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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 31, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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good tuesday everyone, today on msnbc, donald trump made good on his public debate on veterans. he said he raised about 5.6 million so far ton way. after taking his slide to the media. he read the entire list of groups through who got his money. >> all of the money has been paid out. i wanted to keep it private because i don't think it is anybody's business if i want to send the money to the press. the press should be ashamed of it. everyone is saying who got it and who got it.
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it makes me look very bad. much of this money is paid out pretty early. you have to vet all of these different groups. >> all of this has gone out and i will give you the name. are you ready? do you have your pen? >> critics including so m me of those questions are raising questions why it took so long to pay up and accusing trump of politics. >> last week we came out of all sides of the political spectrum to stand out to donald trump to stop using veterans as political props. he cannot buy the votes of veterans of this country no matter how much he donates, he's not standing for value that is veterans stand for. >> there is this, a brand new nbc news national monkey poll of clinton down two-points and clinton leading bernie sanders by double digits nationally.
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clinton is scrambling to california where he picked up an endorsement with jerry brown. we got the best political team on the ground. they got us covered this afternoon. lets start with nbc's halie jackson, he wshe was at that ne conference. despite those promises that he would be confidential. what was most striking is that he launch add public campaign to raise money for veterans and upset that people would ask who got the money. you got the first question now, is there a sense that he's putting questions about the donation to rest? >> reporter: well, potentially, he did come out of that introduction there gave a list of the organization which he donated this money of
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$5.6 million. msnbc confirmed about half of that. >> so trump, you know, answering the questions that people had asked but it was how he answered the question that is raising a lot of eye brows. at one point, i had a chance to ask him whether he feels he needs to be thicker skin to run for office. he said listen, i want to put this fundraiser for veterans and being low key about it. trump did talk about it publicly and talked about how much money he raised at the time of the event. it was televised and live on several different networks and he tweeted about it before and after this press conference here at trump tower. trump has answered that question and he has provided an accountant as he said he would do of where that money had gone. he explained why it took so long
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because he wanted to vet these different organizations and making sure the paper work is in place. he also jabbed his fellow republicans and not just members of the media. this is something that we have seen from him in the past. here is what he had to say about people like mit romney or suzana martinez. >> i raised of money for mit romney. he let us down. if you read the front page of wall street journal this weekend, mit romney looks like a fool. wh why would i say good about romney? >> she was not nice and i was buying just a little bit of a jab but she was not nice and you think i am going to change? i am not changing including with her. >> trump saying is right there he will not change. trump being trump and his
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supporters and many of them sick of the status quo seems to love it. it seems to be a preview of a president. >> it is safe to say governor martinez is not on the short list. thank you very much, halie. >> lee woodrow. a former abc news anchor suffered a dramatic injury in ir iraq dedicated to support wounded veterans. thanks for being with me. you did receive a check from donald trump as i understand it, correct? >> from his foundation for $75,000 and it was a surprise. >> what do you thoink of the ned to verify, that's the major sources of contention today that the money was received by organizations like yours. >> i think that's everyone's rights. he certainly raised the money from donors and said that was
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what he's going to do with it. we are looking how we are going to vote in november and i think that's important. you mentioned you were a bit surprise that you rereceived the check, why? >> we did not have a relationship with donald trump. bob may have met him so we did not know who would be resoceivi this money. we were pleasantly surprised and could put this money to good use to help our vets. >> i have to believe his team put in the time to vet the organization and i see it is a good housekeeping that his foundation is doing. >> your organization is non partis partisan. >> why take money from any political candidate. why taking money from someone running for office. >> that money was raised through other people who gave to give to veterans. if we look at our by laws, we
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would never take money from a political candidate but this is the donald trump foundation. if he want to give us money to put it to good use, we are happy to do it. there is a lot of need out tl s there, we'll take from anybody, i will give you the website in a minute. >> like yours being used as pawns and in a game that this campaign seizing. any worries about that at all that groups like yours and some of the others that were list inside the news conference with being used. i don't think there is any questions of anyone running for president needs to be able to look at what they're going to do as commandeering chief for the veterans landscape. you have to talk about the issue and talk about what you are going to do about it. in fact, i think three or four months ago, bob wrote an open letter to all the candidates. who's ever going to run this nation next has to look at key
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issues. hillary clinton responded and gave her thoughts and i don't think cruz responded. to answer your question, we see it as an iffy gray area, to us? not at all. the issue is front and center and we have millions of vets who serve and our commandeering chief better think how to help. there is a lot of us out there. >> how is that money donated going to be used? >> there is a lot of different ways that it can be used. >> we have the last ten years, we have raised and given away more than $30 million. we look at the landscape and bob and i in a unique position as journalist and a lot of people in the nation who were doing really good work. we give out grants and we have string attached and we work in the areas of care givers and families and kids.
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a bill that kneneeds to get gm the house for people with injuries in this world. we allow our active duty service veterans using their means to start a family but not those who have serve are no longer on active duty. >> we need to equalize that and passionate about that. >> we are big fans of your husband's work. >> i hope he's still are and he's in china right now. >> i know, how is he doing right now? >> bob's story is front and center and we need to do something with it. i am proud of what he has done with the story. >> very nice to meet you, thanks so much for coming by this afternoon. >> hillary clinton picking up some key support, governor jerry brown, announcing that he's now endorsing clinton.
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clinton needs 71 delegates to clinch the nomination. senator sanders is not giving up. he insisted that the system is flawed and the final tally is not counted until july. >> nobody is going to have the majority. nobody will have enough pledge delegates of the democratic nomination. either secretary clinton or myself will be dependant on super delegates. i think in some of the discussions of some of the media is going to say, the campaign is over and the she's the nominee on the tuesday night after the post comments of new jersey, that's unaccurate. i don't think the dnc thinks that's accurate. >> kristin welker is outside the clinton's campaign. how big of an endorsement for jerry brown, how big of a deal is this? >> reporter: it is a significant deal, craig.
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this gives her a leg up in a race that's very tight. governor jerry brown had a 77% approval rating among democrats in the state of california. it is about 50% in the entire state. he's very popular. what's so interesting about this endorsement of course, is that the clinton and governor brown did not always have the cozy relationship, he ran against bill clinton in 1992 and there were some contention moments accusing one when he accused of bill clinton fud ling money through secretary clinton law firm. >> i don't care what you say about me but you ought to be ashamed of myself to be jumping on my wife. >> i will tell you mr. clinton, don't try to escape it. >> he read me the article for the washington post.
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highly shocked by it. >> reporter: now, of course, she was not a secretary back then. you can see how contentious that was. secretary clinton is adding extra events in california. earlier than expected and she's going to spend five days out there, craig, meanwhile, senator sanders had been out there non stop. he's putting all his resources to win that state. there is an important mathematical reality check that we need to do which is secretary clinton has put this race out of reach fch reach. if it is likely she wins the state of new jersey, she will be declared as the presumptive nominee of democrats.
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and also, craig, if she loses, the most popular state in the nation, that could potentially lead her in a weaker position headed in the general election which again would be a tough race against donald trump. >> kristin welker. thank you. >> a big program here be sure to watch today at 4:00 eastern, chris hayes with the live one on one interview with clinton. steve, new poll numbers here. seems to help sanders' main argument of this nbc's news survey monkey poll. governor brown says is the delegate mass is in clinton's favor in recent polls. it shows that sanders is still trailing there. the folks that show up at these rallies and thousands of them. what are they saying about his
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chances? >> reporter: well, absolutely, let sanders be sanders. i think sanders supporters like it after he goes after anybody and led alone donald trump and or hillary clinton and the democratic party. they like it when he's on the attack. you see what happens when donald trump comes to a place like kal california. really, their strategy has been one of public to blanket the state. they want to get to 200,000 people with eyes on bernie sanders before the june 7th primary. so far, they have gotten over 100,000 person threshold. it appears to be working. you heard kristin of the new survey monkey poll. he's only a few percent down in california. the math is not in mhis favor. you see here there is already a thousand in line and many more expected to pack the arena
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tonight. sanders was there last night for the golden state warriors game. listen to this. [ inaudible [ inaudible ] >> reporter: we have heard sanders say even if he happens to lose the state of california, he will still go to philadelphia and the democratic convention so he's in this for the long poll. he's giving a press conference on health care right now and he will come here in a few hours and later tonight to moderate. busy schedules for sanders. >> steve, thank you. this is some brand new video that we are getting in from fort ben county, this is suburbs of houston texas. you can see some cows there with
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flood waters up to their neck. right now the lone star state bracing for another round of heavy, rainy water. water rising to historic levels there. this is a storm system that's working its way east, across the state, it is coming just a day after torrential rain, washed out and bridges and toppled trees and swamped houses all over texas. this is a view above rosenburg texas. so far, eight people have died. moments ago, this was the scene in fort ben texas. fl flood waters dangerously high there. we are keeping a close eye on the situation there. bernie sanders considering taking on a different role. we'll talk about to one of bernie sanders' earlier supporters in congress and also
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bernie sanders hopes to stand for the race for the win in california. the math is stacked against him. it is increasingly that he will win enough delegates to become the nominee. that's driving speculations about what happened after the convention in philadelphia. on sunday, sanders, dodge the question. >> will you take the call if hillary clinton asks you to be your running mate?
10:21 am
>> right now, i am in california, i am knocking my brain out to win the nomination. what happens afterwards, we'll see. right now my focus is winning the nomination. >> representative from arizona's third district, he's a bernie sanders' supporter. unity is a key for both parties this year. democrats feeling more positive of the prospect of being unified come november. would a clinton/sanders ticket be enough to pull the party together? >> i think it is a possibility. let me echo that bernie sanders just said. california is still before us. june 7th is still before us. his message deserves to play this whole thing out and have their day at the sun and the convention as well. i think that's the goal and that's the one we are all
10:22 am
focused onto win in california and build thing that momentum gg into the convention. >> i think that kind of question has been pressing for months. it began after new hampshire and the expectations for this campaign had been low and the polls have never been right and here we are in california, neck and neck race and despite all the heavy artillery side on all the people supporting hillary clint clinton, it is a neck and neck race. >> you didn't answer my question, should he get out if he does not win california? >> no, i think we need to go to the convention, there is a platform and there is a message and the people that have supported berner and his supporters and those of us that have been out there for him and
10:23 am
that convention is as much ours as it is as anybody else. we deserve our time and place. >> he picked up a platform committee. what's the game going into the convention in. >> well, i think what's gained of the issue you brought up is unity. >> the people that are supporting bernie sanders need to be fully integrated in the convention and their message and leadership acknowledges that convention and the way we are going to unify this party is not patting bernie ton head and thank you very much for a nice race and we'll see you next time. if this party is going to win and we must win then i think this convention becomes a unifying arena and not just a winner take all process.
10:24 am
>> we were showing senator sanders there in california here, he's talking about health care specifically. congressman from arizona, it is always good to see you. thank you for your time. >> thank you, craig. >> we are asking you to join the conversation as well. here is our microsoft pulse question. should hillary clinton picks bernie sanders if she wins the nomination. you can cast your votes right now. growing outrage today from animal rights activists after a gorilla is killed in the zoo. the zoo officials say they are standing by their decision. we are learning of a criminal investigati investigation, we'll look at what maybe focused on when we come back.
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i think it is a tough call. it was amazing because there were moments of the gorilla of the way he held that child, it was like a mother holding a baby. >> looks so beautiful and calm. >> even donald trump talking about the big story today of the shooting of the gorilla. law enforcement officials are now investigating the zoo's decision to shoot and kill ted e 400 pounds animal. an the zoo keeper who raised the gorilla refuses to second guess the decision to kill him. >> he was a big boy. he grew up to be something else. he was very special. people who work there had this terrible decision to make. >> msnbc's chief legal
10:29 am
correspondence is joining me now. >> now, prosecutors say law enforcement is investigating the incident. what changed? >> well, what changed here is everyone all over the country is talking about this and reacting to this and a feeling you have to say when you are looking at something and on the facts as known, there is really nothing here that would suggest a crime. what we have is a tragedy for those looking at this beautiful majestic be majestic beast but understand the grave threat of the boy's life. the area had never previously penetrated. you see on the side view of four feet wide and the 15 feet drop. so what you have is a small child who somehow got through and a lot of people all around the country, i am going to put this in technical term had no idea what they were talking about saying the parents.
10:30 am
>> reporter: negligen-- i don't anyone has the information around the country to make that judgment. as for the law, i will tell you this, a lot of people are getting this backward. the legal issue is not much to do with the parents or unfortunately for animal lovers with the treatment of the gorilla. the legal issue that's put up at the screen is the zoo had an obligation to its visitors of the duty of care. landowner has to exercise caution. i showed you the barrier and finally most importantly a duty to rescue those. the zoo made a decision that's lawful to me. their duty to rescue in this case -- the necessary act of taking out this gorilla. >> i think you answered the question here. but to be clear, does the zoo face any liability in this situation? >> the zoo does not according to
10:31 am
what we know face liability because it acted to protect the human being on the premises. the liability could attach if we are discussing this and people in action of the resulted of an injury of death of a child, i can tell you a lot of people would have a lot of opposite reaction of why didn't they do sooner or quicker. >> if they had tranquilize the gorilla and we heard one of the reasons they did not do that because the amount of time it ta takes for the tranquilizer to kick in and if they had done that, god forbid the gorilla had killed the child. you can imagine the out cry of the country. >> thanks to you as always. coming up, we are going to talk to ron magill. he's the miami metro zoo. that that that's the zoo that harambi
10:32 am
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. golden state warriors kept a lot of folks up late last night. the nba's best player led the team back from a break. now, a rematch of last year. die hard kcav fans. they would have hoisted the championship. they are completely healthy this year. it could be an amazing summer for ohio. count the finals though. it is one of the number of
10:36 am
obstacles in a way of a smooth convention for donald trump and the republicans, game three and a possible game six will be played at the same arena as the republican convention. that could lead to just about us of a month of prep time for republicans in advance of the july 18th start date. the biggest problem though. anti-trump protesters. today, cleveland department had a message for activists who plan to attend. >> anybody coming to the city and let their voice heard in a lawful matter, we are here to assist them. anybody going sideways and is not following the law, there is going to be consequences and we are going to deal with them. it is going to be swift and very professional. i can assure you of that. >> jacob rascon is in cleveland this afternoon. poli what are the big concerns for cleaver land right now?
10:37 am
>> reporter: this press conference wrapped up of more than an hour of the city detailing this plan they had in place. they had been preparing for about a year and saying they have thousands of officers that they have $50 million grant from the federal government. we are prepared and we'll be prepa prepared. police department around the country have decided to send off and through the convention saying we are not true if cleveland prepares. look, we had ahundreds o f department around the country. now, the nba finals and other events to say they are used to hosting big event and of course, this convention will be massive. we are talking thousands of officers and i said about these protesters are supposed to come and expected to come. police chief says they are not going to have military style
10:38 am
equipment or police rioting. they'll only see that if it is necessary. they also took questions about videos of what's actually going on that's all of their officers are going to be wearing body cameras that the riot police folks will not have those sending in a video team and more of course, as we get it. back to you. >> two front page headlines today raising questions about donald trump track record in business and its potential impact on the president. new york times are reporting that a group of hong kong businessman rescuing by investing. the washington post. details investment in foreign country that he would be the first u.s. president to preside over the business empire.
10:39 am
ed okeith is joining me now. >> shall we say international concerns as well. could there be a conflict of interest in his ability and solely osol solely of the best interest of country and trump's enterprise. >> it suggests that you know united air emirates and other countries where he had interests or properties that bears his name. there is some concerns that if he's still directly involved with the company's day-to-day presidency. as president, he may face some tricky decisions when it comes to relations with those countries and other national security thread. >> this is what donald trump said on friday about the case against trump is university. >> i have a judge who's a hater
10:40 am
of donald trump. his name is gozalo courier. >> he goes onto say the judge is mexican. we shoulder note that and not that it matters but test an american. >> the judge has been unfair, he's been a bad judge and unfair, i will win the trump's university case. because i adodon't care. i have a judge who's very, very unfair. >> why? >> well, you will see it in court documents. i have a judge that's very, very unfair and he knows that. i will win the trump universi's university case nooch. the trump's case is a dozen of of people claiming the trump's university is a sham and they lost tens of thousands of dollars. >> what has been all along that
10:41 am
been he's this amazing this businessman. what happens to his campaign if it turns out that's not completely true. >> well, it certainly will polk a hole poke a hole. they like the idea that successful businessman who's got properties and interests all over the world. if that goes away, he's still is an out spoken guy, he would be an outsider as he could rest his world on that. the issue with this judge in california is partly that he agreed to allow the release of document related trump's university. i have a request made here, this continues going through courts because as you said there are student s in the state of new york and others are challenging
10:42 am
the legitimacy and whether or not people should deserve their money back. >> up next, why a california wind means so critical for the clinton campaign, we want to update you on today's microsoft question. shou so far 65% of you said no. the pulse is still alive. you can continue to weigh in at try the superior hold... ...of fixodent plus adhesives. they help your denture hold strong more like natural teeth. and you can eat even tough food.
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with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions, including an industry leading broadband network, and cloud and hosting services - all with dedicated, responsive support. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you're free to focus on growing your business. centurylink. your link to what's next. one week left of the primary in california. an endorsement of jerry brown helping her case there, counting super delegates. clinton may not need to win california but without it she may have to face a surging bernie sanders democratic convention in california. clinton look to capture every
10:46 am
vote possible. >> hillary is following through her pledge to fight hard and california represents a lot of the diverse communities that are important to our country. she wanted to be there to speak to them and talk to them. as i said, this is the biggest state in the union and he wanted to make sure their voices were heard in the primary contest. >> i am joined now by the former mayor of los angeles and a clinton's spothupporter as well. thanks for being with me. >> it is good to be with you. >> how critical is the governor's endorsement? >> it is a very important endorsement. look, there was an article in the new york times yesterday talking about how in many ways, governor brown is as hybrid between the sanders candidacy i
10:47 am
supporting both camps. the senator welcomes and we appreciate. >> go ahead, i am sorry. >> you mentioned california is the golden state and it is. it is the mother load as well. delegates and hillary is going to california for the same reasons sanders is. it is the place to go if you want to get a whole bunch of delegates and he's going to work as hard as she can. going up and down the states to make sure she does >> what do you make of all this talk around bernie sanders and the possibility of him becoming clinton's vice president. is that just a bunch of news heads talking or is that a legitimate thing. i think it is too early to talk about vice president. vice president s
10:48 am
vice presidential candidate. for now, i can tell you that hillary is focused on winning in california and securing the nomination and as you mentioned, whether or not she wins in california and we expect her to win there. she will be the nominee of the party. >> so, all of that is speculation and not anything at this moment. >> quickly, mayor, we spent a lot of time talking about donald trump's unfavorability. he's at the most unfavorable candidate in the modern era. clinton is right there with him, she's typically number two. you are looking at the most disliked nominees in history. how does she over come those numbers. >> trump is not only got high unfavorables. he's unfit for office.
10:49 am
just a day and everybody that disagr disagrees lies and it is wrong or cheating. you know, he's got a monitor for everyone. this man is not capable of being commandeering chief of united states of america. with respect to hillary, those high unfavorables had a lot to do with four years republican attack and conservative attack on libya and the e-mails and day after day trying to under mind her popularity. as we get out of this convention, it is clear that she's the nominee and you are going to see a different campaign and support gravitating towards her candidacy. >> former mayor, thank you as always for your time. we'll be back. first, what assumed to be a fully operational battery station. here is russell with "today's
10:50 am
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bernie sanders and hillary clinton are battling for the female vote. so far, exit polls shows clinton leads sanders ayoung women except young females. our political unit found women, 17-29, sanders leads by a margin of 68-31%. msnbc chris jansing recently sat down with these young women in san francisco. >> stunning numbers. you would think with this
10:54 am
historic candidacy for hillary clinton young women would be going for her. we wanted to talk about talking to young women why weren't they more enthusiastic about hillary clinton and how could she win bernie sanders supporters over. >> she hasn't really take an stand when it's difficult. what i mean for that. take the instance of marriage equ equality. she was not on the right side of history and now she switched because the pendulum has swung that way. we need people who are able to look at the right side of history and have forethought. >> as a military veteran who works with veterans who have faced the brunt of these wars, deployment after deployment after deployment, i'm concerned about how she stood and stands on iraq. afghanistan, syria, libya, iran, i feel i could be voting for a republican. she is pointing to the right. >> she earlier has flip-flopped, very few people have been under
10:55 am
the public eye for as long as she has and she's been under scrutiny for the past 25 years to the point where, you know, she's questioned how she uses the bathroom and the fact she has a hair band, and frankly i'm really impressed with her ability to withstand those attacks. i frankly consider her a bit of warrior. she has proven herself to have the fortitude and toughness to make tough decisions. >> what is it about hillary that made you go for bernie? >> well, even asking the question around what are the concerns, she's a liar. she has broken federal rules, she has been consistently inconsistent. from her take on iraqi war to her being able to like use a private e-mail account. >> i think it's hard for hillary. i don't think she's a very good politician. i think she knows that. i don't think she loves running for office. i think she's kind of uncomfortable about it. what i think she is really good at is being in office.
10:56 am
fra frankly, i'm not electing her to run for office. >> this fear though is she's good at it, what is she going to do with that knowledge, right? what we're seeing right now are record numbers of deportation of women and children. what we're seeing right now is war being perpetrated across the globe. record numbers of black and brown people filling our prisons and jails. we're seeing right now -- >> it's not good. >> right. she's good at executing a plan. what's the plan? >> that's why we appreciate bernie's been running. he's energized the base, moved the issues forward. he has made it so she has to be responsible. >> you're onot one of those hillary clinton supporters filled with angst because he's still in the race? >> i like bernie and respect bernie. >> the question is can she win over those diehard bernie supporters? they're not ready yet. i think what he does is going to be very influential even though he denies it.
10:57 am
>> that was an excellent crystallization of debate happening across democratic tables all over this country. >> and what the polls show about hillary. >> thank you. be sure to watch chris hayes, one-on-one live with hillary clinton. that will do it for this hour. i'm craig melvin. my colleague, thomas roberts will pick things up after the break and the joint libertarian ticket, gary johnson and bill weld will be on mtp daily at 5:00 eastern for their first live interview. don't miss that. a lot coming up on msnbc. see you after a few moments.
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