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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  May 31, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," the expense report, donald trump waiving a million dollar check delivering his donation to veterans. >> so i gave $5,600,000. more is coming in. i have to tell you, the press is so dishonest and so unfair. the liberal media -- tyou need o get your head out of your butt and focus on the real issues. thank you. [ applause ] >> golden state warriors, hillary clinton camping in new jersey and back to california later this week. >> while bernie sanders is hoping the nba coming back from the western championship.
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>> and governor jerry brown comes through for hillary clinton, a close call on his date. despite his story clashes with the clinton way back then in 1992. >> he's paying money for his wife's law firm for states business. i don't think you can take much of what he said seriously. >> i don't to escape it. >> good day everyone, i am andrea mitchell. >> showing he did contribute one million dollars that he promised veterans back in january. although not until he was pressed by reporters of the washington post last week. trump lashed out at reporters today at a news conference. >> i raised close to $6 million.
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it will probably be over that amount when it is all said and done. but, as of this moment it is $5.6 million. i sent people checks of a lot of money and we are going to read the names radight now. instead of being thank you very much mr. trump or he did a good job, everyone says who got it, who got it? when i raise money for the veterans and it is a massive amount of money. find out how much hillary clinton is giving to the veterans, nothing. >> nbc's halie jackson is joining us from trump's tower. this is one of those classic show downs where donald trump turn the tribe around the media for raising questions about the money he's promised when he did not show up that debate in iowa and said he's going to raise $600 million for the vets. >> you are right, andrea. the conversation here at trump's
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tower started off by talking about veterans fundraiser, who did you give the money to and why did it take so long. trump answered those questions and says that's the process and vets security is giving money to. he also said $5.6 million was raised and handed out to veterans groups. the most interesting part of this is this was incredibly c contentious. >> remember, trump boasted of how much money he had raise and he tweeted about this again and again repeatedly. the other part of this though of the fire works that is came out when donald trump eventually insulting not just members of the press but an entire list of
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people we are counting down the numbers here, and conservative writer, bill krcrystal tweeted this and the governor of new mexico and the new gubernatorial candidate running for office here and again, most of the press. trump clearly bothered by the criticisms that he's receiving regarding not just the veterans group or charities but other topics as well. a lot of headlines coming out today. >> it is very popular with many people to beat upton media. to beat up on suzanna martinez and bill kris tocrystal, how do help him unify the party? >> reporter: people like
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martinez, the head of the republican governor association, by the way, a position of some power in city extensiconservati circles. obviously, the party former nominee. donald trump said last week, he walks like a penguin. trump is basically saying and you heard him say it today, he's not going to change. that if somebody says something he does not like whether they are democratic or republicans. the fish issue is about a month he and speaker o the house, paul ryan came out, they are coming together. by the way, very popular among his supporters. the people who like donald trump like that he says it like it is and tells it like it is. how does he draw the decision and committing to what he has done of this idea of unifying a party around his candidacy.
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>> halie jackson just been to the news conference with donald trump. thank you very much, halie. >> our political analyst is here. joining me now, well, what we have just witnessed from donald trump is donald trump unvarnished basically and toning it all down. this was donald trump best, we have known and seen him for the past few months. >> yeah, i think that's right. i think halie ruwas precisely right. donald trump made the decision to win the presidency. he needs to be himself whatever himself is. it is certainly not the traditional way of going about it. as we all noted, this is not a traditional year. >> and, a couple of clips from that news conference, here is his response from a tweet to
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bill crystal that stirred everyone up for the last couple of days. to somebody who has good financing and explain to me in text messaging yesterday that he did not mean anything eminent but this was trump's reaction. >> it sounds like he's going to put somebody up and even i thought about it. now he comes out with something saying he was almost, almost, kidding. these people are losers. he's trying to make you, he's trying to groodrive you guys a little bit nuts. if they do in indy and i don't think anybody with a reputation would do it because they look like fools. what you do is you lose the election for the republicans and therefore you lose the supreme court. >> which is as fair argument, of course, that's what we experienced when there are a third party races.
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is that a good rallying cry to republicans to not get behind the candidate? >> it probably is, especially if the debate of an eminent candidate keeps on getting thrown out and there is nothing there behind it, republicans are going to lose, believe something that's coming. those that are sitting on the fence is more likely to jump over the fence. >> gary johnson, on the second ballot, a contested convention if you will leads on the first ballot. this was donald trump's reaction to that. >> gary johnson got 1% of the vote last time. i watched the whole situation, it was disgraceful. i think he's a fringe candidate if you want to know the truth. i look at him and i watch what he says, i think he's a fringe
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candidate. >> could gary johnson and bill weld begin to gather some steams if there is trump people in the republican party who says none of the above, i don't like hillary or trump rather than writing in. okay, this party and it is on the ballot. >> they might, although i think that republicans are going to react to donald trump on either vote or not vote. i am not sure gary johnson or bill weld that the republicans grab onto. it is just as likely with their platforms and positions, they attract democrats from hillary clinton clinton. both of these candidates have historically high and unpopularity rating. it is not clear if gary johnson or bill weld are going to be anything other than a protest vehicle but not for the hard core of either party. >> and i know it is the ononly s
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after trump's conference, is there anything happening today that make it likely for paul ryan to cold on ford sooner or later. >> i think paul ryan motivation and all this is protecting the majority in the house. >> and that is dependant on a dozen or two dozens or three dozen districts around the country. that's still a little bit premature to tell. >> now, something that he said by the way and i am not an expert on this which is basketball. the nba championship game in cleveland in that arena, is that at all going to impact on the preparations for the republican convention? >> well, i am sure the organizers of the convention would be able to get in the convention now.
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they're off very skilled at putting on conventions. i believe that they have built out schedules that would run from june 19th which is the last day. it will mean paying more overtime but the job will get done. >> thank you, coming up, california's dreaming. hillary clinton ending her schedule to rush back out west later this week before a closer expected california primary. plus, the big endorsement today, that's next on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. i see you car! and i got the power to know who's coming and when if i break down. must be gerry. hey... in means getting more from your car insurance with the all-powerful drivewise app. it's good to be in, good hands.
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hillary clinton maheading t california five days ahead of
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schedule. and we would have to win 80% delegate to close the gap. sanders is trailing clinton just two-points. the endorsement of jerry brown, the governor of california, making it clear to stop donald trump. bernie sanders is continuing to barn storm last night in oakland. joining me now kristin welker. this is an unusual step as you know and as well as i for her to change course, camping in new jersey and heading out california. they do not want to lose california. >> reporter: they don't want to lose california andrea, you are right, this is an unusual step, secretary clinton yesterday was participating in the memorial day parade in her adopted hometo
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hometo hometown. when her campaign announced she's going to cancel that event and the extra event of a five day campaigning under scores the event which -- now senator sanders have been in the state non stop and he's pulling all of his resource to winning the state. some good news, she's getting an endorsement by governor jerry brown today. his approval rating is through the roof with democrats higher than 50% statewide. this is significant. the primary allowing independence to vote and not could favor senator sanders. a reality check though, andrea, as we have been reporting, secretary clinton will likely clinch the nomination even if all the votes in california are counted. the reason why she wants to win the state or needs to win the state is taking away bernie
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sanders. it would limit his leverage once they do get to the convention in terms of having an impact. as you and i have been discussing, if she loses the most popular states in the nation, that'll be a brutal general election battle for donald trump. that's why we are going to see her fighting so hard there in the coming days. >> you have senator feinsteor fn abc on sunday, lets watch that. >> senator sanders has the right to run no question. he ought to be able to read the sign posts as well as anybody else. if he did that, he would know it is all but over. i know the passion of a campaign, i know when you are in it and you just keep go, go, until the last hour is there. well, the last hour is close by.
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>> maybe close by but sanders have a lot of momentum right now. >> jerry brown is so popular and 55% favorable ratings. his supporters divided between clinton and sanders coming out on hillary clinton side, he says because he thinks he can stop donald trump. >> reporter: well, that's absolutely right andrea, that's the argument that governor jerry brown is make ing and the democrats have to stop trump. that's the argument that feinstein was making it is time to unify and time to start taking on donald trump and of course, diane feinstein, you are hearing increasing numbers of urging sanders out of the race but he's not going. it is under lining the growing concerns among democrats about taking on donald trump with polls nationally shifting up to be a tight race.
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>> thank you very much, kristin welker. >> coming up next, donald trump showing his checks and balances and answering questions about his delay and reactions from one of the country's top veterans groups coming up right here on "andrea mitchell reports," on msnbc. to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline and use your miles to cover the cost. now that's more like it. what's in your wallet? igoing to clean betteran electthan a manual. was he said sure...but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean versus sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean!
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you're free to focus on growing your business. centurylink. your link to what's next. i think that it bothers some because i love the vets and i work hard for the vets. as you can see i have given a lot of money and raised a lot of money for the vets, and i think when the press portrays it differently, the press is being dishonest so i don't like that. i don't like dishonesty. >> only moments ago, donald trump answering lingering questions about how much money he did raise for veterans in january and where that money went. trump says he's contributed more than $500 million to the group. last week trump came under pressure from the washington post pressing him about the
9:23 am
donation after which he delivered that one million dollars of his own money to his charity, to a charity for vets. joining me now is the founder and chief executive officer in iraq and afghanistan of america. paul, thank you very much for being with us today. >> good to see you. >> i want to clear up whether or not the trump organization offered you money or whether or not you took any of that money. >> they did reach out last week and we politely turned them down as any candidate. iva is a non partisan group and a lot of work that we do is advocacy. we'll not take donations from donald trump or hillary clinton or any other candidates. we remain impartial and we are not used for a political prop for any candidates. we need substance and policies and a lot more than just flashy events. >> in terms of donald trump and
9:24 am
his contribution, he's saying that he's unfairly criticized and he's putting up more than half a million dollars and more than any other candidates have done. what's wrong with that argument? >> veterans in particular are an issue that the american public response to, they defend our veterans. donald trump understands it that veterans are very popular. we have a line that we view for many years saying vets and babies and puppies. if you are on the campaign trail and talking about vet and puppies, you will get people to respond. he knows that veterans respond a symbolism. we pay attention to where people are going for memorial day and understand the culture and language but we also want to see substance. i think we got a paradox here and challenge. we want to see substance and symbols. there are 22 million veterans in america. this is not just a political tag line, it is also a really
9:25 am
powerful energized political base that turns out. speaking of turning out, he defended an event yesterday of the annual rolling thunder event. he at one point looked out and said he expected and have people all the way across them all the way, they turned out for doctor martin luther king jr. back with the march in washington but he said he was joking and it was an unfair hit. >> well, anybody who's been a rolling thunder nknows it is no quite that big. it was an opportunity for him to connect with veterans and a great visual. hillary clinton on the other hand was at a memorial pair ray parade. 4th of july is the same way and veterans will be the same way. we need policies standing with
9:26 am
us. congress is atactitacking the g bill. that's an issue that we should standby that. donald trump has been silent on that issue but so as president obama. stra strangely folks don't track up with this and we need them to step up and not just paying for it as a tag line. >> i know there is been money stripped out of the gi benefit >> that's right, the gi bill was passed. right now congress has slipped a $3 billion cut to this bill which would impact our family and children and impact the most successful government program arguably in history. we need every member in congress to say no to our gi bill cut. and you can also donate, you don't have to donate through a political campaign if you want to support our organization or any of the leading groups that
9:27 am
are doing good work on the ground and need your support and not just on memorial day but on everyday. >> where is bernie sanders and hillary clinton on this? >> they both stepped forward and supported our issue. we need all the candidates to say they'll defend the gi bill. senator and the republican kelly is the onrepublican is standingp for us. they need to defend the gi bill from ridiculous insulting cuts. >> all right, thank you very much >> thank you, appreciate it. >> it would be nice if we can get along with russia. we spent almost $5 million in the middle east >> his rally more on that coming up next on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. why are you deleting these photos?
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but i have a judge who's a hater of donald trump. his name is gonzalo. the judge is mexican, which is great, i think that's fine. i think the mexicans are going to end up loving donald trump when i give all these jobs, okay? >> donald trump in san diego this weekend telegraphing his response to the american born, federal judge unsealing and releasing the document. here is donald trump's remarks today. >> he's been unfair and not done a good job. i will win the trump's university case. because i don't care. w i have a judge that's very, very unfair. >> why? >> you will see in court documents. >> i have a judge that's very
9:32 am
unfair and he knows he's unfair and i will win the trump university case. >> joining me now for our daily fix. chris cillizza and anne geran. thank you all for being with us. well, why go after the judge in our case. this judge is a federal judge? and certainly not "mexicans" of whatever it means. >> right, he's got a hispanic last name. i am truck by the second set of comments there which is without giving any substance of why he believes that he's been treated unfairly because repeatedly he's a bad judge and he's unfair and he knows he's been unfair and promise details will come later. this is kind of classic trump but it also hands a weapon straight to hillary clinton and
9:33 am
sanders through the california primary to say donald trump won't tell us, detail of any - seems like he's giving them basically a free way to attack him. >> the last time i check there were a number of hispanic voters in california. born in indiana -- >> i think the rhetoric of what donald trump is doing is becoming increasingly going after our major institutions that believe in checks and balances. he's going grossly after the media who's supposed to be an over sight and ensuring he's supposed to tell the truth. now, having some sort of lin legitimate over sight and he does not seem to like that. he's going after major institutions in a way that they think he's it is not only dangerous but making the american people to question these institutions that at the end of the day are legitimate.
9:34 am
as far as california voters, it is going to be an interesting race. the fact that you have close, 1.8 million people have registered to vote this january since they cut-off voters registration, a third of them have been young people. you see this incredible passion for bernie sanders but is that enough to close the cap? the republican party right now, i think pointed their hair out because donald trump is reliving proposition 187 where california is a swing state and he solidified it to a blue state. >> they have never gone back. >> and it is getting more and more challenging. chris cillizza, the other piece of donald trump today that was so interesting of his defense to feel crowd count if you will when he had his speech to rolling thunder and his comparison to martin luther king jr. take a look. >> tell you what really amazes
9:35 am
me. i thought this would be like martin luther king where the people would be lined up from here all the way to the washington monument, right? unfortunately, they don't allow him to come in, and you have all these people on the roads and they are waiving and going craz. we got to do this next year where rolling thunder allows everybody to be here. >> today he says he was joking, chris. >> very defensive about suggests fewer people there than he anticipated. >> i feel that now i have a phd in trump. i have listen and watched and read and written about and thought about so many speeches. he's not joking there. he's annoyed at what he views as an unnecessary constraint on the number of rolling thunder folks who could come to the -- the
9:36 am
argument is trump does a lot of p pre-buttal of things. the reason the crowd is too small because so many people were cheering along the road and they could not come and be here. he's not joking there. i just think the more offensive thing. this is not a bias issue or an opinion issue. the more offensive thing that trump's press conference is the idea. the accountability and over s e sight. last week we are talking about hillary clinton of her e-mails and her statements, that's called accountable. asking donald trump to talk about where he gave this money, he gave a million dollars last week when our reporter asked him about it. this event happened four months ago. this is one of the two people
9:37 am
who could be president of the united states come january. this is what we do and the media does. this is our job and it would be a far scarier place if we did not have the media. >> now, we have a big change agent today is jerry brown today. here is the popular governor in california and grudgingly if you will from his statement endorsing hillary clinton, saying it was important to stop donald trump and anne gearan this is something they had long thought he had been resistance and now a week before the primary he makes that announcement. >> both candidates were seeking the brown endorsement very hard. jerry brownished an endorsement in that he says he himself will vote for hillary clinton. he does not urge the voters of his own state to do the same. he lays out his reasons and he's
9:38 am
complimentary of bernie sanders and references how sanders is similar and making similar arguments to the quality to the ones jerry brown made in 1992, a little referenced to his own failed attempt that year and finishes it up by saying hillary clinton is all we got to stop donald trump. >> it remains to be seen, he's going out on thursday rather than sunday and monday. she's adding all these california dates. >> she has to. if up to this point, bernie sanders has had over five rallies in california. that's why she's flying back. donald trump is still in california but he's basically trying to rally groups. california has what you call a semi open primary. you have a lot of independent voters that are very encouraged by bernie sanders and hoping to go basically pull the lever for
9:39 am
him. they basically call themselves and no pretrial conference voters. they do not have a party allegiance including independence. they may not be able to participate. bernie sanders yes, he maybe lightly encouraging on the polls. it could be a technicality. coming up, hillary clinton rushing back to the west coast in an attempt to stop sanders surge. we'll talk to the candidate right here on "andrea mitchell reports." so scientists went to work. they examined 87 different protein structures. had 12 years of setbacks and breakthroughs, 4,423 sleepless nights, and countless trips back to the drawing board. at first they were told no, well... maybe, and finally: yes.
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then it was 36 clinical trials, 8,500 patient volunteers, and the hope of millions. and so after it became a medicine, someone who couldn't be cured, could be. me. ♪
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you have a party called the democrats and they are going to have to make that choice. it is going to be her because it is rigged. do you think she committed a felony? i think what she did is very bad and a lot of people have done a lot less than her and their lives have been destroyed. >> donald trump taking a swipe at hillary clinton over the nomination process and of course, the e-mail controversy.
9:43 am
joining now -- thank you very much for joining me today. the first question is why head back to california earlier than expected. what's going on out there that has concerned the campaign. >> reporter: well, california is an important state in the nominating process. it has more delegates than any other states in the primary map. hillary made a commitment at the beginning of this race, she's going to compete hard for every single vote and delegates. we are feeling really good about our prospect though. >> now, bernie sanders by our calculation would have to win 80% of the california delegates, the pledged delegates to narrow the gap. it is not that he's going to over take you, are you trying to stop him from having momentum and stop her from being wounded and headed into philadelphia, i should say. >> reporter: well, it is really as i said hillary following
9:44 am
through on her pledge to fight hard for every single delegate and vote. california represents a lot of diverse communities that are really important to our country. he wanted to be there to speak to them and talk to them and as i said, this is the biggest state in the union and she wanted to make sure their voices were heard in the primary contest. >> and what about the narrowing of tof the race out there. it does seem to be a much closer race than anyone could expected. >> well, i don't think that's true. a lot of these contest closed up as it gets late. we expect this one to be competitive just like every other. i don't think we are seeing anything out of the ordinary for the primary. what is a little different in california is that people could vote by male and a lot of people have ballots on their kitchen tables as we speak.
9:45 am
i want to get out and encourage them to return those ballots. >> jerry brown has endorsed her. he just says he's going to be voting for hillary clinton and he thinks she's a better way to stop donald trump. it sounds a little bit grudging. do you expect the popular governor will be campaigning at clinton's side. >> reporter: that's up to governor brown. we appreciate his support. hillary appreciates his support. he's one of dozens of party leaders who have given their support to secretary clinton in california and we are still gra grateful. what we are focused on is millions of ballots that are out on the kitchen tables. we want people to return them. that's what we are focused on this campaign is voting delegates. that's why hillary is leading of the primary contest by a margin of more than 3 million votes.
9:46 am
she's winning the pledge delegate and she want to go in the convention with this many delegates on her side as possible so we can bring the party together and make sure that donald trump does not become our next president. >> there is a memo from john podesta acknowledges of the e-mail and the private use was a mistake and it seems to be much more apologetic and less defensive than the initial statement that came out last week. there were a number of flaws in what she did pointed in and out the ig report and that the initial response was probably too defensive. >> reporter: well, look, it is clear now from the ig report that the rules were unclear. we know secretary powell also used a personal e-mail account.
9:47 am
we know that. secretary rice did the same. with all the information she has now and acknowledges this was a mistake and she should have done it differently. i don't think voters and primary voters in california of those ballots sitting on their kitchen tables are thinking of e-mail issues right now. it is important to get to the issue that's matter for this contest. how do we get wages rising and every child gets an outstanding education. so that's what we are going to be focused on. hillary acknowledged that this was a mistake and she would have done it differently if she had the benefit of all the information that we have now. >> do you agree with diane feinstein and saying that the timing is just about up and that bernie sanders should do the math. >> reporter: senator feinstein
9:48 am
acknowledged that senator sanders have every right to win this race until the end. we agree with her on that point but there will become a time when the primary contest is over and as you said i think the map is clear and at this point who's going to have the majority of the pledge delegates, who has and most importantly winning the popular vote and who's going to have that magic win number of delegates going in the convention and that point it will be time for the party to unite and come together. i as a democratic very proud of this primary contest, i think senator sanders has raised a lot of important issues. it will be a good thing when we focus on how we get wages rising and how we do something about incoming equality. lets get through california and then take it from there.
9:49 am
i am confident that this party will come together. if you win california, would that be the time for bernie sanders to come on board? >> well, obviously, we have the dc primary, i think the math after california will be particularly definitive shall we say, we want to make sure everybody has a voice in this process. i do think as quickly as possible after california, we'll be important as i said for the party to come together and donald trump presents an incredible threat to our economic security and to our national security. he's simply unfit to be president and he will present a major danger for the middle class and we need to hold together and make sure the voters understand that. i am confident, andrea, this is going to happen. sanders and clinton and all democrats understand it. we'll unite behind the democratic nominee. >> thanks so much for joining us today. coming up, it is a video
9:50 am
that you all saw over the week, the three years old boy falling in to the exhibit in the zoo. now, we are learning of a criminal report is under way. will anyone face charges? that's next right here on "andrea mitchell reports." so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve.
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it's not just security, it's defense. bae systems.
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and just in now, the cincinnati police exceis inves e investigating this incident. a three years old boy fell into a 400 pounds gorilla enclosure. the zoo official shot and killed the gorilla. there is growing outrage over that decision to kill the endangered species. against the boy's parents, zoo officials say it was the right call. now, what are they investigating and who they maybe investigating.
9:54 am
>> authorities say there was not guilty anything to investigate here but there is no crime that would suggest by the fact. now, just basically the last hour, we had the statement quote, from the prosecutor, the incident of the zoo involving the young child is under investigation by the cincinnati police department. once their investigation is concluded, they'll confirm with the office of possible charges. when the investigation is revealed and complete, we'd, we update the media. it does not tell us what they're looking into. you can double check a situation like this but ultimately, i think it is clear that the biggest legal issue here were the duty of the zoo to look after the well being child on its property and not anything that the parent ds did or did n do. >> we did hear from the zoo director yesterday saying they
9:55 am
were under supervision by the u. usda and they had standard operating procedures never had an accident like this. obviously, you can understand it was a public uproar and why the police maybe investigating. the decision to not use a tranquiliz tranquilizer, there will be an initial reaction from the animal that could be unpredictable and could become agitated after the tranquilizer takes place rather than an immediate tranqu tranquilizati tranquilization. that makes sense where they feel to take an immediate step. >> their obligation is to safe this child. they use what they know about animals and the tool of disposal of making that judgment call. they and other haves said yeah, if you do the tranquilizer dart
9:56 am
with an an mall of that size and a child that size could anger the animal and before he could smack his large hands together and kill the boy. the kind of duty we are talking about here, there is human pr premises, they have a duty to warn and rescue. the bottom line, that duty to rescue is the biggest thing going on here and they did what they thought is necessary to rescue the child alive. >> all right, mellegard, all over the story, thank you very much. >> that does it for us for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports," remember to follow the show online and on facebook and on twitter at mitchell report. tune in at msnbc at 4 easte:00 n with chris hayes and both foreign governor on "meet the press" daily with their first
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good tuesday everyone, today on msnbc, donald trump made good on his public debate on veterans. he said he raised about 5.6 million so far ton way. after taking his slide to the media. he read the entire list of groups through who got his money. >> all of the money has been paid out. i wanted to keep it private because i don't think it is anybody's business if i want to send the money to the press. the press should be ashamed of it. everyone is saying who


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