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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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160 days until the election. i'm steve kornacki in new york. topping the agenda, sleazy and dishonest. donald trump declares war on the press. >> i really think the press, you know my opinion to the media. it is very low. i think the media is made up of people that in many cases are
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not good people. >> trump calling that press conference yesterday to provide details on the money he says he has raised for veterans. and that is on our agenda. the clinton campaign says that tirade against the media yesterday was all a smoke screen accusing trump of trying to distract from potentially serious issues. the questions about money for veterans date back to january when trump famously skipped a republican debate and said he wanted to raise money for veterans instead. it looks like he did bring in serious cash for them but the the associated press finding checks for half of the groups went out only last week and last week was when the "washington post" first asked his campaign for an accounting of what was raised and how it was spent. >> i wanted to keep it private. if we could i wanted to keep it private because i don't think it is anybody's business if i want to send money to the vets.
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>> the clinton campaign saying trying to distract from new trump university documents including play book for sales people suggesting they rely on credit card debt and retirement funds from potential customers part of a legal mess that involves trump university. new testimony revealed from exemployees calling the outfit a lie and a scheme. we will dig into that. rounding out a brand new national poll showing close race between hillary clinton and donald trump. the race gets tighter when you add third party candidates into the mix. let's head to my favorite place and that is the big board. the newest poll you see hillary
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clinton with a four point advantage over donald trump. this only the latest poll to show how much this race has tightened since donald trump locked up the republican nomination. through the late winter and early spring you are had polls with hillary clinton ahead by double digits and democrats saying this is the dream opponent for hillary clinton. you had some republicans saying donald trump has no chance against hillary clinton but now you have a race that is very close. take a look deeper inside the numbers. here is one thing. if you add in third party candidates because there is a lot of talk about the opportunity that third party candidates have in 2016. if you add in gary johnson, the libertarian nominee. if you add in jill stein on the far left green party ticket. if you add them you get a little closer race. hillary clinton's lead shrinks to two points over donald trump. check this out. when we say there might be an
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opening for third party candidate this is it. hillary clinton a net unfavorable score rating of 20 points. 37% favorable. 57% unfavorable. these would be worst numbers ever for major party nominee if it weren't for the fact she is running against donald trump. 34 favorable, 59 unfavorable. net 25 point negative rating for donald trump. these are toxic numbers by any standard. each candidate fortunate to be running against the other one. bill clinton still very active on his wife's behalf. two for the price of one what they said in 1992. bill clinton might be an asset for his wife for these numbers. donald trump has made no secret about the fact that he wants to make bill clinton an issue in the campaign. he succeeded it seems so far in bringing down hillary clinton's
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numbers. will he do the same to bill clinton? that is something to be seen as the weeks go on. another new poll out and with those polls showing a tight clinton/trump race. yesterday was a nearly all negative day for donald trump. there was growing scrutiny over groups that donald trump donated money to. "washington post" uncovering a group that received $75,000 from trump. relatively speaking that is a small amount of money compared to what donald trump showed had been raised. negative headlines surrounding trump's former for profit university. unveiled documents and testimony have former employees calling the school a lie and a scheme. let's bring in nbc's hallie jackson and kristin welker on the trail. hallie jackson is in front of
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trump tower. let's start with you. you have the clinton campaign saying donald trump was very angry and the reason for it was he doesn't want people talking about this trump university story. >> reporter: these documents have begun to come out yesterday unsealed by the federal judge, a judge who, by the way, trump went after pretty hard continuing to insult him. part of the tirade that we saw from donald trump. when you talk about the documents, what is in them? not just apparently testimony for the people who used to work for the for profit university now the subject of a lawsuit which some students alleging there was defrauding happening. you also have the play books, the instructions for how to sell the course. you have sales people who were instructed to play to people's emotions, being told, given guidance that you don't have to sell products or benefits or solutions. you are here to sell feelings
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essentially. that is the product here. there were also instructed to suggest to potential customers to rely heavily on credit card debt or retirement funds to pay for the courses. the documents coming out now all part of that lawsuit involving trump university. as you talked about, it is something that the clinton campaign and trump's democratic rivals have pounced on. we saw that a little earlier in the primaries. marco rubio trying to make trump university an issue back during the spring and winter. now it looks as though democrats are poised to pick up that line of attack. we will see if trump is vulnerable to it. >> hallie jackson outside trump tower here in new york city. as she is saying the clinton campaign jumping on trump's press conference. brian fallin tweeting that the whole thing is merely a distraction. press conference spent reciting names of groups that just received money seems designed to try to drown out documents
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adding test of media is not equal time. let trump get the time. just cover important things, lying about vets, not insulting tv anchors. kristin welker is in newark, new jersey. >> reporter: they see a major opening. they have been circulating articles about the trump university documents and they have been signaling for quite some time that they are going to go after him on this issue. they watched marco rubio during the primary and thought that that was really one of the more effective lines of attack against donald trump. for the clinton campaign it fits into the broader narrative. they will try to paint donald trump as a fraud, as a billionaire businessman only interested in himself and in making money. if that sounds familiar that is because it is. it is reminiscent of the
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campaign that obama ran against mitt romney back in 2012. that, of course, was very effective. will this line of attack work against donald trump, a candidate who is so unpredictable? >> all of this comes as secretary clinton under scrutiny for not holding press conferences since december. she was asked about that yesterday when she called into various news outlets. take a listen to what she had to say. >> i have done nearly 300 interviews just in 2016. and i believe that it's important to continue to speak to the press as i'm doing right now. and to understand that he is attacking everybody, fellow republicans, democrats, the press, you name it he attacks everybody. it is a recipe for grid lock in
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washington. >> reporter: clinton wasting no time being on the defensive about that issue. donald trump tweeting after she made those comments i will read you a little bit. he says i'm getting great credit for my press conference. crooked hillary should be admonished for not having a press conference in 179 days. a little bit of a preview of what we are going to see once this likely fall fight gets going in earnest. i am told secretary clinton will have no shortage of attacks when she speaks here at rutgers university. it will likely be filled with a lot of red meat for the base. tomorrow she is delivering a major foreign policy address and will try to draw sharp distinctions with donald trump. >> kristin welker, thanks for that. let me bring in former governor of new hampshire, former white
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house chief of staff. thank you for joining us. we talked to you up there in new hampshire before the primary as this played out. you were a part of that stop trump efforts for a while. where are you now? are you supporting donald trump or holding out? >> i made a commitment to vote for the republican nominee for president and i will stick with that commitment. >> you are going to vote for donald trump. is this not enthusiastic. >> i believe it is great for the republican party to undo the mess that obama caused in the last 7 1/2 years. right now the only formula is a republican president. i'm going to vote for donald trump for president. >> you are making a case for party unity and you don't want hillary clinton. is there a positive case for donald trump?
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>> there is a positive case for the party. the republicans have worked awfully hard over the last decade winning 31 governor's races, control 31 state houses. they have control of well over 75% of the state legislatures. they worked very hard to pull grass roots together. my feeling is the party does have to come together in order to maintain that momentum. i have a son running for governor. i am concerned about the down ballot. i am concerned about the u.s. senate. i am concerned about the congress. the only formula i see for making sure that all those critical races do go to republicans so we can undo the mess in washington is to support the ticket. >> and we should mention you talk about the new hampshire governor's race and a key senate race. a new poll out of new hampshire and this will be a key swing state. hillary clinton 44. donald trump 44.
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this just coming out yesterday up there in new hampshire. on that subject of party unity there is a lot of third party talk right now. you have bill crystal who has been trying to organize third party effort. looks like he has conservative writer. i'm interested, the libertarian party and in new hampshire they have more of a toe hold you have two former two-term republican governors running on that ticket saying if you are a republican and you think this party has gone too far off the rails give us a serious look. the libertarians, aren't they a little more credible than years past? >> you are correct in your analysis. i think they are going to be the bigger headache for the republican ticket, bigger than crystal's possible fifth party candidate. you put four parties up in your poll. the libertarians are on all 50
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ballots. they are strong in new hampshire. that is why i think you will see the republican party working this biforicated agenda trying to make sure people come out to vote and come out to vote for the down ballot. and there probably will be a component somewhere at least in some states where folks are urging the folks that might be coming out to vote on the libertarian ticket to make sure they vote the republican down ballot. it's a complicated race and old rules are probably not going to apply. you and i will probably be talking about this half a dozen times between now and then. i'm sure we will be shabing our heads and saying this is different than anything we have ever seen. >> we have certainly done that a lot. let me ask you before we finish here about this trump university issue that is bubbling up a bit. you have play book for sales people talking about getting customers to use their
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retirement funds, talking testimony from some former employees who are basically saying that the thing was a little shady to them. you have kristin welker saying the clinton campaign seizing opportunity to use the trump university issue and do to donald trump what democrats werenwere able to do with mitt romney. do you see a parallel? >> i see mrs. clinton trying to turn character and honesty issue around. she is going to have to carry that burden. she is going to have to find something that is going to take the weight of the e-mail issues and the character issue, her weakest point is a lack of character and trump calling her crooked hillary i think had some capacity of sticking. i think she is looking for a response to that and perhaps season these issues that you have raised, the ability to do that. >> former new hampshire
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governor, former white house chief of staff. thanks for the time. coming up, as the democratic race for president appears to be coming to a close we will take a look at the veep stakes. who can run with hillary clinton and would she want to run with her. one name getting buzz from california. >> what is it like for you to pick up the "new york times" and read an article about yourself maybe becoming vice president of the united states? >> that is done within some internal process. >> sounds like a yes. >> i know nothing of it. >> he got to spend the day with someone who there are people saying may get the phone call from hillary clinton in a couple months. next it is the most important number of the day, the most important number for any third party that wants to have a chance to seriously compete this fall.
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gary johnson got 1% of the vote last time. i watched the whole situation. i think it is a total fringe deal. i think he is a fringe candidate. >> i think trump had him nailed. i think we have been fringe candidates our whole life. republicans winning in heavily democrat states. he nailed it today. thanks, donald. >> there is a third option on the ballot this november. you have gary johnson, the former governor of new mexico seated next to him william well running on the libertarian ticket. donald trump says they are not serious. that has certainly been the history for most third party
6:21 am
candidates seems they never get off the ground. because of the numbers we showed you, the high unfavorable numbers for hillary clinton and donald trump there may pea an opening for the libertarian ticket to make noise this fall. if there is, there is one number that hovers above all others that they have to pay attention to, the number 15. what is 15? 15 is the percent you need to be getting in the polls if you want to be included in the televised presidential debates where you have more than 100 million people watching. if you are on the stage you have a chance in the general election. if you are not on the stage you don't have a chance. can the libertarians, can that gary johnson ticket get 15%. the good news is this, two recent polls have put gary johnson in the mix with trump
6:22 am
and hillary clinton. check this out. he is right there. he is already in double digits. 10% for gary johnson. he would need to be getting 15% come this fall. if you are the libertarians, if you want a third candidate on the stage you are looking at that and saying there is a lot of hope and room to grow if we are starting out at 10 points. here is bad news for gary johnson. not every poll is including him. you have to be included in the polls to have a chance to register in the polls and get 15%. so the real question here is who is going to include gary johnson in their polls in the first place? nbc we have our own poll. we have not included gary johnson. there is another obstacle, as well. we showed you this. jill stein. she is the green party candidate. here is the poll this morning. they included jill stein. she took 3% of the vote. what you can see here is people are given a choice between clinton and trump.
6:23 am
the more other choices you give them when you take the polls the more they divide up their votes. that might be the other challenge if you are gary johnson. not only do you need to be included in the polls but need to be the only third candidate included. you want to gobble up all of that to try to hit 15%. to put this in context, what gary johnson and libertarians are trying to pull off here. this is the only time a third party candidate has been on stage in the debates in the fall with both major party candidates. one other debate that featured third party candidate september 1980 ronald reagan running against jimmy carter. it is not jimmy carter, john anderson. he ran as an independent. carter refused to debate john
6:24 am
anderson so reagan said i will. seemed to help reagan and hurt anderson. carter ended up debating. reagan said are you better off today than you were four years ago. reagan won 44-state landslide after that. the most important number of the day if gary johnson wants to become the second candidate to make it on the stage got to hit 15%. breaking news on the fate of egypt air flight 804. authorities say signals from the black box have been received. details on that ahead plus donald trump and that war on the media. >> i really think the press, you know my opinion of the media. it is very low. i think the media is made up of people in main cases are not good people. >> he says he deplores the media but he has relied opthe media more than any other presidential candidate ever. we will explore that complex relationship. that is next.
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it's the bottom of the hour meaning time for headlines at the half. we have breaking news to tell you about. egyptian authorities confirm the french ship picked up signals they believe is from one of egypt air's black boxes. it has been almost four weeks. a key potential discovery there. documents unsealed in the trump university case revealing damning testimony from former employees who call an unscrupulous business that pressured students to enroll, encouraging them to go into debt if necessary. they showed trump was personally involved in the school's marketing strategy. one calling it a fraudulent scheme that preyed on elderly and uneducated. hillary clinton will discuss the threat she believes trump poses
6:29 am
to national security. california's democratic primary six days away. a baby with vehiclea virus was born yesterday in a hospital in new jersey believes to be one of the first cases in the continental united states. mother travelled to seek treatment for the disease. water rescues had to be performed in texas where flooding forced evacuations and left parts of houston under water and a 10-year-old boy died after falling into the river. that raises the death toll in texas from theal flooding to nine. donald trump yesterday launched the mother of all attacks on the press. he went after the media for 40 full minutes yesterday. this was a press conference called to talk about his contributions to veterans organizations. even the political reporters in the room who have seen their share of attacks seemed to be taken aback by trump's
6:30 am
aggressive assault. >> the press should be ashamed of themselves. i have never received such bad publicity for doing such a good job. i think the media is made up of people that in many cases are not good people. the press is so dishonest and so unfair. >> it seems as though you are resisant to the kind of scrutiny that comes with running for president of the united states. >> i have watched you on television. you are a real beauty. like this sleazy guy right over here from abc. he is a sleaze. >> i think you have set a new bar today for being contentious and calling us losers to our faces. >> not all of you. just many of you. we have to read stories. is this what it is like covering you if you are president? >> it is. let me tell you something.
6:31 am
i'm a person -- it is going to be like this, david. >> still ahead this morning trump tweeting i raised 5.6 million for the veterans and the media makes me look bad. they do anything to belittle. joining me is susan page. a lot of theories floating around about what was going on. we talked earlier, the clinton campaign saying this is a smoke screen. he doesn't want the media talking about trump university documents. rush limbaugh says this was the kind of press conference republican voters have been dying to see for who knows how many years. he is saying this is red meat to the republican base. other people say this is just donald trump. he almost can't contain himself in situations like this. how did you read it? >> i think all of those are probably elements of truth. as he said he said this is who i am and what i will be even in
6:32 am
the white house. that will be something remarkable to see. it serves the purposes of having a different story line not only for trump university documents but from the details of the donations to veterans where his spokes people had mislead reporters about whether money had been given and he had misled on how much money had been raised. we are not talking about that. we are talking about attacks on the press. it's also true we know this is popular with voters and maybe republican voters who think the press is liberal and biassed. these are attacks we have heard in the past from people like pat buchanan or from ag nu. i think it is par for the course when a candidate undergoes scrutiny that they don't like to attack the press. >> it is interesting the relationship between donald trump and the press. there is no presidential candidate who has relied on the press as much as donald trump.
6:33 am
so to see him there excorpsiating the press as a wicked entity and this is a guy who made his career, not just his campaign, but career by cultivating the media. >> he has a lot of relationships with reporters. it has been a huge benefit to his campaign that he does so much press and gets so much attention. that is why he didn't have to spend as much as expected on paid media. he has been good for the press, as well. ratings on the debates were unprecedented. clicks on online stories. this has been a relationship that has done some good for both sides. >> there is also the issue, he was pointing this out yesterday. he comes out and holds a press conference and yells at the press and maybe performing. at the same time he says at least i'm holding press conferences. hillary clinton presumptive democratic nominee here, it has been months since she stood before the press and said fire away. she was on and called in
6:34 am
yesterday to cnn. she was asked about this. let me play what the exchange went like. >> it has been pointed out that it has been five or six months since you held an actual press conference. is that something you will remedy soon? >> i'm sure we will. i believe that we do and we should answer questions. of course, i'm going to. and many, many different kinds of settings. >> it is interesting through is so much talk about the media coverage that donald trump gets. a lot comes from the fact that he will go into a room and say you have a camera and note bad, say what you want and i will respond to it. hillary clinton doesn't do that. >> i give donald trump a lot of credit for doing just that. the news conference is different from an interview with individual correspondent, often limited in time and subject. at a news conference you are taking all covers. donald trump was up there for 40 minutes taking whatever questions were posed to him
6:35 am
including about the gorilla in cincinnati. that is a different form, something we expect people seeking public office to subject themselves to. i think there are lessons here for other candidates. why has donald trump been so successful as a candidate against all of our predictions? one reason is he is accessible in many different ways. the worst the news is the more likely he is to be out there. i think hillary clinton will end up doing more news conferences. i expect her to do one maybe on wednesday. that might be a time when she finds the forum to her liking. >> you see her calling in to television shows. thanks for the time. >> thanks. and coming up, the democratic primary coming to a close if hillary does pull it out who should she pick as her vice presidential nominee? today we focus in on one
6:36 am
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plan to stay for life. breaking news to tell you about. egyptian authorities confirm a french ship picked up signals they believe are from one of egypt air's black boxes. it has been almost two weeks since the flight crashed into the mediterranean. keeping an eye on that situation as we do, conventions drawing near with primary season coming to a close. we said let's take a look at the veep stakes. who are candidates maybe considering as running mates. we focus on hillary clinton and a specific name that has been getting attention. we will take a look through the next few months at all potential names. for hillary clinton california congressman house democratic caucus chairman, number four leader in the house, highest ranking hispanic lawmaker in the
6:40 am
democratic party. you can bet the clinton campaign is taking a look at him. we are going to look at pros and cons. becerra, here are two pros, two things the clinton campaign might be looking at and saying this is why we can put this guy on the ticket. a compelling biography. the son of immigrants from mexico. working class upbringing in california. made his way to stanford law school. very successful career in politics. this is a very compelling american success story. his roots tie in with something else that could be a benefit to a hillary clinton ticket especially in a race against donald trump. that is the latino vote. you saw in 2012 how important that was to barack obama. with the comments donald trump has made about immigration and mexicans, democrats see an opportunity here not just to expand that already massive margin that barack obama had in
6:41 am
2012 with latino voters but maybe to expand participation, maybe putting xavier becerra on the ticket could do that. is he too establishment? they may not be high profile enough. you did see paul ryan get there in 2012. california is not a swing state. california used to be, still is in terms of electoral votes the biggest prize in politics. as far as being a swing state 1988 is the last time republican presidential candidate has carried. donald trump has said he plans to target california. a lot of people will believe that when they see that. becerra is a name being mentioned cht what does becerra make of the talk about him.
6:42 am
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. hillary clinton is hoping to clinch her party's nomination with delegates on tuesday including some from the nation's biggest state, california. the clinton team is concerned with at least one poll out there that is showing a tightening race in the democratic primary so she added a five-day campaign swing throughout california. she has gotten the support of one of the state's most influ entual congressmen. let's head to los angeles. just spent the day with xavier becerra. it must be interesting to see your name banding about as somebody who might be the vice
6:46 am
president name for the ticket. >> most people don't really want to talk about being in the running for the veeps stakes but he was nice enough to go to lunch with me yesterday. he is the number four ranking democrat in the house, highest ranking latino in congress. could he add vice president to the list? that is what i asked him. >> what is it like for you to pick up the "new york times" and read an article about yourself as maybe becoming vice president of the united states. are you being vetted? >> that is done within some internal process sflmpt . sounds like a yes. >> i know nothing of it. >> have you ever met donald trump? >> no. >> what would you say to him if you met him? >> he has a gift of gab and knows how to sell himself because a whole lotf peop of pe need hope. i am disappointed that he has
6:47 am
chosen to try to be a quarterback who calls a lot of plazs that he knows will never talk the ball down the field. >> seems to me like there is a generational divide. many young latinos saying you are focussing too much on hillary clinton. how do you explain that particularly in your district, the divide between younger and olderlatinos. >> the young generation often sometimes is not engaged. now i think they are looking at this as maybe i can participate with the younger generation, a good number have said bernie sanders. >> are you worried that any of those young votes not getting by hillary clinton are going to go to the donald trump side? >> not a bit. i'll tell you why. because they weren't participating to begin with. getting them to participate means we have a chance to get them to participate all the way. and quite honestly for my
6:48 am
purposes, getting folks to vote in this part of l.a. or this part of the country is critical because there aren't enough voters to begin with because so many folks are not u.s. citizens. >> if hillary clinton asked you to be your vice president do you feel ready? >> hillary clinton is going to be our quarterback. she can have me run, block, catch. i just want to be on the field. i want to be doing something. i will carry the water if i have to carry water. >> steve, congressman becerra has made no shortage of appearances auditioning i guess you can say for the post of vice president. he has been to ten states. he is going to new mexico to campaign for secretary clinton and turned out as leader. he is looking for something to do if vice president is available. >> every four years they have to go through veep stakes. they have to show that they can
6:49 am
do it while pretending they don't want it that much. >> he didn't pretend that much. he said he was ready to take on the world. >> and then he added water boy. thanks for the time. coming up next, the democrats think they have an issue to go after donald trump. they think trump university could be the ticket to bring him down in the polls. are they on to something new? pitch you investment opportunities. i've got a fantastic deal for you- gold! with the right pool of investors, there's a lot of money to be made. but first, investors must ask the right questions and use the smartcheck challenge to make the right decisions. you're not even registered; i'm done with you! i can...i can... savvy investors check their financial pro's background by visiting
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let's bring in now jack and james. let's talk about this. the clinton campaign is saying the press conference was a smoke screen and trump was trying to distract attention from some of these new revelations about trump university. in particular here what just came out from these court documents, this playbook. people who are trying to sell people on giving their money to
6:53 am
enroll in trump university. one of the instructions here for people making the sale was let them know you found an answer to their problems. take people who maybe can't afford it, get them to use their credit cards, get them to use retirement money. what is the risk here, what is the exposure to donald trump political politically? is this an issue that could hurt him more than other revelations we've seen in the past? >> as long as it fits a new story line from the hillary clinton campaign. we saw seeds of this that he's a con man. even mitt romney claimed about donald trump. this whole story line that he's against the little guy that he claims to be for, yeah, that's obviously going to have an impact. whether it was a smoke screen, if it was, it certainly worked. we're now just talking about trump university besides all the other coverage yesterday. if you ask donald trump he would say what he was doing yesterday was just in response to the number of press conference calls that hillary clinton had calling him out on veterans. >> jackie, we had the comparison
6:54 am
made that the clinton people are talking about how obama and his campaign handled mitt romney in 2012, that whole idea of vulture capitalism and using that same sort of playbook against donald trump. will that work against donald trump the way it worked against mitt romney? because some people look at trump and romney and say they're different kinds of rich guys. >> it remains to be seen. what they're doing is trying to define him early and strike at the very heart of make america great again. part of the pitch for trump university is this is going to make you rich, this is going to make your life better, which is exactly what donald trump's platform is at the heart of his campaign. so if they're able to erode that in the coming months, that could really hurt him. trump has been able to defy gravity like no other candidate we've seen, so we'll see how this resonates with a general electorate. >> also something else, james, that got a strong response from trump at this press conference is when he was asked about a potential of a third-party
6:55 am
candidate, bill kristol trying to recruit somebody. we also have a very credible libertarian ticket. when you look at the unfavorables for trump and look at the unfavorables for hillary clinton, how much room do you think there is for a third option this year? >> enclosure clearly the two th libertarians have to focus on is ballot access and getting to that 15%. i think you're going to see a hunger for the third option. the question is whether or not they'll be the ones to be able to pull that off. this is certainly obviously the most impressive by resume ticket for the libertarians they probably have ever put up. but at the end of the day, we're looking at a map where even the johnson campaign talks about maybe focusing on five states, four of them being nonbattleground states. certainly not a path to 270. >> we are out of time this hour. james, jackie, thanks as always for the time. appreciate it.
6:56 am
>> thank you. coming up, stay tuned for this. we've been talking about that libertarian ticket. well, the number two on that ticket, former massachusetts governor, william weld, the libertarian nominee for vice president, an interview with him coming up in the next hour. plus the dalai lama with some surprising comments on europe's refugee crisis. i'm steve kornacki. jose diaz-balart is up next. ool. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ forward collision warning ] [ car braking ] bye dad! it brakes when you don't. forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking. available on the redesigned passat. from volkswagen.
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he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. good wednesday morning, june 1st to you. i'm jose diaz-balart. up first this hour, the presidential remains in a dead heat. new polling shows a race tighter than ever, and this morning both candidates are fighting two-front wars. for donald trump, new details in that fraud suit brought by some students, pulling back the curtain on his trump university. a judge unceiling the so-called playbook on how to recruit students. >> i have a judge who's very, very unfair. he knows he's unfair. and i'll win the trump university case. i could settle that case. i could have settled it.
7:00 am
i just choose not to. in fact when i ran, they said why didn't you settle up that case? i don't want to settle the case. because you know what? because i'm a man of principle. and most of the people that took those courses have letters saying they thought it was great. >> trump also remains on the attack after that fiery press conference on tuesday. questions over his donations to vet groups leading the republican to tell the press exactly how he feels about them. hillary clinton quick to respond to that saying this is another example of the difference in what trump says and what he does. >> he bragged for months about raising $6 million for veterans and donating $1 million himself. but it took a reporter to shame him into actually making his contribution and getting money to veterans groups. >> but before she can fully turn her attention to trump, clinton still needs to fend off bernie sanders. polls show her leading in california, but she's preparing for a


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