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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 10, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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of msnbc live. tamron hall pick s up our coverage now. we begin with breaking news, that high powered meeting happening right now between hillary clinton and elizabeth warren at clinton's washington, d.c. home. senator warren just arrived there only a few minutes a lot, the meeting coming just hours after a trifecta assault against donald trump, from senator warren, obama and vice president joe biden, all of them lining up behind hillary clinton and leading the attack was senator warren who unleashed a blistering critique of donald trump followed by an endorsement of hillary clinton. >> donald trump is a loud, nasty thin skinned fraud who has never risked anything for anyone and who serves no one but himself. you, donald trump are a total disgrace.
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we will not allow a small insecure, thin skinned wannabe tyrant or his allies in the senate to destroy the rule of law in the united states of america. i am ready to get in this fight and work my heart out for hillary clinton to become the next president of the united states and to make sure that donald trump never gets any place close to the white house. >> we will have that entire interview of senator warren from rachel's show, but hammering trump yesterday was vice president gjoe biden. >> we were stuck in virginia back there. it is racist. in addition -- it is not the racism that frightens me, we
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have dealt with racists before, it's the potential impact on the court. >> and before we heard from biden as well as warren, president obama announced his endorsement of hillary clinton in a video released after meeting with bernie sanders. >> i know how hard this job can be. that's why i know hillary will be so good at it. i don't think there's ever been swung so qualified to hold this office. >> senator warren's endorsement by tweeting, quote, pocahontas is at it again. elizabeth warren one of the least productive u.s. senators has a nasty mouth, hope she is vp choice. a rehash of an insulting name she has used kbvr. they have had this ongoing twitter war. and she's saying, no delete your
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account, echoing a hugely popular tweet sent out by hillary clinton. this morning's meeting is fueling speculation about a possible vp spot for the senator, who is popular among progressives and could appeal to bernie sanders supporters reluck stand to back hillary clinton. last night rachel maddow asked if she thought she was qualified to be commander in chief if need be? >> do you believe you could do it. the former pennsylvania governor said that you were not in any way, shape or form ready to be commander in chief, i want to know if you think you could be. >> yes, i do. >> reporter: msnbc's casey hunt is at hillary clinton's zk home. when she was asked what she was looking for in a vp, somebody who was ready to take the job from day one, and now you have
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someone who is potentially on her list. >> it wasn't quite a mike drop, but it was something close to it. just a very simple, straight forward, yes, i think i would be qualified to do this. and of course in this veep stakes game, where everybody is parsing every worth that comes out of everyone's mouth, it was a very significant statement. and elizabeth warren newfueling some of this herself, she's also i think been viewed increasingly inside the clinton campaign as someone who's just a very effective attack dog against donald trump. and republicans learned that it can be a tricky enterprise, trying to go after him. but it became clear pretty much immediately that she was capable of getting under donald trump's skin, and you talked about the increase nickname that trump has come up with for elizabeth warren. it's very clear that he fuels the need to respond when she hits him in these different settings.
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and of course she ruled that out more extensively last night in a speech i covered, making a compelling case against donald trump, the clinton campaign believes, and they have been watching very closely everything she said in that interview with rachel maddow and everything she said publicly and there's also the thought that they need someone who can tap into that energy that bernie sanners brought to the table. there definitely is some overlap there, but i think today really part of elizabeth warren and hillary clinton getting to know each other better. >> let me bring in house minority whip.
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>> good to have you with us. do you believe that senator warren is auditioning for the vp slot. >> i don't know if she's auditioning, but she's certainly qualified to be vice president, but there are a number of very, very good candidates, tom perez, tim kaine, there are a lot of good people out there, but there's no doubt there elizabeth warren does energize a large number of americans because she's focused as hillary clinton is focused on making sure that they are lifted up and they get a piece of the rock if you will and that they make it in our country. so she's certainly, i'm sure on the list. >> we have a list as you mentioned, the names that have been floated around, shar rod brown, julhu skbrul jewel julia
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free throw, shar rod brown. there are a great number of people who -- does elizabeth warren fill that vacuum? >> i think she does, but let's be clear, bernie sanders said yesterday after being president, he was going to spbd his full-time make sure that donald trump doesn't become president. lebsz warren has said the same thing, believing that donald trump is unqualified to be president of the united states and indeed would be harmful to the united states. i think both of them are going to be energizing, whether elizabeth warren is vice presidential candidate or not, i think both of them are going to be energizing people who -- not only the best alternative, but is absolutely qualified to be
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president of the united states and be constructive in building a better america. >> can you with confidence this morning even with bernie sanders still in the race, not suspending his campaign, can you with competence say that you have a unified democratic party. >> i think so, i can say it with confidence and with conviction and i think it's accurate. and that's why the president of the united states has endorsed secretary clinton, now that she has the votes clearly to be nominated, elizabeth warren also made that determination, and has endorsed her. and i think senator sanders has made an extraordinary run. i think he's energized a lot of people, he's brought in a lot of enthusiasm and younger people into the process, but his major objective is making sure trump doesn't become president of the united states and the way he's going to do that in my opinion, i'm sure, is work very hard to make sure that hillary clinton is in fact elected president of the united states.
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so i think we had a unified matter, and in fact i think we have had a unified party with the same objectives in mind, maybe some different means, and some more cautious, less cautious, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, but the basic fundamentals between senator sanders and secretary clinton were the same, that there could be, should be a positive effort to make the lives of average americans better and that's what they're dedicated to. unlike the republican primary, where there was among the 17, very deep philosophical, ideological differences, that was never the case in our party. >> let me ask you about house speaker ryan, he was on "good morning, america," and he also spoke with my colleague andrea message, how is it that he can
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support the gop prumpive nominee, and also say that lang he used directed at a federal judge was textbook racism, he described it as being politically incorrect to label someone based on race or ethnicity, that it was just the wrong thing to say, yet he continues to support trump, who's referring to elizabeth warren as pocahontas. >> i think lindsay graham has it right, they ought not to have the disdain that they hold for hillary clinton be more than the love they have for country. i think paul ryan is correct when he said that what trump said was not politically incorrect, it was racist, it was wrong, it was contrary to the
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values of our country and supporting someone who holds those kinds of values and says those kinds of things is a antithetical to our country. and george wills had a very tough column, that if you -- trump is con that dictionary try to that effort and lindsay graham said in fact the same thing. this is an election which is going to call for us all to think of country first, not party. >> let me ask you again, could you have ever imagined that we are discussing not only the senate and the house as a result of donald trump being the develop nominee, that he could essentially shape the political earth for republicans even in the house? >> i think we may well have a wave election, you're correct, tamron, clearly the senate, i think the senate's been in play
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for a very long time, we're going to take back the senate, but i think most the thought was that the hill was too steep for democrats to take back the house, but i think trump is going to put literally scores of seats in play that would not have otherwise have been in play because people will determine, particularly when leaders of the republican party are supporting donald trump that this is not a party that they want to trust their country to are there are going to support the democrats and we're going to take back the majority control of the house of representatives. >> senator, thank you so much for your time. >> as we mentioned, senator warren made her long-awaited endorsement last night in an exclusive interview with msnbc's rachel maddow, warren staying -- from her fellow female senators to endorse clinton. last night warren was efusive in
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her praise of hillary clinton. here more of that exclusive interview with rachel maddow. >> why did you not endorse during the primary? what was your thinking during the primary, holding out when so many other democratic senators, all the women democratic senators, all of the less than democratic senators got on board with hillary clinton. senator sanders had jeff markly. you were one of the -- >> i felt the primary was really important. and it was an opportunity for democrats to get out there and show this is what it means to be a democrat. we got out there and pushed those issues forward. and we made sure that the american people saw the kind of thinking we have, the kind of energy we have, and what makes us very different from those guys on the other side. >> you think the primary was -- it was a long primary, it was a
8:14 am
tough contested primary. some people worried that that was softening the eventually democratic nominee, too much for the general, but you think it's constructive? >> i think it's constructive and i also any that what bernie sanders did was powerfully important. he ran a campaign from the heart and he ran a campaign where he took these issues and he thrust them into the spot light. and these are issues near and dear to my heart and he brought millions of people into the political process, he brought millions of people into the democratic party, and for me, that's what this is all about. i take my queue on every part of this from bernie himself and what he said right at the beginning. he said this campaign, he said what this is about, what we're doing here ask about millions of people across this country,
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millions of people who work hard every stay and just keep getting slammed. it is not about one candidate, it's not even about one election. it's about all of us, coming together to help fight, to level the playing field, to make sure that everybody gets a fighting chance. >> do you feel like senator sanders' supporters and indeed senator sanders himself who was an independent until five minutes before this race, do you feel like they have a home in the democratic party right now for real? or do you think the democratic party needs to do more, needs to change more in order to be a natural home for those folks? >> the way i see it is that there is a very big and important home here, that i think about what's at stake in this election, and i think about what happens if the republicans have the white house, the senate
8:16 am
and the house of representatives, say good buy for the affordable care act and that means 20 million people will lose their health insurance, say goodbye the dodd frank and all of those efforts to -- say goodbye, that means we can go where wall street can call the shots again, and we saw that in 2008 and say goodbye to a supreme court that is truly open and balanced and looking out for the american people. instead the republicans just want to capture a right wing court for another whole generation. i look at those things and i think about what's at stake, it's lite tramly those people's lives and the fabric of our democracy, that is what the democratic party stands for, that is what we fight for, that's why we're in this fight and that's why we have got to win. >> we're keeping an eye on
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hillary clinton's home where she's meeting with elizabeth warren. we'll bring you updates from that meeting and we'll have more from rachel maddow's interview with elizabeth warren who says she's are ready to get into this fight with hillary clinton. skands are expected to a -- one of his famous friends, the legendary aretha flank lyn, she describes their friendship has a beautiful one. we'll talk got today's goodbye to the greatest. this whereou typically shop? you should be getting double miles on every purchase! the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, everywhere, every day. not just ...(dismissively) airline purchases. seriously... double miles... everywhere.
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. here's more of rachel maddow's exclusive interview with elizabeth warren. >> people underestimated donald trump. donald trump is a genuine threat to this country. he is a threat economically to this country, but he is a threat to who we are as a people. there is an uglyside to donald trump that we all have to stop and think about what's going on here. look, i'll pick one example when we talk about him, and that is the housing crisis. remember where donald trump was in this? in 2007, a lot of people were looking and saying we have got an inflated bubble here, and donald trump was quoted, he was quited for the crash because he knew how to make money off it. he was rooting for an economic
8:22 am
crash because it was going to help line his pockets. what kind of a person does something like that, what kind of a person roots for people to be kicked out of their home. what kind of a person does that? it's a person who is an insecure money grubber who cares about nothing but himself. he doesn't care who gets hurt, as long as he takes a profit off it. that cannot, cannot be the man who leads the united states of america. >> is there -- do you have a feeling, do you feel like there's elizabeth warren's specific advice, coming from where you come from with the issues you care about and the people you -- do you have a prescription for how the democratic party's primary should wrap up? senator sanders has a rally tonight in d.c., he's going to compete in the d.c. primary, he says he's going right through to the convention, we don't know exactly what that means, but he
8:23 am
was talking tonight in this rally, when i am president, i'm going to use my executive authority. do you have a prescription for how this primary should end? >> i think it's clear now that we need to start thinking about all of us together and we need to think about the difference between us and the republicans. that's for me what the heart of this is about. you know, i want to add another part to this, because i think it really matters here. i just want to be sure i get this on the table and get it on the table early. hillary clinton won. and she won because she's a fighter, she's out there. she's tough. and i this is this is what we need. look at who she is, for 25 years, she's been taking the incomings, the right wing has thrown everything they possibly can at her. a lot of people would hang up their spurs, and say you know, i
8:24 am
have had enough of the this. but she doesn't. what she does is she gets back up and she gets back in the fight. as a democrat, one of the things that frustrates me the most, is there's a lot of times that we just don't get in the fight. ask pretty please if we can have this, or we have an argument for what we want -- we negotiate we start our opening position by negotiating that. i get the reason that you should be willing to negotiate sometimes, but you also ought to be willing to throw a punch. and there are a lot of things that people say about hillary clinton, but nobody can say that she doesn't know how to throw a punch. that's the most important way to understand her political power, her willingness to never give
8:25 am
up. her aggression, and her stance as a fighter in politics, does that make her more pal tabl to a country that has a stake in this process? >> this isn't about pal wlatable anymore. this is about what we need to survive. this is about whether or not we're going to have a country that just works for the donald trump's of the world, that just works for the largest corporations in the world. for a country is that's building an economic future. a fighter in the lead, a me male fighter in the lead is exactly what this country needs. >> you enjoy talking about donald trump, because obviously your criticism is heart felt. what role do you see for yourself? this -- in this general election contest.
8:26 am
>> i'm going to do everything i can to help hillary clinton get elected and i'm going to do everything i can to make sure donald trump doesn't come within shouting is distance of the white house. >> has hillary clinton talked to you about the prospect of being her running mate? am i supposed to talk about it more broadly, have her people take to your people? >> i snow there's been a lot of speculation about this, the truth is, i love the work i do. i can't tell you how grateful i am to the people of massachusetts, who sent me here to just wade into these fights. and now we're about to enter another big fight and that is a general election fight that pits a tough woman who's willing to lead against a small insecure bully.
8:27 am
who thinks he's going to get liz way by throwing nasty tantrums, by giving people ugly names, by saying racist and other kinds of outrageous things. and we just can't let him be the leader of this country. we can lightnine up, we can be of hillary clinton's effort to be president of the united states and to help do the things we care about. >> you're somebody who chose not to run for president united states, despite a lot of people pressuring you to do that. you still wield enormous influence that a lot of people on the inside of this party look up to you, that's why your endorsement was so coveted.
8:28 am
that's why senator sanders supporters have been so upset. they think you didn't line up with him in the primary. >> my reaction was that i thought it was important for the primary to go forward, and not to try to tilt it one way or the other, not to try to end it, really what i wanted to see is that i wanted to see democrats out there talking about our core set of issues. and let people around this country vote, let people have cauc caucuses, let them do it however they're going to do it. but their point is to get us engaged and to get us engaged on that set of issuings. rachel, can we just think about how different was five years ago, we have open conversations about the best way to make sure that young people are going to be able to get on affordable education. gosh, this matters, you know,
8:29 am
and just by the way, notice trump's view of this. you know, trump believes that you just cheat them, that's what's happening right now, this is trump university. we have taked about the best way to put more restrictions on wall street, to reign wall street in tighter. what do the republicans say? donald trump? they say they're going to roll up the dodd frank regulations. social security, fought years ago, the whole conversation around social security. i remember this, some people said, conservatives say you cut it a lot. and the moderates said you just cut it a little. and those of us who were genuinely progress sif saying this is terrible. now what's the conversation about? the conversation is got what's the best way to make social security secure going into the
8:30 am
future, and to make it work better for those who depend the most on it, for the millions of people for whom social security is all that stands between them and poverty. for the 14 million people who kouchbtd on social security, to put a roof over their heads and food on the table. these are the issues that democrats brought forward and that happened because we had a primary race, it happened because bernie sanders was in there fighting and because hillary clinton was in there fighting. >> and we will have much more of senator warren's interview including what happened when she was asked if she was qualified to be commander in chief. and the processional under way to say goodbye to boxer and humanitarian mohammed ali. aretha franklin will join us to talk about her friendship with
8:31 am
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we're back with live pictures of hillary clinton's home in washington, d.c. where she's been meeting with senator elizabeth warren for about 45 minutes now, it comes off the enzorsment of hillary clinton. >> to talk about soishlg security, it's not just enough to say we're looking at you, this really matters, it's the fact that a million americans think it matters, oh, wait, it's 2 million americans that think it matters, no, it's 4 million americans, wait, it's 10, it's 50 million americans who care about this. that's how we're going to make change. here's how i look at this, the republicans have a real advantage over us for a long time. and the principal advantage they have had is they have concentrated money and concentrated power.
8:35 am
when it's organized and concentrat concentrated, you can get out of there, you can be effective, you can put money into our campaigns, the realty is, what we have got is, we have got all the votes, we have got all the voices, there are so many more people on our side, i'm not just talking democrats here, you talk got those core issues, about social security, about college, about raising the minimum wage, about raising -- somewhere between 60% and 75% of all americans, that's democrats, republicans, lib tearians, washington this place where we are right now, this is the bubble, it's the bubble that's created by the money, it is the
8:36 am
kbubl that is created by the contributions, by the lobbyists, by every part of this fight little circle. our only chance to break out of that is that which got to say against your concentrated money and power, we have got to put up our voices and our votes, and we're going to be here in these elections and we're going to make sure that the people who run for office and get elected are the ones who are going to work for the american people that's what this all about. >> with that kind of a vision, i have one last question for you, and you'll know what i'm getting at. but take my question literally. and i know you're not seeking the job and i know you love being a senator. but if you were asked to be secretary clinton's running mate, do you believe you could be do it? and by that i mean, the most important job of being a vice president is to be ready to be
8:37 am
president if god forbid something were to happen to the commander in chief. i know you don't want the job, but do you believe you would be capable of stepping into that job and doing that job if you were ever called to do it? and i ask that because ed rendel, former pennsylvania governor said that you were in no way, shape or form ready to be commander in chief of the united states. do you think you would be? >> yes, i do. up next, ali's good friend, the queen of soul aretha franklin joins us live. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies,
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it'sand your doctor at yoto maintain your health.a because in 5 days, 10 hours and 2 minutes you are going to be 67. and on that day you will walk into a room where 15 people will be waiting... 12 behind the sofa, 2 behind the table and 1 and a half behind a curtain. family: surprise! but only one of them will make a life long dream come true. great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come. and now to our other top story, the funeral procession of mohammed ali.
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funeral services are set to start at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. some 300 dignitaries and world leaders will gather to honor ali's life. former president bill clinton, actor billy crystal and bryant gumbel will give eulogies, and joining us by phone, the queen of soul herself, aretha franklin. thank you so much for your time. >> good morning, how are you? >> we're doing well, and like so many others, wondering about you, you've known ali for many years, how does it feel on this day to say goodbye. >> ali and i go back a long way, in 1957, when i first met him, i was doing a concert out in los angeles and we were in the los
8:42 am
angeles exposition center. and this young man came through the crowd, people were just walking around, looking at different things, in the center and all of a sudden out of nowhere, we heard, i am the greatest, i am the greatest and everybody started looking around saying this and wondering what was going on. and i saw this young man, and i said who ask he? what is is this about? and he just kept saying this going through the crowd and years later we found out what that was about and he death was the greatest. >> in the legacy of your father, what mohammad ali has left, and even you own legacy, was not even about the art or the entertainment or the sport, it was also about being an activist, being a voice for the community, how do you describe
8:43 am
what alli meant to this country? >> it was a tremendous example of strength and fort opportunity in a very, very trying time in his career and i love the way he evolved in terms of his humanity and how he made contributions in and out of the country. >> i know that you collaborated through the years at charities and worked together to reach out, why do you believe it was so ingrained in him, as it was in you, to look beyond the success you were able to obtain through hard work? >> i think that it was just part of his character and his humanity and who he was. and i was just that important to him. >> when you think about the young man that you met who was yelling i am the greatest, and the mana that he came to be, wee
8:44 am
you at all surprised that he would live up to that proclamation? >> i'm a huge fight fan. i used to watch the old gillette fights with my dad, i would go and get ice cream and silt down in front of the tv and watch those fights, and as a child, jersey joe wolcott and johnny branton out of chicago, and people like that, the famous bolo punch. and of course i evolved right into ali and i was at many of his fights ringside. i had a great respect for his arteistry as a pockser and he hd great respect for me as a singer. >> i believe that you broke the mold when god gave you this voice, and you shared it with us, do you believe that ali
8:45 am
broke the mold in what he did for boxing and for humanity? >> he was an original, like a pea k pick casa or a van gogh he was truly a master. >> our thoughts are with you and all of those close with ali as we say goodbye today. >> it's a sad thing, but thank god that we had him for as long as we did. i want to take our audience to developing news out of washington, d.c., just literally seconds ago, we washed senator elizabeth warren rush from the home of hillary clinton, i believe we have the video, we're working on it, she exited the home, did not stop for the cameras, we watched her get into an suv and leave the home. casey spoke extensively to lebsz
8:46 am
warren after she left rachel maddow's show. >> no comments from elizabeth warren, who just came back out and got into her ford escape hybrid, and drove off. and we're going to work to try to find out as much as we can about her conversation here with hillary clinton. we did see midway through, houma abedin, we're not sure if she was here -- she is not somebody that we necessarily talked about as being near the top of any potential short list for the majority of this primary campaign. we have heard a lot for about names like kim kaine for example, or julian castro, the former mayor of san antonio as potential vp choices for hillary clinton. but the last couple of weeks
8:47 am
have seen new developments in this relationship between these two women, both, of course, similar phases of their lives, but with different back grounds and different focuses from a political perspective. elizabeth warren of course tapping into a lot of that progressive foundation, there were a lot of democrats who tried to urge her to get into this presidential race. months and months ago before bor bernie sanders became the progressive candidate. we know they have talked to each other on several occasions over the last couple of months, we know their staff has been in touch as well. but this of course is very high profile facing to face meeting in part of the process of getting to know each other really, this is one of the criteria that hillary clinton's aides privately say that is important. knowing that she's going to pick
8:48 am
a vice presidential nominee, she -- this is going to be a campaign, but also in governing, those can be two sets of skills, require two different types of relationships, so it will be interesting to see if they feel as if they are starting down that path. but either way, we have really seen senator warren step into a new role as an attack dog against trump, trump himself has really responded to senator warren, this started of course with a series of tweets, he lashed back at her, calling her pocahantas, a doingory name for the native american name that she has referenced in portions of her career previously. she delivered a scathing speech at the american constitution society, a political legal group. talking about trump's comments on that judge who is involved in the trump university case, but also just calling him straight up a racist and a fraud, leveling charges that, you know,
8:49 am
it might be a little bit more difficult for hillary clinton as the presumptive democratic nominee to do. and one clinton aide told me that they view her as a potential weapon of war against donald trump. even if she weren't on the ticket, she's frankly very excited about getting out there and playing this role on behalf of hillary clinton. >> thank you very much. and nbc's halle jackson at the faith and freedom forum where trump will be speaking in the next hour. what's the latest from there? >> reporter: we have heard so far from people like senator majority leader mitch mcconnell who made news earlier today when he side that donald trump should pick a running mate with some experience, because in mcconnell's words, trump doesn't know much about the issues. this talk coming just days after mcconnell was forced to defend
8:50 am
trump. trump has continued even with some concern among some in the nop class about his rhetoric, got his tone, he has continued to go after we got some reactions on this from representative martha blackburn, she supports donald trump and she would not like to use that language. she believes conservatives and many catholics here should gather and unite essentially around the candidate. the problem with republicans, there has not been that kind of unity that we have seen. will that change? that's a big question. >> we'll be right back, we are waiting for comments with donald trump and donald trump after this quick break.
8:51 am
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8:54 am
donald trump and hillary clinton is speaking soon. clinton is addressing the planned parenthood funds. trump will be addressing the faith and freedom coalition. this sunday, my series deadline crime is back for its fourth season and the premier episode. a case at green bay at a paper mill, many believed it was foul play but after extensive investigation, the results certainly disturbed that community and the people surrounding it. >> one of the men convicted, he's a vietnam war veteran and he worked at the james river mill for 22 years. he's known for organiziining employee trips and not picking on for life. >> all of the men have wives o r
8:55 am
girlfriends and children have homes and families and lives they say mean more to them an union solidarity. >> my dad was concerned that he may get it wrong and arrested. i don't think he ever thought that he was going to get convicted because he did not do anything. i think it is absolutely ludicrous to believe that six guys would spend 20 years of silence in prison away from their families just to cover up their union brothers. >> we investigated those six men and ask the question, should any of them still be behind bars. you can see the full episode on sunday at 10:00 p.m. on discovery destination. that does it for this hour, actually, we'll be right back ut,
8:56 am
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8:59 am
reports." right now, we are at war at this hour. the two party candidates driving on a revoked licensing delivering speeches right here in washington as the democrats rolling out their big guns. >> i know how hard this job will be that's why i know hillary will be so good at it. >> veeps takes. is she on the vice presidential list? >> do you believe you will be cape l of stepping up to the job if you were called to do it? >> yes, i do. >> and president obama appearing on jimmy fallon.
9:00 am
>> i don't want to name any names. >> good day everyone, i am andrea mitchell in washington where both of the candidates today are about to deliver speeches in this hour. both are in the same dc neighborhood. donald trump is speak to a conservative christian group overly skeptical of the presumptive nominee. less than a mile away, hillary clinton is taking a victory lap at the planned parenthood political action group. kasie hunt is outside of clinton's dc home and halie jackson. to you, kasie, you just had elizabeth warren who just left at this meeting. bernie sanders is exiting from the candidates


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