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tv   Politics Nation With Al Sharpton  MSNBC  May 30, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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buckle your seat belts, we're on a voyage to find out. >> that's next week "on assignment." i'll see you at 10:00, 9:00 central for an all-new "dateline." i'm lester holt, thanks for joining us. she was born in illinois. >> they were a middle class fami family. >> her mother taught her to fight back. >> you go back out there. >> her father was a tough-minded republican. >> old school task master, very conservative. >> he recognized this girl and the woman she will become. >> we came of age of the civil rights movement, the vietnam war, the women's movement. why we've gone down that god forsaken place, i love him and want to try it. >> she was the campaign manager. she was the boss. >> i could have stayed home and baked cookies and teas. >> she was carving a role as first lady. >> women's rights are human rights once and for all. >> it takes a village to raise a child. >> i have been accused of
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everything. >> she left off with her dignity in tact. >> it is our job to figure out what happened. >> hillary has a lot of grit. keeps on ticking. >> i am running for president of the united states. [ cheers ] ♪ ♪ good evening i'm chris matthews. she's waited a long time for this, building a first-class resume, senator, secretary of state and a partisan attack. this time she announced on youtube. >> i'm getting ready for a lot of things. ♪ ♪ >> a lot of things. >> i'm getting ready to do something, too. i'm running for president. >> it was a bit unorthodox of a
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venue but the message was pure democrat with a big d. the deck was still stacked in favor of those at the top. >> thank you. [ cheers ] >> her friends told me she would wake up every other morning with a different decision. i can't go through that all over again. and then the next day she would get up and say but look what i could do. i can't let that chance go away. >> oh my gosh, i love yoga. >> so hillary clinton took off for iowa and new hampshire. >> great to see you. >> how do you win this time? what's your strategy? >> i'm having a great time. can't look forward to any more than i am. >> she set out to connect with voters, something she struggled with in the past. >> so let me hop in and say hello. >> she was now all on board, full tilt and there wasn't anybody else in her way. >> republicans started attacking her right away. >> what else don't we know? >> if she gets in office, it's 25 or 30 trillion when she
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leaves. >> when hillary clinton travels, there needs to be one plane, one for her and her entourage and one for her baggage. >> republicans seem to be only talking about me. >> summer 2015 paul showed clinton with a huge lead but in august bernie sanders began to rise while clinton began to dip. >> thank you-all very much. >> sanders had a message, wall street is bad. we need to do something about campaign donors and hillary's message was kind of fuzzy. i'll fight for you. i'm a woman. >> october brought the first debate on cnn ors nrks nrknn wh sanders surprised many. >> enough about the e-mails, let's talk about the issues facing america. >> he close not to focus on the controversy surrounding secretary clinton's use. >> operatives will say you should never have taken away a potential area from your arsenal. all right? i think the mistake people
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looking at ways that under estimate how effective that was for him and his supporters in reinforcing his authenticity. >> soon after the debate, hillary clinton faced more questions about her previous job. she was called to testify before the house committee on benghazi. >> we'll have more time to talk about this because that's not a view i'll subscribe to. >> after 11 hours of testimony, most observers thought she came off looking poised and presidential. >> the most important political thing she had to do is make sure the hearings were public and to make sure those guys had the opportunity to be as mean and nasty as they wanted to be. >> things seemed to be going clinton's way except sanders' support continued to rise. >> sanders highlighted the fact of the dependence of the democratic establishment on wall street money. they are supposed to be the party of the people and yet,
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there is office of the republicans. >> in december hillary clinton attacked donald trump saying he had a pension for sexism. trump responded. >> there was certainly a lot of abuse of women and you look whether it's monica lewinsky or paula jones. >> something happened to pull her back down, and i've been wondering whether it's trump surfacing all that stuff again. hillary clinton is all during this campaign going to have a very complicated relationship with the past, with the clinton past. >> when we return, the girl who would run for president. >> hearing dr. king for herself really awakened her to the idea there was a revolution happening in the country. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee!
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♪ ♪ hilary rodham was born in 1947. she was the first during and
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only daughter of dorothy and hue rodham. >> hillary's father ran a small business. they had a come forble life but were decidedly middle class. >> he was a tough-minded republican and devote methodist. dorothy dreamed of a brilliant career for her first born. >> when hillary was 5 years old she went to the schoolyard and was playing with a little girl that called her names, and she went back to her mother and her mother said you go right back out there and give her what for and she went back out and punched the girl in the nose. >> they pushed me around and i pushed back and it was a good lesson for a girl to teach girls you cannot let life do this to you. >> her mother dorothy's experience essentially being abandoned by her family and during real hardship in her childhood and she was very close to her mother, and i think it taught her a lot of grit. her relationship with her
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father, more difficult, i think. he was a real old-school task master, very tough, very conservative. >> the little girl who rode bicycles and danced grew into a teen who her high school history teacher said was very aware of the changes happening. >> i had made the remark to hillary's mother that she certainly seemed to know her current affairs and her mother then volunteered this information, well, around the table we expect our children to talk politics. >> as a teen, hillary rodham was inspired by the youth minister at her family's church. >> he took us to see and hear dr. martin luther king junior preach in chicago. >> i can do none other but disobey an unjust law. >> hearing dr. king for herself really awakened her to the idea there was a revolution happening in the country. >> my mother and my church kept pushing open my understanding of the fact that, you know, not
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everybody looked like me, not everybody was raised like me. not even had the opportunities that i had. >> politically, she was still her father's daughter, a republican. >> hillary actually was a gold water girl, which is what they call the young high school students who would actually canvass for gold water. >> this was during the '64 year when hillary was a senior and here is hillary's signature promising to work for berry gold water. >> she was acre cemented to one of the top women's schools in the country. >> but her father was furious about it because he thought it's this eastern girl school. that's not at all what he had in mind for her but she loved it. >> she was actually ahead of the young republicans. she was a more liberal republican, sort of a rockefeller republican. i think what really started to change hillary clinton was the vietnam war. >> the height of the anti war
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activity during the war in vietnam and during a period where students were resisting authority, famously not trusting anyone over 30. >> we came of age in the civil rights movement. the vietnam war, the women's movement and a lot of us have had to really kind of find our way, make sense of the world that we're in. >> by the time she graduated from wellsly, she migrated from a rockefeller republican to a democrat. >> i decided i was much more in the camp of people like, you know, president lyndon johnson trying to promote civil rights, voting rights, ending poverty. >> hillary rodham was chosen to make the first ever commencement speech by a student. >> and she used her senior speech to say young people are dying for nothing, people are being overlooked. >> that was a bold but polite version of speaking truth to power, which was a very
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important part of the 1960s. >> a lot of her student friends got up and cheered her and a lot of the faculty was shocked that she created an eruption, that it actually brought her a lot of attention, "life magazine" did a story about her. who is this fire brand girl talking about politics? >> after graduation, hillary rodham entered yale law school, while studying in the library, she noticed a young man staring at her. >> and she put her books down and walked all across the library. the library ray is a long, skinny building and said look, if you keep staring at me and i'm going to stare back, we should be introduced. i'm hillary rodham, what's your name? at the moment i couldn't remember. >> coming up, hillary rodham had a choice, follow bill clinton to arkansas or not. i need to keep organized. school, grocery shopping. my face can unlock this computer.
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richard nixon. >> to be a young woman right out of law school on a congressional committee that was looking into the impeachment of a president, unthinkable. >> hillary rodham's future looked bright but that young man she met in law school, bill clinton wanted her to move to his hometown in arkansas where he was teaching and had political ambitions. >> why in the name of god are you going down to that god for saken place where you are going to probably marry a country lawyer who is never going to amount to anything, and her answer was a very winning one, i love him and i want to try it. >> i had some apprehension. bill was the only person i knew in this state, and i was packing up and moving. >> and she told the attorney she was working with, i'm going to be with my boyfriend. he's going to be president some day. the lawyer said you're crazy but she knew. >> and in october of 1975, she
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married bill clinton. >> i had kept my name because i thought that was the right decision at the time. >> the attitude was you mean, o you have a job? you have a role? you're a woman. wouldn't it be better if you were a wife? >> bill clinton was elected attorney general of arkansas. the next year hillary rodham got a job with a little rock law firm. >> it was the white shoe law firm in little rock. very high lly placed. the first woman but she was a rainmaker. >> in 1978 bill clinton won for governor of arkansas and elected to a two-year team and they moved from fayetteville to the governor's mansion. >> still had posters on the wall and we literally moved our belongings the first time in the back of a pickup truck. >> the couple bought into a real estate venture called the white water development corporation with arkansas friends.
3:19 pm
they didn't know at the time how significant this investment would become. on february 27th, 1980, hillary rodham gave birth to their daughter, chelsea. that november bill clinton lost his reelection to the governorship. >> hillary and i have shed a few tears for our loss of last even but we accept the world of our people. >> after the defeat, hillary stepped in and essentially took over his management of his political career and that was the start of her involvement in politics. >> to focus, she switched from thick-lensed glasses to contacts and began to use the name clinton. she was accepting the cosmetic choices of an arkansas first lady. >> in order to avoid any problem and just to put it to rest, i will forever be known as hillary rodham clinton. >> she was the campaign manager. she was the boss. she describes her role as having
3:20 pm
chelsea in one arm on her hip and going door to door for bill. nonsense, she would sit next to me and work on negatives and positives. >> in 1982 bill clinton was elected again and hillary clinton assumed head of commission on education reform. the arkansas education standards committee. >> i think we must hold accountable teachers, as well. >> in 1988 bill clinton considered a run for the white house but an aide, betsey write worried about what he would face. >> betsey wright sat him down and said i want the name of every single woman that you had something to do with that could be brought up against you as having sexual relations. >> but hillary clinton fought for issues and her husband, even bargaining into an opponent's press conference during a reelection campaign. >> he's consistently avoided a debate. >> who was the one person that didn't show up in springdale?
3:21 pm
give me a break. i thought we ought to get the record straight. >> they ran as a partnership, uniquely equitible as they look for higher office. >> i proudly announce my candidacy for president of the united states of america. [ cheers ] >> it was a tough campaign for both bill and hillary clinton with back to back scandals. >> one smoked marijuana, no, i didn't inhale. got away with that. he dodged the draft. he got a friend to tell a friend to keep him out of the draft. he got away with that and the third, which was jennifer flowers, the lounge singer who sold her story of her romance with bill clinton. >> it spoke in the supermarket tabloid "star magazine" right before the iowa caucuses and new hampshire primary. the couple went on "60 minutes" after the super bowl to do damage control. >> now i'm not sitting here some little woman standing by my man
3:22 pm
like tammy. >> there was governor clinton with his wife saying look, like all marriages we've had our problems but we've gotten beyond it. >> seemed at first like a pretty definitive answer to questions about sexual infidelity. >> so the next morning, i met her at little rock airport. when we got into a motel room in the lobby, turned on the tv, there was jennifer flowers with her slot machine eyes playing these steamy tapes with governor clinton. >> bill. >> hey. >> it's jennifer. >> how you doing? >> i'm fin. honey, it sounds like you -- >> i was next to hillary clinton to see the surprise. all i saw was like a lizard eye blink and she immediately said to her press secretary, get bill on the phone. get her surrogates on the phone. >> hillary's role as running the counter emerging from her role as the abused wife to the role
3:23 pm
of campaign manager deflecting the allegation set up the basis for the whole rest of the campaign. >> bill clinton placed a disappointing third in iowa, but held on to second in the new hampshire primary. he dubbed himself a come back kid. hillary clinton stayed in the spotlight when she was asked about charges of ethical conflicts when she worked with the rose law firm that did business with the state of arkansas. >> i support i could have stayed home and baked cookies but i decided to fulfill my profession which i entered before my husband was in public life. >> she sounded like she was dissing at women that worked at home and cookies and tea became the iconic sound byte of the campaign. >> bill clinton went to win a majority of states on march 5th. three days later "the new york times" ran an article scrutinizing the clinton's involvement in the white water. >> it didn't really stick but
3:24 pm
inside the campaign, we know that they spent a lot of time and energy on this. >> the clinton campaign rolled on and headed to the convention with a clear majority of delegates. right before the convention, a "washington post" reporter knew a well-known private eye was being paid. he called clinton chief of staff betsey write. >> what are using him for? >> nothing but bimbo eruptions. >> bill clinton was elected as president of the united states. many believe mrs. clinton has much to do with it. >> often times the candidate's wife is barely tolerated by the staff. in hillary's case, she was right there in the inner circle of people who made bill clinton president. coming up.
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authorities in texas say six people have died in floods after four days of heavy rain and at least one person is reported missing. much of the worst flooding along the brazos river. rain has stopped in much of the state, some rivers and waterways are still rising. officials say southeast texas could see more floods later this week. now back to "hillary clinton it takes a country" with chris matthews. [ cheers ] january 20th, 1993, hillary rodham's clinton vision became a reality. bill clinton was the 42nd president of the united states. >> i, william jefferson clinton, do solemnly swear. >> what's the first thing they would do in the white house?
3:29 pm
>> pull the covers over our heads. [ laughter ] >> i think everyone whose been in this position has redefined it to fit her. >> the couple quickly got to work. >> hillary wanted to play a major role and was entitled to it and we discussed the possibility of her being chief of staff and i said that has to be a bad idea because the owner has to be able to fire the manager. >> i'm agree hillary decided to agree to chair this task force and not only because she'll be sharing some of the heat i expect to generate. >> bill set up a task force on health care with hillary on charge. >> rosen carter sat in on cabinet meetings but the first time a first lady had an office in the west wing. >> in my conscience i could be blamed or criticized, of course. i think it's a risk that my husband believes is worth taking and i agree with him. >> we believe if we have everybody in the system, that will give us for the first time
3:30 pm
a truly competitive health care system. >> the health care initiative met fierce resistance from capitol hill and insurance companies. >> there was a sense among people in congress that she put together this sort of secret committee where they came up with policies and attempted to shove them down the throats of congress and a manner in the way she devised hillary care and went over like about like a lead balloon. >> while the health care debate raged, the white water affair came back and boiled over. in october of 1993 a bank examiner made nine criminal referrals to the justice department. reporter michael investigated white water for "the washington post" and news week. >> republicans seize on this how can the clinton justice department investigate a land deal and a failed savings and loan owned by the clinton's business partners? the press was pushing for at the
3:31 pm
time and i was a part of it was to see the clinton's white water documents, but hillary clinton was very much of the camp no, we don't give in to our political enemies, this is being driven by our political enemies and as a result, the perception that they were hiding something began to take root. >> her legal friends tried to persuade her to, you know, be more friendly, be forthcoming with information, talk to members of the press you can trust. no. so it was hillary's pension for secrecy about bill clinton's background, about their affairs, it's none of their business. >> in early 1994 the clinton white house agrees to the appointment of an independent counsel to investigate the matter and that was a fateful
3:32 pm
moment in the history of the clinton presidency. >> in august of 1994, the clinton health care initiative died on capitol hill. >> the president was willing to compromise and get a major piece of health care legislation through, and hillary said no, i want the whole thing. and she had a lot of leverage over him for a lot of different reasons and so he listened to her and didn't compromise and they both regretted it. >> i happen to be at a conference where hillary was speaking in 1994 and i followed her into the ladies room and she knew me and she let down her hair. it was a rough time for her and she had been, you know, pushed aside. that was when she began to travel to other countries. >> in september of 1995, hillary clinton went to china and confronted the host government and others about women's rights. >> let it be that human rights are women's rights and women's rights are human rights once and
3:33 pm
for all. >> she sort of is kind of a people man's icon. >> the first time in history a first lady was soupuper subpoend a grand jury. >> she wore a glowing black cape with a scary chinese symbol in the back and looked very dee in. >> i took the title of my book "it takes a village to raise a child". >> it does not take a village to raise a child, it takes a family to raise a child. >> in november 1996, bill clinton defeated robert dole and
3:34 pm
was reelected president. the first time a democrat was elected to a second term since fdr. when the first couple returned to the white house, a young woman in a black burae hugged president clinton. the world wouldn't know who she was for more than a year. >> 10 million children still lack health insurance. my balanced budget will extend health coverage to up to 5 million of those children. >> in 1997, president clinton proposed a new initiative to provide coverage to up to 5 million children. hilary rodham clinton and her staff worked with congress and succeeded in passing the state children's health insurance program. the largest health care reform in the years of the clinton presidency. but even while moving policy forward as president, clinton was dogged by his past in may 1997 the supreme court ruled that a former state clerk, paula jones who claimed clinton
3:35 pm
sexually harassed her in an arkansas hotel room in 1991 could file a civil suit. the president's attorney bob bennett tried to find a settlement. >> and he came very close but when he took it back to the white house, he ran into resistance from hillary clinton, who said we don't cut a deal on this. we don't give in to our political enemies. because that deal was not struck, the jones lawsuit went forward and that's what gave us monica lewinsky. >> michael's investigation into the paula jones case led him to a woman named linda trip. >> she took me aside when i went to see her and said there is a story here, but not the one you're thinking of. >> she ultimately tape recorded, secretly, monica telling her story about having an affair with the president in the oval office. >> i did not have sexual
3:36 pm
relations with that woman, ms. lewinsky. >> she has described to the american people what this relationship was not in his words. has he described what it was? >> yes and we'll find that out as time goes by, but the important thing now is to stand as firmly as i can and say the president has denied these allegations on all counts. >> eventually her husband told the country the truth. >> i misled people. >> i asked her how she was and i said i'd like to stay in bed and pull the covers over my head and have a nervous break down but i really don't have time right now. i'll defer it to later. and she marched on. >> in december 1998 president clinton was i'm peeimpeached fo perjury. >> his name will go down in the history books as only the second president in the history of this republic to have been i'm
3:37 pm
peached. >> the senate did not convict but in february of 1999 the impeachment trial was over. >> she left office with her dignity in tact despite what had been done but with something important, sympathy. >> the victim on hillary clinton was favorable. her gallop approval rating spiked to an all-time high and her campaigning in new york for check schumer in 1998 made the big shots of the big apple aware of her potential as a candidate in her own right. coming up. >> i want your signature because i think everybody wants to see you signing something you said you are for. >> very dangerous to get aggressive, physically aggressive just in appearance toward a female politician, particularly if that politician is as shrewd as hillary clinton. it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions, including an industry leading broadband network, and cloud and hosting services -
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july 7th, 1999 hillary clinton traveled to the farm of daniel patrick monoman who was retiring. >> i care deeply about the issues that. >> her husband left office with 60% approval. >> she established an exploretiry meeting. >> hillary played it very smart. she didn't come into new york like i know it all. she came saying i'm going to have a listening tour and learn what new yorkers need and went right up to upstate new york. >> she listened. it was a classic clinton thing of combining real policy connection with political jobs. >> in february of 2000, she formally declared and ran against a formidable faux,
3:42 pm
rudol rudolph. in may the former mayor dropped out due to medical problems. >> this is not the right time for me to run for office. >> a little known republican from long island ran against hillary clinton. in a debate, he got aggressive. >> i want your signature because i think everybody wants to see you signing something that you said you were for. >> a very dangerous to get aggressive as physically aggressive even just in appearance toward a female politician, particularly if that poll session is as shrewd as hillary clinton. if trump is smart, he'll watch the tape of that debate because she won that election when rick lazio tried to crowd her. >> hillary won easily, 55% to lazio's 43%. she was sworn in on january 3rd, 2001 becoming the first, first lady to hold elective office. >> she was running at a time the
3:43 pm
clintons were quite popular. they with stood the most ferocious attack possible. >> bill clinton's presidency was over but there was already talk that hillary clinton was going to be next. >> she began to win over people on the hill including republicans. >> which actually becomes quite friendly with john mccain and other republicans who actually find out that they kind of like this clinton. >> lindsey graham who was on the house impeachment team has talked about how impressed he was getting along with hillary clinto clinton. >> she was in lower manhattan with friends, you know, like every other mother and wife, i frantically made the phone calls and made connections. >> she also held a press conference with other
3:44 pm
legislatures. >> we have a lot of work ahead of us. that work includes the identifying of those who are responsible for this cowardly and evil act. >> in the days following september 11th, new york's junior senator visited ground zero. >> i actually walked toward ground zero with then senator clinton and she struck just the right tone in her supportive conversations with the rescue workers and the others at ground zero and she also was very sensitive about not politicizing it. >> i'm sitting there in the oval office and bush says to me, what do you need? i said i need $20 billion to rebuild, you know, new york. he said you got it, and he was good to his word. >> after that meeting, she earned praise from across the senate isle. >> you've become a senior senator very quickly and you're a tower strength.
3:45 pm
>> she voted to authorize military action in afghanistan and in october of 2002 voted to authorize the war in iraq. >> 9/11, you know, ripped the heart out of new yorkers and there was almost no other vote she could have taken but to authorize military force against iraq. >> many of her husband's foreign policy advisors were cautiously in support of president bush's plans, although privately they had quite a few doubts and she cast the vote that has haunted her since. >> i've said iraq was a mistake. i said what i thought the strategy was, which was to let the inspectors finish and to find out and if necessarily, to be able to then put pressure of a different kind on saddam hussein wasn't allowed to go forward. >> the first to serve on the
3:46 pm
armed services committee. a move that may have served aspirations. >> would you accept the democratic nomination in 2004? >> tim, i've ruled it out. i'll continue to rule it out. >> she won reelection to the senate in 2006. by this time, the iraq war was seen by many as a mistake and her vote was not forgotten. soon after announcing her 2008 presidential run, she was asked to clarify her position on the war. >> why can't you say your vote was a mistake? >> meredith, i've taken responsibility for my vote but also as a member of the united states senate have an obligation to try to figure out what to do now. >> despite this festering issue, senator clinton hit the campaign trial with enthusiasm. >> i'm running for president and i'm in it to win it. [ applause ] >> you're looking at an open election, a jump ball, which is the most ed.
3:47 pm
>> she had lots of superdelegat superdelegates. she didn't think she needed to bother with iowa and lost third place in iowa. >> for her to come in third behind jon edwards in iowa is devastating. that was awful. >> an emotional moment in the granite state. >> i have so many opportunities from this country. i just don't want to see us fall backwards. >> and she made these women feel like there is a human being under there and i could relate to her and empathize with her. >> clinton won the 2008 new hampshire primary. >> let's give america the kind of come back that new hampshire has just given me. >> on super tuesday, february 5th, the largest number of states ever held primaries in a single day. barack obama won 13 contests to clinton's ten but only won 17 more delegates. hillary would not leave the race until june. >> barack obama played a bill
3:48 pm
clinton kind of role in 2008 as the guy he'll never get elected president. in one case the governor from arkansas, in the other case he's barely been in the senate a couple years. so it's wrong to say hillary clinton ran into bill clinton's but ran into someone who had a lot of her husband's skills. >> playing the same old washington's games over and over again. >> soon they were the establishment and he's the change and they were shocked. he was now challenging her for something the clintons had never ever questioned and that's the loyalty of the african american vote. >> basically. the 2008 campaign was a fiasco. >> but on the floor of the convention that august, clinton was the loyal democrat. >> that barack obama is a candidate and he will be our president. >> and after barack obama won that fall, he asked hillary clinton to be secretary of
3:49 pm
state. >> it was a way of turning the clinton family into allies as opposed to enemies. it was a move worthy of bill clinton herself. >> he bought her into the tent, and, you know, nobody questioned her ability to do the job. >> but controversy arousal after september 1 1th, 2012. >> every day all across the world, american diplomats and civilians work tirelessly to advance the interest and values of our nation. >> u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans died in an attack in benghazi, libya. >> there were questions all along about the security that chris stevens had while he was there, and whether the state department responded the way it should have to the warnings about security in libya at that
3:50 pm
time. >> the attack in benghazi shadowed secretary clinton with hearing after hearing. >> what difference at this point does it make? it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again. >> before president obama's reelection, clinton said she would not stay in the state department for a second term. when she left in february 2013, she became a private citizen for the first time in 30 years. she joined her husband and daughter at the clinton foundation. in march 2015, another controversy erupted when there were reports she used a private e-mail server while secretary of state. >> this was an unsecured private e-mail server. the government is supposed to protect the e-mail accounts of senior government officials. so this raised security questions. >> and the creation of this private server just is hard to believe unless you put in the
3:51 pm
context of someone who had been under such harsh attack for over 20 years. >> in april of 2015, hillary rodham clinton once again announced. >> i'm running for president? >> and there wasn't anybody else in her way. people would talk about joe biden. bernie sanders was a no-name recognition guy from vermont, you know, in the senate but who knew? democratic race right now is so tight you can bounce a dime off of it. >> wow. ergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. so you can seize those moments, wherever you find them. flonase. six is greater than one changes everything. hi! hey!
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. i feel positive and energized here in iowa. >> hillary clinton stayed positive, but it was getting very close with paul showing younger women going for sanders. did they know all the rights to choice to equality at workplace where they do get it all were
3:55 pm
fought for? do they get it? >> i think young people of every background, every racial ethnic religious background are, you know, trying to understand how best they can participate in our political system. >> you could feel bernie momentum out there. you could see the enthusiasm he was arosing. on the other hand, she had a good organization on the ground. >> the thing the clintons don't want to have happen is a repeat of 2008 where they lose in iowa, but this time don't come back in new hampshire and that she loses that one-two race. >> the democratic right now is so tight you could bounce a dime off of it. >> wow. >> it was a squeaker with hillary clinton beating sanltbe sanders. >> what a night. what an unbelievable night. what a great campaign.
3:56 pm
>> bernie sanders saw it differently. >> it looks like we are in a virtual tie. [ cheers ] >> new hampshire was eight days later. sanders from neighboring vermont was seen as a favorite but he does even better than expected winning 6 0% to 38%. >> sanders people were showing poll data saying young latinos were getting drawn to sanders so even though hillary was going to have a fire wall with african americans and latinos, part of her fire wall was burning. >> she couldn't catch a break in new hampshire and she tried to deflect it by saying this is the neighboring senator from vermont but he wasn't a natural. he wasn't. he didn't have endorsements. she had a much better organization. >> the nevada caucus which clinton won by five points and on february 27th, the south carolina primary. >> the fire wall is black voters, south carolina where
3:57 pm
she's beating him by 60 plus percentage points. >> clinton crushed sanders by winning close to 74% of the vote. her support among african americans and her superior organization made it seem like she had won the nomination. she began hitting republican front runner donald trump. >> despite what you hear, we don't need to make america great again. america never stopped being great. >> just a few days later on super tuesday, march 1st, she continued rolling winning seven states, many with big delegate counts. sanders won in four races in smaller states and smaller margins. it looked over but. >> the big news out of michigan last night was the big upset by bernie sanders over hillary clinton. >> michigan was significant because it showed sanders' message on trade was really sinking in and that his appeal to lunch bucket blue collar democrats was real and was going
3:58 pm
to be a problem for her in the industrial midwest. >> we should be breaking down barriers, not building walls. >> tuesday march 15th was seen as crucial for clinton and she won big sweeping all five state primaries in illinois, ohio, florida, missouri and north carolina. >> i know our future will be brighter tomorrow than yesterday. thank you-all so very much. >> clinton lost in wisconsin but scored a big win in new york two weeks later as she continued to fight toward the convention in july. >> you proved once again there is no place like home. [ cheers ] >> you know, we're going to go up against some powerful forces that will do, say, and spend whatever it takes to stop us, but remember, it's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get back up. [ cheers ] >> she's running to validate feminism, to validate women's potential and achievements but
3:59 pm
at the end of the day, i think most women believe that a woman whose been a united states senator, whose been secretary of state in the united states, whose had a history, whose had policy ideas, whose had a career really ought to be judged on her own merit. >> in the months ahead, hillary clinton will be tested not on her ability to fight off attacks. she's proven that. not on her ability to with stand personal humiliation. her talent for that is on the record books. not on her endurance of people meeting and stage craft, we know she'll do what is necessary, no, the test for the woman born hillary rodham is whether she can shine through it, bring the gleam of optimism and genuine hope that grabs the voter in the heart. can she beat to the young that battle hardened veteran that's been through all those big bloody fights before and gives confidence to the worried of every age that yes, i'm just the
4:00 pm
one to take you through this? i'm chris matthews, thanks for watching. trump. >> what do we want? >> trump. >> trump is right, and americans know he's right. >> ladies and gentlemen. >> i don't think he can become president of the united states. i don't think it's mathematically possible. >> i am officially running. >> this guy is saying what people are thinking. >> for president of the united states and we are going to make our country great again. >> he's tapped into the e let tr


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