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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  May 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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but the effect is gone, though, now. now, of course, i see them for what they are. propaganda. america's prisons, dangerous, often deadly. there are 2 million people doing time. every day is a battle to survive and to maintain order. >> down on your feet! down! >> located in the deep south, holman correctional facility, where most are serving life sentences. we spent months documenting life on the inside, where the prisoners have nothing but time and nothing to lose. this is "lockup: holman extended stay."
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>> the holman correctional facility is a maximum security prison where the officers are outnumbered ten to one. in an environment that sometimes breeds violence, inmates are constantly making weapons for protection. >> well, i've had knives, i keep knives. i've always heard it's better to be caught with one than without one in prison. >> and the officers must do whatever they can to curb future attacks. >> you don't need to see nothing, so keep your head down. >> not gonna tell you no more. >> this is a security level five facility in alabama. it goes from security level one to security level six.
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>> last year, we had what we consider like four major incidents happen. and that would have been a stabbing type of a situation, where it was very serious, life-threatening. and over the last four or five years, we've averaged three and a half to four of those type of events each year. for this type of facility, that's very good. >> and in this type of facility, many of the inmates are armed to the teeth. >> they seem to always think that everyone needs a weapon. they will take the smallest pieces of metal and make a real good weapon off of it. it doesn't have to be real big. even the smallest item is very dangerous. this is a very small piece of wire from a chain-linked fence. this is our most popular used weapon. it's called a prison-made box cutter. it's simply a razor blade that's glued in between two pieces of wood, very sharp, very easy to conceal, and it's the weapon of choice amongst the inmates at this institution.
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these right here, someone looks like they was trying to make just a plain set of nunchakus. they find anywhere and everywhere to hide them. you may pass an inmate walking up and down the hallway that has a weapon on him. the only way you will know is to pat him down. the need to constantly search more than 1,000 inmates is complicated by holman's critical shortage of staff. >> 801 to b-1 or b-2. take these guys to the store. put them on this side on your line over here, let one person stand on this line, one person come back. i want two people to come back, then two people can go. that will help you be in control of the store right there. he was trying to do too much. i was trying to give him some help so we get it straightened back out. get back in the line-up room. what line is the pill call line? this is the pill call line right here? >> chow line. >> go ahead. come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. i.d., where your i.d. at? >> right here. right here.
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>> supervisor -- whatever the supervisor was doing, he needed to be right back here. but it's the staff, again, it goes back to the same thing. really don't have enough staff to try to do the things that you are trying to do. >> not enough staff and too many weapons can only lead to one thing. hours after our crew wrapped shooting, an inmate was stabbed in the honor dorm. the following morning, it was the main topic of conversation among the inmates. >> a man right there got stabbed two beds over, right. you know, i hear the dude scream. i wake up. i look. i see it taking place. the dude holding his arm up, you know. another man swinging a knife. >> i was awakened abruptly by tim saying, "the [ bleep ] stabbed me, he stabbed me." naturally i jumped up because it's right in my cut. i get up, tim's putting his t-shirt around his arm and he's bleeding profusely.
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[ bleep ] standing there, like in a zone, like in a very dangerous place in his mind. and he starts to come back. he's got a knife in his hand. blade's about 14 inches long. so, i immediately grab my towel off my bed, and i approached him. i said "[ bleep ] back up, man, go ahead on. back up, man." as he was doing so, he ran into lopez. >> instead of letting him keep that knife in the condition he was in, i felt i should take it from him. there was no officer in there. he was out doing something else. i felt like i didn't want to see nobody else get hurt with that knife because it was a pretty nice knife. i never seen a knife that nice. >> i never saw this wound, but when he raised his arm, blood was running like water. so i made a tourniquet out of his t-shirt, told him, hey, man, we've got to get out of here and get you some help. come on, let's go. as we were going up toward the front of the dorm, the officer came in, and like, "what happened, what happened?" there should have been two people on duty, but we were
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short of staff. we're covering that up by using overtime. one of my biggest headaches at night is how much longer we'll be able to sustain guys working as much overtime as they're working. >> the next day, i asked a couple of these guys in here about it. said, man, i was dreaming somebody got stabbed, man. they told me, no, it really happened. i'm thinking it was a dream, because it was the honor dorm, right? but like i told these guys, hey, man, you're still in prison, no matter where you go, right? >> it's just difficult to try to keep going at the rate we're going with the amount of staff that we have. coming up next on "lockup: extended stay," the honor dorm stabbing victim states his case.
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♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. warden culliver, angered by the honor dorm stabbing, has initiated a full-scale criminal investigation into the incident. >> mr. numbly, investigator for the southern region of the state, he's coming over to interview the witnesses, the victim, the accused. i'm going to go up now and meet him and try to brief him on what i've picked up through my investigation. >> what you got here? >> the incident happened at 2:00
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a.m., june 4th, which was monday morning, 2:00 a.m. out in our honor dorm, which is housing unit "e." the victim in the incident is timothy mcneill. we don't have any staff witnesses, but we got some inmates that were in the near area right after it happened. one of the inmates took the knife away or got the -- talked the knife away from [ muted ]. he stabbed him three times. he stabbed him once in his arm and then twice in his side. the guy was asleep when he stabbed him. >> okay. i got enough to proceed. >> how you doing? have a seat there. how you doing? >> i'm doing all right. >> yeah? i'm here to investigate the incident that occurred where you were the victim. okay?
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i'm here to get your side of the story. >> at about 2:15, i reckon it was, in the morning, just standing over me with a knife. and he hit me in the shoulder and the side of my chest with the knife. and i stood up and hollered for help. that was it. >> you were asleep when he stabbed you? >> i was asleep. that's what woke me up, the knife. >> he stabbed you three times? >> i got four holes in my side. >> four? he stabbed you four times? >> i got four holes in my side, yes, sir. >> did you have any prior problem with [ bleep ] prior to this incident? >> never had no problems with [ bleep ] whatsoever like that. >> i'm trying to figure out why he just out of the blue stabbed you. >> i don't know. 'cause i don't indulge in no -- i don't get high. i don't do nothing. i just sit on my rack, i do what i'm supposed to do. that's it. it's all about going home. >> have you ever seen him with a knife? >> never. >> have you seen anybody else
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with weapons in the dorm? >> any other weapons in there? >> yes. >> that's the first weapon i've seen in there. >> you telling me the whole story? >> i'm telling you the whole story. that's the truth. >> well, i appreciate that, because we do not tolerate this type of activity in the alabama department of corrections. >> right. >> as far as what actions that i'm going to take, it's pretty simple. we know who the bad guy is, we know who stabbed him. but there's a little bit more to the story than what he's admitting. i'm going to interview the suspect and see what he's got to say. how you doing, man? all right. have a seat there. this is an assault case. and you know, with it being an assault case, it can generate a free world case. you understand that, right?
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do you wish to give me a statement as to what happened? >> i want a lawyer present. >> you want a lawyer? you do not choose to give a statement? >> no, sir. >> okay. so this interview is now concluded. >> okay. >> have a good day. >> you too, sir. >> the next step will be the grand jury, where he'll obviously be indicted. >> yeah, yeah. all right. you going to pick up the weapon today? >> yeah, we'll go ahead -- i'm going to go get it in just a few minutes. >> okay. >> there's nothing unusual at all. i kind of expected that. probably 90% of them will invoke and want a lawyer. that's kind of expected, you know? >> nice knife. >> it is. he was a very lucky man. that can do a lot of damage there. a lot better than most of the ones we see. >> yeah, could have very easily killed him with that weapon. >> yeah.
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>> he asked me, you reckon they're going to try to charge him with anything? i said, i feel pretty sure they will, yeah. >> there's a lot more to that story, though. >> oh, yeah. >> violent attacks like this one are not common in the honor dorm, despite the fact that many of the honor dorm residents are serving time for violent crimes. >> i came to prison for murder, right? however, my brother killed a man, right? >> he was with me. so he's just as guilty as me, in the eyes of the law. >> i was there. i refused to turn state's on my brother, right? so it gave me a murder case, right. >> i was trying to get some
6:16 pm
drugs, didn't have no money, you know? his girlfriend, it was her daddy. the subject came up about him having some money. so that's the reason i went there. and it just turned into when i broke in his house, he was at home. and -- back in his bedroom. so when i come in, i told him, i'm here to get the money. i had no intentions of hurting him. i didn't have them intentions. but he reached up under a pillow on the other side of the bed, and i thought he must have had a gun under there. that's what led to me killing him. >> how did he die? >> i stabbed him. >> both bookers continue to be violent inside prison, but after numerous injuries and lengthy stays in administrative segregation, they say they've recognized a need for change. >> if this wouldn't have happened that night, it probably would have eventually happened or one of us would have got
6:17 pm
killed, you know, with our lifestyle, the way we were living. robbing people and stuff. and that's really the road to the graveyard or even in here. it's really the only place that leads to. >> our old way of doing things was not working, period. i mean, it's obvious. we're in prison. we come to the realization, right, hey, brother, look around. this was the result of our best thinking. it is time for a change, you know. and during the process, we've been an inspiration for other guys, right, to follow suit, man. >> i made a mistake, man. and a mistake cost me the majority of my life and the majority of his. >> i've been in a lot of trouble. manslaughter, you know, other convictions here in prison, you know. i got four free world cases, right? very violent history here, right? but this one right here was far worse than i was, right. when i saw him change, it was a
6:18 pm
major shock to me, because i never thought i'd see the day that he would -- you know, be able to turn his back and walk off. you know? to lay dope down. >> i live in honor dorm now. about the last four or five years, i've tried to like -- i went and got my ged. >> my brother stayed on me. he was like, look, man, the honor dorm, this is helpful. you got to want to help yourself. that's what that is designed to do, to help you, but only if you help yourself. next on "lockup: extended stay," has wallace booker's violent nature caught up with him? >> this was found underneath that locker box here. >> and later, yet another inmate is caught with a knife, but he's not going down without a fight. >> based on the fact that mr. jackson told me he found it on your bed under your pillow. >> under my pillow? so you believe i'd leave my -- a knife under my pillow?
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inmates usually go to great lengths to conceal their weapons. antonio easter has been locked in segregation for a knife found under his pillow. >> i'm down here now because i got a back bed in the block. everybody want it. i've been offered cartons of cigarettes, two cartons of cigarettes just for the bed you know what i'm sayin', because that's where everybody do their dirt. everybody want that bed. everybody want that spot. things that used to go down like the homosexuals, they used to let the homosexuals use the
6:23 pm
bottom rack, do their thing, but i wouldn't go for it. they all be shut out. you know what i'm saying? about a week and a half ago, police told me they found a knife up under my pillow. you know what i'm saying? i'm just like [ bleep ] they're just trying to set me up. they've been trying to get me for the longest. right now, you know, so it ain't my knife. so they can't say it's mine. you know what i'm saying? >> what would be the worst case scenario for you? >> well, three years, three years in lockup and possibly a 15-year sentence. >> still proclaiming his innocence, easter eagerly anticipates his disciplinary hearing. >> probably never in life find one of my knives. not to say i don't -- you know, i wouldn't have one. but you would never find one of my knives because if i gave my knife up, i'm going to use it and ain't nobody going to know about it, see.
6:24 pm
and then, two, me in my position, and where i'm staying at, being bd, if i go anywhere, nine times out of ten, you're going to have another bd following me or another bd with me. by me having the rank that i have, it won't happen, you know what i'm saying? carrying a knife. that's what i got security for. you know what i'm saying? like y'all got security, we got security, too. you know what i'm saying? >> i understand that. >> if i got a knife, i got to have it on me. >> are you inmate antonio easter, black, 186614? >> yes, sir. you've been written a disciplinary by correctional officer robert jackson, rule violation 52, specifically possession of a weapon. do you swear or affirm that the testimony you're about to give in the case is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you god? >> i do. >> mr. jackson, what happened? >> when searching the back of
6:25 pm
honor "b" dorm, checked under easter's pillow, picked it up, there was a knife there. >> do you have any written questions for mr. jackson? >> yes, sir. >> officer jackson, was inmate antonio easter present when you confiscated -- conducted the shakedown of his living area? >> no. >> officer jackson, were you aware that you were conducting the shakedown of the living area of antonio easter? >> yes. >> officer jackson, do you know the s.o.p. states that an inmate, if can be made available, must be present when that inmate's property is being shaken -- shook down? >> no, i didn't need him there. i suspected there was something in the area. i continued on with it. i already found some contraband in that area.
6:26 pm
that's why i decided to check his bed. before the knife, i found a glass bottle, a dice, gang paraphernalia. cassette tape. >> all right. antonio, you are correct inasmuch as you can't get a criminal charge for this. however, this is an administrative hearing. you can be held responsible for that weapon being in your living area. it was in your assigned living area. therefore, i'm going to find you guilty of the charge. take him back there and put him back in his cell, mr. jackson. >> is it -- what facts are you saying you going -- >> based on the fact that mr. jackson told me he found it on your bed, under your pillow. i don't see no reason for him to lie on you. do you see a reason -- >> no, no, no, no, i don't doubt that. but the reason to doubt is that i wasn't in the cell and that anybody got access to that area. this is laying on top of my bed, under my pillow. >> under your pillow. >> under my pillow? so you believe i leave my -- a knife under my pillow? >> i believe you should have
6:27 pm
looked before you left. if it wasn't you -- >> i did. i cleaned my area before i left. you know you got to clean the area for the institutional run. >> i'm going to hold you responsible for it. >> i think that's a bunch of [ bleep ], officer jackson. not as far as your part, though. you know what i'm saying? i know you're doing your job, you know? but to be found guilty on that, you know what i'm saying? everybody knows the bed that i got in the area that i got that i'm in, everybody -- who don't want that bed in the camp? that's the best bed in the -- you know what i'm saying? everybody want it. you see what i'm saying? that's reasonable doubt there. you know what i'm saying? >> yes. >> i'm already here. now i got to go all the way back to federal court with some [ bleep ]. i got to. it's in my jacket.
6:28 pm
you see what i'm saying? i just went up for parole a year ago, right? well, six months ago. they told me if i had anything else in my jacket when i came back up, then they were going to deny me. you know what i'm saying? now i got to go all the way, take it [ bleep ] all the way to federal court now and try to get it out of my jacket. you see what i'm saying? because i can't have it in my file right now. you know what i'm saying? i can't afford it in my file right now. put it like that. having to do all this paperwork. i know they made you do. you feel me? >> yeah. >> i know they made you do it, you know what i'm saying? you hear me? >> i got you.
6:29 pm
coming up next on "lockup: extended stay," the shakedown of the year takes everyone by surprise. >> keep your head down. >> not going to tell you no more. >> and while some inmates get thrown into ad-seg, antonio easter hopes to get out. ve maden case this date doesn't go well. likewise! but, funny story. on top of that? my mom is my best friend. uh oh. yeah. oop! there's the rescue text from my roommate saying she needs me. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back: the citi double cash card. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america.
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hillary clinton's campaign announced today that she will be returning to california earlier than expected. clinton will arrive thursday and spend five days campaigning there. today she marched in a memorial day parade in her hometown in new york. bernie sanders has been in california for more than a week and one of his rallies was interrupted by animal rights protesters who jumped a barricade and were then tackled by secret service agents. the rally continued after the incident. now back to "lockup."
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warden's office, culliver. no, this is warden culliver. yes, he is, but i don't know where he is right now. can i take a message for him? can i take a message? can i take a message? who is your son? and what's your name? what's your number? he'll call you back. yes, ma'am. >> you take messages, warden? >> yes, ma'am. we do it all here.
6:34 pm
we do it all. >> who got a cigarette? who got a cigarette? >> in response to the honor dorm stabbing, the warden has suspended inmate benefits and loss of the store affects everyone at holman. >> right now, a pack of bugler will cost you a bag of coffee. a bag of coffee costs $3.39. a bag of bugler costs $1.08. p.c., you got a cigarette on you? >> no matter how tense life gets, ty's committed to keeping his nose clean. >> you have to sit back and relax. can't get in trouble.
6:35 pm
if you get in trouble here, that's another case. then you go back before the judge. [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. ain't nobody got no cigarettes? >> despite his hopes to avoid trouble, ty's favorite method of coping with prison life puts his future at risk. >> smoke your old joint or something. kick back. brighten your spirits up. [ bleep ]. listen to the radio. that's my type of relief, getting high and minding my own business. >> how do you smoke it without getting caught? >> it ain't hard. you come outside, smoke it. go in your cell. as long as you don't smell it, you can get away with it. >> the loss of store privileges isn't the only change at holman, warden culliver has also ordered a prison-wide shakedown, led by captain bishop. >> all right. y'all know we've had this callout so we can do a shakedown search here at holman.
6:36 pm
we're going to let the dogs go through first. they like to go through before we go in and get everything stirred up. anything they alert on or hit on, naturally, we'll go search at that time. we're here to try to help solve a problem. we didn't come here to cause no problems or create no problems. we're not here to prove we're tough guys and beat folks up. if a need for force arises, then naturally, we're going to use that force that's necessary to control the situation. i don't really expect any problems. as long as we conduct ourselves correctly, i don't think we'll have any. if we're ready to go, we're right out that way. all right. everybody on your rack. on your rack. let's go. facedown on your bed. keep your head down and you'll be better off. you don't need to see nothing. keep your head down.
6:37 pm
>> got a little blade. look like a cutter or something. >> we found some pills in this cabinet, in this drawer right here. somebody might have been running a drugstore or something. they may think they can use these to get high off of or sell them. >> holy moly. >> come on now. >> that's a good one right here. one like this i'll keep for a souvenir. never seen any hobby craft like this before. some good ones.
6:38 pm
confirm. narcotics hit. you got something here you want to tell me about? >> no, i don't. >> huh? >> no, i don't. >> you just want to see if i can find it? >> after a narcotics dog alerts in his living area, wallace booker receives a concentrated shakedown. >> why you reckon the dogs would have alerted on this spot here? >> i don't know. that dog must be crazy or something. >> huh? >> the dog must be crazy. >> the dog must be crazy? >> you might need to get a new one. >> huh? >> you might need to get a new one. >> maybe he smelled that stuff y'all been smoking down there. this s.a.t. class, you taking this book here? >> i work down in the housing unit teaching that n.a. class using that book. >> huh? >> teaching an n.a. class and i use that book. >> this is an n.a. class and you're teaching it? >> yes, addiction handbook. >> you recognize what that dog was hitting on? >> no, i don't. >> that drug book? what's these pictures here got to do with that class? >> it ain't got nothing to do with it.
6:39 pm
>> maybe that dog hit on that drug book, you reckon that's what he did? >> i didn't hear you. >> that dog hit on that drug book? >> it might have. >> maybe that's what messed him up. maybe he can read. all right, booker, you can lay back on your bed there. they'll come back around a bit later and finish the rest of your property. >> booker survives the initial search, but the narcotics dog is relentless. >> residue. >> this was where? >> under the box there. the one we just shook down, you know, that i told you about. >> yeah. you found the -- this was up under the box and had that
6:40 pm
residue smell on it? >> right, the dog alerted on it. >> and the sticker was up under that box, too? >> yes, sir. >> that's disciplinary action for a weapon. of course, he's going to claim he don't know nothing about it. i wish they were going to go through and charge him with it, let him defend himself in court. >> you can allow him to get dressed. 804's calling. go see what he wants. >> do you know anything about that? >> i'll come back and pick him up. >> hold on just a second. do you know anything about that? >> no, what is that? >> this was found underneath that locker box here. and they also pulled this out from under that locker box. that's what the dog was hitting on a while ago. better get some clothes on. >> it's not mine. >> what did you say? >> it's not mine. if it's something i done, i'll deal with it, but i don't like getting railroaded like this. i ain't owned one of them for 12 years, a knife. i haven't had one in 12 years.
6:41 pm
just have to see how it shakes out. whatever happens, i'll deal with it. messed up. next on "lockup: extended stay," phase two of the prison shakedown has ty in a tight spot. caring for someone with alzheimer's means i am a lot of things. i am his guardian. i am his voice. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to his current treatment
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every ingredient is the main ingredient. the strawberry poppyseed... romaine, mandarin, pineapple, blueberry, strawberry, strawberry... strawberry... salad with chicken. at panera. food as it should be. in the wake of the shakedown, warden culliver initiates a prison-wide drug test. >> they shook us down at 6:00 in the morning.
6:45 pm
talk about a [ bleep ] test. they are looking for reefer, coke, some [ bleep ]. >> ty has willingly admitted to our producers that he's a frequent drug user. >> i smoke marijuana, smoke joint or something, smoke reefer, whatever. you know what i'm saying? >> but he is surprisingly unconcerned about today's drug test. >> how do you think you're going to do, ty? >> i'll pass with flying colors. i ain't sweating this. >> when was the last time you smoked weed? >> yesterday. >> how can you possibly test negative? >> all you gotta do is drink some water. drink plenty of water and you'll pass. >> how much do you drink? >> five, six cup. >> and you're not going to test positive?
6:46 pm
>> despite his confidence in the results, ty has difficulty completing the drug test. >> what's the matter? why can't you pee? >> it doesn't function when somebody -- >> really? performance anxiety? >> [ bleep ] if i'm in the dorm, somebody behind me, i can't pee. >> come on, guys. move it along here. >> [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> come on. >> i ain't gonna hold it. >> you hold this. don't be [ bleep ] with me. look down or something.
6:47 pm
>> wait. >> [ bleep ]. >> go. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. it ain't gonna work like that, man. [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> think waterfalls. >> there it is, look at that. >> cup, cup, cup! >> i got the [ bleep ] cup. >> where's the cup, for crying out loud? >> that's good. >> that's all you want? >> that's all i need. finally. eureka! i turned the water on he went. >> whoo, man!
6:48 pm
>> i originally done these in lockup, man. didn't have nothing to work with. so i got me some pretty good pencils. some oil pencils, right? this is a big part of my life in here, right? drawing, playing guitar, all that little stuff right there, man. >> the shakedown has produced both weapons and drugs. the intense environment has also prompted the accused in the honor dorm stabbing to make a statement. >> man was trying to extort some money out of me. >> extort some money out of you? >> right. >> how were they trying to extort money out of you? >> well, mcneill told me, he said, i'll tell you what, he said, you don't have three bugles and a bag of coffee by this morning, he said, i'm going to beat your ass down that hallway. then he said on store day, i'm going to beat your ass and take your whole bag from you, even if i have to wait till then. that's not the first time this happened, you know?
6:49 pm
the only way i'd ever do anything like that is when my back is just all the way against the wall. that's the way it was. it would be one thing, if he was just talking about jumping on me and beating me up. but when he started talking about taking my whole store bag and everything i had, you know, i mean it's time for you to come out and do something for yourself because if you don't, it's never going to stop. >> you know, that was pretty serious. you stabbed the guy pretty serious. >> yeah. >> what if i told you he died? how would you feel? >> horrible. >> huh? >> horrible. because i wasn't trying to kill him. >> would you really? >> yeah, i would. yeah. >> would you change your story if i told you that he had died? >> no. the story i just told you is true. >> all right. >> i mean, i'm in this thing with life without parole. i've got to stop some way, you know. if i go to the police, then i'm
6:50 pm
a snitch and i can't live in population, because they're going to get me then, see? >> still, why do you want to resort to -- you know, the guy's not dead. let me tell you that. he's not dead but he could have been. it's very serious. it was a very serious incident. he could very well be dead from the wounds that he got. >> i've never even tried to kill him. i never meant that. >> at the least you got an attempted murder case. it's not as simple as just an assault. you know. you know for a fact you'll get a disciplinary hearing. whether ini picks it up, they probably will. where did you get the weapon? >> i bought that when i first got to this prison.
6:51 pm
scared to death. >> so, you had a knife all along? that ain't nothing you just picked up to do this with? well, bottom line is you felt like you was threatened enough to where they were going to do something to you and you done something to him before he done something to you. >> that's right. >> okay. all right. i'm sure we'll be talking to you later on. >> coming up next on "lock up extended stay" wallace booker says he's clean but warden callver isn't buying it. >> is that your knife? >> no. >> you innocent until proven guilty. and we still let you be innocent in prison until you proven guilty, sometimes. ♪ you see, we've got the power to turn back time. ♪ ♪ that show you missed, let's just go back and find. ♪ ♪ and let's go back and choose spicy instead of mild. ♪
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♪ after careful review, the investigation and intelligence department drops the knife charge against antonio easter and releases him from segregation. >> no.
6:56 pm
>> the drug test results continue to hang over the heads of many inmates. >> well, i got an email last night we got more results back from drug screens that we done. there will be a total of 17 out of -- i think we tested 130 people the other day. that's high but we're suspecting it to be high this time. we've been having reports that we have quite a bit of drugs in the camp. some marijuana, some crack and we're working on the source. we're working on that now. we got some leads. >> after a clean drug test, the warden is forced to drop all charges against wallace booker, despite his suspicions. >> come here, booker.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
we still believe you should be innocent in prison until proven guilty, sometimes. we'll be back. >> okay. >> not right now but we'll be back. >> he still got bad opinions of me, man. you can't change in some folks' eyes, you know what i mean? >> i really thought wallace was hot. i really did. i really thought wallace was hot. who knows, he may have had a chance to beat the test. i don't know. >> true to his word, tie ryan did beat the drug test and has no intention on changing his behavior. >> i'm clean.
6:59 pm
>> nope. huh-uh. you got to stay on your p's and q's. >> straight up. >> there's a way to get by anything. you got to be up on it. y'all know what's happening. >> coming to terms with the consequences of his crime, hors bitewell agrees to appear on camera to address the honor dorm stabbing. >> it was something that didn't have to happen and never should have taken place. we're all grown men in this prison and we should have worked our problems out instead of resorting to something like that.
7:00 pm
♪ america's prisons. dangerous. often deadly. there are 2 million people doing time. every day is a battle to survive and to maintain order. >> down on your feet. down. >> located in the deep south, holman correctional facility, where most are serving life sentences, we spent months documenting life on the inside, where prisoners have nothing but time and nothing to lose. this is "lockup holman extended stay." ♪


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