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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 5, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. good day, everyone. i'm alex witt here in new york at msnbc world headquarters. today could turn out to be a critical one in the democratic race for president while the republican nominee keeps getting entangles in controversy. to the political headlines and new reaction from donald trump on whether attacks against the federal judge handling one of his trump university lawsuits are racist. >> this judge is of mexican
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herita heritage. i'm building a wall. i am going to do very well with hispanics. >> no mexican judge could ever be involved in a case that involves you? >> no. it's all fine. i think he should recuse himself. >> if you invoke his race as a reason why he can't -- >> i think that's why he's doing it. >> but -- >> i think that's why he's doing it. >> trump was asked nearly two dozen times if his comments against the judge are racist. here's what newt gingrich said this morning. >> this is one of the worst mistakes trump has made. i think it's inexcusable. if the liberal were to attack justice clarence thomas on the grounds that he's black, we would all go crazy. every conservative would say it's wrong and it's racism. trump has got to, i think, move
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to a new level. this is no longer the primaries. he's now the potential leader of the united states and he's got to move his game up to the potential of being a leader. today hillary clinton is following up with her foreign policy speech with this campaign promise. >> i'm happy to put my record up against his, you know, comments, his rants and his out right lies any time. i have said this and i believe this with all my heart, he is not qualified to be commander in chief. nor by experience, preparation or temperament. >> democrats in puerto rico are holding a primary today with 67 delegates up for grabs. today's contest will come on the heels of hillary clinton winning the caucus in the virgin islands. so far she has picked up eight of the 12 delegates at stake to one delegate for sanders. yesterday's caucus now puts clinton 57 delegates shy of clenching the nomination with
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two days until the last set of key primaries. bernie sanders is standing by his refusal to get his supporters to vote for clinton in the event he loses the nomination. >> it is secretary clinton's job to explain to those people why she should get their support. and that means she's going to have to address their needs. secretary clinton is going to have to make the convincing argument to them. how could it be she's getting huge amounts of money from wall street and she is going to stand up and fight for them. trump is off the campaign trail today. but democratic candidates and bill clinton are in california for a total of six events. let's all head to puerto rico. i know you've been talking with a lot of voters today there. we spoke with one earlier. what are they telling you? are they getting access to
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voting? >> reporter: they are getting access, but there are crowds here. it is very busy. these people on the outside are chatting about voting. some are deciding whether to go in or not. you can see the line. it is about a half an hour long for the local election and the presidential line is even longer. we're talking about waits of 45 minutes, maybe even an hour. this is not an accident. this was an expected outcome resulting from the fact they cut the number of polling stations here in puerto rico quite a lot. there were more than a thousand as of last month and more than 2,000 in 2008. those numbers have been slashed down to fewer than 500. pele are getting here, more people than expected and the lines are long. at the same time, others are struggling to find out what polling location they're supposed to go to. >> my wife looked up the number. she said it's hiere at st. john. she got in but they don't have
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my name. she got in, i didn't get in they can't find my name. >> it might be there? >> it could be there. she says it is. my wife said online it's there. they say they don't have the name. >> reporter: so you see confusion from that gentleman there. another woman went to what she thought it was her polling station, turns out it was closed. so she came here. they told her here, no, this is not the right location. she's headed to a third location. hillary clinton was expected to do quite well here in puerto rico. conversationally, it seems like bernie sanders at least in san juan has a lot of ground support. people see him as a candidate that will represent their issues and help the economy rebound here which is issue number one in puerto rico. and now republican leaders
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are expressing frustration over comments donald trump made that could hurt the party's chances with latino voters. >> i am concerned about the hispanic vote. america's changing. when ronald reagan was elected, 84% of the american electorate is white. this november 70% will be. i think it's a big mistake for our party to write off latino americans. they're an important part of our country and soon to be the largest minority group in our country. i hope he'll change his direction on that. >> hallie jackson is covering the campaign for us. you heard the majority leader saying he hopes donald trump will change his tone. any sense you get the campaign of that happening? >> it's donald trump. that kind of says it all. i can't help but think back to a month or go when paul manafort had come on board and talked
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about donald trump being more presidential. what happened two days later? donald trump came out at a rally and talked about how he didn't want to be more presidential. trump was going to be trump essentially. that is a lesson that can be extended through until today. you heard the comments from mitch mcconnell, you heard the comments from newt gingrich. gingrich a close advisor of trump. the two talk frequently. you heard it from house speaker paul ryan just a few days after giving trump that endorsement saying he would vote for trump in the fall. so significant that you're seeing the republican leadership push back strongly against these comments from donald trump about judge curiel. but also trump has not backed away from them. >> let's talk about california because as you know it is the largest of the key voting situations, primaries on tuesday. he has spent a lot of time in that state. does he have plans to go back there monday because he is the
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presumptive nominee. >> right. we thought maybe california would be the big enchilada. tomorrow we believe he's going to be in new york. he is going to be in new york. he's set to meet with florida governor rick scott, who is another name rumored to be on that vice presidential short list. will he go to california? he is set to head to d.c. later in the week for a forum too. california, though, remains contested for the democrats. let's bring in california democrat adam shiff. thanks for joining me. we have sanders saying your party is looking at a contested
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convention. what do you think? >> well, i think on tuesday we're going to have a very close race in california. obviously i'm hoping that secretary clinton prevails. but it will all come down to who turns out in that election. but i think we're going to see after tuesday when you have the cumulative totals from california, new jersey, that it becomes impossible for senator sanders to win the nomination. the question is what happens between now and the convention? are we able to come together as a party? i think that will happen. i think there was even more division in the clinton/obama primary eight years ago. >> there are a number of sanders supporters, though, who remain convinced that he is the only way that democrats can beat trump. >> even trump has said he would rather run against hillary than bernie. if you're a super delegate or
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someone who has to decide, wouldn't you go with the candidate that is more viable? >> regarding those super delegates, clinton has support of more than 500 of them. sanders has just over 50. is there any realistic scenario that could change that tide? >> i don't think so. it's a very hard argument to make. secretary clinton is ahead by millions of votes, she's ahead by the pledge delegates in those parts of the nominating process, the actual vote of the public which are the most democratic, she's done significantly better than senator sanders. that's a very hard argument to make. i will say this in terms of susan sarandon's comments, who would believe trump in terms of who he'd rather run against? they're attacking secretary clinton because they want senator sanders to be the candidate. that's been clear for many years now. they've been going after secretary clinton because they
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don't want to run against her. they recognize her strengths. and we saw those very much on display on the speech she gave on foreign policy, using donald trump's own words so effectively against him. it's quite clear and will be even more so after tuesday who in fact they will be riddening agains -- running against. and that will be secretary clinton. >> do you see any ccumstances where secretary clinton wouldn't pick up the bulk of sanders supporters? >> president obama will play a role in terms of bringing on board the sanders supporters. what will unite us even more than the president frankly is the prospect of donald trump. in california as they see what trump is all about, as we see these bigoted comments about this judge and he doubled down
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on them saying that not only could a judge of latino origin sit in this case, but no one of the muslim faith could, women couldn't sit on the bench, veterans, certainly veterans who were captured and p.o.w.s countdown si couldn't sit. as the public comes to see that, they realize we need the strongest candidate to face him in november. and i think there's broad recognition that would be secretary clinton. >> given your position on the house intelligence committee, the hill reports today that the refusal of clinton's i.t.a. to testify could increase the chances the secretary hes mrsel may be called. is the e-mail still an issue to democrats? can it drag down her campaign? >> i haven't seen anything to
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indicate any likelihood of criminal liability here. i think the justice department will effectively have the last word. the republicans will continue to make an issue out of it really frankly for lack of any other issue to raise. but i think compared to the controversies that donald trump is involved with on a daily, weekly basis, the e-mail issue, the fact that she used the private server for official work, pales in comparison to every misstep by donald trump on a weekly basis. >> this race is still very, very close. clinton may not need a victory there to clench the nomination. how important are the optics of a victory for her going up against donald trump in the general? >> we certainly want a victory here. it would be wonderful to go into the convention with a win in california and a win in new jersey. it's going to be close. i think the reason the polls
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have bounced all over the place is no one is quite sure who's going to turn out to vote on tuesday. and the campaign that delivers their voters to the polls is the campaign that's going to win. it's why you see secretary clinton barn storming up and down the state and senator sanders as well. it's anybody's guess at this point but we're a ee're all wory hard to turn out our supporters. final words, what muhammad ali's family told him before he died and the ceremonies being planned for the boxing champ in his hometown. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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9:17 am saving humanity from high insurance rates. funeral arrangements are being finalized for muhammad
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ali. the funeral will be held, preceded by a public procession through his childhood neighborhood. former president bill clinton, billy crystal and bryant gumbel will all deliver eulogies. the boxing champion proved to be a fighter until the end. his daughter hannah tweeted a message, all of his organs failed but his heart wouldn't stop beating. gr craig, i know people are coming by you and placing their mementos and remembering ali today. >> reporter: a lot of folks coming by, alex. it appears after church here in louisville coming by to the ali center. this memorial continues to grow, balloons and flowers.
9:19 am
and we have also seen a number of people bring by gloves, boxing gloves, leaving their message on gloves. love ali, faith, hope. he was of course so very quotable. one of his more famous quotes here especially in the later years of his life, all i did was stand up for what i believe. you mentioned that very public funeral that's going to happen here at 2:00 just two blocks from where i am. the caravan is going to be making its way through the streets of downtown louisville down the street that bears his name before ending up at the cemetery. there are also going to be a number of other events here. one of those is on the west side of louisville where he was born, where he learned how to fight. the west side of louisville, his boyhood phone. this is christopher. you're organizing one of the events tomorrow, correct?
9:20 am
>> yes. some of the young ones in the neighborhood who have been so inspired by him, they wanted to have a gathering in front of his childhood home in west louisville. with all of the social issues we're challenged with, they needed this. >> reporter: what did muhammad ali mean to this city? we know what he meant to the world. we've heard stories of his impact as a global philanthropist and i cocon. >> he was a total example of what he really believed and embodies and also disseminated to us, healing, mercy and compassion. and trying to promote that to eith every human being that he interacted with. >> reporter: thanks so much. we'll see you tomorrow. alex, a number of other faith
9:21 am
based memorials. one of the moms here in town will be holding a special service. he was a devout muslim. a number of muslims have been here over the past day or so paying their respects. but this is a city that really seems to be looking forward to paying their final respects to their native and favorite son. >> i'm excited to see what you think there about the childhood home. i know that just recently opened up for tours a few days a week. game plan, what are the options left for bernie sanders if he loses california in tuesday's presidential primary? choose to smooth.
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choose effortless glide from side to side. choose knee-loving, underarm-caring, bikini line-bearing. choose venus swirl. with five contour blades and a flexi-ball, it pivots with every dip and divot. choose to smooth. venus swirl. hillary clinton is now just 57 delegates short of clenching the democratic nomination. but her opponent bernie sanders has no intention of bowing out
9:25 am
just yet. >> there are 931 pledge delegates at stake in contests between today and june 14th. for secretary clinton to get to the magic number of 2383, she would have to win two-thirds of those pledge delegates. frankly, unless i am very, very mistaken, that is absolutely not going to happen. what is bernie sanders's game plan at this point? he says he's going to mount a challenge to clinton at the convention. how can he do that without the support of the party stalwarts? those are the people he's criticizes over and over again. >> he says that he is going to spend the time after washington, d.c. votes on june 14th -- that is the last contest -- calling
9:26 am
those super delegates, explaining to them what he's been saying on the trail, which is that his campaign has the energy and enthusiasm to beat donald trump. in the last week, if you've been to any of his rallies, it is very clear there's a lot of energy behind his campaign. he had more than 13,000 people at his rally last night in los angeles. that's the case he's going to be making for them as to why they should name him the nominee for the convention in july. >> look at that, just a couple points apart. what could throw it for one candidate or the other? >> it's a cliche but it really depends on who turns out on tuesday. the los angeles times just released a poll. if you look at likely voters clinton has an enormous lead, a ten-point lead. but if you look at all voters, bernie sanders leads by one point. if he can take those new voters
9:27 am
he's registered, the millennials, it's going to be close. >> when you cite that likely voter lead there, is it conventional wisdom that she will win the state of california. >> it's more likely that she will win than not win. but he's certainly made it interesting. his supporters are incredibly enthusiastic. >> if sanders wins california, how much does that bolster his claim we heard him earlier saying about a contested convention? >> he's going to take this to the convention regardless of what happens in california. he's been very clear about that. the thing that could happen on tuesday is that hillary clinton could win in new jersey. that race could be called for her three hours before the polls close in california. and senator sanders making an impassioned plea yesterday in los angeles at that press conference telling the media not to call her the democratic
9:28 am
nominee gijust because she's we past that magic number, because it's based on the number of super delegates and they do not vote until that july convention. if hillary clinton names herself the nominee, it will depress tu turnout in california. >> and to both of you, who do you think that hurts most? let's say all the networks are calling it and the polls are still open in california. who do you think gets hurt the most and people say, i guess there's no reason to go out and vote. >> i've heard from some california voters this week who have concerns. they feel they deserve the right to vote. they deserve for this the a fair election for them as well. so they don't even want that to happen. they would still like the opportunity for this race to go the way that it would otherwise go without the media or hillary clinton or anyone else affecting the results. >> the concerns would be most for whom?
9:29 am
>> i think it hurts bernie sanders because although tuesday selection day, california's have been voting for roughly four weeks and hillary clinton has an advantage among those who have voted early. his voters, the millennial voters, these are people who are more likely to walk in on election day. >> i want to talk about trump's rallies in california. they have been some of the most violent protests yet. you've written that could actually help. him. how's that? >> the imagery in san jose, it was horrific to watch, to see this happening in an american city. this is something you might expect in another country, people were getting beaten up, eggs. there was a picture of a 15-year-old girl, her face was all scratched up. there is this small minority that's violent quite frankly and burning american flags. i've talked to a number of people who don't like donald trump including one republican strategist who is a latino who
9:30 am
is not voting for donald trump. he saw that imagery, he changed his mind. some people are saying that what we're seeing on television backs it up. some people think this could actually push some people into trump's camp. >> what does this reaction tell you about his chances in november in california? >> california is an incredibly democratic state. if california is in play, we are going to be inaugurating president trump in january. in terms of the rest of the country, i wonder for swing states what kind of implications it has. >> if gi >> give me what you think the headlines are going to be tuesday after these big primaries? >> if bernie sanders does pull off a win in california, it could be that hillary clinton is the presumptive nominee but that bernie sanders wins california, which is definitely not the headline she wants. she will be on the east coast
9:31 am
when polls close in new jersey and on the east coast and will be able to try and preemptively name herself the democratic nominee once she hits the number of pledge delegates plus super delegates. bernie sanders will be here in california saying this race is still ongoing and he's going to take it all the way to the convention. you'll probably see split headlines about how she essentially becomes the democratic nominee except for bernie sanders winning california possibly. presidential strategy from winning california to attacking donald trump, how hillary clinton can build on her appeal to win her party's nomination. b. what are we gonna do? how about we pump more into promotions? ♪ nah. what else? what if we hire more sales reps? ♪ nah. what else? what if we digitize the whole supply chain? so people can customize their bike before they buy it. that worked better than expected. i'll dial it back.
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9:35 am
msnbc's casey hunt has a look at secretary clinton's campaign strategy. how much does she really technically need to win in california? >> reporter: well, mathematically speaking she is all but the presumptive nominee and we fully expect that after polls close on tuesday night we'll be able to call her that. but at the same time, you know, winning in california is very important for the clintons symbolically as they move into this general election season. and of course she's still got some work to do to try to bring all of those bernie sanders supporters, progressives, young people into the fold. but we have really seen her hit her stride in the last couple of days. a lot of democrats who were worried that she wasn't necessarily taking the right approach against donald trump were molified somewhat.
9:36 am
there's some other indications she's thinking more broadly about this general election. take a listen to how she thinks potentially about herself being the first woman president on the campaign trail yesterday. >> i know we've never done this before. we've never had a woman president. i have spent a lot of hours in the situation room working to solve some of the hardest problems we face. and i know, i know how hard this job is and how much humility you need to have and how you should actually listen to people who have good ideas. >> that of course was a main focus for her in 2008. you remember that 3:00 a.m. phone call ad where she positioned herself as the strongest, reliable, the best candidate on national security
9:37 am
issues. of course, the concern being at the time that this was something that voters would worry about vis-a-vis the female candidate. of course a much different scenario this time and that speech that she gave was oriented around this. she has so much more experience as secretary of state. >> let's go to kelly o'donnell in san diego where she will be covering the sanders rally tonight. what is campaign saying about a possible win on tuesday? are they confident? >> reporter: well, certainly bernie sanders sees a pathway to victory in california. we're outside the qualcomm stadium in san diego. what we've heard directly from sanders is that he acknowledged that secretary clinton is ahead in pledge delegates.
9:38 am
he says it would be a steep climb for him to over take her. but he is concerned about one big thing happening tuesday. if in fact the media decides that hillary clinton is the presumptive nominee from the results in new jersey, that it could affect the turnout in california with the three hour time difference. he said he wasn't quite sure if it would affect his voters or her voters if people think the contest is over. he has said it is almost unthinkable, if you look back bho months, that he would be kind of in this in california. he has been campaigning across the state with a goal of talking to about a quarter million californians in various sort of outdoor events, big scale kinds of things. we've been on the trail with him in get out the vote meetings with some of his supporters. so he thinks it's possible. the main argument he is trying to put forward is that there are
9:39 am
still several weeks before the democratic convention. he has no intention of getting out. and while he is behind he thinks he has a case to make that he could be a better candidate against donald trump. unlike the obama/clinton match of 2008 where she ultimately decided to step back, it doesn't look like he is going to do that. he was asked about hillary clinton and foreign policy and you see that's one of the key differences. here's a clip from that. >> do you think she's too quick on the draw, too eager to use military force? >> i worry about that, yeah, i do. i think her support for the war in iraq was not just an aberration. i think her willingness to kind of push president obama to over throw gaddafi and lead to the kind of instability we're seeing now in libya, not inconsistent
9:40 am
with her other views in syria where she wants a no fly zone. >> reporter: so sanders makes the argument that he's brought nor vo more voters into the process, more young voters. that's really the center of his campaign. don't expect him to get out of the race. memories from a journalist, how one reporter's life was shaped by muhammad ali and stories he wrote about the champ. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. so you can seize those moments, wherever you find them. flonase. six is greater than one changes everything.
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muhammad ali loved people and he had white friends as well as black friends. he had discrimination and racism. and so that's the way that i look at him and that's how i'd like to close out my talking to you today. >> nfl hall of famer there jim brown reflecting on the death of
9:44 am
muhammad ali. ali's body is being returned to his hometown of louisville, kentucky today. a public service will be held friday proceeded by a public procession through his old neighborhood. let's bring in terrance moore. in a column about the impact of ali's death, you write about your emotions at the news. you had anger, regret and thankfulness. why was anger the first of the emotions you felt? >> well, i tell you for those of us who remember how this guy was absolutely crucified in the '60s this is almost too much to take, all of these people acting as if they've been with him all the time. growing up in the '60s and '70s, i went to predominantly white schools. a lot of my classmates looked at him as being the antichrist. the change happened and this is what i wrote about today. when i worked at the atlanta
9:45 am
journal constitution, in the early '90s he was becoming safe, he is becoming harmless in the minds of all these people who once ridiculed him. president reagan felt comfortable to shadow box him because he was like a cartoon character. i find that very disturbing that it takes for a lot of these prominent black athletes to become, you know, basically docile figures before a lot of people accept them to be heros. >> so that interview that you did with him some 30 years ago, what impact did that have on you? >> this was huge. i've been a professional sports yuf journalist for 40 years. this was the greatest thing to happen to me. it was set up for me in his
9:46 am
hotel suite in atlanta at the downtown marriott. he's on the phone behind curtains. i had seen muhammad many times before and never this close and never one on one. hangs up the phone, opens up the curtain and he's standing there totally naked. this was totally different. [ laughter ] he kind of like smiles at me and gets dressed. and i had this poster of the famous thriller in manila fight in 1975, the last of the three joe phrafrazier fights. i had this poster and i wanted him to sign it. he signed after dropping the pen a couple of times. that was the first time in june 1986 that i saw that he was suffering from parkinson's disease. very very sad. after that he did magic tricks
9:47 am
for me including levitating off the ground about a foot. that's my story and i'm sticking to it. >> wait. what? okay. i'm going to have to talk to you after this interview so we have time to go with that one. i also want to ask you about the relationship between ali and his peers. how was he regarded by fellow boxers during the peak of their careers? >> the most noticeable relationship was joe frazier because joe frazier and muhammad ali were very significant characters. what people forget, they were friends in the '60s to the point that joe frazier at one point loaned him money. he was an ardent defender of him during his exile even went to richard nixon to try and get him back into boxing. then it turned ugly when they started fighting each other
9:48 am
mainly because ali started calling him names, calling him a gorilla. you had these two gigantic figures that could never get together again. it got so nasty that in 1996 here in atlanta at the olympics, muhammad ali has the torch, joe frazier was asked about that and joe frazier's response was he should have fallen into the flame. just to tell you how nasty it got. they never reconciled even until the day that joe frazier died in 2011. >> i want to say that supporters of muhammad ali, that gorilla wording was very unfortunate, inappropriate. it was also part of the rihyme, the gorilla, the thrilla in manila. it was a very bad choice of
9:49 am
words. what about ali whas the greates impact? what do you see as his legacy? >> he is the second most influential athlete in the history of the world. jackie robinson will also be number one because jackie robinson not only integrated baseball but society. you've got to go with muhammad ali. it was beyond sports, it was society, it was cultural. he got people to think differently. even though it was somewhat of a fraud as i said before, you've got all these people looking at him now as a beloved figure, the point is he still got people to think in a different way about athletes and how they could have a strong influence on society. >> indeed. great to talk to you. thank you so much. >> thank you. a new ad from the super pac supporting donald trump brings up some old attack lines on hillary clinton. we're going to get the reaction next.
9:50 am
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there's a new pac in town rebuilding america now launched just days ago by a close ally of donald trump. it has already raised more than $32 million for the presumptive republican nominee. and the pac's going on the attack. >> i want to say one thing. >> we turned over everything. >> i want you to listen to me. >> i did not -- >> i did not -- >> i did not send classified material. >> not a single time. >> and i did not receive -- >> never. >> -- any material that was marked or designated classified. >> i never told anybody to lie. >> that's all i could say. >> these allegations are false. >> i don't know how it works digitally at all. >> joining me now former rand paul campaign advisor and current msnbc political analyst. and howard dean former vermont governor, dnc chair. your impressions on this?
9:54 am
who is this attack targeting? >> i think it's attacking voter who is strongly dislike hillary clinton. and trump also is not putting out his message. it's just an anti-clinton message. ultimately this is going to be an election of who do we like, who do we hate the most. and people are going to be voting based on the lesser of two evils i think. >> interesting. howard, your read on this and donald trump taking on a more traditional approach now, using pacs. isn't he the guy who said he found pacs disgusting? >> donald trump's base doesn't care what donald trump says. they don't care if he lies, they don't care if he cheats, they don't care if his business went broke, they don't care if he had three wives. they want somebody who's going to punch somebody in the face. i don't think this ad is going to be affective unless they make the mistake john kerry made
9:55 am
which is to ignore it. >> even if the current investigations don't find anything, you'd have your attorney general go back? >> yes. she's guilty. >> what is she guilty of? >> she's guilty of the server, confidential information. she's also guilty of sputupidit. this is a very complex world. if we're in the a cyber world and she can't even handle her e-mails, how can she be president? >> is this an effective argument? >> he actually should know what the charges are if he is going to be going out and using that as his line of attack. that was so vague and unspecific gist li just like all of his policy, ineffective in my opinion. what she did on thursday was
9:56 am
incredibly effective. it was a masterful speech. she was able to launch some blows and in a funny way that diminished his standing. she has to be seen as the adult in the room. >> how about the contested convention that bernie sanders promises is forthcoming. >> the only thing i would worry about is things getting out of hand as it did at some of the trump rallies in san jose. >> violence you mean? >> yes. i've been through two contested conventions. so i don't think that's a big deal. what i think is a big deal is if -- he's got to be much more firm about saying what he doesn't want, any of this violence. and he's got to be more gracious, i think. this business about saying that the super delegates are corrupt and fixed and then turning around and trying to get elected by super delegates, that's going
9:57 am
to be bad for him. he has a legacy to worry about here. he doesn't want to be ralph nader. he wants to turn the democratic party in the right direction. >> what do you think about clinton's unfavorability rates? they're diminishing and you have her opposition increasing and her polling against trump narrowing. so anti-trump republicans, do you worry they might start seeing sanders -- do you have thoughts they might start seeing sanders as a viable alternative? >> i really don't think so. and i think a lot is being made out of tse polls pitting trump agns stage. he quite frankly should be concerned because he should be leading her at this point. she still hasn't totally locked it down officially and he has. i think it's troubling for donald trump's campaign that he isn't actually ahead of her at this point in the polls. >> pollster frank luntz argues
9:58 am
there's one crucial group in the election, what he calls none of the above voters. how does either candidate appeal to these voters, howard? >> well, hilly can appeal to them. i don't think trump can. i agree with everything elise has said. his problem is you can't be seen as president if you're just calling names. that's what the response was, this is stupidity. at the end of the day the reason hillary's speech was so great on thursday, she did both things she has to do. she has to smack trump because he's a bully and people want to see strength in a candidate. then she has to stop that and go
9:59 am
right to the substance. she is terrific on substance. no one can match her. some of them will conclude they want somebody who could be a president of the united states. that's what i think puts hillary clinton in the white house. >> so last question to you, you're a republican. you are anti-trump. can you vote for hillary? >> it's going to -- i think gary johnson has my vote as of now. but it will be an interesting couple of months to see. as of now his comments about the trump university case and calling the judge un-american, i find that so morally reprehensible that that is disqualifying. and to say that a muslim judge could not judge him fairly, allegations like that have no place in american civil discourse. a leading voice in the republican party on whether donald trump can survive what some say was a devastating political misstep last week. that's next. your car insurance policy is 22 pages long. did you read every word?
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