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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  June 6, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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aught to senator sanders' activists and asking them for their help on this campaign. the stakes are so high, the threat that donald trump presents to our country is so dire that i know people will come on board and we're going to get this done. >> clinton campaign manager, i can tell you directly, sir, that you have just became a campaign manager that has won a nominee for a major party. thanks for being with us. >> thanks so much and credit to our thousands of volunteers. >> spoken like a good campaign man.ager. and that does it for us. our live coverage continues on what has been a bomb shell evening with the associated press and the nbc declaring that hillary clinton has clinched the democratic nomination. our coverage will start again at
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6:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. well, as you've heard, nbc news is projecting that hillary clinton is the presumptive democratic presidential nominee. we're expecting senator bernie sanders to speak in san francisco. if he has any reaction on the projection, we will bring that to you. nbc news reports hillary clinton has secured 2,383 del degates thanks to pledges from more than a thousand delegates. she sweeted we're flattered but we have primaries to win. california, montana, south dakota vote tomorrow. here's what she told supporters shortly after the projection was announced in long beach, california.
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>> historic, unprecedented moment. but we still have work to do, don't we? we have six elections tomorrow and we're going to fight hard for every single vote, especially right here in california. [ applause ] >> the bernie sanders campaign issued a statement saying it is unfortunate that the media, in a rush to judgment are ignoring the democratic national committees clear statement that it is wrong to count the vote of super delegates before they vote this summer. secretary clinton does not have and will not have the requisite number of pledged delegates. she will be dependent on super delegates who do not vote until july 25th and can change their minds between now and then. joining us now, kelly o'donnell is in santa monica this evening.
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kelly, anymore word from the clinton or sanders' campaign about this development? >> reporter: well, lawrence, there is a sense of anticipation but the day is wrong, if you will. both campaigns knew it was likely this sort of a delegate math would be done but it is a bit of a surprise it's coming on the eve of the primary and not perhaps on tuesday night after, for example, new jersey's poll is closing, even before voting in california would be complete. and i was covering bernie sanders, he had expressed concern that the media might do its own calculation by contacting delegates, of course doing the math on voting that is already taking place and making this kind of call. for hillary clinton's campaign, it is a bit premature because secretary clinton has been wanting to drive up as much as possible voter inertest in turning out on tuesday in order, from her campaign's perspective,
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to get a bigger win, if in fact she is going to win california or the other states involved and wanting to show strength going into the fall season. and for the sanders' campaign, there has been concern that any call for secretary clinton might in fact encourage some voters, be there clinton or sanders voters simply to not participate. and so the campaigns have not really wanted to see this happen, even though the math has been clear for some time. certainly bernie sanders has been make an argument vigorously to re porters and to some degree supporters that he wants to see this process changed. he was careful to say it's not a rigged process because he knew what the rules were in how the pledged delegates worked but one campaign you can expect bernie sanders to keep going forward with beyond his own candidacy is a fight to change the system for
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how nomnation process and the nominating process works in the future. there's been a lot of question about the role of super delegates and he's saying he will wage the fight to the convention to challenge that. and one of hillary clinton's prominent surrogates spoke directly to bernie sanders su s supporters to come together. and she will try to unify the country. and this was a surprise for its timing. >> thank you for joining us as the sun begins to set in your camera position in santa monica. pulitzer prize winning write for the washington post.
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john, you made the news tonight with this projection. bun bu bernie sanders says it'ser a rush to judgment. >> how we did it is we looked at the pledge delegates and super delegates and it was a two-step process. secretary clinton did very well in puerto rico, gained more pledged delegates there and we had a number of superdelegates decide to support her over the last day. >> so, was this math or phone calls? >> so, the pledged delegates are math in the sense of there's allocation rules from the democratic party that we actually do this and that's what we did in puerto rico last night. on the pledged delegates. there's 713 on the democratic side and it's an exhaustive process of essentially calling people and seeing people who
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have made very public statements and noting that they've essentially voting for. and we'll do this until the convention. so, it is an interview process. >> and that took place today? >> yeah, there was a last bunch of superdelegates. we don't actually think about the campaigns when we do that. so, i don't think clinton or sanders are particularly happy we did this today but we knew we would do this when we could. we knew the ap -- in the sense we knew they did trump quickly. they spent a lot of time and resources in doing this. so, there's always people wanting to be timely in this process and we knew the ap, i thing given what they did in
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trump, but we did our own calculations and the ap did it but it took time to relook and update our own delegate count to put her over. and if we were not able to do that, we would not have done it tonight. >> so, will you release the names of the superdelegates? >> no. in some -- i should say it's the political unit doing the delegate count for us. they do not release a listing because some people have asked for anonymity. >> so, sorry, voters, a secret poll of super delegates will tell you before the it biggest state in the union votes who the nominee is. >> what are we going to do all night tomorrow? we're going to cover california, which is still very important. it has always been undemocratic in the sense that you have these
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super delegates, they always play a role. they played a role in 2008, putting barack obama over the top and they just played a role in 2016, putting hillary clinton over the top and you can argue whether or not this is a fair thing. why do they have superdelegates? but they do and it might be neither campaign is happy it happens tonight. all though, hillary clinton is probably happier. >> have we ever declared a nominee not on an election night? in our quick research, nobody could find one. it happened with trump but prior to that, we haven't been able to find this exercise an election night announcement. >> i don't know when they knew
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john kerry had clinched the nomination in 2004. it's an interesting process and puts bernie sanders in a very difficult position because he's been talking about the will of the people and democracy with the small "d" and now says his only path forward is to convince the superdelegates to overturn the election results by going with the person who got less votes and acquired less delegates. certainly if anything. happens before the convention with hillary, it's theoretically possible that the delegates have the ability, superdelegates to change things in response to external circumstances. but i don't think bernie sanders's argument that you should do it because you should do it is going to hold sway and it's going to look like he's trying to overturn election results.
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but that's really all he has left now and if he pushes this too far, i think it could end up being a real sour note to a campaign that's been a marvel to watch and has done great, i think, work in terms of advancing progressive ideas. >> what's the difference between this and releasing exit poll information at 6:30 p.m. on a night when polls close at 8:00 p.m.? there are plenty of nights we know the winner by 5:30 p.m. we all know the winner. we all refuse to disclose on the journalistic position that they the voter should be allowed to make the decision. how is this a mirror or -- is it
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a violation of that principal? >> i think what we're talking about is it's a thresh hold. whoever was going to win the democratic nominee had to get to 2383. what happens if she had done a little bit better in a couple of the earlier contests and had more pledged delegates -- >> we understand how you got there and how you do exit polls but what about the notion -- is the information you possess that you don't release because of the principal that it should not be released until the voters have spoken. >> it was to get to 2383 and you had to combine them together -- the journalistic principals are this the campaigns don't determine when we're going to declare a presumptive nominee. we're going to call it when it reaches the thresh hold. if we had called it tomorrow
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night -- >> after the country had voted? >> after new jersey, not after california, we would have put her above the thresh hold and given there was 126 delegates and she was only a handful underneath, the only way she wouldn't have released it. >> so, we now think there's no difference between calling it 3:00 p.m. california time or calling it before the polls open tomorrow in california? >> calling -- i mean, it is a running tally. it's not an exit poll, it's a survey of the vote. and yeah, it's almost always right and yes, we know who won. but we don't actually know until we get a bit of a vote in. i see this as keeping a running tally and you announce it when you get to the end. when you get to 2384, you say
7:14 pm
bingo. >> david corn, do you have any hesitation about the news media's eagerness to get this out of there before the biggest state in the union votes? >> i really do wish the superdelegates pledges, or loyalty was open and i understand the journalistic principal, god knows i do this every day about keeping information confidential, but given that they're participating in this very public event and more or less public officials. i can see the bernie sanders people fuming over how do we really know this is what they're going to do and how can their a affirmations to nbc news and ap mean anything if they won't put their name to it? i understand that but it has become the common and acceptable practice in covering elections. and maybe that's something
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bernie's going to fight for with the rules committee. it would be nice to know and i'd like to know as a journalist too, which super delegates indeed are out there for hillary and i'd like the talk to them and see if anybody might be persuadable by bernie sanders. >> thank you all for joining us. we are awaiting bernie sanders' remarks in san francisco at this hour. we will bring that to you. still ahead, we'll go in the clinton and sanders war room tonight. how do they handle this breaking news tonight? and how will it effect turnout on down ballot races. very important senate race that could be effected by this and republicans agree with hillary clinton on donald trump's latest outburst of biggestry and later, a special last word about bobby kennedy's last words the night he won the california primary. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
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we are repudiating donald trump, we are getting ready for the fall election, we're going to defeat him. >> time for tonight's war room. tonight the clinton and sanders war rooms are reacting to reports from nbc news and the ap that hillary clinton has reached the number of delegates required to become the presumptive democratic nominee. hillary clinton campaign wants the voters to go out in california and bernie sanders does too. "we're flattered ap but we've got primaries to win. california, montana, new mexico, colorado, new mexico, new jersey vote tomorrow. and a veteran of president obama's campaign war rooms and chan, a veteran of marco rubio's campaign war rooms. liz, you got chaos in the war
7:21 pm
rooms at this very moment. hillary clinton needs that turn out, she needs a win in california. bernie sanders wants a win in california really badly and then you've got the down ticket. this very important senate race with pamela harris and loretta sanchez, really important race. there could be depressed turn out across the board on this. >> i was in your previous segment and i shared some of your previous -- i don't know if indignation is the right word, about how this was called tonight and whetheri iu'm in th clinton war room or the sanders war room, i'm not happy to say the least. if you're in the clinton war room, you are worried it's going to depress turn out. and they were hoping to go out of this with a roar and not a whimper and now this steps on their announcement. on the sanders side, in some
7:22 pm
ways it could be helpful to him because his voters are very motivated and very motivated to go against what they believe is a rigged system and they're smartly playing into that. >> laonny, this is the way donad trump got it. it wasn't election night, people were staring that numbers and came in with their homework and said hey, he's got it. so, it's not the election nights, it's all the calculations that occur on these off nights. >> that's right. tonight in the trump war room, i think they're trying to figure out how to continue to foment conflict between clint sqon and sanders. bernie's right this whole thing is rigged. but clearly on the republican side, there was that dynamic as well, although the counting was more obvious.
7:23 pm
but look, trump is going to continue to be the trouble maker here. that's what they're trying to do. >> and liz, there's no question this is a better news night for hillary clinton than bernie sanders. we asked, invited both campaigns to send someone to talk about this. sanders campaign couldn't provide anybody, clinton campaign doesn't have anybody they can provide. so, they're going to ride this out. bernie is going to speak in san francisco tonight. he's got to find a way to tell people you still have to get out there. >> i'm not surprised they can't come because they're in the war room. no one was expecting this to be called tonight. it was called an hour ago and i think everyone was pretty shocked. in the long run, it's a good thing because a win is a win is a win but it's not the way anybody wanted this to go out and i do think it adds a
7:24 pm
challenge for her to unify the party because i think the sanders folks will be po'd about how this went down. >> i think we have something nina turner said moments ago about this. >> we will not relent. so, i got news flash for some folks. we going all the way to the convention. [ applause ] but i'm going to say it one more again. we going all the way to the convention. [ applause ] we will fight on . >> all the way to the convention. i guess there's really nothing else for the sanders campaign to say tonight. he's already indicated he might have something else to say tomorrow afternoon -- i'm sorry, the day after the election. >> yeah, this has been the core
7:25 pm
of the bernie sanders argument. it's enot about one election, it's about a movement, it's about an opportunity to -- regardless of what any news organization are saying that he's going to change his tune. he's going to continue to make the argument. the reality is going to catch up with him at some point, there's no doubt about it but to drive turn out especially among independent voters where sanders is doing well in the polling, he's got to continue the tone we're not going to take what the establishment gives us. >> yesterday he was definitely ratcheting it down and saying let's see what happens and now his campaign has ratcheted back up and because of the early calling of this race. it's thrown in a wrench at the end. >> thank you both for joining us. appreciate it. up next, republicans attacking
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here's what donald trump said just four years ago and just before we get into that, that's the bernie sanders rally in san francisco. we're waiting for him to speak. there's at least one otherer
7:30 pm
person who's going to be on the podium before he is. we'll bring you what bernie sanders has to say. here's what donald trump said just four years ago when explaining why the man he endorsed for president, mitt romney lost. he actually said this. that was donald trump talking. in fact, mitt romney didn't lose all of the latino vote, bullet donald trump just might. >> i have a judge who is a hater of donald trump. a hater. he's a hater. his name is gonzalo curio and he is not doing the right thing. i'm getting railroaded by a
7:31 pm
legal system that frankly they should be ashamed. the judge, who happens to be mexican, which is great. i think that's fine. >> and he decided to expand the list of judges who are unfit to judge him. >> if it were a muslim judge, would you feel they wouldn't be able to treat you fairly because of that policy of yours? >> it's possible. that would be possible. >> here's a short list of the republican senators, party members who have condemned donald trump's comments, many are trump supporters, including newt gingrich. >> this is one of the worst mistakes he's made. i think it's inexcusable. he's born in indiana. he's an american period. >> i think he's going to have to change.
7:32 pm
>> i couldn't disagree more with a statement like that. >> and ben carson tweeted every human being is an individual first rather than a member of an identity group and the moment we forget that is when we go into moral descent. and hillary clinton said this. >> this is dangerous nonsense. that undermines the rule of law, that makes him appear to be someone who has no respect for fellow americans and i think it is yet more evidence why this man is dangerous and divisive and disqualified from being president. >> do you think that mr. trump is a racist? do you think he's running an overtly racist campaign for president? >> i don't know what's in his heart but i know what he's saying with respect to the judge, that's a racist attack. >> and so on the issue that dominated the presidential campaign this weekend, all of
7:33 pm
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statements this week on the judge, that's a new level. because it's not just ill informed or ignorant statements but they suggest that when he's president, after november, that perhaps he ought to go after that judge. that's a whole new level. that's very disturbing. >> joining us now, rick wilson, contributor to the website, heat streak and radio host in milwaukee and editor and chief of right wisconsin. so, charley, here you have weekend, where there's one big news story in the campaign and just about every republican who's spoken about it is on hillary clinton's side of the issue. >> it's amazing nobody saw this coming. we're shocked, shocked to find out he's a narcissist who says
7:37 pm
racist things. wouldn't it be nice if they tipped him off and warned him. >> maybe if we were doing this a year, six months ago maybe we could have stopped this, but i wish somebody had stepped up. >> this is the problem of trying to thread the needle with this guy. they want to somehow split the baby to mix the metaphors that we can support him while still distancing ourselves from these outrageous things he says. well, it's pretty hard to acknowledge how dangerous, how beyond the pale these comments are and still make the argument but we still support him to be the president of the united states, to sit at the desk abraham lincoln once sat at. >> paul ryan says he disagrees with trump. you cover his area in wisconsin. how is it playing there? >> well, i'm trying to be sympathetic to paul ryan because i understand the pressures on
7:38 pm
him to eventually come around but i think what happened last week was a mistake. i think the timing was a mistake. he has not shown he was prepared to pivot,s be more presidential. i wish paul ryan would have gotten a commitment, not that incommitment from donald trump is worth anything. but i'm guessing paul ryan is going to what have i gotten myself into? what is the next five or six months going to be like if every week there's the possibility i have to evade or distance myself from this guy? and the reality is there's no induction that donald trump is going to change. this is the one thing i think he's being honest about, that what you see is what you get and he's rubbing everybody's face in it right now. >> it seems like the timing for endorsing donald trump was never going to be good. we were always 24-48 hours away
7:39 pm
from one of these no matter when anyone else chooses to endorse him. >> you're always one tweet away from disaster with trump. he could say -- as i wrote about yesterday, if you're a house candidate in a swing district, right now you have to worry that every day donald trump could torpedo your entire campaign. you have to wake up in the morning and think what is the crazy person going to tweet this morning? whoever it is this week donald trump decides he's angry at. the real question is not the schedule for endorsing trump. the real question is trump is giving them an out. and every day he's going to give them more and more of an out but there will be a point where they have too much stink on them to wash it off. so, more than to think hard about when they break the chain and take the one day of hate
7:40 pm
from trump and his fans to move on and run a more independent campaign and save their careers. >> lindsey graham is going to a new level on this that we haven't heard before. he says and it comes that end of the quote, this is the most unamerican thing from a politician since joe mccarthy. and here's what i haven't heard from anybody before. there will come a time when love of country will trump hatred for hillary clinton. to hear lindsey graham saying it could come to the moment where you have to pull the lever for hillary clinton to save the country. >> well, i don't know what lindsey graham's going to do but if you start to see people like lindsey graham say i'm off this trump train, you might see that as cascading. i will tell you the level of
7:41 pm
jitters among republicans is really starting to peek. there is serious buyer's remorse. for the first time today i heard people say okay, that convention is it possible we could draft somebody? i think that's highly unlikely but the fact this conversation is taking place gives you an nuk nuk indication that people are realizing at the moment we were planning on all gathering around and having the big group hug, instead we have the donald trump dumpster fire. if hillary clinton gets a big bump out of sealing this nomination and it looks like she's ahead by double digits and donald trump continues to behave this erratically, i think you're going to see more than a few republicans at least privately begin to talk about do we have alternatives here? >> the judge that donald trump has been attacking is a former federal prosecutor. he had to have security protection when he was going
7:42 pm
after the mexican drug cartells. surely stuff trump didn't know about him. he was a state judge before being appointed as a federal judge and here's what arnold schwarzenegger said about him. and it just goes to show you that no doubt trump knew nothing about this judge's background other than his most recent ruling that trump didn't like in his fraud case. >> right. of course. set aside the racism and the reflexive intervention in attempting to intimidate a jurist like this and this is a guy who never knows anything about anything. he doesn't understand what the nuclear tried a. doesn't understand trade, the economy but certainly willing to pop off that mouth at any moment
7:43 pm
and in this case he didn't know the guy's background and hasn't given him anything to demonstrate that there's anything meaningful in this judge's record because he doesn't need that in his head. his mental construct doesn't work that way. you're either with trump or against trump. and the fact this judge has ruled against him opens the gates for all this racial anmist to flow out. from a guy that lacks knowledge and confidence, he couldn't get hired to manage an arby's much less this country. and that's why he's attacking the judge. >> and here the only presidential president in history facing coast to coast fraud charges. this is a judge in his fraud case. so, the more he wants to talk about this judge, the more he is talking about his own fraud case in california. >> which is remarkable.
7:44 pm
because the reason we're talking about this is because donald trump has chosen to talk about it and bring more attention to this amazing scam. if you want to incapsulate why donald trump is a conman, you look at trump university, how he played on the hopes and fears of average amare kericans and ripp them off. it's almost a perfect metaphor for his campaign. but how disciplined does he have to be to want to talk about this as opposed to all the other issues you could talk about as a presidential candidate. >> we are monitoring the bernie sanders' rally in sam san francisco we'll be right back. n we'll be right back.
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we're going to go live to bernie sanders' rally in san francisco where senator sanders has not yet made any comment about projections tonight from the a.p. and nbc news that hillary clinton has secured enough delegates to be now considered the presumptive nominee for the democratic presidential nomination. let's listen to senator sanders. >> stand up to the fossil fuel industry. [ applause ] right. [ crowd chanting "no more fracking"] >> that's right. count me in. this campaign is going to win because we are doing something really unusual in contemporary
7:49 pm
american politics. we're telling the truth. the truth is not always pleasant, not in our personal lives or in our political life but unless we confront the truth, we will never be able to go forward in the way we have to. [ applause ] truth number one. the campaign finance system today is corrupt. billionaires, corporate america, wall street and their super packs are undermining american democracy. american democracy is not a complicated process. it is one person, one vote. not wealthy campaign contributors buying elections.
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and that is why together, we are going to overturn citizens united. [ applause ] and why we're going to move to public funding of elections. [ applause ] but it's not just a corrupt campaign finance system. it is a rigged economy. now, you don't see this discussed in the corporate media, which is another issue we have to deal with. but you don't see this discussed but here is the truth right now. in america today the top 1/10 of 1%, not 1%, 1/10th of 1% now own almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. [ crowd boos] the 20 wealthiest people in this
7:51 pm
country own more wealth than the bottom half of america, 150 million people. >> we're going to take a break. we'll be right back. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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if there is a large voter turn out, if working people and young people come out in big numbers to demand a government that represents all of us and not just the 1%, we're going to win big tomorrow. [ applause ] and i should point out to all of the democratics going to philadelphia in every instance, we beat trump by far larger margins than does hillary clinton. [ applause ] >> back with us, liz smith and david corn. liz, that's always bernie's strongest selling point is take a look at the polls in the one on one match ups, against trump he always does better.
7:56 pm
>> it is . i think that's the last thing he's holding on to with the delegate count being so much in clinton's favor. he did not address the a.p. at all and i think in some ways was a smart move. >> it's a tricky move for him because most people, if not everybody in that rally audience are not home watching tv right now, they don't know this news and so he's got a choice. do i go out there in my big rally moment and say this thing that we fear might depress turn out or do i let them discover it in their 11:00 p.m. news in l.a. or in thier morning news? >> i'm sure a lot of them are looking at twitter. a fair number probably know. most of them probably don't care. they knew this moment was coming whether tonight, tomorrow night. and i'd like to talk to this point about bernie sanders saying he does better in the
7:57 pm
november match ups in the polls with donald trump and i've written about this and gotten flak from bernie supporters from doing so is i think that's completely irrelevant at this point. bernie sanders has not been attacked with hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign ads which would come if he was the nominee. so, you can't really look at the numbers. hillary clinton's been very light on him, nobody's made a ebig deal about him being a socialist, which is something that would come up if he were the nominee in the fall. so, it's not an apples to apples comparison. that's really a pretty thin read on which to base continuing his campaign all the way that c convention and upsetting the democratic particulay in that t frail. >> the interesting thing is each campaign have almost identical,
7:58 pm
not quite, but almost identical incentives to not push this news out there. hillary clinton doesn't want to go out there and say i've already won it because that's saying to her voters who might be stuck in traffic oh, they don't need me. i'm not going. >> of course. it puts them both in a bad position. and going back to what i said before before. it plays more into sanders hand because they can run against the brick system. the a.p. calls when there's a certain threshhold but, but to them them it looks a little rigged and unfair and i think it motivates them. >> it's kind of the perfect story to stay in the sanders' narrative of being rigged. the way this is being reported tonight is through secret information attained by the
7:59 pm
associated press and nbc. totally secret information that they have and are then telling you on the basis of that secret information, not on the basis of your votes, on the basis of that secret information, hillary clinton's the nominee. that's perfect for the bernie sanders campaign to put right inside its frame of its rigged. >> yes, you could strike up a conspiracy theory if you like that who knows what's going on. as a journalist i'd love to see the delegates give their names out and who they're going to vote for, through which nbc news and a.p. are not deeing because they've gotten this information confid en conf confid engsally. and hillary clinton had not pulled out yet and bernie sanders, on the basis of what we thought the superdelegate count
8:00 pm
was, endorsed barack obama and said let's get on with the general and was not calling for waiting until the convention and the superdelegates vote. >> david corn gets the tonight on "all in." >> this is one of the worst


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