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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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new information on muhammad ali's last moments with his family and details on what's next. some high profile republicans now attacking donald trump for comments he made against a federal judge. we'll tell you who's talking now. still fighting. bernie sanders with new remarks on his hope for a contested convention and why it's not over until it's over. doing the math, the numbers may add up for hillary clinton to clinch the nomination by later today. the key primary that could put her over the top all ahead. we begin good with new
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details on the death of muhammad ali. a family spokesperson revealed the boxing legend died of septic shock. he spent days at an arizona hospital with complications from parkinsons' disease. he died surrounded by his family. his daughter shared this saying, we all tried to stay strong and whispered in his ear, you can go now, we will be okay. ali's body will arrive at his hometown of louisville, kentucky, within the next 48 hours. a private ceremony ywill be hel thursday and an then a multifaith public funeral. a motorcade will travel through the streets of louisville so people can say good-bye to the greatest of all time. let's all head to louisville. morgan, good morning to you. ali had planned his final tribute years ago. what was his vision? >> good morning to you. officials here at the center said the alis were very involved in the decisions here,
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especially the executive ones. which is why this is such an interactive exhibit. you can come in here, you can get in the ring, you can pretend you're shadow boxing with ali, hit the heavy bag, the speed bag and that's why to honor his death, people have come here to the heart of louisville to celebrate his life. he was called the greatest of all time. but to them, he was just dad. >> it is very rough at this point for the family. all family members are having a tough time. >> as a family mourns their father, the world celebrates a legend. >> i'm knocked out sonny liston. >> paying tribute, generations too young to remember his right cross and those who can still see it when they close their eyes. >> he was my childhood hero. and he was just amazing. >> you say boxing, you say ali. just that simple. >> on social media, an outpouring of memories. you'll always be the greatest, for more than just what you did in the ring, tweeted tiger
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woods. president obama posting, he shook up the world, and the world's better for it. echoing the sentiments of a former commander in chief who will soon deliver the jeweulogy >> perhaps no why is his absence more personal than in the town that made him a hero. >> muhammad ali belongs to the world but he only has one hometown. >> it is amazing to know we grew up in the same area that he did. >> i think it is fabulous. he took what he had and he really made something of himself. >> what type of legacy do you think you leave for african-americans. >> you can come from the gutter and rise above any obstacle that may come in front of you. >> displaying a will that his daughter hana saw in her father's final moments. posting on twitter, all of his organs failed, but his heart wouldn't stop beating. for 30 minutes, his heart just kept beating. the exit of a champion.
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i spoke to some people from west -- the same area where ali was raised and they say that watching him achieve all that he did reminded them they too could overcome anything and that's why people here in louisville are reminding the world that even though he was their length end, he was the hometown hero first. >> thank you very much, morgan. to politics now. new reaction this morning from donald trump on whether attacks against a federal judge handling one of the trump university lawsuits is racist. >> if you are saying he can't do his job, because of his race, is that not the definition of racism? >> no, i don't think so at all. >> no? >> he's proud of his heritage. i respect him noor. >> you're saying he can't doo his job for that. >> i think i'll do well with hispanics. but we're building a wall. he's a mexican. we're building a wall between here and mexico. >> in that same interview, trump
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was asked nearly two dozen times if his comments against the judge are racist. just moments ago, trump supporter and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell refused to say whether the comments are racist. here is what he told chuck todd. >> do you think it is a racist statement? >> i don't agree with what he had to say. this is a man who was born in indiana, all of us came here from somewhere else. >> mcconnell and newt gingrich are the latest in a slew of republicans to criticize. trump draws rebuke from a fretful gop and gingrich says i don't know what trump's reasoning was and i don't care. his description of the judge in terms of his parentage is completely unacceptable. if trump doesn't start consulting and coordinating with his allies, he will not have any. trump himself is off the campaign trail today, but both democratic candidates and former president bill clinton are in
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california for six events. democrats in puerto rico are holding a primary today with 67 delegates up for grabs. today's contest will come on the heels of hillary clinton winning the caucus in the virgin islands. so far she's picked up eight of the 12 delegates at stake, to one delegate for sanders. yesterday's caucus now puts clinton 57 delegates shy of clinching the nomination. but with two days until the last set of key primaries, bernie sanders is once again warning democrats that the convention won't be a shoo-in for hillary clinton. here is what he told reporters in los angeles yesterday. >> it is extremely unlikely that secretary clinton will have the requisite number of pledged delegates to claim victory on tuesday night. the democratic national convention will be a contested convention. >> nbc's tony decopo in san juan, puerto rico, as the residents there are heading to
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the polls. good morning to you. not many primary polls out there. give us a sense, your take of what people are saying about the candida candidates. >> good morning. puerto ricans can shape the presidential primary. hillary clinton v. bernie sanders. they're lining up behind me. it is a choice on a key policy issue. puerto rico has fallen behind, deeply in debt, deep recession. now congress is discussing a bailout, a rescue from the federal reserve, bernie sanders opposes that. hillary clinton supports it. the other big issue here isn't about what the voters themselves think, but the number of polling stations themselves. in may, there were more than a thousand, i think we have a graphic here on this, more than a thousand, in the weeks head heading up to today's election, they cut that to fewer than 500. bernie sanders supporters say this is another example of voter expression, de facto voter expression.
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people we talked to here complained they can't find their polling location and we have a gentleman right here who is trying to vote. >> good morning. >> good morning. you're a bernie sanders supporter. >> exactly. >> you're trying to vote today. how is it going so far? >> awful. i walked to the other place i vote usually and they made me walk four blocks for the other poll station. >> you came here and have you been able to vote here? >> not yet. the lines are awfully long. >> how much more effort are you going to put into this. >> go back home, have breakfast and come back. we want bernie in the white house. >> not going to give up yet. >> not yet. >> why do you think bernie sanders would be good for puerto rico? >> actually he has expressed interest in our politics, our economy, and so many other things. and we're fed up with the lies of congress and, you know, i don't want to sound pushy, but u.s. government is suppressing
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puerto rico. we need to have -- we're americans here, we need the right to vote and right to be first class citizen like we have been, you know, in wars and everything else. >> thank you very much, sir. good luck voting today. >> thank you. >> so alex, one issue that has not been discussed today is the zika virus. the cdc wants $225 million to address the problem here in puerto rico. but voters don't seem to be concerned at all. they think the fears are overblown and another reason the puerto rican economy is taking a hit. and i guess from that gentleman, bernie sanders is the guy to bring it back. >> so interesting, yet that zika virus is considered to be an epicenter in puerto rico? >> it is the epicenter according to health officials. more cases here than anywhere else in the united states and yet when you talk to people on the island, they are not taking precautions, they're not concerned, don't know people who have the zika virus.
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this is 3.5 million people who live here and a little bit more than a thousand cases of the virus. many not in san juan itself. the alarm from the united states is met with mist fiction on the island and they think it is another piece of pad news that will hurt their economy, recession and zika on top of it. >> thank you so much. from there to los angeles and danny freeman covering the sanders camp for us. danny is there for the third straight week in california. what is the campaign saying about a possible win on tuesday? are they confident and they have done a lot of work. >> good morning. i think that they feel confident just because they put in that work. this is the third week of campaigning, third day straight, campaigning in california alone. he held over 30 rallies, spoken to nearly 200,000 people. and that's exactly the momentum that they want to go into tuesday's very, very close
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primary. you played this clip earlier. he emphasized that no matter what happens in california, the race in his words will not be over if secretary clinton hits that magic number of delegates on tuesday with pledged and super delegates combined. that was his fifth press conference in five days. i will note. something that sanders campaign is trying to emphasize they are willing to speak to the press on several occasions. now, regardless of sanders speaking to the press and having press conferences, yesterday, his mind was also in los angeles, focusing particularly on latino voter and contrasting himself. take a listen to what he said yesterday. >> we should be incredibly proud of the fact that in this country, unlike many other countries, we have folks from hundreds of countries in every
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continent on earth coming to the united states of america. donald trump does not understand it, but our diversity is our strength. >> now, last night senator sanders kicked off his grandi i finales of rallies. he has one today in san diego and tomorrow, the day before the primary, he holds one more in san francisco. >> danny freeman in l.a. for us, thank you much. donald trump kept a low profile this weekend, his late ev public appearance is friday in california. and hallie jackson is covering the trump campaign for us today. the candidate being criticized from all corners for his continued attack of that judge. is there any sign he's going to let up? >> not yet, not over the weekend. he doubled or tripled or quadrupled down on the remarks in interviews other the last 48 to 72 hours, even in the face of real criticism from leaders like
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house speaker paul ryan, from newt gingrich telling nbc news those comments trump made about the judge are inappropriate. gingrich consults with trump on a regular basis, rumored to be if not on the vp short list, then in talks of selecting a presidential pick to have that criticism coming from within donald trump's own corner is significant, but, again, this is a candidate who has done whatever he has wanted to do, who has bucked the at vice of his advisers and there is no sign he'll let up at least right now. as we know with donald trump, things change like that. >> they do. as you know, california primary the largest of the six being held on tuesday and donald trump a lot of time in that state. why is he so focused on california? >> he did. the reason why is because his campaign committed to holding rallies in california back several weeks ago when everybody thought that june 7th, the
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primary would be the make or break day, the day that it would all come down to with candidates in the race. with donald trump locking up the nomination, that changed. there is a sense they committed to holding the rallies, they want to put donald trump in front of supportive crowds and they did so. it is notable this week we think he'll be in manhattan tomorrow, we know that. he's set to meet with florida governor rick scott in new york. so it is unlikely perhaps that he will get to california on tuesday. though we'll see. >> okay, interesting. he's on the vp list, okay. thank you very much. line of attack as hillary clinton and campaign found an effective campaign against donald trump. it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ forward collision warning ] [ car braking ]
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get the new xfinity tv app and for the first time ever stream live tv, watch on demand, and download your dvr shows anywhere. hillary clinton notched another primary win last night
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taking home the virgin island seven delegates. bernie sanders is nearly 800 delegates behind clinton, but he says don't call the race for her just yet. >> there are 931 pledged delegates at stake in contests between today and june 14th. for secretary clinton to get to the magic number of 2383, she would have to win two thirds of those pledged delegates. frankly, unless i am very, very mistaken, that is absolutely not going to happen. >> let's bring in gabby morangello and alex seitz ward. good morning to you both. alex, i'll begin with you here. sanders is ignoring the super delegates in his math we heard him describe there. it is something keeps on doing. is that unrealistic?
6:19 am
is he hurting rather than helping himself by refusing to acknowledge the way the process works? >> well, that's exactly right. he's doing a bit of clever accounting and so what he's doing is he's counting the super delegates when it comes to the magic number he referred to, 2383 delegates. he's saying hillary clinton still needs to reach majority of all delegates, which includes super delegates but not letting her use super delegates to reach that number. it doesn't really reflect reality. it is not typically how we have used these numbers in the past. we always looked at both super delegates and pledged den ga ed and declared a presumptive nominee. i think what he's doing, he's decided he wants to stay in at least through june 14th, district of columbia to the convention in july and reverse engineered new ways to get there and have a justification for staying in every time the math gets harder for him. >> well, gabby, you heard it, he
6:20 am
was saying yesterday in los angeles, he says prepare for a contested convention. so with neither hillary clinton nor donald trump sparing much attention for sanders, focusing on each other, is that a mistake? >> i don't think it is. hill kary clinton's campaign, started shifting her focus to donald trump when he became the presumptive republican nominee. i think it is a smart strategy for her because more than likely she is going to be the democratic nominee. sanders can continue to attack her all he wants, but -- he can claim that democrats are headed for a contested convention, but as alex mentioned, the math isn't on his side now. he didn it will be difficult for him to flip the super delegates if he doesn't pull off a victory in california and heads into the convention with far less pledged delegates than hillary clinton. again, it is smart. just this past week, we saw her foreign policy speech, which was a stinging indictment of donald
6:21 am
trump and if she keeps that up, between now and november, if she does secure the nomination, i think she's going to -- her campaign will have a lot of success. >> you wrote about that foreign policy speech, and the fact that clinton may have figured out how to attack trump. what does she need to do to keep that kind of momentum going forward? >> general election, we have months to go before november, you can't just give one speech and call it a day. you'll have to hit it over and over again. the formula that her campaign came across, i think it is one we'll see a lot of. it is taking a little bit of the donald trump strategy, which is the brash kind of sarcastic aggressive almost name calling nature, but she's moved it entirely in policy terms, so when marco rubio tried to go after donald trump, he was going after him by making fun of his hands and his spray tan, that didn't work. what she's doing instead is going after him on policy and giving a message that cannot
6:22 am
only appeal to democrats, but also to, you know, moderate republicans, never trump people, she's basically telling them, look, you might not like me, but at least you can trust that i'm not going to start world war iii by accident, but if you get donald trump in the white house, that's a real possibility. so i think the tone, the message is going to be kind of where she goes from here on. >> and, gabby, with alex's description there, being a more substantive speech, are republicans seeing clinton's speech on foreign policy as an effective hit on trump? >> what is interesting is you didn't hear a rapid response from the republican national committee after that speech that she gave last thursday. you didn't hear a number of republican lawmakers coming out to defend donald trump because much of what hillary clinton said is, you know, plays into these concerns that disaffected republican voters have. voters who are very concerned with donald trump's foreign policy, with this america first
6:23 am
understanding a foreign affairs and with some of the comments he made about allowing south korea and japan to go nuclear. it is definitely a legitimate argument she's making and i think it does play well and just the difficulty that we saw with gop lawmakers and republicans coming to donald trump's defense, the absence of that really says a lot about how effective of a critique that was on hillary clinton's behalf. >> i'm looking at a report you wrote, what is the goal, do you take it as a warning sign for trump? >> what is interesting is that the rnc is right now holding closed door meetings with the very people that donald trump has railed against for the last 11 months of his campaign. they're meeting with establishment leaders in the business community. they're talking about the party platform with these people. with lobbyists. the special interest groups that donald trump has long criticized. so in a party that is trying to unify behind a republican nominee right now, it is a bit
6:24 am
of an interesting strategy for them to be going behind that republican nominee's back to meet with the very people he's critiqued for so long. but, again, the party right now is focused on developing a platform, making sure that republican voters who right now maybe hesitant to embrace donald trump feel comfortable with the party's platform heading into november. so they are reaching out to all different types of business leaders, establishment figures, washington insiders, to help craft that platform ahead of the convention. >> and alex, given the big day at the polls on tuesday, can you give us a prediction of wednesday morning headlines? >> without a doubt, it is going to be hillary clinton claims the nomination. she doesn't -- she's 57 delegates away from the magic number, that's what we're calling it, the 2383 number of all delegates. she's also almost certainly going to surpass the majority of just pledged delegates, the ones that bernie sanders wants to talk about. she's further away from there. 252 now after winning the virgin
6:25 am
islands yesterday. but she still needs to win about 1 out of 3 delegates available on tuesday. so she could technically lose every state and still win as long as she doesn't get blown out by giant margins, which we don't seem -- doesn't look likely at this point. so, you know, she could be called the presumptive nominee early on tuesday night before polls even close in california, just thanks to the delegates coming in from new jersey alone. and then at that point, all the conversation is going to turn to what happens to bernie sanders. does he try to find a new way to stay in, does he look to the exit, the pressure is going to ramp up, other democrats calling from will barack obama make an endorsement, sitting on the sidelines, what does the dnc do. a lot of new questions to be raised once we do have hillary clinton as the presumptive nominee. >> i don't know about you, but i've taken to carrying a calculator around with me. what? here we go. gabby, alex, thanks so much. happening now, big fire in southern california, chasing
6:26 am
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nice'n easy: color as real as you are. happening now, a wildfire in california forced thousands from their homes, what has been dubbed the old fire is burning in calabasas, a suburb north of los angeles. cooler weather moved in last night, that aloud firefighters to get somewhat of a leg up. the fire is believed to have started after a truck hit a utility pole bringing down power lines. so far no injuries have been reported, but three homes have already been damaged. it is a matter of faith recalling muhammad ali's conversion to islam and his relationship with malcolm x. we'll explore that next. between and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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new mirafiber from the makers of miralax. fall in love with a new daily fiber. it's the only fiber that supports regularity with dailycomfort fiber. so unlike others, mirafiber is less likely to cause unwanted gas. love your fiber. new mirafiber. welcome back. i'm alex witt. new reaction this morning from a sports legend who knew muhammad ali very well. hall of fame running back jim
6:33 am
brown spoke to my colleague chuck todd this morning on "meet the press" and here is how he wants his friend and boxing legend to be remembered. >> muhammad ali loved people. and he had white friends as well as black friends. a that's the way i look at him and that's how i would like to close out my talking to you today. >> craig melvin joins me now, outside the muhammad ali center in louisville, kentucky. good morning to you on this sunday. people remembering muhammad ali in so many ways, an activist or athlete or friend as jim brown was saying there. what are people in his hometown saying? >> people here are very excited about the fact that their native son, favorite son is going to be brought home, his body expected to arrive here in louisville sometime in the next 24 hours or so.
6:34 am
and as we have been talking about, there is a very public celebration that is planned here in louisville for later in the week after a private memorial service here as well. i want to show you, give you a close look at this makeshift memorial that continues to grow outside the ali center. you can see dozens of folks dropped off flowers, some kid decided to draw a picture and color a picture of the champ, lots of cards addressed to the greatest, to ali to, to the cha. notes being dropped off. this is a center opened in 2005. muhammad ali, very active in the day to day affairs of this center, along with his wife. a motor cate cade on friday wil its way through the city. there will be a 2:00 memorial service, public memorial service, also streamed online, over at the yum center, about two blocks from where i stand. and after that, there will be a
6:35 am
private reception held at the ali center. this is david, the president and ceo of the ali center. only fitting that the service on friday would end here at the center that bears his name. >> absolutely. as you know, the center was put here by muhammad and his wife because they wanted it here in his hometown of louisville, kentucky. the center itself is based on muhammad's six core principles. most people think it is a boxing museum. i don't know if you had the opportunity to go in and visit. and as you will see, once you visit the center, that it really is a journey about his life. and it talks about how he made his stand for religious freedom all the way to him becoming a three-time world heavyweight champion. >> and my understanding is that in addition to this memorial, later today, you guys are going in to invite some musicians in, they're going to be some food trucks as well, going to have quite the festive environment here at the ali center. >> absolutely. while this is a sad time for many of us, it is also a time to
6:36 am
celebrate muhammad's live. as you know, he's meant so many things to so many people. me personally, as a young child, i was -- he was used as an example by my parents to teach me to stand up for what i believe in. and accept the consequences for that stand. and so here at the center, we try to inspire people to become great, to do great things, and so i encourage our viewers to go to muhammad ali and learn more about muhammad ali. and the center. >> david, president and ceo of the ali center. and, again, we should note here, alex, the funeral plan that we have been talking about, that have been released these are plans made by ali himself, many, many years ago. we can also tell you he will be buried at a cemetery not far from here and he, of course, will be buried in accordance with islamic law, his body will not be placed in a casket. we're told it will be wrapped in a white blanket and he will face
6:37 am
mecca. >> craig melvin, thank you so much. thank you for yesterday taking us inside that center. that was a treat seeing that. much more than a boxing tribute for sure. shortly after defeating sonny liston in 1964 over the had heavyweight crown, cassius clay announced his conversion to islam. a new book blood brothers, fa b roberts is the author of the book. how did these two meet and become friends? >> they met in detroit in june of 1962. what we try to do in the book is explore the question, how does cassius clay become muhammad ali? where does this inspiration come from? where does this political voice come from. and when we started to look at the relationship between cassius
6:38 am
clay and malcolm x, we saw the origins of the man who becomes muhammad ali. >> and so the beginning, according to your book, a personal -- a friendship, but did malcolm x see cassius clay, the boxer, the winner, as a potential symbol for his movement? >> absolutely. you have to understand that during the tumultuous years, 1962, 1963, 1964, there is a division between elijah muhammad, the leader of the nation of islam and his leading minister, malcolm x. so malcolm saw himself moving away from the nation, and he hoped to bring cassius clay, who became cassius x and then muhammad ali, but he wanted cassius clay to join his movement and attract -- disenchanted with the civil rights movement into malcolm's organization. >> so the nation of islam, which is the one that malcolm x
6:39 am
represented, that was seen as a threat by many white americans. how did the press and the public deal with the friendship of the two men. at what point were they aware of the friendship? >> it was mostly a secret friendship until february 1964. and that was a crucial month for cassius clay, that's the month he defeat sonny liston so win the heavyweight championship of the world. before that fight, malcolm joined cassius in miami and suddenly the press started to ask questions. what is going on here? cassius, are you a member of the nation of islam? should we worry about this? so suddenly now the press is clued in. malcolm leaves to take some of the heat off of cassius, and comes back for the fight. as a matter of fact, right before the fight in the dressing room, they got on their knees, they tried to find which way was east to -- hard to find out in a locker room, to pray to mecca, and the day after the fight, when cassius is a new champion,
6:40 am
he announces to the world that he is a member of the nation of islam, and that he is free, he doesn't have to be who you want me to be. i'm free to be me. he famously says. >> so when malcolm x was ousted by the nation of islam, ali chose the group over his friend. what all happened there? >> a hard power play going on there. cassius clearly, he had been told by malcolm himself that the honorable elijah muhammad was a sort of all knowledge, all inspiration. he would start with every sentence with the honorable elijah muhammad says, the honorable elijah muhammad believes, and so cassius had bp broug been brought up with this idea that elijah muhammad is the key to everything. and so suddenly to hear, no, there is a problem there, was difficult for him to accept at that moment.
6:41 am
>> so, randy, given the title of your book, i take it you don't think it was a good long-term positive influence on muhammad ali's life, that friendship? >> no, i think it was a fabulous influence on his life. i think much of who muhammad ali is today was a result of his friendship with malcolm x. malcolm x showed him an example of a powerful, strong, articulate, proud, black man. so, no, i think in a positive -- very positive relationship on muhammad ali. but, remember, malcolm x will be assassinated by members of the nation of islam in february of 1965. so in that sense, it is the fatal friendship. >> all right, great conversation, randy. thank you. good luck with the book. thank you. >> thank you very much. fighting on, bernie sanders promises a contested convention. will he settle for anything less? jonathan altar joins me to discuss. it smoking with chantix.
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at the end of the nominating process, no candidate will have enough pledged delegates to call the campaign a victory. they will be dependent upon super delegates. in other words, the democratic national convention will be a contested convention. >> senator bernie sanders yesterday explaining why he doesn't believe hillary clinton can clinch the nomination on tuesday or before. let's bring in msnbc political analyst and daily beast columnist jonathan alter with a welcome to you, jonathan. here is what senator sanders said. he is right, will the democrats have a contested convention? >> technically, yes. what is so ironic about this is the super delegates that he's talking about, these are
6:46 am
democratic party officials already overwhelmingly committed to hillary clinton. what he's saying is he's going to get democratic officials and, remember, bernie sanders wasn't even a democrat until he entered the primaries, he was an independent senator from vermont. he's suggesting he's going to get all the hillary people to come over to his side to give him the nomination. what he's really doing, alex, is he's saying to his supporters, look, i will let my name be placed in nomination so you can all cheer at the convention and we can have a vote and that will, you know, give you the satisfaction of knowing i didn't quit before the very last minute. i don't think of it is hugely significant. hillary will be the nominee. sanders will support her. if he doesn't, he'll be, you know, in deep trouble with a lot of parts of the democratic party afraid of donald trump. so this will end well for the democrats, but it will be a
6:47 am
little messier than the clinton people had hoped for. >> well, let's talk about the messy part. there is some sanders supporters as you know who still argue that secretary clinton may not be viable against donald trump. here is what actress susan sarandon told nbc news. listen to this. >> nobody is even talking about this indictment. what happens with that? besides trust issue of catching her in so many lies when -- >> there is no indictment. >> but there is going to be. >> we don't know that. >> we don't know he's going to get the numbers either. >> how serious are the concerns that the e-mails coulding drag down t down the campaign? >> i don't think they're serious. you can't eliminate the possibility of an indictment, but susan sarandon was making it seem like it was a done deal. most people think it is a remote possibility. susan sarandon also said she's fine with donald trump becoming president because that would accelerate the revolution, the coming revolution. so she doesn't have any problem
6:48 am
with trump winning. she also, you know, supported ralph nader in 2000. we know how that turned out. i don't think she's representative of the democratic party. but if her views are given enough of a platform and other people like her, you could see a situation where a lot of sanders supporters decided to stay home and not support hillary clinton. that's what gave us richard nixen in 1968, that's what gave us george w. bush. the question is will democrats be a little more realistic than that? and take the lesser of two evils, be concerned about how trump could wreck our constitution? or will they be okay with allowing that possibility? >> so the trump factor there, do you really think bernie sanders supporters, the bulk of them will be reluctant to support hillary clinton? >> i think they will, the bulk of them will come around to hillary clinton. the question is whether she is
6:49 am
going to need to put somebody on the ticket with her, who will be directly appealing to the sanders constituency, whether sanderses himself, which is unlikely, or elizabeth warren, more likely, or possibly sherrod brown, a very progressive democrat from ohio who supported hillary clinton but his voting record is more like that of bernie sanders. that will be a big thing to watch for. what could be very interesting, alex, is whether hillary waits until the convention to announce her choice. donald trump said that he's going to wait in order to give his convention more excitement. he's going to wait until the week of the convention to announce his choice. this goes back to the old system. it makes these events more exciting. if hillary wants some ratings for her convention, she's probably considering whether to wait until that week in july before she announces her choice.
6:50 am
>> let me ask you quickly about those disaffected republicans with the trump campaign. where do they go? do they go to hillary clinton? >> i think that a certain number of them will stay home. i think you will see for hillary in the next couple weeks. you'll see that form because there are quite a number of republicans who believe that donald trump is a con man as marco rubio called him and cannot in good conscience support him. so this is a moment of truth for a lot of republicans about whether they put their party ahead of their country. you can't both believe he's a con man and support him. that's very unpatriotic and who would want to put a con man in charge of our constitution. and so this is a really -- a really important moment of truth for republicans as they decide what they're going to do in the days ahead. >> okay. jonathan alter always speaking truth. reaching out, the head of the rnc thinks donald trump will
6:51 am
try to win over hispanic voters. we'll ask a leader of the national christian hispanic leadership conference about that, next. i've made plans for later in case this date doesn't go well. likewise! but, funny story. on top of that? my mom is my best friend. uh oh. yeah. oop! there's the rescue text from my roommate saying she needs me. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back: the citi double cash card.
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senate majority leader mitch mcdonnell expressed renewed concerns about donald trump and hispanic voters. in a new poll they favor hillary clinton by more than 2-1. let's bring in tony suarez, vice president of the national hispanic christian leadership conference. reverend, good morning to you, sir. in a new interview, reince priebus says that trump will, quote, evolve on his outreach of hispanic voters. do you think that he could pull it off after months of talking about mass deportations and building that wall? >> well, he's really going to need to evolve if it's going to take place. when we conducted a poll at the end of march, we found over 30% of hispanic evangelicals were undecided on what they were going to vote. they said policy mattered more than rhetoric.
6:55 am
but from that time until one of our representatives went with donald trump and he sent a video to our organization, we have yet to see a change in the rhetoric from identifying the heritage of the judge in california this past week, it doesn't seem like the rhetoric is changing in mr. trump's campaign. >> sir, i know that you're a republican. you've been an outspoken critic of donald trump. what would it take for you to vote for him? >> well, as a person of faith, it would take repentance. that simply means saying you're sorry and then stop doing what you're saying you're sorry about. his rhetoric has not changed. his candor with our community has not changed. i'll give him an "a" for effort in the fact that he did make a individuvideo to address our co. it's the first time that he's reached out to a latino community, so we applaud that. at the same time, he sent a video recorded on an iphone on his airplane. on the other side hillary quoting the book of the apostle
6:56 am
paul and took time to make the video. it's good that he reached out but now the effort behind the outreach needs to be seen from his campaign. >> what about your take on trump's comments on judge gonzalo curiel handling the trump university case. >> will he also point out the irish judges and italian judges and african-american judges or will it only be the heritages that he has an issue with? that's my take. my boss, the reverend sam rodriguez, recently said everyone is waiting for donald trump to build a wall. he's already built walls with rhetoric that is polarizing and alienating the latino electorate from his campaign. >> if trump does not change his rhetoric on hispanics, are we going to see latino republicans staying home in november or will they vote democrat? >> absolutely, absolutely. in fact i think one of the latest polls show that over 25% are considering staying home. i don't think we should stay
6:57 am
home. i think every vote counts. but some of us are really in a conundrum right now. we don't know what to do with our vote. >> so that vote for you would mean a vote for clinton over trump for republicans? you would prefer seeing that than people being apathetic and staying home? >> i don't know -- again, as a person of faith, i have to be a person of hope so i don't know what that means. but in this wild campaign election where everything seems to be turning, i'm hoping maybe there's one more surprise before it's all said and done. >> i'm sure there will be. thank you so much for your time. that is going to do it for us this live hour of msnbc. "a.m. joy" is next with the most vital voting group donald trump must win to capture the white house. i'll see you back here at 2:00. 6x cleaning*, 6x whiteningá in the certain spots that i get very sensitive... ...i really notice a difference. and at two weeks superior sensitivity relief to sensodyne i actually really like the two steps!
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