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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 7, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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n in history at the top of a major party ticket. today, she looks to block any remaining road that bernie sanders has to claim the nomination and plot a clear path to november. >> according to the news we are on the brink of a historic his historic unprecedented moment. we still have work to do don't we? we have six elections tomorrow. we're going to fight hard for every single vote, specially right here in california. >> bernie sanders isn't ready to bow out. team sanders hopes today's state will deliver the ammunition he needs to fight on. tonight, donald trump will try to steal some of the democrats thunder, speaking at 9:00 p.m. in new york after his controversial comments about a federal judge continue to echo
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dividing his party's support. >> i disavow these comments. i regret those comments that he made. i don't think claiming a person can't do their job because of their race is sort of like the text book definition of a racist comment. >> i have known donald trump for 14 years. donald trump is not a racist. the allegation that is he is are absolutely contrary to every experience i have had with him. >> i would love to be able to support our nominee. i think his comments were racist. i don't think that donald trump personally is a racist person. >> we have a lot of ground to cover this hour. we want to kick things off with our correspondence covering the clinton, sanders and trump campaign. let's begin where katy ter is getting ready for trump's speed and kate at the hunt is joining us with regard to the sanders
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campaign. i understand you have some brand new information. a visitor walking in front of you to trump tower. >> reporter: governor chris christie just walked in. usually, he smiles at the press and gives us something of an aside but hurries in. this time no smiles. very serious ear phones in his ears and refusing to stop and talk. i tried to talk loud enough for him to hear me. governor christie addressing reporters about this controversy saying he does not believe that donald trump is a racist. he has known him a long time. he doesn't consider him to be a racist. he is going on the attack against those on the attack against donald trump. sthag saying that lindsey graham doesn't know what he is talking about. he she focus on his senate race after donald trump put a call out, personal call out to his
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surrogates telling them they need to get on the same page get on his side go out, defend his comments on judge and defend him. we are seeing him do that at the polling station but refusing to talk to reporters here at trump tower a moment ago. >> i want to go to kasie hunt. i misspoke you are in brooklyn outside of the clinton campaign headquarters. now that secretary clinton is the presumptive nominee, that's a title that she is reluctant to accept. what is the campaign telling you about the speech she has coming up tonight. >> reporter: that's right, thomas sorry we missed new santa monica. hope it is less gloomy today than yesterday. things looking up for the clinton campaign. they have been careful sending out an e-mail telling people that even though a.p. has called this race and nbc news has
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called her the presumptive democratic nominee, she still needs people to get out and vote for her in these final voting states. that said, i think we can expect the speech tonight to be sweeping in nature and take into account the fact that she is in fact the first woman to become the presumptive nominee of a major political party in the you states. this, for hillary clinton, the culmination of many many y of hard work and aiming for this goal. of course we've seen over the course of the last week her get much more comfortable in this role of general election democratic standardbearer. when you talk to her aides privately, highlight the fact that she is uncomfortable in primary situations or more uncomfortable. that's how they explain awkward moments over the years in the campaign trail. they believe she is a lot more comfortable in this role attacking donald trump. the reality is donald trump has
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made it pretty easy for the democrats over the course of the last 48 hours. when the comments about this judge first came out, we remembered watching hillary clinton, was she going to mention it. they gave it a beat longer than i might have thought. the story took a turn they may have been surprised by. this does not seem to be one of the comments that is rolling off donald trump's back the way so many previous things have. all in all, hillary clinton is set for a historic evening tonight and the circumstances setting up right now at least well for the next couple of months thomas. >> we know since this projection was made about hillary clinton being the presumptive party leader, a lot of people have been speculating about when president barack obama will come out with a full-throated endorsement. we had josh earnest at the white house with a response to the questions about that.
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>> there is at least one superdelegate, the one who works in the oval office who is not prepared to make a public declaration about his endorsement at this point. stay tuned and we'll keep you updated. >> thanks so much. i want to go to chris jansing. do you have any information about the next steps for the sanders campaign? >> reporter: it's really important to see what's going to happen. people are asking what is bernie going to do tonight? talking to senior staffers and the candidate, they are saying how can you make a decision based on different scenarios that might happen. if you are a hillary clinton supporter, they say the only scenario is he is a presumptive candidate. he said, if he wins california,
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that means he will have had a west coast sweep along with oregon and washington. they think that's a strong argument to take to the convention. there are other states and they have a chance in dakota and montana. that's their dream scenario. could they pull off a four-state win? previously, his big wins have been in single states where he barn stormed, spent a lot of time, has been on the air waves. this would be something completely different and a way for them to move forward to the convention and start looking is this superdelegate strategy they are talking about. it doesn't seem so. then the conversation might
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shift to where do we take this movement? 240,000 people have come out to see bernie sanders. how do they take that energy and these new voters they have religion stirred, record numbers here in california. many of them motivated by bernie sanders and do something with it. they have been in talks certainly at this staff level with the clinton campaign how do they move that forward? it has been described that those conversations and talks are going well. these decisions are likely going to be made tomorrow thomas. he has a long flight back to vermont. bernie sanders is looking to get back on that plane with his senior staffers giving him their thoughts about what they think he should do. ultimately, i don't think this is a surprise for anyone who has
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covered this campaign, he is going o make that decision ultimately about what the next step is going forward. one more note. a lot of people are saying well, after tonight, is it likely he c out? will he throw an endorsement to hillary clinton? since he has made such a statement about every vote counting, every person that casts a ballot matters. they think it is unlikely he would make any decision or announce any decision until after washington, d.c. votes next week. he may, indeed make one final campaign push in washington before they go to the polls there, thomas. after today, they are really going to focus on the next step and what happens here will determine what that is. >> chris jansing, thanks so
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much. our thanks to katy ter as well. "nbc nightly news," with lester holt his interview with bernie sanders. joining me now here on set is california's lieutenant governor, gavin newsome, nbc special correspondent and california's former first lady, maria shriver. maria, let me start with you. this is a big moment for the united states to have a presumptive nominee in hillary clinton for the democratic party, the first woman to do this. does she have a minute to relish this? bernie is promising a contested convention. >> i think what you just said this is a moment. i hope we take a moment and pause to think about how this is historic and unprecedented for her, for women, and all the people that made this moment possible, all the women whose shoulders she stands on. i think this is a big moment for the country, anybody who has had a mother or a daughter or a sister. i think she deserves that
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moment. this is a state where there are more women, 18 million women here, more women business owners, more women living paycheck to paycheck. this election will be decided by women. not to say he won't be getting women voters. this is a big moment for women. >> it is also a big moment for men. i have two sons. there is an old line you can't be bhawhat you can't see. it is a profound moment for them looking at the limitless possibilities. women are 100% of the births women are ib. >> the polls are open today here in california. secretary of state alex padilla, had said that there were nearly 18 million registered voters. almost 500,000 new democratic vote ters.
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voters. this bodes well for people wanting to be involved in the election process. were you campaigning with hillary clinton. what was she saying behind the scenes to you about the sanders situation? >> nothing. >> they are not going to run the 90-yard dash. they are focused on getting out their vote today. i was there when she learned the a.p. reported and no one knew which way this would actually work. there is an uneasiness. we want to get people out to vote. we don't want to give them any incentive to stay home. neither side wants to see that. we are going to run the 17 yard dash. we have 17.9 million voters. that's going to benefit long-term for the state of california, 1 million more than we had last election. >> people were saying oh everything will be done by the time california gets its term. people are coming out saying we want our turn.
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california leads the way very often politically. i think you will hear a lot more in the coming months. i want to show you the tweet hillary clinton sent out. there is a moment on social media. >> there is a moment. that's true. we have a lot of women running here in california for other offices in the senate as well. i think that it is going to be i hope a moment for us all to pause. i think what gavin was saying it is an important moment for men as well. many of the issues that hillary clinton is talking about, we have seen men embrace those issues family leave, flexible hours, many of the issues. they want to be good parents as well. we are seeing men coming around to issues that were formerly just women's issues. they are family issues. >> we want to thank gavin
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newsome and maria shriver, the former first lady of california. be sure to tune in to msnbc this evening. the last big night of the primary season. our special coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. eastern. we want to go back to donald trump's remarks about the judge in the case from leading republicans. is this threatening his candidacy and costing valuable lead time. christina pierson from the trump campaign joins me next. [ brakes scree ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. excuse me, try this. but just one aleve can last 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after. [ cheering ] so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve.
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about the comments made by donald trump about the judge overseeing his case. >> i was asked over the course of the last week on numerous occasions to express myself on various utterances of our nominee. i have done that. unless there some new comment, i don't have anything to add. i have covered every one of these during the course of the last last week. >> reporter: he suggested members of the press are racist. if people don't agree with him or aren't on his team there is racist involved. >> as i said i spent the last week in a number of interviews on the subject of our nominee and his comments. i expressed my disapproval over and over and over again to a
11:18 am
variety of different ones. i don't have anything to add today. >> he also said that he was worried about the judge if he could be muslim. are those comments not racist? >> i'm sure you weren't paying close attention. i have already addressed all of those. i was asked about every incident. i already said i disapproved of them time and time and time again. i don't have anything to add beyond my disapproval about what has been said on all of these issues. >> recently in the republican party, how does is
11:19 am
that square now? aren't are worried that donald trump should do something similar? >> i did answer the question last week. i'll make an exception here and say again what i said last week. i'm sure you paid close attention. what i said was, i was worried that we would do to the latino vote what was done by the african-american vote by defining our party in such a way that we could not reach out to what has become the nation's largest minority group. i am worried about that. i said that last week and i say it again today. i'm going to let y'all try one more time. >> reporter: how concerned are you that your nominee continues to say things that your party has to continue to answer for and that that will overshadow your agenda? >> i'm going to wrap it up with this. let me say that there are a lot of issue that is we ought to be talking about. our nominee ought to be talking
11:20 am
about. senator thune senator cornyn and brasso have all called about the condition of the economy, the implementation of obamacare. my advice to our nominee would be to start talking about the issues the american people care about and to start doing it now. in addition it is time to quit attacking various people you have competed with or various minority groups in the country and get on message. he has an opportunity to do that. this election is imminently winnable. the american people at their core do not want four more years like the last eight. i hope that's what he will do. we are all anxious to hear what he may say next. >> anxious to hear what he may say next. there was mitch mcconnell giving remarks to reporters on capitol hill saying that the gop
11:21 am
presumptive nominee in donald trump should stop attack can minority groups and get on message. katrina is the national spokesman for the trump. there are many critics that are coming out from within the gop. we had mitch mcconnell telling trump to get back on message. paul ryan is saying this is overtly racist for trump to make a statement like this. bob corker among the voices echoing the thoughts of senator graham. how does the trump campaign respond to the accusations of racism? >> i think this is pretty typical when you talk about the gop establishment. for decades, any time there is criticism or controversy, they have always shied away and run, particularly when racism is involved? that's the reason donald trump is the gop and not the establishment pick.
11:22 am
we have always known that race is going to be an issue. it is the left and the media that seems to be obsessed with it. in that clip that you just showed with mitchell mcconnell being asked the exact same question ten times, getting the same response they are simply obsessing over it. this is an issue that arose because you had the media pushing the narrative that somehow trump university was fraudulent. we heard it a number of times. mr. trump defended those accusations as he should. when pressed for the reasons why he simply gave those reasons. >> these are former students that brought forward a case against trump university and donald trump decided to air some of the dirty laundry about this civil suit that appeared before a federal judge in gonzalo curiel and decided to throw race into the mix by calling into question the judge's integrity and saying that because he is of mexican ethnicity that he has bias, because donald trump wants to build a wall between the u.s.
11:23 am
and mexico correct? >> that's not completely correct, thomas. here is why. when you are dealing with the media, normally they are supposed to report both sides of the issue. that wasn't the case here. for weeks, they simply talked about those individuals suing mr. trump and never mentioned many of the plaintiffs have been dismissed and already proven that they have actually liked the courses at trump university. there was this constant barrage of negative comments with regards to trump university. never once mentioning that 10,000 students which can be found at 98% said they made millions of dollars by attending these seminars. >> katrina, stand by for one second. harry reid is giving a response after mitch mcconnell talking about donald trump. >> how outrageous. it is hard to believe it is consistent with what we have
11:24 am
seen from the senate in years past but it is not hard to believe, bha thewhat the republican senators have done. their insistence for supporting those that make racism comments helped pave trump. his race attacks. as republican and nebraska senator, he said saying someone can't do a specific job because of his or her race is a little definition of racism. he is right. the republican leader and chairman of the judicial committee refused to speak this plain truth. instead, they are doing everything in in their power to make sure donald trump can create in his image. if they believe that he is fit i
11:25 am
don't know how they can explain this. it does appear to me that this republican senate is going to stand with donald trump no matter what even more so the republican leadership in this body. they are not going to back away at all from donald trump no matter what he has said in the past or the last few days. >> listen tog harry reid there, talk about republican leadership on the hill saying they will not come out and overtly condemn what donald trump said about the federal judge that is overseeing the civil suit in gonzalo curiel an indiana born federal judge, donald trump calling in his integrity and potential bias of having mexican heritage. this was mr. trump's lawyer talking about whether or not this judge should recuse himself. take a listen.
11:26 am
>> you said you have no plans to ask the judge to recuse himself. >> the judge is doing his job. we're not seeking to recuse the judge. we are trying to assert our rights. i think the court today did a good job of trying to balance out competing interests. he made the decision. we refer to have trial later in time. he set it for november 28th, preferable to before the election. >> katrina, that was just roughly a month ago. we know that he is now asking for the judge to recuse himself. bloomberg politics is reporting that donald trump overruled hits staff and told surrogate toss publicly defend him on trump university. this was from a monday phone call with all the surrogates on the same line. what can you tell us about the same call. specifically, were you instructed to call reporters the
11:27 am
real racists if they asked you questions about judge curiel and the real comments. >> there are a couple of things here, let me start from the beginning. it is comical what harry reid said. it cass harry reid who talked about barack obama's candidacy as a light skinned black man without a negro dialect and had to publicly apologize for his own racist statements. secondly, with this case with mr. trump and the lawyer you just played this lawyer has to deal with that judge on a daily basis. we have no insight to that strategy. with regard to the call he the allegations with this judge was not just because of his heritage but also included because of the affiliations he has with prolegal immigrants and activism there is a bias there. with regard to the phone call no mr. trump didn't order anyone to do anything. this was a call where mr. trump was thanking his surrogates and took questions and answers like
11:28 am
he does with the press on an on going basis. when asked what he wanted us to do, tell them the truth. get our message out there, because it is not being told in the media. >> so reed as you mentioned about that comment he made he did apologize for that comment. when he was informed and educated about the statements that he made had offended. so is donald trump prepared to inform himself, educate himself about what this has done and potentially apologize? >> mr. trump's statement again was connected to the bias associated with the ethnicity because of the organizations that this judge is connected to including, two, one which is part of pushing protests against mr. trump and another, boycotting trump businesses. so there is a huge difference here with what harry reid said versus what mr. trump said. >> so were you instructed or suggested to as well as the other surrogates to flip the script on journalists asking you
11:29 am
that question about these comments being racists and call the journalists the real racists, yes or no? >> absolutely not absolutely not. the statement was made it is the media that's being racist. as i have said there are two groups in this country that are obsessed with race the far left and the media. as you have just played in that clip with mitch mcconnell. he was asked the same question ten times and gave the same answer every time. >> does mr. trump understand that people do find these remarks to be offensive even within the gop that are calling this to be racist remarks? are they racist in feeling that way? where is the disconnect here, katrina? >> i think the disconnect. that's a great question. the disconnect is the context of the statements. the statements alone, they can sound racial in nature. when you put it in context of the ethnicity connected to the
11:30 am
potential activism, which the media has been putting out black lives matter and their entire premise is activism with ethnicity in the court system. so all of the sudden it doesn't matter in this case. i think the context here is what's important. >> donlt judge curiel's work taking on the mexican drug cartel, having to hide himself and his family doesn't that go to speak to the character in which he serves in this federal position on the bench? >> i don't think anybody is questioning his past decisions but the questions that were made on this case. he was not the original case. mr. trump talks about the case should have been thrown out. once the plaintiff leaves the case, there should be no case particularly when the other plaintiff ns the case their biggest complaints of these classes were they wanted softer
11:31 am
chairs and sandwiches brought into their seminars hardly a case for fraud. >> we know chris christie because katy ter said he was seen walking into trump tower. do you know what that meeting is about? >> there are actually a lot of republican leaders that are going to be meeting with mr. trump going up to the convention. mr. trump has vowed to meet with anyone who wanted to meet with him. he wants to talk to everybody. he wants to hear everybody out. that is who mr. trump is. all these meetings are taking plays. >> katrina pierson from the trump many campaign. thanks for making time for me. >> great to be here thomas thank you. with donald trump as the gop standardbearer is the republican party on the verge of real unity or mutiny? reaction from hugh hewitt, conservative radio commentator and host, next. or across the globe in under an hour. whole communits are living onars and solasatellites provide earth with unlimid clean power.
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so donald trump remains under fire today after his racial tack on a federal judge. the gop presumptive nominee is being criticized after remarks he made about the mexican heritage of indiana-born judge, gonzalo curiel. now, trump's team is trying to dial back on those controversial remarks. >> trump's problem with this judge has to do with the judge's judicial temperament and the decisions he has been made from the bench, nothing to do with his skin color. he pointed out that one of the reasons he might be biased against him is because he wants to build a wall. he has never said a racist thing about this guy. >> will that be enough to end the backlash that donald trump is getting from both sides of the aisle? >> hugh hewitt joins me now. i know you were able to hear the interview i had with katrina pierson saying this is pretty much a media narrative put out
11:35 am
there. it was back in late february that donald trump brought this very issue up at a rally in arkansas. he said he was feeling hostility being directed to him from the judge. i believe he happens to be hispanic, which is fine. we haven't asked for a recuseal. we have barry bennett katrina pierson defending these remarks that this isn't any type of racial attack. what is your assessment of what this really means for the presumptive gop and how they are handling the controversy? >> look back at the last 35 minutes of your broadcast, excellent half hour. a very confident hillary clinton is consolidating the party. bernie is planning his exit or appears to be. you had gavin newsom ecstatic over the secretary of state and turn over to mitch mcconnell who
11:36 am
can't talk about the agenda. paul ryan tried to rule out an anti-poverty program months and weeks in the making and not a word about it is being spoken. a bomb went off in turkey killed 11 and wounded 36 in istanbul in the heart of the nato allies. trump p spokes no matter how eloquent or how good they are, are stuck in this first rule of holes and they have to keep talking about the judge. i am reminded of the one good scene in a very bad movie, the poseidon adventure ii when richard dreyfus walks out on the cruise ship and cease the tsunami. republicans are realizing this isn't just a donald trump problem but could be a catastrophic event for the party. it could bring down not just senate but also state houses and governors across the land and we'll get an early indicator of that tonight in california because i think you'll see a lot of republicans in marginal
11:37 am
districts wiped out because of the combination of excited democratic base turning out in record numbers and a depressed reluctant, embarrassed republican rank and file who don't turn out. so if you factor all that in and think to yourself oh my gosh it is june. what's ahead? you may have mutiny. the hashtag is out there. the appeal to speaker ryan and leader mcconnell to gather governors and other candidates and come out and request that the rules committee in cleveland make the first and second ballot advisory so that in fact they can do that. they can do that. it puts them in compliance with state law. to do what the republicans governors in 1964 met in cleefd to do but could not do was to decide a way to avoid a catastrophic election loss. right now, i hear paul ryan trying to get that out of donald trump but it ain't showing up. >> when it comes to donald trump, this is probably one of his best assets and one of the
11:38 am
worst things that works against him, he runs a never surrender campaign. he is not going to apologize or capitulate to any type of pressure, a party of one at the head of the republican party right now. given this latest attack do you think that there is buyers remorse that is circulating inside the establishment or that this is just a moment in time a hiccup once again and they will be able to get back on message with trump as the standard bearer? >> leader trump said the republican party is not going to be changed by donald trump. the leader of the party. donald trump is the presumptive nominee but not the leader of the party. their ideas aren't changing. donald trump asked his surrogates to go out and attack the judge. if the reports of that call are accurate. not one surrogate, not chris christie no one who isn't paid have attacked that judge.
11:39 am
no one can attack that judge. he is a good judge. there hasn't been a motion for recuse recusal was made it would not fly. it could not fly. you can't recuse someone on the basis of statements made by a litigant that would trigger an automatic recusal. i believe that what's happening is that when no one follows your requests, when your surrogates have deserted you, you will get chris christie to say what i believe, donald trump is not a racist. i don't think he is. i have interviewed him a dozen times. not a sen tila of evidence that he has any kind of reflective an mossity towards individuals. would i like to ask him, would you appoint mexican-americans to the bench? i think he would say yes. i would like to ask him, if he would appoint muslim-americans to the bench. i think he would say yes. the hole he is digging is terribly deep. >> hugh hewitt great to see
11:40 am
you. >> thanks, thomas. we are going over to the white house. president obama can't get on the trail fast enough. what role could he play in a likely clinton general election fight against donald trump? we talk about that next. i if there's a breaking point, we'll find it. it's hard to stop a trane. real hard. ane. the most able for a reason.
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don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who vead a drug alhol problem y be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pa. ask your doctor about lyrica. when we first started, people everywhere asked the same questions. could a woman really serve as commander and chief? well, i think we answered that one. although we weren't able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time thanks to you, it's got about 18 million cracks in it. >> we've gone back to the future. that was hillary clinton eight years ago today delivering her concession speech to then senator clinton is t female presumptive presidential nominee of a major political party in
11:44 am
u.s. history. with me now is former white house press secretary, bill burton, who is a hillary clinton supporter. it is so good to see you specially here in southern california. p you were there for that concession speech. if you were advising secretary clinton and you have an eager white house to get out on the campaign trail what would your advice be? >> it would be to keep on doing what you are doing. you saw her give a great speech last week. she got a lot of credit and attention for it. it is a big reason she is doing so well in the final days of the campaign. she needs to go out there and make appeal to bernie sanders supporters. he is an important leader. paying attention and going out and talking to his supporters and bring them on board is going to be an important part about what happens here between now and the convention. >> there are so many that bernie and bust are they going to be
11:45 am
open and willing to be supportive of the brand as opposed to the politics. >> traditionally, you have an outsider candidate, it was president barack obama in 2008 howard dean bill bradley those folks often come home. those nominees do the work it takes to show they are in this progressive fight and they are going to do the things that are important in the white house. >> priorities u.s. action released this new political ad against donald trump. i want to play a portion of it. >> when i saw donald trump mock a disabled person i was just shocked. >> you ought to see this guy, i don't know what i said. i don't remember. >> that reporter suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms. >> the children at grace's school all know never to mock her. for an adult to mock someone with a disability is shocking. >> when i saw donald trump mock
11:46 am
somebody with a disability it showed me his soul and his heart. >> priorities u.s. action is a group you co-founded and you are not with him. those are the parents of a child with spina bifida. for the most part trump has come out unscathed. why do you think the strategy is to go up with an attitude like that. >> i don't think i would say he was unscathed. every time he says something like the mocking of a reporter or attacks the judge for being mexican-american, he is disqualifying himself with more voters. my biggest problem with donald trump is that kids are watching this presidential race. if you are a disabled kid, you are watching one of the most famous people in the country make that attack. how does that make you feel? you see donald trump revile this person among america.
11:47 am
for those reasons, donald trump is going to disqualify himself with enough voters hillary clinton is going o win. it is also hurting rip cans down the ticket as well. that's an important thing that you are seeing republicans react to. >> you have your sticker. you have voted today. we have been asking you, should bernie sanders drop out of the race now that hillary clinton is the presumptive democratic nominee? 48% say yes. 52% say no. the conversation is live at check it out. ♪jake reese, “day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, “day to feeali”♪
11:48 am
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(announcer vo) it's whatakes a subaru, a subaru. a very busy tuesday, super seuss in tuesday in california. tonight, there may be a call or might not be until early tomorrow. mail-in ballots will be counted up until june the 10th.
11:50 am
nancy pelosi has spoken out and endorsed hillary clinton. coming from the minority leader for the democrats, talking about california, a lot were waiting for this. what did she say about why she waited until now? she wanted to let the process play out thomas. i asked her, what were to happen if hillary clinton were to lose california? she said nothing. she will get well on her way to being the nominee. nancy pelosi feels the most important thing is to unite the democratic party ahead of november. take a listen. >> everything is at stake. it is about the economy. who has the lefrm.g the leverage. the lefrmgverage is there for working families. you have a nominee on the republican side that says he is going to pull us out of the paris accord on climate.
11:51 am
we have a great obligation to hand this planet over in a responsible way and hand our economy over in a responsible way. we have a responsibility to future generations for our political system. some of the things that bernie is saying and hillary is saying but he is saying it louder about campaign finance reform and overturn citizens united. that is central to our doing, handing over our political system in a better way. >> lastly a response to donald trump's comments about judge curiel. he seems to be doubling down on these comments that he is not fit to serve because of his mexican heritage. >> it is just another in a series of statements by donald trump. he knows better than anyone that he should not be president of the united states. every day he tells us that in a very clear way. this is the current version. >> reporter: what's the
11:52 am
significance of the first female nominee? >> when the process is finished and we are nominating the first woman to be a candidate for president of the united states a person who just happens to be a woman but is definitely very qualified to be president, it's going to be very exciting. i know that she will be the next president of the united states. >> another interesting tidbit in the interview. i asked nancy pelosi about the process the democratic party uses to select their nominee. i have never been a fan of superdelegates. it would be a good idea to re-examine the process in the future. a lot of anger from supporters that feel the process has been rigged in the beginning. she feels the party will be united and she is happy to be a progressive ally for hillary clinton in the future. >> we are going to pivot take you from the golden state to the gar den state and we are going to see a clinton field office in action where they expect a big
11:53 am
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there certainly is a lot of buzz for the presumptive democratic nominee. hillary clinton favored to win in new jersey. tony joins us live in a clinton field office. how are the campaign workers approaching today's primary and feeling confident about what they will be seeing tonight? >> reporter: good afternoon, thomas. hillary clinton is the presumptive nominee but the campaign continues. if you don't believe me take a look around me. the cookies are being eaton. the calls are being made. canvassers are out around the neighborhood in mccutchen part of middlesex county. they are using these maps on the wall and at nouncethe announcement
11:57 am
saying hello. hillary clinton still needs your vote in new jersey. i think we can grab a volunteer. what's your name? >> i'm gladclaudia houston. >> because hillary clinton gave us a mandate to get every vote out. it didn't change me one minute of my excitement and level of commitment. so we are here. >> reporter: thank you very much. thomas, the presumptive nominee is in but the campaign continues. back to you. >> that's going to wrap up this hour. i'm thomas roberts, thanks for watching. be sure to watch our big night here on msnbc at 5:00 p.m. special team coverage. my colleague, kate snow picks things up. good afternoon from new york. i'm kate snow. hillary clinton has sealed the deal according to
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