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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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supporters who are so badly needed on the campaign trail by hillary clinton? >> i would not describe the meeting as a formality because i think the president is deeply respectful of senator sanders and the campaign that he has run over the last year or so. so again, they had a serious conversation about the stakes of the upcoming general election and about the future of the democratic party, something that both candidates are -- are quite interested in. so this was an important meeting. this was an important part of the president's day and an important part of senator sanders' day too. >> was there a request to get his grassroot supporters on board for hillary clinton? >> i'm not aware of any specific requests like that. i think it was --
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>> if you just joined us, we're watching the white house briefing. this is press secretary josh earnest on this day that saw bernie sanders meeting with the president, on this day that saw the president endorse hillary clinton. let's listen in. >> -- showing him respect by inviting him to the white house and sitting down for an hour-long conversation with him. and -- and giving him the time and space that's necessary for senator sanders to make some important decisions about the future of his campaign and the future of the the movement that he's built. >> time and space, it was not much later that the actual endorsement came out. that's not much time and space. >> well, senator sanders is going to make his own decisions. when i'm referring to time and space, i'm referring to senator sanders making his own decisions about the future of his campaign based on his own preferences and based on his own schedule. president obama did the same thing. and the good news is is that
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both men have a strong commitment to a core set of values and principles, particularly as it relates to the importance of investing in the middle class. both men have a commitment to the principle of grassroots movements and grassroots coalitions and how our party and our country are stronger when citizens at the grassroots level are engaged in the process of self-government. and both men have shared the view that the upcoming general election is really important and that it's important that president obama be succeeded by somebody who has the same kind of commitment to those values that senator sanders and president obama do. >> in the clip, the president used the term "fired up," reminiscent of his own campaign.
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does the president see him having any trail now, some ways an extension of his own campaign, because in so many ways will help preserve his legacy? how mindful of that is he? >> look, this is secretary clinton's campaign. and president obama is enthusiastic about doing all he can to support it. that's exactly what he said in the video. and -- it was deliberate. i think the president is actually making clear that he's enthoousiastic about secretary clinton's campaign. she's as qualified as any presidential candidate in american history has been, but because she also has demonstrated in a variety of circumstances, difficult circumstances, the heart, the compassion, and the courage to get the job done. the president feels strongly that she's the right person to succeed him in office. >> can you tell us anything
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about this biden meeting with sanders today and the speech he's going to be giving? >> what i do know is that vice president biden has invited senator sanders to come to the naval observatory, the vice presidential residence, for a meeting around 4:00 this afternoon where vice president biden and senator sanders will have an opportunity to have a conversation about senator sanders' campaign, many of the issues that senator sanders has been discussing on the campaign trail. so the vice president biden is somebody with a political following in his own right. he's somebody who would be a valuable surrogate on the campaign trail. but once that meeting is concluded, i'll give senator sanders and the vice president's office the opportunity to discuss any outcome of that meeting. >> it's a strategy session? would you describe it as that? >> i'll let them describe it
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once they've had an opportunity to talk. andrew? >> does the president support -- >> i've not heard the president weigh in with that view. obviously, the democratic national committee is responsible for laying out the process of choosing the democratic presidential nominee. i made a reference to this in the briefing the other day that every four years or so, there is intense consideration within the democratic party about the best way to choose -- >> so we've been bringing you live coverage of the white house briefing as you may know, this briefing goes on most days of the week and most days of the week, it's kind of insular topics covered by the white house press corps. today, it happened that we were talking about a very important meeting, a very important event. president obama has endorsed hillary clinton for president. senator sanders met with the president, and it was no more
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than 90 minutes later, the endorsement came out of the white house. the president and hillary clinton are going to campaign in green bay, wisconsin, next week. you heard during the press conference donald trump's tweet read allowed. we have just received a statement from martin o'malley who don't forget was the other candidate in the democratic race endorsing hillary clinton for president. and you heard josh earnest talk about the sanders campaign, how their message had deeply resonated throughout the party. chris matthews has been watching and listening with us. chris, this president has, by our last nbc news "wall street journal" poll, an 88% approval rating among fellow democrats. so it strikes me he is anxious to take those numbers out for a spin. and despite all the talk of p
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pus pussyfooting around senator sanders, it also strikes me the president kind of reasserted his rank in the food chain today. >> he sure did, brian. i kept thinking of the philadelphia, it's known for its attack, a sense of wow, we're going to hit this thing hard. he came out today, said i'm not waiting for bernie's schedule, i'm setting the clock, i'm making my move. and i'm not hillary clinton's surrogate. i'm the president of the united states and i'm politically lame. couple other things, jimmy follow lon interview that's going to play tonight. he said the republican party should be a center right party not a right wing party and the democratic party should like wise with a center left party so, i don't think he's willing to yield the field to people call themselves progressives these days. i think he wants to keep that
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balance tlchhere. there they go, he and hillary clinton going up to green bay, wisconsin. as you pointed out, title town. what a iconic way to say i'm going after those guys, red faces, jobbers and all these nfl football games coming out this fall, rooting their hearts out in green bay and i'm going right there for those guys because donald trump has said he won't win this election unless he wins wisconsin. he said, i want to go to green bay. there they are going to green bay. after that unfortunate comment about there needs to be some punishment for women who have an apportion procedure. it's striking to the heart of the entire trump plan which is to try to flip those states away from the democratic usual package by grace of those white guys up there, working guys, middle class guys who root like
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hell -- no one roots louder than a small town that owns that team. i think it's really iconic that he's chose ton hit him hard. next week, he's going right into the fight. >> chris matthews, left the new york giants off that list -- >> i don't think they're going to get new york or jersey. >> chris, thank you. and kasie hunt is sitting in our washington bureau. having watched this drama of just the last few hours play out against the backdrop of having covered this long, long, endless campaign and especially bernie sanders, so knowing the candidate as well as you can know a candidate as a correspondent covering this effort, what do you think is going on? what do you think we just witnessed? >> reporter: brian, i think it's a combination of factors at work. i think at the end of the day, the most important thing was
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that president obama and joe biden showed bernie sanders some respect. and i think that's really what he's been looking for throughout this entire primary process and i think that evolved as the campaign evolved with him. you remember that announcement he made on the capitol steps. he said, i got to get back inside, i got better things to do up on the hill. at that point, they were striving simply for credibility. that's what bernie sanders was looking for. as this snowballed, as these thousands of people started to show up for him, they realized, hey, we could actually win this election. the reality was, it was a little bit too late. they lost some of these early states and didn't have the organization that they might have needed. for bernie sanders the person, he was experiencing this each and every day and their frustration all the time was that they felt like people didn't take them seriously. whether it was us in the media, members of the democratic establishment, debbie wasserman schultz, that was something that
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really motivated a lot of the anger and frustration. and it came out against the clinton campaign as well. they felt like the clinton campaign wasn't giving them the respect that they deserved. you saw that he really did lose that final round of primaries. there was some hope that maybe he was going to be able to pull out california. if he won there, this would be a different calculus at this stage. with the president first of all of course using his power as the president to say hey, we need to come together here, plus the fact that they were clearly differential to him and what he's accomplished really made a difference today. that's not to say of course they're happy about it. you could see the body language in the staffers who've been talking on our our and bernie sanders himself when he came to those microphones. i think the question now is going to b how does bernie sanders apply what he's achieved to helping democrats hold onto the white house in the fall.
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that's going to go to the the question of where do those not just progressives in the democratic party, but also populists. i think you'll see elizabeth warren playing a role on that as well. hillary clinton will be telling them she and senator warren have spoken a couple of times in the last few weeks. we've also heard that harry reid has thought through what it would mean to have elizabeth warren potentially be on the ticket. with the interest of keeping the senate in democratic hands in mind. now they have to figure out how to play as one orchestra. plus these figures who are heros to the progressive left of the party. if they can manage to make it come together, democrats are confident they can take on donald trump. but this group of bernie sanders supporters is going to be so important. as you know, many of them we've
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seen are sometimes sympathetic to the argument that donald trump has been making and the angst throughout his campaign. so it's certainly i think democrats that i talked to in the last couple hours feel very confident that close coordination between the clinton campaign and the white house gives a lot of people hope that they're going to be very united through the front. >> kasie hunt, one last question. to your snowball metaphor. it strikes me that's exactly right. this was the year of the snowballs. you had the donald trump snowball that results in him being the nominee. you had the bernie sanders snowball that ran up against a machine, more of a snow blower, the well organized, well financed clinton machine that just proved tougher. >> reporter: i think that that's right. and i do think that they were
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not as prepared necessarily with their own kind of version of that. i think donald trump started out this process really with something to prove. bernie sanders started out with a movement. he wanted to be kind of the alternative. he wanted to make sure that the democratic party was talking about the things that he deeply cared about. it evolved into a real fight for the no, ma'am nagts. i think donald trump was a little different there. i think the overarching theme here -- i covered capitol hill before this election campaign season started. i had done that for previous years for example passing the health care bill and other things. the reality is, it had ground to a halt. government had ground to a halt. and the country, it turns out, was more frustrated about that than a lot of politicians in washington have really come to understand. and i think everyone has been woken up to this over the course of the last six months. but i think that that's the discovery that bernie sanders made, that's the discovery that donald trump made, as they kind of traveled around and just had
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reactions that i don't think anyone anticipated. as you know, there's really no better way to learn about those things than to go out and talk to people, get on the leading edge of understanding what's going on in the country. just like a lot of people in washington missed the tea party wave in 2010, they missed the depth of the frustration here. is the general election campaign going to adjust itself to that reality, are we going to see washington start to try to work again in the way that people on both sides of the aisle seem to want it to? or are they simply not going to learn the lesson? that's going to be the test of the next six months and the next two years. >> kasie hunt, thank you, so much. and on a piece of real estate that kasie knows well, the area outside the leader's office on the democratic side in the capitol building. after this meeting took place
12:16 pm
between harry reid and bernie sanders, leader reid came out to the microphones and gave us a short readout of their conversation. >> hillary's the nominee. and i could certainly commiserate with bernie. i said, bernie, i don't understand the depth of your feelings, but i have some understanding. i lost as a young man a senate race by 524 votes. i understand a little bit what you're going through. bernie's going to be good for the party. he's going to be good for my senators who are running around. those that are here and will be here soon. i'm confident he will be a good campaigner for democrat senators and democrat nominee. >> harry, reid. i also want to show you that very same microphone platform live and tell you who we're waiting for in all probability
12:17 pm
in the next hour. chuck schumer of new york is said to be coming to those same microphones. that's where this gets interesting. you heard harry reid just there saying my senators. that's how leaders talk. and chuck schumer is going to take over for harry reid in that leadership job. it may be largely dependent on donald trump, his positives and negatives, his coat tails or lack thereof to see if chuck schumer gets to be the senate majority leader or the minority leader. what kind of u.s. senate will we have after this election in november? at any late, back across town to the white house, kristen welker also in the middle of covering an exhausting campaign. kristen, while sometimes the twitterverse can seem like a debate taking place in the confines of a coffee can, it has fired up today something fierce.
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>> reporter: it really has. something of a twitter warfare going on as all of these events are unfolding. let me take you through what we saw. donald trump tweeting after that endorsement came out. i'll read you what he tweeted. he says, obama just endorsed crooked hillary, he wants four more years of obama, but nobody else does. then the clinton campaign answering, came from the campaign, not from secretary clinton herself, it said simply delete your account. then sean spicer answered that tweet with whichever intern just sent this doesn't get it's not smart for you to talk about deleting anything. then saying @fbi. unofficially we have been tracking the likes on donald trump and hillary clinton's e-mails. hillary clinton is up to 92,000
12:19 pm
likes. donald trump at 15,000. now, this is not scientific, but it is interesting to note. this underscores i think how bitter, how ugly this fall fight will potentially get. it underscores why the democrats were so eager to unify and why the timing of this, the fact that president obama didn't wait very long after wrapping up that meeting with senator sanders to put out that endorsement tape, which clearly he wanted to put out today. you heard josh earnest say that senator sanders wasn't surprised by it. certainly, we think that president obama did tell senator sanders that was the plan for the day. secretary clinton moving forward. her biggest challenge is getting senator sanders' supporters on board. and of course president obama is going to be critical to that, brian. we saw that in that tape. he's trying to rally the obama coalition, those youngers voters. all of the women voters, those younger women voters who right now are saying they're going to go for senator sanders. president obama is going to hit the campaign trail with
12:20 pm
secretary clinton and he's going to try to win them over. elizabeth warren another person we're watching today. we're anticipating an endorsement from her. she's going to be delivering a speech later tonight. you heard peter talking about that earlier, what is expected to be a blistering speech against donald trump. a lot of buzz about a vp pick around her. if you take all of these events together, is the democratic party is coming together. >> kristen welker over at the white house, white house north lawn, on a beautiful summer day there. to our own joy reid here with us in the news room. fair warning, we're also keeping an eye on the microphones on the hill for chuck schumer to come out. but what do you make of these last few hours? >> it's pretty amazing, brian. there's been this flurry of discussions between the president and senator sanders. this is the first time they've spoken in the last two weeks.
12:21 pm
i'm told one of them included a phone call to bernie sanders around the time of the california primary. these are one-on-one conversations. sanders is not allowing staff into the meeting. what i'm hearing today, specifically is that the sanders side is saying that the meeting went well, that it was cordial, that sanders emphasized the performance of all the races. says to me he will be staying in until the 14th, and the d.c. race. interestingly enough, i was not able to get occasions that there will be a full-throated endorsement of hillary clinton. that's still up in the air. unclear how sanders will signal his support for hillary clinton after that d.c. primary. as you can imagine, hillary clinton is very likely to win it, but sanders is going to keep campaigning. >> that's where it gets really tough. under normal conditions, the chair of the political party, in this case, debbie wasserman
12:22 pm
schultz, would like very much for a convention to feature a full-throated endorsement by bernie sanders of the nominee. and that's -- that's where the history of this campaign catches up with itself. but, joy, the question here is, were you struck by a change in tone that today represented? remember, since you and i last spoke tuesday night, primary night, everyone's been saying, two easy, give bernie his pace, give bernie his space. today, the president kind of changed all that. >> yeah. i think you're seeing the leadership of the democratic party firmly signaling to senator sanders that they are moving on, that they're moving forward. the president eager to get into the general election fight with donald trump. you can imagine that the substance of those calls was the president making it very clear he's coming out for hillary clinton. but they're not going to wait any longer. and harry reid signaling it's
12:23 pm
time for unity. >> here now, either the future majority or minority leader of the u.s. senate. >> i've always believed bernie's a constructive person and this meeting just reinforced that belief. he wants to make sure that the issues he's pushed for have vitality and help get those things enacted. he cares a lot about the senate majority becoming democratic, but he also cares about keeping his people engaged and the way to do that is on issues. on issues, so many issues, the democratic caucus and bernie sanders are aligned. i think we're going to have a great constructive relationship. i think bernie will be constructive throughout because he realizes the importance of moving the country forward and attaining the kind of issues that he's talked about. so i am delighted with the meeting. he's not worn down, he's not bitter, he's not angry.
12:24 pm
i told him i was proud of him and what he accomplished. and you could see on his face and jane's face, they're proud too. so this was a terrific, terrific meeting and i think it's going to be a great relationship throughout the summer and november. and then even more importantly when hopefully we are able to work together as a majority to make the country a better place and do a lot of the things that bernie cares about. >> wow, chuck schumer, who is known for his affinity for television cameras, not taking any questions today, just delivering those remarks. very positive where it came to bernie sanders and of course his hopes for a democratic majority in the new senate. we will take a break in our live covering. on the other side, kate snow takes over to take us the rest of the way.
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so i want those of you who've been with me from the beginning of this incredible journey to be the first to know that i am with her. >> i'm with her, that is the message from president obama endorsing hillary clinton within just the last hour or so. interesting times on the release of that video. it was recorded on tuesday. released just hours after president obama, you see here with bernie sanders, meeting at the white house this morning. i want to turn now to chris jansing. bernie sanders already met with the president then he came back to capitol hill, met with the leader harry reid, met with senator chuck schumer. i know he's on his way over to meet with vice president biden. you have great new reporting about what is happening inside the sanders campaign. >> reporter: it's amazing how fast this all happened, right? i just got off a very long phone conversation with somebody who's been very close to this process.
12:29 pm
they told me really in the end, it was the math. once the results came the california primary, he had been holding onto a letter to send to the super delegates to make the argument that he was the stronger candidate against donald trump. already i'm told, he had been slowly coming to this realization. and along the way, just over the last couple days, there were calls from president obama even before the meeting today. there were progressive groups who had been supporting him who came out and said, okay, it's time, it's over. there were members of congressional delegation who had supported bernie sanders who made similar statements. last night, he made phone call to his senior staff, invited them over to the house, and began to talk about what is important to him. that is a progressive agenda. we just heard that both from chuck schumer who is the incoming minority leader of the
12:30 pm
senate and also harry reid, of course the outgoing leader. here's a little more of what harry reid had to say just a short time ago after meeting with bernie sanders. >> i'm in good place with bernie. i feel bernie is in a good place with my caucus and i feel that he's in good place with the country. i'm not pushing him to do anything. i think he needs a little time to decide what he wants to do. >> reporter: one of the things he clearly wants to do is make sure that it's a democratic senate if that's at all possible. he has that wanted donor list, 8 million plus individual donors who raised more than $200 million for him. he's going to use that more broadly for candidates in congress. even as he goes to this meeting with vice president biden who he was very respectful of the fact that he made the comments he made, to give bernie sanders time, that neither he nor the president came out and said he should drop out of the race.
12:31 pm
the one meeting coming up that is going to be critical to all of this is his meeting with hillary clinton. that is going to be about will she, for him, will she be somebody who will really stand behind many of these progressive ideas that he has talked about and brought out so many voters. 10.5 million people to vote for him over the course of this campaign. we're going to wait and see when that meeting happens, what exactly his role is going to be. all those details have yet to be worked out. in the meantime, tonight after a rally here in d.c., he's going to go back to vermont for a couple of days and have some time to work through exactly what those details are, kate. >> from what he said at the white house earlier, one would assume he's waiting until washington, d.c., votes on tuesday before coming out and making any kind of announcement. but could that timeline be sped up based on the folks you're talking to? >> nothing is going to happen
12:32 pm
before d.c. he wants people to vote. and it's not even clear if he's going to have a rally or what's going to happen after the vote on tuesday night. we did hear that he's been invited to caucus with the democrats, to meet with them on tuesday. but there has been no decision made about an endorsement, any official announcement of what his role might be in the campaign. there's other details that need to be worked out. what will be his role at the convention. i do know that there's a good feeling because they just started to have the meetings of the platform drafting meeting. keith ellison is the representative on it. he feels like the talks are going well. all these meetings today have gone well. but exactly what happens and the timing of it is going to be tied into his conversations and face-to-face meeting with hillary clinton. >> chris up on capitol hill. thanks so much.
12:33 pm
i want to bring in someone very close to bernie sanders. jeffrey sacks, former foreign policy advisor to the senator. the news in just the last couple hours. president obama, the biggest endorsement around coming out for hillary clinton, perhaps faster than people might have expected. his announcement taped on tuesday and they waited to release it today just after he meets with senator sanders who you so long supported. how are you feeling about that? is the timing okay? >> well, she's got the nomination. i don't think there's any doubt about that, but she doesn't have the presidency. and she really needs a coalition essentially with the bernie sanders huge following in order to make that happen. it remains to be seen what she's going to do about it. but what i believe should be done is, these are two very different factions, two very different kinds of politics. they should come together to
12:34 pm
defeat donald trump. but i wouldn't pretend that this is all one happy family, because these are really different politics in most other political systems, they'd be in two different parties, actually. >> in 2008, we saw hillary clinton come out, on the night that she withdrew from the race, essentially say to all of her supporters, please back barack obama. isn't that what needs to happen this time around? does senator sanders need to come out and make a speech or tell his supporters it's time? >> there were negotiations in 2008. there will be negotiations this time around as well. presumably she ended up as secretary of state. this was part of the discussions of barack obama and hillary clinton back in 2008. and those negotiations have to take -- >> so what do you think bernie sanders, if there is a negotiation happening here, and behind closed doors when he sat in the oval office with the president today, what do you think he wants? you wrote an article today
12:35 pm
saying that members of hillary clinton's potential cabinet ought to be hand picked by bernie sanders. >> i did. >> this is not a parliamentary -- we don't have parliament here. we have a democracy. >> well, of course parliamentary is democracy also. >> we don't have that system, is my point. >> a lot of people, some people reacted in -- for her to say no way. i had to remind them also, she's not the president. she's a candidate. we want her to be president over donald trump, but she is not the president right now. and she has to win strong support of a centrist part which she represents, pro-wall street and pretty militarized part of the party. and a progressive part which is anti wall street, wants more action on reducing inequalities of income and wants these wars that she's been promoting to
12:36 pm
end. to put these two together and say it's one happy family isn't even going to work for her electoral position, not to mention this high level negotiation -- >> so you think senator sanders should insist on certain concessions, on things like cabinet positions that he gets to help pick? >> i would think so. this is not speaking at all for him. but the point is, he's got a movement and he represents what may be by 2020 a different party, by the way, because i think the whole party system in the united states is up for grabs. the republicans are clearly two parties. the democrats are clearly two parties. whether they stay together or in our new age we get realignments, i don't think we know. but he represents not just a candidate who is competing against another candidate, but a different kind of politics. and he has to republican that. if she wants those votes, it's not just a matter of his coming out and saying vote for hillary. it's a matter of having a credible administration that she
12:37 pm
could propose that would bring those voters out for her. >> long time supporter of bernie sanders, advisor on foreign policy to the senator. thank you for being with us. quick programming note for you. john podesta will be on mtm daily with chuck todd. that's 5:00 eastern, 2:00 pacific. it's his first interview since president obama endorsed clinton obviously just moments ago. it has been quite an afternoon. up next, we're going to pivot over to the republicans. donald trump and his staffers holding crucial meetings in both new york and washington, d.c. what was discussed in those meetings. we're getting a lot of new reporting. stay with us. we're good. okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? od. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good.
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12:41 pm
washington a little bit earlier. we have our reporters joining us now to cover everything happening. katy tur is in new york. katy, let me start with you. today's lunch meeting, first of all, meeting with big donors, one of the biggest restaurants here in new york, the four seasons restaurant, also word obviously that obama has endorsed hillary clinton and reaction to that coming out of the trump campaign. >> reporter: donald trump tweeted his reaction saying that obama wants hillary clinton but the american people don't want an extension of his presidency. that's about the extent of the trump campaign reaction to that as of now. i'm sure we'll hear more as the hours go on. but as for this meeting that was here at the four seasons, donald trump came in for about 30 minutes, addressed the crowd. we are told from a few sources within the room that it went over well, that he was warmly received by the donors in there.
12:42 pm
he also talked about the electoral map. sources telling us he also brought up maryland which is a new state in terms of potentially purple states that could go red. he also brought up california which is an extraordinarily blue state which many say frankly is not going to go red. as for whether any donors will come out of this meeting and give money to him or a super pac for his candidacy, we'll have to wait and see. we have heard a number of donors express real hesitation to get involved with trump right now especially since the judge curiel comments are looming over his head. >> meantime in washington, kelly o'donnell has been tracking a meeting that happened earlier today on capitol hill with staffers of donald trump meeting with congressional supporters of trump. kelly, i know you've also been getting word about that meeting
12:43 pm
in new york with the donors. what have you learned? >> reporter: first, on the hill meeting, basically what was being talked about how to turn the page, to put behind them the comments related to judge curiel and to focus on winning in the fall, and going after hillary clinton now the presumed nominee of the democratic party. i'm also learning from sources involved in the meeting in new york that donald trump of course laid out his pitch about how he believes he can win, talked also about some of the ways that he can be a bit self-deprecating, kidding around a little bit, trying to get people to like him. there were donors that expressed hesitation that he needs to show more discipline. i'm also hearing that there are those in the donor community that are fraus traited that the finance organization is not more put together, more sophisticated and larger. people in the republican for a long time, are accustomed to dealing with the campaign's
12:44 pm
finance operation. some of the things typically expected in that very important part of a campaign apparatus just aren't there. so there have been some complaints about that. reince priebus talking about some of the data that the rnc has been able to put together. governor chris christie of new jersey talked about trying to get donors on board saying that he believes it is time to get in line. now, sources who listen to that said that governor christie also went after by name and sometimes by implication some of the prominent republicans who have been hesitant to talk about trump in favorable terms. most pointedly, he talked about lindsay graham, senator from south carolina, who says he won't vote for trump and obviously won't vote for hillary clinton, has been outspoken saying according to sources that christie said it is time for lindsay graham to shut up. and also references to some of the other criticism from republican governors or leaders here on capitol hill who have
12:45 pm
been in one sense sort of attacking the character of donald trump saying his remarks, especially those related to judge curiel were racist, intensive, but at the same time saying they plan to vote for him. christie was trying to make an argument that that is typical washington speak, that you criticize on the one hand, but say you're for the candidate anyway and that the american voter won't like that. so the pitch from a number of people including the head of the finance organization is to try to encourage these donors to go out and encourage others to get on board. the basic theme from what i'm told inside that meeting was if you're not for donald trump, you're for hillary clinton and it's time for the republican donor community to get in line. that's what i'm learning. kate? >> kelly o'donnell, thanks so much. let's talk a little more about the donor community and donald trump. charles koch now criticizing the presumptive nominee over his
12:46 pm
comments on federal judge gonzalo curiel. usa today asked koch whether he thought trump was fit to be president. he replied quote, i don't know the answer to that. i want to bring in a trump supporters, wall street strategist steve cortez. you're a trump surrogate, you're a trump fan. you've been working to help donald trump. do you think he -- i know you know the koch brothers. is there a way to get them on board? >> i don't know the brothers individually, but i do know their organization quite well. i think they do amazing work for liberty in america. now, are they going to -- is trump going to get his endorsement, i hope so. but who knows. i'm not so sure that he needs it necessarily. donald trump showed us in the primaries he's a great entrepreneur. he can do a lot with a little.
12:47 pm
i think he's going to do it again with the general election. he gets so much free media that he doesn't need the ad spin that a typical candidate needs. i think this is the end point. even if he doesn't officially endorse donald trump, there was a lot of harmony between these two camps. both want lower taxes, higher growth, lower regulations. they will be acting in concert, even if they're not doing so officially. >> but you can't do it with no money. you can't do it with no organization out there on the ground level. my colleagues have been working the phones and talking to people in this meeting today, this lunch with donors here in new york. one money manager said he's advising his clients to stay away from trump until he can prove he can go a day without saying something harmful to the party at best or racist at worst.
12:48 pm
those were his words. do you share that concern and donors you are talking with share that concern? >> i'm not concerned in the end. this is always a wrenching process. it is on the democratic side. we don't see the sanders folks clinging quickly to the clinton team. on our side, we had a very bruising primary with 17 candidates. we are coalescing, but it's not an easy process. and we're going to get there. will trump have enough money to run an effective campaign, i think he absolutely will. we're seeing significant fundraising people who have strongly endorsed donald trump. are there people out there who are hypocritical and just annoying, people like lindsay graham who has zero delegates? sure. in the end, i think the fundraising community is going to get behind trump. they certainly don't want a third obama term. they do not want hillary clinton in the white house. >> let me ask you about one
12:49 pm
other piece of news. report today coming out moments ago saying that trump owes money to hundreds of american workers and businesses. they've done a thorough analysis and looked and found that quote, donald trump often portrays himself as a savior of the working class who will protect your job. their analysis found 3,500 lawsuits over the last three decades and a large number of those involve ordinary americans who say trump or his companies have refused to pay them. i'm reading from their reporting at usa today. those lawsuits all having to do with donald trump failing to pay back people who have done work for him. how are you going to be able to defend that? >> the report just came out. i can't defend on the details of the case because it's a lot of cases. you cannot be a really successful entrepreneur in today because we are such a litigious
12:50 pm
country and avoid litigation. donald trump certainly has. i would say this about his business career. he certainly -- the mark of his business career is not that of a dead beat. it's a man, a visionary who has built amazing buildings all over employed thousands and thousands of people and has sold amazing products. and i would say in contrast the clintons, their only business experience is selling influence. and i think the american people will see that. >> steve cortez, always nice to have you with us. thank you. let's take a live look outside the naval observatory in washington, d.c. on an incredibly busy thursday afternoon. this is where we expect bernie sanders to arrive, massachusetts avenue in washington toshs meet with vice president biden at the naval observatory. we'll bring you much more on that meeting as we roll on. owen! hey kevin. hey, fancy seeing you here. uh, i live right over there actually. you've beeto my place. no, i wasn't...oh look, you dropped something. it's your resume with a 20 dollar bill taped to it. that's weird.
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♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. looking at a live picture here, that is massachusetts
12:54 pm
avenue, one of the main thorough fairs this washington known as embassy row, but also on that avenue is where the naval observatory is, that of course t the residence of the vice president and that is where we expect bernie sanders next on a day that has already taken him to the white house, to capitol hill and now this next stop expected around the top of the hour, 4:00 eastern time in washington. i want to bring in delaware senator and hillary clinton supporter from capitol hill. senator coons, thanks for being with us. it has been a whirl wind afternoon. obviously the endorsement coming from president obama of hillary clinton. we're also getting word that potentially there may be more endorsements to come, quite possibly from one of your fellow senators. have you heard anything like that? >> i think it's possible senator warren will announce that she is endorsinining hillary clinton, i'm not sure. it certainly would be in keeping
12:55 pm
with the other dramatic announcements today. president obama's endorsement and senator sanders' meetings with the current and likely future majority leader of our caucus. >> so i won't hold you to it, but possible is what we've heard will, too. 12340 senator i want on ask you about senator sanders. we were talking about jeffrey sachs foreign policyon ask you senator sanders. we were talking about jeffrey sachs foreign policy adviser. fndask you about senator sanders. we were talking about jeffrey sachs foreign policy adviser. fnd and he said he think this should be more of a coalition government, that secretary clinton should be willing to have senator sanders even on her cabinet. what do you think of that? >> i think senator sanders deserves a great deal of respect for the millions of americans he's produce the out who have supported him, who have engaged in the process because of his
12:56 pm
passion and his vision. senator sanders has worked for decades for things that he believes deeply in and that resonate with the american people. and it's my hope that ultimately he will be a strong supporter of secretary clinton, her campaign and her administration. if we are successful in retaking control the senate, senator sanders would likely be chair of the budget committee, so he'd have a significant influence on shaping the budget here in the senate and would inevitably have strong input into then president clinton's leadership. so i do think that that is a possible outcome. i do think it partly depends on how senator sanders behaves in the months ahead. if he accepts his success and says i have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams when i first announced as a candidate, i've mobilized millions of americans, and i've moved the debate in a more progressive direction and now i'm going to make a difference on these issues, i do think that could be a very positive outcome for him.
12:57 pm
>> what do you mean by behaves, how senator sanders behaves? >> i mean if he chooses to continue in his campaign all the way to the convention and i don't expect him to do this, and calls for a disruptive convention and is in some way divisive in the future, i don't think that would be constructive. that's not what we're seeing. what we're seeing is a senator sanders who has fought hard, has fought well, has elevated important issues and has had a positive impact on the tenor and trajectory of this primary campaign. if he continues in his current direction, which is meeting with the leadership of our party, meeting with the president and vice president, and hopefully soon meeting with secretary clinton, i do think that will put in a positive direction his future contribution to our caucus here in the senate and to the direction of a future clinton presidency. >> do you have a sense for the time line, senator? do you think bernie sanders after tuesday, after the vote in washington, d.c., that that should be when he comes out and makes some kind of a speech and
12:58 pm
tells his supporters to come on board with clinton? >> i think this is really up to senator sanders and his enthusiastic supporters. whether the right time is next week or next month, exactly what makes accep s accept s sense to >> you just said he can't drag it out until the convention. >> that's right. and to take the point that you made about mr. sachs, i do think there needs to be a conversation between bernie sanders and hillary clinton about how they view their working relationship going forward. my expectation is that that will be a positive conversation. my hope is that senator sanders will leave optimistic about joining forces to defeat donald trump. if donald trump is president of the united states, everything that senator sanders and his followers believe passionately in will be undone. so what we should be doing is turning toward the common purpose of educating the american people, engaging the american people in a real debate
12:59 pm
over the significance difference, the gulf between secretary clinton, her experience, her vision and her priorities which are overwhelmingly senator sanders' vision and donald trump who would take this country in a very different direction. >> senator chris coons of delaware, supporter of hillary clinton, mice nice to have you. thanks so much. we'll take another look at that live picture, vice president biden's residence, naval observatory, we're awaiting bernie sanders' arrival there for the next in a series of critical meetings today in washington. i'm kate note. i'll toss it over to peter alexander in washington.note. i'll toss it over to peter alexander in washington. >> good to see you. historic day here at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, very busy breaking news day, as well. within the last couple of hour, we've heard officially from president obama that he is endorsing hillary clinton, releasing this web video. >> so i want those of who you have been with me from the beginning of this incredible
1:00 pm
journey to be the first to know that i'm with her. i am fired up. and i cannot wait to get out there and campaign for hillary. i also want to thank even who turned out to vote and who worked so hard for our candidates. this has been a hard-fought race. i know some say these primaries have somehow left the democratic party more divided. well, they said that eight years ago, as well. but just like eight years ago, there are millions of americans, not just democrats, who have cast their ballots for the very first time. and a lot of that is thanks to bernie sanders. who has run an incredible campaign. i had a great meeting with him this week and i thanked him for shining a spotlight on issues like economic inequality and the outsized influence of money in our politics and bringing young people into the process. embracing that message is going to help us win in november. >> and a short time later, hillary clinton tweeted the ow


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