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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 8, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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and yet we're starting to see some of the top people who have been supporting him saying publicly it's time to get onboard with the democratic party. those are the things that they're going to start to talk about today in these conversations to set the stage for those critical meetings tomorrow, steve. >> all right, chris jansing in l.a. thank you for that. safe travels to you. that's going to wrap up this hour. i'm steve kornacki. coming up right now, more news, more politics with jose diaz-balart. jose, take it away. >> and good morning. we are exactly five months away from election day, and this morning the general election campaign is officially under way following hillary clinton's historic victory. >> thanks to you we've reached a milestone. first time -- the first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a major party's nominee for president of the united states.
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>> last night clinton picked up victories in four of the six states that went to the polls leaving her nearly 400 delegates over the magic number. in california she won by more than 400,000 votes, despite an all-out campaign blitz by bernie sanders in recent weeks. now sanders finds himself in, well, political limbo. nbc has confirmed he will cut more than half his staff as early as today, despite the fact he is promising to compete in next week's d.c. primary. >> we will continue to fight for every vote and every delegate we can get. >> but president obama may have something to say about all of this. he is set to meet with sanders on thursday. more on that in a minute. meanwhile, the republican side, donald trump capped a tumultuous day with a promise to his fellow republicans. don't worry. >> you've given me the honor to lead the republican party to
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victory this fall. i will make you proud of your party and our movement, and that's what it is is a movement. >> it followed a fallout and damage control over his remarks regarding the judge in his trump university trial. first trump tried to walk the whole thing back with a statement saying, quote, it is unfortunate that my comments have been misconstruconstrued a categorical attack against people of mexican heritage. i do not feel that one's heritage makes them incapable of being impartial. he also said he was done talking about the judge, but for some it was simply too late. on tuesday mark kirk essentially unendorsed trump. others are also expressing their frustration with the nominee. in an interview on fox last night, trump said some of the people criticizing him are just bitter. >> and there's a lot of -- there's a lot of anxiety there. there's a lot of -- you know, there's a lot of anger, i guess,
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anger. they just can't come back. they can't get over it. >> we've got this all covered for you this morning. steve kornacki, kristen welker, chris jansing, peter alexander and hallie jackson are with me this morning. steve, can you break down exactly what happened last night? any surprises? >> well, look, for bernie sanders and his supporters it might have been a surprise. they put a lot on california, the big sort of final state. first the states that hillary clinton won last night, there were six contests last night. she won obviously the big one in california. she won the next biggest one in new jersey. she also won a squeaker in south dakota, won also a small victory down in new mexico, so four of those six for hillary clinton last night. bernie sanders, he did put two more wins up on the board. they were pretty small ones, though. he won north dakota. that was a caucus state. you remember he's done really well in small states, often rural states that hold caucuses.
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you get lower turnout, more activists. he's done very well in those states and does it once again in north dakota and he wins the primary in montana yesterday. but again falls short in california, which is really the prize he was after. hillary clinton wins solidly in california. you can see it there, it's a 13-point lead for hillary clinton right now. you should note here that you see in the upper right-hand corner only 69% in in california. they have a lot of mail-in ballots that are just coming in today and tomorrow, going to take a while to count them. the expectation is that margin will shrink a little bit. sanders might even get it into sing 'em digits but it's not going to be nearly enough to overcome hillary clinton's advantage there. she also won in new jersey well over 20 points, the victory for her in new jersey. you can see that there. new mexico, put that one up as well. you can see because of rounding numbers, that's a little bit over 100. montana, sanders did get this
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one, a six-point win. south dakota, the tightest contest of the night, hillary clinton winning that by two and north dakota, again that caucus state, bernie sanders getting a solid win there. what does this all mean in terms of the delegates? there it is, hillary clinton the magic number, 2383. she is now well over that, 2750. the most important thing is this, the pledged delegates. you hear so much about these. this is an outright majority of the edged delegates. there is no way now mathematically, even theoretically sanders could catch her there. she wins an outright majority. that may be the most important number last night for hillary clinton's campaign, jose. >> but she doesn't get to 2383 when you remove the superdelegates as of right now. >> right. so the situation is basically -- and again, this pledged delegate count, she's about 200 short. but look at 573 superdelegate commitments for clinton, 47 for sanders. practically speaking what that means is that bernie sanders would have to win over hundreds,
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hundreds, we're talking 300, 400 of hillary clinton's superdelegates if he was going to hit that number of 2383. and just -- we've had this situation twice before where a candidate didn't hit the magic number just on pledged delegates. the two times it's happened before, the total number of superdelegates who have then changed their mind after we've reached that point in the campaign is zero. didn't happen at all in '84, didn't after at all in 2008. sanders would now after losing the pledged delegate count, the popular vote count and losing big in california, he would need to get 300 to 400 to say, you know what, i'm going with sanders after all. theoretically possible but implausib implausible. >> many people were expecting california to be a close race. there was even talk maybe sanders could pull off a victory there but it doesn't seem those expectations were met at all.
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>> it is key to keep in mind how they count the vote in california. a lot of the early vote, people probably went to sleep seeing hillary clinton ahead by well over 20 points. mail-in voting was a lot of the early count coming in. the show-up vote was tighter. the ballots are still trickling in. so again, this may end up being like a 10-point victory or a high single-digit victory for clinton but she did much better in that early vote than people were expecting. >> steve, appreciate it, sir, good to see you. i want to go to nbc's kristen welker who was in new york for us this morning. kristen, what is the clinton campaign saying about all these victories last night. and you and i talked about it all week, california, california, bernie sanders essentially camped out and yet it was a big night for clinton last night. >> it absolutely was, jose. a spoke with a clinton campaign official who touted what we just
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heard steve talking about, the decisiveness of the victory not only in california but more broadly in this primary process. the fact that she got a majority of pledged delegates, that was really critical for the clinton campaign. that was their benchmark because remember on sunday, nbc news and of course the a.p. -- actually it was monday -- declared her to be the presumptive nominee. the clinton campaign said they were not going to declare victory until she got a majority of those pledged delegates. she did that last night. in addition, touting the fact that, look, she has won 13 of the past 19 contests. compare that to then senator barack obama who won three out of the final ten contests. so they are just highlighting the fact that this was decisive, and they're hoping, jose, that that gets them closer to party unity. that's the big challenge right now. nearly a third of senator sanders supporters still saying they are not ready to back secretary clinton. so what senator sanders decides to do in the coming days and
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weeks will be critical. remember, it took secretary clinton a few days to concede back in 2008, so i think everyone from the clinton campaign to the white house wants to give him that time. but we heard last night in his speech that he was backing off some of his heated rhetoric. he wasn't attacking secretary clinton. he's starting to land this plane clearly. as we've been reporting all morning long, he's going to meet with president obama at the white house tomorrow and undoubtedly that will be another big step in that process. >> it undoubtedly will. we'll talk about that this morning. appreciate it. hallie jackson has been following the republican side of the opposition there to trump. the very people he was talking to last night when trump said i will not let you down. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: hey there, jose, good morning to you. we are here on capitol hill and i'm joined by representative chris collins, a supporter of donald trump. i want to talk a little about the speech we saw him deliver and the meeting that you guys just had. did trump come up in the discussion here this morning? >> today speaker ryan, who
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usually starts our conference once a week, spoke to us about his process of endorsing trump while we were on break. the editorial that he wrote in his newspaper, the discussions that he had had with mr. trump and really reassured our entire conference that it was a detailed discussion on policy. and we all know speaker ryan is a bit of a policy wonk. after the discussion he was very comfortable and most of us are quite pleased that mr. trump has done put the judge issue to bed, he's done speaking about it. today speaker ryan really reassured our conference that our support for mr. trump is all but unanimous and that we're going to continue in the never hillary, defeat hillary clinton mode. we're going to focus on policy here. the agenda, the six points that mr. ryan has spoken about with
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our work on jobs, on tax reform, on health care and the like. so it was almost not even a sigh of relief. we're all behind trump. we've united over the last month. >> reporter: what does it say that speaker ryan had to reassure people in the first place when you're seeing other colleagues, like mark kirk, resending their endorsements. clearly it's not unanimous. >> it wasn't reassuring, it was last week when we were on break that speaker ryan endorsed paul -- mr. trump. so he went through his process of why he endorsed last week and then just reconfirmed. we have been, we will remain behind our nominee to defeat hillary clinton. and then we switched to the boring things of appropriation bills, getting them passed, getting them signed by the president, so went back to the work of what congress does with control of the purse strings. so, no, it was just his rationale and it was very reassuring. >> reporter: representative, thank you very much.
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jose, back to you in new york. >> hallie jackson, thank you very much. i want to bring in nbc's peter alexander who was at trump's event last night in new york. i see chris jansing there as well, we'll be speaking with her in a minute. hi, chris, by the way. i know you'll be getting on a plane shortly. let's talk to you in a second. but let's say hello to peter and there he is in front of trump tower. peter, this was a controlled teleprompter event last night and the congressman, you just heard him say to hallie jackson, that the whole issue with the magistrate curiel, it's all, you know, been put to bed. >> reporter: he tried to brush off this latest controversy, obviously, over judge gonzalo curiel. and what was striking is none of the riffing that he has done in the past, this one was scripted remarks from the teleprompter, coming just days, we should note, after he mocked hillary clinton from using a teleprompter herself. but donald trump, as you were just discussing there, really was trying to reassure in effect, it sounded like, rattled
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republicans saying that he understands the responsibility that comes with being the presumptive nominee. then he had a series of broad sides for hillary clinton, saying things like she has been turning the politics of personal enrichment into an art form, suggesting that she has turned her state department role into a private hedge fund. and here's what else he said teeing up a speech that may come as early as next week. >> i am going to give a major speech on probably monday of next week and we're going to be discussing all of the things that have taken place with the clintons. i think you're going to find it very informative and very, very interesting. >> reporter: and to be very clear, donald trump's campaign aides tell me they're not seeding any ground as they look ahead to the general election, hitting four battleground states beginning friday over the course of four days. virginia, florida, pennsylvania
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and new hampshire. >> peter alexander, thank you very much. it's good seeing you this morning. and now let's go to los angeles. chris jansing is there at about 7:13 in the morning pacific time covering the sanders campaign. chris, good to see you. >> reporter: good to see you. >> so sanders says he's staying in the race through at least next week but a lot can happen between now and then. >> i'm going to be leaving here and getting on a plane with senator sanders who's going to have on board not just his wife, who has been a key advisor and with him throughout this, and we saw a moment from them last night where she said to him "they're still with you" and they were, that crowd of 3300. but also his top advisers who spent yesterday working in the trenches. they were counting votes and things like that last night. they're going to have a chance to look at the lay of the land, and the lay of the land is pretty specific. they're going to get ready for this meeting tomorrow with president obama. let me read a little bit of the statement that the white house put out yesterday. the president looks forward to continuing the conversation with senator sanders about how to
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build on the extraordinary work he has done to engage millions of democratic voters and to build on that enthusiasm in the weeks and months ahead. potentially the only thing that could make a situation worse for his supporters, certainly the people that i've been talking to who are his top advisers and strongest supporters, the only thing that would make this worse, losing the nomination, would be if nothing came of this movement, as they call it. so you're going to hear the president talk today, as i'm sure they'll talk on the plane about the numbers. look again at the delegate math. there just isn't a plausible path for him going forward with these superdelegates. the second thing they're going to talk about, and i can tell you from having been in the room with both president obama and bernie sanders, they share this visceral distaste for the very concept that donald trump could be president. so they're going to talk about ways that they're going to go forward to make sure that donald trump does not become president, something that bernie sanders
7:16 am
has talked about repeatedly. and there was one more point i want to make about the speech last night and people said he's not dropping out. this was really a defiant speech. but when you listen to the speeches he's given over the last month for sure, this time nothing, which is pretty much a standard in his speech, about donald trump. nothing about superdelegates. when he talked about keeping moving forward to keep this fight going, he did it in the context of the issues that he and his ardent supporters care about. he didn't talk about flipping superdelegates, which again he has talked about repeatedly in those 36 rallies before 240,000 people that he's given just in california alone. there are 10.5 million people who have voted for bernie sanders. they are critical to hillary clinton, who's gotten 13.5 million votes, so there are going to be conversations today on that plane as well as tomorrow with the president and harry reid about how they are able to influence those voters.
7:17 am
i've talked to a lot of them, jose. there are the bernie or bust people who will stay home and still write in his name, but a significant number of them that are doing the same thing he and his campaign are doing, which is coming around to the idea that hillary clinton is the nominee, that hillary clinton is the person who got 3 million more votes than he did, and that he was not able to win that critical state of california, which he's talked so much about over the last couple of weeks. so as they're doing that reassessment, all of those things are going to come up. i'll just make one more comment that you'll also notice last night. he talked about the fine call he got from president obama, the gracious call from hillary clinton and one member of his senior staff says that over the last couple of weeks they have been listening very carefully to the things that hillary clinton's staff has been saying as they have been going on television, and they feel that they have been very respectful of bernie sanders, they have not really gone for the jugular, so to speak, they have stepped
7:18 am
back, let him do what she did as kristen welker was saying in 2008. have his time to let this process play out and now to have a couple of days to really process everything that's happened and decide what's the best way moving forward. jose. >> chris jansing, thank you very much from los angeles to vermont on that plane. it's going to be very interesting to listen into those conversations. thank you, chris. we'll have much more on hillary clinton's historic victory ahead. exactly five months out from the general election, how does the presumptive democratic nominee plan to take on donald trump? we'll ask clinton's campaign manager after the break. >> donald trump is temperamentally unfit to be president and commander in chief. when he says let's make america great again, that is code let's take america backwards. we believe we should lift each other up, not tear each other down.
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hillary clinton while marking her historic victory last night took aim at her general election opponent for the first time as the presumptive democratic nominee. >> when he says let's make america great again, that is code for let's take america backwards. >> joining me now is hillary clinton campaign manager robby mook. good to see you. >> hey, jose. >> thanks for being with me. we know secretary clinton called senator sanders last night. what can you tell us about the tone of the conversation and what did they talk about? >> well, senator sanders and secretary clinton are both completely committed to making sure that the white house remains in democratic hands and
7:23 am
that donald trump does not become our next president and commander in chief. so we're in an ongoing dialogue about how we begin to bring the party together around secretary clinton's candidacy, unite the thousands of people that both campaigns have brought into this process and move forward. senator sanders and his campaign have done an extraordinary thing. they have built a grassroots organization and they have committed supporters that have raised very important issues. we need to make sure those issues are part of the dialogue moving forward and that we move together to win in november. >> and so are you asking or will you be asking for him to step aside soon? >> well, senator sanders needs to make his own plan and think this through. we just finished a really long race in california. everybody needs to get a little sleep and step back and look at the lay of the land. but i'm totally confident that our campaigns are going to come
7:24 am
together, merge together and win in the fall. >> you know the senator is meeting with president obama and senator harry reid tomorrow followed by a rally in d.c. how's your campaign planning to kind of say, listen, this is all good, but we do need to get together soon because the adversary is out there and he's not quiet. >> well, absolutely. look, donald trump presents a tremendous threat to our country. as secretary clinton said last night, he is totally unfit to be our president and commander in chief. and that is -- that is the threat here. and we are going to come together in common purpose to make sure that he does not become our president. from our campaign we are actively working as hard as we can to reach out to senator sanders supporters, but also to independent voters, republican voters, bring everyone together to stop donald trump. >> you know, among the things trump said last night and i presume and he said he's going to have more to say about hillary clinton in a speech
7:25 am
upcoming, he said that the clintons have used public office for personal enrichment. that is a line of attack that we're probably going to be hearing a lot of and other things like that, not so much focused on some of the issues that so worry millions of americans. how do you deal with that kind of an attack, which is very specific, and i'm sure he's going to be bringing in, you know, information about how hillary clinton used public office for the enrichment of the family. that's something that he said he's going to be talking about. >> well, this is classic donald trump. we all know he's a bully. albeit last night he was a little muted and low energy as a result of using a teleprompter. but this is what he's going to do. he's going to try to use personal attacks and bullying to try to intimidate us. secretary clinton is not going to be intimidated. she is going to use his words to show voters what a threat he
7:26 am
poses. that his erratic behavior, that his temperament make him completely unfit to be our president and commander in chief. he's a threat to our security the way he praises dictators, wants to withdraw from nato, give nuclear weapons to saudi arabia. he's a threat to our economy. we just saw last week with trump university the way he scammed people. donald trump has always been about one thing and it's doing whatever he needs to do to make himself wealthier and more famous. that's exactly what we're seeing on this campaign. voters need to listen closely to what he says. their economic future is at risk and the social fabric of our country is at risk. he talks every day about dividing people. he insults people. we saw the racist comments that he made about a judge. this is not who we want to lead our country and that's the case we're going to make. >> robby, thank you very much for being with me. i appreciate your time. take care. ahead, donald trump's big
7:27 am
shift in tone. we were talking about that. >> i understand the responsibility of carrying the mantle, and i will never, ever let you down. too much work, too many people, blood, sweat and tears. never going to led you down. >> a more tempered donald trump trying to convince republicans opposing his presumptive nomination that he could live up to the job. what more does he have to do to win over those in his own party? we'll talk about that next. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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a noticeable change in tone from donald trump last night celebrating his final primary wins of the 2016 campaign season. the presumptive republican nominee spoke last night at his national golf club in new york, and this time he uncharacteristically used a teleprompter to deliver scripted remarks. >> i will make you proud of your
7:31 am
party and our movement, and that's what it is is a movement. to those who voted for someone else in either party, i'll work hard to earn your support and i will work very hard to earn that support. >> let me bring in msnbc politicalnalyst a former advisor to rand paul's campaign, elise jordan. great seeing you. >> thanks for having me. >> mr. trump was more subdued and telepromptered last night. how long do you think that's going to last? >> i don't know, maybe a couple more hours given the way that this usually goes. it was smart of him to use a teleprompter, he had to tone it down. he really is trying to implode his candidacy on some level, i think, just by his behavior, he's been so out of control. insisting that surrogates should defend trump university and his comments about the indiana judge in question here. it has just been an absolute disaster for the party. >> you know, it's interesting. just listening to some of the
7:32 am
conversations earlier this hour, apparently trump and his people feel that if you just stop talking about judge curiel, as you say, who was born and raised in the united states, and referring to him as a mexican, if you just stop talking about that, that it's going to go away. >> that's an obvious first step, but donald trump is impossible of doing that. he's impossible of backing away, he's impossible of admitting when he could be wrong. you know, that's part of the problem. he has absolutely no humility and he does -- he has started to bring on some good advisers, but he needs to listen to them and admit that this -- he has not been a politician, he has not ever run a presidential campaign and he really needs to step up his game and start to show some humility if he wants to win and have a fighting chance against hillary clinton. >> you just heard robby mook right here a few minutes ago say it's important that we listen to what trump says.
7:33 am
so you can bet that the clinton people have a wonderful video library or digital library or whatever they call it today of things mr. trump has said and they're going to be using that. >> well, they have absolutely so much ammunition o of donald trump's comments just this election season and his previous comments, you know, over the last 30 years or so. you know, you've seen where certain outlets like buzzfeed has done an incredible job of bringing up donald trump's past comments and calling out him for contradictions when he's changed his positions constantly. and i really expect for hillary clinton to exploit all of the opposition research that she has in her arsenal. >> on the other hand, trump says that next week he's going to be specifically talking about the clinton family, how they, according to him, have made their personal wealth out of public service. is that something that you think is going to be effective in this general election campaign? >> i think that's the most
7:34 am
effective tack he can take against the clintons and the biggest detriment to hillary's campaign is the unseemly behavior by president clinton and herself in the aftermath of their presidency, during certainly and in the aftermath and then when she was secretary of state and all the contracts for arms sales that went coincidentally to countries that donated to the clinton foundation. donald trump has not shown that he is able to do a teleprompter speech that is that effective. his foreign policy speech is a start but this is a major address. this is something they should have been working on for the past month and should be air tight and i've not seen that level of discipline from the trump campaign and trump himself. >> elise jordan, appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. despite weeks of polls predicting a tight democratic race in california, hillary clinton pulls off a pretty decisive victory in the golden state. who voted and why were the polls so wrong? more on the big enchilada, the
7:35 am
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plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. the last thing we need is hillary clinton in the white house or an extension of the obama disaster. >> he wants to win by stoking fear and rubbing salt in wounds and reminding us daily just how great he is. >> game on. 14 months after hillary clinton launched her second presidential bid in almost a year since donald trump began his run, the general election officially begins. election day is now exactly five months away. hillary clinton won four out of the six democratic contests last night, which cemented her presumptive nominee status boy giving her a majority of the pledged delegates. that makes her the first woman to ever appear on a major party
7:39 am
presidential ballot. the icing on the cake, california. secretary clinton won more than 300 delegates in the golden state. let's go to california and joined by "los angeles times" reporter seema mata. the polls suggested it would be a lot closer in california. what happened? >> that's actually what i'm going to be reporting today but the polls were suggesting that the race was tightening. hillary clinton made an big push with the early voters. so she had made an early and aggressive push to get her most au ardent supporters to vote. the clinton campaign was concerned about sanders spending time there and between hillary clinton and bill clinton, they did almost 50 events over five days, which is unprecedented in this state and they also went up on television advertising. they were drawing decent-sized
7:40 am
crowds but as the days got closer, the crowds got bigger and bigger, especially after that speech in san diego where she called out donald trump. >> but sanders spent 8 boatload of money. >> he spent $1.5 million. in another state that's a lot but here it's nothing. >> that's a good context to put it in. thanks. sanders spoke with supporters last night in santa monica. let's listen to part of that. >> tonight i had a very gracious call from secretary clinton and congratulated her on her victories tonight. i am pretty good in arithmetic and i know the fight in front of us is a very, very steep fight. but we will continue to fight for every vote and every delegate we can get. >> even if the senator had won california, would it have made much of a difference in this general election campaign or what's going to start as a
7:41 am
general election campaign but the final part of this primary campaign? >> hillary clinton would still be the presumptive democratic nominee but it would not have been good headlines going into the convention. this is such a huge state and it would have been embarrassing for her to lose here. but i thought his speech was really interesting in that people -- in talking to people in the room, there was really an uncertainty about is he going to drop out tonight, is he going to keep going. there was a sense of relief when he said i'm going to fight through d.c. but he also notably did not attack her and did have nice words to say about her even though the crowd booed so i thought the speech reflected a little bit of a turn on his part. donald trump says he wants to become the first republican since reagan to win california. how easy is that going to be for him? >> california is an enormously blue state. if california is in play, it will be like an '84 style
7:42 am
wipeout of hillary clinton. >> if we ask you about california's u.s. senate race, two democrats face off? >> we've had the top two system for a couple of years where the two top vote getters move on. this is the most prominent race that we'll see, two democrats going head to head so it's going to be fascinating to watch. you have kamala harris, african-american, asian american and loretta sanchez, so it's going to pit the bay area against l.a., different ethnic groups against each other and it should be a really fascinating race to watch. >> and does it look -- because harris has pretty much at least in this part of the race had a lot of support by the democratic machine, right? >> she absolutely does. >> and still does. and sanchez says that she has legislative experience to be the most effective senator. does it look like they're close?
7:43 am
how does that race look? >> kamala harris leads in the polls but i think it's going to be interesting because loretta sanchez will try to reach out to republicans who need someone to vote for and independents. she's going to argue that i have the national security credentials and legislative experience to do this job. so i think it's going to be very fascinating to watch how she tries to position herself in this race. while kamala harris has won statewide races in california, loretta sanchez was elected out of orange county. it's still pretty republican and she won back in the day and it was a competitive race so she's shown her ability to be a fighter. >> thanks for being with me this morning. appreciate your time. despite hillary clinton's big wins, bernie sanders says he will stay in the race until the democratic convention. will his continued presence help shape the dnc's platform heading into the convention? we'll talk about that next right here on "msnbc live." ♪ you should hire stacy drew. ♪
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in just a couple of hours in the nation's capital, the democratic national committee will kick off the first in a series of meetings taking place across the country. the goal, craft the party's platform ahead of november's presidential election. they're asking for input from democrats everywhere. let me bring in nbc news senior political editor, mark murray. always a pleasure to see you, friend. >> hey, jose. >> so there's clearly a divide in the democratic party right now with sanders staying in the race. what are we expecting to come from these meetings? >> well, this is really kind of laying the groundwork. what's actually going on at these early meetings, the platform will be completely voted on and ironed out at the convention but this is a listening tour to get input from a lot of folks. one thing that's already happening, there's a protest by low wage contract workers demanding a $15 minimum wage. of course that has been one of the sticking points that bernie sanders has had in his campaign. hillary clinton has had a floor of a $12 minimum wage but if you
7:48 am
want to go to $15 or more, you can do so. so i wouldn't be surprised if the platform committee is one way that bernie sanders tries to have some type of influence, even if he ends up bowing out of this presidential contest. he really has to walk a delicate dance. he's said he's going to go all the way to the convention. he wants to carry the revolution. the question is how do you be able to do that. maybe one way is having some type of influence, limited influence over the party platform. >> and there's this very public feud between sanders and dnc chair, debbie wasserman schultz. he's supported the person running against her. where ask she fit in? >> she's going to be chairing the democratic convention in philadelphia in july, jose. and it's really hard to see any kind of replacement and any kind of change given that that convention is just about six weeks away. but as you mentioned, she is in a very tough primary race
7:49 am
against someone who's been endorsed by bernie sanders, who's a bernie sanders acolyte and one of the examples how the party has been frayed in this bernie sanders versus hillary clinton contest. most people expect debbie wasserman schultz to win her challenged primary but how the party repairs itself and what ends up happening with bernie sanders will still be a fascinating story to watch. >> absolutely will be. mark, thanks for being with me. >> thanks, jose. i'm joined now by stephanie schriock. it's great seeing you. how are you? >> i'm great. it's a great day. >> clinton is now the presumptive nominee, but what happens if sanders continues to fight all the way to the convention, for example? >> well, senator sanders, you know, has a lot to think about and he'll make his decision when he's ready to make it. i think what's important here is that the democratic voters have made their decision and they have proudly given this nomination to hillary clinton
7:50 am
with more votes and more pledged delegates. what a historic moment for women all across this country and i'd argue all across the world. we could not be happier at emily's list to finally break through at least one glass ceiling. we've got another one to go yet in november. >> it was a big one, though, no doubt about it. this was a huge, huge event. let me ask you, what do you think hillary clinton and bernie sanders have to do to get this past them? i know that they spoke last night, but how do you unite a party that has, you know, in many ways two different views of how to lead and how to govern and what the policies of this country should be? >> i just don't feel that these views are so very different. what's been great about this entire process is that we've had two democratic candidates talking about moving this country forward, providing economic opportunities for women and families. we are so thrilled that hillary
7:51 am
clinton's vision and fight for women and families is going to continue and lead this ticket. i really believe, and i think all of us really ultimately see the democratic party coming together. we have done it in the past. i'm sure we're going to do it again. we have to keep in mind what we're up against, which is a donald trump republican party that is very, very divisive, full of hatred and anger, trying to divide this country, trying to roll us back by decades. the stakes are just too high, and i have no doubt democrats, independents and frankly a lot of republicans are going to be joining us in this endeavor this november. >> you know, bernie sanders has been pushing, some say, hillary clinton to the left. is that something that will be, you think, smart politics now going forward when there is a possibility of maybe attracting independents and some republicans, as you say, who
7:52 am
simply can't fathom voting for trump? >> i think voters in this country, particularly women voters who are ultimately going to decide this election, they are looking for leadership, they are looking for someone who's going to keep america safe, but in particular they're looking for someone who's going to fight for them. for women and families, and to make sure that there are opportunities moving forward. and hillary clinton is absolutely that candidate. and i think everything that she has been running on and what the democrats are standing for is precisely the direction that our country has been going and will want to continue to go. >> so you don't see a need for a pivot. you don't seed a need for a pivot a little bit towards the center? >> you know, again, we have been -- what we've been focusing on and what she's been focusing on is growing this economy for everybody. what can argue with that? >> stephanie schriock, thank you for being with me this morning. >> absolutely, thank you. up next, congress a.ional
7:53 am
democrats and republicans react to their party's presumptive nominees. >> i kind of predicted that this would happen and i'm obviously delighted to see that. i think hillary clinton makes history and makes that history today. >> i cannot support him because of what he said about the judge. that was too racist and bigoted for me. i think we should send a strong message to donald that racism and bigotry are not going to be tolerated in the party of lincoln. >> more reaction to last night's big wins from capitol hill, next. this is my bodof proof. prooofess joint pain and clearer skin. this is my body of proof th i can fight anpsoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage,
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(vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our heating and cooling systems so reliable. if there's a breaking point, we'll find it. it's hard to stop a trane. really hard. donald trump last night saying his comments about judge gonzalo curiel were, quote, misconstrued. will that be enough to win back congressional lawmakers who have denounced his language? luke russert joins ushis morning. luke, good to see you, my
7:57 am
friend. >> reporter: how are you, jose? >> good. so you're on the hill. what are you hearing from republicans. paul ryan said the comments about curiel were racist and yet still supports him. >> reporter: they're in a very difficult place right now, jose. a lot of them expected that since trump clinched the nomination a few weeks ago, that he would at least move to the middle a little bit and tamp down the bombastic sayings and viewpoints. instead he seems to have accelerated those and that's caused a lot of consternation, especially among republicans that view themselves as moderate and represent bluer states. take a listen to what susan collins had to say about donald trump and acting presidential. >> he needs to start acting more presidential. he needs to apologize for some of the previous comments that he has made. he needs to go beyond just slogans, and he needs to have detailed plans, programs and policies.
7:58 am
>> reporter: and yesterday, jose, mark kirk of illinois announced that he would unendorse donald trump. he's in a tough race. those are the people to keep an eye on in the senate, those republicans who represent blue states or purple states who could be really dragged down by donald trump. now, the other interesting thing that you mentioned there is the lordshi leadership. speaker ryan is in a very difficult place. he was on the cover of "the new york news" saying i'm with racist. the national review, a publication usually very favorable to him and conservatives saying they're disappointed in paul ryan because he's not taking a principled stance. saying donald trump is a racist but i still think he's better than hillary clinton. when ryan endorsed trump he said, look, i will be willing to speak my mind when we have our differences and ryan will continue to do so from folks i've spoken to within his side. but the question becomes if donald trump goes down this rabbit hole where there are more comments that are racially tinged, there are things that deeply upset the speaker of the
7:59 am
house who's been trying to move the republicans in a much different path since the 2012 autopsy, a path towards immigration reform, a path towards talking about poverty, it's going to be a very difficult dance for paul ryan and mitch mcconnell the next five months. we'll see if they're up to it. >> talking about acting presidential, how about acting -- anyway, it's not just about acting presidential, it's the things you say whether you're running for president or whether you're just talking to a friend in the corner bodega. luke russert, thanks very much for being with me. >> thanks, jose. >> that wraps up this hour of "msnbc live." tamron hall picks up our coverage right now. >> right now on msnbc, declaring victory. the general election now officially under way as hillary clinton picks up big wins in california, new jersey and two other states last night. and accepts her place in
8:00 am
history. but this morning bernie sanders is still vowing to stay in the race. he is set to meet with president obama thursday. so where does senator sanders and his supporters go from here? and with the matchup now set, donald trump is promising what he says will be a, quote, major speech about the clintons. this as members of trump's own party are putting him on notice that it's, quote, time to look like a serious candidate. what does that mean? and trump is still refusing to apologize for those comments about the judge overseeing the lawsuits against trump university. good morning to you. good to see you this morning. i'm tamron hall coming to you live from the iconic pier in santa monica, california. now, just a few hours ago nbc news projected hillary clinton is the winner of this state, california, where she holds a double-digit lead in this state. senator bernie sanders said he needed to win california to continue. wese


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