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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 2, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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she said battle being set for the fall is not looking pretty. hillary clinton and donald trump exchanging harshest attacks yet, clinton calling trump a scam artist and conman for failed trump university and trump labeling clinton as a liar who cannot be trusted. >> highly be honest, she has no natural talent to be president. >> he is trying to scam america the way he examed all of those people at trump u. >> you talk about bad judgment, she broke federal law by putting e-mails in a secret private server. >> issue after issue we see someone who is unqualified and unfit to be president of the united states. >> the attacks will continue today when hillary clinton gives what her campaign says is a major foreign policy speech. she's expected to cast her
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likely republican rival as a threat to global security and danger to u.s. diplomacy. our latest nbc wall street journal poll shows voters are split on who can better handle isis. meantime, president obama inching closer to fully diving into the 2016 race. the president who has yet to endorse in his party still ongoing primary now mocking the presumptive gop nominee. >> if we fall for a bunch of oaky doek just because, you know, it sounds funny or the tweets are provocative, then we're not going to build on the progress that we've started. >> let's start with hallie jackson in san jose, california. good morning, it's going to be a
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jam packed day in california. >> reporter: good morning, busy day in the golden state, donald trul p after his light night rally in sacramento will be here in san jose for another rally tonight before heading to potentially a different part of the state later in the week. what's interesting rkts his preemptive attacks against hillary clinton, he knows that she's prepared to deliver this fiery speech taking him to task on national security and taking him to task on foreign policy, his temporary proposed muslim ban and policies on national security as well. trump already trying to turn the narrative against hillary clinton, questioning her temperament and natural ability to be president, calling her one of the worst secretaries of state ever. he's adopting this philosophy of don't hit back, just hit first. she's not the only democrat he's going after by the way. he also had new comments about president obama. as you know, top democratic sources tell us that the president is eager to get on the campaign trail to go after donald trump once the nomination
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gets locked up. trump has heard about this because here's what he had to say about the president at that rally, listen. >> this is a president who doesn't have a clue. this president now is very interested because he'll start campaigning. if he campaigns that means i'm allowed to hit him like i hit bill clinton, i guess, right. if he doesn't i don't care, if he campaigns and i think he wants to to keep this terrible agenda going where everybody is ripping us and world is ripping us off. >> trump going after president obama and going after hillary clinton. who didn't he go after? notably some of his fellow republicans. he really backed off criticism that we've seen in the past for example mitt romney or susanna martinez, he did ding jeb bush a little bit. but donald trump has heard critiques within the party that he is attacking his own perhaps too much. that said not only is on board
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the trump train, at least not yet. we're getting word this morning that rick snyder is choosing not to endorse in this race and telling a local paper he'll stay on the sidelines for now and focus on his own state, the flint water crisis there or continue to do so. lots happening in the world of politics for donald trump. we expect to see him later on today. hillary clinton's speech is happening later this afternoon. we'll keep an eye on donald trump's twitter. >> jose. >> thank you very much. meantime, the presumptive republican nominee is dealing with fallout of big accusations made about trump university in a lawsuit brought by some students who say they were defrauded some former instructors call it a fraudulent scheme. trump is defending his business venture and released this video. it comes as we're learning just how many legal battles trump is really fighting. joining me now is chief legal
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correspondent ari melber. good morning. >> reporter: good morning the ba bashlash is growing but it is different when you become the nominee, there's more scrutiny. we saw it in the combative press conference how he views this scruti scrutiny. there's a fight in california with people who say they were defrauded and don't like it. and other folks including those you showed in the video, have said it was a good program and in new york, there has been a suit by the attorney general, this was initiated years ago long before he was anything near presidential candidate, let alone a nominee and new york attorney general eric snyder man, talked about it. the attorney general was revealing that sometimes he does settle suits and potentially talked about doing that in this case. >> have you spoken to donald trump about a settlement? >> before the complaint was filed, yeah there were
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settlement discussions. >> with donald trump? >> i didn't speak with him personally, there were offers going back and forth. he settles cases all the time. >> that's interesting because it does cut against part of the political and business style, that's what he's emphasized on the campaign trail about this case, saying he could have settled it and chose not to. that's a different spin than the attorney general said this morning. listen to trump talking about it. >> i could have settled this case numerous times but i don't want to settle cases when we're right. i don't believe in it. when you start settling cases you know what happens, everybody sues you because you get known as a settler. one thing about me i'm not known as a settler. >> my reaction to that is outside of lawyers, i don't think anyone cares whether you're a settler -- i don't feel that's a term you hear much. that's my take on that. but if you're interested, it's
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not true, usa today did an amazing report where they combed through every single case and this would take a long time, a lot of investigators and see it up on the screen from usa today according to public court records, he does win the suits a lot, 450, but he settles a whole heck of a lot, 175 cases settled as you see from the rest of the bar chart there, another 500 or so dismissed or discontinued. the larger takeaway than the so-called settler issue, donald trump is in court constantly suing people, being sued, having these disputes. one or two cases is no admission or implication of anything, i wouldn't want to prejudge that, i will tell you having hundreds upon suits of that is highly unusual for a businessman or a politician. >> there's another one, if we can throw up that chart a second. there's another one that's interesting and unusual on there. he rarely loses. >> he does rarely lose.
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i will give him that. that goes to both the aggressive style and money. i don't want to take anything away from him and when you win that means a judge or jury found in your favor. all credit do. it wouldn't be a surprise to you jose or viewers that rich people statistically fare better in our court system than poor people, being able to afford a good lawyer is one of the big determine nants, i would say that's part of why the chart is the way it looks. >> let's say you and i are settlers in general. >> can we settle somewhere with good sun and vacation together. >> good to see you. this will be clinton's first major foreign address since donald trump secured the nomination last month. she'll outline two competing visions of america's role in the world and speak extensively why she believes trump is unfit to be commander in chief.
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clinton remains locked in a tight primary battle with bernie sanders. elise, good seeing you. >> reporter: thanks for having me. >> laying out a foreign policy concept at the same time you throw in the donald trump issues or is it donald trump going to be in everything hillary clinton talks about for mext month? >> i'm a little confused on the timing of this major foreign address because right now the conversation is about donald trump and fraudulent practices with trump university. trump is in court. we have a major presidential candidate who is literally going to trial for fraud. so right now that's a much more important message for hillary clinton to be pressing. so i'm frankly a little confused why they are deciding to muddy the air a little bit with policy. in an election where voters have not cared about policy at all. >> in this new quinnipiac poll voters think clinton would
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better handle an international crisis than donald trump would. if you have that issue, that is front and center, isn't it agood time for clinton to be pointing out differences. >> polls better on foreign policy. you have donald trump who says he's not opposed to using nuclear weapons in europe. it's all relative there and hillary clinton's foreign policy record is abysmal. if you look at the war in libya, i don't get why they are trying to draw attention to her troubled foreign policy views. >> and also in this poll, nearly half of voters think trump will try but fail to come through on some of his most controversial proposals and a third think he won't even try to make them happen. why does he have the support he has if voters don't think he's going to carry through like the wall on mexico or mass deportation or ban on muslims.
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>> reporter: trump has been seen as a big middle finger to the corrupt career politicians as voters see as running the country into the ground. this is about a referendum on washington, about being fed up with the status quo and government that hasn't been delivering with political parties that both sides are in the play for their big donors. i think that's really why trump has the momentum he has. >> elise jordan, thank you very much. good to see you today. appreciate your time. >> much more ahead on this hour. up next, historic flooding in texas following days of pounding rains across the plains. take a look at that. live pictures now of a high water rescue in east bay texas. more severe weather expected today. will it ever let up soon? we'll talk about that next. stay with me. allergies.
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the flood emergency in texas continues as the rain is causing people to be rescued from towns that are now virtually under water. rains have also caused the brazos river to reach historic levels not seen in years. gabe gutierrez is in texas. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, texas's governor has declared states of disaster in 31 counties. authorities here in fort ben say over the past few days they have made more than 450 water rescues and as you can see behind me, this neighborhood is devastated. there are several feet of water all around here. the brazos river crested at a record 54 feet, almost 55 feet in this part of richmond. as you can see, there's utter devastation in many parts of this area. yesterday we went to the town of
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simonton, population 800 and that town authorities say is 80% damaged or destroyed. the question will be, when might these walters recede. there's nowhere for it to go. over the next coming days and weeks, this ground will be saturated. now many parts of texas remain under flash flood watches. overnight we had more rain, more flooding in parts of the houston area and parts of the san antonio area. the governor is set to tour part of the flood zone later today and jose, again, this is being called historic flooding, unprecedented flooding in parts of texas. jose. >> gabe gutierrez, let's go now to nbc meteorologist bill karins with more. good morning. >> helpless feeling, right, the sun was out and water is pretty high and it's not going anywhere and it's going to rain again, the water levels will keep going
7:17 am
up last night san antonio got 2 to 3 inches of rain. there's nowhere for the water to go. when you get thunderstorms like this, they are quickly producing flash flooding. right now we're watching waco, heavy rain in houston, right over the top of that we're waiting to see if they go for a flash flood warning and eastern portions of the state too. we have the flash flood warning around san antonio and san antonio river shot well up, and now it is coming back down and flash flood warnings near the red river. as far as the predictions go, this is the rainfall amounts today, all the way through sunday. and we get into the purplish color, that's 2 inches widespread, 3 inches in the red. pink and yellow, that's 4 to 5 inches of rain. we're shifting from the houston area to the louisiana. this is the area where we just got done with our rivers peaking
7:18 am
or cresting and we'll get drenched again. things will get better in the central portion of the state. at 11:00 this morning, the hurricane center in miami is going to start reissuing advisories on bonnie. bonnie is back as a tropical depression, still bringing rain to the outer banks, it will exit the coast, no problem. it's not going to strengthen but bonnie never gave up and regenerated and official advisories come out here shortly. >> we're in day two atlantic hurricane season. just the second day, we got through november. >> a long ways to go on this season. >> bill, good to see you. >> authorities searching for a motive following an apparent murder suicide on ucla's campus, a beloved engineering professor and father of two. we'll go live to los angeles for the latest in the investigation right here live. text mom.
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two people were killed wednesday in an apparent murder/u side at the university of california los angeles. the victim engineering professor william klug. have we learned any more on a motive here? >> reporter: good morning, jose, we do. we also know who the shooter is for certain now. he's being identified as -- a ph.d. student under professor klug and that student may have had a problem with the professor because he believed the professor may have stolen computer code and given it toe another student according to posts online that may have been been made by the shooter. a little while ago los angeles times attributing somebody familiar with the source saying that those allegations are completely untrue and psychotic. that's just some of the investigation as it's unraveling here on ucla campus.
7:23 am
students are having to come back to class today. some of the classes are the same classes they were barricaded in yesterday. a lot of doors in these classes on this campus would not lock from the inside. so students got pretty creative in terms of how they were keeping themselves safe. they were using desks and using chairs to barricade those doors where they could. some of them using belts and using electric wires to tie those doors closed sean keep somebody from coming inside. this campus is a huge campus, it has about 40,000 students that are here. all of them got the alert about 10:00, an active shooter on campus, they believed now we know it was a murder suicide and in the engineering wing. campus is trying to resume as normal today. students coming back to class except for over at the engineering center where the investigation is still taking place. finals are just around the corner. finals week is next week. it will be difficult for
7:24 am
students to put them behind them and start focusing on school once again. >> gadi schwartz, thank you very much. we'll turn back to politics as the race tightens up, new polls show hillary clinton and bernie sanders running neck in neck in california. will clinton's foreign policy speech in san diego help her win more democratic voters. >> we'll talk about that next. with the right steps,
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7:28 am
what he has done because that's usually a pretty good indicator of what he will do. before hillary clinton can take on donald trump full-time, she needs to finish off bernie sanders in california. our new mars poll shows clinton and sanders locked in a statistical tie in that state. let's go to san diego where hillary clinton will deliver her foreign policy speech this afternoon where kasie hunt is. what are we expecting to hear from secretary clinton? >> reporter: jose, good morning, a major speech. hillary clinton's aides are billing for later today on foreign policy. here in san diego. and this speech is going to be all about the general election. in particular, her aides say a top aide jake sullivan giving a preview of what she's going to say today. he says quote, clinton's critique will go beyond specific policies and she'll make clear that the choice in this election
7:29 am
goes beyond partisanship. donald trump is unlike any presidential nominee we've seen in modern times and he's fu fundamentally unfit for the job. that's what you're going to hear today from secretary clinton hitting on this idea that he is unfit to be president of the united states. this is going to be her first major foreign policy speech since donald trump became the presumptive republican nominee. of course her challenge is she's here in california because she is still fighting against bernie sanders and of course sanders has been camped out here in california for the past couple of weeks, speaking to their goal, hundreds and thousands of people are -- at least 160,000 people so far in the last couple of weeks for bernie sanders. and of course, for hillary clinton, that presents something of a challenge. she was expected to stay on east coast for much of this week and only come back here through the weekend. that's not going to be the case
7:30 am
now. both she and her husband bill clinton going to be here campaigning hard as we see these polls tightening. of course our new nbc news wall street journal poll showing that two-point gap. this mirrors exactly what both campaigns have been saying over the last couple of weeks, this is close enough for bernie sanders to make a real difference. of course, mathematically, hillary clinton is all but assured to lockup this nomination coming up here on tuesday. series of other states voting as well, but if she were to lose here in california, it would be the kind of psychological blow that could cause her five more weeks of pain with bernie sanders going into the democratic convention. that's something that hillary clinton supporters really want to make sure they are able to avoid. >> it's all about california, then kasie?
7:31 am
>> reporter: for sure. >> i'm joined by adam schiff. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> what are you expecting to hear from secretary clinton as she goes after donald trump's foreign policy? >> i expect to hear that donald trump is simply unfit to be president of the united states and unfit for a number of reasons. he lacks the experience and lacks the judgment and temperament, the views he's expressed are really anty thet cal to our national security interest. there's too much material. and i hear from republicans all the time who don't want to speak publicly but are terrified at the idea that donald trump could be the leader of the free world. this is an extraordinary thing. i think it's the most reckless thing the gop has done in modern times to be on the verge of nominating this man to lead the free world. it's staggering. she'll have to choose between a variety of topics in terms of
7:32 am
donald trump and national security. i expect she'll burnish her own experience and talk about her own judgment and relationships around the world and how she would approach these issues. i'm very much looking forward to the speech. >> here's how donald trump reacting to the big speech from clinton. let me play part of that for you. >> she made a speech and making another one tomorrow and they sent me a copy of the speech and it was such lies about my foreign policy that they said, i want japan to nuke. i want to japan to get nuclear weapons. give me a break. >> it seems in this campaign, congressman, nothing really sticks to donald trump. is there anything that secretary clinton can say that -- i mean people don't already know about trump that could actually move people's decision one way or another? >> what has stuck that overall people understand increasingly
7:33 am
he's not suited to be president of the united states. he doesn't have the kind of temperament and language and vulgarity. we had yet another illustration this weekend involving the trump university and even if you discount the allegations of fraud at trump university, the fact that when a ruling went against him by a federal district judge, he would go on a personal attack and claim it is the judged perceived origins that were irresponsible. that is bigoted really to be president of the united states and i think that is sinking in. i think every day with each and every example, they realize this man does not belong in the white house. >> i don't think there's been a lot of talk on this. we see that over and over again what he said. i've been kind of struck by that. what does it -- why mention that the judge who was born in the united states by the way, an american, why throw his
7:34 am
background in when you're mentioning? >> exactly. it's completely inappropriate and that's probably the most delicate term i can use. this is what he does when people disagree with him in a court ruling or polgcy matter. he expresses in the most vul gaer often bigoted way of a personal attack on that person. he doesn't know the difference between a policy difference and attack. you do want not a president who shoots his mouth off and he has shot his mouth off when it comes to wouldn't be that big a deal if japan or north korea had to get a nuclear weapon, at least we wouldn't be spending money on their defense and whether we should withdraw from nato and admiringly about putin and kim ju jong-un. that is not someone we can afford, amazingly destabilizing
7:35 am
to have in the white house. >> congressman, very quickly, coming up on the primary in california, how do you explain that hillary clinton is still neck in neck with bernie sanders and that she hasn't been able to show overwhelmingly that she's it. look at this. latest poll is virtually tie. how do you explain this? it's a competitive race and has been all along. each has had their strength with different parts of the electorate. bernie sander has done well with young people and independents and we have a young demographic in california and a lot of independent voters. and secretary clinton has done well with democrats and with all of the other voters in the state and very broad coalition that crosses gender and ethnic backgrounds. so you see both of the candidates' strengths here that's why it's a close race. ultimately secretary clinton will finish on top and got a tremendous boost when governor brown endorsed her this week. that was a very important
7:36 am
endorsement and the governor made the case very well that she is the best position to beat donald trump and that's something that ultimately is going to unify democrats. >> i appreciate your time, good to see you. >> my pleasure, good to see you. >> a programming reminder, we'll bring you hillary clinton's remarks live from san diego. they are scheduled to begin at 2:30 eastern time, that's 11:30 a.m. pacific. you'll see them right here on msnbc. after sitting on the sidelines watching the 2016 race play out is president obama ready to jump into the action? possible signs he's getting ready to endorse one of the democrats after the break. soon. i like the bride more than the groom. turquois dresses... so excited. did all her exes get invited? no one's got moves like uncle joe. ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ when it's go, book with choice hotels and get a free $50 gift card for
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7:40 am
have their say. he's predicting the race could be over as early as next week. here's what the clinton campaign said about the role obama could play. >> i think the president is going to back the nominee very quickly. >> do you think it will be right after california? >> i leave it to him to come up with that. >> would you like it to be right after california or the convention in philadelphia? >> i'm honestly not worried about this. the president has done a fantastic job laying out stakes in this election and explaining why donald trump is such a threat. i think he'll get behind the nominee quickly and be out there campaigning. >> ron allen is live at the white house this morning. good seeing you. what are we hearing from the white house about the president's plans? >> the president is going to endorse formally once a nominee is determined, he's not go to jump in, it will be interesting to see what happens if bernie sanders stays in the race through the convention. this is something of a formality because we know the president will support the democrat.
7:41 am
we've also seen in recent weeks he's been ratchetting up attacks using every opportunity he can and in a speech yesterday to really go after donald trump and lay out the case against him even though he hasn't been naming trump per se all the time. yesterday was essentially a stump speech in elkhart, indiana, since he's been in office. here's some of what the president had to say about the republican nominee, donald trump but not naming him per se. >> so deporting 11 million immigrants, not only is that a fantasy, that would cost taxpayers billions of dollars and tear families apart and logistically would be impossible, we've got new tools to guard against another too big to fail situation. and the republican nominee for president has already said he'd dismantle all of these rules we passed. that is crazy. the republican nominee for
7:42 am
president's tax plan would give the top 1/10th -- not top 1%, 1/10th of 1%, a bigger tax cut than the 120 million american households at the bottom. it would explode our deficits by nearly $10 trillion. i'm not making this up. you can look at the math. >> reporter: the president was colorful and blunt and sarcastic and performing and obviously he relishes the spotlight to some extent his record is on the line. that's what the republicans are running against. donald trul p pushed back and said in part, he wants to keep this terrible agenda going. he's campaigning so i'm allowed to hit at him. he should be doing the job he's supposed to be doing. the bottom line, jose, preview of what's to come and it's going to get hot and heavy out there
7:43 am
but president obama wants to get out there and take on donald trump. >> there was a moment where he was asked he never mentions his name. is that unusual to not even say trump's name? >> reporter: it's kind of weird and everybody knows who he's talking about. it's sort of a weird thing, maybe it's a snub, offhanded snub but everybody knows who he's talking about. the bottom line is that the president will use a lot of sarcasm and try to use a lot of facts. the speech yesterday in elkhart, was based on the facts on how the economy improved and the stortry he says the republicans tell isn't true. he's at the air force academy giving a commencement speech about foreign affairs. that will contrast his view of the world versus donald trump's.
7:44 am
>> using facts, that's an unusual thing. a mother's plea for help. >> my son fell in the zoo exhibit at the gorilla. at the sin inzoo, my son fell in the gorilla. there's a male gorilla with him. >> these recordings come out. is there anything in there that sheds any light on what exactly happened at the zoo? we'll go live to the cincinnati zoo after the break. new details on the baby born in new jersey this week with zika related birth defects. we'll have that right after a short break. ♪ what are you doing? sara, i love you, and... [phone rings] ah, it's my brother. keep going... sara, will you marry... [phone rings again] what do you want, todd???? [crowd cheering] keep it going!!!! if you sit on your phone, you butt-dial people. it's what you do. todd! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. two big developments in the case of the gorilla who was killed to save a boy who fell in the exhibit. the authorities have not reached a decision on whether charges will be filed against the young boy's parents. we're hearing directly from the
7:48 am
mother in just released audio tapes of her terrifying call to 911. let's go live to cincinnati. joe, what's the latest authorities are telling you? >> reporter: good morning, jose, we just received official confirmation. police have wrapped up their investigation. they have now passed the case along to the prosecutor who will decide if anyone from the boy's family should face any charges. we're told the earliest that decision would come is tomorrow. meanwhile, we're hearing the 911 calls made by those who witnessed this drama unfold, including the boy's mother. >> my son fell in the zoo exhibit at the gorilla. the cincinnati zoo, my son fell in with a gorilla, with a male gorilla. >> with the 3-year-old trapped in the gorilla closure, the boy's mother made a frantic call to 911. >> be calm, be calm. he's dragging my son. i can't watch this. >> the child had fallen 15 feet coming face to face with a silver back named harambe, the
7:49 am
420 gorilla swiftly dragged the boy across the enclosure. >> like he's a rag doll. >> reporter: awe number of eyewitnesses called 911. >> taking the baby into the cave. oh, my god. >> calm down and quiet. be quiet. quiet. you're going to make him riled up. quiet, quiet. >> now he's on top of the child -- he has him by the shirt going back and forth. >> reporter: zoo officials made the decision to shoot and kill the gorilla. >> the child has been rescued. >> reporter: the family released a new statement saying our child had a checkup by his doctor and still doing well. police said they would review actions of the family leading up to the incident but the cincinnati zoo is not under investigation and on saturday plans to reopen its gorilla world exhibit following harambe's death, 10 western
7:50 am
gorillas remain here including one other silverback. the zoo has not said if it's making changes before welcoming back visitors. >> the zoo says it was already in the process of making big changes in the next year, doubling the size of the gorilla exhibit. as for the boy's family, jose, a spokesperson tells us they have no plans to even hire a lawyer. joe fry ar, thank you very much. a new jersey hospital confirmed the first baby born with the zika related microcephaly in the united states. born to a 31-year-old woman infected with zika in her native honduras. she traveled to new jersey in hopes of getting better treatment. thank you for being with me. >> thank you for having me, jose. >> what do we know about the child's condition today? >> we know from the press conference yesterday, jose is that there was delivered by c-section a 35-year-old,
7:51 am
premature little girl documented to have microcephaly. what the doctors and health care providers right now are doing are evaluating the baby as they would any premature infant born at 35 weeks and additionally because they know the little baby has microcephaly, they are assuming there could be other neurological problems. the baby right now is getting nutrition through the iv and has yet been determined whether or not she has an appropriate suck and swallow reflexes as to whether or not she can be breast or bottle fed. they are in the early stages. >> the mother clearly knew she contracted zika because she took all of the steps she could to deal with it. >> as far as we know her local doctors in honduras made the determination she probably was infected and the baby was affected and therefore traveled to the united states where she had family to get better care and be evaluated and treated here. >> meanwhile, doctor, in an interview with nbc nightly news,
7:52 am
the national institute of allergy and fektous diseases had this to say. listen to this. >> we now have in the united states close to 600 travel related cases and there are also a considerable number of women over 150 to close to 160 pregnant women who have gotten infected. it's underscores the importance of trying to protect pregnant women. >> 600 cases in the u.s. 160 of those pregnant women. do we know where they were infected? >> so all of the cases thus far in the united states have been cases that were acquired abroad and imported here to our knowledge and thus far there are no locally acquired disease, which means that there are no mosquitos that are currently infected with zika in the united states that have been spreading disease. but of course, what we always worry about, the people who are infected, even if it's abroad, they come back to the united states and if they are bitten by a mosquito, it could transmit to
7:53 am
other people. >> what are the symptoms again? >> well, from what we understand of zika, for the vast majority of people, 80% will be completely asymptomatic but the people who are infected usually present with conjunctivitis, joint pain and fever. we know of course that in the pregnant woman the concern is for microcephaly and other neurological disorders and also this parl littic illness gillian bar which can affect anybody. >> always a pleasure to see you. thank you. >> up next, making history at the pentagon. army secretary eric fanning opens up about being the first openly gay military leader. body pain?
7:54 am
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7:57 am
eric fanning is talking publicly for first time. confirmed making him the highest ranking openly gay official ever at the pentagon. just five years after the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. fanning spoke to matt lauer in a "today" exclusive. >> i've gotten used to the fact any time a i get a new job or do something, i was more bothered by it because i didn't have the track record people know now and wanted to focus on qualifications. now i embrace it. it's so important to so many people and something i didn't have 25 years ago. >> i'm glad you said that, as you're growing up and i don't know if or when you ever considered a potential career in the military, but there were no role models for you. so now do you look at yourself as having an extra responsibility to others? >> i think any time you're in a job like this, i feel a responsibility as secretary of the army, not just because of the historical nature of the
7:58 am
appointment because i'm gay. i take that responsibility very seriously. i grew up in a military family and two uncles went to west point and it was something i considered but wasn't allowed to serve so chose another route. >> it was less than five years ago that a gay manor woman serving in the military had to keep it a secret. and here we are less than five years later and you're running the army. >> first of all, it's a remarkable honor. i was first in this building in the clinton administration as a 24-year-old junior aide. i ended up leaving because i didn't see there was a future for me as an openly gay man. to come back in this job is beyond what i ever imagined. >> when is the last time you ever consciously concealed your sexuality? >> you know, it's been -- it's been a while. and that's part of the silver lining of the attention i've gotten. i can't hide it anymore, everybody knows. it certainly has become even more of a story as each new
7:59 am
wrung in the career takes place. >> and for more of the interview, be sure to check out the just launched site nbc, dedicated coverage of the lgbt community. i'm jose diaz-balart. thank you for the privilege of your time. i'm handing it off to tamron hall. >> right now, litigator this chief, donald trump avoids mentioning new allegations surrounding his name sake university while on the campaign trail in california. will he address a new report from usa today that reveals that trump is involved in an unprecedented number of lawsuits, more than any other presidential candidate. plus, president obama is taking a deeper dive into the fray, blasting what he says are donald trump's quote, crazy proposal. but why is president obama refusing to reference trump by name? we'll dig into that strategy. and hillary clinton is set to deliver a major foreign
8:00 am
policy speech in california as poll numbers show the race between her and bernie sanders is very tight in california. she's instead though focusing on donald trump later today and we'll tell you her focus. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. coming to you live from our msnbc headquarters in new york, we begin with donald trump and his legal battles which we're learning number in the thousands. "usa today reports it has 3500 actions over past three decades, including 70 new cases just since he announced his candidacy a year ago. they note the sheer volume of lawsuits is unprecedented for a presidential nominee. we have reporters on the story, including the usa today reporter who broke the news. it follows hundreds of court pages in a class action lawsuit against the now


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