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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 3, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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hour at msnbc, i am peter alexanader. my colleague, andrea mitchell is up next. >> coming up here, california chaos. as donald trump says a federal judge of his mexican background can be impartial on his trump university case because of what trump said about that wall. >> we are going to build that wall, don't even think about it. who's going to pay for the wall? who? 100% right. >> anger boiling over and protesters going after trump supporters in san jose last night.
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hillary clinton going after donald trump. >> donald trump's ideas are not just different, they are dangerously in coherent. they're not really ideas, they're just a theory of bizarre rants and personal accuses and out right lies. [ cheers ] >> this is not reality television. this is actual reality. >> and the odd couple, house speaker paul ryan saying he will vote for trump ending in an unprecedent standoff, what took him so long? >> i didn't know the guy at all before i got the nomination so i never got the time to talk to donald about the country and about principles and policies. >> coming up, we'll talk about the fate of the race with
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republican mitch mcconnell. >> good day, i am andrea mitchell, hillary clinton is about to arrive here. in the general election that's the real focus that clinton opened up a whole new attack with donald trump on his fit for office. trump firing back last night. >> she made a political speech tonight, folks, it was a pretty pathetic deal. when you watch her today, she does not look presidential, that i can tell you. the only reason she's been dragged so far left, believe me because she does not want to go to jail over the e-mails. >> trump also crossed the new line that the federal judge presiding over the trump of the university case cannot be impartial because he's of
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mexican background. joining me now is diane feinstein to see you and thanks so much for being with us. >> you are welcome. >> lets talk about hillary clinton opening up this attack against donald trump. this is her best received speech yet. a lot of people are saying why does it take her so long. what would you like to see clinton do to keep ongoing after donald trump in this fashion? >> i am having trouble hearing you, andrea. >> i am so sorry, here we go. >> could you repete tat the quen >> yes. >> what would you like to see today and going forward as she follows up on this line of attack. >> hillary is best when you talk to her about a specific issue. i would hope that she would
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begin put these speeches framework of what she intends to do. what's my deep concern about donald trump i by nature of his temperament. any time he does not like what ever that's said, he strikes out and he strikes out -- it is really in a sense deeply frightening. i think hillary's calm and rational and positive and demeanor increasingly is going to contrast with the wild eye allegations with sewing the seeds of decent and a vision within the american public. hillary is a uniter and not a divider. donald trump is a divider. mexicans are rapists and criminals and no muslims in the
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country. a mexican judge is biassed because he's mexican. he's not mexican. he's american it is a real problem in terms of separating the pluses of hillary and the cons of trump. the more she does, which she did last night and puts it more in a concept of domestic agenda that's positive as well as foreign policy. where the president really reign supreme is foreign policy. that's where he can move and do policies like global warming agreement that was signed with european and other nations. he can hold meetings with china and put forward american policy and if you look at donald trump doing some of these things, the
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lack of knowledge, the viaments is very scary. >> you are a member of the judiciary committee, have you heard a nominee of a major party going after the judge overseeing his case because of his presumed ethnicity in this fashion and saying he cannot be impartial. what he said in the washington journal takes a step further. he says he could not be impartial in this case because he's so called mexican. is this crossing a line for someone wants to lead the executive branch in our form of government. >> well, it is crossing a line big time. it is amazing to me, this judge
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happens to be a very good judge. the prosecutor for 17 years. he played a role in the drug cartel, four brothers and one of those trials, they're all now behind bars. i think he's an absolute straight shooter. i find this unbelievable, and now of course, this is apart of the pattern and practice of donald trump. anybody that says anything he does not like, he comes back at and he did this with 16 opponents and knocked every one of them out in the republican primary and he's the presumptive nominee. instead of bringing people together. he's dividing america and that's a big problem. i know as a former mayor of san francisco, became mayor is a product of assassination.
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i know what division does in a p populas. america is a great country because we have many different kinds of people here. the task of a chief executive is to bring people together in common purpose. >> i got to ask you about california, this race is heighten. this is a head to head race with bernie sanders, and one of the reasons why hillary clinton has not been able to focus on donald trump and one of the reasons why her polls are showing that she's been weaken is because of her prima primary. >> what is your message to bernie sanders? >> if you look at the election coming up, hillary clinton will have the 71 additional delegates she needs before closing the
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polls on tuesday. therefore, everything you do now should not be to provide divisions on our side of the isle, on the democratic side but to bring people together, to rally around a platform, to come together as one great party to speak to the ideals of the democratic party. so this is not helpful, i think the time has come for him to realize that and certainly it is very likely to come on tuesday at the latest. >> even presumably she has the pledged delegates after tuesday, he still wants to convert the super delegates at the convention so he's not going to stop before the convention >> that won't happen. so, i think it is fruit less. you will not convert, you m
9:10 am
may convert, one, two, three four -- but enough to change the entire vote. i think all you do is so decisiveness and i don't think bernie sanders want to do that, at least i hope he does not >> and, what if she leads in california because that's now quite possible. >> i don't think we have much more of argument that he won the popular state. >> i voted two weeks ago. i predict that she will win california. i cannot comment on how close it will be but i believe she will win california. she's well known in california. she's well respected and california has a huge female vote. i believe women see hillary as the best candidate between the two of them and one that
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represents the goals of women in our society. i am very hopeful that she will win and i believe she will. >> diane feinstein, thank you very much, the senior senator from california. >> thank you, andrea. and returning now to breaking news in texas, the frantic search for four missing soldiers since the military vehicle swept up in fast moving water. five other soldiers have died and three were rescued after the training exercise at the fort hood base there. >> joining me live from fort hood texas. we have been covering the marhor for the people in the region, what is going on with that military exercise? >> reporter: yes, simply tragic loss, they're calling it a heartbreaking accident.
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we got new information this morning my officials, they say that this was a training operation with involving convoy operation and that's why these soldiers were out yesterday. authorities locally were in the process of closing down the roads here in the area. fort hood is a massive military base of 7,000 acres and part of it is assessable of public rose and the water was rising so quickly. we are learning from officials this morning that of those three that were rescued and they're in stable condition, they could potentially be released later today. as you mentioned, andrea, an active search operation is going on right now. and k-9 unit is trying to find the four missing soldiers. this is devastating to the military community as well. we heard from those officials this morning and here is what they had to say about the community is dealing about this. >> our priority has been the
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first report of this incident and continues to be the search for our four missing teammates. i also like to thank the community for their out powurin support and their thoughts and prayers. they'll be needed inside the tough days ahead. >> reporter: the names of these soldiers have in the been publicly released until their families are notified, andrea. >> dave gutierrez in fort hood. thank you. >> coming up, more on donald trump escalating attack on the federal judge presiding over trump university. this is "andrea mitchell reports" on minnesota. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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man 1: i came as fast as i man 2: this isn't public yet. man 1: what isn't? man 2: we've been attacked. man 1: the network? man 2: shhhh. man 1: when did this happen? man 2: over the last six months. man 1: how did we miss it? man 2: we caught it, just not in time. man 1: who? how? man 2: not sure, probably off-shore, foreign, pros. man 1: what did they get? man 2: what didn't they get. man 1: i need to call mike... man 2: don't use your phone. it's not just security, it's defense. bae systems. we want him making those
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calls. someone latches out the smallest critici criticism. do we want his fingers anywhere near the button. >> lying, crooked hillary. she's a liar. she made up foreign policy. donald trump is going to do this. i never said that. well, that's your general election. our moderator, meet the press and the host of msnbc, chuck todd, what have we learn the last 48 hours? >> we learned a couple of things. when it comes to the republican party rallying around donald trump, he has a lot more of what i am calling supporters and names than he does of actual ground troops. the clinton campaign on wednesday wanted to do a big
9:18 am
thing on trump university and the candidate did it and she had surrogates lined up. donald trump had to defend himself on his own. he did not have anybody having it back. you can say okay, because it is trump business entity. he's unprepared of the counter argument. he makes it up -- he did not go down the road of libya or did not have a rebuttal. worse, nobody defended him yesterday. and senator cotton put out a release attack clinton did not defend trump. it was a sign that this is a -- he can still be a potential man of an island. ryan says he's going to vote for him but is he a supporter. is he going to help him when the chips are down. what trump found out yesterday, here he was at a moment where he
9:19 am
could use some help and he got virtually nothing. >> and of paul ryan endorsement, he said i will vote for him. he didn't give any enthusiastic praise of donald trump and it came on a day where trump took one more step beyond what he had done before criticizing judge curiel because of his ethnicity in . trump has done nothing but attacking. paul ryan is half membership, they are more than not. >> as a leader of the republican
9:20 am
party. paul ryan has to listen to the voters and the voters are spoken. that was his understandable rational in his mind. he's a party leader and an actual elected leader. he's a leader of the house republican said should be and our representatives. he's not speaking for paul ryan. he's speaking for a lot of folks. i am curious if it is just congressman paul ryan that he would be more like mitt romney. he's representing 200 plus republicans in the house of representatives. you cannot have two leaders of the party essentially at war with each other if you at all have any hope keeping the house majority. i think paul ryan made the what's the best way to keep the house majority and he went down
9:21 am
that road. >> we come here to california where hillary clinton shows that she could put together a really strong attacking speech with a calm demeanor and do it in a way that clearly got under his skin and he did not no how know how t to it. what did she do to bernie sanders, this is as tight race as we can imagine. there is a couple of out lining factor. right now it looks like a close race. not that she needs to put him away, she really needs to put him away here. if he's powered by the momentum of the california victory next tuesday. he's going to be -- . >> it is funny after clinton verses trump yesterday. the democratic primary seems smaller today. it does not seem like a main
9:22 am
event anymore. that is, there were a lot of democrats and who were hand ringing about clinton, also hand ringing because there is been a lack of confidence that she has to do what she did yesterday. and, you know, you know this and typical clinton fashion just when you think she's struggling. she comes up with a performer or a moment just when she needs it. the timing of this can be perfect and doing it in california, it really did feel like it takes the air out of the balloon a little bit for sa sanders. you talk about the process why clinton's lead is more than the polls say. independent voters have a harder time. you have to remember to go get the ballot. there is all sorts of reasons that she has a little bit of a lead. this may have taken the air out
9:23 am
of the bloom. it was a first time she gave uniting democrat speech. >> chuck todd and of course, this sunday on "meet the press" before the french opens. gary johnson, tell me about it. >> yeah, you get to view your politics it does not get away with the french open. we are doing this whole schedule for you, andrea. >> thanks so much and i will see you this and also, of course, the majority leader mitch mcconnell is joining us as well in a live interview. >> come up next, saving mona lisa of this priceless worth of art. we'll tell you why coming up next right here on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. [man] that's not good. [pilot] that's not good.
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paris trying to cope with the worst flooding they seen in a generation. the river is flooded and forcing thousands leaving their homes. the river has risen 15 feet above its normal level. several matches of the french open had to be postponed. coming up, how republicans reacted to donald trump's personal attack on the federal judge. senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell is joining me next. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. d. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline and use your miles to cover the cost. now that's more like it. what's in your wallet?
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9:31 am
now, of course, this is part of the pattern and practice of donald trump, anybody that says anything he does not like. he comes back at. >> that was diane feinstein because of donald trump's attack on the highly regarded judge. because of his mexican background, joining me now is senate majority leader mitch mcconnell of his new memoir called "the long game." are you to say trump is wrong in attacking this judge because of his ethnicity. >> i am going to say is donald trump is a different kind of candidate. we had 17 people competing for the nomination, andrea, and donald trump won the most primaries and caucuses. he's going to be the nominee and
9:32 am
it is clear republican primary caucus voters wanted something very different from what we are accustom to. it is safe to say that donald trump is different from what we are accustom to. >> he's very different, and you as a senate leader and i understand your position, people do have to speak out, what do you think? is he wrong in attacking the mexican background some generation back of highly regarded judge? >> i am unfamiliar of this familiar judge, i did say the other day and i will say again today. i thght unfortunate and unnecessary for our nomee to attack the governor of mexico suzanne martinez who i knew well of the chairman of the governor, one of our outstanding governors. i think these attacks don't serve the candidate very well at this point. we ought to be trying to unify
9:33 am
the party behind him. most of us committed to supporting him and trying to bring the party together and i think he needs to play his role on all of that as well. >> chuck todd is going to point to paul ryan endorsement. he did not use the word "endorsement." he says he will vote for him. you have to support the party nominee, how deep does that support go? >> well, look, i think the country is limping along. you saw the job report this morning, it is pathetic. a country like ours should have 3.5 or 4% growth annually. >> in fact, the last quarter was .5. what means that people viewing jobs for the opportunity for the young people to come along. we need to go in a different
9:34 am
direction. that's the fundamental issue for the american people. are you satisfied with the last eight years? do you think this is as good as we can do? if you do, thin hillary clinton is the one you should vote for. if you want a break from this and you think america can do better by taking a different path, there is a genuine outside the candidate alternative, they're trying to lead america in a different direction. >> you write in your book "the long game" that you had concerns during the cold war because of concerns of the affected parties. you are concerned of the loss of african-americans and what about the loss of hispanic voters. >> yeah, i ended up casting as a young man against a can date that i agreed with on almost everything because i thought he was wrong on the principle issue of that error, the civil rights
9:35 am
of 1964. my party had been struggling with african-american voters every sin ever since. i don't want to see that mistake made. for our party to be competitive, we have to be able to reach out to all kinds of people, you know when reagan was elected in 1980, 84% of americans were white. this november, it will be 70% for us to be a party that can win the white house, we need to be competitive and we have done well in the obama years and we had record numbers in the house, more state legislatures and controlled legislative body that we had in decades. to win the white house, we need to appeal a broader electric.
9:36 am
>> and what is your message to donald trump, how did you want to see him change? so far even after his meeting with paul ryan, he comes out with a new conference trashing governor martinez again. he does not seem to take this advice. he seems to be thinking i won this election sffair and square and i am going to be who i am. >> we were talking in the green room a couple of weeks ago, and i said hey, donald, do you have a script and he took it out of his pocket, he took out the script and says i hate scripts, they're boring. i think you are good at entertaining large audiences and you have a lot of twitter followers and that's gotten you to where you are today. i am in favor of more script and more boring if you will. he laughed.
9:37 am
we'll see. i don't know it will be up to him to decide whether he thinks the way he's been operating got him to the nomination will take him all the way to the white house. my advise is i would like to see a few more scripts. >> and, when you look at this unscripted of how he's been, what are you concerned of ret n retaining the majority. you got republicans from starters and you got from the screen here, you got a number of close race in an important state. >> so i remembi am sorry? >> and even without donald trump at the top of the ticket, does it make it harder for you to retain the majority? >> look, we have a lot of exposures. only ten democrats and a number of those in cocumbents that can
9:38 am
other way. i don't know what will happen in the fall election but if you are looking for examples, the year bill clinton got elected, his party loss a couple of seat in the senate. we have outstanding candidates and we are hoping get marco rubio to run again in florida. that'll totally change the picture there in the sunshine state. >> you don't have the commitment for him yet where he's leading against. >> we are trying to draft himmehim. a lot of people think he should continue his service, he's a spectacular senator. >> i want to ask you about your relationship with president obama because you write in the book about how he starts a conversation with what's wrong with you and what problems you had and he's not been
9:39 am
forthcoming and going to any baseball game without being able to say anything. the democratic argument is republicans going in determined not to compromise anything about it. what cause the gridlocks in washington? >> joe biden and i negotiated and featured in my book "the long game." three important deals relating to taxes and spending. there is agreements on the by partisan. he had it his way and the american people take a look at that and issued a restraining order in 2010 and gave the republicans a more prominent position in congress. the president could have pivoted to the middle of that point like bill clinton did. we could have pivoted like
9:40 am
ronald reagan did to raise the age or social security and tax reform. the president chose to sail the far left and pursue his agenda through the regulators. there is not been any opportunities to do deals that are in the center politically with the president who's very, very much on the far left. >> mitch mcconnell, thank you for vumuch. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> cracking the code, did hillary clinton figured out something that 16 of trump's opponents could not. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc.
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it is clear to me that hillary clinton is in no certain way is advancing our principles and policies. she's promising another obama term and it is clear to me
9:44 am
through my conversations that donald trump some day i know is comfortable with these principles and these general policies. >> paul ryan says he's going to vote for donald trump but without using word "endorse." joining me now is chris cillizza and nbc's luke ruther. our man on the hill. luke, this is not exact lyanne endorsement. >> no, it is not because it took him 29 days to get there, i think from his language and tone of voice in that video you can tell it is not a pleasant experience for him to go this far to donald trump's corner. we always knew it is going to happen. it was not a question of "if." it was a question of "when." trump is open and will in fact
9:45 am
work with the house gop policy agenda that was unveiled a better way for the first 100 days of trump. he's never worked through the committee process and he does not have an auunderstanding of w capitol works. when trump gets in office, he's not going to get any choice to go with the apparatus that we have. immigration and free trade and entitlement reforms and today paul ryan says he clear ly says and does things i don't agree with. >> endorsement caveat, i reserve
9:46 am
the right to speak my mind and not even 24 hours and paul ryan is speaking his mind. ryan found himself at an island and he has to do this as the speaker. >> chris cillizza, mitch mcconnell, indicating that he's not comfortable of what donald trump said about the judge and his ethnicity. he told him at a convention to stick to a script and trump said to him is scripts are boring and what mcconnell says is i want more boring. >> this is the issue that paul ryan endorse the donald trump he wants to be and not necessarily donald trump. you heard from a lot of people, mcconnell and john cornyn, some of the stuff he does on the
9:47 am
supreme court justice list, that was dpragreat. the governor of carolina said something similar yesterday. this is not new. i tend to think that donald trump that we have is the donald trump we are getting. luke russert is 100% right. when you are the top ranking, it is hard to not endorse the nominee. because what you are doing is saying don't vote or vote for hillary clinton which paul ryan is never for. >> chris cillizza and luke russert, thanks to both of you. coming up next, hillary clinton making her general election argument. what is the california democratic deciding next on "andrea mitchell reports,"
9:48 am
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9:51 am
if there is a large voter turn out on tuesday here in california, we are going to win here and we are going to win it big. [ cheers ] >> bernie sanders hoping for a last hooray here in california. howard dean, former national committee chairman, former candidate, you are everything. >> i will tell you that my biggest title is former. >> it is good considering of what some of the current people are, better to be a former. look, you look at this race now of the way hillary has been performing in the last 24 hours. what's your method to bernie sanders even if he does win california. >> first of all, bernie is campaigning here at a critical juncture, he's bringing a lot of people out which is great. he does have a strong message
9:52 am
and very helpful to the country and not just the democratic party. the thing that concerns me is he's trying to use his argument that he was opposing in order to let his people hope that he's going to win, let the super delegates to vote against the popular choice. that's the argument that he was saying the convention is rigged. the convention is not rigged. so we got to stop talking about the vote being rigged that does not help or bring the party together. we'll need to do that or donald trump ends up as president of the united states. >> who's going to bring the party up? what can the offer him or their back count talks going on already? >> i don't think you have to offer bernie anything. i am very pleased of the platform committee deal. it was a construct activity thi
9:53 am
constructive thing that bernie sanders is doing. i agree with a lot of things he said. it is not a matter of offering something, it is a matter of negotiating with him so he feels of the message he's brought which achieve such province is going to be a message. >> after hillary clinton and her speech yesterday, the best surrogate against donald trump has been elizabeth warren. what about on elizabeth warren on the ticket? >> certainly somebody like that is helpful. i strongly believe that we should have somebody under 50. we stepped away with the baby boomers with barack obama. we are going to have two baby boomers running for president of the democrat and the republican side.
9:54 am
i would like some one not in the baby boomer generation, the younger the better. elizabeth warren, i think she's terrific. i would like to see a new generation apart of the democratic politics. there is plenty of qualified young people who could be vice president. howard dean, thank you very much. >> thank you for having me on. >> thank you. nice. >> officials have just released recording of a 50 shooting buy police officers. we'll have the findings next right here on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. [woodworker] i live in the fine details. that's why i run on quickbooks.
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ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension. your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra single packs. we have breaking news, chicago officials have released a large batch of evidence of nearly 100 cases of officers involved shootings. city officials is speaking to improve transparency of the continuing fall out of the fatal
9:58 am
shooting of laquan mcdonald were shot 16 times by a police officer back in 2014 and all of this was captured on video. nbc's ron is in chicago. >> yeah, hi there, andrea, it is a huge day for transparency here in the city of chicago. they know they got to repair relations with the community here. there is a huge goal of trust in terms of trust o the committee. this is a big day. the independent review authority is investigating all of these cases and these are all opened investigation and some of them dating back to four years so one of the questions asked of the chief administrator of hepra that this body has known is there is still to resolution and eye brows raised and the fact that we have learned that these investigations still opened after four years involving
9:59 am
police, shootings and tasers. we'll not show you at this hour any of the videos we have seen because they have to go through a standard process here at nbc news and we want to make sure before we put it on the air that we fully have vetted these videos to make sure that we are not putting something out in front of viewers. i did review six of these incidents before this news conference in the last hour, the most dramatic i can tell you was the burglary at an electronic store where three suspects drove a van into a garage area of the store while they burglarized the store. the store had a burglary alarm and cops were outside waiting for this trio when they surrounded this garage, the driver of the van pulled back and reversed very fast and hit one of the officers. the officers opened fire and killed one of the suspects and two others were wounded. they're now in prison.
10:00 am
it is an interesting stuff on this website. it is going to take a lot of time to go through it, andrea. >> and as you go through it, i know it will be on msnbc right here. ron mott, thank you very much. >> that does it for us for "andrea mitchell reports," remember to follow our show online and on twitter, we'll be here covering all the politics. craig melvin is up nenxt right here on msnbc. hi everyone, i am craig melvin, breaking news right now, five american olivesoldiers are and four are still missing flash flood water -- >> we were able to rescue three soldiers. our priority has been since the firs


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