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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 3, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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case of a conflict of interest reported in the "wall street journal." trump mentioned the judge's mexican heritage and said i'm building a wall. it's an inherent conflict of interest. we're hearing reaction from inside trump's own party, the man who endorsed him paul ryan yesterday, this in a radio interview. >> the comment about the judge the other day just was out of left field for my mind. it's reasoning i don't relate to. i completely disagree with the thinking behind that. he clearly says and does things i don't agree with. i've had to speak up time-to-time when that has occurred and will continue to do that if necessary. i hope it's not. then there's hillary clinton about to hold a live campaign event in culver city, her campaign releasing a statement in part the fact that donald trump doesn't see the judge fit
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to be a judge makes him unfit to be president over this great nation, a nation of immigrants. >> msnbc kasie hunt following hillary clinton in westminster, california. katie, i want to start with you and this news we've been talking about. trump just got the endorsement of house speaker, paul ryan, yesterday, and now he seems to be rocking the boat. paul ryan clearly condemning these latest comments he's making about judge curriel, ic. you have been following the campaign. >> it's a remarkable turn of events after the house smoker endorses a candidate after 30 days but to have him come out the next day and disagree with at best and condemn at worst comments that the candidate for the president or the republican party said about a mex -- a judge of mexican heritage
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actually born in indiana is remarkable. as you said, i've been talking to aides in the campaign and they're at their wits end right now with this rhetoric from their candidate, not necessarily that he's going to the extreme, he's doing it in this manner with this judge. they say this is the sort of thing that will end up sinking their campaign. they don't believe he is doing enough to mitigate the unfavorables that he has with latinos and they believe this sort of commentary is only adding to that. mitch mcconnell on our air and yesterday talking about how he's worried donald trump is going to be a candidate much like barry gold water was, alienating latinos like barry goldwater alienated ac ed african-america why they could potentially lose this to hillary clinton. and they had a number of endorsements in california,
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things that would help him in this state in particular and across the country with unfavorable, hundreds of endorsements from women ceos and women farmers for trump. those endorsements never made to it trump, the information behind them, the press releases, strategy behind them didn't make to it the candidate because of infighting within the campaign. paul manafort's team back in new york and back in d.c. coming up with the strategy not able to get the information to the candidate who's on the road because of infighting between him and corey lewandowski, the campaign manager. they believe these are the sort of problems that will end up taking down their candidate. they believe they have a very good chance but to go up against hillary clinton they need to have a stronger organization behind them, stronger messaging unit behind them stronger voice they don't feel they have. donald trump has gotten this far because he's relied on his gut and said what he thought and
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shoots from the hip. they think going forward he has to do more than that. mitch mcconnell said this to andrae mitchell a couple hours ago he would like to see donald trump more scripted and careful with his words rather than the entertaining aspect of his personality we're seeing on the campaign trail and on twitter, fra frankly, from day-to-day. >> really fascinating comments from mitch mcconnell. >> brings up barry goldwater and the division in terms of mess e messaging all cat nip for the clinton campaign and they're already out with a tweet about this. what are you hearing? how will she try to capitalize on this today? >> reporter: a tweet and statement, kristen, essentially using this to argue donald trump is unfit to be president. we heard her lay that case out
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in the context of foreign policy national security affairs in that major speech that she gave yesterday here in california. they're focused more on this idea that this judge has lived out the american dream essent l essentially saying his parents came here and provided a better life for their sons. one of his brothers served in vietnam and judge curiel is a federal judge. the question whether this will ultimately exist throughout the campaign. we've seen the clinton campaign be pretty careful since he lo locked up the nomination to not posture this is something they will have locked up arguing this is a close race all the way through. it's things like this that give democrats confidence, i think, combined with the speech she gave and how well received that was and how comfortable on her feet she seemed to be in atta attacking donald trump from that general election mode that they
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definitely are more confident today than they were even 24 hours ago, kristen. >> i think that's a great assessment. i want to ask you one more. we only have a little bit of time left. you're in redding, california, i used to live there, a small city and the police are bracing for protests like the one we saw in san jose. is the police department anticipating any protesters? >> reporter: there's a lot of supporters here right now. we have so far not seen a lot of prote protesters. it is not a large city like san jose and extraordinarily far from a the border and b a large metropolitan area. we're two hours from sacramento, 3 1/2 hours from san francisco. they're not expecting the same fervent protesting in san jose or san diego or albuquerque. they are prepared, nonetheless.
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this is the fact of things, when you go to a donald trump rally, no matter where you are in the country, even smaller towns and towns within the country, south bend, indiana, there is a large contingent of police at the ready, oftentimes, riot police for potential unrest. >> thank you. appreciate a great reporting as always. i want to bring in congressman who is a republican from north carolina and a donald trump supporter. congressman, thank you so much for joining me this afternoon. appreciate it. >> good afternoon. >> i want to start with the breaking news. the fact that paul ryan endorsed donald trump yesterday and then today donald trump came up with ramped up attacks against the judge presiding over the university case. paul ryan seemed uncomfortable
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with that. are you concerned about that? >> certainly. his approach or communication isn't something i applaud all the time. in contrast who we're looking at the alternative is bernie or bernie with a dress on. the policies continued under this president, obama. we're in an abysmal economy. 1.5% economic growth. we're in a primary in north carolina and people come up to me at the polls and say, congressman, i believe you but i need a job. can you help me? >> it's very sad. our economy has no jobs and bound up because of regulations because of a financial system, icing on the financial services committee. we're in bondage. the pendulum swing so far with regulation is in this country. that's what i believe donald trump will ult maimately apprece the ideas we will bring forward. >> i understand what you're s saying. let me play for you something mitch mcconnell said earlier and get your reaction on the other
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side. >> take a listen. >> sure. >> i think these attacks don't serve the candidate at this point. he ought to be trying to unify the party behind him. >> mitch mcconnell talks about party unity. he's also expressed concern about the latino vote. does this make it tougher for trump to unify the party and do you worry he could be losing the latino vote not only in this election but years to come for the gop? >> i think the meetings speaker ryan had with donald trump have been very productive. i think what's going to come out of that this will be a campaign of ideas and needs to be, not a campaign of personalities. the american people deserve true refo reforms. we need to see reform of the healthcare system. >> congressman, with respect, just to that question. are you concerned -- do you worry about losing the latino vote for years to come?
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>> i worry about this country and the reforms that are needed it will appeal to the latino vote. we need to see reforms in the tax code, reform in healthcare, we need to see reform in our budg budgeting, we need to protect our country. we're at greater threats today than world war ii. our preparedness is below world war ii. there are more provocative st e states out there that have their eye on america. these are concerns to everybody. the house will lead them on these reforms. frankly i was encouraged mr. trump sat down with people like james baker and henry kissinger. he's a businessman and businessmen want to succeed and i hope he will see his mistakes and make those amends and correct those mistakes. i don't like everything he says or does, frankly, the altis not good for america and hasn't been good for america in terms of our domestic policy and economy and hurting families and frankly, the threats to our own national
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security. >> congressman, let me ask you about the troubling images we saw last night in california and these protests that seem to keep springing up outside donald trump's events. some people say they harken back to the 1960s. i wonder if you are concerned this type of violent protesting is only going to escalate and are you concerned about what this says about the trump campaign right now? >> we're seeing the same thing at the bernie sanders campaign and miss clinton as well. people are very upset. they're very concerned. there's 20 million people who either don't have jobs or they're underemployed. this is a very difficult time for many americans. i don't blame them for being mad. they want to see results. this administration has not led with results. we had 7 1/2 years of abysmal growth. 1.5% growth. less than 200,000 jobs a month. in the '80s we had a recovery, we created 300 thousand 400 thousand 500,000 jobs as many as
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a million jobs and growing at 6%. we weren't bound up with all the regulations of government mandates and control by washington. we're led by washington today. the american people need freedom and need opportunity. that's what can be done to change this country and the course of this country. >> congressman robert pettinger, we appreciate your time this afternoon. thank you for your perspective. >> thank you. enjoy being with you. >> you, too. in the pulse question, we're asking does donald trump have the appropriate temperament to be president. here are the results? the pulse remains live. cast your vote now at we want to turn to breaking news in texas. five ft. hood soldiers dead and four missing after their vehicle was swept up in floodwaters. and not over yet, you're looking at new drone video. on the ground with the mayor of
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get out, get out, get out! >> that is just one example of the powerful flood facing much of the state of texas. the couple who tried to cross that creek were pinned against a tree for a few frightening seconds. fortunately, they and their dog were able to get out of their van and onto dry land. governor greg abbott is due to make remarks a little bit later. a few miles south of that accident, family and friends at fort hood are mourning the de h
11:17 am
deaths of soldiers killed in a routine accident. three were saved but four are still unaccounted for. thanks for being here. i want to start with you. this was a routine training exercise, such an incredible tragedy and a lot of people asking at this hour how is it possible a routine training exercise could lead to such a tragedy. >> hi there, good afternoon. military officials are calling this a heartbreaking accident. as you mentioned, this search operation is under way for these four remaining soldiers are unaccounted for. this happened before noon yesterday when these 12 soldiers went out on what officials say was a routine training exercise. they were training a convoy operation. the water raged out of control. they were in the process of
11:18 am
closing the roads in the area in the northeast part of the fort hood installation. and the water got out of control it happened so quickly. it's not unheard of for soldiers to deal with these type of conditions. take a listen. >> they were out on the range. they regularly passed through these weather conditions like this. this was a tactical vehicle and at the time they were training and an unfortunate accident that occurred. >> local officials say the soldiers tactical vehicle overturned as they were part of this training mission. the identities of the soldiers has not been released pending notification of the families. tristan, right now, there is an active search and rescue operation happening just behind me in this part of the fort hood area, massive sprawling area.
11:19 am
247,000 acres here. >> such an incredible tragedy. thank you for your reporting on that. i want to turn now to kerry sanders, about a three hour drive south of fort hood, texas. we know the rains have stopped but still a flashflood warning in effect. talk a little bit about how the community is coping with this. >> reporter: in this neighborhood where i am in richmond, i would say you have a hearty group of people texas tough. they know in many cases they have lost almost everything and in some cases everything. you can look at a live drone picture of the flooding so you get a general idea what this flood area looks like. this is the brazos river well beyond the record stages we have. the mayor is joining us, evelyn moore, first, it could be deceptive. we have sun out and looks like the water may be back an inch or
11:20 am
2. the reality is? >> reality is we are still in a major flood level and will remain until tuesday. it has maybe gone down a half a foot but we will still be at historic records until next tuesday. >> just because it's sunny here, what happens? >> it goes to the watershed and eventually make its bay into our river. >> one of the things as we're looking at pictures with the drone flying around, you can't smell, thankfully. it seems as if the septic tanks have overflooded. there's a real problem. what do you say to those who want to traipse through the water to see what they can salvage. >> not only should they not wade
11:21 am
in it or let the children play ing it. school is now out, we have a lot of school children and see this water and want to go swimming. they cannot do that because of all the contaminants in the water. >> reporter: thank you for joining us, mayor. we know you have a lot ahead of you. there are also snakes. water moccasin, cotton mouths, all the problems that can happen and you don't know where you're stepping and the next ning you know, you're bitten. we don't want to see that happen. >> no, you do not and we want you to be careful out there. we want to bring you up to date on breaking news out of colorado. a search and rescue team look for 10 military personnel in rocky mountain national park. you're looking at live pictures right now of the search under way. the colorado difgts of fire prevention tweeted the personnel are overdue, military speak for
11:22 am
not returning to their post at the suspected time. colorado prevention and control cannot say which they're looking for. we will bring you any developme developments. you're looking at live pictures of this search as it unfolds. right back after a quick break. what's it like to be in good hands? man, it's like pure power at your finger tips. like the power to earn allstate reward points, every time i drive. ...want my number? and cash back for driving safe. and the power to automatically find your car... i see you car! and i got the power to know who's coming and when if i break down. must be gerry. hey... in means getting more from your car insurance with the all-powerful drivewise app. it's good to be in, good hands.
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who don't have access thto basic banking,on people but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world. one month after colleges the nomination the presumptive nominee has brought people together at least that's what it looks like. this morning, house speaker, paul ryan, says he does not agree with donald trump's attacks against a judge. but less than 24 hours ago he
11:26 am
said he would vote for trump come november but it's more about party than personality. >> it's very clear to me hillary clinton is in no way certain going to be advancing our policies and priorities and promising another obama term and it's clear to me through my conversations that donald trump is someone i know is principle with these general policies. >> any minute now, we're expecting hillary clinton to speak right here in culver city, california. we'll see if she decides to call out donald trump on his comme comments. a number of actresses are spe speaking just moments ago including sally field and debra mess ing. >> and you see right there. >> and joining me, luck ruke ru, thank you for joining me.
11:27 am
always appreciate it. >> always a pleasure. >> i want to start with news today, donald trump ramping up attack is an intelligence this federal judge and house speaker paul ryan seeming to crazy him for that after a -- to criticize him for that after this tepid endorsement. does he have any regrets? >> reporter: i think tepid is the way to describe it. you look at that video, you notice his body language and tone and not exactly enthusiastic about donald trump, because he has issues with him about muslims and associating with the kkk and mexicans and reform. there is a big difference between ryan and trump. ryan came with the idea after
11:28 am
conversations with trump's staff and his stuff that trump would be willing to move forward in the first 100 days on ryan's playbook. donald trump doesn't have domestic policy never done a committee hearing or mark-up or never put forward a bill. this is paul ryan's wheelhouse and paul ryan will take ownership of that if he were to have a president trump within the first 100 days. it's striking, part of the caveat in the endorsement of donald trump, there will be things we disagree on and i reserve the right to speak my mind. not even 24 hours later he completely disavows what donald trump said about a latino in a trump university case, you cannot dismiss somebody because
11:29 am
of their legal heritage and what mitch mcconnell told our own andrea mitchell and saying he will do to latinos what go goldwater did in 1964. this is a delicate dance they have to go forward in the next five months. it's clear they don't want to have anything to do personally with donald trump but they have to accept the electorate. if you're not enthusiastic for somebody and don't necessarily respect somebody, it's hard to be out there on the same team, especially in the political partisan environment we live in. >> luke russert on capitol hill, we appreciate it. >> reporter: thank you. >> we see hillary clinton taking the stage in culver city. she has an event. let's listen in. >> let me thank the other
11:30 am
elected officials, assembly woman garcia and hilda solis and leaders from the american labor movement, mary kay henry and randi weingarten. let me thank these amazing extraordinary women -- >> while secretary clinton is thanking everyone, we are going to bring in another guest with us, joshua claiborne, who is with us this afternoon. really appreciate your being here, an indiana republican delegate refusing to attend the convention in cleveland this year. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> let's start there. why have you decided not go to the convention in cleveland? >> really, the convention is a coronation and celebration of donald trump's candidacy. that wasn't something i wanted to be part of. what he represents for the republican party is not something i can support and goes
11:31 am
beyond that what i see as a threat to fundamental american values. >> to your point, he has made several controversial comments about muslims, about mexican, about women. gnat majority leader mitch mcconnell weighed in on some of that tone this morning. i want to play you a little bit of what he had to say and get your reaction on the other side. >> i ended up casting as a young man a protest vote against a candidate i basically agreed with on almost everything because i thought he was wrong on the principle issue of that era, civil rights bill of 1964. and my party has been struggling with african-american voters ever since. i don't want to see that mistake made with latinos. it's a big important part of america. soon will be if not already our largest minority group in the country. for our party to be competitive, we have to be able to reach out to all kinds of people.
11:32 am
>> josh, to what extent are you concerned about losing minority vote, different groups of voters for a generation as mitch mcconnell was just talking about? >> incredibly concerned. you're well aware and cited some examples donald trump has said ways that will turn off wide swath s of voting groups for generations to come and people of all colors and backgrounds and younger are really turned off from him as well. this is a political issue from the republican party very concerning as a republican. as i said, some of his comments go beyond even partisanship, things that question and undermine things like rule of law and freedom of speech and association. those kind of things even transcend partisan concerns why somebody like me very much a republican, was going to the national convention, been a part of the party for a long time can't bring myself to support
11:33 am
him. as you know, i am not alone. governors and senators and presidential candidates in the same camp. too many issues donald trump is too concerning on for republicans to jump on board with. >> what do you say to those in your party who say it's time to unify, time to get together to foigt against secretary clinton. you know there is a strong current of that within your party right now. what's your answer to that. >> there are things more important than party. there are principles. there are american volumes and even for republicans conservativism itself is questionable with this candidate. i don't subscribe to the notion you get behind someone because they have an r after their name, because of the beliefs they hold and character of the person. on all fronts donald trump is a big concern. just because he claims he's a republican doesn't mean i think republicans should or have to get behind him.
11:34 am
>> i have to ask this question, joshua, would you vote for hillary clinton? are you considering that? >> look, i think people in my situation are looking at all the options. that's certainly one. now, you've got two former republican governors now libertarians on the ballot in all 50 states another option and in some other states options beyond that. i think jeb bush even talked about potentially writing someone in and mitt romney as well. there are a lot of option, there's no question as a republican, i don't agree with hillary clinton. she raises a lot of issues as well. but i think donald trump's issues, like i said transcend partisan politics to questioning fundamental rule of law issues, constitutional issues. things that under no circumstance will i vote for donald trump. who i vote for after that rem n remains to be seen, i just know for sure it won't be him. >> check back in with us once
11:35 am
you decided. thanks for a great conversation. we really appreciate it? thank you. we're just getting this in, video of first lady, michelle obama, delivering a blistering yet veiled critique of donald trump today as she delivered a commencement speech at city college of new york. take a listen. >> some folks out there have a very different perspective, they seem to view our diversity as a threat to be contained rather than a resource to be tapped. they tell us to be afraid of those who are different, to be suspicious with those with whom we disagree. they act as if name-calling is an acceptable substitute for thoughtful debate. as if anger and intolerance should be our default state rather than the optimism and openness that have always been the engine of our progress. but graduates, i can tell you as first lady, i have had the
11:36 am
privilege of traveling around the world and visiting dozens of different countries, and i have seen what happens when ideas like these take hold. i have seen how leaders who rule by intimidation, leaders who demonize and dehumanize entire groups of people often do so because they have nothing else to offer. i have seen how places that stifle the voices and dismiss the potential of the citizens are diminished, how they are less vital, less hopeful, less free. gradua graduates, that is not who we are. that is not what this country stands for. >> some very powerful words from the first lady rebuking leaders who quote rule by intimidation. i covered the white house for quite some time. i can tell you it is very rare for her to enter the political
11:37 am
frey. i don't think we have heard her weigh in this directly in 2016 even though she didn't mention donald trump by name, it is clear who she is speaking about and underscores the extent who this white house is wanting to get off the sidelines and into the frey. it would be hard to make up. working on that speech, even i was saying, did he really say all of this? well indeed he did. i believe absolutely he's not only unprepared to be president, he's temperamentally unfit to be president. he doesn't -- he doesn't really have ideas, he just engages and rants and personal feuds and outright lies, something that our country cannot afford in a commander in chief.
11:38 am
i have to tell you, a lot of what he said about what's happening in our own country is as disturbing. his divisiveness, setting people against one another, we've all heard it. he is, classic. but we have to stand against that. i do not want any here in our own country or anywhere in the world to think that what he says and how he concts himself represts who we are as a nation. we have worked too hard for too long. we have come too far to let anybody turn us back now and we are going to stand our ground while we seek common ground to solve the problems that face our country, to bring people together across all the lines that divide us. so we are going to defend human rights and women's rights and
11:39 am
gay rights and civil rights and workers' rights and -- >> and we are going to take down the gun l the -- take on the gun lobby for common sense gown safety reform. so we have work to do, my friends. you have just heard from some extraordinary women who have said what they feel, what they know needs to happen, from their different perspectives, and i want to add my voice to theirs. we have to, starting in the california primary on tuesday, send an -- >> secretary clinton trying to fire up women voters here in culver city, california, reliving some of her greatest hits from yesterday saying donald trump is quote temperamentally unfit to be president, flanked by a number of big names in hollywood including debra messing to name just one.
11:40 am
of course, she is still fighting in her own primary battle and clinton just referenced it. in four days, californians will have their say who should become the democratic nominee. there are more delegates than the remaining eight states come been inned why it is so critical to both candidates. a wall street maris poll shows bernie sanders and hillary clinton are in a statistical dead heat. sanders says it presents a golden opportunity to capture the nomination. >> if we can win california and north and south dakota, and north dakota, and if we can win montana, and if we can win new mexico, and if we could do well in new jersey, we will go mar marching into the democratic convention with enormous momentum. >> my friend and colleague, msnbc chris jansing is on the
11:41 am
campaign trail. thanks for joining me. despite what sanders says, the math is tough, you know that. even if he wins california, he has to convince dozens of superdelegates to come to his side. i want to play what senator dianne feinstein had to say to andrea mitchell and get your reaction. >> my message to bernie sanders is, i think if you look at the election coming up, not only in california but in other states as well, hillary clinton will likely have the 71 additional delegates she needs before close of the polls on tuesday. and therefore, everything you do now should be not to provide division on our side of the aisle, on the democratic side, but to bring people together. >> getting a lot of pressure from democrats to drop out of
11:42 am
this race. he remains defiant, right? >> reporter: that kind of talk really really makes him and makes his campaign push back hard. they say, look, this is not going to be decided until the convention. bernie sanders says he's going to the convention. if i can just say, he has to turn not just dozens of superdelegates, he has to turn more than 300 superdelegates. it would take something not just unprecedented but incredibly extraordinary for that to happen. here was jef weaver a little earlier on msnbc. >> the truth of the matter, this has been reported in other news source, his presence here and the fact is there an active vibrant primary is helping down ballot democrats both at the legislative and congressional and senate level. in california, the way the primaries work here in down ballot races the top two vote getters advance to the general election regardless what party they come from. you could end up with two democrats in this general
11:43 am
election. >> their argument, far from h t hurting democrats chances of taking the white house is he helping not just down ballot but energizing voters many of whom you see in line feeling the burn, i think the temperature is closer to 100, and boeen in lin more than an hour and chances are most haven't seen a lot of television. for both sides, it's about getting here and getting a lot of free media and getting out in front of crowds in the case of bernie sanders. last night he had 5800 people up in chico and thinks as we've been talking about it, following the numbers by the time tuesday comes he'll have seen 250,000 people he says will help propel him to the convention. >> he keeps bringing out those big crowds. thank you for that reporting. really appreciate it. >> reporter: thank you. an update now on that
11:44 am
breaking news out of colorado, 10 military personnel in rocky mountain national park appear to be spotted by a search and rescue helicopter. take a look. you're looking at live pictures near long's peak in boulder county. park officials released a live statement. late last night, rocky mountain staff were notified a group of people were requesting assistance on the peak affiliated with carson, colorado. the group was involved in cli climbing training. a few members reported having some degree of distress and having difficulty continuing up the route. the group was not planning to overningt the area. we will keep you more on this story. developing news. new details into the death of musical icon, prince. the medical examinerer's report yesterday released said the music legend died of an active
11:45 am
opioid overdose, fentanyl, more powerful than the street drug heroin and how he received the powerful painkiller and if he was pre-described the drug by a doctor. this sunday we will be addre addressing heroin addiction afflicting so much of the nation. introducing us to a massachusetts police chief with a radical new approach to fig fighting the growing problem in his town. take a look. >> do you think the drugs and needles and paraphernalia people have and dispose of that? >> yes. >> you don't arrest them. >> i think at that point -- >> you don't arrest them even though they have drugs on them even though it's illegal. >> correct. desperate times call for desperate measures. >> i never thought i would hear the time they would say police wouldn't arrest people. >> i didn't say that. if we continue to arrest crimes
11:46 am
of addiction and don't treat addiction, we get nowhere. >> josh joins me now for his special report. how has this police chief s saying -- how has he been saying his plan is working, as you point out it's pretty radical. >> it's pretty early. they haven't been doing it that long. he got this idea early last year. so far, he says, addiction related crimes in gloucester have dropped by a third. people will want to see longer term numbers than that. he says the early signs at least are encouraging. >> josh, what was your big take away from this incredible report? >> look, there's two debates here. one is the extent to which police officers have the discretion to not arrest even though people have drugs on them and are asking for help. that's one thing. d.a.s would say, you don't, our discretion, not the police department. you are supposed to arrest them. we'll decide what to do.
11:47 am
the second debate is whether or not it's working. the chief has gotten some pushback on this, from the local d.a. other departments have adopted it across this nation. >> josh mankiewicz, great to see you? thanks. >> you can see more on josh's special on the heroin epidemic this sunday, 6:00 p.m. eastern only on nbc. first, the big new investor a in the world's most valuable tech start-up, heres a the verge update. >> getting a cash investment of more than 3$3.5 billion. part of saudi arabia reffort t get way from dependence on oil. plans are already under way for 2$250 mention expansion in the
11:48 am
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jen stops working, but her aleve doesn't. hey mom! because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours?
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hey, maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico, i'll get this place going. she's not doing the job. we got to get her moving, come on, let's go, governor. >> i madge she'll come over to my side. she was not nice and i was fine, just a little bit of a jab, but she wasn't nice. you think i will change, i'm not chan changing, including with her. >> now, that last clip is just from just three days ago, now, it turns out donald trump is doing a complete 180 on new mexico governor susanna martinez, telling her home paper he respects the governor and would like to have her support. moments ago, speaker paul ryan, who endorsed trump just yesterday said this about trump's previous attacks.
11:52 am
>> the comment about the judge the other day was out of left field from my mind. it's reasoning i don't relate to and completely disagree with thinking behind that. he says and does things i don't agree with and had to speak up from time-to-time when that occurs and will continue to do that if necessary and hope it's not. >> this coming after trump escalated his attack on the judge in the trump university case. saying the judge's mexican heritage presents an absolute conflict. trump said i'm building a wall. it's an inherent conflict of interest. the national hispanic bar association says donald trump continues to inject bigotry and divisive politics into the 2016 presidential contest. his personal attacks on judge
11:53 am
curiel. robert maldonado is an attorney and president of the hispanic national bar association. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> you say in that statement trump is trying to undermine the integrity of the federal judicial system and place undue stress on our democracy. trump says he's not president yet and can make these types of allegations particularly if he thinks he's being treated unfairly. what's at stake? >> what's at stake is how the public views the judiciary and judges that sit across the nation. we have diverse judges judging cases from coast-to-coast. these judges are as qualified as any other judge in this country. he's sending a message and signal that's very dangerous and saying these judges somehow are less qualified to be fair and impartial in judging the cases that come before them. that's very dangerous, especially from someone who wants to be president of e
11:54 am
united states and has such high prominence and media visibility. >> his supporters would say, look, trump has the right to support himself. what would you say to his supporters who would vigorously defend him? >> he's not defending himself, not pointing to anything the judge has done as a legal matter in his case, pointing only to his ethnicity, nothing whatsoever to do with a legal matter. he's not defending himself in a way that's appropriate or fair or should be accepted by the public. >> you know judge curiel. how would you assess how he's handled this case? you know he unsealed a lot of documents and had to redact some information and did get some criticism for that. how has he handled this case so far and how is he dealing with this really unique situation? >> from what i read and heard he's handled the case as any judge would. judges make the best decisions they can on the bench and made the decisions he thought was
11:55 am
right and arecent. sometim -- and appropriate. sometimes judges make mistakes and are corrected and everything i read has act aid appropriately in this case. >> if you look at our latest survey monkey online tracking poll, trump gets 32% of latino voters, higher than mitt romney got in 2012. are you surprised he gets that level of support. do you think some people are just immune to what he says, they don't care? >> i am surprised by the numbers, yes. i think as he continues on this campaign and makes these statements he's made for many months and will continue, anti-hispanic rhetoric we will see those numbers go down. >> do you think it could harm support for the gop within the latino community for years to come? >> yes, absolutely. i agree with senator mcconnell, this is a real problem for the republican party, the statements he's making and actions he's taking are very dangerous and
11:56 am
will have long term effect on hispanic support in the republican party. >> robert mall dan nadeau of the hispanic bar association, thank you. >> thank you. have a nice afternoon. >> you, too. we have breaking news out of chicago and unprecedented report posting evidence of 100 pending investigations of police shootings online. more of what's being called a seismic shift in chicago secrecy.
11:57 am
have a nice afternoon.
11:58 am
11:59 am
♪ what are you doing? sara, i love you, and... [phone rings] ah, it's my brother. keep going... sara, will you marry... [phone rings again] what do you want, todd???? [crowd cheering] keep it going!!!! if you sit on your phone, you butt-dial people. it's what you do. todd! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. i know we just met like, two months ago... yes! [crowd cheering] [crowd cheering over phone] now to chicago, where police are releasing an unprecedented collection of videos from more than 100 collections of police shootings, the independent police authority administrator say there's no indication the releases show any wrongdoing. take a listen. >> oh, no, no, no, god bless his
12:00 pm
soul! >> we apologize. that is the wrong video. all of this follows the public outcry over the delayed release of video footage of the shooting of mcdonald. out of colorado we're learning 11 u.s. special forces soldiers from fort carson were doing mountain training and h d heading to the summit when two or three began to suffer from altitude sickness. they had a choice to climb the rest of the mountain to the top or be airlifted down. they called the park service and were airlifted down with the helicopter. this happened yesterday. the eight or nine soldiers remaining on the mountain are doing just fine and those airlifted down are doing better, we are told. that wraps up our coverage this hour, i'm kristen welker from california. kate snow picks things up from new york. have a great weekend. >> good afternoon. happy friday to you. i am kate snow. grand old party, brand new


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