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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  June 7, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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michael steele, thank you very much. >> that is all in for this evening. >> well, this is an unexpectedly big night. thanks for being with us this evening. the associated press made assoc announcement that by their count of the pledged delegate said and by their count of who the super delegates say they will support, they announced that hillary clinton has achieved the number of delegate sas she needs to bee the democratic party's presumptive nominee. hillary clinton is going to be joining us in just a few minutes. as this news lands like bomb shell on the eve of what will be the final act of the democratic n nomination. this weekend, on saturday, the u.s. virgin islands held their
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caucuses, caucuses in general tend to have more lopsided results than primaries. this weekend was no kpepsexcept. hillary clinton beat senator sanders by 84 to 12. that giant 72-point win was enough to get hillary clinton at least six of the seven delegates at stake. you can lose by a margin of 72 points and still maybe get one of the delegates. but that was saturday. then on sunday, another big hillary clinton win. the puerto rico primary was not a close one yesterday. on sunday. hillary clinton appears to have won puerto rico 61% to 39%. that's a 22-point margin. ish. i can't tell you exactly what the margin is because we still don't have all the vote. hm, right. look at the upper-right hand
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corner there. there's enough of the vote to tell you clinton won puerto rico and it was by a lot. and they made the call with only 59% of the vote in and now today that 59% of the vote hasn't changed all day. usually the percentage of vote in gets stuck like that only because there's some kind of problem, a computer failure in a specific county or somebody threw a ballots in a pond or emergency weather or whatever. in this case though the reason puerto rico's vote count has not risen above 59% since sunday night is because the election commission in puerto rico decided that they were going to take the day off today. really? today of alldays. day off. and officials worked late last night counting votes and couldn't finish and were tired, so decided to take the rest of the day off to recharge.
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they will resume counting votes tomorrow, maybe. and so, because puerto rico decided to sleep it off today, we still don't know the final vote count there. but after those two contests this weekend in the virgin islands and puerto rico head nothiing into tomorrow's big contests in new jersey, california, hillary clinton has 300 more pledged delegates than sanders does and the associated press said when you also factor in super delegates who have made commitments as to who they will support, then the ap has called it. they've declared that hillary clinton has reached the number of delegates she needs to clinch the democratic nomination and shortly thereafter, nbc news made its own call with the same conclusion. john is the elections unit and
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he'll explain the thinking going into that interest. it's interesting though. watching the candidates tonight, you might think nothing happened or that at least nothing good happened. secretary clinton put out this tweet tonight. "we're flattered, ap, but we've got primaries to win, california, montana, new mexico, north dakota new jersey vote tomorrow. and then and then the sanders campaign put out this statement. flatly rejecting these declarations by the networks that the nomination has been
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sewn up. quote. so, sanders campaign just rejecting tonight's determination by news networks, including nbc news that hillary clinton has clinched the democratic nomination. they're rejecting it. the clinton campaign isn't exactly leaping at the news, but secretary clinton did
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acknowledge it in passing in long beach, california, less than an hour after the news crossed the wires. >> i got to tell you, according to the news, we're on the brink of a historic, historic, unprecedented moment but we still have work to do, don't we? we have six elections tomorrow. and we're going to fight hard for every single vote, especially right here in california. so, i'm asking each and every one of you how many of you have already voted by mail? how many of you have a bal lt at home on your kitchen counter? so you can send it in tonight or go to the polls tomorrow and
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take your family and your friends. >> joining us now is nbc's director of elections, john, i know that you never sort of willingly wade into controversy. sanders campaign is obviously very upset with this call tonight. can you explain how nbc arrived at this decision. >> it definitely was not a rush to judgment. it's the delegate math. as everybody is talking about. there's pledged delegates and super delegates and it's essentially based on interviews. nbc news has essentially had an exhaustive process where we called up the super delegates and asked them who are you going to support and tried to get them to tell us. and so what we basically saw over the last couple days, we saw two things. puerto rico happen where clinton won handley and she gained delegates there and over the last couple days and especially
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today and tonight, we saw another batch of super delegates come in. a.p. called it first and then we did our own independent analysis p. a she picked up super delegates in over 10 states. >> so, has nbc and other networks -- i know you can only speak for nbc, so i should only ask about that. does nbc regularly canvas all of the super delegates? do you only call back the ones that hadn't previously given you a commitment? >> essentially -- actually, this democratic party changed a number of super delegates and now there are 713. and it's an exhaustive process where we continually call people. we have people right out front firmly committed and a lot of those people made public statements in our media outlets and others where they said i'm
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supporting clinton p. a. several people and the reason this took so long is a lot of people wanted to hold out because they wanted to essentially give the process a fair shake and didn't want to do it too early in the process and i think everybody realized that by tomorrow night, it was inevitable, when you took the pledged and super delegates and so some people softened up and decided to make their statements. >> over the course of this campaign, particularly for the latter half of the primaries, the sanders campaign has been making the case that the way they were going to win the nomination was to persuade super delegates that they should flip to support bernie sanders because eahe's the stronger candidates. did you see any changing their mind and flipping to sanders? >> she's up 572 to 46, so he
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only had a handful. but it was just an overwhelming number of people supporting clinton. i think why tomorrow night is still very important. i don't think we should take our eye off tomorrow night is it's going to give clinton the opportunity to win the trifecta. be up in the super delegate said, clearly and then tomorrow night she'll be able to essentially claim victory, i think on the pledged delegates depending on how tomorrow night goes. we always wait for the results to determine this and then we'll see the popular vote and weal rar see all three and see where she lands in all of those. some of these states are completely silent right now, but we're going to rlet the voting process gaughano on. there's still one more. what we're going to do is be
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able to say tomorrow night, depending on if we're able to call all these races. and we'll see where they land on all three of these buckets. >> just in terms of understanding the scale of this victory, if nbc news is cl declaring her the presumptive nominee. there's no chance that sanders is going to catch up super delegates? >> i guess maybe he continues on and tries to convince people to flip but that's a pretty tall task when you look at the margins and we haven't seen people flipping in the process. maybe someone here and there but it's been consistent. >> let's come back to the super delegates. on the other two, on the popular vote, clinton has been saying she's ahead by so many votes in the popular vote that the overall outcome is not in doubt. with six states ahead in d.c. --
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>> it's hard to imagine that would be in doubt. >> and my understanding is that as long as hillary clinton wins something like 1/3 of the pledged delegates tomorrow -- >> and look at all the contests where it's huge is in a few caucus states. tomorrow there's only one caucus states. california and new jersey is a primary state. the way that the process works, the way the democrats allocate delegates, it's really hard to pick up huge halls of delegates any particular night. the way senator clinton has essentially done this is it's been through a process and a lot of states. and incrementally she built her lead. it's really hard, given how long it took to build that lead, it's really hard to take it away. >> just trying to keep focussed on the sanders campaign really
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rejecting this determination is that the media is rushing to judgment and ignoring the democratic national committee's statement that it is wrong to count the super delegates before they actually vote that convention this summer. >> technically, they make their final formal decisions at the convention, right? but this is the way it's done -- i mean, this is the process. it's really hard to imagine how so many came out for her so early and been so supportive to see them flip. when you think about it, the two factors that if sanders were to go in where he had 1 are ewon t popular votes, maybe there was a chance to swing the delegates. he's going to sort of hold out.
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but the idea -- he doesn't -- there's not a lot there to make that argument and that case. i don't know what it will be. and i think he himself has said he'll reassess thing things. i can't get in his mind. speaking to when we do this, we don't listen on the campaigns, again it's the delegate math. hillary clinton was planning a big event tomorrow night. i'm sure she would have liked it to be -- assuming she would claim the presumptive nominee tomorrow night. she gets to do it on the fly tonight. not just the nbc decision desks, but all the other decision desks. i can't speak to them directly but i don't think they're being influenced by the campaigns. if we weren't confident in the decision, we would have waited. in the sense of that's how we've done every single contest through this entire very long
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primary season. >> and tonight is definitely proof that it doesn't do anything because the campaigns want it because neither campaign wants this tonight. both of them have been spending and spending and spending in california, working their guts out in california. they're very focussed on these six states, they both have game plans that depend very much on the momentum they perceived they would get out of these contests and this does step on it but the mal math doesn't care. >> it steps on it maybe but they want to win. they equally want to win california. i don't think that changes one bit. given this came so late in the game, i don't think they're going to -- whatever they were going to do, they're not going to change anything they were going to do through tomorrow. i don't think it steps on it as much as some people may think. >> and again, it's not your
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responsibility. >> people can say what they want. >> and they will. >> and i completely understand that. >> john, i realize you are a guy who's much happier in your office and not on camera, so i'm always grateful whenever you do this. joining us by phone is andrea mitchell who has been covering the clinton campaign since the beginning. thank you for joining us on short notice tonight. this is surprise news. >> you bet. and the clinton campaign did not wa want. hillary clinton is on stage right now in long beach, california. i know you interviewed her earlier. i was covering a rally before. i'm at and the fact is what she said so far is, according to the news, we're in the brink of a historic, historic unprecedented moment but we have six elections
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tomorrow and we're going to fight for every single vote, especially right here in california and how many of you have a ballot at home on your kitchen counter? you can send it in, or even better go to the polls take your family and friends. exactly what they didn't want was have her people stay home and perhaps have senator sanders people be angrier and more passionate and maybe they come out and it goes to him because her people get too complacent. that's not what campaigns want and she has another big event at the greek theater in l.a. and what she hoped would be her victory, the brooklyn navy yard and that's where she wanted, after the polls closed in new jersey, to be announcing this and she wants the new jersey voters to go out. she doesn't want them to stay home. and of course, is enraging the sanders people.
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they're saying it's a rush to judgment and it could make it harder to persuade senator sanders that the math is the math and this is the time for him to concede after california and decide to reunite the party. >> functionally, i mean it's interesting, andrea, we had heard some of the same frustration and worry and anticipatory warnings from the sanders campaign about the prospect of the race being called after the polls close in new jersey tomorrow at 8:00 they were worried it would give a sense of momentum or ending in the campaign that they didn't necessarily want to damp down in term s what was going to happen in california. now that's been moved forward by exactly 24 hours. i think there's an unsettled nature to the fact that we're
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getting this at this time. but, isn't it your sense that if we weren't having this conversation tonight, we'd be having it tomorrow night on basically the same ground? >> yes, but it does endorse bernie sanders's statement that the system is rigged. and he's tried to argue the super delegate issue either way. saying he wants to change it, change those rules. at the same time saying he should have the opportunity to change the minds of super delegates even if she's 3 million plus votes ahead in the popular vote. and it's internally inconsistent to try to use that system that she has derieted so strongly. that said they're angry. you see the statements, the rush to judgment. blaming the media and it is a
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feeling of discomfort that because of these super delegates and head count the voters in six states tomorrow, to say nothing of the district of columbia. living there for so many years, we like the vote, even if we don't have congressional representation or our own budget. small argument there. by a resident of the district of columbia. look, it is a very strange system indeed, yet, the party believes these super delegates members of congress, governors, former democratic chair people have the right to have some say over how the party is run. they have a vested interest in this. bernie sanders, having been a life long nmindependent and socialist and the people around him with the exception of the democratic strategist working on bernie sanders' behalf, they
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have a different perspective on it. and the sanders and the people around them feel very strongly this is unfair. and to have this call denied before the voting in california is only going to make that much worse and i think it's going to hurt the president's efforts to try to bring the party together next week. >> andrea, thank you. it's good to have you with us. and you know, tonight this is -- we're going to hear from the sanders campaign, in terms of getting their response. we've had john lupins kky at length to explain how they came to the determination. thereby, becoming the first woman nominated for president by any major party in the history of our country. in the short-term, the politics is very unsettled and in some cases unsettling, but the big arc of history picture of what
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within the last hour, the associated press declared that hillary clinton had achieved the
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requisite number of delegates to effecti effectively clinch the democrat party's nomination for president. shortly thereafter, nbc news made the same declaration that hillary clinton is the presumptive nominee. the sanders campaign is not taking this lying down, putting outa statement calling this a rush to judgment by the media, saying secretary clinton does not have and will not have the requisite number of delegates and will be dmependent on super delegates who can change their mind between now and then. michael, thanks for joining us. >> thanks, rachel. >> so, i've seen the written statement. what else can you tell me about your response and the senator's response to this declaration? i know you're seeing it as not good news. >> like you said, a rush to
12:27 am
judgment. the democratic national committee says super delegates should not be counted. they will not be counted until this super and they have in the past and could now change their mind. it's in their self interest in the democratic party's self interest if they want the candidate with the best chance of defeating donald trump to take another hard look at bernie sanders and the reason why i say that is because in poll after poll in california and across the country bernie does far, far better than secretary clinton in match ups with trump. in fact, in many she's losing. and that could cause super delegates some concern. >> there's a report in roll call saying that super delegates are not actively being lobbied by your campaign. they don't feel pressure or
12:28 am
persuasion by your campaign that they ought to be switching your votes. i know this is a strategy you've described as being a path to the nomination. have you actively been working on persuading the super delegates to move? >> yes, wreere've been making p calls and do more when the process moves beyond elections. california, and district of columbia a week from tomorrow. >> do you have anything to report in terms of super delegates flipping from previ s previously supporting secretary clinton and now supporting sanders? what -- in order to rebut this determination by the ap and other networks now you'd have to make the case that the super delegates actually are on your side more than they appear to be. >> true. and the senator acknowledges that he's pretty good at ari
12:29 am
arithmetic and knows it's an uphill climb and the mistake many people have made over the years is they've underestimated him. the case is being made -- we're still at the tail end of the primary and caucuses. there's a big election in california tomorrow where the polls have, over the it last several days, shown consistently that it's a toss up. one of the polls had bernie actually a head. so, we think it's important to give the voters their say and not to cut off this process at this point and i hope this is an inspiration for people all across california, in new jersey, north dakota, south dakota to go to the polls tomorrow and have your voice be heard, have your vote be counted. >> michael, let me ask you about senator sanders' view on this process overall. it's one thing to contest the
12:30 am
primary. it's another to say you're not being allowed to fairly contest the primary because the system is rigged and the argument has been shifting more towards that direction with senator sanders. >> he did not say it was rigged. does he have concerns about the system? yes. does he think new york was wrong to leave millions of independents out of the process? yes, but we think it's something the convention ought to take a look at and as a process of opening itself up and welcoming the millions of people who senator sanders has helped bring back in the process, the young people who have come out in record numbers and we'll see many of them at a rally in san francis francisco. 10, 15,000 people could show up. and we've seen a surge in voter registration.
12:31 am
and over the past year, there's been more than a million a1/2 democratic and independent voters sign up. the democratic party should figure out a way to recognize but embrace. >> it's beenert inesting to see your campaign and the clinton campaign not welcome the timing of this news. secretary clinton saying people need to get out and vote. that's a parallel message from both of you. in terms of what happens next and if this is not a rigged system but just one you're contesting as hard as you can and therefore there will be an end to this that senator sanders will be able to describe as fair and square. i have to ask when you would consider it to be over because in 2008, senator sanders stayed out of the primary between hillary clinton and barack obama until the very, very end. he told the free press in
12:32 am
burlington that he had held off supporting either because he made it a custom not to support any democrat for the presidential nomination until the party had chosen its nominee. but then he endorsed barack obama when he was that position that hillary clinton is right now. not when he had secured the nomination with pledged delegates alone, he didn't wait for senator clinton to get out of the race. he endorsed obama saying the race was over. once obama had the right number of delegates. so, that ended the race for him fair and square in 2008, why wouldn't that end the race for him fair and square tonight? >> it's because there are differences between then and now. he's led a dramatic revolutionary insurgeance in the party and we're trying our
12:33 am
darndest to give those people the voice they have earned and deserved in the democratic process. >> i know it's a tough night and joy a lot of demands on your time, sir. thank you for being with us tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> all right. that was interesting. we'll have more on the parallels between what happened in 2008 and what just happened tonight in the democratic race as the a.p. and nbc news declare that hillary clinton is the presumptive democratic party nominee. and up ahead my interview with hillary clinton
12:34 am
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on this historic night, we just heard from senator sanders' campaign spokesman. and responding that hillary clinton is the presumptive nominee. senator sanders has been saying for a week now that the a.p. and others should not announce
12:37 am
hillary clinton has the presumptive nominee because she can't technically clinch the nomination anytime ahead of the convention because the super delegates won't cast their votes until the convention. but now that the a.p. has made its determination that she has reached the number she needs to clinch the nomination, and nbc has also, she'll be described as the democratic party's presumptive nominee. so, we can say for the first time tonight, a woman will be a presumptive nominee for a president of the united states. and that is a big deal. i spoke with hillary clinton just before they made their call that she now has the number of delegates to clinch the nomination. joining us is former secretary
12:38 am
of state, hillary clinton. thank you so much for taking time tonight. >> glad to talk to you, rachel. >> how are you feeling about tomorrow's contest? california, new jersey, montana, it's a lot of states tomorrow. >> it's a lot of states and we're working hard in every one of the states to get as big a turn out as possible. i got a great campaign going, lots of vaurlen tears. our supporters are working over time. so, we're going to work hard until the last votes are cast tomorrow. >> it would be surprising mathematically if you did not hit the magic number tomorrow night and effectively clinch the democratic nomination. because of that, should we expect that you're going to declare victory when you give your remarks in brooklyn? >> well, i will be speaking tomorrow night and right as you and i speak today, i'm 3 million votes ahead of senator sanders,
12:39 am
nearly 300 pledged delegates ahead and i think that's a very firm foundation going forward. >> let me ask again about the victory declaration. obviously sim antics at this point matter, not only because of milestones but also because of hurt feelings and the prosspect of trying to achieve unity. would it be inappropriate to declare victory? do you plan to give the kinder speech that reflects the that fact you've clinched the nomination? >> well, you'll have to wait and see tomorrow but i think it's pretty clear that's what is going to happen and i'm very proud of that. >> senator sanders spoke with president obama. as this primary does come to an end, is president obama getting involved personally in trying to bring the party together?
12:40 am
>> well, you'd have to ask the white house. we all want to bring the party together. that is something i've been talking about. i've said i'll do my part. that's what i did. actually eight years ago tomorrow on june 7th in 2008 i had a much closer race with then senator obama than senator sanders has with me. the popular vote was literally neck in neck, the delegate gap was much smaller but i took the position that he had a lead in the pledged delegates. that's what we look at. that's what super delegates look at and i with drew and i also endorsed him. and i knew how important it was that we unify the democratic party. i think it's equally important this time around. >> when senator sanders has been essentially warning the networks, warning journalists that they shouldn't declare the nomination clinched tomorrow,
12:41 am
even if you do cross the delegate thresh hold because the super delegates can't be counted until they vote. that was not your calculus in 2008 when the race was even closer than it is now. what's your reaction to him casting the race that way? does that frustrate you? >> i find it perplexing. what he basically seems to be saying is that the will of the people should be overturned. i have this very substantial lead in the popular vote, more than 3 million votes, that means more than 3 million democrats voting in democratic contests have chosen me. i have a very significant lead in pledged delegates. he seems to be suggesting that super delegates should overturn the will of the people. that is just hard for me to understand. it's never happened before. it's not going to happen this time. >> are you lobbying super delegates to shore them up in
12:42 am
case he does continue to press that case? >> no . the people have already spoken. this would be unprecedented for someone who makes this case and i know he and members of his supporters have to answer basic questions. why are you advocating that you want to overturn the will of the people who have been expressing their views for these last many months? more than 3 million votes ahead in the popular vote? senator obama and i were neck in neck. i really don't understand the argument. basically going to super delegates and trying to persuade them to overturn the primaries and caucuses and their results never has happened. it is not going to happen this time and the sooner we unify and make our case against donald trump, the better off the democratic party will be. that is what i've been
12:43 am
advocating. i made the case against him in san diego last week. i'm going to be continuing to make the case against him. and whatever differences we may have between senator sanders and myself or my supporters and his may feel, they pale in comparison to the differences between donald trump. we both want to raise minimum wage. we both want to make sure we get to universal health coverage and have good strong regulations on wall street. we have a lot in common on the goa goal. all of which donald trump does not. and we need to unify our party. i will do my part. others are going to be reaching out and i hope that senator sanders will resip rukate. >> i think partly whiand reay r
12:44 am
mitchell is reporting the talk between senator sanders and senator obama. everybody observing this primary fight between you and senator sanders has been thinking about what primary unity is going to look like, how it's going to happen and i have a lot of curiosity and other people have curiosity in to how that happens. the nuts and bolts of how that comes together. are your campaigns talking? doou plan to? >> oh, our campaigns are certainly talking. i will be reaching out after tomorrow night, because i obviously want to unify the party and i have just said we have so much more in common and we face a very serious threat from donald trump. i think that he is unqualified to be president. i think he's temperamentally
12:45 am
unfill to be commander and chief. listening to what donald trump says, even trying to imagine what it would mean for our country, our place in the world, how others would view us what we could do to make a positive agenda a reality, to help americans, there is no doubt that donald trump is the threat that i think he poses to america that is going to unite the democratic party. >> bloomberg reported this evening that mr. trump got on a conference call with his supportsu supporters and surrogates and told them they should continue to attack the judge in the trump university case. mr. trump personally told his surrogates that they should call reporters racist if reporters even continue to ask about this storyae story. i know you've been very critical
12:46 am
of mr. trump. even in the face of all this criticism, even from his own side, are you worried his side of campaign is going to spark a racial problem in this country that is going to be more than a political fight? >> i'm going to do my best to -- i'm going to run a positive campaign, the type of opportunity and progress i know we can make together and i'm going to continue to call him out when he does make statements like that. i think i was the very first person to call him out about the outrageous comments he made about immigrants, calling them rapists and criminals. i was criticizing donald trump for his divisive insulting, dangerous language last summer and i've continued to point out that his kind of hateful
12:47 am
rhetoric has to be repudiated, no matter what party you are or where you live or what your background is. this attack, this racist attack on the judge is just another example of how he is absolutely impervious to the values of america, to the progress we have made over many, many decades. to accuse an american judge, someone born in indiana, as american as i am and certainly as american as donald trump, that based on his heritage he cannot over see a trial brought by plaintiffs who feel they've been defrauded by mr. trump and his so-called trump university is a terrible precedent. he's trying to demean and defame a federal judge who was a very accomplished federal prosecutor who was first appointed by republican governor in
12:48 am
california and then appointed to the federal bench by president obama. he recently said he didn't know if a muslim judge could be fair to him. i imagine he'll move on to women judges because he's been insulting women so regularly. or maybe a judge with a disability or perhaps one who was a former pow or african american. this is dangerous nonsense that undermines the rule of law, that makes him appear to be someone who has no respect for fellow americans and i think it is yet more evidence why this man is dangerous and divisive and disqualified from being president. >> do you think mr. trump is a racist? do you think he's running an overtly racist campaign for president? >> i don't know what's in his heart but i know what he's saying. with arerespect to the judge, that's a racist attack. he's calling them out for their
12:49 am
ethnic background, their race, their religion, their gender. i don't know what else you could call these attacks other than racist, other than prejudice, other than bigoted. just plain wrong and certainly wrong coming from someone who is vying to become president of the united states. >> secretary clinton, i know your time is tight. i have one last question for you and it's just about the fact that this is a historic moment we're about to have as a country if and when you clinch that number tomorrow night, you will become the first woman ever nominated for president in this country. why do you think it took us 240 years to get there? >> oh, rachel, i think it will be a great moment. i don't want to get ahead of myself. i want everybody who can to vote tomorrow and all of the states holding primaries.
12:50 am
but it is historic and i'm aware of that. i take that responsibility seriously. i'll have more to say about it. but i think it's going to be a very positive development, not just for little girls and women but for little boys and men because i'm running to be president for every single american. >> former secretary of state, hillary clinton, thank you for taking time tonight on this very busy evening. i really appreciate it. >> thanks a lot. good to talk to you, rachel. >> so, that was just a little while before the a.p. and then nbc news declared that she has reached the number of delegates she needs in order to clinch the democratic nomination for president. 13 super delegates confirmed to the networks this evening that they are supporting secretary clinton and that was enough to put her over the 2383 she needs to clinch that nomination. senator sanders and his campaign
12:51 am
are saying no super delegates should be included in any delegate count because they don't technically cast their votes until the convention. senator sanders -- until they actually have to cast their votes. before knowing that this determination had been made tonight, i put that case to hillary clinton. she described senator sanders making that case as quote perplexing. said such a strategy would be unprecedented and quote it's not going to happen this year. we don't know what the sanders campaign is going to do next now that hillary clinton has been declared the presumptive nominee, we don't know what the sanders campaign will do, we don't know what process the democratic party as whole will go through as the primary ends in this contentious way but as we absorb this news, we're going to hear live from the clinton campaign manager.
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that's next as our live coverage continues.
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12:56 am
short notice. >> thanks very much, rachel. >> so, the sanders campaign says that they reject this. say riit's a rush to judgment, canvas of super delegates shouldn't be enough because they haven't voted yet, they might change their mind. what is your view of that is th this? >> we're very focussed on the millions of people going to the polls tomorrow. until all the votes are counted, all the delegates are allocated and that's what we're focussed on right now. >> does that mean you also reject this declaration? >> it's very exciting news but hillary made a pledge at the beginning of this campaign that she's going to fight for every single vote, every single delegate. i think the proof is in the results. hillary leads by more than 3 million popular votes. a leadoff almost 300 pledged
12:57 am
delegate delegates. she's won more states and we want to continue to build on that lead going into the final contests. obviously this news is very excing but we're focussed, noses to the grind stone and we're going to keep working until the polls close tomorrow. >> are you in contact directly with the sanders campaign? are the two campaigns talking at any high level as to how this is going to resolve or things that need to be negotiated between your two sides? >> i have great respect for jeff weaver on senator sanders' campaign. we've spoken regularly throughout this entire contest. i'm incredibly proud of the work that's been done on his campaign to bring more people into this process. they have organized so many volunteers, brought in so many voters, raised historic numbers of contributions online.
12:58 am
and i'm very confident that once these contests are over that this party will come together and we will move forward into the general election with hillary clinton as our nominee. and as i said, i'm very confident that senator sanders and his campaign will be part of that. >> can you shed any light on what you and your candidate intend to do to sort of hold up your end of that bargain in terms of reaching out to sanders supporters, volunteers, donors? the way you'll try to make that ca case? >> first and foremost, we intend and have already begun to ask for their support. we have tremendous admiration for what senator sanders has accomplished on this campaign. secretary clinton has already begun that process. and for the democratic nominee for win in the general election,
12:59 am
this is an all-hands on deck exercise. everyone who's turned out in this primary, everyone who's stood up for the issues we all believe in, affordable college for every american, hairk f for every american, we all have to come together and i'm confident we will. hillary will be talking about her vision, about an economy that works for everyone and we, as a campaign will be reaching out to senator sanders activists and asking them for their help on this campaign. and as i said i'm very confident we're going to come together. the stakes are so high. the threat that donald trump presents to our country is so dire that i know people will come on board and we're going to get this done. >> clinton campaign manager, robby mook. i can tell you for your own part that you have just become a campaignager who has won a
1:00 am
presumptive nomination for your campaign. >> and credit to our thousands of volunteers. >> spoken like a true campaign manager. and that does it for us tonight. our live coverage continues on what has been a bomb shell evening with the a.p. and the nbc news declaring hillary clinton as the presumptive nominee of the democratic party. thanks my friend. as you've heard, nbc news is projecting that hillary clinton is the democratic presumptive nominee. if it senator sanders has any reaction on that projection, we will bring that to you. nbc news reports hillary clinton


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