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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  June 6, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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was, endorsed barack obama and said let's get on with the general and was not calling for waiting until the convention and the superdelegates vote. >> david corn gets the tonight on "all in." >> this is one of the worst
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i'm supporting hillary clinton. >> there's a number of ways. they have made other public statements so we have been able to pick them up. but again, the political unit has essentially interviewed a large number of these folks. that is the process. and i know this may actually make nobody happy in the sense of hillary clinton and bernie sanders maybe wanted it to happen tomorrow night, but it's an independent unit in the sense of what we're doing is we have been doing it from the beginning of the primary season is we have been tracking these folks. and we knew all along once we
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hit the number, we were going to go over. the super delegates are different because it is an interview process so when people are going to come forward and make those announcements we didn't know. we didn't know not too long ago that we were going to go over. there was these super delegates that hadn't announced their support. so we got them in about a dozen states where people announced today. >> so the argument that the sanders campaign has been making, and i'd like you to respond, they have a strong opinion on this. obviously, it's driven both by principle and the fact they are in the midst of this race and want people to vote tomorrow. the vote is only cast at the convention. this call is essentially premature because those folks are people who are going to show up and cast their vote then. to count them now base d on wha
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they say they are supporting is premature. what do you say to that? >> i say it is what it is. they don't make their formal decisions until the convention. i think actually hillary clinton and bernie sanders both want people to turn out to vote tomorrow. i think both of them care deeply about the six contests. but we didn't know when this was going to happen. it depended upon how they did in the states and the supers. so it's not us. >> thank you, really appreciate it. joining me on the phone is former governor jennifer graham who is on the board of the pro clinton super pac. are you there? >> i am. >> great. so you just heard explained the thinking here. clinton supporters are probably greeting this news with a combination of excitement and
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also maybe a little bit of head scratching because it doesn't have the kind of thunderous culmination feeling one has after say a victory at the polls that i think was being anticipated tomorrow at least in a state like new jersey. what's your reaction? >> ambivalence is a good way of putting it. when you introduced this show saying we have made history, it gave me goose bumps. but on the other hand, you got to respect democracy and there's millions of people who are set to vote tomorrow. you don't want to deprive them. you don't want to stomp on their rights to be able to feel like it's an unfettered choice or untainted choice. i think everybody who is on team clin u on to so wants people to get out and vote tomorrow that nobody is claiming victory this evening. we want tomorrow to happen to respect democracy. >> has your thinking about the process by which the democratic
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party make this is determination has this hybrid unlike the republican party. it awards proportionally and super delegates are 15% of the total are party leaders, elders, institutional members of the democratic party. do you think that's a good idea? have you changed your mind? do you think it's a good thing to have them? >> i think that it's worthy of discussion. nobody is going to change it for this time around, but you want it to be a democratic process. you want the majority of people to have the right to vote. super delegates were put in place for a specific reason to try to temper the raging masses and i'm not sure that that's necessary anymore. maybe you have a few of them, but as many as we have, perhaps that's a discussion. bottom line is a lot of this process kind of question is something that will be pushing on the platform and i think it's
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a discussion definitely worth having. >> we should also note that super delegates have triggered the decision desk's call that in terms of pledge delegates awarded through either caucusing or primary votes, hillary clinton has a sizable lead. she also has more votes. so if you were just taking just a regular poll like you would in any voting situation, she is clearly leading senator sanders. >> by the way, it is -- you have noted this, others have noted that it's an unusual argument to make to super delegates to switch over to defy the will of the popular vote when you are trying to make a point about democracy and about people
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having their voices heard. it's going to be a difficult stretch. tonight it's really important that people in those six states know that their voice is important and that people should get out and vote tomorrow. >> i'd also note that in the state of california, there's a lot of other people on that ballot tomorrow. not just bernie sanders and hillary clinton. there are state senators and people running for senate. and turn out matters a tremendous amount. particularly in this state, which is the top two vote g getters get to compete in the fall. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> you bet. >> joining me now is former senator fresh off the stage in san francisco and neena, your reaction? >> well, you know, it's disingenuous to talk about super delegates are going to be the ones in terms of who has the popular vote when the bottom line is this.
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many of those super delegates, the overwhelming majority of the super delegates that are supporting the secretary starting supporting her sight unseen before governor o'mally got in the race. so their decision it's not just based on the popular vote, it's based on something else. >> there's about 400 that started the race. who are pledging her column. it was in that ballpark. so let's throw out the super delegates. bernie sanders isn't running to win the nbc news political desk. he's running a campaign to win support. if by the end of tomorrow the sanders campaign has fewer votes, how are you going to make the argument that those super delegates should essentially overturn what is the will of the voters.
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>> they made a decision sight unscene. it's the system we have right now, even though i believe it needs chaung ed. it's the system we're working with when sanders gets to the convention to make that argument that he is, indeed, the strongest candidate to go head to head against donald trump. every poll has said that. if democrats really want to win, then bernie sanders is their man. he is the public servant of our time. he can take it to mr. trump and win and not him winning the presidency is, but i heard about other folks running. he brings the excitement that is need ed up and down the ticket. a revolution is not just about one office. it's about the state houses and governors mansions. he's the one. >> let me ask you this, though.
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let's imagine a different universe in which you and i are having this conversation on a night where bernie sanders has won most pledge delegates. 55% of voters. and the bulk of super delegates are about to wgive the nominatin to hillary clinton. wouldn't you and everyone would be going crazy that it was being stolen from bernie sanders? >> but, chris, i'm not going to that universe with you. you know why? because again, the super dill delegates made a decision before the people expressed their will. so we're going to go all the way to the convention. i really think it's the seat for news outlets to be calling this race before every last vote has been cast. it's going to suppress the vote in california. i think that's the goal of some
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folks e despite the fact they want to say they want every vote count ed. if you want every vote counted, you would tell the news outlets not to count the super delegates before we get to the convention. period. this is not right what is going on here right now. e everybody has the right to vote. >> and that will be the final day, a week from tomorrow will be the final day votes are cast in washington, d.c. >> but we still are going to the convention. no matter what folks say, we're going to the convention. >> we'll see how that plays out. we'll see what it looks like. and that convention in philadelphia. thanks for being with me. i appreciate it. >> joining me now is kelly o'donnell, who is on the road with the clinton campaign. just as jennifer articulated, the clinton campaign is probably institutionally meeting this news with mixed reaction.
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>> absolutely. you have outlined some of the reasons. when you have been competing this hard for this long, one of the things that secretary clinton talked about today at an event i was covering that, she wants to make certain they finish big u. they drive voters to the polls so people have their say. not only for the race for the nomination and the democratic party, but as you pointed out, down ballot races. in california there's a senate race. you find orr key races in other parts of the country with six contests tomorrow. it may seem like we're at the end of the process, but if you're a voter in any of those states, waiting all this controversial year to get your say, the clinton campaign definitely wants to encourage people to turn out and to get a part of this. in part, she wants to see that because clinton hopes to be able to win in california and other states like new jersey, but to drive up the margin, which would
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strengthen her hand going into the convention if in fact bernie sanders chooses to keep up his contention that pledge delegates need to be counted and super delegates only really get to vote is once they are at the convention. so tonight in california, a bit of the crescendo taken away from a big concert at greek theater where supporters, musical acts, celebrities are gathered to raise funds for the victory campaign, a joint venture of the hillary clinton campaign and democratic causes. a big finish to what has been a hotly contested race. as you know, hillary clinton had added a bunch of events to her schedule to be present in all parts of the state. and then on the primary day itself, there's a real turning of the page. she will have her big primary night speech back in the home burro of her campaign brooklyn, new york, where the campaign hopes to be able to set a course toward november to be able to talk about what is the expected
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historic part of her campaign becoming the first woman nominate d for a major party an already perhaps the one silver lining her campaign has sent out a fundraising appeal, which includes some of the reporting about her clinching according to the tabulations of delegates pledged and super delegates. so raising money on this news even though they want to be sure voters get to the polls and turn out on tuesday. >> kelly o'donnell at the santa monica pier, thank you. we have much more. before we go, to anyone watching n america we elect a lot of different people at all rungs of government. everything from city council people to county commissioners, prosecutors who have a tremendous amount of power. those are decided in low turn out that may be already been decided. you have a tremendous amount of power and leverage. so anyone watching this, any of those six states it's not just
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one of those people who will be on the ballot who is not bernie sanders or hillary clinton is the attorney general of the state of california around whom there's a tremendous degree of excitement among democrat ir u insiders. it appears, we'll brung you that interview later in the show. illf the lexus gs f sport. because the ultimate expression of power, is control. this is the pursuit of perfection. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom?
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if we can't win here in california, win in south dakota, north dakota, montana, new mexico, do well in new jersey, we're going to go sbo that convention with e enormous momentum. >> that was bernie sanders in san francisco just a few moments ago. you saw tina turner in the foreground of that shot. thank s s to a combination of pledged super delegates. columnist of "the washington post" and francesca chambers. katherine, let me start with you. i think tomorrow so we got this news that president obama spoke with bernie sanders on sunday. the president is is eager to unify the party. he's eager to hit the campaign trail and read between the lines what that means. how do you see this playing out
8:22 pm
tomorrow night to begin with in terms of what bernie sanders tells his supporters and then in the week between then and the final election in d.c. a week from today. >> despite the fact that the president spoke to sanders, it doesn't seem he's willing to go gently. he's said he will take it all the way to the convention, even if this that means a bitter fight until then and not unifying the party. i think we can look forward to the continued fight over the next few weeks, months technically. >> so you don't think that's essentially a kind of game u theory bargaining position to engender the maximum amount of support all the way through the last contest that he is going to do that. >> it certainly seems that way. maybe it's just a strategic position to try to bend the democratic party platform to his will. by all accounts, he has been relatively committed to sticking this thing out. he has claimed that anybody who calls him the spoiler is
8:23 pm
mistaken. this is how the democratic process plays. he moved the goalpost about what it should take to become the democratic nominee. he's indicated he will try to sway super delegates to his side because they will be more competitive in the general election. he doesn't seem like he's show ing any signs of backing down at this point. >> you have been covering the campaign. what's your sense? >> i think there's two important things to keep in mind here. first, bernie sanders does fundamentally believe every american has the right to vote. e he wants to sty in to make sure everyone does get a chance to vote in this election. it becomes a separate issue a as to whether he gets out of race or staying in until the convention. the platform is a big part of what's going on. he wants the leverage at the convention to shift a few things on the platform. there are a couple issues they think the sand irs campaign thinks will be easy o to win on.
8:24 pm
a $15 minimum wage. they think there will be fights over a few other things such as the college tuition plan he supports. so they definitely want to take that leverage into the convention. >> but to me, the issue here is that sanders is a unique politician. he's a self-described democratic socialist. an independent until joining the democratic party to run in this election. there's not a a lot of traditional means of leverage to be used over him. it does seem that the president is a pretty big thumb on the scale that i doubt the president would say anything before the 14th, if i had to guess when d.c. votes. but after that, i'm endorsing hillary clinton, that will make it significantly more difficult for sanders to stay in. >> yes and no. we have to remember, as you just said, it's only relatively recently that bernie sanders became a democrat. for the purposes of running for
8:25 pm
this nomination. we should not be surprised he's not putting party unity ahead of the interests of the share of the populous he believes he represents. if anything, i could see his supporters standing up and saying this just shows that the establishment of whom the president is the premier figure head is putting his thumb on the scale and trying to skew things away from their preferred candidate. i'm not sure that as motivational and as compelling as the president might be that it's really going to carry all that much weight with either sanders or his supporters. >> two things. one, the approval rating for the president among voters is quite high. so i think there's been a sub text that the sanders votes are rejections of the president. the approval rating has been pretty high u. but the point that katherine makes is a strong one in so far as sanders really does for someone who is going to come up, it looks like, short of the
8:26 pm
needed pledge delegates, he does hold quite a few cards in terms of how the campaign unrolls in. the next five weeks has a lot to do with how he decides to do. >> that's absolutely correct. he could decide to keep pushing all the way through the c convention, but push for issues and things i just mentioned in the platform. or he could continue to go after healthcaillary clinton and keep attacking her all the way to the convention as she's also hit by donald trump. so i think a lot of the cards also rest in the clinton campaign's hands. that's why you have seen them kind of back off from hitting senator sanders not really trying to do anything to upset him or his supporters saying they are going to fight for every vote. they don't want to anger him or make the situation any worse. >> that's been very clear for a number of weeks now. thank you both, appreciate it. much more, including the congressman who wrote an open letter to donald trump today calling him a racist and telling
8:27 pm
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i'm tired of donald trump for many reasons, but i'm tired of him downgrading america. i'm tired of him really speaking ill of our country. i'm tired of him talking about
8:31 pm
how we're just a third rate country. i don't know what country he lives in. there's no other place in america that has more people working harder right now. so let's get real here for a minute. we've got work to do. that is absolutely true. but there's nothing we can't do if we make up our minds to do it. >> that's hillary clinton in long beach tonight. joining me is charlie pierce, writer at large. what do you make of this historic, if abstractly historic, night? >> that's exactly the way to put it. let's all not pretend to be 5 years old and realize that calling this election tonight was really about being first and no other reason. at the same time, the argument about super delegates is
8:32 pm
strange. he's essentially saying he's going to stampede the convention. i'm not sure, but i think he probably doesn't have a cross of gold speech in it. >> here's the issue to me also. if you believe what bernie sanders says about the nature of the democratic party, which is that there's this establishment that's been one of his central critiques. it's true. the democratic party is an blushment. hillary clinton is far closer than bernie sanders. that's also unquestionably true. she's far more embedded in the party and far stronger relationships with the people who wield power. if that's true as bernie sanders has identified, it's very difficult to see a universe in which the people in an unprecedented move give the super delegates to him to override the majority of democratic voters. >> that's exactly right.
8:33 pm
god love nina turner. my first phone call is going to be to her to be one of my surrogat surrogates. however, i never heard the term sight unseen used with hillary clinton. every one of those super delegates who committed to hillary clinton, nothing has happened in the campaign to make any of them change their minds. even the argument that there are polls in which bernie sanders does better than clinton against donald trump. those polls are becoming increasingly meaningless by the day. >> i also think you'll see those if i had to predict, those polls that are fluid and dynamic. it's true. as an imper call matter, the polling averages have shown for about six weeks or so pretty consistent average better performance by sanders against trump than hillary clinton. that's also pretty fluid.
8:34 pm
my sense is that that's probably going to change to the extent you see voters coalesce around hillary clinton if they believe that she's the nominee. even though there's a hard core supporters who feel very negatively about hillary clinton, the vast majority of his voters across all 50 states don't feel that way. >> i think enough of them will coalesce behind clinton whatever difference there is between her relative competitive numbers against donald trump and his. basically what's going to happen is everything is going to settle down. i am a little bit unnerved at calling this the night before states like california and new jersey vote. those are big, important states. >> we should reiterate independent of the call made by the news operation for which i
8:35 pm
currently work and is independent from me and rightly so they make those calls independently that voting tomorrow matters as much as it did at 4:00 p.m. today. >> i think in the abstract historical sense, to return to where we started, it does. but it cannot help but put a damper on the casual vote. >> always a pleasure. >> thanks, chris. my interview with the california ag coming right up. don't go anywhere. because the ultimate expreson of power, is control. this is the pursuit of perfection. to be taken care of. in good hands? like fiing new ways home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touchesou can't get everywhere else,
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d the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at ♪ i could get used to this. now you can. when you lease the 2016 es 350 for $329 a month for 36 months. see your lexus dealer. as donald trump refuses to back up on a judge overseeing one of the lawsuits against trump university, who better to ask than california's attorney general. she's a rising star in the democratic party currently running for a seat in the senate that will be vacated by barbara
8:39 pm
boxer. i had an opportunity to chat with her ahead of the primary tomorrow. we discussed everything from the presumptive republican nominee to the looming fight in the supreme court. >> let's be clear. the president of the united states has certain responsibilities including appointing a nominee to the united states supreme court. and this guy has shown that he is unable to do that if the nominee for consideration happens to be latino or muslim. that's outrageous. let's talk about the significance of the united states supreme court. had a former attorney general of california not let the unanimous court decide brown v board of education, i would not be standing here right now. let's also talk about another point about our government and our democracy and the beauty of the design. three co-equal branches of
8:40 pm
government. this guy clearly has no respect for the judicial branch of government. that is extremely troubling. it's not just out of the ordinary. >> let's take away running for president. you have had judge where is you go home and say to yourself, that guy, that was wrong and you're frustrated. >> of course. >> that's part of the thing. >> but people just don't go to microphones. >> people do from time to time go to a microphone and say i disagree with what the judge did. i think the judge's decision was outrageous. i think the judge's decision was not founded in good legal analysis. that happens whether it's good or not is debatable. this guy u is saying that this judge is unqualified becausef his ethnicity. wow. outrageous. >> is it good for the democratic party of california that this primary has been contested all the way to the end?
8:41 pm
>> i think it's absolutely good. it's good in that here's the thing. they want to register to vote and actually vote. i think that's healthy and good for our democracy. and i i'd prefer that. let's talk about the alternative. the alternative being that we have low voter turn out. that's not good for anybody. that's not good for people running for office because they are not held accountable by those they u represent, but it's also not good for us as a democracy because it means that people believe that their voice doesn't matter. that their vote doesn't matter. so when people turn out, that's a great thing. >> coming up, my interview with a congressman who told donald trump where he could put his border wall. don't want to miss that. (vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our
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there's been a rush from both parties to condemn donald trump's attacks on the judge. but the one that might be the most surprising, if not shocking, comes from my next guest. i'll bring you that conversation, after the break. using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the fruit... veggies... and herbs needed to create a pop-up pick-your-own juice bar in the middle of the city, so now everyone knows... we have some of the freshest juice in town. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn re at see what the power of points can do for your business. dad, yoh no, i'll take you up to me off rthe fronof the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ]
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tonight a democrat from texas whose great grandfather came u to america from mexico in 1857 sharply criticized donald trump in an open letter. your i guess nosht anti-immigrant opinions, border wall rhetoric and big bigoted attack are despicable. you're a racist. you can take your border wall and shove it. you can see he used more colorful language. i spoke with congressman vela. >> what prompted the letter? >> well, i would have like d to
8:46 pm
have spoken in a more diplomatic fashion, but i felt like hi to speak to donald trump in language he understands. the fact is since i have become a voting age from carter to reagan to bushes to clinton and president obama, we have had presidents who celebrated diversity, not demonized it. what this is about is america. every american whether they were the first generation, fifth or tenth generation, comes from other countries. and in my particular case, there are 55 million americans of hispanic decent. and there are hundreds of thousands of stories just like mine. my great, great grandfather came in 1857 to this country. his grandchildren fought in world war i and ii and members of our family have fought in every war since then. when donald trump racially
8:47 pm
attacks the judge who was born in indiana. it was well educated, was a united states prosecutor and has been an honorable federal judge. it's not right and it was something that had to be addressed. >> you were in california. we're in california now. you were in the state legislature during prop 87, which was an intense anti-immigration law that definitely changed politics forever. fundamentally sever the connection between the rising la tee know voters. were you watching something happening again here? >> absolutely. i think our young people are at that age where the largest segment has come online to register to vote. we'll see 7 million voting in california while there are 11
8:48 pm
million here. millennials have signed up in record numbers. they are younger than 30 years of age. all of them are paying careful attention to what trump's rhetoric is, which is about racism, which is about instilling my discrimination and false stereotypes. i believe it is driving a wedge in the republican party saying no more. 70% of latinos are voting democrat and intend to stay in that party. >> it was striking to me. you're from texas and there's a real difference between the way texas republican party has handled this issue and the way the national republican party is talking about it now. there are these dreams of making texas a battle ground state large ly because of the democratic composition, but latinos in texas vote for republicans and much higher margins than in national ballots and places that's because of the nature of t republican party.
8:49 pm
do you see that changing in your home state of texas with trump on the ballot? >> well, let me say this. to the extent that the republican party has made gains amongst la ttinos in the state texas, that's because there have been some republican leaders in texas that have reached out to hispanic voters. i think with this kind of racist rhetoric that we're hearing from donald trump that many of those la ttino voter who is may have previously voted republican are going to vote for the democratic candidate in this case and beyond that i have spoken to friends on the other side of the aisle. in fact, just today received several e-mails from friends of mine and people they don't know that are republicans that believe that this rhetoric is just anti-american. there's no way they would vote for donald trump. >> this election in many ways is
8:50 pm
shaping up to be almost this referendum a about the future of the american citizenry and lek rat. the way it's been waged from the first moment of talking about rapist and building walls, what does that mean? should hillary clinton or bernie sanders be the president in january for the priority and pressure on the democratic party to get immigration reform done immediately? >> those two candidates in particular hillary clinton has had a record supporting immigration reform on every proposal that i u remember when i was in the congress. she's not going to continue to fall back on that. she knows the work has to be done. >> support is different. if this election goes down the way i think, it's going to be hard for democrats to do anything but lead with it. >> she has already made a commitment in her first 100 days she was going to get immigration reform done. >> that was at the nbc town hall
8:51 pm
in las vegas. thank you both. appreciate it. up next, donald trump's newest attack on hillary clinton. that story, next. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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me. ♪ not too long after hillary clinton was called the presumptive normal e knee, donald trump ramped up attacks. a former secret service agent for president clinton describing her as erratic and violent. this coming from the republican presumptive nominee who
8:55 pm
questioned whether a federal judge with mexican heritage could be objective. earlier i spoke with michael steele and asked him what is going on. >> hell is breaking out, my friend. this is crazy. it's disappointing, it's frustrating. i know a lot of republicans who have gone out on a limb with the campaign so far. a lot of republican who is are sitting back waiting to see how this plays out, who are more and more say i just can't get there. donald trump needs to help himself by letting others help him. and he needs to recognize that this is not like you run the trump enterprises. this is a very different responsibility. it's the most important responsibility in the world and you're treat iing it as if it's another deal. it's really hurting a lot of folks that want to help him. >> first of all, let me note as a side bar that that's a damning indictment of those trying to run the most complicated
8:56 pm
enterprise in the history of human civilization. but second of all, here's part of what i find baffling about this. i don't think he's speaking off the cuff. he believe this is. there's also this talk about reigning him in. this was not something where the press got him in a gotcha question. he started raising the man's ethnicity. i don't think it's a slip of the tongue. he seems to believe the ethnic heritage disqualifies him for sitting in judgment. he's not beginning to back away from that. >> which is hard to believe since if you look at the case as it has unfolded over the last few years and months. this judge has actually ruled in his favor a lot more than ruled against him. this judge has actually helped move donald trump's case along
8:57 pm
in a way that his attorneys were considered to be beneficial. not to mention the fact that if you understand who this judge is, he was a noted prosecutor who fought against the very thing that donald trump wants to build the wall for. he prosecuted those drug lords and went after them. so in some sense, he kind of aligns himself with the idea that we need to stop this. the u.s. needs to protect itself. and as a prosecutor, he fought to do that. so this idea that somehow his heritage is working against donald trump or working against this idea is just ludicrous. the fact you'd bring it up in a presidential campaign regarding a civil matter, a personal civil matter is just outlandish. those republicans who have spoke on to that have a right to do o so. >> and that point i think is a key one. the day he announced were bigoted but they were about a
8:58 pm
topic of immigration policy. same with the muslim ban. there's no constituency for this. this is not an issue in american political life. what are we doing about the judge who is overseeing the lawsuit against me? there's nothing here but personal issues. >> and that's the problem. it has become a personal matter that's been pushed into the public in a way that americans are scratching their heads. even donald trump supporters are going, why? what does this have to do with anything? so the only advice that i can be given at this point is to stop it. back off of it. let the process unfold. but he's doubling down. >> michael, he is not going to take that advice. the question for me is the look on the face of bob corker, it was like he had just seen -- e he had looked at his own demise
8:59 pm
and that grin trying to move on. that's going to be five months of that for every single elected official in cycle, not in cycle. >> it's not good. it's going to be very damning. >> quickly, if you're reince priebus, he's saying he's going to evolve. he understands he has to evolve on the way he talks about hispanic voters. what do you do if you're reince priebus? do you find an island to sit this out? >> evolve into figuring out what you're going to do after this job is done. i don't know what else is to think about between now and november. because donald trump is going to suck the air out of that opportunity. it makes it much more challenging for the chairman to put on this convention and makes it even more challenging to protect the candidates who are going to be running down ballot going into the fall. >> i'm predicting each night of the republican national c
9:00 pm
convention will be devoted to a specific criticism of the judge like the way it was themed nights. thank you very much. that's all in for this evening. "the rachel maddow show" starts right now.


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