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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 6, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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stay with msnbc for special primary coverage tomorrow night with chuck todd at 5:00. and tonight, don't miss rachel maddow's exclusive interview with hillary clinton at 9:00 right here on msnbc. that is going to wrap things up in new york. i'm peter alexander. my colleague thomas roberts is picking things up from santa monica, california. california is the big race in the democratic race for president. hi, everybody, i'm thomas roberts broadcasting live from the landmark santa monica pier right here in california where the primary voters are heading out to the polls tomorrow. now, six hours to our north, bernie sanders will be holding a news conference in just minutes and will be speaking to reporters just outside of sfaan francisco. this comes as hillary clinton moves within striking distance of the democratic nomination. counter her superdelegates,
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she's 19 delegates away after weekend wins in puerto rico and the virgin islands. still, bernie sanders is adamant he's not going anywhere. >> it is extremely unlikely that secretary clinton will have the requisite number of pledged delegates to claim victory on tuesday night. at the end of the nominating process, no candidate will have enough pledged delegates to call the campaign a victory. they will be dependent upon superdelegates. in other words, the democratic national convention will be a contested convention. >> but clinton's campaign is already looking ahead to the general and putting increased pressure on sanders to bow out of the race. >> senator sanders said that he
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wants to do everything possible to make sure donald trump doesn't become president. that's going to entail supporting democratic nominees. the party in doing it to energize the party as early as we can. and that should happen as soon as it is clear to hillary clinton, it is the nominee of the party and that will happen tomorrow night. then there is president obama and new word, a senior official telling msnbc's andrea mitchell, that president obama could endorse clinton as early as this week. here was josh earnest at the white house moments ago. >> well, i don't have any news to make on the timing of a presidential endorsement at this point. those of you who travel with the president to florida over the weekend heard him discuss at fund-raisers friday night this view and his view continues to be that the democratic party and the democratic candidates are in broad agreement about what priorities are worth fighting
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for. >> so the white house also weighing in moments ago on the controversial comments by the presumptive gop nominee donald trump, the ones he made about the judge in the trump university case. comments even generating heat from trump within his own party. we'll have more on that coming up in a fkasie hunt is with me covering the clinton campaign throughout the primary. let's begin with what the campaign is telling you, the last day of campaigning here in california, how confident is secretary clinton that she can carry a win from this state? >> reporter: thomas, it's a little gloomy here on the beach xhrks , which is a bummer, although i do not think it is have a gloomy in the clinton camp. there's a feeling this could go either way, but what is not in dispute is she's likely to presume as the democratic presumptive nominee. mathematically, she'll have the
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delegates she needs. sanders is taking issue with the fact she doesn't have the number of superdelegates. if they didn't exist in the process at all, she would have a majority and would be able to move forward. but the reality is that is so far down in the weeds that at this point it is more the bigger question of how exactly is bernie sanders going to proceed after tuesday? whether he wins or loses in california. clearly, if he wins here, he'll have a little bit more of an argument for proceeding. but either way, it's going to start to -- there's going to start to be increasing pressure. you saw some of this from clinton advisers earlier this morning. for him to get out of the race and allow democrats to focus on donald trump. and hillary clinton gave herself a boost toward that end when she gave that very well received speech hitting donald trump, giving democrats some confidence that she's capable of doing this in a way that maybe some people were nervous about previously. now, there are some signs
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publicly speaking, bernie sanders has been very aggressive in saying he's going to take this all the way to the convention. you just heard him explain a little bit about that, but president obama has the potential to play a key role in figuring this out. and i'm told that they are in contact with president obama and bernie sanders. we'll see over the next 48 hours what kind of impact that has on senator sanders' thinking, thomas. >> msnbc's kasie hunt, thank you so much. you mentioned the june gloom, people in southern california know what happens here in june with the socked-in forecast we have behind us. we'll have more about bernie sanders and that press conference, a live report from msnbc's chris jansing following the sanders campaign, she'll join me shortly. joining me right here is democratic strategist bob shrum and in washington, d.c. a clinton supporter and national chair of the dnc women's vote. we are right by the trapeze
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school here on the pier. if you hear people screaming for their lives. they are trying to do the high-wire acts. >> which is what the candidates have been doing. >> hillary clinton will be the presumptive nominee after tomorrow. that language will be accurate to start doing for her. but sanders doesn't like that language. she's going to continue to chase this all the way until the july convention. can the democratic party withstand that type of separation with the fact that donald trump has already had folks coalesce around him for weeks now? >> it wouldn't be good but i don't think it's going to happen. what sanders is saying is what you say when you're still trying to win primaries, when you're still out here saying california is the big enchilada, if i win here i have a real claim. what i think will happen is if he does win california, he will spend a day or two on the phone with the super delegates. he'll discover that he's not
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going to get anywhere. he's not going to get him to flip. and at some point, he will endorse hillary clinton. if he doesn't win california, then i think that might come even sooner. look, there could be a role call at the convention. there was for hillary clinton in 2008. but in the middle of the role call, she got up and moved, she already endorsed president obama. >> meanwhile, attacks continue to get sharp and continue to remain active between sanders and clinton. you served as president clinton's communications director in his second term. but over the weekend senator sanders is calling in question senator clinton's ties to the foundation. >> ask me about the clinton foundation, do i have a problem when a sitting secretary of state and a foundation run by her husband collects many millions of dollars from foreign governments, governments which
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are dictatorships. you don't have a lot of democratic rights in saudi arabia. you don't have a lot of respect there for opposition points of view for gay rights and women's rights. yeah, do i have a problem with that? yeah, i do. >> do you think it creates an appearance of conflict of interest? >> i do. >> so this continues to add to the list of negative attacks on secretary clinton's character. how does she flip the script on that and be able to unify sanders' supporters behind her as the presumptive nominee? >> thomas, let me say first as bob said, these are the dynamics you see when you're coming to the close of what has been a long and hard-fought primary campaign. and look, i was there in 2008, i know what this is like. it's very hard. you have people who have been working their hearts out and want you to keep going and just, sometimes you feel like throwing everything that you've got including the kitchen sink. but, at the end of the day, even
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before the polls close tomorrow in california, hillary clinton has gotten more than 3 million more votes. she's got hundreds more delegates. and she and bernie sanders as democrats agree on so many other fundamental issues. >> let me jump in really fast, we want to go to harry reid talking on the senate floor right now about donald trump and his campaign. let's listen. >> donald trump stands for hatred and stands for division. some also defend trump's temperament saying president donald trump would be fine, that's what he said, that's a quote. and some even claim the republican party is, quote, at an all-time high, close quote, with trump at the helm. that's how the republican leaders spent last week. he wasn't fighting for resources to stop the spread of zika, he was leading the cheers as he stumped for trump.
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some are doing zero for the poisoned residents of flint, michigan. senator mcculla is doing nothing to fund our nation's opiod addiction. and now that he's firmly entrenched himself in trump's corner, i can't help but wonder just how far senator mcconnell's support extends. for example, for donald trump's comments about the judge being racist as a senator from nebraska said, senator mcconnell wouldn't answer that question yesterday and had numerous opportunities to do it. so i'll give it another opportunity today. and there are other questions that republican leaders need to answer. does he believe that a federal judge may disqualify because of his american heritage? does he belief that these attacks are acceptable for men that want to be president of our great country?
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does he agree that judges should face a religious test? senator mcconnell said last week and this is a quote, we know that donald trump will make the right kind of supreme court appointments, closed quote. after donald trump's latest attack on the judiciary, does he truly believe that trump is the right man to pick nominees to our nation's highest court? the republican leader defended trump's temperament saying he and again i will quote, will be fine as president, would be fine. i asked the senator from kentucky, is it fine that donald trump calls women pigs and dogs? is it fine when trump calls immigrants rapists and murderers? is it fine that his party's presidential candidate urges violence at rallies? these are not rhetorical questions. the republican leader has so fully embraced donald trump that we are all unclear as to where trump's platform ends and the
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senate republicans' begins. do republicans really believe that a man who believes in a religious test for a judge is fit to be president of the united states? they must explain why this is acceptable. the nation has a right to know how far senate republicans' support ends and that starts with the republican leader. because now there doesn't appear to be any daylight between donald trump and senator mcconnell. i yield the floor. >> all right. so there we have senator hard re reid talking about donald trump on the senate floor. and trump's latest controversial remarks about the federal judge presiding over the class action trump university lawsuit. it's really tied republican leaders in knots. we saw harry reid taking to task mitch mcconnell for the fact he won't outright say that the comments are racist. however, he did say on "meet the press" i couldn't disagree more with what he had to say in reference to donald trump's remarks. but will not classify them as racist remarks about the
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indiana-born judge and his mexican heritage that trump has called into question as a conflict of interest because trump wants to build a wall along the border of the u.s. and mexico. meanwhile, the white house press secretary moments ago was asked whether the comments were racist and he declined to directly respond but offered this observation. >> for republicans in the senate who say they have concerns about the republican presidential nominee's views as it relates to judges, to also say that they are not going to confirm any judges to preserve the ability of the republican presidential nominee to potentially make those appointments. >> senator susan collins of maine called the remarks unacceptable. new hampshire's kelly ayotte called for a retraction and is expected to still support trump as the nominee. but this reveals serious problems inside the trump
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campaign, which remains a bare-bones structure prone to inflighting. katy tur is one of the authors of that report joining me from outside trump tower in new york city. we'll begin with trump's comments and the pressure trump is getting from those within his campaign where they sense there is a problem here with a big misstep. newt gingrich came out against this and we have seen the elected officials now running away from this as well and calling for him to make a retraction. will it stick? >> reporter: the campaign's not publicly saying this is a problem, but publicly it is a problem, especially when republican leaders are coming out one by one after that and also getting criticized by the democrats is also a problem down ballot in races where republicans might be susceptible, vulnerable to attacks by democrats in this manner. and there's a big list of republicans who frankly just won't even come out in support of donald trump right now. and that is also a big problem, even as supporters who won't
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come out on the record and say they stand behind him on this. a number of them keep turning us down. marco rubio actually just spoke about this a couple minutes ago and said i continue to have strong disagreements on trump on a bunch of issues and do not agree with him and quite frankly am disturbed by the way he keeps referring to the judge, an american, born in indiana who he continues to raise issues about and hope legal stop doing that. newt gingrich is saying this on the record as well. those are all ub public. inwardly, aides of the trump's campaign are at their wit ice end pulling out their hair on the unnecessary attacks, the unforced errors by donald trump. they don't believe this is a good idea. they do believe they have a problem with latinos regardless of what their candidate says publicly and this is the sort of thing that will only end up hurting them further. i'm even told by one source, in particular, this is a sort of
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thing that will end up ruining their campaign if he does not change his ways. there is still a belief internally that donald trump will be able to do that. they believe and they hope that he's going to be able to change. but right now every time that they look for that to happen, it's so far not. and that's part of the frustration within the campaign and outside with sources who are working closely with the campaign right now. >> our katy tur outside trump tower. thank you so much. let's go to chris jansing, she's been following the sanders campaign and is joining us outside of san francisco. just moments ahead of bernie sanders and taking questions from reporters. chris, he's had a theme almost every day of a certain topic he'll talk about, do we have any direction or indication of what he wants to speak about today? or is it kind of open question forum? >> reporter: he's taking to the stage so let's go to him, but we
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do expect him to take open questions. this is his sixth press conference in seven days. let's listen. >> i want to thank the people of california for the incredible support that they have shown our campaign. during the last several week, we have held 38 events, 38 separate events in 34 cities and towns throughout the state of california. one of the things i enjoy very much is getting out to communities where other candidates often do not go. and those include some pretty small towns. and we have been just amazed at the kind of turnouts that we have seen at these rallies, which have been attended in the last several weeks by over
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215,000 californians. and tonight, we're going to be holding the last rally of our california campaign here in san francisco. we hope to have a good turnout there as well. and let me repeat what i said from day one here in california, which i think most people agree with. if the turnout is high tomorrow, we will win. if the turnout is very high, i think we will win by big numbers. if the turnout is low, we will probably lose. so my request obviously to the people of california, to those people who are prepared to stand up and fight for real change in this country is please come out and vote tomorrow. let us see california have the highest voter turnout in the history of the state in terms of the democratic primary.
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the message of our campaign throughout california and the country has been, i think, very consistent. it has been straight-forward. and i think it is the message that working people in the middle class want to hear. and that is just too late for establishment politics and establishment economics. we need real change in this country, not superofficial change but real change to end the trend to the oligarchy society where wealthy people control both the political and economic life of our nation. today we have a corrupt campaign finance system in which billionaires and super pacs and
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large corporations are able to buy elections. we have a rigged economy in which study after study shows that almost all new income and wealth is going to the top 1% at a time when the middle class continues to shrink and shrink and shrink. and when millions of our people are working longer hours for lower wages. we will not, in my view, be able to move forward as a nation and address the crises unless there is a political solution. in which millions of people stand up, fight back and they demand a government which represents all of us and not just wealthy campaign contributors. we need a president and we need a government which will lead us in the comprehensive immigration reform where today we have 11
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million people living in the shadows, living in fear because they are undocumented. we need real criminal justice reform so that we end the international embarrassment of having more people in jail than any other country on earth. we need to pass a medicare for all health care system so that we do not remain the only major country on earth not to guarantee health care to all people. if we do not address the planetary crisis of climate change, this world and our children and our grandchildren will pay the price, which is why i believe we need bold action and why we need a tax on carbon. i have gone around california and have learned something that i did not know. and that there were tens of thousands of families in this state living in homes where when they turn on the tap they cannot
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get drinkable water. that is a growing crisis in america and throughout the world which is why in my view we have got to ban fracking today. lastly, it is clear to me that we have got to do everything that we can as a nation to make certain that donald trump does not become president of the united states. it is incomprehensible to me that in the year 2016, in the year 2016 given all that we have gone through as a nation, for hundreds of years in trying to end racism, trying to end bigotry, trying to end discrimination, that we have a candidate of a major political party today who is essentially running his campaign on bigotry, on insulting mexicans and latinos, on insulting muslims,
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on insulting african-americans, on insulting women. that is really quite mind boggling that this is taking place in the year 2016 and clearly it is imperative that we do everything that we can to see that that type of bigotry does not end up in the white house. i am very proud that in virtually every national poll and in every statewide poll done including the recent polls here in california, we are defeating trump and we are defeating him barely, just in california not to mention the other state. the last three polls had us beating trump by 34 points, by 29 points and by 23 points. and the last point that i would make is that in all of these polls and in virtually every poll done nationally and in various states, we defeat trump by larger numbers than does secretary clinton. and in some cases she's actually
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losing to trump when we are defeating him. and the last point is, the recent insults to judge gonzalo imperial are incomprehensible. to attack a judge because he has a mexican heritage, a man born in the state of indiana, this is a candidate of one of the large political major political parties in this country. it is really quite incomprehensible and i think the american people understand that. in terms of where we are politically, i think i have said pretty much everything i had to say a few days ago, but if there are any questions on any of the issues -- excuse me, excuse me -- excuse me! excuse me, ma'am. >> reporter: i have a question. >> their hands are up as well. jeffrey, do you have a question? >> reporter: what do you say to
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women that say you staying in the race is sexist and getting in the way of what could be the first female president? >> is that a serious question? that my woman running for president, anyone who opposes -- your question implies that any woman, that any person, any woman who is running for president is by definition the best candidate. so any woman who runs -- to say that it is sexist, that any -- so if hillary clinton runs for president is your point, it is sexist for any man to oppose her? >> reporter: my point is if she has more delegates than you -- >> then that is another point. that is not -- i don't think it is sexist. i think that the issue is, first of all, our focus right now is running and winning right here in california. and the second point that i have made is that it is absolutely imperative that we defeat donald trump as president of the united
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states, as a candidate for president of the united states. i believe i'm the stronger candidate. yeah, jeffrey. >> reporter: you said you must do everything to keep donald trump from taking the white house. does that include thwart hillary clinton from becoming president? >> trying to thwart hillary clinton from becoming president? the issue is who is the better candidate to become president of the united states and to defeat trump. right now our focus is on winning the largest state in this country, winning south dakota, north dakota, montana and new mexico and doing the best that we can in new jersey. and new jersey is going to be a difficult state for us. but our goal is to get as many delegates as we possibly can and to make the case to superdelegates that, i believe, the evidence is fairly strong that i am the strongest candidate. >> reporter: at what point do you become a spoiler? >> well, first of all, let us
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focus -- i really hesitate as you know, jeff, do be gauged in speculation. if i win tomorrow in california, and if we do very well, and i don't know that we will, we may, if we do well in other states, if there are superdelegates out there who say, you know what? looking at the objective evidence of polling, looking at the objective evidence of who has the strongest grassroots campaign and can bring out the larger voter turnout, which i think is crucial for november, if some of those superdelegates begin to think it is bernie sanders, i think that that is not an insignificant fact. yeah, chris. >> reporter: thank you, senator. back in 2008 returned to the nominee -- the press quotes you as saying, again, two days after he crossed that threshhold, i
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will do everything to get him elected and refer to him as the nominee. why is it different this time? >> i made the point i was making just the other day. the issue right now is we have an important primary tomorrow. that's what we have. we are working as hard as we can. as soon as i get here and get food in my stomach, i am going to be out talking to a lot of people and doing everything i can. we have a good rally here in san francisco. so right now my focus is on winning the largest state in our country, which has 475 delegates. and in winning the south and north dakota elections, and winning montana and in winning new mexico and doing the best that we can in a tough race in new jersey. so that is where i hope -- yeah, david. >> reporter: so based on what you just said, i want to clarify if i can, senator, you said looking at how you do tomorrow, you are going to look at whether
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or not the superdelegates are turning. if the numbers aren't with you tomorrow and if you don't get the indication, would you consider endorsing hillary clinton? >> well, that is something -- first of all, you're asking me to speculate. so let me just talk to you after the primary here in california where we hope to win. let's assess where we are after tomorrow before we make statements based on speculation. yeah, david. >> reporter: senator, when you talk about that period, regardless of what happens tomorrow, can you give unsight into -- >> we've been listening to senator bernie sanders at a press conference taking place in emeryville, california, six hours to our north. hillary clinton is stumping in compton, california, that's 18 miles from santa monica where we are. and we want to play how she responded to reporters' questions. let's listen. >> i am really just so focused on all the state that is are voting tomorrow.
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that is my singular focus. because i know that there is a lot of work still going on. i have just a huge number of supporters and volunteers across all of these states. and i'm going to stay focused on the contests that are going to take place tomorrow. and i'll have more to say about all this. obviously, i was delighted to win puerto rico. delighted to win the virgin islands. we are moving forward every day. and by tomorrow night, i'll have more to say about it. but i want everyone in the states that vote tomorrow to come out and vote and bring their families and their friends and everybody else. because it's not over until it's over. and tomorrow is a really important day, particularly right here in california. >> reporter: no matter what happens tomorrow, the convention in philadelphia will be contested bernie sanders said. is there anything to do to change that at this point? >> i'm going to wait to see where we all are after tomorrow.
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i am, as you rightly point out, on the path to not only have a very big lead in the popular vote but a very significant lead in the pledged delegates. and so we'll take stock about where we are tomorrow. i'm going to do everything i can to unify the democratic party. and i certainly am going to be reaching out to senator sanders and hope he will join me in that. because we've got to be unified going into the convention and coming out of the convention to take on donald trump. and to repudiate the kind of campaign he is running and make it very clear that's not the kind of president or commander in chief we want. >> reporter: secretary clinton, is it setting in that you might be making some serious history here tomorrow? >> well, i am obviously really excited about that but i'm not letting myself focus on it yet because i want people to come out and vote tomorrow. particularly here in california. we have worked so hard.
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i have a huge number of supporters and organizers that are working as we speak to get out the vote, to get people to mail in their ballots who haven't yet, so i'm going to wait until everyone has voted tomorrow night. we'll have a chance to talk more about this but it has been an incredible journey and i'll have a lot to say about it. but right now i'm out here at the senior center in compton talking to voters encouraging people to come out to vote. up. >> reporter: do you believe that the senate democrats who have come out to say we need to re-evaluate the superdelegate system more broadly, in respect to this primary, do you support getting rid of them? >> oh, we'll have plenty of time to talk about that. but i believe as of tomorrow i will have more than 3 million votes more than bernie sanders. ly i will have a substantial
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lead in the superdelegates. >> reporter: do you think he should concede as you did in 2008? >> we'll wait and find out. actually, tomorrow is years to the day after i withdrew and endorsed then senator obama. i believed it was the right thing to do no matter what differences we had in our long campaign. they pailed in comparison with the differences we have with republicans and that is true more today. whatever differences senator sanders and i have, we have stuck mostly to the issues, we have differences there, but we have discussed them and put forth our cases and donald trump has run a cam ppaign of insults. anyone who supported me and senator sanders has a lot at stake in this election from preventing donald trump not being our next president, which i can barely say. we'll be talking about all of
11:34 am
that in the next days. and i look forward to that. obviously, i'm excited about having the president's support. because i have said throughout this campaign i was honored to serve in the president's cabinet as secretary of state. i don't think he's gotten the credit he deserves for saving our economy from the great recession that it was experiencing when he became president. i want to continue and further the progress that we've made. and that is another big difference between where i stand and where donald trump stands. he wants to repeal the affordable care act and go back to failed economic policies that would really hurt working people in our country. he doesn't want to raise the minimum wage. he believes equal pay is not a real issue. on and on. so i look forward to campaigning as a really strong advocate for what i think will make the country get going again with the
11:35 am
economy growing, the president got us out of that ditch, now we have to run with it. and i've laid out plans to do just that. >> reporter: secretary, last night when you took stage in sacramento, there was a woman standing next to me who was absolutely sobbing. and she said, you know, it's time, it's past time. and you see the women, you see people here. and people just come up to you and they get tears in their eyes. >> right. >> reporter: do you feel -- do you feel the weight of what this means for people? >> i do. i do. and you saw it yesterday. i've seen it for more than a year. my supporters are passionate, they are committed, they have voted for me in great numbers across our country for many reasons. but among those reasons is their belief that having a woman president will make a great statement, a historic statement about what kind of country we
11:36 am
are, what we stand for. it's really emotional. and i am someone who has been very touched and really encouraged by this extraordinary conviction that people have. it's predominantly women and girls but not exclusively. men bring their daughters to meet me and tell me that they are supporting me because of their daughters. and i do think it will make a very big difference for a father or a mother to be able to look at their daughter just like they can look at their son and say you can be anything you want to be in this country including president of the united states. up. >> reporter:
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[ inaudible ] >> we are going to do everything we can to get people out to vote in the contests tomorrow. i'll have something to say tomorrow night, but i look forward to campaigning with the president and everyone else because as i said in san diego last week, i think that donald trump is unqualified to be president. and he is temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief. and i believe that with all my heart. even if i were not running and even if i were not about to become the nominee, i would be making a case against donald trump. and i will not stop making the case because i love this country. this country has been an extraordinary blessing to generations of americans. we have fought through a lot of our problems and our challenges. we have moved forward toward a more perfect union. i will not let somebody who traffics in bigotry and bullying become president of the united states. that will not happen. >> there we have hillary clinton talking to reporters in compton,
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california, that is just 18 miles from where we are here in santa monica. i want to go back to my colleague, chris jansing, with the sanders campaign. and that is in emeryville, california. sanders fielded questions from reporters talking about the support he's seen as he talked about this criss-crossing, the time and effort he's invest in this state. but the secretary of state announced on friday they have seen a record surge in registration, the figure being $7,915,000 with the bulk going to the democratic party, many think that is because of bernie sanders. but he feels confident about his chances here tomorrow. >> reporter: well, they have always believed if they get high turnout they will do well here. but a lot of the new registrations come from the people who support him. he's certainly going to leave it all on the field. he's done 34 rallies in less than a month. 217,000 people have come out to see him. he has another big rally
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tonight. having said that, a couple notable things from this press conference. i think we heard him in almost his strongest term so far saying we must do everything we can to make sure donald trump doesn't become president, calling his most recent comments both incomprehensible and mind-boggling. so that is the first thing. the second thing is, he was pressed really hard about what does he do next if he doesn't win california? if he can't get the superdelegates to flip? and this is consistent with his campaign over the last month that i've been pressing him, what is the end game here? what is the plan? until they see what happens here in california and other states, they can't accurately assess where they go next. but he did acknowledge an assessment and he's planning to go back to vermont to talk to his adviser to see where they are. and he has to see, does he win here tomorrow where this is a race that is too close to call and where, again, he has spent so much time and energy not leaving here since over the last
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three weeks or so. and then the second thing is, is there any realistic chance that 300-plus delegates are going to flip? and he also said he plans to go to washington, d.c., which will be the last place that votes. so sometime over the course of the next week he does plan to make a stop there. but there will be an assessment, he said that several times, he's just not going to speculate about what he'll do depending on a, b or c. he wants to see what the outcome is tonight and how the communication goes with the superdelegates and move from there. but he definitely indicated a period of reassessment. thomas? >> chris jansing reporting in emeryville, california. thank you so much. and just to reiterate what is at stake for tomorrow on super tuesday june 7, california, new jersey, new mexico, north dakota and south dakota. two of the bigger prizes are california because of the delegates at stake but also new
11:41 am
jersey. clinton is carry a confidence in this state. bob, let me talk to you about this, the more sanders stays in and the more he talks about president cannot be the president or get in the white house, isn't this a double-edged sword for him? because some people who support sanders as a punishment to clinton and democrats might just vote for trump because he's not the nominee? >> well, historically we have seen people who support the losing candidates to say i won't vote for the winner. we saw that with hillary clinton's people in 2008. almost all of them came around and voted for barack obama. and i think if you listen to what we just heard from both candidates, they are proceeding very carefully. it's the reporters job to ask the hypothetical questions, neither is answering the hypothetical questions. both are leaving the room to bring this thing to a close in the next couple of weeks. maybe it won't. maybe it will go on to the convention.
11:42 am
but if you listen to bernie sanders there, you are listening to someone who is prepared to face reality when it comes. if you listen to hillary clinton, she's behaving with grace and a sense to give him space and time. >> let me ask you about this, as we heard from secretary clinton when asked about getting the president's endorsement, andrea mitchell heard that the president could do that as early as this week behind clinton. then she talked about history. are we going back to the future to have a sweetheart of a timeline coming out tomorrow. eight years ago it was hillary clinton having to endorse barack obama. and now barack obama will be endorsing hillary clinton? >> i'm not sure of the timing but let me remind you of the very successful campaign. thank hillary clinton and the president on the campaign trail
11:43 am
are both solid. listen to what we heard and how important it is. hillary is saying i am going to reach out to senator sanders. bernie sanders is saying i'm going to do everything to defeat donald trump because he's such a danger. hillary talking about what we have in common. bernie sanders and i is so much more important than those issues in which we disagree. both of them talking about the outrageous statements donald trump made about the judge. if it is his rule, we do not swear people in and out of the office no matter what is at stake. if anyone wanted to see an example of two candidates and how they want to win this election, we have just seen it. >> so guys, standby, i want to bring in elise jordan, our msnbc
11:44 am
political analyst and former adviser to senator rand paul to talk about the republican point of view here. elise, we continue to watch the democrats go at it. it remains chaotic that both the candidates won't the nomination, won't win the nomination. how bad does it look right now for donald trump? >> well, i think that his latest gaffe just the flagrant racism inherited in his remarks in the judge in the university trump case is you cannot back donald trump in good conscious if you believe the republican party is the party of equality for all americans. that it is a message of liberty. this is just outrageous and that is what party leadership is grappling with it right now.
11:45 am
what the path is as an uncontrollable campaign. he's running a shoe string operation and think that is he has all the answers. and that is not what it's going to take if he'll beat hillary clinton in november. >> all right. we're running down the wire here in california for sure. we thank our friend bob shrum, great to see you in person, thank you. ann lewis, thank you for joining us. elise jordan, thank you for your time. as we countdown to the primary here, tomorrow as we look at the celebrity factor that divided hollywood over the fight of the democratic nomination. amber tamlin is joining me to tell me why she's stumping for hillary clinton. and don't forget to tune in tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern with hillary clinton's first one-on-one interview with rachel maddow. those seats sometimes cost a ridiculous number of miles,
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now that i'm a parent, that isn't always good, he was a spoiler, but that is what i always remember, just being kissed and hugged and him just being that person to just give you anything you want. because he wants to see a smile on your face. >> there you are hearing from laila ali appearing on the "today" show this morning. speaking about the los of her dad, the body of the boxing legend muhammad ali arriving in louisville, kentucky, late last night. the funeral and public memorial service will be on friday and proceeded with a procession through his neighbod home. he was surrounded by his family friday when he died. he was 74 years old. joining me on the phone is someone who had one of the most memorableuhammad a ali, george foreman.
11:50 am
mr. foreman, thank you for joining me. sorry about the loss of your friend and boxing competitor. when is the last time you spoke or spent time with muhammad ali? >> we were just together a few months ago in louisville, kentucky, our "sports illustrated" renamed their mohommuhammad ali legacy award. i was there and he was looking good as always, well taken care by his wife and her sister. they looked after him. he was beautiful as always. >> and the rumble in the jungle from '74, this is the epic battle between you and ali. did you really whisper in his ear, is that all you got? >> you know, i beat him up the first and second round. he hit me a couple of times but it didn't hurt at all. then i hit him more and he hit me back, nothing hurt at all. but about the third or fourth round, i hit him hard and he leaned on me and i thought he was going to fall and he
11:51 am
whispered, is that all you got, george? show me something! and that was a scary moment for me. >> and then after this battle you two formed a lifelong friendship. and this is amazing that the two of you could have such a bond over the years. one thing that a lot of people will recognize is the fact that muhammad ali was a polarizing figure, one to not shy away from politics and becoming a role model when it comes to race or religion. do you think that he would appreciate the way that our campaign that we have been focusing on for the democrats and republicans has kind of dissolve in a way we have never seen before when it comes to race or comes to religion and gender? >> mom maho muhammad ali enjoye.
11:52 am
the boxing ring had to be the most hurtful thing. you can measure anything else he said, but they were just incidental and coincidental to his life. he loved being a boxer. >> do you think, mr. foreman, that role models and athletes have a responsibility to stand up and speak truth to power as muhammad ali did? even though it wasn't always seen as a positive thing? >> i tell my children now, you have politics, you have science and you have the arts. but there is another life in this country and all over the world that has nothing to do with either of them. you can stand up and do good and be good and that's a better example, by being the best human being you can be. >> well, certainly muhammad ali is an icon and an athlete that is remembered and will be celebrated coming up this friday
11:53 am
for his historic role in so many lives around the globe. george foreman, thank you for your time, i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we're back in a moment. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. with orders coming in from around the globe, ray sickles had to learn how to export. the owner of gurkeys was nervous at first but practice is perfect. now he's hand shipping his rope sandals to two dozen countries around the world. for more watch "your business" on sundays at 7:30 on msnbc. >> visit for ideas to help grow your business. ew j or fill a big orde or expand your office and take on whatever comes next.
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plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. in virtually every poll done nationally and in various states, we defeat trump by larger numbers than does secretary clinton. and in some cases, he's actually losing to trump when we are defeating him. >> we'll wait and find out. actually, tomorrow is eight years to the day after i withdrew and endorsed then senator obama. i believed it was the right thing to do no matter what differences we had in our long campaign. they paled in comparison to the differences we had with republicans, and that is more true today. >> the democratic nominee is in a dueling press conference there
11:57 am
in compton and bernie sanders in emeryville here ahead of the primary tomorrow. both have been seen with their campaigns across california. hillary clinton has been seen out on the stump here in california with many people just like the lady sitting next to me, amber tamblin, one of the celebrities in the business for 20 years supporting secretary clinton. not only is amber an actress but a first-time director now. >> correct. >> but let's talk about this, i call you and america ferrera the traveling stump for hillary. why is she the right choice? >> america and i ran the youth outreach program. i am 33 now and have followed her for a long time. she's one of the most eloquent,
11:58 am
beautiful public speakers and love everything she has to say and stands for. and america and i were there for months and months in 2008. and, you know, when we heard she was running again, it was like the first thing i did is run to my computer and e-mailed the team and campaign and said my heart is with you and believe in her as a president and what she's capable of. >> for young ladies to fall into the young millenial female vote, bernie sanders does a great job at attracting that. why does hillary clinton suffer a deficit? >> i think there's a double standard for women in positions of power. i really think that is true. i can speak from a position of saying, hey, i was an actress for 20 years and let me tell you how hard it was to get a film made, to be in that type of position of power. and for hillary clinton it is incredibly important and 10,000 more times, every mistake she's made, everyone has made a
11:59 am
mistake in any career they have done but it gets used against her much more dramatically. and that is one of the things we are seeing right now in how, in my opinion, the bernie sanders campaign has been treating her and sort of turning her into a villain that i don't think is, has anything to do with what she stands for or what she believes in, nothing i have seen in the 15-plus years i supported her. and i think that is very much why those numbers exist in the way they do. but i don't think they reflect the truth of how young women feel about her. and a lot of young people my age who are afraid to speak out and afraid to say i love her so much because of the intensity of people who support bernie sanders. >> if hillary clinton is the nominee, do you think she can beat donald trump? >> absolutely. absolutely. i mean, a pigeon can beat donald trump in my opinion. >> okay. so real fast, though, before i let you go, "paint it black," new feature film, i hope people check it out. it's fantastic. >> it's tomorrow night at the los angeles film festival if
12:00 pm
anyone is there. thank you so much for having me. >> that's actress amber tamblyn. i'm thomas roberts. be sure to tune in tomorrow night for msnbc's coverage of the last big night of the primary season starting at 5:00 p.m. eastern. my colleague kate snow will pick things up in new york right now. hello, everyone. i'm kate snow. 19 delegates is all she needs. hillary clinton is inches away from the magic number, 2,364 delegates to secure the nomination. but there's no giving up for bernie sanders, because believe it or not, the try mare season ends tomorrow. >> the issue is who is the better candidate to become president of the united states and to defeat trump. our goal is to get as many


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