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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  May 31, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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how much does he charge? i don't know. okay. uh, do you get your fees back if you're not happy? (dad laughs) wow, you're laughing. that's not the way the world works. well, the world's changing. are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management, at charles schwab. and good morning to you. i'm steve kornacki. 161 days until the election now. and topping our agenda, we know it's going to be trump for the republicans. it looks like it's going to be clinton for the democrats. but could there be another option on the ballot this fall? >> a third party run by any candidate is a complete disaster and you're handing over the white house to the democrats which means four or five potential supreme court judges hillary clinton would have a chance to nominate.
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>> up in arms over a mysterious tweet sent out over the holiday weekend by one of the leaders of the never trump movement, bill kristol. he says a new challenger is about to get in this race. now three names that have been suggested as possibilities for this role, republican senator ben sass of nebraska, former presidential candidate mitt romney, former republican senator tom coburn of oklahoma. all of them have publicly said no so far. could one of them be on the verge of changing his mind? also on the agenda this morning, the libertarian party. they're going to have a ticket on the ballot this fall. they are putting forward from their convention this weekend the former governor of new mexico, gary johnson and his running mate, former massachusetts governor william weld. johnson not wasting any time going after donald trump. >> incendiary to 50% of the population of new mexico that he's talking about hispanics and mexicans in this way when the absolute opposite is true.
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it's just racist. >> it is being said that this is the most credible ticket the libertarian party has ever fielded. 40-plus years of existence. the question, can gary johnson get on that debate stage with donald trump and hillary clinton this september? he'll need to be getting 15% in the polls to do it. can he even get included in the polls to have a chance to cross that number? that's the challenge for the libertarian candidates. and rounding out our agenda, the last big contest on the primary calendar. and it is a giant one. the california primary, we're one week away. >> the secret service jumping in yesterday in oakland as some members of the crowd there seemed to move toward the stage where bernie sanders was
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speaking. hillary clinton said to head back to california earlier than she'd been planning trying to fend off what would be a very embarrassing loss at the end of the democratic primary process for her. all that, still more to come this morning. we're going to begin with our top story. bill kristol runs the weekly standard magazine. he is one of the faces of the never trump movement. and he put this out over the weekend. he wrote on twitter, quote, there will be an independent candidate, an impressive one with a strong team and a real chance. a strong third party bid so late in this game seems unlikely. with unfavorable numbers sky high among the two major party candidates, it seems anything is at least possible right now. trump immediately firing back in a series of tweets, mainly encouraging republicans to stay united. trump tweeting, quote, bill kristol has been wrong for two yea years, an embarrassed loser.
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if the gop cannot control their own, be tough. the deadline for getting on the general election ballot as an independent in texas, that has already come and gone. if there is a new ticket, it's probably not going to make the ballot in that state, unless it could get on through some kind of a legal challenge. deadlines coming up very quickly in north carolina, in illinois, in indiana. if this ticket is going to try to get off the ground and be a national ticket, it's got to get moving fast. the rumored names to play this role have been bill sasse, mitt romney, tom coburn of oklahoma. but people close to those candidates and those potential candidates themselves have all been shooting down this talk for months now. our new nbc news/surveymonkey weekly tracking poll shows donald trump within two points of hillary clinton nationally. 47% to 45% lead for hillary
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clinton. that's a slight gain for donald trump from last week. trump tweeting out this morning, so many great things happening. new poll numbers looking good. news conference at 11:00 a.m. today. trump tower. and trump tower is where we find nbc's hallie jackson ahead of that press conference today. in brooklyn, new york, kristen welker is outside clinton campaign headquarters. hallie jackson, let's start with you outside trump tower. trump promoting this 11:00 press conference. he's talking about something very specific here. this is the money he says he's raised for veterans organizations. this takes us back to the days before the iowa caucuses. trump skipping a debate saying he was doing it to raise the money. he's been asked, okay, where is that money? where did it go? are we going to get answers today? >> well, he says we will, steve. this all stems from that debate he skipped back at the end of january. he instead held that competing rally just down the road where
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people donated money for veterans charities. trump has been dogged by questions about how much money he really raised, where that money really went. he says today we'll give a full accounting of that. he'll detail the donations. he said he's given about $1 million of his own money to veterans groups. today should be a more full picture of what exactly that means. for many, this is a critical test of trump's ability to keep the promises he has made. since it's a trump press conference, we expect questions from the media. i expect those questions will be fairly wide ranging touching on a number of topics in the news, including this discussion of maybe an independent challenger. you talked about bill kristol's tweets over the weekend hinting it's somebody who could come out on the conservative side and challenge trump. trump perhaps unsurprisingly not thrilled about that given that most analysts agree if there were some sort of conservative challenger, he or she would peel enough votes away from donald trump to assure democrats the white house in november.
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for trump, a third party challenger not ideal, even though he himself flirted with that independent run back during the primaries. a lot happening in the world of politics. we'll be here at trump tower keeping an eye on it in a couple of hours. >> hallie jackson, we'll be watching that one closely. and hillary clinton, meanwhile, she is shaking up her schedule this week. she's canceling events in new jersey, instead heading back to california where she's trying to avoid a loss in the biggest state in the country. california voting a week from today. kristen welker, we've seen some polling numbers out of california. the other day one had hillary clinton only ahead by two points. we're just seeing in the last couple of minutes a new yougov online poll out of california has her up a little bit more. but, obviously, there is a desire here, a strong desire on the clinton campaign's part not to lose this state. >> that is for sure, steve. that latest poll you just talked about shows that she's up by
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about 13 points. but it's clear that the clinton campaign feeling nervous about their chances in california. that's why you see that they are adding extra events at the end of this week. concerns she'll lose a state that has 475 delegates up for grabs now. yesterday a bit of a split screen. secretary clinton in chappaqua marching in a memorial day parade there as senator sanders barnstormed california. he hasn't left the state. he's put almost all of his resources into winning that state. he's outspending secretary clinton on the air waves, 2 to 1. now she has canceled some events in new jersey. she's going to do a five-day campaign swing to make sure she doesn't lose. the reality check here, steve, if she loses california, she is still poised to win the nomination. it could be a blow, though, because it could essentially give senator sanders leverage heading into the convention. leverage over the party's platform and could leave her looking wounded as she heads
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into what will undoubtedly be a brutal general election battle with donald trump. >> kristen welker in brooklyn, new york. hillary clinton, as you say, heading 3,000 miles due west of there very shortly. thank you for that report. and hillary clinton is going to be a guest on msnbc this afternoon. 4:00 p.m. she'll be talking with chris hayes. set your calendars for that one. let me bring in now robert costa, an msnbc contributor n national political report are for "the washington post." a lot of talk about donald trump n his campaign organization or lack therefore over the weekend. you had an interesting story in "the washington post." let me put this headline up on the screen. in campaign , donald trump show his management woes. this person is in charge now. this person has been moved out. all sorts of shuffling. you write in this article, this is more than the chaos you'd see in a typical campaign. this is more than typical campaign chaos.
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what is it then? >> what we're watching is that donald trump, in spite of winning the nomination is not really expanding his inner circle. there remains a core campaign team around him of about a dozen people and an organization that has about 70 people broadly speaking working for trump. this is not going to become a large organization in the way secretary clinton has her campaign in brooklyn. >> and you have an interesting quote here, ed rollins running one of the superpacs. he's always the man in charge from his people, he gets what he needs and makes them compete. sometimes it gets the juices flowing. sometimes it spurs conflict if he needs to. he step in to settle it. he likes having the people around him, for lack of a better term, fighting with each other. >> this is something we heard as a refrain. my colleague and i as we did our
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reporting. trump likes to play some of his employees off each other for different reasons. we'll have too to see if that's a positive or negative. but when you look at the top of his campaign, corey lewandowski, the campaign manager, in his 40s. and paul manafort in his 60s. they've been rivals of sorts. now they seem to be getting more along, but trump seems to have used them as kind of his yin and his yang. >> unusually important in trump's world to be close to him, to have close proximity to him. >> that is a crucial part of understanding trump that people who are physically close to him, in his orbit, on his plane, in his office at trump tower, those are usually the people who have influence around trump. this is not a political campaign that has a top-down mentality, all of these layers of bureaucracy. it's trump, his inner circle and they navigate whatever is happening together. >> one of the most vocal things
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we heard from trump over the last few days was a response to bill kristol putting the suggestion out there -- more than a suggestion. he put a statement out there that there's going to be a credible independent candidate who is going to step forward in the near future. a lot of skepticism about whether there's anything to this. do you have any sense if kristol has the goods here? >> depends on what we mean by the goods. kristol has likely recruited a candidate to run, a conservative who would run as an independent trying to get some right wing intellectuals and more traditional conservatives on board. but some of the bigger names we've been reporting out here, like senator sasse or former senator coburn that just don't seem to be interested and my reporting doesn't back up that there's some huge name out there that's about to step in. especially mitt romney. i'm not hearing much noise from him either. >> the texas ballot deadline has passed. a couple others are going to
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pass very quickly. you can't really have a 50-state strategy. what is kristol trying to do here ultimately? >> one of the strategies discussed privately by kristol n others is working only in specific swing states to try to give conservatives, especially in states that have competitive senate races another option to try to motivate those conservatives to come out if they weren't going to come out to vote for hillary clinton or donald trump. and you also see that because they don't have the money or time for 50 states, maybe they just play in a dozen states or less. >> robert costa from "the washington post," appreciate your time. let's bring in barry bennett, a senior adviser to the trump campaign. let's pick it up on this point. bill kristol says a new candidate is emerging. robert costa says he thinks there's probably somebody there. may not be one of these names most frequently speculated about. strong reaction from your candidate. is there a risk if bill kristol puts anybody forward that this person is going to
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disproportionately hurt trump by taking more republican votes? >> there's little risk this person actually wins anything. so one has to wonder why in the world would you do it? you know, they haven't been able to recruit any of their tier a candidates. there's no doubt if they'll find a tier b or tier c down the road, but it's fantasy land. it's an answer to a question that doesn't exist. >> have you heard anything behind the scenes who it might be? >> everything i hear, everyone i talk to tells them no. >> what about the other ticket nominated over the weekend. whatever bill kristol put forward, the libertarian party has put forward a ticket. it's two former republican office holders. the former republican governor of massachusetts. is there any risk there again just bringing republicans away from the trump fold?
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>> i don't think so. they'll have a very hard time getting on the polls, let alone getting to 15% to be considered part of the fall race. and it's interesting. i never thought of bill weld as a libertarian. >> yeah, well, he ran -- i know him from massachusetts. he ran as a social liberal economic conservative there. but that was also a long time ago. let me ask you, too, about, we were talking to robert costa about the management style of donald trump. what we see sort of within the campaign. i think you heard what robert costa was saying. how would you describe donald trump's management style? >> i'd have to call it very successful. he spent $37 million n won the nomination. others spent over $150 million. just in the last week, according to the nbc polls, he's cut the lead in half from 4 to 2 points. it's already a very competitive race, and he's not doing it the traditional way. i understand which people have a hard time understanding
6:16 am
anything, how we've done it in the past, but so far pretty successful. >> you saw especially this weekend a lot of commentary about donald trump doesn't have the kind of staffing you normally would see in a general election presidential campaign, whether that means on the ground, sort of turning out the vote type people. people at a national headquarters. is there just a belief around donald trump and around your campaign that you don't need to do that and it doesn't get you anything? >> the staff has greatly increased in the last few weeks. the state organizations are being put together. coalitions are putting together, policies being put together. a convention to run. a fall campaign. money to raise. all that is coming together. it's not -- the core group at the top is going to stay in place. there's a lot of people feeding up to them. >> barry bennett, adviser to the trump campaign. thanks for the time. a little news we can tell you about from california. a new poll a couple of minutes ago. now this.
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the governor of california, jerry brown, democratic governor jerry brown has just put out a letter endorsing hillary clinton for president in the democratic primary in california next week. there is a ton of history here between jerry brown and the clintons. jerry brown ran against bill clinton for president in the democratic primaries in 1992. he went after hillary clinton, particularly aggressively in that campaign. there was a famous debate moment where bill clinton turned to jerry brown in 1992 and said you are not worth standing on the same stage as my wife. that campaign ended with jerry brown refusing to endorse bill clinton. he went to the democratic convention. he delivered a 20-minute speech that did not even mention bill clinton. never endorsed him. had not endorsed yet in this campaign. now a week before the california primary, jerry brown, the governor of california, very popular governor out there, endorsing hillary clinton. that just in the last few minutes. coming up on our hour,
6:18 am
before donald trump was a candidate for president, he ran a board room. >> george, you're fired. >> the george he's talking about there, george takai will be here to talk about his former reality show "bosses" as well as the north carolina bathroom law. coming up next, the most important number of the day. what it will take for clinton to clinch the nomination. with braindrone? can't blame you. it's a drone you control with your brain, which controls your thumbs, which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone to get you a copy of my resume. umm, maybe keep your hands on the controller. look out!! ohhhhhhhhhh... you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. yeah that's probably safer. ok, cool. for crash survival, subaru has developed ours most revolutionary feature yet.
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nobody is going to have the majority. nobody will have enough pledged delegates to win the democratic nomination. either secretary clinton or myself will be dependent on superdelegates. that's just a fact. and i think there's been some discussion that some of the media is going to say the campaign is over.
6:22 am
she is the nominee on tuesday night after the vote comes in from new jersey. i don't think that's accurate. i don't think the dnc thinks that's accurate. >> bernie sanders is saying no matter what you hear next tuesday, next tuesday, june 7th, when new jersey, california, a couple other states vote. no matter what you hear, the democratic race is not over. so what's he talking about there? what exactly is he trying to say? it takes us to our most important number of the day. we'll try to explain the number today, 2,383. if you follow this process closely, you already know what 2,383 is. it's the magic number. that's the number of delegates you need in the democratic race to become the democratic nominee for president. it gets complicated because there's two kinds of delegates on the democratic side. you have your superdelegates, the party officials, elected leaders. they automatically get to vote at the convention. these are not technically bound
6:23 am
obligations right now. they say they're for hillary clinton. a few say they're for bernie sanders. she's got a big advantage here. but technically until they cast their votes at the democratic convention, they're not bound. it's not locked in. these are the pledged delegates who are locked in. hillary clinton with a narrower advantage there over bernie sanders. if you add them together, hillary clinton is at 2311. 2383 is what you need. when bernie sanders starts talking about new jersey and the media delaiclaaring the race ov june 7th. she's at 2311 right now. when you add in the superdelegates and pledged delegates. this weekend, puerto rico and the virgin islands will hold contests. let's say she takes about 40 from there. we'll bump her total up. then take a look at this. 2311. if she's at 2351 after this weekend, you come into next week. here are the states voting next tuesday and the poll closing times. the first one here on the east
6:24 am
coast, 8:00. it's proportional on the democratic side. even if you lose a state you get an awful lot of delegates. if hillary clinton comes in with something like 2351, she needs 2383, that means she's 32 short coming into the night. even if she loses new jersey in a landslide to bernie sanders, because it's proportional, she'll get 32 delegates out of new jersey. talking about superdelegates and pledged delegates, there is no way she doesn't cross that magic number of 2383 next week. what is bernie sanders talking about? he's saying it's the pledged delegates. no one is going to walk out of next week with a majority of the pledged delegates. somebody is going to need to rely on superdelegates to get over the top. he says he'll take the summer and try to convince those superdelegates to change their mind. he has a point. clinton is at 1770. even doing well in all these contests next week she'll not get an outright majority of the
6:25 am
delegates just on pledged delegates. she'll need superdelegates. the problem is she'll also probably be ahead. almost definitely going to be ahead in the pledged delegate count. she's certainly going to be ahead in the overall popular vote when you add them all together. what could sanders point to that would make these superdelegates suddenly change their mind. our most important number of the day, 2383. we're going to head to our west coast bureau. jacq jacob soboroff is out there. what bernie sanders can do to go after california. he'll try to answer a question about what exactly a superdelegate is. >> why does this country not just have a popular vote and be done with it nationwide and be done with it. >> you don't like superdelegates. >> i don't like superdelegates or primaries. the only thing you see is trump and clinton and sanders. it's terrible.
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on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline, then use your miles to cover the cost. now you're getting somewhere. what's in your wallet? all right. we've hit the bottom of the hour. it's time for headlines at the half. 90 minutes from now, donald trump is going to hold a press conference to give details on his plans to distribute money raised at a veterans event in january in iowa. trump says that that event netted $6 million. at 10:00 eastern, we could be getting new decisions from the supreme court which now is evenly divided, 4-4, following the death of justice scalia. among the topics being addressed, immigration, abortion and affirmative action. animal rights activists want the parents of a little boy who fell into that gorilla enclosure at the cincinnati zoo to be held responsible for the zoo's decision to kill the animal.
6:30 am
that gorilla shot after grabbing and dragging the toddler after he slipped into the exhibit. down south, thunderstorms are expected to push the brazos river to record levels by forcing more mandatory evacuations in areas of rural texas. at least eight people have died along the river in less than a week. and bernie sanders taking a break last night to catch the golden state warriors fending off the oklahoma city thunder in game seven of the western conference finals. the warriors become the first team since the celtics in 1981 to overcome a 3-1 deficit. now they'll face off against lebron james and the cavaliers. and bernie sanders watched them beat the unsurmontable odds, these looking for the same. our new nbc news/surveymonkey online poll found 44% of registered democrats don't think
6:31 am
it will make a difference if sanders stays in the race through the convention. nearly one-third say it will hurt the democratic party in november. in a viral video now being viewed -- been viewed more than 2 million times, george takei is urging democrats to keep their eye on the prize. >> so i'm asking democrats out there to take a pledge along with me. note blue no matter who. >> joining us now is george takei. he's working with a social media company to bring awareness to north carolina's controversial bathroom law. let's start, california. you have that video out there. you want democrats to stay united. is bernie sanders, in what he's doing right now, hurting that effort? >> well, he certainly isn't helping, but hillary clinton won over president obama in the primaries back then in 2008. so californians are for hillary.
6:32 am
and certainly they are for hillary against donald trump. he's not going to win. and that i'm definitely sure of. >> we were talking about this off air. you have gotten a glimpse of donald trump that maybe some of us haven't. your confidence there, you don't want donald trump to be elected but also you're confident he will not be. you've seen these polls. he's moving close in these. >> that's because the media keeps giving him all this attention. he's not going to get anywhere near that. for example, on the topic that i'm here for, he said caitlyn jenner is welcome to use the bathroom, lady's room in trump tower. but then when asked, will he support governor pat mccrory, north carolina governor's hb2 bill he said absolutely. that's a transphobic bill. he's a flip flopper. he's indecisive. n when he fired me on "celebrity
6:33 am
apprentice" again he made a bad decision. i'm going to make sure he doesn't make that kind of decision for the united states of america. >> celebrity aprent, i obviously a popular show. here's a clip of you on the -- oh, we don't have the sound. i thought we had the sound. talk about that experience. the donald trump that you saw and i imagine got to know a little off the air there. can you square that with the trump you see right now? >> i can because he is a very assertive man. whether he knows an issue or not, he will be outspoken on it. and when he gets into another situation, the circumstances change, then he'll shift to that. he is very indecisive. he's a comedian. >> it's interesting because his image is is that he's mr. decisive. you see an indecisive guy. >> he makes that statement decisively. and then he'll change it decisively.
6:34 am
he's a very flip floppy guy. >> do you feel -- did you get a sense behind the scenes that you got to know him? it's interesting for a guy who has been in the public spot light probably for 40 years now, i have -- few people i've talked to who really seem to know him. do you think you got to see the personal side of him? >> i had lunch with him. he does get very personal. he's a very friendly guy. given that circumstance, one on one. and he becomes your friend. but then he'll do or say something that's completely contrary to that. certainly since we're talking about celebrity apprentice, i thought our project was far superior to the women's project. i was a team leader. and, you know, we were supposed to design show windows for lord & taylor's. i thought we had the classiest fifth avenue kind of window. they had 34th street windows.
6:35 am
everything but the kitchen sink thrown in. and so we lost. he doesn't go for class. he goes for 34th street. >> he saw donald trump like some of us wish maybe we had seen him. an abouti iteresting glimpse, g takei. i'm sorry. we wanted to mention you have a facebook chat at 11:00 a.m. eastern on the north carolina bathroom bill. check in with george takei on facebook. he predicts hillary clinton is going to win the california primary next week over bernie sanders. big news on that front coming in just the last few minutes. jerry brown the governor out there endorsing hillary clinton. certainly a boost for her in that state. what does that mean for the democratic race? what does it mean if she doesn't win california? the panel is going to join us. stick around right after this. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head.
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wife's law firm for state business. that's number one. >> i don't care what you say about me, but you ought to be ashamed for jumping on my wife. you aren't worth being on the same platform as my wife. >> don't try to escape it. half nader called me this afternoon and read me the article from "the washington post." >> does that make it true? >> i was shocked by it. >> what a difference a few years makes. that was california governor jerry brown going toe-to-toe with bill clinton back in 1992. they were both running for the democratic presidential nomination. he was making accusations that's clinton was funneling money to his wife hillary's law firm in arkansas. something brown described as a scandal of major proportion. and bill clinton, you saw how he responded to that. why is that so important? we just got word that jerry brown has announced he will support hillary clinton in next tuesday's california democratic primary. joining me now, the hill's senior white house correspondent amy parns and the senior
6:40 am
reporter for bloomberg politics. this is interesting, just the history between jerry brown and the clintons. jerry brown refused to endorse bill clinton in '92. here's hillary clinton in a little trouble in california. jerry brown to the rescue. >> she really needs it. she cut short a few of her new jersey events this week to fly back to california. she's in a little bit of trouble there. this is a really important state to her. even if she clinches in new jersey, she wants to come out strong in california. and that's why you're seeing her rush to the west to sort of get out the vote and energize people there. i think this one definitely gives her a much-needed boost. >> if she doesn't win california, she is still going to be the nominee barring somethinglet toly unforeseen. what does it mean if she doesn't win california? >> it sends her into the general on not so good note. she struggled this entire primary pretty much. people thought that bernie sanders wasn't going to move past new hampshire. his final win would be in new
6:41 am
hampshire. and then he picked up all these states along the way. if she goes into california or into the general losing california, that sort of shows she doesn't have the base where she wants them to be. it's very weakened democratic party. in a much more energizing, i should say, republican party that is sort of coalescing more and more behind donald trump. >> on the republican side, mike bender, we've got this mystery now with bill kristol teasing the possibility of a new candidate getting in the race. we heard from robert costa earlier in the show. he thinks there probably is somebody out there, probably not one of the names that we're most commonly speculating about. the potntial for this bill kristol-backed candidate to have an impact on this race. do you see it? >> i don't see it having much impact. kristol and this never trump movement has been making a lot of noise for a number of months and have had almost no success. their biggest success was in indiana where -- excuse me,
6:42 am
wisconsin, where trump had maybe the worst loss of the primary campaign. that was more to do with trump stepping on himself and the never trump movement being in the right place at the right time. the more they try, particularly republicans, the more they try to make donald trump seem incapable here, unqualified, that seems to energize his supporters. although i do think it's going to be very interesting to watch and could, if they can find a good candidate, may cause trump more trouble than this libertarian bid. >> and there's also an interesting story in "the washington post" about donald trump and his ability to hold a grudge and to express that grudge on the campaign trail. talking about a number of instances where he takes personal grudges he has with people who often times the audience has never heard of and he'll go on at length about them. here's a clip from a couple of days ago talking about the judge who is going to be hearing that trump university case. somebody most people by name
6:43 am
have never heard of. here's how donald trump talks about him on the campaign trail. >> i have a judge who is a hater of donald trump. a hater. he's a hater. his name is gonzalo kurial. and he is not doing the right thing. i'm getting railroaded by a legal system that, frankly, they should be ashamed. >> amy, it's interesting because with donald trump, in a way, it's worked. he's the republican nominee. now closing in on hillary clinton in these polls. at the same time you look at moments like this and say, what is he trying to accomplish here? >> people like that sort of thing. that kind of real talk. he's letting loose on someone he doesn't like. n people think that a real politician. you know, he's not just on talking points. he's railing against these people. and it rallies his people along. they feel vindicated by all this. and so i think it helps him in a
6:44 am
weird way. that's why this election cycle is different than any other, i think. >> and you hear him going after, in this case, somebody people probably haven't heard of. but many times it's people who are very recognizable. one of the theories i've heard about donald trump and how he thinks he can win this race is we know his negatives are high. but the strategy isn't to low hearse o er has own negatives. it's to raise everybody else's. >> the best hope he has is hillary clinton's unfavorables. they are saying that the anti-clinton campaign will help unite them, but it's difficult to see how that's going to work. even last week, trump had a news conference, as a victory lap for reaching the threshold to become the nominee, and spent the time going after susanna martinez. i agree that going after this judge, that helps his brand as an outsider. i don't see how that helps unite
6:45 am
the party and get him the support he needs to win the white house in november. >> on that point about going after hillary clinton, trying to raise her negative numbers, which are already very high, this is what paul manafort, one of the top aides to donald trump's campaign said about the role of going after the clintons, hillary and bill clinton, in this campaign. >> trouble follows the clintons everywhere. people are frustrated with all of the drama around the clinton family and the history of the clinton family. and certainly if they're going to be back in the political melu, then their history is relevant to what to expect. hillary clinton is running for president as a team. trump has said, okay, if she's going to put off the economic portfolio to her husband, then the whole family is up for discussion. >> so, amy, when she was secretary of state, hillary clinton's favorable numbers in these polls were through the roof, one of the most popular people. now we're seeing the least popular democratic candidate
6:46 am
ever nominated. assuming she gets the nomination. can she bring those negative numbers down, or is she stuck in a rut? >> that's why she needs to look for a vp that pulls progressives in. i'm getting the signal from people in her camp that that's what she aims to do. she's going to have some problems bringing in someone like a sherrod brown in ohio or elizabeth warren in massachusetts because of republican governors. but people in her party really want her to do that. they're signalling to her that she really needs to start coalescing a party that really isn't there right now. although a lot of people in clinton's camp say that's really overrated. that the party will come around. look what happened in 2008. that's something you're also hearing from them. don't worry. once the convention happens, we're all going to come together and this is going to happen and we'll -- >> it's an interesting point. eight years ago at this time, hillary clinton was out there saying i'm going all the way to the convention against barack obama and they were saying she's killing the party.
6:47 am
people don't remember that as much because they won. >> thanks for joining us. appreciate that. coming up, cal perry with the biggest video that you missed over the weekend. stay tuned. we'll show you. actual ly. you've been to my place. no, i wasn't...oh look, you dropped something. it's your resume with a 20 dollar bill taped to it. that's weird. you want to work for ge too. hahaha, what? well we're always looking for developers who are up for big world changing challenges like making planes, trains and hospitals run better. why don't you check your new watch and tell me what time i should be there. oh, i don't hire people. i'm a developer. i'm gonna need monday off. again, not my call.
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get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. >> as bernie sanders last night after taking in the second half of game seven of the western conference finals, golden state, the home standing warriors, completing a comeback from a 3-1 deficit to defeat the oklahoma city thunder and make their way back to the nba finals where they will try to repeat as champions of the world. sanders says, hey, they came back from 3-1 down, maybe i can come back from a big deficit and still knock off hillary clinton. of course the counter could be that golden state entered that series as the overwhelming favorite just as hillary clinton entered the democratic race as
6:51 am
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we're back at work after a long holiday weekend. some people went to the beach, some people did the barbecue thing, other people, they watched viral videos online. they're talking about them at work today. if you want to be in on the conversation, know what they're talking about, you need cal perry. cal, the coolest video -- you found some stuff. the weather was terrible. >> hung yang chan, this is the rubik's cube global championship. we're going to let her do her thing and i'll show you the other cool video you haven't seen from this weekend. this is out of dundee beach in australia. this is a waterspout, a water
6:55 am
tornado. that is water going into the sky. dundee beach. one of our directors is australian and said are you going to make fun of dundee beach, how it has crocodiles? so there are crocodiles there, this is in australia. it's the coolest video. let's go back to our rubik's cube championship. 47 seconds, how do you like that? >> what's the trick? that's like a magic trick. 3 years old from hong kong. >> i'm 36 years old and still working on my first one. that's ridiculous. >> what was the time? >> 47 seconds. >> and that was like the world record? >> she's the winner, she's got the global world record. 3 years old. i have a 7-year-old daughter, i don't know that she could -- >> you know when kids get into harvard like 11 years old? i think they have the one that can do rubik's cube. cal perry, thank you for that.
6:56 am
coming up, hillary clinton fresh off her endorsement from california governor jerry brown. she'll be on chris hayes' show at 4:00 p.m. we're also expecting the supreme court to hand down decisions any minute now. plus updates from texas where deadly storms continue to decimate the lone star state. i'm steve kornacki. jose diaz-balart is up next. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. excuse me, try this. but just one aleve can last 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. [ cheering ] so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve. good tuesday morning, i'm jose diaz-balart. up first, seven weeks until the gop convention and it is disclosure day for donald trump. two long awaited and key pieces of information expected to be revealed by the republican this morning. first, he'll tell us which veterans charities benefited from a fund-raiser he held after dropping out of an iowa debate back in january. you'll remember at the time he claimed to have raised some $6 million. also being unsealed today, internal playbook documents from trump university, the
7:00 am
businessman still fighting a lawsuit that accuses the venture of fraud. meantime a security scare for bernie sanders. take a look at this, the secret service stepping in after protesters rushed the stage in oakland. sanders brushing it off, saying he doesn't get intimidated easily. now, both democrats are rushing california one week before that state's critical primary. hillary clinton heading to california today, a day earlier than expected, and staying there through saturday. this morning she's getting a big endorsement that could help her there. more on that in a moment. sanders still resisting calls to drop out of the race even if clinton does wrap up the nomination next tuesday. >> nobody will have enough pledged delegates to win the democratic nomination. either secretary clinton or myself will be dependent on superdelegates, that's just the fact. and i think there's been some discussion that some of the media is going to say the campaign is over, she is the nominee on tuesday night after
7:01 am
the votes come in from new jersey. that's not accurate. >> let's start with nbc's hallie jackson. she is outside trump tower where we can expect to hear from the candidate at the top of the next hour. hallie, good morning, what do we know? >> reporter: hey, there, jose, you can see news media already lining up readying for that press conference in which trump is set to detail donations made to veterans charities. this all happened after -- remember he skipped that debate and instead held a competing rally to raise money for different veterans groups. he claimed he raised some $6 million but since then there have been questions about how much money really was raised, where that money really went, to which groups specifically. trump over the weekend, over the memorial day weekend, promising to give a full accounting of those details and that's what we expect to hear from him inside. typically during press conferences the candidate will also take questions from reporters so we may hear more about this independent candidate talk.
7:02 am
the idea there's some sort of independent challenger out there who is waiting in the wings to come and try to take it to trump ahead of the general election. something trump is lashing out about preeveryone i've low. names have been floated out there like mitt romney and ben sasse but they have batted down any speculation it would be them potentially going up against trump as an independent. trump unsurprisingly upset about this, given that the conventional wisdom goes any conservative challenger would peel enough votes away to hand the white house to the democrats in november. when you look at that matchup we are getting some new numbers. our new online poll shows clinton and trump, hillary clinton and donald trump, nearly neck in neck in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup, separated by just two points now. what's interesting too, jose, when you look at these numbers, the divisions within each of the parties. we've been talking so much about the divide in the gop. lately we've been talking more and more about the democratic divide as well. so when you look at the numbers, about 38% of voters say they
7:03 am
believe the democratic party will still be divided come november. for the republicans come november, that number jumps to above 50%. so a lot of talk recently about party unity as well. maybe something we'll hear from trump in just about 60 minutes, jose, when he's set to address the media on a variety of topics. >> hallie jackson in new york. thank you very much. i want to go from trump headquarters to clinton headquarters. nbc's kristen welker is in brooklyn. kristen, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, jose, good morning to you. well, we are learning today that secretary clinton is upending her campaign schedule adding extra events in california at the end of this week. in fact she cancelled an event in new jersey to get to california sooner than expected. she'll have a five-day campaign swing there. this comes as she is bikipickin a huge endorsement today from governor jerry brown. let me read you about what he had to say about why he's endorsing her. he wrote the stakes couldn't be higher. our country faces an existential
7:04 am
threat from climate change and the spread of nuclear weapons. a new cold war is on the horizon. this is no time for the democrats to keep fighting each other. the general election has already begun. hillary clinton with her long experience especially as secretary of state has a firm gingri grasp of the issues will be prepared to lead our country on day one. jerry brown has a long history with the clintons. he was back in the 1992 presidential race. he also has a very high approval rating among californians so this could be significant. senator sanders has been barnstorming the state. he's poured almost all of his resources there. polls show it will likely bow a close race. one poll has clinton up by two points and another has her up by 13 points. but independents can vote in the california primaries so that is something that will likely benefit senator sanders. now, just a little bit of a reality check here. secretary clinton will likely
7:05 am
clinch the nomination, whether or not she wins california. in fact she could do so just by winning new jersey, which means she could be declared the presumptive nominee before all of the votes in california are counted. still, the state is significant because if she wins, it would take senator sanders' argument off the table that he can catch her in pledged delegates so that would help her to unify the party and take away some of his leverage heading into the convention. then if she loses the state, the most populous state to bernie sanders that, could leave her wounded heading into that general election battle with donald trump. jose. >> kristen welker in brooklyn for us this morning. thank you very much. by the way, hillary clinton will join chris hayes today live at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. let me bring in lauren fox of talking points memo along with mark todcap umuto. lauren, let me start with you.
7:06 am
what kind of change will be see in the poll numbers, especially against trump? >> i don't know if we'll see any change in the poll numbers against trump. this race has increasingly tightened and i don't think that that will necessarily change even after she's named, you know, the winner of california, if that's what she does in fact go on to do. so i think that's something to be watching for. i think that she has already started to pivot her message to the general election and these poll numbers continue to get closer. >> interesting, mark, the new poll out today shows 55% ofdivi. whose job is it to fix that number? >> presumably the head of the ticket but it doesn't seem to bother him so far. he's had a lot of folks in the gop establishment who have hated donald trump and look where he is. >> what does he have to do or does he have to do anything? can you win with a party that's divided? >> some people talk about the trump culture and those are the
7:07 am
long-timers. we've been on this pirate ship for a long time and woe keep winning. and then there are the new folks who are like, look, at a certain point you've got to do things conventionally. so far it looks like donald trump is staying true to the trump culture and being that pirate-type candidate but there's a lot of time and a lot of money will be spent so things can change. >> lauren, what about this idea of a conservative independent candidate to come in? >> apparently one is coming, but i think what we have to wait for is if you can really launch a substantial campaign against someone who in the general gop primary no one was able to beat. i think that is highly unlikely, just given how late it is in the race and the fact that no character so far, and remember there were more than a dozen republican presidential candidates, has been able to stop trump. i don't see how someone would be able to do that now. >> i don't want to dampen anyone's hopes here or break any news, but the reality is -- >> go ahead and break some news.
7:08 am
>> santa claus isn't real, nor is the easter bunny, nor is this magical third-party conservative candidate that's going to be the white knight. >> so there is nothing -- >> there's a chance someone is going to get in but they are going to get in and run into a buzz saw. >> so if it doesn't happen, are there enough never trump republicans to spoil the election either way? >> you know, it's may. we're going to have an election in november. the worst thing to do is forecast how things will work out, especially here in florida. >> in this year? >> yes. >> mark, really quick low, is rubio going to run for re-election in the senate? >> no. >> what happens if he's drafted? >> like shanghaied and forcib forcibly -- >> no, if a group of people say, listen, you should run, we'll be financing this. >> he's already said no to that. we keep asking him. now what he's doing is playing a little coy so his friend who's running for a seat, and it's not a political friend, a personal
7:09 am
friend running for marco rubio's senate seat, he's now becoming more and more part of the conversation. so the more he plays coy about it. the more people write about it and so if there's any act in this, it's rubio pretending that he might be interested only because it helps lopez cantera. but my theory is when rubio says i'm not running for senate in 2016, my theory is he's telling the truth. >> is florida up for grabs if rubio is not in the mix? >> i think that's part of the concern. i think what we've seen in a lot of this reporting is that the republicans are starting to get nervous about this seat. there is a very contentious primary and the democrats have been fielding a strong candidate in patrick murphy so there's a lot of concern that without rubio this seat is lost. as we know, the map is already difficult for republicans maintaining the majority in the senate. >> how do you see florida going senatewise, mark? >> again, i don't want to
7:10 am
forecast an election in november in may, but if you had to bet right now, you'd probably bet that if the polls are right, patrick murphy becomes a democratic nominee and wins by a nose but there's a lot of ball to be played. >> by the way, folks, if you're watching and your kids are home, santa claus does exist and the easter bunny does exist. caputo. >> i'm sorry, i didn't mean to ruin that if any kids were watching. take it back. >> that part i'll take back. the rest i'll stay with. mark, lauren, thank you both for being with me this morning. proer appreciate your time. growing outrage over the story that had everyone talking over the holiday weekend. should the cincinnati zoo shot and killed a gorilla after a 3-year-old climbed into the animal's enclosure? this morning the zoo is defending its actions. questions over whether the boy's mother should be charged with child endangerment, what do you think? we'll talk about it.
7:11 am
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growing outrage this morning following the decision by the cincinnati zoo to fatally shoot a 400-pound gorilla to save a 3-year-old boy who fell into the animal's exhibit. blake mccoy is outside the cincinnati zoo with the very latest. blake. >> reporter: jose, good morning. zoo officials here in cincinnati are on defense, defending their security measures, defending their decision to shoot and kill this gorilla over the weekend. while critics take aim at the child's mother, the zoo is refusing to place any blame. this morning zoo keepers point to the video. they say shows an agitated 400-pound gorilla putting a 3-year-old's life in danger after the child fell into its enclosure at the cincinnati zoo over the weekend. the zoo's director made the difficult call to shoot the
7:15 am
animal. he says he'd make it again. >> we're talking about an animal with one hand that i've seen take a coconut and crunch it. you can't take a risk with a silv silverback gorilla. >> reporter: a small vigil was held outside the zoo as anger grows toward the child's mother. an online petition demanding that she be charged with child neglect has more than a quarter million signatures. the father responding in a facebook post that has since been deleted, as a society we are quick to judge how a parent could take their eyes off their child, and if anyone knows me, i keep a tight watch on my kids. accidents happen. a subsequent statement thanked the zoo for its actions. this file video shows the enclosure, a metal railing with some wires underneath, four feet of bushes, then a 15-foot drop into the moat separating people from the habitat. that's where the boy fell in. >> the exhibit is safe and the barrier is safe. that said, any of us in this room can climb over barriers if we choose. >> reporter: this morning we're
7:16 am
hearing from the zoo keeper who raised harambe. >> how intelligent he was, how inquisitive he was, how playful. he was a big boy. he grew up to be something else and he was very special. >> reporter: he was one of 11 western lowland gorillas at the cincinnati soorks one of two silverbacks. the zoo had plans to use him in their successful breeding program. jerry stones refuses to second-guess the decision to kill harambe. >> the people that work there had this terrible decision to make. >> reporter: a similar incident outside chicago in 1996 saw a very different outcome. in that case, a 3-year-old who also fell into an enclosure was picked up and to the awe of many protected by a female gorilla. the mother was not charged in that 1996 case and the mother is not being charged here either. police say there's no evidence of any criminal wrongdoing. in fact they're not even
7:17 am
launching an investigation. this does come as we are learning a little bit more about that mother. while she's not being identified, we can tell you that she is an administrator at a local day care here, helping to take care of other people's children. jose. >> blake mccoy, thank you very much. there's so many questions, especially legal questions surrounding this story. i want to bring in our chief legal correspondent, ari melber. good to see you this morning. let's talk about the legal repercussions. is there any way a parent could be charged with the fact that they weren't looking after their child and he dropped into the gorilla pen? >> based on the available evidence we know here, no. there is no indication that the parents were somehow negligent or legally at fault, nor is there any evidence that the zoo mishandled this. let's take a step back and remember you're dealing with a very difficult live action scenario that does not have a good outcome potentially if the child is harmed or killed or the animal is harmed or killed, right? those are the two risk
7:18 am
opportunities, if you will. and the third thing that you can do is bet on hope and leave it be and hope neither of those things happen and somehow it works out. the zoo doesn't have the luxury of that. if anything, their legal obligation is to make sure that people in the zoo are protected and as safe as possible. if there's a legal question, it would be did they satisfy their duty of care vis-a-vis the duties of the zoo. i understand people are upset about a majestic beautiful animal here, but the first obls is to protect human life. >> so if the gorilla had, for example, killed the small child, would the zoo then have been in some way liable for the death of that child? >> as we say in court, bingo. that would be the bigger legal issue here would be did the zoo not conduct themselves in a way
7:19 am
to err on the side of protecting human life if the unthinkable happened. i'll put up what we see online, these calls. legal consequences when an endangered animal is harmed or killed due to the negligence of visitors. that's what people are calling for. i don't think that's the legal issue and i don't think the mom based on what we know is negligent. you can have a small child obviously who might not understand all the rules pass a barrier. from what we've learned from the zoo, this barrier has never been passed in the history of the zoo with hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of people having gone through over the years so that's a 99% plus rate of success. it doesn't mean even if you're a good parent a child might not get through and in this case got through and ended up in contact with the animal, jose. >> there's no doubt and parents, we all know this, sometimes your child runs away from you and before you know it he's not around you when he was seconds ago. but the other side is, ari, the
7:20 am
majesty of this incredible animal. >> sure. >> was at no fault. all of a sudden someone dropped into his house, you know. >> absolutely. i mean this goes to why -- what is a zoo, right? it's this fake habitat that is supposed to sort of look like a real habitat and the animals are living there and it's their lives and they're supposed to be educational and perhaps also entertaining or positive and this is a tragic outcome. but you look at these reactions sometimes and you think this is a nonlegal point. people love these animals, that's a good thing, it comes from a place of love. but then you get this online what looks to me like a digital mob reaction. you've got people signing up, calling into question whether this mother should even be in charge of her kids, that she should be charged or the kids should be taken away. i'm sitting here thinking, well, nobody knows enough to make that judgment so to jump ahead to that simply out of love or
7:21 am
outrage over the animal seems to me a bridge too far. >> do you see any legal consequences for anybody in this incident? >> i don't. and again, we're here on the news discussing something that is a newsworthy incident because of the tragedy of the animal's death. but the bigger thing that any institution, whether it's a zoo or a business or a public institution has to deal with in these situations is actually the legal consequences for inaction that would result in a human injury or human death, which under our moral code and certainly under our laws is considered far more significant than the animal death. that's the legal background. they were acting to try to prevent that. while, yes, the law does involve second guessing because you look at past events, i think we're in difficult territory to second guess something where the child's life was saved and what was a difficult call. >> thank you very much. always a pleasure. hillary clinton hoping to clinch the democratic nomination next tuesday but what will it take for her to win over the key
7:22 am
group of young female voters who can help carry her to a win? chris jansing talks to them about what they want to hear from clinton. that's next right here on "msnbc live." the call just came in. she's about to arrive. and with her, a flood of potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down on-demand, this hospital can be ready. giving them the agility to be flexible & reliable. because no one knows & like at&t. defianour citracal bones. easily absorbed calcium plus vitamin d. defy bone aging with citracal maximum. our highest level of calcium plus d.
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puwith meta appetite control. you and temptation clinically proven to help reduce hunger between meals. new, from metamucil, the #1 doctor recommended brand.
7:25 am
>> if you don't win california, will you drop out? >> well, let's not get into speculati speculation. i think we are going to win california and do very well in the remaining states. i don't like to speculate in the future. right now our job is to win the nomination. >> senator bernie sanders with chris jansing over the weekend and his fight to stay in the race. chris joins me this morning. good morning, chris. >> good morning. >> you got the chance to sit down with some women voters who support clinton and sanders. what do you think they think about this extended battle? >> it's kind of surprising, both the clinton and the sanders folks thought he had a right to stay in the race. there are new polls that think
7:26 am
most democrats don't think it's hurting whoever's chances of beating donald trump. much to many people's surprise, bernie sanders is doing extraordinarily well with women under 30, not hillary clinton. he gets more than double the number of votes with young women. so we wanted to figure out why, what they thought the lack of appeal was for young women and hillary clinton and what she could do to change it if she's the nominee. here's what they told me. >> i think it goes back to what you just said actually because i feel like she's been in the public eye so long that she's put on a lot of masks and a lot of different barriers to protect herself. i think that if young women want to connect with her, she's going to have to open back up. >> how does she do that? >> she would say she's not a natural campaigner, she's not her husband, she's not bernie sanders. >> i tend to disagree. i actually think she's a good politician. when i think of vintage hillary,
7:27 am
as you mentioned, there is a lot of good feelings that i have. i feel like she stood up for a lot of things, you know, back in the '90s that maybe some i didn't agree with and some i did. but i think that up to this point she has compromised so much and has back pedaled and has kind of just -- you don't really know where she stands anymore. >> i think she's having a hard time about figuring out what the world wants and how to give it. i frankly don't fault her for it. she's been thrown through the mud for 25 years. i understand that she has a hard shell. and i think it's going to be hard for her to unravel that. >> show me your vision. tell me an incredible plan for veterans affairs. tell me what you're going to do about mass incarceration and not in sound bites and not in vague terms, plat tuds. >> the only word that comes to mind when i think of hillary is plastic. it's not natural, organic, rich with soil and vibrancy.
7:28 am
>> her beijing speech, you know, women rights are human rights. she has a legacy of this. she doesn't want to defund planned parenthood and wants to fund them even more. reproductive rights is something that's very important to her and she's a legacy on that. >> so why do so many people your age support bernie sanders do you think? >> i think that hillary has to do a better job of connecting her struggle as a woman to the things that she's had to do, you know. so i think she hasn't done a very good job at that, explaining how her role in public service has been impacted by her gender. >> this is obviously going to be a critical voting group come november. in the meantime really a lot of people are asking the question these die hard bernie sanders supporters, are they going to vote for donald trump. in my experience in the last month spending a lot of time with this campaign and talking to a lot of voters, you don't find people in those audiences who support bernie who say if
7:29 am
it's not bernie i'll go to trump. these are bernie or bust or people who say they probably will vote for hillary but won't like it and that's why they're sticking around. that's why they're still turning out why these rallies that he's having. sometimes 4,000, 5,000, sometimes 10,000, jose. >> chris, it also begs the question whether the people that say bernie or bust would, if come november bernie is not on there, simply support the democratic ticket. >> yeah and that's really the great unknown. what many of them are saying to me is she needs to show me something. a lot of them feel like bernie has been disrespected and by extension they have been disrespected. so what happens in the lead-up to the convention and at the convention, if they feel like their ideas are being heard, incorporated into the platform, that will go a long way to winning people over who had supported bernie sanders. >> chris jansing, always nice to see you. thanks for being with me. >> great to see you. >> i'm to bring in nbc news political editor mark murray and
7:30 am
jamal simmons. jamal, how does hillary clinton win over some of those passionate bernie sanders supporters that say bernie or nothing? >> what senator clinton and secretary clinton is going to have to do is find a way to change this narrative we heard. the most devastating thing i heard in that last focus group was the woman who said she seems like she's plastic. that's the thing that is so hard for them to get around. it all depends on the theory of the case. barack obama last time won 38% of white men and 42% of white women. hillary clinton will have to get that number for white women up a little higher and i don't think that's fixed going after republican women, it has to be going after disaffected bernie sanders voters and getting them to her side. i'm for her picking somebody like elizabeth warren to be her nominee to help fix this problem. >> can, jamal, those problems be fixed by your running mate or can those problems be mitigated
7:31 am
when the voters decide that it's going to be between her and donald trump, not her and bernie sanders? >> well, keep in mind bernie sanders is like an indicator light on the dashboard telling you you've got engine trouble. you can blame bernie sanders for being in the race and think your engine light is having a malfunction or you can go to the shop and get it fixed. i think the problem is that there's something in the electorate, they're looking for something different. hillary clinton should be looking for this time to show that she can do something different, offer something different and a vp choice is an indicator to the people she's got to appeal to that she's willing to do something differently. she needs some policy changes, she needs -- give us a moon shot, something we can be excited about, like free college tuition. give these voters something they can rally around so they'll come out and vote for her, including a vp candidate them some real affection for. >> mark, we learned last hour governor jerry brown is endorsing hillary clinton. how important or significant is that for her campaign? >> it's another indication of how the democratic establishment is firmly behind hillary clinton and people from the
7:32 am
establishment, all the way from jerry "moon beam" brown to your other average democratic governor, democratic senator across the country. you know, bernie sanders, part of his appeal has been almost anti-establishment, that he's been taking on the democratic party, but one of the problems with that sometimes is you're not going to win over the democratic establishment. so this certainly ends up helping hillary clinton. jose, to your point earlier that you were having with jamal, it will be interesting to see what the political world looks like if and when bernie sanders is out of the race, when hillary clinton is declared the presumptive democratic nominee. i remember so many hillary clinton supporters in 2008 who said there was no way they could end up supporting barack obama or it will take them a long way to go and the earth ended up changing the moment hillary clinton was out of the race. time ended up healing a lot of wounds and barack obama was able to win over almost all of the clinton supporters, they really didn't defect for john mccain at all. assuming there's enough time in
7:33 am
the democratic race, assuming hillary clinton and bernie sanders are able to patch things up, i think we'd see a very similar situation association do weep that in -- keep that in mind because 2008 proved it can be done. >> my one caution here is that the last time barack obama was the movement candidate, hillary clinton was the pragmatic candidate. so my nature it's easier to woo the pragmatist. i did a focus group in california a week ago. what young women said to me in that focus group was maybe i'll write somebody else's name if if i go vote. they're just not convinced these are their only two choices, trump or hillary. hillary has to give them something to be for, not just against donald trump. >> jamal, that brings me back to the vice presidential pick, someone like the senator from massachusetts would certainly be interesting. "the new york times" talked about someone like javier
7:34 am
becerra could be someone who is very well known, respected and even admired in the hispanic community and that could be kind of such a surprising pick that could get folks that are maybe going to sit it out because they don't support trump or clinton to come out, latino community, for example, jamal. >> that's definitely true. i think we are seeing an incredible amount of registration in the latino community and activation particularly because trump is so bad on this immigration question and the wall and all that stuff. so she needs to figure out how she gets those voters to the polls. but again, there's -- in a millennial community where we spend a lot of time, you need to get 20% of the electorate under the age of 30 in order for democrats to have a chance to win. if that falls below 15% you look like the 2014 midterms than 2008 or 2012. so she has to be focused on getting young voters to show up and be about 20% of the
7:35 am
electorate. >> mark, any chance that it could be clinton-sanders? >> bernie sanders didn't rule that out on "meet the press." i think if hillary clinton wants to go that progressive route, elizabeth warren makes a lot of sense. but one more thing in getting the youth vote and i know they have to get those people out to the polls but if you ending up having a bernie sanders who's enthusiastically campaigning on hillary clinton's behalf, you have barack obama on the stump doing the same thing that, can move numbers and get younger people to the polls, no matter how pragmatic hillary is, when you say it's either her or donald trump, who do you want? the polls have consistently shown that younger voters want hillary clinton over donald trump in that matchup. >> that's a big bet. >> thank you guys for being with me. i appreciate your time. it's distinguigood to see you b this morning residents across the south are bracing for more severe weather after heavy rains and flooding wiped out memorial day plans across the plains. eight people confirmed dead in texas as more communities vase
7:36 am
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stay strong. stay active with boost®. this morning multiple texas communities are under mandatory evacuation. heavy rains and flooding have ravaged the state in recent months with waters rising to historic levels. a total of eight people died this weekend due to the severe weather. more rain is expected. nbc's gabe gutierrez joins us from rosenberg, texas. gabe, good morning. what are authorities there doing to get the residents to safety? >> reporter: hi there, jose. good morning. authorities have blocked off the roads in this neighborhood. this is one of the neighborhoods that is under water. the car behind me a total loss. the brazos river is cresting at near historic levels. it will crest at more than 53 feet later today. that's the highest level in almost 60 years. as you can see, this water has been creeping closer to some of the homes on this side throughout this morning.
7:40 am
we saw it go up a few inches and we've seen it rise since we've been here early this morning. now, the weather related death toll here in texas has climbed to at least eight people and that includes a 16-year-old boy who was killed with a tree limb that fell on him during the cleanup effort. also authorities in austin overnight recovered the body of a woman who drowned while tubing with her friends. again, authorities say that there are mandatory evacuations in several communities here in texas, here in rosenberg, some parts of it under a mandatory evacuation, as well as wharton and simonton. so again the brazos river and a few others expected to crest later on this afternoon at its highest level in 60 years. making matters worse, jose, the area expects more rain in the forecast throughout the rest of the week. back to you. >> so, gabe, we're talking about rain possibilities for the next
7:41 am
five days? >> yes. throughout parts of the -- throughout the rest of the week, parts of texas will be several inches more of rain. the problem we have been seeing today is not -- as you can see, it's sunny out here today. that's not what's causing this flooding. it's the huge amounts of rain that we had late last week. that is now flowing downstream and now these areas close to houston, close to the austin area, they're seeing all this water bunch up in these rivers. and again the brazos river cresting later today. here in texas authorities say later on this week they expect several more inches of rain. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you very much. just 48 days until the republican convention kicks off in cleveland. lots of protests planned as donald trump expected to accept his party's nomination there. this morning officials in cleveland are outlining their security plans for the big event. we'll take you there live, next. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof
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7:45 am
new york. i want to go to nbc's hallie jackson who is there. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: hey there, jose. we're here with the rnc's top strategist, sean spicer. thanks to being with us, sean. what do we expect to see from donald trump's press conference today? what news is he going to make? >> i think today he'll try to draw a contrast when hillary clinton and him when it comes to national security and the different plans that they would have for securing america. >> has he talked to you at all about his donations to veterans groups that he's promised? >> he's not talked to me about that, no. >> what's your role here today? >> from the party, we're here to help. we've been working with the trump campaign for the last several weeks to integrate and provide the resources that are necessary to win in november. >> how's that going progresswise? >> i think it's going really well. we've ensured that we've had the best ground game, the most prepared that we've ever been in the history of our party. our data an analytics are second to none. so when the trump campaign became that likely presumptive nominee, we were able to integrate and provide the
7:46 am
resources we built up for the last three years to ensure moving forward that we've got what it takes to win. >> trump himself has said that he's unconcerned about data as it relates to the general election campaign. that's an area that the rnc has pumped its resources in the last four years. does that concern you? >> no. i think at the end of the day a candidate's job is to be a candidate. to get out and talk about their message. our job is to provide those insights, whether it's the ground game and the data, provide them and help give them guidance but they shouldn't be worried about it. they should know we've got that taken care of and we'll give their campaign everything they need. >> i have to ask you about whispers of an independent conservative challenger, particularly after bill kristol's tweets over the weekend. do you worry about the possibility of somebody coming out to challenge donald trump? >> no, i don't. number one, we continue to see every day pass on the calendar the ability to get on the ballots is one issue. number two, not only there is not a candidate, there's no fund-raising mechanism at all. aside from tweets coming out,
7:47 am
there's nothing to starkt a major credible campaign. again, it lacks all those major aspects that you need to win. >> if the goal is not to win, just to spoil. >> so any good conservative is only seeking to put hillary clinton in the white house. but, you know, while the talk and the fodder is on the republican side, again, it's the left that has the problem. there's a major divide with bernie sanders and hillary clinton. not just personalitywise but on policy. it was ralph nader that ran before when al gore was running. i think that the real story that's getting this is there is a huge uprising on the left about how the democratic national committee has been in the pocket for hillary clinton, trying to help her win, and you're going to have all these disenfranchised progressives, socialists that sanders represents. there's a good chance that you'll see a big movement on the left. >> you mentioned a moment ago that any conservative challenger would need to be aware that they could potentially in your words be handing the white house to hillary clinton. is that a warning to anybody that might be considering an independent run? >> absolutely.
7:48 am
anyone who's truly a conservative that cares about the supreme court needs to understand that any effort to fund or help a third party is basically helping hillary clinton. >> sean, thank you so much. i appreciate you joining us. joe h jose, back to you. >> we're also waiting on a press conference from cleveland. in 15 minutes cleveland's mayor and police chief will detail plans for the rnc come july. last week the police chief raised eyebrows after admitting the police department wasn't at, quote, full strength. jacob rascon is live in cleveland for us this morning. jacob, what should we expect today? >> reporter: we expect a comprehensive overview they say of security preparations. not only the police chief, the head of fire, the head of ems and others. and they want really to get out in front of a lot of concerns that people have, of course having to do about the protests that we've seen at trump rallies across the country recently and the last couple of weeks we've seen them really heat up.
7:49 am
now here in cleveland, several groups have applied for a permit to parade, is what they call it, but really to come here and protest one way or the other. a couple of those groups are pro trump groups and there has been concern around the country whether cleveland is prepared to receive the so many thousands of people expected to come, including those protesters and pro trump folks to make sure there are not violent clashes. there have been reports about police departments that have been asked to come and participate in the security preps here but have decided not to come after all because they are concerned about the city's preparations. we asked the city officials about that and recently we got a response from the mayor's office saying that the cincinnati police department decision to decide against officers, cincinnati being the most recent to decide against that, is the department's choice for their own various reasons and it not uncommon, but the city of cleveland they say signed agreements with other police departments to send officers here on a regular basis.
7:50 am
this is not a setback and will not impact the city of cleveland's security preparations. they want to get out in front and say, look, we're ready for this. they received a $90 million grant from the federal government, the type of grant given to other cities that host large events like the super bowl. so they're going to overview all of this today. we'll have more after it's finished. >> jacob rascon, thank you very much. coming up, after securing the nomination for the republicans last week, trump could sit back and ride out the race until the convention, but instead he's doubling down on personal attacks against his rivals. will his grudge tour hurt him with voters? we'll talk about that next. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them.
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7:53 am
we're just a couple of minutes away from donald trump's press conference at trump tower in new york. he'll be addressing money raised for veterans, promoting the event this morning by tweeting, quote, i have raised sglirch a tremendous amount of money to
7:54 am
our great veterans and have got nothing but bad publicity for doing so. watch! i want to bring in janet johnson, reporter for "the washington post." >> thanks for having me. >> you wrote an interesting article titled even in victory donald trump can't stop airing his grievances. you called it a grudge tour. is there a strategy behind this? >> well, that's the big question. last week should have been a confident, positive week for donald trump. he collected the number of delegates that he needs to lock down the nomination, and he wasn't facing as many controversies as hillary clinton was. and instead when we were on the campaign trail, he just kept bringing up grudge after grudge after grudge. and sometimes i guess they made sense, going after prominent republicans who haven't endorsed him. but he was also bringing up a lot of things from his personal life. going after a female employee who used to work for him and has been critical of him. going after a federal judge who's been assigned to hear a case involving trump university.
7:55 am
susana martinez comes to mind as well. this is not a personal issue but just because she wouldn't go to his campaign rally, right? >> yeah. i mean some of these attacks people were cheering and really eating them up, but some of the other ones, especially the federal judge attack, he went on for more than ten minutes. people in the crowd were getting bored. for a lot of people who go to these rallies, they don't want to hear about these things. they want to hear his message about what he's going to do for america. >> and trump campaign chief, paul manafort, was asked about this so-called grudge tour on abc this week. here's what he had to say. listen. >> he's out there representing the interests and talking about what needs to be done and why as president he will change things and make people's lives better. that's what it's all about. again, the media is trying to always find issues where there aren't issues. >> so, jenna, is that what it is, we're looking into things and calling it a grudge tour when it's not?
7:56 am
>> well, here's the thing. donald trump talks about a lot of different things on the trail every week, and reporters pick and choose which ones they report on. the thing with trump, though, is a lot of times he can't stop himself from firing back at people who attack him, especially when it comes to his personal business. he gave one scripted speech last week when he was in north dakota laying out his energy policy, but also his thoughts on poverty in america and how he's going to help the working class and people living in poverty. and there were far fewer attacks in there. so i have to think this isn't part of his formal strategy, it's just he can't help himself from doing it. >> jenna johnson, thanks for being with me this morning. >> thank you. >> that wraps up this hour of "msnbc live." thank you for the privilege of your time. tamron hall is up next. i'll see you tomorrow.
7:57 am
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breaking now on msnbc, donald trump on the defense. we are expecting to hear from trump any minute now. the presidential candidate says he will finally share more details on where he plans to donate money raised for veterans back in january. this as trump faces mounting pressure to account for the $6 million he claimed that he'd raised for vets. plus, hillary clinton is scrambling to avert an upset in california. she just cancelled an event in new jersey to head to california where her lead has shrunk to two points in the latest poll. this as clinton picks up support from the state's top democrat. and with outrage growing over the gorilla shot and killed after a toddler fell into his cage, the boy's mom is now on facebook defending herself, saying, quote, accidents happen. and zoo officials also defending their security measures and refusing to place blame. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall live from our


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