part of the state and forcing evacuations. >> meanwhile a slow moving post tropical cyclone is bringing heavy rain and choppy surf across the carolinas. i-90 was shut down for 60 hours. officials reopened it a short time ago. lets get to the latest and get to bonnie snyder, our meteorologist. we have seen a lot of changes here. >> the bonnie, the storm is a post cyclone. that does not mean it is a rainmaker or causing those rip currents. we'll be watching it throughout the weekend and into the first part of in the case week. lets take a closer look at the
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storm and what we are expecting. we are watching for some changes ahead. the main thing to notice that we'll see precipitation hanging onto the outer bank. that's going to make a big difference for the forecast. we are watching heavier rain along the outer bank and we'll be watching for that as well. one thing to note that we are tracking plenty of rain in texas. we have seen severe weather popping up with strong storms across southern texas. this is something we are keeping a close watch ongoing through a good portion of the afternoon and evening hours. we had a powerful storm through the victorious area. rain is likely to continue as we go through the afternoon and into the next few days. that's something to keep in mind going forward. >> richard, the smmain thing to note for this storm is post tropical and continuing to bring rain of a good portions to the coastline. >> so beginning of the season. now the weather system has been
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reaping and damage has been done. janet sh janet is in myrtle beach with more. >> reporter: yesterday could not go into the water beyond their. >>s 199knees in some of the beas area. i spoke to people that live here and they say it is rougher than it is at this time of the day. people are here perhaps of a get away of a three day weekend to celebrate the holiday. they're getting in the water. there is still al concern but it has deminute issiminished. we did have a brief storm comes through about 45 minutes and we'll probably have a few more of those. the threat has bonnie indicated is move to the north and staying along the eastern coast. different story of texas, you look at the brazos river, they are getting more rain there. they could get three or five inches between now and friday.
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those rivers are flown over their plank banbanks. in the community of rosenburg, they moved prisoners out of their buildings because it has been flooded. a lot of people are out of their homes. that could happen when the water goes every its banks. we are watching two areas here and southeast texas. beautiful myrtle beach with janet. thank you very much. also, today, the cincinnati police department says it has no intent to file charges on the family of the young boy who fell into the gorilla enclosure at the cincinnati zoo. zoo keeper killed the 400 pounds animal to save the life of this three years old child sparking outrage.
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bake mccoy wi blake mccoy were the latest for us. what do we expect them to say? >> reporter: we expect them to defend the decision of shooting and killed the gorilla. a three years old child fallen into that enclosure. the child was in the enclosure for more than ten minutes. at times being picked up by the gorilla and dragged through and that's when officials made the difficult decision, they say to shoot and kill the gorilla. the reason they did not use a tranquilizer is two reasons, one, it would have taken several minutes for it to kick in and two by hitting the animal with that tranquilizer could hav hav agitated him more and causing more danger. they're defending that decision, people are criticizing the zoo for making that call. they're also criticizing the mother of this child for not keeping a better eye on her
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three years old and how he's able to get in that enclosure. people want to know. in the middle of all of this. there is a vigil with the coroner here. he said something is being loss in the blame game. >> there is been people screaming out it is the zoo's fault or the parent's fault. and the middle of all this arguing back and fault of whose fault it is, we have the 400 pounds endangered gorilla is dead. test going to be missed. >> the family is not speaking publicly but they released a statement, they thank the lord for protecting their child and the zoo for the difficult decision they made to shoot and kill the gorilla. it was a difficult decision and zoo staffs here have been mourn full all day and there is a small vigil that was for the
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gorilla. that press conference is scheduled to start in a few hours here. we hope to ask for questions about that burrier and how that child got inside, richard >> thank you, blake mccoy cincinnati for us. >> tomorrow, the campaign will seek to rising controversy over donations of veterans group with the news conference of trump tower. >> i know people, i gotten to know so many vets and we raised almost $6 million for the vets because i did not do a television show, i said lets do this. we are announcing on tuesday all of the groups that we put up this money and we raise this tremendous amount of money because we love the vets. >> well, those comments came sunday at the annual rolling thunder event, a motorcycle rally and charity led by and for
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the nation. numerous media outlets and particular the washington post, have raised questions about how much money has reached those organizations in the end. nbc's halie jackson has been on the road with the trump campaign. trump is in a war and talking about a third party cam, we got that. there is a high level of dysfunction inside the campaign and a lot of headlines here. give us the context of all of that. so let's start with the -- you have the veteran issue happening now which we expect to find out more tomorrow. gout this whole twitter war with bill crystal. there is some kind of independent candidate ready to emerge and take on donald trump. trump himself with the independent bid of the primary is coming up strongly against
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this, calling it a spoiler. of course, he's going to say that. he does not want somebody to come zin spoil his bid for the white house in november especially if he goes up again looking at hillary clinton. trump remaining focus or trying to in the general election and take oing on the person who's likely his challenger, hillary clinton. we heard from his top strate strategist, paul manafort. look at what he had to say. >> the history of the clinton's family and certainly if they are back in the political. their history is relevant to what the american people can expect. >> okay, manafort who has been named the chief strategist for donald trump. the people who have been with
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trump since the beginning. the trump's campaign largely of course, dismissed talks of all this. there is some maneuvering going on as the campaign expands, ta got to get bigger and they're looking at the general election, there is no surprise that the campaigns have been staffing up and hiring more people. when it comes to digital side of things, through it all, trump values loyalty and value these folks that have been with him from day one where nobody thought he would end up where he is now a year later. so, a lot of discussions about the trump campaign and about who trump might be going up against particularly after this weekend when you saw that libertarian convention nominating johnson to be another challenger to donald trump. >> on the trump campaign for u halie jackson in washington dc. lets move over to the democrats now. bernie calling it the big e enchilada. 475 delegates with up for grabs
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here. for hillary clinton, winning the golden state could give her the delegates to win the nomination. kristin welker with the clinton campaign. bernie sanders has been busy over the weekend tin collud inc holding a couple events. does the clinton campaign feeling comfortable of what's going to happen in california? >> well, i don't think so, i think they feel as though it is a competitive state if you look at the polls. she's up by two-points of course, independent can vote in the primary and that's something that could benefit senator sanders. she campaign vigorously. we want moments ago that she's going to campaign in new jersey on wednesday and then on thursday she heads back to california and she's going to be there through monday and clearly trying to make a final push for that state.
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the most delegate rich state that's left. there is a little bit of reality though when it come to the map. senator sanders cannot win california, we how old have to win all of the votes there in order to cast secretary clinton and her delegate lead. it is possible that she wins new jersey and that's enough for her to clinch the nomination even before all of the vote in california are tallied. having said that winning california would be an important victory for her and allow her to go into the convention for solid ground and the presumptive nominee. secretary clinton just wrapping up the event here she attended the annual parade. >> this next week sois so critil mathematically. lets stay on hillary clinton,
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coming off with the e-mail scandal. how is the sanders campaign is reaki reacting to that news, are they leveraging it? he's been adamant, he's not going to talk about the e-mail controversy and use that against her ads as we have seen donald trump did a daily bases. he did have sharp word of the ig report that you just referenced. take a look at what senator sanders said over the weekend. >> it was not a good report. that's something that the delegates and the american people will have to take a close look at. everybody in america is keeping it in mind and certainly the super delegates are. the point that i am going to make is super delegates. many came on board long before i am in the race. if your job is to make sure that donald trump is the defeated and defeated badly. >> arguably, some of the most
10:13 am
critical comments we have heard from senator sanders about secretary clinton e-mails. what happened last week with that ig report is that it under scores this e-mail issue if it continues a problem for secretary clinton, it is not going away and there is still that fbi investigation. at last check, the campaign said she's not been contact with the fbi. we anticipate she will be interviewed by them in the near future. kristen welker with the clinton campaign there. coming up, the trump campaign national cochair joins us to talk ground games of poll numbers and possibility losing vote to a libertarian and even to an independent candidate. it's time to switch... to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want,
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50% of the population of new mexico is talking about hispanic mexicans when the opposite is true. it is just racist. >> gary johnson, a former two terms governor of mexico. after receiving that nomination, johnson denounced trump's immigration policy. you heard a bit of that there. he will be running with another fellow republican, massachuse s massachusetts' bill wells. but, it is also because of recent polls including one from fox news shows that johnson pulled a 10% of the vote, double digits, demonstrating he may have the ability to get some votes from trump or clinton or both. >> sam, thank you for joining us today on this monday and let me show everyone the high negatives that i was aleuting to and you
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are familiar with. donald trump and clinton with both over 50%, 54 and 58 and with trump about four points higherer th higher that you can see here. from your seat -- cannot go libertarian come voting day. >> honestly, i think you are asking the wrong question. i think when you focus in on ci conservatives, you are talking about a term that's been hijacked by a lot of people in the republican party and most of them are claiming to be conservatives. it is a better question and ones perhaps, for focussed is to talk about the libertarian. this is probably a very interesting and valuable question to explore. i think one of the things when i ran for office two years ago.
10:19 am
>> what's the answer to that question, sam? >> what's that? >> what's the answer to the question that you just paused it. >> if they do well and if they ran a good campaign, they have the opportunity to side off votes. it will come from both sides if you take a look at the demographic and what the issues that libertarians focused on. you are going to find that they're going to probably take some from the trump's side but some from many democrats and hillary clinton's side as well. based on who the libertarian voters are. >> not sure if your candidate is a conservative as well. we are not going down to that road, i want to tap in your brain here. the key importance of a business plan, he has a 15 state strategy
10:20 am
to win which you noknow well. tell us which 15 states those are. >> go ahead. i will give you the time. >> you don't have time for me here. it does not take a rocket science, get out your map and you can start to take a look and see where the big numbers are and the swing states are historically been. >> as you know here, sam, he's looking at california and new york and pennsylvania. pennsylvania is a swing state. the interesting one you got on that list, right? california, what do you think the opening is there? the opening is you will have a lot of people who are going to push back what's got on in california, they have not had the reason to leave and a lot of people out there are voting across the isle, too. i think we'll pick up democrats in california as well and it will come over to vote. i think one of the key issues is if we want to make california competitive, we can win there but the big issue is the
10:21 am
democrats will have to spend a lot of money and time there. this is one of the things you have to start to take a look at resources. >> listen, let me finish here. the amount of campaigns and number of these states where we are going to win and there is some clearly on the democrat sides. when you force the opposition to spend money in places they usually don't have to spend money, that's a big deal. >> i want to move onto something else talking about the game plan and business plan here, when we look at some of the numbers coming out of the clinton campaign, according to political, and their siding fcc documents here. the clinton had about ten times the staff right now as the trump campaign of 732 employees compared to about 70. what do you this i the key head count is for your team that you want to reach steady state across the country. >> i think a lot of it, one of the interesting things here is
10:22 am
how many people of the rnc is going to be out working across the country. this is kind of the plan going ahead and i think this is one of those things where we are going to see. one thing, having a big staff does not mean you have a big ground game, what it means is that you have a big staff. our small staff has been able to secure the nomination of the republican party which is no small pete. if you and hillary clinton is still contesting her, i think that the size of the staff is really not the right measure americans of circumstance. >> thank you very much, sam there in the great state of iowa and from the trump campaign. thank you. >> i want to remember all my veteran friends out there and especially my dad and family. >> thank you, still to come, will the libertarian candidate get the bernie bump.
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welcome back, new hope in the libertarian party. yesterday, gary johnson and william weld secured the party s convention. all this has a recent nbc's sexual street journal polls showing half of americans would consider a third party candidate. joining me with more on how it can shake up the race. phillip and talking points, lauren fox. lauren, i will start with you on this. as you are watching the libertarian convention and the speeches and the out come and
10:27 am
the energy and the beers for that matter. do you see an opening here for the ticket this year? we are seeing poll numbers at a worth noting. >> i think moving forward and of what we see is the libertarian movement is able to get some votes for donald trump and many conservatives may look as an alternative. i think that donald trump's team would tell you that they are thinking that maybe a libertarian could get votes from both sides. i think that's why some of the pollings maybe showing at the moment and a lot to do in term s of the party. gary johnson needs to poll 15% and that is something that has not happened in the early '90s. it is possible he could get votes but there is a long way to go. >> it was possible when i was looking at the convention here,
10:28 am
looking at the commentary and the energy and lets say bernie sanders does start to unite and it is going to be beat hillary clinton as the presumptive nominee, do some of the bernie sanders voters say, hold on, i kind of like gary johnson that's a kin to youth full voters that we so often said like bernie sanders. >> certainly. i mean people right now supporting hillary clinton will vote for donald trump and vice versa, there is a big mix match. it is important to think of scale here. i think there is definitely the case to be made that johnson will be able to pick up some of that support from sanders. johns johnson's biggest support right now is he's not hillary clinton or donald trump.
10:29 am
a lot of people are going to pick and the first thing you never heard of is at least for now. i don't know if he can pick up 15%. he will definitely pick up some thing. we look at the libertarian ticket, who are they pulling more from in 2016. >> i think we are talking about two former republicans, the basis support that each has. but, i think the appeal they meant to have. i think they're going to get support from republicans who otherwise will be giving to candidates. i think they'll get support from big funder. >> less of a bernie bump for that ticket and a trump bump. there you go. >> lauren, staying on bernie sanders, yesterday, he was warning hillary clinton that his pick is critical to winning over his supporters. he also urged her to pick a hard line progressive. is he pointing to himself? >> i think it is unclear who
10:30 am
he's really pointing to. there is a lot of skepticism that someone like elizabeth warren had been on twitter spoken out for donald trump. it is unclear yet who she's leaning towards. i think bernie sanders is certainly an option and he's fired up at the crowd s in a way that we have not seen progressives fired up since 2008 when obama was running. it could be a choice and given how long he drugged this out is possible of who he chooses. >> a lot of talks over the last few days has been about her strategy against donald trump. what is the best way to approach donald trump, your thought? >> i think it is a wild card. i think there are people that have made the case in the past that she would run someone like a ted cruz who is a known -- i
10:31 am
think if there is one thing that i am confident about and the campaign operations like hillary clinton will point out week by week what they anticipate doing. someone shooting off and whatever and changes positions all the time, that remains to be seen. i don't know if anyone who could say here is the best way to deal with donald trump. >> lauren, quickly, is it about addressing the voters and not necessarily donald trump but the voters who are in play and then considering donald trump as her competitor trying to get that vote. >> donald trump sort of taken that tragestrategy off the tabl so many ways when he launches these attacks. it is really hard if you are not countering that some how. that's the tough struggle for he her. it is a very tough ballot.
10:32 am
>> thank you both. >> coming up tomorrow on mtv daily. the first joint interview with johnson and bill weld. that's tomorrow at 5:00 eastern right here on msnbc. after the break, tsa changes and what the changes they have made and how they're working this holiday weekend and are the major problems solved. : surpris! but only one of them will make a life long dream come true. great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come.
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welcome back, i am richard liu, world head quarters in new york. a short time ago, president obama laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier and delivered remarks on this day at the national cemetery. >> the americans who rest here and their families, the best of us, those from whom we have everything. ask of us today only one thing
10:36 am
in return. that we remember them. >> in the next hour, vice president biden will attend a ceremony in honor of his son in his home state delaware. the national guard head quarters there will be named for bo biden and millions of people are on the road and in the air for travel, trying to get home. some are still navigating long tsa lines. some presidential candidates are on the move, too. she and clinton is back at home. bernie sanders is on the west coast and he's about to march in the san francisco memorial day parade before moving onto two campaign events in oakland california. california is holding its primary in a week. donald trump is off the trail today, celebrating the annual rolling fund to rally in washington dc.
10:37 am
38 million travelers are hitting the roads or flying home this weekend. severe weather in parts of the country could complicate their travel plans. tony dokoupil with the latest how tsa are dealing with this massive transits. the last we spoke things were looking pretty good. >> reporter: things are still looking good richard, 38 million people are traveling today and 2.5 million of those are taking a plane. we have been monitoring the key trouble spots around the country. all had long lines and not so much today. here in orlando, 400,000 people are expected to depart. one of the big reasons why nationwide of the additional of cani canines here. one of the passengers moving through the line had a decoy explosive device and they're going to see if the dog can find
10:38 am
it. looks like the dog has something. the dog here by the way is a german short haired. his name is for the fallen veteran. he's happy to have gotten a treat. >> very, very happy. we have been seeing it all day long. it is a good day for the tsa after weeks of very bad public relations and last week with a record week for the confiscation of weapons, 74 weapons were taken and 65 of them were loaded. we should point out about 25% tsa work force -- a good day for the airport and the tsa. we can hope of an indication of an improved performance throughout the summer. >> 700 million americans are
10:39 am
expected to take flights this year. >> it is a record day for vol and all the new friends he's making. i want to talk about an airport that's north of you, that's jfk -- had some massive check in delays, what happened there? >> reporter: jfk did not have a problem with security but it did have a problem of down router preventing airline employees issuing tickets. at one point, 600 passengers cued up at the british air way. some were written out by paper tickets. today, no reported of any issues, technology is working and tsa is working and equipment itself is working. we have been tracking the flight and keeping tabs on and only 155 delays by now and three our four
10:40 am
right now. that's nothing in a country of tens or thousands of planes taken off. off a overall, a good transportation of what the american system could do. this is only the beginning of the summer travel season, richard. >> i do, i am headed out right after this and i will test that system and i will call into you to let you know how jfk is doing. to to to tony dupe l. >> thank you. >> you just saw tony's report, any surprises? >> no, i am not surprised. the tsa is making a number of decisions lead to what you are seeing now. the number of bomb sniffing dogs and they hired more people and
10:41 am
they -- they have a number of people from part time to full-time. so there are a number of resources at the problem. >> they are reallocating and resources, for example, here. airports that are less busy to airports that are busier. we'll have to wait to see how the entire weekend does flare out. are there spaces that you with watching. we did look at increases resources here. part times going to full-times and as we saw vol in the report and canine team as well. this very busy season will -- >> last thursday, the homeland security over seized department of transportation, secretary johnson, asked congress for
10:42 am
$28 million to be resuhovelled from the budget making employees full-time. they are throwing in a tremendous amount of resources at this problem hope thag t as summer traffic increases, they'll be able to handle. >> where is the money coming from? >> it is money that tsa already have. they're just programming it from other areas. >> from other areas overall. >> ron mixon. >> thank you very much. i appreciate that. >> thank you so much, richard. we have breaking news for you right now. the white house, fire trucks are outside and a decontamination unit is set up there. >> jim is joining me live on the phone from the white house. what are we hearing and seeing about this suspicious package
10:43 am
here? >> reporter: well, we are not hearing anything. we are seeing an awful lot. the white house went down into a lockdown and maybe about 20 minutes ago. but, it was only about 15 minutes ago that fire trucks started to arrive and as you saw it just a moment ago in that picture, they had set up a portable decontamination unit. we have seen firefighters and emergency personnel getting into hazmat suits and as you can see through the fence in to the white house's grounds there are firefighters there with their oxygen tanks and air tanks on their backs and in hazmat suits at least partially. we were told originally that somebody had apparently tossed a package over the fence. it did not appear to be too much medic activity inside the white
10:44 am
house, but as you see here for the first time according the veterans here at the white house. this is the first time they have seen a portable decontamination unit set up outside the white house. again, we have no idea what the package macon ty contain and whe package looks like. these professionals that do these kinds of things for a living are highly suspicious, they called in these extra gears. >> nick, where is the president? >> the president as far as we know is in the white house whether he is in the resident or the west wing is unclear. as you know, he had gone over to arlington ceremony this morning
10:45 am
for the memorial day ceremony laying a wreath at the unknown soldiers or unknown and his speech at the amphitheater there and he will return in about an hour ago and the white house announced at the time there was a travel -- meaning reporter and camera crews could stand down because the president has no intention to leave. there is no sense here that the president or first family or anybody in the white house or anybody in eminent danger and what's going on here is maybe out of an abundance of caution. the activity is setting up a decontamination unit and seeing these firefighters dressing in hazmat here with their tanks and
10:46 am
indicating it is a highly suspicious package that was apparently thrown into over the fence and into the white house. >> as we look at these live pictures, the fire truck that you are eluding to appears to the portable contamination unit, that could be the red structure of the left hand hand side of the picture you are looking at, give us a sense of where this is located on the white house grounds? >> well, this is at the west gate of the north lawn. as you face the white house, this would be the entrance that you see the right side of the white house. there is a guard house there. it is where most of us grunt media enters the white house everyday. we get checked in and we go through the medal tedetectors before we are allowed inside the white house. you can see that gentlemen out
10:47 am
there is walking towards the guard post to our right and it appears and you see there the doors are opening. he's gone inside. not everybody is dressed in hazmat gear. it must be an object that they have yet decided to move because as we see this one gentleman in the foreground, he started out with his hazmat suit just half way down his waste and now he's got it to fully up his oxygen tank, air tank on the back and the hood which he would obviously pull up over his head if it is deep necessarily. no for medic activity, very calm and methodical but it is something never seen outside the white house before. >> give us the distance of where this red structure on the left is and looks to be portable on the right hand side of the fire truck. what's the distance from there
10:48 am
to the actual trucktustructure white house. >> well, its g got to be at lea 100 yards or so. that portable decontamination unit is set up on pennsylvania avenue. that stretch of pennsylvania avenue which was shut down to any vehicular, civilian vehicular traffic back in the clinton administration, it is right outside the gate, cannot tell from this angle whether the gate its has been opened for access. i understand now that the gate itself are behind the decontamination is opened. and we are seeing more activity just opposite and on the other side of the decontamination unit now. more activity in that region as
10:49 am
perhaps they're getting ready to remove whatever may have been thrown over into the fence. don't know what it is or what kind of package it is or how big it is and we don't have any description. >> you know, this is the holiday weekend and many people flock to washington dc, beautiful town and headed to the white house, no doubt. talk about the crowds and the pedestrian access and how busy this area has been over the weekend and the proximity that pedestrians and tourists have access to this location. >> well, as soon as the secret service locked down the white house, apparently, immediately after whatever that was thrown over the fence landed on the white house's grounds. they have a procedure here of locking down those inside the white house. and, at the same time, they
10:50 am
clear lafayette park which was right across the street, right across pennsylvania avenue from the white house. now, this area particularly on a day like park and pennsylvania avenue were pretty much flooded by tourists. but it didn't take the secret service very long to clear out that area and it remains cleared as of now. this is a very slow deliberate process whatever they're going through here. i notice some of the firefig firefighters have pulled up their hoods over their heads. that could mean they're prepared to remove whatever object that may have been that was thrown over the fence. >> jim mechanicovering the whit for us today.
10:51 am
for those who just joined us outside the white house, the president is inside after att d attending memorial activities earlier. it is now 1:50 local time on a tourists day as jim was just describing to us. jim miklaszewski. we'll keep an eye on the suspicious package outside the white house and we'll have more for you here. for now, we'll take a short break and be right back. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ forward collision warning ] [ car braking ] bye dad! it brakes when you don't. forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking. available on the newly redesigned passat.
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10:54 am
if you're just joining us, breaking news in front of washington, d.c., this coming out of the white house, we are watching a suspicious package that has been found, on the left hand side what we believe to be a decon nomination unit. fire trucks there. we are back to jim miklaszewski
10:55 am
watching the white house for us and is gathering more information. when he does come back to us we'll go straight there and give you the latest on the suspicious package that this is white house. for now, we move to this syrian city of aleppo, the violence in recent weeks and several strikes on the province in the last 48 hours. the only rescue team still working in the area is a group called the white helmets. these are volunteers that come from all walks of life. they are often syrian's only hope. more on this extraordinary group, many of whom have sacrificed their own lives to save others. the name sort of tells us what they are and what they do. >> yes. so many have died. this is an all volunteer group. we will pull up their website. this is from today and the fire burning is an industrial plant. the way they describe theirselves on the website, we
10:56 am
are bakers, engineers, pharmaci pharmacists, painters, students, not soldiers, all volunteers. they believe they have saved 40,000 lives in the past few years. >> wow. >> to the next video, last week in aleppo, responding here to the bombing of an apartment complex in aleppo. you can see there the white helm helmets. it's rare we get to show something positive filled with humanity. look at the rescue of this little girl. [ shouting ] >> the thing about this video that is so moving, of course, not just that this little girl was saved, a reminder in these cities you have hundreds of thousands of civilians. in aleppo alone in the eastern part of the city, it's estimated
10:57 am
300,000 civilians have been cut off due to the fighting. >> what a great story shown through that video, cal. we don't often hear about these great things happening. cal perry. appreciate that. that will do it for us this hour. thanks for spending your time on this monday. thanks for watching. the top of this hour we return to breaking news coming out of the white house. fire trucks outside, portable decontamination unit on the left. we'll have the latest. stay with us. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? our new cocktail bitters were doing well, but after one tradeshow, we took off.
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♪ i'm live at msnbc world headquarters in new york. we come to you this hour with breaking news at the white house. fire trucks are outside. a decontamination unit has been set up. jim miklaszewski joins me live from the white house. what is the latest we know about this situation? >> steve, we do know there was package or container of some kind that was thrown over the white house fence at about 1:15 this afternoon.
11:01 am
and because this package is on the white house compound the secret service is the lead agency in all this. about 15 minutes after that, the fire department arrived and immediately set up a portable decontamination unit. the picture we're looking at now, however, is through the fence. we can see a number of agents in plainclothes and with bullet proof vests on. we've also seen some of the fire department rescue and security people that were wear deg contamination units, as this shot pulls out now, we can see that red and gray decontamination portable unit set up just outside the gate on the north lawn. it's the west side gate to the north lawn where many dig tar tarries, state dinners, they go through that gate to drive up in
11:02 am
front of the white house and enter. to the right of that behind the fire truck on the right is one of the primary secret service guard houses where we as reporters and camera crews have to check in and show camera passes and we get screened like everybody through metal detec r detectors to do in. as you can see, the activity is not very frenetic. we see one person behind the fence pulling up his protective gear, his hazmat suit, just pulled it up, and he's got -- i can't tell what he's doing now but appears he's heading toward where we suspect the package may be. looked like he was getting suited up. no idea this package actually presents any threat. but in an overabundance of caution, and also, the old ti r timers here, and the pros said
11:03 am
this is the first time ever they've seen a portable decontamination unit set up outside the white house in one of these situations, so there must be something highly suspicious, potentially thre threatening about this package that caused them to go to those extre extremes. >> jim miklaszewski, live at the white house, joining us on the phone. thanks for that. you're looking at those live pictures outside the white house, just learning the details, much more we will find out about this situation and we're keeping a close eye on it and keeping you updated throughout the hour as we learn more and also happening right now, widespread wild weather spanning from the south up to the carolinas, six people confirmed dead in this state of texas where floodwaters have completely drenched communities from houston to san antonio and around the state capitol in austin. residents under vehicles orders right now as flashflood warnings remain in effect.
11:04 am
meanwhile a slow moving post tropical cyclone is dumping torrential rain and choppy surf to the carolinas as the storm system continues to move along the coastline, so heavy officials were forced to close a portion of interstate for 16 hours overnight. for the latest in all this weather, let's bring in msnbc meteorologist, bonnie schneider. supposed to be memorial day and cookout and barbecue weather. obviously not what we're getting. any let up in sight? >> i think we will see let up. even though bonnie is a post tropical cyclone and not a tropical storm, it's really a rainmaker. as it slowly meanders northeast we will see more rain shanss and what's happening on cape hatteras and we have had a lot of rain on the outer banks and eventually this low will push off to sea. and luckily sooner than later. we thought it would go to new
11:05 am
york. it will push off through thursday and friday. jersey shore, atlantic city all seeing a lot of rain from this tropical system. speaking of rain, powerful storms worked their way across texas, from san antonio to victoria, looks like they're off to the gulf of mexico. we did have flashflood warnings in effect forarea. looks like they have expired but at risk for flooding. lots of rain working their way across the barrier islands across texas. later this afternoon we will see severe weather ramp up more towards aberdeen and north platte and hays and amarillo and mi not as much of a tornado threat for today. we are looking at the threat for hail, as i mentioned. keep in mind, more rain is ahead
11:06 am
for texas as we go into this week, a little dry right now. i want to give a heads-up flo flooding could pane for texas this week with more rain in the forecast. >> bonnie schneider, thanks for that. turning to 2016 politics, donald trump trying to stamp out a number of brush fires starting with contributions he said he made to veterans groups. >> i know people -- and i've gotten to know so many vets. we just raised almost $6 million for the vets because i didn't do a television show, i said, let's do this. we're announcing on tuesday all of the groups that we put up this money and raised this tremendous amount of money because we love the vets. >> those comments were made on sunday to an annual motorcycle rally called rolling thunder organized for the benefit of americans veterans. tomorrow's news conference is designed to clear the air about those donations from trump, announced all the way back in
11:07 am
january, trump says he has he helped raise as well as pers personally donated a total of about 6 million dollars to veterans groups. a number of organization, in particular the "washington post" have called that number into question in recent days. for all things donald trump we go to msnbc's hallie jackson. she's in washington. interesting situation for donald trump, he has been receiving and you saw at this rally all those veterans there very vocal and very passionate support for donald trump from them. at the same time, he has this issue some people are flagging. what can we expect to hear from him tomorrow. >> he says he will release this full accounting, steve, we assume means the amount of money he's given to which groups and how much and when. basically who, what, where, and when the made when he skipped a televised debate to hold a rally instead he said would raise money for charity. and since then he's been dogged by questions where that money
11:08 am
has gone and how much he has given. he will potentially put some to rest in manhattan when he speaks to reporters at trump fire. and talking about brush fires, number one, speculation of a possible independent candidate, bill kristol starting a lot of that talk with a tweet over the weekend and he's telling msnbc news nothing is imminent. and an update is meaningful not coming necessarily any time soon. trump and his aides have taken to the airways over the weekend to put down talk of infighting within the campaign going on for weeks ever since paul manafort just named chief strategist came aboard the trump campaign. you heard from trump's campaign manager, corey lewandoski over the weekend. here is what he had to say. >> there is no sunlight between paul and i. every decision is made together. we talk 10, 12, 15 times a day and we each have our own respective responsibilities in the campaign and are moving forward.
11:09 am
the media wants to perpetuate this story there's infighting and bottom line is we're winning. >> the campaign is growing because it needs to grow, steve. they're hiring more people and bringing on more staffers to try to compete with the development, machine you could say hillary clinton and democrats have put together for longer than trump has given he became the presumptive nominee in a way many think rather unexpected and he's working on digital and the national committee on data and trying to coral some of those resources from the party as well. steve. >> thanks for that. how crucial on the democratic side is the california primary? it will be a week from tomorrow. take a look at this. the democrats' current delegate count. if you add in the superdelegates with pledged delegates, she'd just be 79 shy of clenching the nomination, 475 of those pledged
11:10 am
delegates are up for grabs just in the state of california. a win for clinton could put an end to the party's primary fight all together. even if she loses california with a threshold that low she will still crush that number and bernie sanders looking to pull off an upset for symbolic and the latest polls show a statistical dead heat. in chappaqua, new york, the clintons adopted hometown when they moved to new york 15 years ago. let's say hillary clinton is going to have the digielegates end of this season. what is the penalty for her going forward unofficially, what is the price she pays if she loses california to bernie sanders? >> reporter: a couple of things, steve. first of all, it calls into question her strength as the presumptive nominee if she were to win the nomination if she loses a large left leaning state like california.
11:11 am
secondly, it gives senator sanders a lot of leverage going into the convention and already struck a deal with the dnc for a role shaping the platform once the convention begins and he has been touting universal healthcare, increasing minimum wage to $15 an hour. if he wins a state like california he could have a whole lot more leverage on some of those points. then the question of party unity, steve, what we've been talking about for days now, how is secretary clinton going to unify this party give an third of senator sanders supporters say they're not prepared to vote for her. senator sanders was asked about party unity over the weekend by our colleague, chuck todd. >> donald trump, for a dozen different reasons would be a disaster as president. i will do everything i can to make sure that does not happen. at the end of this day, whether it's secretary clinton or bernie sanders, donald trump, anybody else, the way you gain support is through the candidate himhimf
11:12 am
or herself. my job is to make sure trump does not become president, i will do that. if secretary clinton is the nominee it is her job to reach out to millions of people and make the case why she is going to defend working families and the middle class. >> the clinton campaign has been calling on senator sanders to help them unify the democratic party. really interesting comments from him on that point. you will see a fierce fight for california, steve, right up until primary day. senator sanders saying he's not leaving the state until voters head to the polls. secretary clinton moment s ago announcing she added several events through to this weekend and starting on monday. expect a fierce fight in that state. >> kristen live in chappaqua, new york, thanks for that. in the next hour we will hear from the cincinnati zoo, this after the controversial
11:13 am
shooting of one of its gorillas. it killed the 450 pound gorilla in order to save the life of a 3-year-old child who fell into the enclosure. blake mccoy is live in cincinnati with the latest. the zoo's director is going to be talking to the media sometime this hour. anything new? we're expected to finds out. >> reporter: the reason he's talking today is because of the intense media interest around this, they've received so many requests with people having questions they need answered. he said, all right, we will hold a press conference at 3:00 where everyone can ask their questions. most people have seen the video. i do want to warn you it can be difficult to watch. we expect the zoo to defend their decision to shoot and kill this lowland gorilla saturday when the 3-year-old fell in the enclosure. the 3-year-old somehow got past the barrier, there was wiring and a railing and got past that, several feet of brush and fell down into a moat that surrounds
11:14 am
the enclosure. it's a 15 foot fall. when the gorilla heard the splash, the gorilla jumped in as well and at times picked up the boy and dragged him through the moat and this happened a few times before the decision was made to shoot and kill the for ril la. the reason they decided to shoot and kill the gorilla instead of using a tranquilizer dart, they believe it could have agitated the gorilla more once it was hit and could take several minutes before taking effect putting the child in dangereen more. the zoo has come under heavy criticism to shoot and kill this animal. the mother is also coming under a flurry of criticism for not keeping a better eye on that 3-year-old. an online petition has 150,000 signatures urging charges against this mother. i did speak with police this morning and they say they have no plans to charge the mother and say this appears to be a tragic accident and no evidence of criminal wrongdoing and no
11:15 am
investigation under way. richard. >> blake mccoy in cincinnati. thanks for that. next, an in-depth look at what's to gain and what's to lose for the likely nominees in november. how taking risks may help donald trump and hillary clinton win big in swing states when we come back. soon. i like the bride more than the groom. turquois dresses... so excited. did all her exes get invited? no one's got moves like uncle joe. ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ when it's go, book with choice hotels and get a free $50 gift card for staying just two times. book direct at you always have a choice. before it became a medicine, it was an idea.
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11:18 am
in politics, like gambling j sometimes you hatch ve to risk if you want to win. sometimes those risks don't always pan out. >> well? >> 16.
11:19 am
>> 21. >> so who's going to risk it all and win big in the swing states come november? let's take a look at the odds with msnbc's cal perry. let's explain to people. this is one of my favorite segme segments. we have the big board with odds and looking at people putting money on the line about who is going to win these swing states? clinton or trump, the democrat or republican. how does it work? >> like the stocks. you see minus 180, 145, that's what you have to wager to win it back. in the state of florida democrats are favored, minus 180, on the flip side if you bet 1$100 donald trump will carry te state of florida you get 145. right now, democrats are favored to win the state of florida. >> trump is the underdog. >> four states, swing states, florida, colorado, ohio and pennsylvania. three of these four states are on donald trump's 15 state
11:20 am
strategy. >> if he's going to be elected president these are states he has to be winning. >> if you win ohio and florida and pennsylvania -- >> you've probably got it. >> you've probably got it. this is ohio. >> same thing. democrats are slightly favored here. we talked about this earlier this morning. right? a lot of this depends on your vice-presidential nominee. if you pick a governor from ohio for example that will greatly improve your chances carrying that state. >> you have sherrod brown for hillary clinton and kasich as potential pick. colorado much bigger margin. >> democrats widely favored to win colorado. not a surprise. they voted democrat for obama in 2008 and 2012 and 1986 is the last time they went republican. >> no. republican. >> it's surprising it's this big of a spread. hillary very popular in the state of colorado. and pennsylvania another bellwether state, democrats by a wide margin.
11:21 am
right now the smart big money is on democratic party, hillary clinton. >> what jumps out to me is this difference between colorado and pennsylvania. on paper, you go by 2012, trump, the republicans have to overcome about the same deficit in both states but the odds are much longer in colorado and pennsylvania. to me, that's probably because of the growing latino population in colorado you don't have as much in pennsylvania so i think people are looking at trump and comments about mexicans saying colorado is tougher than pennsylvania. >> if we have one quick second, put the big board back up. what's your best value pick? >> from what you just went through? the key to making money in gambling is listen to what i say and do the opposite. if you think donald trump will be elected president i think he has to take pennsylvania. you look up there. if you get 215 bucks for putting 1$100 down on that state, if yo think he's going to win, that's where your value is. >> all right. >> we'll see if they update in a week. maybe the odds change and
11:22 am
something happened. >> a 1-900 number, 12 as minute? i'll set one up. call me. cal perry. throwing a curveball at general election math is gary johnson, two term republican governor of mexico won the nomination to head the libertarian ticket. this is the second time he will be the libertarian candidate for president and afterwards he immediately went after donald trump. >> it's incendiary he's talking about the percent of the population and it's racist. >> and he's making a play for the hillary clinton voters he's hoping to bring into the fold talking about the overlap between himself and sanders. >> the overlap is civil liber liberties, a woman's right to choose, legalizing marijuana,
11:23 am
marriage equality. crony capitalism is alive and well. let's stop dropping bombs. >> bob franken is a syndicated columnist and political edditor for "national journal." bob, let me start with you, a lot of attention on what bill kristol is talking about a potential independent ticket, not naming names. meantime while peek are speculating about that we have the libertarian party putting forward on paper its most impressive ticket yet? do you see any potential there for them to break through in this climate? >> to be very honest, i'm ro rooting for it a little bit. gary johnson has a habit of getting to the other debate if he qualifies, that he kisses the other candidates. i think it would be an historic
11:24 am
moment to watch him try and plant a kiss on donald trump. the other conventional thinking is he would probably take away from the trump vote. i think that -- you know me and i may go for a bit of unconventional thinking, he may also take some votes away from hillary clinton because he might appeal to the bernie sanders people who will be disgruntled with the way things have turned out. >> interesting to see the nominee of the libertarian party mr. free markets appealing to the supporters of the avowed soci socialist. we have libertarians one ends and have what bill kristol is talking about suggesting there is another independent ticket that will emerge with ballot deadlines passing or about to pass. >> there is a real fundamental challenge any third party candidate including the libertarian party has to face. they have to win over both supporters of sanders and mitt
11:25 am
romney elite established republicans and there's very little in common of voters d disaffected by hillary and donald trump. i could see with the exception of getting on the ballot, texas and north carolina, deadlines have already passed. it's possible for another third party candidate to get on the ballot but how will they appeal to dis affecteaffected democra s disaffected republicans to put together a winning combination and coalition? it's very difficult. >> how much appetite is there among republican party voters for another option besides trump. one thing that jumped out at me looking at these trump-clinton polls he seems to be getting 90% of republicans already. >> that's right. the biggest surprise of this election i the fact donald trump has consolidated support with republican voters as quickly as he has and wrapped up the nomination quicker than hillary clinton on her democratic side. 85, 90% close to republican voters said they will support or
11:26 am
vote for donald trump even if they're doing it reluctantly. i don't think they will defect to a libertarian party ticket or third party conservative ticket. he may not be the most popular republican nominee but he is getting soft republicans in the last month to his side. >> the other side is question of unity on the democratic side getting concern for that bernie sanders is going after the process too aggressively. thinking back eight years you were hearing from obama suppo supporters saying hillary clinton was dragging her own campaign too far. has bernie sanders ventured out in territory they should be worried about? >> certainly, clinton people are worried about that. probably for good reason. you hatve a constituency bernie sanders has that might be attracted to libertarian appeal,
11:27 am
largely anti-regulation and millennial and might be attracted to libertarians. what's interesting to see who bill kristol comes up with if he does have somebody which would mean the republican party would have votes taken away from it. i think the importance of third party candidacies is not so much they have any chance of winning but i think they can be spo spoilers, they can be people who can do harm. you look at raffle nader and others who run as third party candidates, they've harmed people on their side of the political spectrum. >> bob, in terms of california, talking about this, the poll shows bernie sanders certainly within striking distance of hillary clinton, basically neck and neck right now. how important do you think that result in california is going to be to how bernie sanders plays it between the end of the primary season and the convention? if he wins california, is he a lot more emboldened than if he loses? >> first of all, to be honest, maybe this is a little bit
11:28 am
strong, i think it really is another humiliation for hillary clinton, who ae's had a bad run recently and strengthens bernie sande sanders' bargaining position and the conventional thinking is hillary will win new jersey which would put her over the top. it would certainly give a head of steam to bernie sanders going into the convention and he might have as a result more bargaining power to force some of his agenda on the party. >> bob franken and josh, thank you on memorial day day. appreciate it. >> thanks. a quick programming note for you. betu beture -- be sure to tune in tomorrow at mtp daily, the first interview with libertarians gary johnson and bill weld. you can catch that conversation tomorrow, live at 5:00 eastern on msnbc. next, more on that breaking news we've been following out of
11:29 am
the white house, a suspicious package forcing the bomb squad to respond. a new update for you, straight ahead. trolling for a gig with braindrone? can't blame you. it's a drone you control with your brain, which controls your thumbs, which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone to get you a copy of my resume. umm, maybe keep your hands on the controller. look out!! ohhhhhhhhhh... you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. yeah that's probably safer. ok, cool.
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step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. more now on that breaking news suspicious package telling you portable decontamination unit has now been set up. joining me for perspective what's going on former law enforcement analyst former fbi special agent in charge, jim cavanaugh. a few moments ago we heard from jim miklaszewski outside the white house. he said the veteran reporters who have seen a lot going on at the white house through the years never remember seeing the decontamination understand brought in like this raising some chatter there might be something going on with this suspicious package. can you offer information why a
11:33 am
decontamination might be brought in like this? >> sometimes when people leave bombs or packages they write something on this or write a chemical contamination or anthrax on it. sometimes the container indic e indicates that you might have to go to a hazmat operation. that's one possibility. people tossing over the white house fence are arrested pretty quickly. rarely do they get away, so many uniformed secret service and metropolitan police and d.c. police all there they will grab you pretty good and that person can say something and make a threat i have a chemical in there and biological agent in there and immediately throw the secret service and police into a hazmat protocol. they also have to do an explosive protocol. they have to do that first and pretty sure it's not a bomb and now going through their hazmat protocol. >> as you say there, any time something gets thrown over the
11:34 am
fence or anything near the white house i imagine the level of security and response is pretty intense. >> even the olympic runners aren't going to get way, so many eye, cameras, motorcycle officers. they will get you. once they get you, if you're a person that would do this, you're likely a person that would say something about why you did it. people have all kinds of reasons and executive residences are a magnet for people with gripes and grievances and sometimes mental issues and throw something over to make a statement, want the president to read something, want to attack the president. they'll tell you, well, i had a biological agent in there. it may not be. it may be sugar and secret service agents go into hazmat. they're going through a protocol, looks like they're doing reagent testing to see if they have certain substance, carefully opening things and maybe even preserving things
11:35 am
that test negative in a field test in an evidence bag to further take it back to the lab. some things are readily apparent not dangerous to you like a sheet of paper. it won't explode but did somebody slather something on it to do a field test. >> jim cavanaugh, fothank you. we are keeping a close eye on this situation as we've been telling you, a mysterious package outside the white house and we are learning of news outside cincinnati, in a half hour the director of the city's zoo is expected to answer questions from the press this following the shooting of a gorilla over the weekend, something that caused national attention and debate, today, animal rights activists holding a vigil for that gorilla after a 3-year-old child fell into the enclosure. joining me, jeff who hosted ee
11:36 am
"ocean mysteries." curious to see what your reaction is. a lot of people watching this video out there are asking the question, how sure are we that gorilla was going to do harm or po ttentially do harm to that child? >> initially, my reaction is it's gut-wrenching and heartbre heartbreaking. i think any who works in the zoological community and front lines of conservation is totally depressed by this just catastrophic result. to answer your question, how do you get in this mind of a gorilla. we like gorillas are primates and intelligent and have diverse behaviors and emotions and can react spontaneously. this was a highly charged, hi highly stressful, highly dangerous situation. one could argue there are examples where gorillas have
11:37 am
displayed powerful ail truistic behaviors of protection like in chicago after a gorilla prote protected a child slipping into an enclosure. we have seen the other side where people made mistakes as a result of human error found themselves in actually desperate situations with these powerful prima primates. so it was a very desperate moment that in the end led to a very desperate measure. >> i guess what we're not seeing on the video there is the commotion going on around that area from above where i imagine there were people gathered, people taking this video. i read in the accounts of, there were screams when the child fell in. i imagine that would also create, potentially at least create a reaction from the gorilla that you'd worry about. >> ultimately, what makes this zoo work j what makes all exhibits like this function, in a balanced way, is the element
11:38 am
of the known. you have predictabilities. they're fed at the same time, their diets are completely measured and watched. this whole enclosure is filtered by the aza. this is a world class zoo. it's that unknown moment. it's a situation where there's great peril. then you have the high stress, the high volatility with the introduction of this little child. a terribly electrified moment, and unfortunately, this creature paid the ultimate price. it's very important to note, this gorilla didn't do anything wrong, it's not like it escaped. it wasn't wreaking havoc in the city, it wasn't being aggressive just being a gorilla. unfortunately it paid the ultimate price for something that was not its fault. this really emotes a lot of questions that are going to have to be answered. now, i also want to qualify something about the zoo. this is a terrible situation. it's incredibly tragic but this
11:39 am
is one of our country's best o zoos, also an urban zoo. millions of inner city kids connect to nature. they're also on the front lines of conservation. they've been helping to bring back an endangered species of rhino which would have been extinct but because of them. this is a terrible moment. we're all searching for answers. >> jeff corwin, thanks for taking the time. i appreciate it. >> turning now to presidential politics and the potential game changer in the form of a third candidate in the presidential race, the libertarian party again choosing former new mexico governor, gary johnson, to be its preside its candidate for president this year and choosing his former running mate, william weld who will run for vice president under the libertarian banner. the libertarian party has one key advantage, that's their organization, the party secured
11:40 am
a spot on the ballot in 32 states and confident they will make it on all 50 state ballots come november. joining me now is this vice chair of the libertarian party, arvin. thank you for joining me. watching the convention and libertarian convention, one thing that struck me, gary johnson now the presidential nominee making his case to delegates for bill weld to be his running mate. a lot of delegates are libertarian true believers and didn't want to go with weld. he basically made the case, there is no one else out there who will give your libertarian party the kind of visibility and media attention in that vice presidential spot bill weld would. he was appealing to prague ma tirms there. >> there's a certain amount of truth to that. the real fact is this. bill weld made it very very clear that he is looking to downsize government, he is looking to get things like the department of education out of the way of excellent education.
11:41 am
he's looking to end the war on drugs so we can stop locking people up for these victimless crimes to have safer communities and put these cartels out of business. what really sold the delegates eventually was the fact in addition to that, he's looking to improve lives by cutting government. >> you're looking at a situation here, this came up a lot in these speeches, hillary clinton and donald trump both have unfavorable ratings over 50%. we have never seen a situation in modern presidential politics where both major party candidates have negatives this high going into the election. there's clearly an opening here for a third candidate to make some noise. the key for you guys is to get into those debates this fall. you need to be getting 15%. you need this johnson-weld ticket to be running 15% at the polls. do you think you have a realistic shot at that? >> absolutely. now that we're actually being included in the polls which didn't happen in 2012, we're in a much better place to get that
11:42 am
15%. what's going to sell people is the fact that we are the only party who has the solutions that people are looking for. we know that getting rid of college subsidies willow ther price of college tuition and that will appeal to sanders supporters. we know getting rid of social welfare programs will bring positive rather than dangerous immigration and will appeal to trump supporters. so many people will tie in and really connect with the ideas of smaller government to empower individu individuals. >> that's interesting, you're talking about sanders suppo supporters, sanders is a socialist. he is a socialist by his own definition, he wants a much wider and much bigger social safety net. you're talking about appealing to sanders supporters and c cutting that social safety net. va vastly, how can you appeal to a sanders supporter? >> the sanders supporters don't want college debt, don't want high tuitions and incorrectly believe the way to do that is by
11:43 am
having government subsidies. i believe we'll make a very strong case to show those people if we got rid of all federal aid, all guaranteed student l n loans, colleges would have no choice but to lower tuitions and massive college debt would be a thing of the past. i guarantee, sanders supporters will connect to that. arvin vohra, vice-chairman of the libertarian party. thank you s. >> thank you. iraqi troops launching a major offensive to re-take fallujah from isis. where that continues on "msnbc live." to do one thing & another. only at&t has the network, people, and partners to help companies be... local & global. open & secure. because no one knows &
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11:47 am
isis has controlled the city more than two years now. we turn to jack jacobs, recipient of congressional medal of honor and msnbc senior editor of digital content. thanks for joining us onning this memorial day day. fallujah a city we hear about all the time. isis took it away two years ago, why has it been hard to get back? >> big city and lots of people. you look at it, looks like an enormous metropolitan area, exactly what it is. no more difficult combat than in urban areas, very labor-intensive and time intensive and on top of that. they put a force together to go in there. we had to train a bunch of them. can't rely on the iraqis. lots of shia militias involved, command and control difficult and planning extremely complex, it will be a tough battle. >> if control is regained, if isis is knocked out of fallujah, what does that mean strateg
11:48 am
strategically to that bigger picture against isis. >> it's important symbolically. they want mosul but don't want go there until after fallujah is taken. fallujah is basically a sunni town. the attacking force is mainly shia. lots of retribution when this is all over and you can expect isis to counter attack when the shia take over. >> you covered iraq and over in iraq as a journalist 10 years ago, this memorial day in fact you were there. >> very bad day 10 years ago, cnbc lost two employees, paul douglas and james brolin and kimberly douglas was very badly wounded. the negligent used american holidays to carry out attacks because they knew it would get more attention. memorial day, veterans day, july fourth tend to be very violent days and very risky for those
11:49 am
patrolling the areas of fallujah. and urban combat. the marines used to joke fish, you're fighting in someone's house. as a journalist, i'm not a soldier, that was terrifying. >> we've been shot at plenty. you have to block out whole blocks and isolate them. put troops on the roof, have them do in the front door and take it over. the whole block, room by room, floor by floor, after you get it, move to the next. >> in a lot of places lycra maddie and -- places like fallujah, you can expect there to be problems in there. >> and they booby-trapped it and have miles of tunnels and so on. it will be a tough battle. >> memorial day day 2016, i understand there is someone in the audience watching. >> yeah.
11:50 am
caleb lufkin, 24-year-old from knoxville, illinois, died 10 years ago his month. his mother is watching. good to put an individual face. there's caleb there and that's how his mom would like to remember him. every year on this day, i try to call her and stay in touch and just let her know that we care and we're grateful for the sacrifice her son made. >> cal perry, colonel jack jacobs, appreciate you both being here. back after this. ck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. afdave stops working, but his aleve doesn't.
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11:53 am
why are they filming you? >> i don't know. most of the time yon why they're filming me? >> are you somebody we're supposed to know? >> married to one of hillary clinton's closest advisors. >> at a certain point, you have to say look -- >> among other things, memorial day marks the start of the summer movie season. if you're a political junker, the documentary "weiner" is one
11:54 am
of the highly anticipated films of the summer. eric is a manager at fandango. let's talk about "weiner," this is the story of his 2013 campaign and the whole picture in 2011 knocked him out of congress and supposedly ruins his car rear. he runs for mayor and gets hot and then more pictures come out and somebody was there to put it on tape. >> it reminds me of a camera being some place you couldn't believe they actually had someone there documenting this. yeah. it starts off simple enough. documentinging his comeback for mayor, looks great, everybody is loving him, passionate. this guy could actually do this. the sexting scandal hits and the doesn't tell the cameras to go away and they're there. why so many people are talking
11:55 am
about this we have never been this close to a political scandal before, they're in the cab with him when he's talking to his campaign manager about what do i say? what do i tell these people? they're at home with huma. >> huma abba din, his wife, somebody who could be the next aide to the president of the united states and you're wat watching their marriage deal with this. you've seen their relationship. i don't know what's happened. by the end of it she doesn't want to be seen with him in public. >> no. a good drinking game is to count how many death stares she gives anthony throughout the film. she stays come posed the whole time. even when the front pages of the newspapers turn to her, is she going to drop out of this? is she going to stand next to him? do this? do that? you feel for her and they're in her kitchen and she's saying, can the cameras go away for a minute while everything is imploding around. >> i think you're asking yourself, too, why would they agree to this? i think they both figured in the
11:56 am
beginning he will win and this will document the great comeback. >> in fact, the camera person says at the end of the movie, why did you let me film this? one of the biggest laughs in the entire movie, what we're thi thinking the entire time, how did you let this happen? it's a fascinating documentary, i don't think we will get this close to a political scandal because they're so safe as to access as to how we get to it. we will learn from it. i think it's on the short list for oscars and i think it's that good and compelling and see what happens. >> i do, too. i caught it a few days ago, fascina fascinating. at the white house, a resolution now this after that suspicious package was discovered about two hours ago at the white house. there appears to be no longer any threat to first responders and hazmat suits, seen loading material into plastic bags and leaving the immediate area. msnbc news has learned a woman
11:57 am
has been brought into custody. again, no longer a threat at the white house after that suspicious package was found. that will do it for this hour. from nbc news headquarters in new york, "dateline" on assignment is next. we're waiting also for a news conference at a zoo in cincinnati where a lowland gorilla was shot after a toddler fell into its exhibit. we will bring that to you when it happens. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? our new cocktail bitters were doing well, but after one tradeshow, we took off.
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