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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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breaking news this morning out of texas. we're waiting right now for a press conference that's going to be starting there any minute now. this after five soldiers were killed and four remain missing this afternoon. military vehicle was swept away by fast-moving flood waters during a training exercise at ft. hood. three other soldiers were rescued, hospitalized, listed in stable condition. that search going on right now for the missing soldiers. it could be days, it could be weeks before some of these flood
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waters actually recede. we're going to bring you that update, bring you that press conference, excuse me, when it begins. and while we wait for that, we're going to go now live to ft.hood, dave guede yarz is there, gabe, we're waiting to hear what they have to say. what is the latest you're learning? >> reporter: hi there steve, good morning. we are waiting to hear from major general john huberdie. he is the senior commander i should say, and we are hearing very little information as opposed to what was revealed late last night. overnight, the death toll did climb here, authorities say they recovered two more bodies. five soldiers, three others still hospitalized in stable condition, and of course now that desperate search for four more who are unaccounted for at this point. now we did learn that this unit had actually returned earlier this year from a deployment, a nine-month deployment in south korea. they'd only been back a few months, and from what we
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understand just before noon yesterday here at the base, it's a sprawling base, of course, more than 247,000 acres, in the northeast portion of the installation in a hilly, rugged terrain that the tactical vehicle overturned in high water. and that the soldiers that they lost control. and were found some of them were found further downstream. now, of course texas has been dealing with devastating floods over the past few days. many counties in this state actually 31 counties have been declared states of disaster by the governor. so this is just another ongoing tragedy here in texas, we are hoping to learn more about what may have led to what a military officials are calling a heart breaking accident. the names of the soldiers have not been released yet, but they have to wait 24 hours -- >> we don't want to cut you
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short, but that press conference is starting right now. let's take a listen. >> our condolences to the leadership soldiers families and friends of the first calvary division on loss of their five soldiers. specifically our thoughts and prayers are with the soldier's family and friends of third battalion 16 field artillery. as you're well aware yesterday, we suffered a tragic accident where we lost five of our soldiers due to the quick action of some other soldiers that were training, western ab were able e three soldiers who are in stable condition at carl r.darnel medical center and potentially be released later today. our priority has been since the first report of this incident and continues to be the search for our four missing teammates.
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and while that remains our priority, major general thompson, the commander of the first calvary division and command sergeant major jackson, command sergeant major and the entire leadership team is focussed on making sure we're providing the support and counselling for the families, friends, and soldiers as we work through the notification and grieving process. i'd also like to thank the many emergency services personnel, not only ft. hood emergency services, but the state and local community emergency services personnel who are so willingly come forward and have professionally been searching for our soldiers. and i'd also like to thank the community for their outpouring of support, their thoughts and
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prayers, they will be needed in the tough days ahead. as you're all aware, this tragedy extends well beyond ft. hood. and the outpouring of support from around the country is sincerely appreciated. as i mention, while our priority remains on searching for our four missing soldiers, we also are providing support and counselling for the soldier's, families, and friends affected by this tragedy. lieutenant general macfarrland and major smith, the commander and command sergeant major of ft.hood, both of who are depl deployed to baghdad extend their condolences to major general thompson and the entire first calvary division team. again, thank you for being here, thanks for your support, and thanks for your thoughts and
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prayers. >> okay. that was the commander at ft.hood in ft. hood, texas, just holding a quick briefing to update on the situation again, five soldiers now dead, four still unaccounted for and missing. they were swept away by those flood waters during a training exercise yesterday at ft. hood. obviously it's a situation we're going to continue to monitor. a tragic situation. the search still ongoing for those four missing soldiers. any new information we learn, we will bring it to you as soon as we learn it. while we continue to monitor that situation, we're going to turn now to politics. last night violence erupting outside of donald trump rally in san jose, california. supporters of trump attacked by protesters who threw eggs and water bottles. some of them also burned donald trump hats. one protester was filmed sucker punching a trump supporter. riot police were dispatched over the city of san jose's police response now being heavily criticized for what some say was
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a slow response time. the american flag was lit on fire at one point, captured in the video you're seeing here from buzzfeed's john stanton. some protesters waved the american flag, the mexican flag i should say as well. that's something that's become a feature at many of these anti-trump protesters. now the mayor of san jose says the trump campaign holds responsibility for these protesters. that mayor by the way is a democrat. donald trump tweeting just moments ago, quote, rally last night in san jose was great. tremendous love and enthusiasm in the hall. big crowd. outside. small group of thugs burned american flag. that's donald trump just in the last few minutes on twitter. let's bring in halle jackson. he's on the campaign trail in san jose this morning, again, where all those protests, that violence erupted last night, halle, you were there, we're showing some of the video, give us a sense of the situation on the ground last night and also the reaction. we're starting to get a little bit here from donald trump. what's the political action to
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this? >> reporter: yeah, i think we're going to see more the political reaction as the day unfolds, steve, but there has been obviously a sense that this was a situation where trump supporters, people who had come out in support of trump ended up attacked by these protesters. you saw the woman who had an egg thrown at her, couple of eggs, food, bottles third dorown at h. others in support of donald trump. the situation was different than in past rallies. we often see protests, occasionally see clashes between police and protesters. so notably albuquerque, notably anaheim, you think back to chicago. in this situation though, the trump supporters were not particularly diverted away from the trump protesters like what we saw for example in new mexico where people went out different exits. tried to keep these two groups apart. you saw that antagonism unfold, and for a while, police were very, very restrained about it. as the night went on, as dusk fell and it got darker, people got rowdier as you saw more
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people come out who weren't part of the protest who were just coming out to be a part of the so-called spectacle. police began being more assertive, they started moving the police line and trying to clear everybody to disperse them. most of the situation died down right around 10:30, 11:00 local time. so add three hours for eastern. as far as the fallout now, donald trump obviously this is something that he will likely be talking about. we've seen him tweeting about it already this morning as you mentioned and i would be surprised if we didn't hear more from him at his rally in a different part of california later today up in redding. >> halle jackson in san jose, california, thanks for that. hillary clinton meanwhile ramping up attacks on donald trump yesterday. mocking trump's foreign policy ideas, one after the other in a major speech in san diego. she went after trump on everything from his attitude toward vladimir putin to what she called his thin skin. take a listen to what she had to say. >> this is not someone who
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should ever have the nuclear codes because it's not hard to imagine donald trump leading us into a war just because somebody got under his very thin skin. >> and donald trump responding last night at a rally, the one we were just talking about in san jose. >> i watched hillary today, it was pathetic. it was pathetic. she's up there and supposed to be a foreign policy speech, it was a political speech. had nothing to do with foreign policy. she made a political speech tonight, folks, and it was a pretty pathetic deal. when you watched her today, she does not look presidential. that i can tell you. she doesn't. >> all right. joining us this morning, national spokesperson for the trump campaign, katrina pearson, thanks for joining us. a little taste of donald trump's response there, although didn't seem to be responding to the specific indictments here that hillary clinton was trying to level at him. let me ask you about a few of those, she says his foreign
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policy has been incoherent. basically he's been all over the map in terms of what he would advocate, what he wornt in certain places. i take a look and i've seen conflicting things that he said in the passed about whether he wanted to go into iraq or not on libya, he criticized her on libya right now. right before the intervention in 2011. we should go in, doesn't she have a point incon coherent on this. >> not at all. the thing she's talking about is not when privied to information. and i'll say we have several months to distinguish the differences between a trump and a clinton administration with regards to foreign policy and mr. trump is right. this was a political speech. this was just her opportunity to get out there and criticize mr. trump, but more importantly, i think this was more more for the state of california. she's in a very close race with bernie sanders, this was her opportunity to sort of push above him.
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>> how should he be judged? it's an interesting situation here, he's not, he's a public public figure who was not in public office. he was not on the record about libya in 2011 with, that said, he's making this a campaign issue right now. he's saying look, she made the wrong call on libya and he's out there saying he deserves credit in his words for being against the iraq war even before it began. and yet, it was in september 2002 on howard stern's radio show, he was asked by howard stern, should we go into iraq, he said yeah was the answer. >> that's my point. given the information that we get from the media, which is the only information that mr. trump had at the time, he was like yeah, maybe we should go in, but then it was just shortly after that, when more information came out he was completely against it, had been against it within even included it in his book. this is the difference. hillary clinton had the information, she had the intel, and made a decision as a political figure, and continues
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to make those decisions specifically with regards to libya, we look at benghazi, and we're going to have several months to identify her temperament because just because you say something more calmly doesn't mean it's correct. and yes, she was absolutely right yesterday when she said making these types of decisions and the global spear can cost lives, she should note because she sat there and watched the u.s. ambassador, the attack at the u.s. consulate and several died that day as they sat and waited. >> donald trump also made news yesterday an interview with the wall street journal talking about this ongoing litigation involving trump university, the judge who is in charge of one of those cases, this is a judge who is the son of mexican immigrants, trump says that his mooex heritage seemed to be saying at least disqualifies him from presiding over this case saying i'm building a wall. this is trump saying this, i'm building a wall, it's an inherent conflict of interest. this is getting a lot of attention because i'm i'm
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reading this wrong, donald trump is saying, based on donald trump's position on building a wall on the mexican border, that anybody of mexican disscent automatically has a conflict of interest in talking about him? >> well, mr. trump is talking about this judge specifically. and the media doesn't talk about the activism on the other side. yes, this judge does have mexican parents. this judge has worked in connection with the mexican government. he has also a member of the lawyers association, and this is the lawyer's association that sometimes is hired to represent those members of that organization. he received an award from them, he apointed two attorney firms to represent the opposing side, one of which is one of his friends, but both of them are connected to democrat political affiliations. one of them even donated $15,000 to the attorney general in new york whose been all over the media circuit pushing this racial narrative, not once acknowledging and the media not acknowledging that he's endorsed hillary clinton for president. so this is a big issue and
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something you cannot cover in a two-minute interview and mr. trump has been dealing with this judge for quite some time and knows that there is a bias. >> all right. katrina pearson with the trump campaign, thanks for your time this morning. and we are going to get a response to what we just heard from katrina pearson from what donald trump is saying this morning from brian fallon with the clinton campaign. stay with us right after this. , it's funny that i've been in the news for being a dad. windows 10 is great because i need to keep organized. school, grocery shopping. my face can unlock this computer. that's crazy. macbooks are not able to do that. "hey cortana, remind me we have a play date tomorrow at noon" i need that in my world. anything that makes my life easier, i'm using. and windows is doing that. [ park rides, music and crooooh!unds ] [ brakes screech ]
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yesterday hillary clinton delivered a major speech going after donald trump on national security, you just heard a few minutes ago, katrina pearson from the trump campaign responding from that. now joined by brian fallon, he's the press secretary with hillary clinton. let's start on what she just said here. you heard it, she said look the
6:19 am
difference is when it comes to the question of judgment, donald trump has said things in the past, he said at one point we should go into iraq, he said at one point, he's saying the difference is hillary clinton was in government. she had the information, she got those decisions wrong. >> you said it best, steve, it's incoherent, with respect to the iraq war, he said to howard stern he was in favor of it, then said later that he wasn't, he's flip-flopped in terms of talking about hillary clinton's position in the iraq war. he said many years ago that you couldn't hold her vote in favor of that conflict against her because she relied on information provided to her by the bus administration. now he's suggesting the error in judgment on his part. the reality is he's all over the map. everything he said it stands up to fact check. that's why it's met with such praise. she was used his foreign policy
6:20 am
experience comes from hosting the miss universe pageant abroad. he really has said those things about david cameron and alienuating the uk while coddling figures like vladimir putin and kim jong-un. this is troubling. >> she went after him certainly yesterday, but i went through the transcript there, i don't think there was a single mention of libya in the speech. i don't think there was a mention of iraq war, certainly not the vote in 2002, are these issues she's not comfortable? >> this was not the first policy speech she's given. she was at stanford a while back giving a speech that was laying down her proposaling on dealing with isis. explaining the history of how we got to this point and what you would do going forward. she's talked about how we deal with the challenges that remain in the middle east and other parts of of the world that are fuel this has rise in terrorism that we see and show, this has not been the entirety of the foreign policy prescriptions that she has put out. yesterday i think it was important because while she grounded the speech in foreign
6:21 am
policy, she used it to make an overall argument that fundamentally questioned donald trump's fitness for office. this is not a debate equivalent to say barack obama and john mccain in 2008. or even george bush or john kerry in 2002 where you have two people that might have opposing world views, but the fitness for office is not in question. here you have somebody in donald trump is uniquely disqualified to serve as commander in chief. >> i want to talk about the violence you saw last night. this was sean spicer. he's one of the higher ups at the republican national committee. he put this up on twitter, i believe it was this morning, he said left wing protesters burned the american flag and engage in violence, silence from hillary clinton. is she going to say anything about this? >> we reject and condemn the violence we isn't that true california last night. our campaign is quick on social media to condemn it last night. our campaign charnl, john padesta tweeted to that affect. the report suggested that many of the protesters did not have an allegiance to one candidate or the other. many were self-identified
6:22 am
anarchists, according to some of the reports i saw. if they are supporters, we absolutely do not want the support of people that would engage in that behavior. the response to donald trump's preach is not more violence in return. we actually reject and condemn it. >> this is something we've seen, especially in california, he's had three events in california have been very loud protest and in some cases violence protests outside. not engaging in violence. let me ask you about the people there. they are there not as anarchists, they don't want donald trump to be president. they share the same goal as you. they're waving the mexican flag. you see this a lot and donald trump drawing attention to this and republicans drawing attention to this. protesters, anti-trump protesters waving the mexican flag, the flag of another country, is that helping your cause? >> look, i think donald trump has inspired all kinds of sentiment because of the provocative way he's approached this campaign. and you saw it last night in the remarks he made that you reference with your interview with katrina about this judge
6:23 am
who's of mexican dissent who is a native-born indianan. he's criticizing the judge, as loathsome as they were in terms of the display of bigotry behind him. it was a pushful move by donald trump to steer attention away from the speech that caught him flat footed coming from hillary clinton yesterday and it's so outrageous because the merit was this case are so beyond question you see even overnight last night, the reports out of texas that the republican governor was close to filing a lawsuit over this same trump university matter back in 2010. and only after receiving a campaign contribution from donald trump did it get dropped. there's no question that the scam allegations that have been made are not coming from this judge, they're not coming from even the litigants in these cases, it's coming from inside the organization, former employees of donald trump saying this was a scam and rip-off attempt to separate people,
6:24 am
vulnerable people from their money. >> when is the next speech like the ones you delivered yesterday? >> i think this is a fore that doeg of what's to come. this is a consistent argument we're going to run return to. this is not an ordinary president presidential candidate. this is not an ordinary republican nominee. that is why you've seen a failure to coalesce in terms of the party. i know that paul ryan yesterday caved to pressure and at a moment where there was very little nauz attention focussed on anything other than hillary clinton's speech. he decided to cave and endorse donald trump, but there are still -- >> is this a template what we saw yesterday? >> absolutely. i think we have two arguments making now to the election. number one that he's a dangerous figure who is unqualified to hold the roll of commander in chief. and number two, in terms of economics that he's going to stand on your side and be a fighter for the working class, he's a fraud. that's what trump university exposes. >> thanks as always for the time. >> thanks steve. >> coming up, a check in on the days headlines, also the most important number of the day, has
6:25 am
to do with that very tight race in california. could go one of two ways, obviously and there's one number to look at above all the others. that's coming up next. if there is a large voter turnout on tuesday here in california, we're going to win here and we're going to win it big.
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all right. it's almost 30 minutes past the hour. time for headlines at the half. five soldiers are dead, four more missing after their military vehicle overturned in in a flooded creek at ft. hood, texas. three other soldiers were rescued. texas of course has been pounded with rain over the past week leaving more than half of that state under flood watches or flood warnings. some supporters of donald trump were attacked last night by a mob of protesters, following his rally in san jose, california. at least one officer was also attacked. the chaos continued for about 30
6:29 am
minutes before police intervened, they arrested a handful of people we are expecting an update from police out there some time today. as so-called kill list left behind by the ucla gunmen led him to his estranged life who was found dead in minnesota. her name was on the list along with a professor who was shot and killed before the gunman committed suicide. another professor is safe on the list. an autopsy revealed that prince died of a an overdosed of a painkiller similar to morphine. it was self-administrated. prince was found dead in his minnesota home seven weeks ago. and boxing legend mohamed ali has been hospitalized with respiratory issues in arizona. spokesman for the family says ali is in fair condition, but his hospital stay will likely be brief. we obviously wish him a speedy recovery. now to the race. four days in away in california, you're heard bernie sanders say it over and over again, he says
6:30 am
he can win california if, if, he gets a big turnout. big voter turnout, that brings us to our most important number of the day, at least, i think it does. no, it doesn't because the board ladies and gentlemen, guess what, it's not working. so we're going to put that -- oh now it's working. here it is. the board's working, sort of. the most important number of the day is three. and what is three? three is the difference, look at this, between how bernie sanders does, takes a little bit of explaining here. sorry, i got thrown off my game. hillary clinton up two points right now in this poll. this is the likely voter turnout model. this is the nbc/wall street journal poll. it has hillary clinton up two points among likely voters. that's called a tighter screen, you're weeding out a lot of people who the pollsters probably think not going to vote in the end. however, if you get what bernie sanders is talking about here, you get a bigger turnout, you get more people showing up
6:31 am
ordinarily likely to show up, take a look at this. can we move it along? there it is, bernie sanders up a point. so it's a swing there of three points. he goes from down by two to up by one if you get a bigger turnout. exactly what he's talking about there. it's the difference between narrowly losing california and narrowly inwinning california, and more specifically, when sanders talking about getting a bigger turnout, well, there's an age divide there, let me show you that, this is from the same poll, look at this, among voters 45 and older, and hate it vote more frequently, more reliably among those 45 and older in california. hillary clinton is blowing out bernie sanders, a 30-point lead, voters under 45, this is the key for sanders. they don't vote as often as older voters do. but when they do, bernie sanders is cleaning up with them. look at that, a 36-point margin. so when you see bernie sanders getting the lead in california with bigger turnout, bigger
6:32 am
turnout would mean younger turnout, younger turnout could mean a bernie sanders win i california. it's just the difference of three points, but the three points in this case could be the difference between winning and losing the biggest state left on the board. our most important number of the day, glad we got through that one. it's another busy day for hillary clinton and bernie sanders in the golden state. they head into the final weekend of campaigning before that big show down next tuesday. actress susan saradan spoke with our own chris jansing. she went with bernie sanders has refused to go. she went after hillary clinton on e-mail. >> she's been talking about this indictment, what happens about that? besides the trust issue of catching her in so many lies, when does that kick in? no, but there's going to be. there's going to be -- >> we don't know that. >> well we don't know that he's not going to get the numbers either. >> and fresh off new jobs numbers out just in the last hour, sanders is going to hold a
6:33 am
news conference this afternoon with robert rice. he was the labor secretary under bill clinton in the 1990s, rice now supporting sanders in that job's report was a bit of a shocker. it finds that only 38,000 jobs were added in the last month. that is the fewest over more than five years. and i spoke last night with robert rice, she's now a professor at the university of california aet berkeley, asked him, even if bernie sanders wins that state on tuesday, even if if he wins the biggest state on the board, given the reality of the delegate math and the democratic side, what difference does that really make? here's what he said. >> well, also depends on how he does in the other states that are up for primary, that have primaries next tuesday. but it's going to be very difficult for bernie sanders. i mean, unless he wins overwhelmingly in california, and in montana and north dakota, south dakota, new jersey, new mexico, he is going to have a very, very hard time with
6:34 am
pledged delegates. he will have pledged delegates, not counting superdelegates to get the nomination. >> the question then becomes, this is obviously with a lot of conversation going on about it right now, what is he do then if he loses this pledged delegate count. we know they already say they're with her. they're not going to budge if he's lost the super delegates. what happens then? does he get out and unify? that's what the clinton folks are hoping for. >> there's got to be a unified democratic party, but there's still a way to go to the convention. and even if hillary clinton is the assumed or presumed candidate and for polls keep falling, if the poll e show that bernie sanders is stronger against donald trump, if -- well, we don't know, i mean, there's so many bernie sanders supporters who tell me who've been trying to tell them to support the nominee whoever the nominee is and if they're not going to vote for hillary clinton. hillary clinton is dpef nitly going to have to do something to
6:35 am
get the -- to get the bernie sanders supporters behind her. if she is the assumed or presumed nominee. i don't know exactly what advice to give her, but you know, she can't just take them for granted. you remember eight years ago around this time, the democratic race was wrapping up, clinton versus obama, back then the talk was is hibt staying in too long, will her supporters back obama over john mccain? do you see a comparison between where we are now, where democratic party was back then, or is this different? is the nature of the bernie sanders campaign the nature of his supporters a lot of them are portfolio independents. is it different than what obama had to fold in eight years ago? >> well, it's label the different. undoubtedly, bernie sanders supporters are overwhelmingly under 45, they are also very much caught up in this wave. and i think it's a legitimate wave of populist anger, resentment, suspicion against the establishment.
6:36 am
they feel that the game is rigged. the political game is rigged, the economic game is rigged, and i don't blame them, there's a lot of evidence of rigging that was not quite there in 2008. certainly 2008 was not the kind of anti-establishment year we are now seeing in 2016. so it's going to be -- it's not a zbrichb. it's not an automatic that hillary clinton gets all of these bernie supporters. the ways barack obama ultimately got 90 or 95% of hillary supporters. >> do you see any appeal potentially for the bernie sanders supporters who are out there who right now are saying, they're not going to be with clinton in the fall. do you see any appeal there that trump would have to them? he can peel them off he says. >> it's hard for me to imagine what appeal donald trump has to anybody quite frankly. i mean, i think he's a menace to society. i think haes the most dangerous presidential candidate we have had, proposed by any major party in american history. and yet, i'm reading these
6:37 am
e-mails and i get huge number of e-mails from facebook message kind of notices from people, and a lot of bernie supporters tell me that they will not under any circumstances vote for hillary clinton. i think they're wrong, but i think to me, that is just evidence that hillary clinton is going to have to work very, very hard to get bernie supporters behind her and she's got to get bernie supporters behind her if she's going to win this thing. >> all right. robert rice, thanks for the time, appreciate it. >> thank you, steve. >> robert rice as we say is a supporter of bernie sanders. also he's the author of the book "saving capitalism" for the many, not the few, he'll be campaigning for bernie sanders later today in california. coming up, paul ryan gives an endorsement of donald trump, perhaps most best known endorsement for how lukewarm it was. are republicans divided or more divided than ever? but up next, we've been talking about the deadly flooding in texas. nbc meteorologist bill carins is
6:38 am
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and happening now, the search counntinues in texas for the four missing soldiers whose vehicle was swept up in flood waters at ft. hood. five soldiers also died, three others injured. and ft. hood is just one area in texas dealing with major flooding right now. let's bring in nbc meteorologist bill carins for more on the immense power we're seeing. bill, we see this on television a lot, sometimes it doesn't even look like the water's that deep, but that can be deceptive, i guess. >> it can. steve, you're smart, play along with me here, how much water do you think it takes to knock someone off their feet? in inches. >> 12 inches. >> 12 inches, six inches. six inches is well known a decent speed to be enough to sweep you off your feet because the power would knock you off your balance. this is where we've had
6:42 am
facilities is in the vehicles. how much water does it take to float your typical average car? >> to make a car float. >> float. >> couple feet. >> couple feet. two feet. that's it. so you're right on target with that one. that's why they tell you do not cross any streams, if you can't see the bottom, do your drive your vehicle through. we had people to make it through. and as far as home goes, if water is through homes, you can watch the entirety structure of the homes begin to deteriorate, once we get about four miles per hour of currents through the homes, thankfully the rivers in texas are not very fast. unless there's a dam break. not a lot of structural damage. the threat today continues. and it's gotten a little bit worse here. thunderstorms over the gulfover night and now they're spinning and rotating inland. that area from houston, i-10 all the way over to the area, thunderstorms right over the top of you now. and we do have a flash flood warning that has just been issued for this region because of the intense rainfall, one to
6:43 am
two inches quickly, and so those scenarios that we've been talking about with the fast-moving currents of water and really quick flash flood, that's happening right now in east texas. life threatening weather even at this hour. >> that's a scary situation, bill carins with the latest in texas. thank you. coming up, former republican governor christie todd whitman of new jersey, she's one of the never-trump holdouts. she's going to explain why, that's next.
6:44 am
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i can't imagine donald trump being the president of the united states the wail he's been acting. so no, i think a real president has to do a very different job than the one that donald trump is demonstrating that he thinks he could do as president. >> that was aron i did card, he was the chief of staff to george w. bush last night with lawrence o'donnell, he's frustrated by donald trump, but still willing to give him a chance to show he
6:47 am
has the temperament to be president. as we also mention in hour, house speaker paul ryan says he has his disagreements with donald trump, but now he will endorse him and support him this november. i'm joined now be another bush administration alum, former new jersey governor christie witman, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. you are still, you're what you call never trump still -- >> right. >> you're hold out to the end? >> absolutely. can't do it. there's no circumstance to change his mind? >> no, not with the demeaner, the way not only massagemy, that's fine against women, okay, but the wail he has treated groups of people, demonizing them for being their ethnic background. the way he's taking on this judge is california is absolutely outrageous. and to me scary. i worry from an international stage, he's just not willing to show any kind of a coherent path forward because he thinks that's a great way to treat both allies and enemies. that's the scary thick.
6:48 am
>> what does that mean for you in november? the case for republicans who aren't too excited about trump is well hillary clinton would be worse. >> hillary clinton has, her problems are within the boundaries of the nonnormal normal that we're used to. we have seen flawed candidates take over the presidency. so she's not that far off the spectrum. >> more comfortable with hundredth than donald trump? >> if i have toake that choice, i'm going to write in most probably. i think she is more stable, i don't like the way this administration has handled the job for the last eight years. seven and a half years. and i don't know that she even though she says it'll be another four years of barack obama, i certainly don't want that. i don't think that's exactly what would happen, but, be that as it may, i probably would just write in. to show a protest because i think we've allowed this system to get out of control. >> we mentioned to paul ryan the house speaker, comen on board yesterday, he was the most prominent republican hold-up.
6:49 am
let me play a clip. this is paul ryan yesterday. >> i didn't know the guy at all before he got the nomination. quite frankly i didn't expect the nomination to be clenched until june 7 at et earliest. >> whether it's paul ryan or a lot of the other big name republicans who have come out in the last few weeks and said they'll support donald trump. has it surprised you how much of the party has come around him in the last month? >> no. it really has not. i don't think paul ryan has a choice. he's a leader of the party and the house. he's got a very i did vernt group there that he's trying to keep together. he cares about policy. he's got to try to keep people together. if he were not to support the republican candidate or nominee, he'd lose his speakership i think without question. it's already tenuous enough with some of the mens of his caucus. so i don't think he had a choice and a lot of other people feel that the party is more important than the country. they believe -- that's an unfair way to put it for all of them. they believe in the republican
6:50 am
party as do i, but not this republican party. not one that is, that is relice on demeaning people, on bullying, that's not a message we want to send to our kids much less to the rest of the world. it's not just leaders like paul ryan. what jumps me, you look at the polls, republican voters when you take a poll and say clinton versus trump in november, i think the most recent number was 86%, 86% of republican voters say they're with trump, which is almost at the same level mitt romney got from republicans four years ago. does that surprise you? >> but look what happened. look what happened to mitt romney. a lot of people -- it depends on who they're polling, how they ask the question. of course every time i say anything and say i'm not going to support trump, i get a lot of the pro trump people coming after me, but you'd be amazed how many republicans will say to me thank you, because you're saying things that we don't dare say. so i really think it's a question of who are you polling, how are you asking the questions
6:51 am
to determine how many republicans will really be there on election day. >> that's my big question to you. you wrote a book called "it's my party too." you look back at what's happened this year. donald trump, he's hit the magic number and will be in your state this week. he's probably going to get 70%, 80%. i know you're telling people not to check his name off. these results, you don't look at these results and say maybe this isn't my party anymore? >> i'm getting there. i'm getting close to it if this truly is the party. i think there has to be some form of realignment. neither one of the parties have been speaking to the american people in the way they want. that's why you have this huge frustration and i think the bernie sanders supporters and trump supporters are two sides of the same coin. they're frustrated, they're angry, they don't see the future being what they want or how they feel they can move forward. they're working hard at two jobs to just say in place. and washington has been dysfunctional as far as they're concerned. it has not shown that it understands their issues or even
6:52 am
really cares. it's become too much about partisan politics and not enough about policy. so they want to blow it up. they don't care who it is. they don't care whether that person can actually deliver. and what scares me, though, about donald trump is that the emotions that he's unleashing in people, you don't put back in the box very easily. i think these demonstrations see saw in california, the anti-trump demonstrations are playing right into his hands. don't get violent. on the other hand, he almost encouraged that at the very beginning with his own rallies when one of his supporters sucker punched a protester and trump said i'd like to pay for his legal defense if he gets charged and wouldn't be good to go back to the good old days when we could really smack people around. >> somebody you know well in new jersey politics, chris christie, is probably one of the most prominent supporters of donald trump. a lot of people say he might end up on the ticket. is that something you can see
6:53 am
happening? >> i don't think he'll be vice president. i think he can be whatever he wants to be in the trump administration. donald trump trusts him. the only reason i say i don't think he'll be vice president, two people from the northeast, someone who's got his own issues he's dealing with in new jersey. trump doesn't share well and i'm not sure that chris christie would think that the vice presidency would be a job he could sink his teeth into and have real responsibility. >> christie whitman, thanks for the time. >> pleasure. coming up next, we're going to talk about paul ryan. we're going to talk about that trump rally and hillary clinton's fiercest attack yet on the presumptive nominee. that's next, stay with us. der m. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico.
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6:57 am
incoherent. >> crooked hillary said, oh, donald trump, his finger on the button. she's the one that stupidly raises her hand to go into iraq and destabilize the entire middle east. >> clinton versus trump heating up. let's bring in se breena sidiqi and hailey brooks. brian fallon said this is a template. are they on to something here? >> i think it's effective. on one hand it rallies democrats, making this a referendum on donald trump and on the other hand it says to moderate leaning republicans, raises the question about donald trump's temperament and raises the question of you may not like me but do you really want this person with his finger on the nuclear code so i think that's effective. there are several months to go in this election, of course, and
6:58 am
the question is whether she can keep up this kind of argument and momentum behind it. >> and also, sebrina, the interesting thing was it was very much an attack against donald trump from hillary clinton. she was not talking about her own record. libya did not come up. she didn't want to talk about iraq. she does have some vulnerabilities on these issues. there is a question can donald trump capitalize on them. >> i think donald trump himself has inconsistencies when it comes to the iraq war and libya. he supported the iraq war initially only to later say he opposed it once the invasion was well under way. he was previously for the intervention in libya and now he's saying he's opposed. the important thing is what hillary clinton did yesterday is do what donald trump has done effectively and aump a simple, blunt and straightforward message that is accessible to the american people. she pared down the many reasons why she believes donald trump is unqualified to be commander in chief and tried to unpack the
6:59 am
contradictions in his candidacy. i think that's more effective than trying to react to every single thing that he says on a day-to-day basis where it's harder for those attacks to stick because any given day you might be reacting to six to ten outrageous statements that come out of trump's mouth. so there are about five months to go but you could expect to see more high-profile speeches where she really tries to take on not just donald trump on foreign policy but also on domestic that he hasn't expressed a coherent vision as well as his business record too. >> the violence last night at that trump rally, we had christine whitman saying she thinks this help donald trump. >> he'll blame a lot of this on democrats, of course, but this also raises some problems for republicans, especially as they're planning for a convention. it seems like everywhere trump has a rally, it is followed by protesters. anto the governor's point earlier in the segment, she said
7:00 am
that there are questions about whether he encourages such. so i think it is incumbent upon the clinton campaign to come out strongly and criticize this kind of thing. >> cleveland this summer, that convention, we will see what the preparations are like. san jose didn't seem ready for that last night. thank you both for joining us. up next, the very latest in the search for those missing soldiers from ft. hood in texas. i'm steve kornacki. craig melvin picks things up right now. good friday to you. we start with breaking news. the death toll in ft. hood, texas, is climbing this morning after a flash flood swept away a military vehicle there. five soldiers are dead. a frantic search is going on right now for four other soldiers who are still missing. three soldiers were rescued. they were taken to an area hospital. they are in stable condition right now. a ft. hood official spoke just a few moments ago.


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