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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. and good morning to you. i'm steve kornacki. we are now 155 days away from election day. topping the agenda this morning, republicans on the spot. donald trump refusing to back down from that claim that a judge is biased against him because of the judge's ethnic heritage. now the party that trump is about to lead is struggling to figure out how to respond. >> isn't there sort of a tradition in america that we don't judge people by who their parents are. >> i'm talking about common sense. >> this is one of the worst mistakes trump has made. i think it's inexcusable. >> also on the agenda, any minute now, hillary clinton getting her supporters ready to
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cross that magic number of 2,383 to become the democratic party's presumptive nominee for president. two more wins for clinton over the weekend have her now on the brink of victory. >> we're going to have a very contentious campaign because i'm going to point out at every single moment that i can why i believe the republican nominee should never get near the white house. >> but the question remains, what will bernie sanders do. will he unite or will he fight? rounding out the agenda, a state that could go a long way to answering that question, california. the big of the state in the country votes tomorrow along with five other states. polls show a toss-up in the golden state. sanders pushing hard for a win. >> progressives and democrats win elections when people are energized and are prepared to fight back.
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and that is what we are. >> but we start with new developments in donald trump's war of words directed at that federal judge. trump insisting the judge should be disqualified from presiding over a case about trump university because, trump says, the judge has a conflict of interest due to his mexican heritage. now top republicans are moving as fast as possible to distance themselves from those remarks. you heard newt gingrich. newt gingrich frequently mentioned as a potntial vice president for trump. he is far from the only one. take a listen. >> essentially said he cannot be impartial because he's hispanic. is that not a racist statement? >> i couldn't disagree more with a statement like that. >> look, the comment about the judge the other day was out of left field from my mind. it's reasoning i don't relate to. i completely disagree with the
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thinking behind that. >> and hillary clinton taking notice as well. she's put out a web video this morning highlighting the republican plblowback against trump. we've got all this covered with kasie hunt who has been following the clinton campaign. hallie jackson on the trump beat. hallie jackson outside trump tow tower. donald trump emerges as the presumptive nominee trying to unite the party. this makes it difficult for some of those republican leaders, doesn't it? >> and donald trump, steve, is hearing it from all sides. he is getting it from allies, from people who don't support him, particularly when it ms. to these comments about judge curiel. i'm told there's a real concern now with these particular remarks that trump needs to listen to what people are saying to him. it's one thing to criticize the new mexico governor susanna martinez and speak negatively
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against fellow republicans but for some, these remarks have crossed the line. they want trump to see this as a wake-up call. the question is can he change? can he move forward past this and try to get past the news cycle and make sure that he can get past some of these remarks. that's a big question mark. what you are hearing is real concern these criticisms are coming from people like newt gingrich, a close ally of donald trump. they talk frequently. bob corker just up here at trump tower. somebody who is a confidante. yet these are the people not hesitant to speak out. somebody who else did that this morning on "morning joe," senator jeff flake. >> statement this week on the judge, that's a new level because it's not just, you know, ill informed or ignorant statements but to suggest that
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when he's president after november that perhaps he ought to go after that judge. that's a whole new level. >> all of it now as hillary clinton looks poised to lock up the democratic nomination within the next 24 to 48 hours. trump turning to the general election fight. steve? >> hallie jackson outside trump tower. thanks for that. let's head across the country to los angeles. los angeles, the biggest city in the biggest state voting tomorrow. kasie hunt has been following the campaign. all eyes on california. this democratic race. the potential for hillary clinton to cross that number to become the presumptive nominee tomorrow. at the same time, the clinton campaign seeing some opportunity in these comments from donald trump n that reaction from republicans. >> that's right, steve. they are out with a new web video today highlighting gop disunity and discomfort, if you will, with this set of comments. and that really marks currently even though there's still a primary going on on the
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democratic side, hillary clinton still has the machinery of democratic party behind her. voices are unified in defending her for the most part. that is not the case at this point with donald trump. and these remarks. even though, of course, paul ryan, mitch mcconnell both supporting trump. you heard they're not currently part of any chorus defending him. he's really out there by himself. in this phase of a campaign when he is the general election nominee, that really matters. now, of course, the question for hillary clinton, how quickly can she move to really unify the democratic party and solidify that after tuesday. of course, she is expected to become the presumptive democratic nominee on tuesday with all of those states that are voting. in new jersey, she's in a very strong position. new polls showing her 61% to 34% ahead of bernie sanders. california, of course, much tighter. 49% to 47% in a new poll.
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we know that. she, of course, has been out here in california campaigning across the state. bill clinton, her husband, also campaigning greaseaggressively . making sure they defend what's going on here so they can go into the convention with some momentum. the question, of course, what's is bernie sanders going to do? and he had some pretty aggressive comments over the weekend suggesting he's going to stay in this. but i will say, i'm picking up from some sources. i covered the sanders campaign for some time. the mood in the campaign is a little bit more solemn than you might expect even for the candidate himself and his family. potentially something going on there to keep an eye on, steve. >> kasie hunt in los angeles, thanks for that's. i want to bring in the chief strategist for the clinton campaign. i want to start with an e-mail you put out late last night. hillary clinton writing to her supporters. any minute now, her campaign said any minute now hillary clinton should become the first woman in the history of our
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country to win the nomination of any major party. the math on this, we have her 19 delegates short right now. presumptive nominee status. you are going to have an event tomorrow night? declare victory? >> we're certainly going to celebrate what will be the end of the primary season. we expect to have victory in enginnew jersey. california is very close. we think it's a night for celebration. we fully expect a majority of delegates and majority of pledged delegates and the will of the people, 3 million more votes than senator sanders, that hillary clinton will become the nominee and the first woman nominee of a major party. >> what does bernie sanders do? hillary clinton over the weekend said, look, eight years ago, i got to the end of that battle with barack obama. i was behind in the pledge delegates and didn't have an opportunity to switch over superdelegates. i endorsed barack obama. she said i expect senator
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sanders to do the same. what happens if he doesn't? >> well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. we'll take hum him at his word. he said he wants to do everything to make sure donald trump doesn't become president. that's going to entail supporting the democratic nominee of the party and doing it as early as you can and helping to energize and unify the party. that should happen as soon as it's clear that hillary clinton is the nominee of the party. and that will happen tomorrow night. >> it will happen tomorrow night. there's still technically another primary a week later, the district of columbia votes. what's the timetable? if he says i want every person who wants to vote in the democratic primary to vote before i make a decision is that reasonable? >> nobody is saying the district of columbia shouldn't vote, but if we have a majority of the delegates tomorrow night, which we will and a majority of the pledged delegates at some point during the evening, we all should acknowledge that. that's the will of the people. they've spoken. hillary clinton has won about three out of four primaries that
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have been held. she's won the popular vote by over 3 million. and she's going to have a majority of the pledged delegates by the end of tomorrow night. >> you were there in 2008. hillary clinton was on the other side of this. when you think of what the sanders campaign is going through, what do you think is going through on the inside. there's indications there's a split on the road forward for them. >> i was with then senator obama. we had some glimpses into what was going on in the clinton campaign at that point. but, look, these are hard-fought campaigns. they are extremely competitive. you put yourself on the line for over a year. you fought hard. you win some, lose some. at the end of the day, the people have spoken. and i think what they'll come to terms with after that is they put up a great fight. they ran a very sturdy campaign and now we have to turn towards beating donald trump because the stakes in this election are so high. i suspect that senator sanders was acknowledging that weeks ago when heed is we have to do everything to make sure donald
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trump doesn't become president. with his racial attack on a judge the other day which even republicans are denouncing. i think bernie sanders will feel that's more important that we get that business done and he can play a role in helping to unify the party. >> joel benenson, with the clinton campaign, thank you. we'll take a look back at the life of the greatest, muhammad ali. crowd sounds ] oooh! [ brakes screech ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. excuse me, try this. but just one aleve can last 12 hours. lenol and advil can quit after 6. [ cheering ] so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve.
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♪ once the most dynamic figure in sports, a gregarious man, now trapped inside that mask created by parkinson's syndrome. so in one sense a poignant figure but look at it.
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still a great, great presence. still exuding nobility and stature. and the response he evokes is part affection but respect. what a moment. >> just about anybody who watched the 1996 olympics remembers that moment if nothing else. muhammad ali lighting the torch. that was bob costas on nbc describing it as it happened. muhammad ali battled parkinson's for more than three decades. over the weekend he died from septic shock due to unspecified causes. he was 74 years old. we've learned new details about funeral plans for ali. islamic funeral prayer service will be held thursday in his native kentucky. a public funeral will take place the day after that. i'm joined by new york daily news columnist mike lupica. you wrote about that torch
6:16 am
lighting and what it meant. >> even though we will never know how many of his own memories he lost over the last few years, we keep all of ours. and i was thinking, louisville gave him to the world a long time ago. and the world gives him back this weekend. and it's going to be a fantastic scene. the public procession, the prayer service and then the public memorial. and i wrote about this today in the daily news. one last time the world is going to cheer this man. and as bob said in atlanta that night, here was the loudest athlete we've ever produced. people have tried to pass him and win that title from him. nobody has ever passed him. in that quiet moment, one last time, he made the whole world hold its breath. and that's -- and i was thinking as we watched the other night in the word of his passing. i was here with brian williams. you look at his face even then.
6:17 am
he still looks like a leading man. and it's only over the ravages of time that we saw the pictures we saw this weekend. >> something i noticed talking to people, it's a generational thing here about boxing as a sport. and when he was the greatest, as an athlete, what boxing was versus what is -- it's more of a niche sport today. what boxing was at ali's prime was something totally different. >> totally. and the heavyweight champion of the world, there was no job you would rather have than that. it was an iconic part of the sporting culture in this country. but he was more than that. he didn't feel like just the boxing champion of the world. he felt like the sport champion of the world. oouf be i've been saying for this days. he's the greatest sports star this country has ever produced. he was a product of his time. not just in his sport but the 1960s. he was as much the face of the 1960s in this country as anybody. but he was also an american
6:18 am
original. nobody had ever done things. he threw away all the old rules about not just how black athletes were supposes to act. how any athlete was supposed to act in this country. >> i always love the stories about ali and howard cosell. we have some of the clips to put up. but howard cosell, this bombastic television personality embraced ali. ali embraced him. what a combination. >> i remember on a saturday afternoon on wide world of sports. ali is picking on howard. and howard puts on a beat and says why are you being so truculant. it took courage from him in the media in that time because it wasn't a big club that was defending his moral, religious and political stance on the vietnam war. there were guys, my paper, everybody's paper still calling him cassius clay. wouldn't call him muhammad ali.
6:19 am
so many ironies to the last few days. but the most beloved man even in death is a musllim after all th conversation about muslim and islam. >> and one of the people saluting him on friday was donald trump who has the proposal to ban muslims from coming into the united states. the decline in his health. howard cosell said he wanted boxing banned because of what he saw happen to ali. >> i think they went hand in hand. and the longer he went into his career, the tougher he got as a boxer. he wasn't just a dancer and a jabber. and the thriller in manila, he went toe-to-toe with one of the greats of all time. he was the stronger, better man in the late rounds. he paid a terrible price for the thing we were praising him for at the end of his career.
6:20 am
ali can really take a punch now. the accumulation of those punches you can't say that it didn't have so much to do with his physical decline because of parkinson's syndrome. >> i was seeing them over the weekend, some of those old fights and hits he took and not to think of the guy you saw over the last years of his life. >> i was talking to a friend and he told a story about running into ali at the south bend airport of all places. this is when he literally had lost his voice. and he's going on and on telling him how much he meant as a boy. and all ali did was hand him a card with a prayer on it. almost apologetically because he was trapped in his own body. not only did it steal his voice but stole all of that physical grace. there had never been physical grace, even from sugar ray rob inson. >> thank you. much more ahead on the life and legacy of muhammad ali. in the next hour, larry holmes
6:21 am
going to talk to jose diaz-balart about the people's champ and one of the last people to meet him in the ring. we're going to turn back to politics. the most important number of the day. just how close is hillary clinton to becoming the presumptive democratic nominee, and why bernie sanders says ignore that number. on that note, tune in tomorrow. the full team will be here for another super tuesday. the final super tuesday. before, of course, the big super tuesday this november. chuck todd kicks it off at 5:00 eastern and then we'll go until we get all the results from the west coast, from the golden state, from california. we'll all be here. a long night. a fun night. a suspenseful night. don't miss it. er, a flood of tential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down
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tuesday night. at the end of the nominating process, no candidate will have enough pledged delegates to call the campaign a victory. they will be dependent upon superdelegates. in other words, the democratic national convention will be a contested convention. >> so we told you at the top of the show that hillary clinton is almost there. is almost going to be the presumptive democratic nominee. that's bernie sanders just this weekend saying, not so fast, my friends. he is saying, no. she's not going to be the presumptive democratic nominee based on all of the numbers out there right now. how can both of these be true? what are we really saying here? it takes us to our most important number of the day. and it's 19. what is 19? 19 is the number we're saying
6:26 am
hillary clinton is short right now to become the presumptive nominee. let me -- do we have the other screen here? maybe they can put this one up. the one that just has the states voting tomorrow? see if they put that up. anyway, hillary clinton right now according to these numbers is at 2364, okay? so you need 2383 to be nominated. that would mean that she's 19 short. you look at all of these states voting tomorrow. these are the delegates up for grabs. it's inconceivable she's not going to get at least 19 tomorrow, proportional delegates on the democratic side. so she will cross that number. she becomes the presumptive nominee. let's go back to the other screen. here's what bernie sanders is saying. let's go back to the other screen here that we had up a second ago. sorry, guys. the big board can be a little clunky sometimes. what bernie sanders is saying is, look. a lot of that, a big chunk of that number, 2,383, whatever it's going to endup, are the
6:27 am
superdelegates. the superdelegates are overwhelmingly for hillary clinton. there's really no reason to think they'll switch. but technically, under the rules, these superdelegates are not bound by these commitments they've made. they say they're for hillary clinton right now but technically they can change their mind up until the last minute at the democratic convention. what bernie sanders is saying is you can't really say she's the presumptive nominee because we don't know if they'll change their mind. he needs an argument that's going to budge them from their loyalty to hillary clinton. he's not going to be automobibly he won more delegates. he's not going to be automobibly he won the most votes. and there is no history in the democratic primaries of superdelegates changing their minds after the fact in the way that bernie sanders needs them to. theoretically, he's right. it's possible superdelegates could change their mind over the summer and still make him the
6:28 am
nominee. practically speaking, very hard to see how that might happen. that's why that term is out there. the presumptive nominee. we presume baseod all the numbers we have based on all the evidence out there. we presume if she crosses that number, we make her the presumptive nominee. that's what's going on there. >> up next, details about the public funeral for muhammad ali this week. he'll be laid to rest in his hometown of louisville, kentucky. msnbc's craig melvin is there as the world prepares to say good-bye to the greatest. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake ree, "day to feel alive"♪
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6:32 am
that will include three dozen rallies in california over the past month. once again watching for decisions coming from the supreme court starting about a half hour from now. two dozen decisions pending, including major cases covering immigration, abortion and affirmative action. conservative writer david french says he will not launch an independent bid for president despite being pushed by people like bill kristol as a potential alternative to donald trump. the path for an independent candidate remains open. the national hurricane center says tropical storm colin is gaining strength and speed as it closes in on the west coast and panhandle of florida. winds close to 50 miles an hour. could dump eight inches of rain when it hits the state later today. as people around the world mourn the death of muhammad ali, we're learning more about tributes for later in the week. an islamic funeral prayer program will be held wednesday in louisville with a public
6:33 am
funeral scheduled for the following day. what's will bernie sanders do if hillary clinton reaches that magic number tomorrow? right now he's focused on california. wants to put a win on the board there. polling shows him just two points behind clinton. basically a toss-up in that state. is sanders going to be able to get a big moral victory, big psychological boost? maybe something that could give him justification to push on a little further? some with the clinton campaign telling him to unite. jacob soboroff joins me from los angeles with more. it's interesting. we are talking about hillary clinton becoming the presumptive nominee. bernie sanders is saying not so fast. if he can point to a win in california on the final day, might be a little tougher for democrats to get him to close up shop. >> it would be huge for him, steve. hillary clinton would like to clinch the democratic nomination tomorrow night early when you combine those superdelegates and pledge delegates, perhaps as
6:34 am
after new jersey. but bernie sanders is focusing very specifically and has been quite some time, barnstorming the state of california, and particularly latinos who were once thought of to be reliably in hillary clinton's corner. young latinos are registering at a rate we haven't seen in a long time in california. up 123% latino registration as a whole. if bernie sanders can bring over young latinos to his side, he's got a good chance at slowing hillary clinton's momentum coming out of this state. i went canvassing on friday with some bernie sanders supporters. this is what we found. >> what's the key to winning on tuesday? >> reach out to as many voters as possible. >> hi. we're volunteers of the bernie sanders campaign for president. are you guys -- >> you already voted? >> yes. >> for bernie. >> i love seeing awesome votes for bernie. >> are you voting? what's important to you in your
6:35 am
life? >> nutrition policy. >> just ate pizza and wings. what is that about? >> have you seen what's around here? >> options are very limited. >> you said this year may be the year? >> yeah. >> why? >> because there's a lot of support for bernie. and i think -- >> why not hillary clinton, if i could ask? >> i don't know. nothing in particular. because of this or because of that. i just like bernie. he was at the golden state game the other day. he's like a chill guy and seems like -- i just feel like, can you imagine someone like that in the white house? just the change it would bring to america. >> how do you think east l.a. is going to vote? >> i feel like they're going to go towards hillary. >> how come? >> just because my grandma wants to vote for hillary because
6:36 am
she's a woman. you guys coming around, that's super cool. >> steve, if voters like julianna end up reliably in the corner of bernie sanders, it surely can slow hillary clinton's momentum coming out of california and going into that convention in philly as a united democratic party, something she doesn't want to see happen. but we'll have to wait and see tomorrow night to see how it all turns out. >> it's interesting, jacob. we've seen sanders get blown out with latino voters in tex aflorida, new york. but the polls along latinos much tighter in california. if he wins there tomorrow, it will be because he's done much better with them than he's done anywhere else. >> you have to remember, there are a lot of majority -- latinos in california are mexican american and the latino voting bloc is not one monolithic vo voting bloc. maub it's the particular message of bernie sanders. maybe it's a lack of familiarity with hillary clinton among younger latinos.
6:37 am
bernie sanders is performing better than he has with latinos here in california. >> an interesting story. jacob soboroff, appreciate it. and ahead, donald trump, those comments he refuses to back down from saying that that judge trying the trump university case would be disqualified because of his mexican heritage. we're going to talk over those comments and the reaction they have stirred from republicans. that's straight ahead. as well as this. craig melvin in louisville, kentucky, on the ground ahead of friday's funeral services for muhammad ali. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. with orders coming in from around the world, the owner of gerkies was nervous at first but practice made perfect. he's now shipping his company's handmade rope sandals to about two dozen countries around the world. for more watch "your business" sunday morning on msnbc.
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6:41 am
wasn't easy to watch him suffer. so knowing that he's not suffering anymore is what gives me comfort. i prepared mentally for many years that, obviously, one day i was going to lose my father and that time has come. the whole world is sad. anybody who ever loved him, and so many people do, so i don't feel alone. it's not just our family. it's the whole world. i know he's in a better place now and he's talk again and moving again and doing all the things he couldn't do in this body. i'm happy for that, even though i will miss him deeply. >> laila ali there. let's go to muhammad ali's hometount home d hometown of louisville, kentucky. craig melvin is outside the muhammad ali center. what is it luke to be in lou louisville right now? >> a lot of people are happy the champ is home. wasn't just born here but where he learned to box at the age of 12.
6:42 am
the makeshift memorial. let me give you a closer view of it here. we've seen thousands of folks stop by over the past few days and they've dropped off everything from bears and balloons, even boxing gloves as well. we learned a short time ago there's going to be this islamic funeral prayer service held midday thursday. in addition to that, we also learned that after that friday afternoon service, that's public memorial about two blocks from here, we learned that king abdullah of jordan will be in attendance. so is turkey's prime minister -- turkey's president erdogan is also going to be here. there was sunday night, there was this memorial service at the islamic center where he worshipped, at the mosque there. there was a memorial service last night. a number of those folks telling me they wanted to be sure to pay tribute to ali, the man of faith. he was, in their words, a
6:43 am
personification of the islamic faith, especially when you look at how he spent the last few decade of his life, criss-crossing the globe as an ambassador. it's going to be a very interesting to see how this city pays tribute to their native and favorite son over the next few days, steve. >> craig melvin in louisville, thank you for that. coming up next hour, you'll want to see this. heavyweight champion larry holmes is one of the last people to fight muhammad ali in the ring. he's going to join jose diaz-balart to discuss the legacy, the life of muhammad ali. coming up, donald trump continuing to say that he's been treated unfairly by a judge because that judge has a mexican heritage. supporters care. what are republicans saying? that's next. ok team,
6:44 am
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be holding a news conference a little more than an hour from now to respond to donald trump and his attacks on that judge
6:47 am
who is overseeing the lawsuit against trump university. trump, of course, making an issue of the judge's mexican heritage. that has led to condemnations from democrats and republicans, including senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and house speaker paul ryan. but trump standing by what he's been saying. >> if you are saying he can't do his job because of his race, is that not the definition of racism? >> no, i don't think so at all. >> no? >> he's proud of his heritage. >> you're saying he can't do his job because of it. >> he's proud of his heritage. i think i'm going to do very well with hispanics, but we're building a wall. he's a mexican. we're building a wall between here and mexico. >> joining me from bloomberg politics, jennifer jacobs and philip bump. so philip, we mentioned mcconnell, paul ryan, these are people who now have endorsed donald trump. republicans are now invested in their own names in his candid y
6:48 am
candidacy. do they have any power to get him to stop doing this? a chance any of them might withdraw endorsements? >> i doubt anyone is going to withdraw endorsements. they don't have any power to get him to change. paul ryan is very frustrated right now that he held on off doing this and gave it righta the moment donald trump did this which, newt gingrich has been defending donald trump essentially from day one but even gingrich is saying this is beyond the pale. at the end of the day, this is about the republican establishment wants to be able to back the republican nominee for president, fairly obviously. but there are a lot of smaller details, politicians who are running in states like arizona where jeff flake is worried about whether or not he can end up endorsing donald trump. for individual policies worried about future campaigns, this is a bigger deal than it is is for a mcconnell or ryan who are representing the republican establishment. >> there's this controversy now that trump is stoking about the judge who is of mexican
6:49 am
heritage. then trump was asked, what about a judge who is muslim. you said provocative things about muslims. would that judge in a similar situation be disqual feified. this is what he had to say. >> if it were a muslim judge would you feel they wouldn't be able to treat you fairly because of that? >> that would be possible, absolutely. >> jennifer jacobs, we've had a campaign full for the last year of moments like this. the question is out there, has donald trump crossed the line? has he said something that respectable politicians can't defend anymore? here he is, the presumptive republican nominee right now. he has survived a lot of these before. does this one feel different? >> it does. you had a lot of republicans saying this weekend, we wish that donald trump could turn the page. you had mitch mcconnell saying that. newt gunniingrich saying that. almost like he's still fighting that primary battle where he's making these subtle appeals to white male voters for whom some
6:50 am
sort of racial divisive rhetoric seem to appeal in the primary. now people saying, please, mr. trump, can you talk about a general election tragedy? he clearly had an adviser telling him, keep the conversation in your wheelhouse, talk about jobs. he said in an interview on fox news this morning, why aren't people talking about what i was talking about with the jobs report? why is everyone focused on my comments about this judge, so clearly people are saying can you keep your comments focused on jobs. but he keeps getting distracted on these things. donald trump is skilled in the art of the smoke screen. he knows that in a campaign when you're under attack for something, you divert, you attack someone else. in this case he decided to distract from these allegations of fraud at trump university by claiming that this judge is biased. you know, he was trying to make a point, anyone can be biased. he's always making a point that the news media is biased but in this case he went off into some racially divisive language that
6:51 am
maybe he went a little bit too far on, clearly, because like you said democrats and republicans are strongly rebuking these comments. >> meanwhile also, the democrats see opportunity or hillary clinton's campaign seies opportunity. the other question is what is bernie sanders going to do. so we've gone through the math. hillary clinton is going to be the presumptive nominee soon enough. bernie sanders says forget that math. we had joel benenson from the clinton campaign saying, look, it's time for him to get out and unite. any sense here, bernie sanders, after tomorrow, what does he do? >> it's always hard to evaluate what a candidate is saying the day before an election that they end up losing and the day after. marco rubio, the day of the florida primary, for example, was telling everyone all the pollsters are going to have to give their money back. that's what they always say so it's very hard to predict what the campaign will say once that threshold will be crossed. essential low as soon as new jersey is done voting, clinton will have enough delegates in order to be the nominee so i don't know. i think sanders has repeatedly
6:52 am
said he will continue this fight to the convention. he, unlike most democratic candidates in the past is not beholden to the party. he has been bolstered by independents coming out to vote for him in the democratic primary process so he doesn't have the same loyalty to the party so he may continue to fight to the convention. in a more traditional race from a more traditional candidate, we would see tomorrow night some sort of concession that the race is essentially over. >> philip, jennifer, thank you both for the time. coming up, nearly 18 million people registered to vote for that california primary tomorrow. it will be the largest ever for a presidential primary, but will california cast a shadow over the naming of a nominee.
6:53 am
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6:56 am
let's find out what's going on ground for that. we'll turn to christina, the assistant managing editor for politics at the "los angeles times," a friend to msnbc. we used to have you on saturday mornings all the time. christina coming to us from l.a. this morning. we see the polls, we've got our own nbc/marist poll out there putting this at two points, maybe a slight lead for hillary clinton. if bernie sanders is going to pull this out tomorrow, what does he need? >> that's exactly right. our "los angeles times" poll had a pretty similar result showing if registered voters, the most likely people to show up, registered and people that have already voted or people that are likely to vote because they voted in other primaries, if they're there for hillary clinton, she's going to win. however, if all voters show up and all of the universe that could potentially be there, including the 17.9 million people who are registered, this is a record high for california,
6:57 am
senator sanders could do very well. one statistic i like to cite is right here in los angeles county we had more than 320,000 new rid ridegistrants and 61% were unde the age of 20. those would suggest those are saptde sanders people. he has to get those voters who don't always participate in a democratic primary to show up and he has to motivate young people to show up. it's a big task but he's been all over the state trying to make it happen. >> what are you seeing from the clinton campaign? i get the feeling a week or two ago they looked up and thought we might have a problem here. >> they're seeing all of the same numbers we are, which is effectively a dead heat. so you've got both hillary clinton and former president bill clinton going up and down the state. they do have the advantage they can hit both parts of the state
6:58 am
at once. it is more of an expensive state but the one thing -- one of clinton's advantages here is she has a strong surrogate base. every single member of the congressional delegation that has taken a position has endorsed her. she's got many local officials, the governor, the attorney general, people up and down the state who are out there organizing for her, making phone calls. what sanders has is the energy, momentum, select supporters and it's going to close out with competing concerts. you've got hillary clinton with christina aguilera and a couple of other people at the greek theater and bernie sanders will be at the famed crissy field in the bay area, san francisco, with a bunch of other bands, including dave matthews band tonight. so it's really a big push to the final stretch. it feels like the general election here. it's actually pretty exciting. >> it would not be a california primary without some show business involved there. christina bellantoni in los
6:59 am
angeles setting the stage for tomorrow. a big contested democratic primary out there in california. a quick programming note for you. tomorrow you're not going to want to miss our full day of primary coverage. it will culminate in our live team coverage as results start to roll in from new jersey on the east coast at 8:00 all the way to california on the west coast in the wee hours of the morning. will we finally have the democratic nominee or will sanders get that big upset he's gunning for. i'm steve kornacki. jose diaz-balart is up right now. and good morning. we begin with politics and hillary clinton's campaign saying that she is on the verge of securing the democratic nomination, quote, any minute now. the truth is that nbc news now has her 19 delegates away from hitting the magic number of 2,383. in all likelihood she gets there tomorrow night. that's when six states head to the polls. the biggest, catch, where
7:00 am
clinton and sanders have been hitting the campaign trail hard in recent days. >> i know we've never done this before. we've never had a woman president. >> in virtually every state poll, we do much better against trump than does secretary clinton. >> after tuesday i'm going to do everything i can to reach out to try to unify the democratic party, and i expect senator sanders to do the same. >> the democratic national convention will be a contested convention. >> i want to finish strong here in california. it means -- it means the world to me. >> we have now won 20 state primaries and caucuses. and if all of you come out to vote on tuesday, california will be the 21st. >> so meanwhile dond


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