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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  June 2, 2016 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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and it's almost over. i think both bernie sanders and hillary clinton are good people. >> i notice you don't mind using their names. >> well, you know, as said they're not as good as marketing. >> president obama on the road and on the record yesterday sounding off on donald trump and sharing his thoughts on when the democratic race will end. meanwhile, donald trump is defending himself against accusations of fraud over trump university. the latest on that and is he the mostly tigs you nominee ever? and hillary clinton, will she strike the right balance, winning over the republicans without alienating democrats? it's 5:30 here on the east coast, 2:30 on the west. this is "way too early."
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good morning, everyone. it's thursday, june 2nd. i'm alex witt. donald trump's legal battles are taking center stage in the wras for the white house. a new report from "usa today" found trump and his businesses have been involved in at least 3,500 lawsuits over three decades. an unprecedented number for a presidential nominee. that included 70 new cases file last year, evenly split between lawsuits he has filed and ones filed against him. in the majority of cases, trump or his businesses were the plaintiffs in the suits uncovered and analysis found lawsuits far above the norm. by comparison hillary clinton has been named in more than 900 lawsuits, mostly as a defendant, with many unrelated to clinton and rather directed at the government. yesterday, trump undertook some damage control after a document
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dump in the struggles in his for profit real estate program. katy tur has details. >> reporter: donald trump selling the american dream on the campaign trail. >> i will give you everything. >> reporter: but his now defunct university is accused of crushing that dream, scamming with false promises. >> it's going to happen to you. >> reporter: trump's secrets to selling unsealed by a federal judge. hundreds of documents including testimony from one former sales manager saying trump university was a fraudulent scheme. that preyed upon the elderly and uneducated to separate them from their money. another sales executive saying it was just selling false hopes and lies. the candidate facing trial in november is now calling out the ethnicity of the indiana born judge. >> the judge who happens to be mexican who judge curiel is doing is a total disgrace. >> reporter: his lawyers deny
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fraud and point nbc news to this campaign video. >> i must tell you that the courses that i took were outstanding. >> reporter: the university seminars at first free were aggressively upsold from $1,500 to $35,000. students allegedly encouraged to max out their credit cards. >> i was highly deceived. >> reporter: plaintiff george hannah said he drained his retirement to pay for the trump university. >> i've got this sick feeling in my stomach to not only see that, you know, from my own personal experience but i see him plays the same exact cards with the whole country. >> that was katy tur reporting. hillary clinton capitalized on the revelations in newark, trying to demonstrating -- >> his own employees testified that trump "u" -- you can't make this up, that trump "u" was a fraudulent scheme where donald
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trump enriched himself at the expense of hard working people. this is just more evidence that donald trump himself is a fraud. he is trying to scam america the way he scammed all those people at trump "u." it's important that we recognize what he has done because that's usually a pretty good indicator of what he will do. >> clinton's campaign retweeted old tweets from both mitt romney and marco rubio and clinton is delivering what's being billed as a major national security speech. it's a contrast to donald trump's incessant trash talking.
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>> hillary is not a talented person and in fact she's a person with absolutely no natural talent. all you have to do is watch her speak. have you even noticed for a minor speech he has teleprompters. do i have teleprompters here? no! but she's got like the minor speeches and she's going and i saw this a couple of times. you know, four words. we're going to win in the north, south, east and west. baba-baba. oh, boy. so insincere. hillary clinton and this is 100%, hillary clinton who lies -- i mean, she lies. you remember that i started that? she lies. she lies, she made a speech and she's making another one tomorrow. and they sent me a copy of the speech. and it was such lies about my foreign policy, that they said i want japan to nuke. i want japan to get nuclear
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weapons. give me a break. president obama also went after donald trump while on the road yesterday. he returned to elkhart, indiana, the very first place he visited as president back in 2009. the president credited his2oun policies of bringing that city back from economic collapse while hitting donald trump on everything from his tax plan to his immigration policy. >> the republican nominee for president's tax plan would give the top 0.1 of 1% a bigger tax cut than the 120 million american households at the bottom. it would explode our deficit by nearly $10 trillion. i'm not making this up. you can look at the math. that will not bring jobs back. that is not fighting for the american middle class. that will not help us win. that is not going to make your lives better. that will help people like him.
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deporting 11 million immigrants, not only is that a fantasy, that would cost taxpayers billions of dollars and tear families apart and just logistically would be impossible. >> this is a president who doesn't have a clue. and this president now is very -- he's going to start campaigning. well, if he campaigns that means i'm allowed to hit him just like i hit bill clinton. i guess, right? if he doesn't, i don't care. but if he campaigns and i think he wants to, because he wants to keep this terrible agenda going where everybody is ripping us with the -- where the world is ripping us off. if you think president obama's job approval as a good way as to how a democrat will be against a republican, the president is at 51% approval. he hit the 50% mark back in march. we mentioned that hillary clinton is headed back to california and her return is in response to the primary contest
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that is suddenly tightening. the latest nbc news/"wall street journal"/marist poll it shows p up -- hillary clinton up 2%. if you expand that question to potential democratic primary voters, bernie sanders leads by one point and clinton's early return to the west coast was not lost on the senator from vermont. >> i suddenly saw hillary clinton racing to california. bill clinton racing to california. maybe they think this campaign is not quite over. and i believe we've got a real shot to come out of that convention with the democratic nomination and if we do come out with the nomination, donald trump is toast. >> still in an interview with the associated press, senate minority leader harry reid says bernie sanders needs to recognize that quote, sometimes you just have to give up.
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he added, i have never been too good at math, but i can figure that one out. i think he better do a little mathing. his event came after hillary clinton held another event down the road in newark with senator cory booker and rocker jon bon jovi. and heading to south carolina before multiple stops in california for several days after that. also in california this morning, authorities are searching for a motive after the an important murder/suicide on ucla yesterday. according to police, two men died in the small office in one of the engineering buildings. the victim has been identified as ucla professor and father of two william klug. police say at least three shots were fired and the gun was recovered from the scene. a note was found near the bodies. though police have not said how it could have been connected to the incident. it happened at 10:00 local time and the entire campus was put on lockdown for hours. pictures like this flooded social media showing search
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teams in hallways and students taking cover by barricading doors. >> bolded out of there. ran out of there. i hid in the bathroom for an hour and a half. we tied the bathroom -- the door hinges with belts, you know, to keep the door closed. because there was no locks. we just waited. >> this morning ucla classes are expected to resume except in the school of engineering. we may soon know more details about what happened on board crash 804. a french ship has picked up signals believed to be from the plane's data recorders. officials say their signals were detected within the search area less than 24 hours after they arrived. while the signals are from the black box it's unknown if they're from the egyptair flight. the state department admitted to removing several minutes of video from a press
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briefing. the missing question and answer session which has since been restored involved a reporter asking if the administration had lied about secret talks with iran. the state department spokesperson had replied i think there are times when diplomacy needs privacy in order to progress. spokesman kirby said no rules or regulations against the removal of the video when it occurred three times ago, but he said the department is working to prevent a similar occurrence in the future. that video has since been restored. let's turn to business where private ride sharing company uber has received the biggest investment yet from saudi arabia's sovereign wealth fund. cnbc's louisa bojesen is joining us from london. a big contract for uber there. >> a huge contract. it allows them to expand in the middle east in order to grow the services. but they're getting $300 billion from the saudi investment fund as you mentioned. they say 80% of the users are
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saudi women who of course aren't allowed to drive but allowed to work. it makes it expensive for them to have to buy a car and hire somebody to drive them around. that's a huge deal for uber. i want to talk about elizabeth holmes, she topped richest self-made women by forbes. today they have lowered her net worth to nothing. so we have gone from $4.5 billion to nothing in a year. she founded a blood testing company, it's not traded publicly. she had a number of investors buy in privately at a price that implied the worth being at $9 billion. since then, there are a bunch of allegations that maybe the tests are inaccurate. there's some new information also indicating that the annual revenue is less than $100 million. so forbes is saying that the lower estimate of the company leads them to think that elizabeth holmes value is
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nothing. >> yikes. what a difference a year makes. thank you. spacex's ceo elon musk said he intends to launch a manned mission to mars by 2025. the company had already planned to send a probe to the red planet but now he's looking to create a self-sustaining colony there as well. one minor design snag, the current vehicle, the flying dragon 2 you see here does not have the capability to get back to earth. musk didn't reveal much but he plans to outline more in september. he hoped to die one day on mars. adding quote if you're going to choose where to die, mars is not a bad choice, i guess. more fallout from the sexual assault scandal at baylor university. first ken starr was demoted from school president to chancellor and now he no longer holds that title either. we'll have the very latest. and plus the water is still raging in texas, being pushed to
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let's get a check now of the morning's other headlines which means it's time for that guy, louis burgdorf. what's up? >> good morning.
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the world's longest and deepest tunnel has opened in switzerland. yesterday, the country hosted a lavish ceremony. it was attended by world leaders including angela merkel and francois hollande. at 35 miles long, the $12 billion tunnel is being called a modern marvel. it was even fit for dancing coal miners and floating angels. that's what happened during the triumphant and surreal festivities. acrobats and interpretive dancers danced as angels and performed while a man with a set of wings took flight. it was quite the extravaganza for an incredible event in swiss history. there's no doubt that the supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg has made her place in american history and now her significance has been solidified in the unlikeliest of places in the animal kingdom. honored with her own species of
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praying mantis. it is called after the justice for her quote relentless fight for gender equality. and finally this morning, think back for a second to the midterm elections in 2014. and one of the most bizarre moments of the campaign season. a fan that fanned the flames in the governor's election. >> governor crist has asked to have a small fan placed underneath the podium. the rules of the debate that i was shown by the scott campaign say that there should be no fan. somehow, there is a fan there and for that reason, ladies and gentlemen, i am being told that governor scott -- will not join us for the debate. >> an extremely awkward moment.
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governor rick scott did as a result come out and went -- did eventually come out and win the election. this is 2016, and this photo was tweeted of the air conditioning unit during donald trump's sweltering rally in sacramento. the high yesterday was 95 degrees. by the way, the donald kept his blazer on for the entire speech. >> thank you, louis. that does it for me and "way too early." coming up on "morning joe," hillary clinton declares donald trump too dangerous to be president, but the attacks have already begun. a new report finds trump to be the most litigious front-runner ever. new york attorney general eric schneiderman will be on set. "morning joe" is just moments away.
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