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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  June 1, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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so the first prank that we noticed was the one they pulled at occupy wall street about five years ago. it was a creative prank. they pulled it off fairly well. they pulled it off well enough that at the did actually fool some people. >> interestingly not everyone here in the park is one of the protesters that agrees with occupy wall street. >> you knew it had to happen. these two self described investment bankers say they are happy to be part of the 1% that has all the wealth is this tell us your name and why you think this is not a good idea. >> my name is john and i'm with an organization called occupy wall street. >> we worked hard to get where we are and it seems like people are wining that they don't have the wealth that we have. it sounds like this protest is unamerican if you think about it. >> two guys pretending to be rich investment bankers basically saying that they were there protesting occupy wall
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street because they're opposed to the poor on principal. they were occupying occupy wall street and they held these signs that said things like 1% stick together. they gave media interviews where reporters believed they really were rich guys. they made a spectacle of themselves. it was interesting, one of our producers from this show happened to be on site when actual protesters from occupy wall street figured out that those guys were not real. figured out that those guys were a prank. the way the real occupy wall street folks figured them out was because of a physical thing that was wrong about them. a physical thing that was wrong about their presentation. it was unexpected and awesome. >> we're not afraid to show our faces. that's what happened.
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>> look at their shoe laces, their fake. >> look at their shoe laces. wait, look at their shoe laces. the occupy wall street people figured out these guys were pranksteres. the way they figured it out is although they were white guys dressed up in suites they had ratty shoe laces and clearly they were not real investment bankers with nice shoes. so when that happened about five years ago that was the first time that we noticed them but now they are not just back, they're everywhere. they're everywhere in this election because they have been working overtime this year and last year basically pranking all the various presidential campaigns and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work. one very high profile attempted
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prank of theirs was when that really didn't work. it was at marco rubio's concession speech when marco rubio quit the race. >> people are angry and people are very frustrated. it really began back in 2007, 2008 where this horrifying down turn -- don't worry. he won't get beat up at our event. we -- people are very frustrated about the direction of our country -- >> this was a high profile moment, marco rubio getting out of the race, a shocking enough event but in addition to that a concession speech is not a place where people get heckled right. when you're quitting most people don't like to interrupt you when
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you're quitting whether they like you or they don't. this one didn't really work. you couldn't tell what was going on here. these were the same guys from the occupy wall street. they were not able to pull this off. nobody could figure out what it was about. same thing happened to them when they tried to hijack john kasich's big night. john kasich only one a single primary in the campaign so again it was this high profile moment and it was a moment where you wouldn't expect protests or interruptions. who is going to bother a guy during his victory speech in the single state that he won, but these same guys tried that night and again it didn't really work. u.s.a.! u.s.a.! >> you better believe -- you better believe it's about america, about pulling us
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together, not pulling us apart. it is about u.s.a., exactly. first of all, i want to -- kasich! kasich! kasich! kasich! kasich! kasich! >> hey! listen, listen everybody, let me -- hey! you know, when you went to college in the 1970s you appreciated a good peaceful protest once in a while. yeah, we do.
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>> you can tell something happened there, something of a disruptive nature. you could tell it was a protester disruption, you can't tell what it was but at rubio's concession speech it was those guys at the occupy wall street speech and it's been these same guys over and over again and a lot of things they have tried to do in this election season haven't worked but some of them really have. >> what is this election about? most elections are a choice between a political party and another political party. >> that's enough. i have to tell everybody the truth. marco rubio is trying to steal my girlfriend. she hasn't looked at me in the same way any more. >> we don't beat up our heckleers in our events. >> he's better looking than me and that's true.
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marco! marco! marco! marco! marco! marco! marco! marco! marco! >> i didn't even win new hampshire. all right. that's all right. >> dance! dance!
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>> i'm sorry. i don't know. i'm still looking for the hidden camera like -- [ applause ] >> so anyway -- >> so senator marco rubio kind of almost seemed to like that marco rubio stole my girlfriend interruption for those guys. that was at a florida campaign rally. that was weird. presidential candidate donald trump was not amused at all when those same guys interrupted him in new hampshire and they screamed to him in his face that he was boring. >> you can do a beautiful area, you call it a free zone. in other words you call it an area we'll protect and make it possible for people to live
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until they can hopefully someday go back to their homes. >> this is boring. >> boring. >> tell some jokes. >> so very important -- it's very important -- get him -- get him out of here. [ applause ] >> get him out of here. get him out of here. go ahead. nothing funny about this. he wants jokes. there's nothing funny about this. this is so serious. out! out! get out of here! >> so that was the shot by an nbc camera at this event in new hampshire. the two guys who interrupted trump and shouted at him this is boring they later posted their own version on youtube staying in character but shooting things from their perspective.
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>> this is so boring. seriously, shouldn't it be more fun. this is boring. we're bored. this is boring. >> so very important. donald, you're boring. right. say funnier stuff. say a joke. you should a joke. >> please. >> you should say some sort of a joke. >> boring. >> boring. >> boring. >> we were hoping to be
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entertained a little bit but this is just boring. >> that was these guys trolling donald trump in new hampshire getting under donald trump's skin by doing so i think they would get under anybody's skin by doing that. they were not arrested or beaten up or anything, they were thrown out of the event. they seem to be thrown out of everything. probably their best anti-trump effort was not an active interruption like that it was their trump arm bands prank. it fooled a lot of people. >> we're here in west palm beach, florida and a moment ago we met a couple of guys who were walking down the sidewalk and they had trump armbands. it's not the normal thing you see. buttons and t shirts and bumper stickers but armbands is fairly new in american presidential politics and so is donald trump. >> that reporter from fox news later issued an onair correction
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when someone informed him that the trump hitler style armbands were fake. that picture circulated far and wide with a lot of people not knowing it was these guys who were pranking all the campaigns. some of these pranks worked and some of them were noise and some of them were just disruption you couldn't pin on anything. this was a prank they tried to pull on jeb bush the day of the iowa caucuses. they jumped up and demanded to be paid for their time. they wanted to be paid for sitting in those seats. they said they were hired to sit there and they wanted their money. it didn't really work in context at the event but that one did earn this terrible headline for jeb bush in the register that day. bush's final rally interrupted by seat fillers demanding to be paid. worst headline ever.
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these guys weren't seat fillers demanding to be paid. i guess that's what the quotes around seat fillers means, these guys were pranksteres saying they were seat fillers demanding to be paid but anybody looking at that, anybody scanning the local paper and looking to assess jeb bush's chances wouldn't necessarily read all the way through to the fourth par of that story which is where the jeb bush campaign is first quoted calling it shenanigans. these guys targeted ted cruz. one time it was an attempted exorcism. that didn't work all that well, but this one was really good and it ended in a very interesting way. >> it's a beautiful day in new hampshire.
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>> welcome everyone. thank you for having us. we just wanted to thank you and this goes for you senator cruz and for everyone out there what made everyone so weird and sad that they had to come out here? it's just -- it's just weird. why is everyone so excited about guns. >> sir, who are you? >> they kill people. >> sir, who are you and what are you doing here? >> i'm with arm america. >> are you a little bit accused confused? >> no. >> sir -- sir, you are welcome to be in the crowd but you are not part of this group. i understand that you're very confused. >> underappreciated part of why ted cruz didn't end up being president. a high pitched giggle there. i'm not sure that works in the republican primary politics, but
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that was ted cruz having to decide what to do in the moment, deciding to engage with the guy still can't really figure out what to do with him, but these guys have been pranking the entire campaign. they've been pranking national politics in lots of different ways for a long time. it's weird that nobody has been . growing fast, you say? we can't contain it any long... oh! you know, that reminds me of how geico's been the fastest-growing auto insurer for over 10 years straight. over ten years?
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what made everyone so weird and sad that they had to come out here? it's just -- it's just weird. you know, i mean why is everyone so excited about guns. >> sir, who are you? >> they kill people. >> sir, who are you and what are you doing here? >> that guy on stage with ted cruz and one other guy have repeatedly pranked the republican presidential candidates this year over and over and over again and they have mostly gotten away with it. people haven't noticed it's always the same two guys interrupting marco rubio and ted cruz and donald trump in new hampshire and john kasich in ohio. it's the same two guys. they haven't only gone after the republicans. i haven't seen them go after bernie sanders. they might have but they have gone after hillary clinton and that is what made for some strange news today. the first time we noticed them going after hillary clinton was in hudson, new hampshire when
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both of these guys managed to get themselves into good camera angles at a hillary clinton event but what they were wearing was something that looked like official hillary clinton campaign merchandise but what their shirts and hats said was settle for hillary. that was back in february. but then they popped up again at an event last week and you probably saw some headlines about it. this was u.s.a. today. hillary distracted by two shirtless men. she says they can stay as long as they don't take anything else opposite. thanks daily mail. the local press in orange county seemed both impressed and embarrassed at the same time. hillary clinton visits orange county and shirtless men interrupt her speech. i don't know why few people
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recognize these are the same guys pulling prank after prank at all these different campaign events but for the most part people treat them like they're a complete surprise and they're completely unknown. abc posted a video of the guys where in the video that abc news posted they referenced their previous settle for hillary prank against hillary clinton. this video was of hillary clinton after her speech taking a picture with these shirtless guys on the rope line while they still had their shirts off. >> okay, guys. okay. stay there. >> is that you? >> we did it. >> yeah. >> why would the country settle for hillary. >> that's right. we're doing it.
9:21 pm
>> he says at the end there we're going to settle for hillary clinton. this is part of their ongoing anti-clinton prank. these guys are not hillary clinton supporters, they're not men who took off their shirts because of their enthusiasm for hillary clinton. they're playing kind much a mean joke on her like they did to donald trump yelling at him to his face he was boring or the mean joke they played on jeb bush telling iowa that people have to be paid to go to a jeb bush rally. this thing that they were doing with the shirts off it's not a supportive hillary clinton thing. but now here's the news. the clinton campaign has decided to make these guys part of their campaign effort. they have turned their most recent moment pranking hillary clinton into a hillary clinton campaign instagram video that is celebrating hillary clinton and these pranpranksteres.
9:22 pm
>> hillary, they're kicking us out and we have our shirts on. >> you know what, as long as they don't take anything else off. you go the to make split decisions. that's what leadership is all about. okay. where was i? i got to admit it is a little distracting standing up here looking at them so i'm going to look over this way and i'm going to look over that way. i'm going to look back there. okay. so as i was saying -- >> so what to make of this. i am not sure if the clinton campaign knows what those guys were up to with the shirtless thing. this is part of their ongoing campaign to prank and mock
9:23 pm
hillary clinton as if she is a candidate who people would only ever settle for about whom no one would ever feel real enthusiasm. i don't know if the clinton campaign knows that about those guys. but hey best case scenario i guess she can say being the butt of the joke still means you're part of the joke. this is weird. this is weird. this is a weird thing to have happened in the campaign. i love political sat tire. these guys are kind of weird as political sattyre but it's a campaign effort apparently without the clinton campaign understanding who they are or that they're not with her. weird. it's weird. it's weird. but this is also just kind of a weird day for politics in general. you may have heard the poll came out on the democratic primary in california, came out at 5:00 eastern.
9:24 pm
the final result has been reported everywhere. it's a close race in california. hillary clinton beating bernie sanders by two points. it's within the margin of error. california is not just a massive state. california is a massively diverse state. in california white people are not the largest ethnic group in the state. california is majority minority, the largest group ethnically in california is latinos so you would think that would be one of hillary clinton's big assets heading into california. look at this poll out tonight. she's narrowly winning over all but look at the breakdown. in california is hillary clinton. the democrat winning the latino vote in california is bernie sanders.
9:25 pm
do what? told you it was a weird day. if that is not weird day enough for you the other sort of amazing thing we're getting out of the california polling is the senate race happening in that state. barbara boxer is retiring so this primary will pick the candidate to run for her seat in the general election in november but california is such a weird and interesting state they run their primaries in an unusual way. there isn't a republican primary to pick a republican candidate and a democratic primary to pick a democratic candidate, instead they run all the candidates for that senate seat in one big primary that everybody gets to vote in and the top two finishers go on to the general election contest regardless of which party they are from. this new poll out tonight is the fourth straight poll in the past month that indicates pretty clearly that no republican candidate is going to make it to the general election for that senate seat. there will not be a republican
9:26 pm
candidate on the ballot in november. if the polling holds this is fourth straight california poll that had the top two finishers in the senate primary, a democrat and a democrat, which means no republican will have a shot at barbara boxer's seat in november. would they have a shot. come november california looks like a very blue state. hillary clinton beats donald trump in california by 24 points. bernie sanders beats him by 34 points. either way pretty safe margin. but donald trump is campaigning in california tonight. he's holding a rally starting at the top of the hour in california not far from where bernie sanders is holding his rally tonight. hillary clinton doesn't do big rallies like trump and sanders do but she has curtailed her campaigning in other states to
9:27 pm
focus on california over the next six days before the race is decided. the campaign spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in ads already to compete against bernie sanders in california. the sanders campaign has spent over $1 million in ads in california and that's sort of a remarkable thing just the spending alone. you look at that general election polling data california is a state where no democrat will have to spend a nickle to win that state in the general election, but they're spending there now. sanders and clinton are burning through it in california in a democratic primary that will not end and that is getting weirder and weirder the longer it goes on. there's more. stay right there. ♪
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do you remember in the 2012 campaign when we had blah people. >> what president obama wants to do his economic plan is to make more people dependent on the government. i don't want to make people's lives better by giving them somebody else's money, i want to give them the opportunity to go out and earn the money. >> i've looked at that quote, i've looked at video, i'm pretty confident i didn't say black and i started to say a word and sort of mumbled it and changed my thought. i was starting to say one word and came up with a different word and moved on and it sounded like black. >> rick santorum trying to get away with the old i wasn't saying black people, i was
9:34 pm
saying blah people. that explanation. that was a strange moment in the 2012 campaign but at least he tried to explain it away. usually when these things happen there is at least some political am bye guty. >> fellow over here with the yellow shirt whatever his name is, he's my opponent. welcome to america and the real world of virginia. >> welcome to the real world of virginia. that's how the virginia republican spoke to this guy born and raised in virginia who was videotaping one of senator allen's events. makaka. what was that? it was clear what that was about just like it was clear the blah people rick santorum was talking about. >> i have a judge who is a hater
9:35 pm
of donald trump, a hater. he's a hater. his he is not doing the right thing. we're in front of a very hostile judge. the judge was appointed by barack obama, federal judge. frankly he should recuse himself because he's given us ruling after ruling after ruling, negative, negative, negative, the judge who happens to be mexican, i think that's great. i think that's fine. i think the judge should be ashamed of himself. this court system, the judges in this court system, federal court they ought to look into this judge because what this judge is doing is a total disgrace.
9:36 pm
>> the judge who happens to be we believe mexican, the judge is not mexican. the judge was born in the state of indiana. the judge is american. donald trump is more than insinuating that the judge is mishandling this particular case related to donald trump because of the sound of this guy's name because maybe we think he's mexican. these things used to be at least a little ambiguous. not anymore. >> don't antagonize the judge in that case. >> i don't care. i have a judge who is very very unfair. >> why mention that the judge is mexican. >> because i'm a man of principal. >> the republican candidate for president this year is flat out attacking a judge in a case that mr. trump is involved in and he's attacking the judge on the basis of the judge's ethnicity. he's been doing that for months with this judge.
9:37 pm
even before that judge today released some pretty damning records about donald trump university from that legal case, the racial attack by mr. trump against that judge frankly it crossed about a dozen rubicons. tonight the head of media relations quit her job. she's leaving the rnc. two rnc staffers talked to "the new york times" about this matter tonight but requested an nimty. the staffers told the times tonight that this woman who left the rnc you see here she had already said earlier this year to colleagues she was uncomfortable working for donald trump. that was before donald trump started attacking the judge in front of crowds for the heinous of having a hispanic name and donald trump thinking he's mexican.
9:38 pm
joining us now is a reporter from the washington post. she reported on these documents that the judge ordered released in this case. it's thanks to "the washington post" that these previously sealed documents from this case have been made public. i realize this is an ongoing case, it's all still being litigated but what do you think is the most important thing we've learned from these documents. >> what we received is about 1,000 pages filed in this litigation and it included something called play books which were internal strategy guide books that governed everything from where you put the chairs for these trump university seminars but more importantly talked quite a bit about how the seminars were to be sold to potential customers and how aggressively they were to be sold, encouraging that potential instructors tell potential students to put the
9:39 pm
courses on their credit cards that money is not an object if people expressed fear at the cost of the program to say don't you want to improve your lives. we got damning testimony from former employees who said they quit because they were disgusted with the sales practices. >> i know there's a trial date in this case right now set for november 28th. in terms of where we are in the process of this case, if donald trump wins the election in the first week in november how likely do you think it is that we would see our president elect in court in this case after he's been elected? >> well, you could certainly argue to avoid it but his testimony will certainly be sought and there is a trial date and i think that is a likelihood if he were to be elected.
9:40 pm
>> mr. trump has made a point on several occasions now, including just a few days ago, of attacking the judge in this case as biased. he has said he thinks the judge's ethnicity is part of what makes him biased. i find that just -- it doesn't feel like a political detail to me, it feels politically remarkable but legally in terms of this case that you're following, is that attack by mr. trump on the judge, is that effecting the course of this case legally. did that affect the judge deciding to make these documents public? >> judges are used to being criticized and i would not imagine so. it's important to note that mr. trump's lawyers have the right to seek to have the judge removed to make a legal argument that he's biased and should not oversee this case and they have not done so. >> political enterprise and investigations reporter for the washington post. thank you for helping us understand this tonight. >> thank you. >> trump is out there saying this guy is biased and terrible
9:41 pm
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so i took an extra day off yesterday after the long weekend and now naturally i'm back to a news cycle that leaves me with a lot of questions including some very very difficult questions. >> it was a full grown person with wings. it looked more like a cherub. >> a grown human. >> yes. >> swaddling clothes. did the person fly out of the tunnel. what's that? what's that? what's that? >> hold that thought grown humans, that story, very important is coming 100 love me so much. the poll, they asked new jersey voters, they didn't think that
9:45 pm
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the poll, they asked new jersey voters, they didn't think that voters, they didn't think that gpds president, here.
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joining us now, patrick murray, the director of the monmouth polling company. were you surprised that new jersey voters seemed to be repulsed by the idea of their own governor being named as a vp for donald trump.
9:53 pm
>>y woo asked republicans, just republican voters, about a month ago, whether they thought that christie would help or hurt? they knew he would hurt. they want to keep here me in new jersey. i don't think that is it. his job approval rate suggest in the 20s in new jersey right now. >> what does polling indicate, in terms of prospects for the democratic primary, and the general? >> close race. we are seeing it in a lot of democratic, hillary is up four points in our poll, when why don't include third-party candidates. we think we see, is core partisan voters, black voters in new jersey, 21% say undecided. a lot of it has to do with the
9:54 pm
fact that hillary clinton has yet to sew up the nomination. we are seeing democratic voters not ready to committee to her as the nominee, until it is official. >> let me ask you a question, the national polling, our general election polling on third party prospects. we have johnson, and weld, running in the libertarian party. it may be 50 states, how do you decide how to not include them in polls? >> i think they are likely to get to 50 states like four years ago. i think you have to. here is y i actually was the first to include gary johnson in a national poll in march. the reason i did t i saw him speak at c-pac to conservative
9:55 pm
voters, i talked to voters there. he is not our guy, but we might have to consider voting for him. i thought, okay, we have to start asking about him. no question about it. the new jersey poll they just d we posed the question, donald trump or hillary clinton. united states have no other choices. new jersey voters say, i reject your choices, i am volting for somebody else. they forced us. i have never seen that before. we have only gotten number that is big, when you included the numbers as a choice. when 11% are rejecting the nominees, i think it says to the polsteres, you have to include them. inincluded stein, probably will be the nominee in the follow-up question. we were the first to include gary johnson, everybody was looking back today. we were the first or second to include donald trump in polling, too.
9:56 pm
i talked to others, we can't take that realistically. look how it turned out. same is true for johnson. overstating the third-party candidate choice. i don't think you have to worry about over stating, you have to worry about understating it. >> we can blame you for trump. >> great to have you here. stay with us.
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[we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ >> 35 miles long, under the swiss alps, 17 years to build. now, behold the opening ceremony for the rail tunnel. trapeze artists, topless, men acing looking angels, seminaked dancers, tap dancing men in orange jump suits, and the
10:00 pm
tunnel is freaking amazing, if you think that that giant flying baby head is not going to haunt your dreams forever, you are made of stronger stuff than i am. it made me think twice. see you tomorrow. time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. good evening. >> the sound in the magic devices in our ears, is not always perfect. what i thought i heard you say was that you were going to talk about a whale tunnel. >> rail. >> a tunnel for whales. when i get the image in my head. a tunnel for whales.


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