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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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that's a warning sign. >> katty kay. >> a lot of people in the financial world to know what brexit means and they think britain will be better pulling out. >> and senator mark kirk will spend a week in july combing his hair. >> and joe, anything or nothing? >> you know, i don't know. listen, if it's way too early, my friends, it is "morning joe." stick around, because who is coming up next? the rage in the blue sweater. he's mad as hell. and he's not going to take it anymore. ladies and gentlemen, we the genius bar give you steve kornacki. >> watch out. good morning. everybody. 159 days until election day. i'm steve kornacki here in new york. topping the agenda right now, clinton on the attack. she's calling donald trump a fraud as she prepares to take him on more directly than ever in a major speech just hours from thousand. >> on issue after issue, we see
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someone who is unqualifiedthous. >> on issue after issue, we see someone who is unqualified and unfit to be president of the united states. >> clinton advisers telling nbc news this morning that in that speech this afternoon in california, clinton will make her case for why donald trump specifically isn't qualified to be president. all the details about that coming up. also on our agenda today, the surrogate in chief, president obama claiming a role for himself in the campaign against trump. >> he just said i'm going to negotiate a better deal. how exactly are you going to negotiate that? what magic wand do you have? >> the president taking his shot and trump now firing back saying if you hit me, i'm going to hit you back even harder. a threat from donald trump there. and rounding out our agenda this morning, the race in california on the democratic side, it is
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tightening dramatically with just days to go. >> hillary clinton racing to california. bill clinton racing to california. maybe they think this campaign is not quite over. >> our brand new nbc news "wall street journal" marist poll shows a two point race in the golden state. and the field poll, that's one of the gold standard polls in california, it shows the exact same thing. a two point lead for hillary clinton. so could hillary clinton close out the primary season with a major loss in the biggest state in the country? how could she avoid that fate? all that and much more still to come. but we begin with our top story, hillary clinton calling donald trump a fraud saying he's trying to scam america. the democratic frontrunner taking ongoing litigation over the now defunct trump university
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and turning it into an indictment of trump'swn employe trump until was a fraudulent scheme where donald trump enriched himself at the expense of hard working people. this is just more evidence that donald trump himself is a fraud. he is trying to scam america the way he scammed all those people at trump u. >> and as we said, 2:30 this afternoon eastern time, 11:30 in california, hillary clinton will be in the golden state to deliver what is being billed as a major address on foreign policy and in a heavy part of that address will be criticisms and attacks on donald trump for his own vision. senior clinton policy adviser jake sullivan who helped draft that speech say, quote, that clinton will go beyond specific policies and she will make clear
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that the choice in this election goes beyondi partisanship. donald trump is unlike any nominee we've seen in modern times and is sfumt fundamentallt for the job. now, clinton of course still fighting to make her race solely against donald trump. she still has that issue of california in the democratic primary to do deal with. our brand new nbc wall street journal marist poll shows at what one point was a double digit lead is now just two points, 47% for clinton. and the field poll, clinton also up only two points. 45% to 43% over bernie sanders. and in california this morning, kasie hunt trailing the clinton campaign and hallie jackson on the trump beat. so kasie, let's start with you. these numbers reveal exactly what the clinton campaign has
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been seeing on its own, they dispatched hillary clinton, bill clinton, they know there is a chance they could lose this state. >> reporter: drayeah, i was no surprised by the results of either of these two polls having listened to what both campaigns had to say the way that the bernie sanders campaign has be saved over the last couple days, it's clear they might be a little short on cash, but they have really tried to win. but bernie sanders himself has been camping out here and the clinton campaign has noticed that and that's this challenge that she has. both she and bill clinton are going to be here in california over the course of the next functionally week basically until tuesday. both working as hard as they can to try to win here. even as of course she is continuing to try to run on this parallel track and focus most of her energy on donald trump. and that's what this foreign policy speech today is all
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about. and of course it's not focused on bernie sanders. instead focused on trying to paint donald trump as unqualified to be commander in chief of this country. and of course i think that you will see some efforts over the course of the coming weeks to try and find military surrogates or people willing to speak out maybe former military officers on her behalf to try to say or echo, rather, this message that she's trying to hone here today. now, her challenge of course on the one hand, she is a democrat who comes to the table to a general election with more national security experience against a republican than we've seen in recent contests. john mccain of course had an edge in this area over barack obama. john kerry struggled with with the swift boat allegations in 2004 which let george w. bush have the upper hand on national security. so now you have hillary clinton with all this deep experience. the challenge of course she has a reputation for being a hawk and that's something that
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clearly isn't playing very well in the electorate these day, steve. >> kasie hunt out there this san diego on the clinton beat. thanks. and hallie jackson is covering the trump campaign. so this is it, we're starting it to see the democratic attack on donald trump really come coming into focus. you have hillary clinton calling him a fraud, going into the trump university stuff. today it will be fosh po be for. how is the trump campaign handling this? >> reporter: you saw it from trump himself at a late my ratley in the bay area. he did not wait for clinton to hit first. donald trump went right after her talking specifically about that speech that she's giving today, the one kasie was just discussing. saying clinton has no natural temperame temperament, no natural ability to be president. trying to cut her off at the pass and steal back the narrative before she has the opportunity to today. he issued the kind of warning to
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president obama, as well. as you know sources telling us the president is eager to begin campaigning against donald trump once the democratic nomination does get locked unlikely next week in the primaries and trump says if the president will campaign geps me, items fair game i attack him just like i have attacked bill clinton. so, yes, this is the general election fight. trump is hitting the clintons both of them hard. here's what he had to say in sacramento. >> she lies. she made a speech and she's making another one tomorrow. and they sent me a copy of the speech. and it was such lies about my foreign policy. they said i want japan to nuke. i want japan to get nuclear weapons. give me a break. >> reporter: so trump again preemptively lashing out at clinton, all of it as he is working to continue campaigning here in california, continuing making that turn in the general election. at one point last night he said,
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hey, maybe we'd be better off with bernie, not that that would actually happen. so he's very clear of the democratic fight in california. in the meantime, though, he is still to a degree not able to coalesce republicans around him. we're getting word this morning reports that the michigan governor is not endorsing in this race, he is staying on the sidelines. and not backing donald trump at least at this this point. remember we're just about a month from when paul ryan initially came out with his comments saying that he was not ready to endorse donald trump yet. we're now four weeks later and there is still nothing that has changed. so trump has questions to face when it comes to his own party even as he takes his attacks thousand to the did thnow to the democrats. >> hallie jackson, thanks. congressman from new york joining us p let me run a theory by you. we look at these polls in california, two now very good polls out there showing this is
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basically a toss-up race, clinton versus sanders. here is the theory. how california goes on tuesday will determine how bernie sanders plays those weeks between the end of the primary and the convention. if he wins, he's emboldened, he maybe takes this close to the convention, maybe all the way to the convention. if he loses california on tuesday, he folds his tent, united early. what do you say to that? >> well, i think two responses. number one, from day one hillary clinton said that this was going to be a close election, not taking any vote for granted and this has been a very volatile environment which is why hillary clinton is working so hard in california and elsewhere. and secondly, even though this is a close election in california according to the polls, no matter what the droug outcome is, bernie sanders would have to win every single state by over 30 points. he hasn't done that yet and i don't see him a path for him do that yet. she has 3 million more popular
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votes, delegate lead of almost 300 and i'm not sure that even a win in california for bernie sanders and i'm not stipulating that he will win, but i'm not sure a win in california for senator sanders really gives him a truly viable path to becoming the nominee. >> with that reality you're talking about, and we do the math all the time, ands it is basically impossible. so with that reality being out there, that you come to the end of this process, you have donald trump locked in on hillary clinton, you have hillary clinton trying to run against donald trump. if democratic voters in the biggest democratic state in the country still vote for bernie sanders over her, that would say something, wouldn't it? >> well, it says that this is a very volatile election environment. but look, i think we have a serious -- i have a serious concern about moving forward. we have got to beat donald
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trump. we have to keep our eye on the ball. the man is reckless and he is dangerous particularly on foreign policy issues which secretary clinton will discuss today. donald trump is doing well because he has consolidated his vote. he has cleared the field. secretary clinton has not been able to do that yet. when she does consolidate her vote and expand ts her electora, she will be the next president and we won't have to worry about donald trump who is so irresponsibly he can reckless and dangerous. >> you talk about consolidating the democratic vote when the process ends. you look at it right now, the situation of hillary clinton trying to bring in bernie sanders supporters ultimately, is that a bigger challenge than it was eight years ago for barack obama to bring in hillary clinton supporters? >> actually barack obama in 2008, one of the biggest challenges he had was consolidating that vote. one of the big challenges that donald trump had in this cycle was consolidating his vote.
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this is as you know as an observer of campaigns, this is politics 101. you have to consolidate your vote, you have to clear the field. and then you have to expand your electorate with moderate and i said voters. that's exactly what hillary clinton will do. i'm a big believer this politics in this axiom. would i remember be me or them. would i rather be hillary clinton with potential to consolidate and enlarge her electorate and win or would i rather be donald trump. donald trump is hovering near his ceiling i believe. hillary clinton can grow and will grow which is why i'd rather be her in this election. >> all right. congressman israel, thanks for the time. and coming up next, hillary clinton will makes an appearance with a potential running mate, someone getting a lot of veepstakes buzz. cory booker from new jersey. we'll weigh the good and the bad when it comes to booker in our look at the veepstakes. we got another one. i have an orc-o-gram for an "owen." that's me. ♪ you should hire stacy drew. ♪
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what do you think of cory booker for vp? >> first of all, i'm already her vegan path. >> well, it's that time of the campaign season here. hillary clinton fueling veepstakes speculation, campaigning with new jersey senator cory booker in newark, that's where the junior u.s. senator once severed as hair. booker often mentioned in conversations about potential running mates for clinton. so we'll take a closer look. something that we will do for a lot of perspective vps in both parties. let's take a closer look now at cory booker and the buzz around him. so the pro column for why hillary clinton might want to give him a look for her ticket, he's a great speaker. he brings real energy to any room he's in. if he were the vp nominee, he'd
6:18 am
probably deliver a heck of a speech. really get the crowd fired up. that could be important. also, the african-american vote. remember, barack obama did incredibly well not just in terms of the percentage of the vote he won from black voters in 2008 and 2012, but in terms of turning out black voters. a lot of democrats worried without barack obama on ticket in 2016, maybe there would be a drop off there. cory booker if you add him to the ticket, could he help with that. could be a reason for putting him on the ticket. what are some of the cons? how about wall street ties. this is something that you'll see with a lot of politicians from around the new york area befo. he's taken a lot of wall street money for his campaign. one task hillary clinton will have is bringing in bernie sanders voters. we hear about it all the time. would putting on the ticket somebody with close ties to wall street, somebody who has taken a lot of wall street money, would that be the best way to do that,
6:19 am
could be a con. also experience. it was just 2013 that cory booker ended up in the u.s. senate. he's been there even less time than barack obama had been there when he ran in 2008. so not a lot of experience there for cory booker, but certainly cory boogkebooker, this is somen the radar for a long time even when he was the mayor of newark, new jersey, a lot of people have seen a lot of potential in this guy for a long time and so his name is floating around on that veepstakes list for hillary clinton. let's talk more about cory booker about the veepstakes thousand with jonathan capehart. i just ran true hrough my pros cons. what is your opinion? >> cory booker is very energetic. you hit the mull onnumber one ae is his speaking ability.
6:20 am
he has a way of talking to audiences that not only gets them in their heads but also in their hearts, he has a very personal way of speaking. he would definitely bring a type of young dynamism to a ticket that will be headed by -- assuming she gets the nomination in a few days -- hillary clinton who is a generation older than he is. and one other pro for him that you listed as a con in terms of experience for cory booker, you mentioned it, he was mayor of new arc. a newark. we can't discount that. the state's largest city there in new jersey. a city that has seen many problems and only had two previous mayors. i was born in newark and my entire childhood, there were only two mayors of newark, james and gibson.
6:21 am
cory booker left that job after two terms and now he's in the senate. so i think he would be an interesting pick for hillary clinton. >> and this is an interesting for hillary clinton to think about not just with cory booker but other potential vps, the idea of putting somebody as you say is such a great speaker, who brings such energy to the stump. hillary clinton one of the knocks on her is she's not the strongest campaigner. a lot of people say her strengths are behind the scenes. is that something to be concerned about maybe in putting a vp on the stage who in some ways could outperform you? >> that is a concern, but let's keep in mind that liability take she has is something that she has acknowledged. she has said many times, look, i'm not a great campaigner. i'm the kind of person who i can actually do the job. i just have a hard time going through the process of getting to the point of being elected to that job. and so by putting someone like cory booker on the ticket is actually something we look for in other presidential candidates.
6:22 am
what holes does that number two pick fill. and having someone who fills in that hole where she is clearly as we all know lacking, i don't see that as a weakness, i see as recognizing a strength in a potential running mate. >> jonathan capehart, taking a look at cory booker. we'll have a lot more of theses in the weeks to come. thanks for the time. and an update for you, you may recall over the memorial day weekend, a lot of speculation stirred biweekly standard editor bill kristol, he tweeted an impressive conservative with a strong team would soon emerge to run a third party candidacy this fall. a lot of speculation about who that would be. mitt romney's name was put out there, ben sasse, the senator from nebraska. it turns out it is this many, david french, a staff writer at the national review. his opponents started trying to get opposition research, some background information on him.
6:23 am
and look what they turned up. >> so what do you do if donald trump does indeed win the nomination? >> what do i do? i vote for donald trump. i'm not one of these republicans who -- or conservatives who says i'll just take himy ball and go home. >> that was david french earlier this year saying he would support donald trump. french did publish a piece 39 days after that on march 2 and he said why i changed my mind and why i joined the never trump movement. so maybe not off to the smoothest start. coming up, the first openly gay secretary of the army, eric fanning, sits down with matt lau lauer. which provided for their every financial need. and then, in one blinding blink of an eye, their tree had given its last.
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here are your headlines at the half. police have named professor william klug as the victim in an appatient murder-suicide on the campus of ucla wednesday. the engineering school where klug taught will remain closed today. the rest of the university will hold classes as usual. in san diego, hillary clinton will deliver a high profile speech on foreign policy in which she will also go after donald trump outlining a series of her proposals that she says make trump fundamentally unfit for the white house. president obama is in colorado springs to deliver the commencement address at the air force academy, that's about two hours from how. that will be the 24th and final commencement address president obama has delivered while in office. in iraq the high profile
6:31 am
operation to retake fallujah had ground to a halt amid heavy resistance from isis fighters. the iraqi government also says it fears for the safety of about 50,000 people, including 20,000 children who are still trapped in that city. and thunderstorms are in the dra forecast for much of east again today. the brazos river is above flood stage and still rise. a state of disaster has been claired in 31 counties. trump campaign meanwhile is firing back at the growing criticism over the now defunct trump university and as posted a web video that it says highlights success stories. >> the courses that i took were outstanding. >> we made a goal do a deal and get our hone back and within 60 days, we hit our goal, bought a property at auction, resold the property and made approximately the same money we spent on trump
6:32 am
university back. >> let's bring in founder of the fix blog at the "washington post." so chris, this is interesting because the clinton campaign thinks it has a winner here. they think they have found the issue that if they go after donald trump on, they will draw blood. do you think they're right? >> well, in any normal political campaign, yes. no question this is an issue in which you see someone -- the narrative is easily told. wealthy individual taking advantage of less wealthy individuals, oftentimes poor folks trying to get an education and making money for it. at the 2012 election, the way in which that was framed was mitt romney rich guy cutting tons of jobs and putting people whose jobs were cut on television and that really painted romney into a corner that he never escaped from.
6:33 am
the thing that is hard, this is trump. women are reading quotes that he said about women, they were run in the primary, should have been absolutely disastrous for him and yet here he stands. but, yes, i would assume this this would be a big piece of the clinton argument going forward. i think you have both of them today. trump university and then you also have the argument you touched on that she will make which is that donald trump is fundamentally dangerous to interests abroad. >> and we showed that ad hearing alums from trump university. one person featured is also a trump family acquaintance whose protein infused water is stocked at trump's golf courses, restaurants and resorts. another one is a woman whose son wrote a self help book that received an endorsement and plug from donald trump. so there are some connections there, as well. you mentioned mitt romney, though, the 2012 obama strategy against romney to paint him as
6:34 am
the out of touch guy who made his hone on the backs of working people. donald trump and mitt romney, both rich guys on paper, but trump's skews a lot more blue collar. >> i can only imagine mitt romney thinking this guy is way richer than me, like why is he getting a pass where i'm not. trump rhetorically and perception-wise doesn't come across as sort of a member of the landed gentry in the way that mitt romney did. which is totally fascinating. imagine mitt romney saying the following, i'm rich, i'm really very rich. he would never say that and unless he was labeled as out of touch rich guy. trump has said that multiple times. i'm very successful, i'm very wealthy, and yet people see him as sort of this populous messen
6:35 am
exercise in messenger in which he could they ever connect with peel. donald trump has his own plane and yet for average people, there feels like something different there. and the only thing i can chalk it up to, the way they present themselves is different. >> it's not always the word, sometimes it's how you say the words. bernie sanders, democratic race, two polls out of california showing pretty much a dead heat there. you wrote an interesting piece this week, though, where you were saying -- because there are two ways of viewing the sanders campaign. some would say the guy has overachieved, he's lucky to be where he is right now. you say there is a big mistake that has cost him from doing maybe even better. >> i think both of those things are true. there is no one including bernie sanders or hillary clinton who thought bernie sanders would do this well. so he deserve as huge amount of credit for where he's gotten. i think he made a mistake way
6:36 am
back when in a strategy or just in a debate when he said i think it was in october of 2015 no within cares about your damn e-mails, something like that. essentially saying this wasn't an issue that could be part of the campaign. the truth of the matter is, and you've talked about this many times, for bernie sanders to have had a real chance at winning, not being a factor, but winning, he needed to destabilize the race in a meaningful way. get people to think that maybe hillary clinton won't be the nominee. the e-mail controversy that continues to play out is the way he could have done that. now, he didn't want to. which is all well and good. but if you go back and look and say how could he have gotten over the top as opposed to just come close that is the thing that always has stood out to me as the path, not a guarantee, but the way in which he could have undermine ed her and playe to a lot of things that people including democrats did not like about her. >> all right. chris, thanks for the time. and coming up, donald trump
6:37 am
promising to do something that no republican has done in 28 years to win california in the fall. he has a very big hill to climb. how big? our most important number of the day, we'll tell you next. time got your business entrepreneur of the week. with orders coming in from around the globe, ray sick democratic le has had to learn how to export. he was nervous at first, but practice made perfect and he's now shipping his hand made rope samples to about two dozen companies around the world. for more, watch "your business" sunday morning at 7:30. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? our new cocktail bitters were doing well, but after one tradeshow, we took off. all i could think about was our deadlines racing towards us. a loan would take too long. we needed money, now. my amex card helped me buy the ingredients to fill the orders.
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to get you a copy of my resume. umm, maybe keep your hands on the controller. look out!! ohhhhhhhhhh... you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. yeah that's probably safer. ok, cool. i'm going to make a real run in california, okay? believe me. we're going to work a lot of states that you wouldn't work and we're going to work them hard. we'll be here a lot. and i think we have a chance. i think we have a good chance. >> donald trump making a big promise there saying he thinks he can win california this fall against hillary clinton. and he thinks he can compete in a very, very blue state. what is the challenge he faces in trying to flip a state like california? well, it's our number the day. and it's 24.
6:41 am
look at this, 24 right now, that's the gap donald trump faces in california. 55% for hillary clinton, 31% for donald trump. and remember, there are people who say this clinton number is actually a little low right now because she hasn't fully unified the democratic party. so donald trump the presumptive republican nominee starts down 24 points against hillary clinton in california. so he says right now that he will compete there, he says he has a shot. we've heard republicans talk this way in the past. whether he actually mean it is come the end of october, we'll see. because this is the recent history in california. the country's biggest state, biggest bounty of electoral college votes back to 1992, democrats have won double digits every year. closest race was 2004, george w. bush against john kerry. even that was ten points. youn has exploded in the two obama elections.
6:42 am
well over 120. s. demographics have changed in a way that has been tough for republicans. the latino population would be very steep hill to climb for any republican let alone donald trump who has such baggage when it comes to the latino vote. but enough the less donald trump saying i'm an unusual candidate, i've dep done things differently. he talks about california. here is another state he talks about flipping. his home state, new york. take a look. this is the latest poll just a couple day ago shows in new york, a 21 point lead for hillary clinton here. so again, trump promising to flip big blue states. so far not seeing it in the numbers in the two biggest blue states. however, we could in fairness to trump point that out, new jersey and michigan, polls show close races this both of them. clinton up only four in new jersey, only four in michigan. these are states certainly that
6:43 am
donald trump would love to compete in, as well. so there is a little bit of good news for him in the blue state front, but when it comes to the two biggest ones, new york and california, he's facing big defini deficits. we'll see if he can make a department in that or if he becomes just the latest republican to get blown out in california. that is our most important number of the day. and for the first time since becoming the first openly gay secretary of the army, eric fanning now talking publicly about that historic achievement. fanning was confirmed in the position last month. five years after the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell." and he spoke to matt lauer this morning in a "today" show exclusi exclusive. >> i've gotten used to the fact that this is a part of anytime i get a new job or do something. i didn't quite have the track record that people wanted to know and i wanted to focus on qualifications, about you nu bu
6:44 am
thousand i now i embrace it. >> as you were growing up, and i don't know if or when you ever considered a potential career in the military, buti now i embrac. >> as you were growing up, and i don't know if or when you ever considered a potential career in the military, but there were no role models for you. so now do you look at yourself as having an extra responsibility to others? >> i think anytime you're in a job like this, i feel responsible as secretary of the army. not just because of the historic cal nature of the appointment because i'm gay. i take that responsibility very seriously.appointment because i. i take that responsibility very seriously. i have two uncles that went to west point so it was something that i considered but chose another route. >> it was less than five years ago go that a guy man or woman serving in the military had to keep it a secret and now you're running the army. >> first of all, the e's it's a remarkable honor.
6:45 am
i first left because i didn't see that there was a future for me as an openly gay man. so to back in this job is beyond what i had ever imagined. >> eric fanning also becomes the first army secretary to have served as a senior civilian executive in all three departments of the pentagon including the navy, air force and army. for more from this swrer view, check out the new nbc dedicated to coverage of the lgbt community. coming up, we have hugh hewitt, and we'll talk about the california race tightening on the democratic side. we'll talk about that clinton campaign going hard after donald trump. stay with us. allergies with nasal congestion? find fast relief behind the counter with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d.
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hillary clinton race to ing california. bill clinton racing to california. maybe they think this campaign is not quite over.
6:49 am
>> bernie sanders in california last night where the polls are tight. two new ones out showing a two point lead for hillary clinton well within the margin of error. you pretty much have a toss up there right now. let's bring in hugh hewitt and e.j., msnbc contributor. hugh, we have a real tight race out there on the democratic side. look like one of the keys will be these independent voters sanders is always talking about. if he gets enough of them, maybe he could pull this out. big picture though, does it matter? we know she probably has the delegates. does it matter in this race long term if she loses on tuesday? >> i think it does. i remember very well even though i was in junior high bobby kennedy winning in california and going on to chicago and let's win there, too, before the tragedy occurred at the ambassador hotel. so i think if bernie sanders comes out with a win tuesday night, it will be an enormous shift of energy.
6:50 am
and my niece lizy who has been making calls for hillary clinton is going to the bernie sanders rally because it's an event at chico state. they had a big event at davis yesterday. bernie has tapped into something in california which is very real. i'll leave it to ej, he wrote a great book. in california, bernie has got the bern going. >> from a sanders standpoint on this thing, how important is california to determining how he plays this summer? if he wins tuesday, is he emboldened and fight this all the way to the convention? if he loses, does he sort of shut up the shop? what happens? >> thanks for the plug on the book, hugh. i think bernie sanders is already emboldened, even after defeats, by these crowds as you suggested. i thought his example was interesting, there are people who show up at those events who
6:51 am
basically are prepared to vote for clinton or in the case of his niece, like clinton but really what bernie is saying. there are a couple of historical metaphors here. one is 1972, california is a progressive state. george mcgovern put away hubert humphrey. and gary hart beat walter monodale but he already wrapped up the race on east coast in new jersey. the fascinating interactions will be that folks in california may well still be voting when the networks report that hillary clinton has gone over the top and won enough delegates from her performance in new jersey. i still think that bernie in the end, he's going to go through the d.c. primary on the 14th. he's going to see all of the primaries through. i think the question is what
6:52 am
does he do after that? what does president obama do? he's been hinting he wants to get out there for hillary clinton. does he try to help close the thing? but bernie is already emboldened, i don't think he needs more emboldening. >> you mentioned '72 and '84, a lot of democrats would like to forget how november turned out. talking about the challenge of unifying the party when this is all over, you think back to '72. that didn't happen. a challenge in '84. how big of a problem is that going to be for hillary clinton? >> i think it is something of a problem because of young voters, young voters who are very big for bernie are essential to democratic ma jorts. look at the difference between 2008 and the mid-terms of 2010 or 2012 and mid-terms of 2014. when young people vote democrats
6:53 am
do very well. when they don't, republicans do very well. so i think it's going to be very important to have bernie and others, elizabeth warren notably, sending signals that this race really matters and no matter how you feel about bernie, the issue is defeating donald trump. i think donald trump will be the best turnout machine hillary clinton has. >> hugh, when you talk to clinton people right now and look at the polls, show a pretty tight race, clinton versus trump. we're up a couple of points right now but when this democratic primary ends, we're going to gain a few more because of sanders and because of the party uniting. do you buy into that happening or think there's any chance these sanders people are somehow won over to donald trump? >> i think both face significant splits in the core vote, e.j. has a column about evangelicals, will they be with donald trump? and there's some movement that way. the left wing of the democratic party will have trouble cozying
6:54 am
up to hillary clinton after this brutal fight. there's a substory in california, harris, the ultraliberal attorney general is running against loretta sanchez, a proud panther where i teach. she's center left but not way out there and we have a jungle primary, so the top two vote getters advance to the general election. we'll probably have blue on blue against each other in a divided democratic ee lector ate and it's a metaphor for the entire race and i frankly don't think you can get progressives excited about a washingtonian fixture who blew foreign policy for five and a half years and corruption problem and foundation that's fuzzy. >> that's right. we always talk about battleground senate races but california this fall will have a big senate race and probably not include a republican as that
6:55 am
presidential race plays out. something interesting to key an eye on. thank you for both for joining us. appreciate it. >> coming up, zika, an all-star pitcher for two months. prominent scientists say the games should be postponed. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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sir, this alien life form at an alarming rate. growing fast, you say? we can't contain it any long... oh! you know,
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that reminds me of how geico's been the fastest-growing auto insurer for over 10 years straight. over ten years? mhm, geico's the company your friends and neighbors trust. and deservedly so. indeed. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. more concerns about the zika virus, now spilling into the sports world. detroit tigers pitcher francisco rodriguez says he's contracted the virus and got it in the offseason while visiting his home country of venezuela. they share a border with brazil where the olympics are supposed to be held this summer. it's having its own major struggle with this virus though. cal perry has more information. cal, there are people looking at this and saying brazil is no place to have olympics right now. >> keep in mind we're just two months away from the games beginning.
6:59 am
as you mentioned k-rod a closer now starting to detail his experience saying that he had body aches and headaches and throwing up and in bed for weeks at a time when major league baseball has been shifting things around and recently moved the series out of puerto rico playing it in miami. there has been a letter sent to the olympic company. 150 professionals saying to the w.h.o. they should move the olympic games, w.h.o. pushing back saying there's enough enough of a public risk to move those games. we're a month from july. this is what nasa believes that the map is going to look like in july. you can see the virus will travel as far as new york city. >> those athletes heading to brazil think about that. thanks for that. that wraps up this hour on msnbc, i'm steve kornacki, jose diaz-balart is up right now. >> good thursday morning. up first, the war of words on the campaign trail, the he said,
7:00 am
she said battle being set for the fall is not looking pretty. hillary clinton and donald trump exchanging harshest attacks yet, clinton calling trump a scam artist and conman for failed trump university and trump labeling clinton as a liar who cannot be trusted. >> highly be honest, she has no natural talent to be president. >> he is trying to scam america the way he examed all of those people at trump u. >> you talk about bad judgment, she broke federal law by putting e-mails in a secret private server. >> issue after issue we see someone who is unqualified and unfit to be president of the united states. >> the attacks will continue today when hillary clinton gives what her campaign says is a major foreign policy speech. she's expected to


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