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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 11, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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let this be your cue to call your liberal friend who you stopped being able to speak to during this primary because you disagreed over clinton and sanders, whoever you fought with this year, take a minute to remember why you were friends in the first place. cheers. have a great weekend. good morning. i'm alex witt in new york at msnbc world headquarters. breaking news, a popular reality show finalist is shot dead outside a concert venue in florida after her performance. new details this morning. in politics could be unprecedented what the former gop standard bearer is saying about the party's current presumptive nominee. that's a ticket? could hillary clinton and elizabeth warren unite two factions of the democratic party in one bold move? and a former obama administration official with a new look at parallels between "star wars" and the current
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american political scene. all next. we begin with politics and donald trump still hasn't named his own vice presidential pick. but at a rally last night richmond, virginia, he put in his vote for hillary clinton's. >> this elizabeth warren, i call her goofy, elizabeth warren, she's one of the worst senators in the entire united states senate. she's gotten practically nothing done, practically nothing passed. if it was up to her you would have taxes at 95%. and i hope she's going to be chosen by hillary. oh, would that be great. i would love it. >> the massachusetts senator visited clinton's washington home earlier in the day, fueling further speculation she is on the vp short list. clinton was also out on the trail friday appearing at an event at the planned parenthood ax fund. she bashed trump's record with women. >> this is a man called women pigs, dog,nd a disgusting
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animals. kind of hard to imagine counting on him to respect our fundamental rights. when he says pregnant women are an inconvenience to their employer, what does that say about how he values women, our work, our contributions. do we want to put our health, our lives, our futures in donald trump's hands? >> a new poll finds trump beating clinton with at least one key group of voters, independents, they favor the republican by about a 10-point margin. it was an anti-trump voter that took the spotlight at game 4 of the nba finals in cleveland. a shirtless man with an anti-trump message on his chest rushed the court just as cavaliers floor lebron james prepared. a rally scheduled for 11:00 a.m. in tampa, florida and another just four hours later in pennsylvania. dozens are gathering at mitt
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romney's donor retreat in park city, utah expected to raise millions not for the presidential race, but help republicans keep control of congress. romney has been donald trump's critic labeling him a fraud and phony and confirming he is not voting for trump or hillary clinton in november. >> i myself will not be voting for either one of them. i can't bring myself to vote for hillary clinton. i don't think policies that she promotes are right for the country. and mr. trump i think is too great a departure from the values of our country for me to sign up as a voter for him either. i'll be writing in someone else's name, probably another republican. >> joining me now is kate martell, reporter for the hill and "the washington post" phillip bump with a good morning to you both. phillip, how unprecedented is it for former gop presidential nominee to go so openly against his own party's current nominee? >> i mean i don't know that i heard that this has happened. not only is mitt romney not
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supporting donald trump but at this point none of the bush family supporting donald trump. i think the only living former republican presidential nominee that is supporting him at this point is bob dole. it is a sign of how the republican establishmentti hasn't been able to figure out how it can, as a whole, get behind donald trump's candidacy. >> so okay. let's talk about the democrats, guys, with the surge of endor endorseme endorsements, appears democrats are uniting. paul ryan is getting questions about trump endorsement. it appears the gop is splipterred. is that how it appears and how it is in reality? >> i think it's -- i don't think that is reflective of reality. i this i that we see the democrats, the democratic leadership circling around hillary clinton. i think the democrats as a voting block are splintered. bernie sanders is still officially in this race, there is still this contest in d.c. and i think the republicans i think the republican base is much more unified around donald trump than is the republican
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establishment, paul ryan at this meeting, got a lot of grief from republicans there. so i think it's sort of the inverse of what it looks like down at the voting level. >> kate, what do you think the line is on this meeting with hillary clinton and elizabeth warren. is a vp spot poblg possible? >> you know, team clinton loves this meeting. could not have been better timed. it was a bad week to be a bernie sanders supporter. all of a sudden they have this private meeting not so private because we all knew when and where this meeting was happening. and the reason why team clinton loves this is because you know, outside of bernie sanders, senator elizabeth warren is like one of the top progressives that bernie sanders would potentially like. now i think it's interesting is i think that they could very well offer the spot to elizabeth warren but i don't know if she'd take it. i don't think she necessarily wants it. she is very outspoken and she is a policy wonk. she can get a lot of her policy platforms, progressive platforms
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done in the senate. i don't know if she'd want to give that up to have more after figure head role as a vice president. >> is there, kate, any clear buzz prospect for clinton's vp choice? >> outside of lis lelizabeth wa shrod brown and tim kaine. brown sin the battleground state of ohio and you know, sthey hav a good relationship. he's one of the best known progressives. they could choose him. i think the only drawback with senator brown is because he is from the state of ohio they are afraid of losing that state if they give up the senate seat. the other name tim kaine that comes to mind he is a good choice because he has executive experience as governor but also has foreign policy experience as senator. i think the only drawback now is he is the safe pick for them, that he's more of an establishment candidate. that might not be good in this election when it might have in
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the past. >> phillip, in one of your latest articles i'm looking at you write about trump's poll numbers slipping. that's each before the democrats started uniting. what did you find and what does this foretell for trump? >> this is based on the fox news poll, you had a graphic earlier. what happened is over the last month donald trump's support dropped 6 points. hillary clinton stayed the same. donald trump was up, now down 3. that's really a function of people giving up a little bit on donald trump. the polls at the same time this around judge curiel was going on so that may have played some role. independents moved heavily from trump to gary johnson, the libertarian candidate. i think that this is well at the same time i should note that hillary clinton was losing support, was doing worse with younger voters than she was a month ago, suggesting there is still some tension within the democratic base as well. this is a very bad sign, donald trump needs to actually keep gaining, should be doing much
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better than her because the democrats are still fractured. the fact he is in fact losing support is probably a bad sign for him over the term. >> what else, you write about trump's lack of staffing. how does that compare with the other candidates? >> it's fairly stunning. you look at a graph, hillary clinton staffed up last year. bernie sanders had a spike in staffing. trump basically has done nothing. about 100 staff, less than that now because he sort of wound down. he needs staff. one of the differences between the general and the primary he can't fly into every one of the 50 states right before election day and make a big splash. he needs to spread out where there are some reports he is going to rely on the rnc. it's not their strength. i think he needs to turn around but part of the challenge is he's worried about fundraising. how much he is going to fund raise. if he doesn't have the money he can't do much. >> and bernie sanders, what's his next move? >> clearly should be to drop out whether he does this now or later. now, to be on team bernie
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sanders right now before he drops out their next move right now is figure out what do they want out of the clinton campaign going forward. what is their wish list. from people i talked to it sounds like a few options are with they want to allow more independents on the ballot in future primaries or getting rid of superdelegates, there is vp chatter of naming bernie sanders. i don't know how much ground that holds at this point based on the tone the campaign has taken. i think the biggest option for bernie sanders is trying to negotiate wall street regulations. in the future. so his next move is drop out. what does he want in the meantime. >> so, phillip, quickly, president obama's endorsement, how much does that potentially help luring sanders supporters to hillary clinton's side? >> i think it's interesting. the combination of him and elizabeth warren is two different parts of sanders' base. the obama endorsement is trying to get young, he is popular with young people. and i think warren is trying to get the progressive arm you
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heard kate talking b. i think obama is much more popular now than six months ago. that's a good sign for the democrats. >> good sign having the both of you here. thank you so much. now to the other headline of the week, the world remembering the greatest. muhammad ali was honored yesterday in a public memorial with thousands of people paying tribute. ron allen has more. >> a huge outpouring of love and respect for the greatest. >> he is the greatest. >> thousands paying tribute as muhammad ali took his final journey through his hometown. >> as his voice grew softer, his message took on greater meaning. >> ali's widow lonnie. at an interfaith service filled with deep heart felt tributes speakers muhammad ali had selected. >> people like me who were once
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young, semigifted and black, will never forget what he freed within us. >> billy crystal brought you aly's brash fighter voice back to life. >> jones was slow, and then i rope a dope. >> he realized that life still was open to choices. >> president clinton praised ali's determination outside the ring. battling parkinson's, that 1996 olympic moment. >> no matter what it the took, the flame would be lit, the fight would be won, the spirit would be. >> ali was laid to rest in a private cemetery, a remarkably quiet tend to a light that dominated its time. and left an everlasting legacy. >> he lives in you and he lives in me and in every person he has touched in every corner of this world. >> his daughter. >> we love you so much, daddy, until we meet again, fly,
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this breaking news out of florida this morning. former "the voice" contestant christina grimmie died after being shot following her concert in orlando, florida last night. morgan has been following this store us here in new york. this is a tragedy, morgan. what happened? >> it's a tough story. christina grimmie made it on season 6 of the voice. she brought with her millions of viewers on social media.
4:16 am
hours before that show she snapchated inviting fans to join her at a show that would become her last. >> please come to the show if you live near orlando, florida. >> christina grimmie, cheerful, full of life. the 22-year-old singer and former contestant on "the voice" released this video on social media. just before tragedy struck at her latest concert in orlando, florida. >> we are at the plaza live, please come out. >> hours after this was taken a male suspect approached grimmie, as she signed autographs. >> the suspect walked up and shot christina at that point we know that her brother tackled the suspect, and that's when the suspect shot himself. >> the gunman dead, his motive unknown. the attacker had two guns on him. grimmie was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition. but shortly after her publicist confirmed grimmie suscomed to
4:17 am
her injuries. >> ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball. [ >> she came on season 6 as the third runner up competing on adam levine's team. she was a popular figure on youtube with millions of fans. the hash tag pray for christina started trending overnight. among the mourners a singer tweeting condolences. saying her thoughts and prayers with christina's loved ones. police have said that her brother is a hero from stopping this from happening to any one else. "the voice" tweeted a statement saying we lost a beautiful soul with an amazing voice and still no motive has been named. >> it's just awful. what a terrible story. what a shock for her. >> to wake up to on a saturday morning. >> thank you so much. let's now go to potentially dangerous weather. joining me kelly cass. what's going on? >> good morning, alex.
4:18 am
we are looking at a hot sweltering day, even storms that could turn severe from chicago to pittsburgh on over toward new york city and philadelphia. i know it's cool out there to start here in the northeast but eventually a warm front comes up, warms us up but gives us that chance for storms. hopefully we'll be okay for the belmont stakes. showers and storms really at any time during the afternoon all across the south. and across the west and area of severe for montana and north and south dakota. over 40 records are in jeopardy. temps from 10 to 25 degrees above average, some places even in the south are going to flirt with 100 degrees and it's not just the actual temperature on the thermometer, it's what it feels like, that heat index is going to be quite high especially with all of that humidity in the air. so for today, you've got 95 in atlanta, 93 in chicago for your blues fest, 89 degrees in dallas, even denver looking at 92 for an afternoon high today. back to you.
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>> kelly, thank you for that. to politics now and jacob rascon, the latest on the trump campaign. he is in tampa where donald trump is holding a rally a few hours from now. trump kicks off this campaign, reports of some republican insiders pressuring him to steer clear of controversies. is the campaign doing anything to keep him in check? >> reporter: right, we'll see how that works. what we are noticing is that during the primary season trump could say almost anything. we would look at the poll and the cycles, the elections that would happen the following week and it didn't seem to have an impact. now that the primaries are over, though, everyone paying close attention to see if he can still do that. he at once joked he could shoot someone on fifth avenue and his supporters wouldn't leave. now we're a couple weeks in his momentum has been jolted by his own missteps. >> what the hell --
4:20 am
>> reporter: donald trump sound more like himself again. >> we have a president that doesn't know what the hell he is doing. >> reporter: after back-to-back teleprompter speeches full attack mode in richmond. >> this elizabeth warren i call her goofy, elizabeth warren, one of the worst senators and i hope she's going to be chosen by hillary, oh, would that be great. i would love it. >> reporter: something was missing and has been for some time. >> i won every single poll. we're leading in the polls by a lot. and we are leading in every poll. remember that. >> reporter: it seems the polls that carried trump through the campaign have betrayed him now losing every time to hillary clinton, not much to brag about for more than a week. trump the presumptive nominee not as teflon as the primary contender. >> the judge who happens to be we believe mexican. >> reporter: his criticism of a federal judge prompting heavy criticism. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says that trump needs to get his act together.
4:21 am
paul ryan calling trump's comments text book racism, mark kirk unendorsing. mitt romney hosting what amounted to a closed door anti-trump meeting during which one stop trump movement leader compared trump to hitler and mussolini. and speaker ryan forced to support his support. trump's bad week resurrecting never trumpers. a survey supporting a rules change that would open the door to denying trump the nomination. amid all of it trump predickably defiant. >> we're going to win big. >> reporter: so, one more thing, during game 4 of the nba finals last night, during that i think the fourth quarter a man ran on the court, delayed the game a bit. he had his shirt off and written there was trump sucks, the gape wasn't shown, that wasn't shown on tv but on social media that
4:22 am
blew up. over the next week trump is going to have a big swing through texas, new hampshire and other states, on monday notably he has that speech planned focused specifically on hillary clinton. >> all right, jacob rascon in tampa. one of the infamous political ads ran only once. now theres is a new look at what could be learned from this ad for the 2016 campaign. ud of you. making simple, smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. like on that new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary. and smart, like you! and i like that. i guess i am pretty smart. don't let that go to your head, gary. what's in your wallet? ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them.
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[ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. named one of car and driver's 10best, 10 years in a row. ten, nine, eight, seven, six. >> it is one of the most infamous ads of all time. the so-called daisy spot produced for president lyndon johnson's campaign. often credited with helping boost him over his republican opponent barry goldwater. can the lessons apply today?
4:26 am
zach sat down with two of the ad mep behind that spot. zach joins me now. good morning to you. let's talk about the parallels between this election and '64 and what lessons today's candidates can learn from that. >> i mean i was struck a few months ago there was an ad of president johnson's that went viral and the ad's conceit was that it was an actor who was saying he was a life long republican, and that he had serious doubts about the party's nominee this year. and hundreds of thousands of people were sharing this ad this past march. it's unusual for a political ad to go viral. more unusual for it to be 52 years old. you look at what the parallels are and why this is resonating. you have controversial republican nominee who is an outsider who took on his party's leaders and dispensed with them to take the nomination. you have a democratic nominee who is almost sort of the embodiment of the establishment
4:27 am
and electorate that is deeply upset about a great many issues who feel threatened at home and abroad and you have many voters who are worried about the controversial republican nominee becoming president and gaining control over nuclear weapons. >> you are so right. i never heard barry goldwater's name so frequently these past months. let's talk about now the clinton is the presumptive nominee for the democrats, how does she need to position or sell herself against trump? >> well, when we talked with two of the gentlemen behind lbj's ads, what she needs to do is pin him down, cement the image of him in the public imagination, you know, one of the challenges that they faced that wasn't really faced by lbj's add men was that trump has a long history of being on both sides of many issues. godwater said extreme things and
4:28 am
occasionally walked them back. trump does that but he also doesn't have in the words of one of our interviewees, he doesn't have a sort of guiding set of principles. and that makes it harder. what clinton needs to pin him down to cement the image in voters' minds and what her ads need to do is come 1 a creative way to visualize the issues rather than just explaining them. rather than enunciating. come up with a way to view these things, that is as cyd meyers, the ad director said come up with an approach that just 5 degrees off center and that allows the perspective to be fresh and refreshing to voters. >> so, then what you're saying here that lloyd wright, the dnc's media coordinator suggesting stay off camera. is that part of this so that you're not just explaining
4:29 am
things? >> yes. so lloyd wright, we asked him about that. because president johnson appears in almost none of the ads from 1964. and that's such a foreign concept to us now that any political leader wouldn't appear in an ad. and the reason they did that is they wanted johnson to seem presidential and they felt that given that so many of their ads were about trying to make goldwater seem unpresidential and trying to explain just how controversial and extreme and potentially disastrous his presidency could be, having johnson be presidential, not appearing on screen and by allowing just the ad men to visualize things than having johnson go out and pitch himself, it would make johnson seem like the serious person, the adult in the room, the guy that you would want to be president. and lloyd suggested that that might be a tactic of the clinton campaign should employ. >> interesting of all of the ads so far this cycle the one that may be among the most memorable is sanders america.
4:30 am
why did that one work? is there something clinton can learn from that? >> i think it goes to the value piece of visualizing things. it's an ad that made you feel good about something, it wasn't just reciting policy proposals or having broad and trite statements about what we believe and americans coming together and everything. it showed this. it didn't enunciate. that sanders ad, i think it's really a powerful ad, david axelrod said that you know t music plays a big role in that piece. he says you know, you could just have footage of a dump truck to that song and voters would love it. >> it's a great ad. certainly memorable. appreciate it. more back lash over the stanford sexual assault case. the protest as graduation ceremonies get under way. e test
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welcome back. i'm alex witt. protests are expected at stanford university today as the effort to remove judge aaron pers perski. in stanford following this with a good morning to you, are authorities prepare forward potential unrest and protests? is that what's expected? >> reporter: alex, this protest expected to be peaceful. i want to show you this is the stanford daily, graduation edition. on the back side this is a full-page ad aimed at sexual assaults and getting the judge kicked off the bench. one million signatures calling for judge percentki's removal. >> this is a miscarriage of
4:35 am
justice. >> the signatures and petitions delivered to a judicial commission tasked with investigating complaints against judges, organizers outraged saying a 6 month sentence handed down to swimming star brock turner for sexual assault isn't justice. their cry echoing across the country. >> at most he will probably only serve three months. where's the justice in that. >> reporter: calls for an investigation from california la lawmakers and 15 others who want the sentence re-examined. >> how do you respond that the judiciary should be independent? >> they are independent. but that doesn't mean it's right. >> reporter: around the courthouse prosecutors and defense attorneys say the judge followed the law and the recommendation of the probation office. the judge ruled against at least two cases filed by attorney jim mcmahonis but in this case mcmahonis thinks the judge should stay on the bench. >> he didn't do anything wrong in this case. he followed the law, considered
4:36 am
all of the factors that the law requires. he listened carefully to all sides. everybody had their day in court. at the end of the day that was his decision. >> reporter: as stanford prepares for graduation on sunday, women's rights groups are planning a demonstration on campus to show solidarity with the survivor and condemn the judge's decision. brock turner was once an olympic hopeful. he has been banned from swimming competitively in the united states. when he gets out of jail he'll have to register as a sex owe fender which will bar him from most public pools for the rest of his life. >> so particularly relevant to the back page that you showed, they are calling for the judge's resignation for him to step down. isn't the judge a stanford grad? that's got to hurt. >> he is a stanford alum. he is also a former student athlete. he was the captain of the lacrosse team, so that's another aspect of this that a lot of people are calling into question, saying that may have
4:37 am
influenced his sentencing, of course his supporters saying that he was just following the recommendations of the probation officers in this case. but obviously something causing a lot of controversy. >> absolutely is. gadi schwartz, thank you so much. let's go to the democrats and kelly o'donnell is covering hillary clinton for us in washington, d.c. a good morning to you, my friend. mrs. clinton coming off a series of key endorsements headlined by president obama. what's next for the campaign? >> reporter: something that might surprise you, alex, it will be quiet over the weekend. no public events. we are moving into a new phase where there is not an immediate need for hillary clinton to be on the campaign trail, talking to voters. just yet. she can take a bit of a break. but that does not mean that they aren't doing important things behind the scenes. same for bernie sanders who is still in this race. and he's vowed to stay in it through tuesday's final democratic primary, that's here in washington, d.c. each of them have to make critical decisions about their
4:38 am
futures, and for hillary clinton that includes picking a running mate. so many options that a muffin shop in washington, d.c. has hillary clinton stopped by friday. >> they gave us a bunch of muffins. >> reporter: the big choice is a running mate. clinton side stepped any vp talk. >> did you talk about vice presidential possibilities? >> you guys have to try the cold chive. >> after a favor among progressives elizabeth warren paid clinton a political house call friday. an hour-long private meeting that followed warren's long-awaited endorsement. though bernie sanders has not conceded, clinton is basking in high profile support. >> i had the great honor of being endorsed by president obama and vice president biden. and by senator elizabeth warren. >> reporter: warren's running mate stock rises with her unflinching ability to go after
4:39 am
donald trump. >> you, donald trump, are a total disgrace. >> reporter: but if warren were to become vice president her replacement would be chosen by a republican governor. costing democrats a crucial seat. that's not an issue for some other senators, like minnesota's amy klobisher. and tim kaine, former governor of battle ground virginia. >> the only thing i'm doing right now for the clinton campaign is going out and campaigning and helping them win. >> reporter: other names. from the obama cabinet, labor secretary thomas perez, and hud secretary castro. a decision could be six weeks away. for now clinton is focused on trump. >> we are not going to let donald trump or any one else turn back the clock. >> reporter: one of the advantages for hillary clinton now with the big endorsements is that she will get some additional help on the campaign
4:40 am
trail. it's high profile help. president barack obama will be out there campaigning for her, dist often on his own sort of erent events and places where he has been successful before. but this week they will appear together. that's something that donald trump does not have with a big nationally known surrogate who can campaign almost in his place. >> i think they are kicking off in paul ryan's back yard in wisconsin. member of the first family, later on the next big step for malia obama. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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4:44 am
news learned that hewlett-packard ceo asked ryan how he could support trump. two people say they called him a d demagogue. he said he didn't want to go against the will of the millions who voted for trump. ryan did not attempt to persuade the mostly anti-trump crowd. but encouraged them to give their money to support the down ballot races. let's bring in joe watkins, former aide to george h.w. bush and former spokesman for the ted cruz campaign. good to see you both. >> good morning. >> joel, you first. talk about this very delicate dance that paul ryan is doing right now. >> you've got to consider who paul ryan has to think about, not just himself of course but think about all of the republicans that made him speaker of the house and a lot of those members of the house are in tight races and in many of those races donald trump is
4:45 am
very well perceived in their district. so there's a lot of pressure on paul ryan. there was pressure early on, to come out and endorse donald trump. so paul ryan has to think about party unity, think about keeping a majority of republicans in the house. and not just what he might happen to think about the matter. >> rick, here's what former romney adviser, that's lonnie chen, said about ryan's message. i know he wants to unify the party but i don't know that it can be unified given that we have a very divisive nominee. what do you think? can republicans get on the same page by november? >> i am highly doubtful at this point. you might call this, romney does this summit every year. i think this one would be labeled the out of ideas summit. i don't think meg whitman's comparison was useful. but i do think that donald trump is so unpredictable, so unconventional and so out of sync with so many republicans in
4:46 am
terms of their policies and what they believe, that he's going to continue to put republicans in a bind this way. and it is really hard to imagine who is going to go out and campaign with donald trump. even last night in richmond, virginia, he couldn't fill a 12,000 seat stadium. he got 5,000 people, that's a lot of people, but it really was i think they ought to look at for the long term of the party, not just the short-term replacing donald trump. >> and this next issue, democrats and republicans condemned donald trump over comments about the judge in the trump university case. and a lot are uneasy over attacks on elizabeth warren. let's listen to what he said last night. >> and pocahontas is not happy. she's the worst. you know, pocahontas, i'm doing such a disservice to pocahontas. it's so unfair. >> you know, there are folks at
4:47 am
the retreat saying trump has to stop using that line as well. does it matter? has the dye been cast? >> joe, sorry. >> sorry. it does matter. what matters is that anything you say as a candidate for the presidency especially as the nominee for your party can turn into a commercial later on in the fall election. so, most candidates don't wish to give ammunition to the other side. so you've got to consider carefully what you say and how you say it. and whether or not people take what you are saying as being unfair or mean-spirited. so you've got to care about it. anything you say these days can become a commercial against you. >> and rick, what about the talk of the convention push to nominate someone other than trump? realistically speaking is that any connection to reality? could that happen? >> of course it could happen. it all depends on what happens
4:48 am
between now and then. if we continue down this road the way we have been the last week or so i think you could see a real possibility that the party decides that it needs to save itself. and you know, there's a lot of complaints on the democratic side even by the rnc about the dnc and superdelegates. this is a place where superdelegates if we had them in the republican party might be able to save the republican party because they could switch their vote. now the rules committee could end up changing the rule 16-a and unbinding all of the delegates on the first ballot. trump may survive that. but at least we'd have a chance to replace donald trump. i just think that -- i think the dye is cast. we hope is not a strategic plan hoping that hillary clinton gets indicted or something like. that that's not going to happen. or it's unlikely to happen and hope is not a plan, so they really have to think about replacing donald trump on the
4:49 am
ticket. >> with whom? >> that's another problem. but i mean, obviously look, i work for ted cruz, he came i n second, he could be a viable option. but there are others and the convention could in fact do that. or, they could decide to stick with donald trump but i think it will have catastrophic results not only for this election cycle but future. >> joe, this to you, i mean paul ryan was voicing concern that pushing another nominee that undoes all of the will of the public. millions of republicans have voted for donald trump. what is your take on that? >> well, i agree with paul ryan that again, the will of millions of republican voters in these primaries was to support donald trump so he does have millions of votes behind him. he is the presumptive nominee of the party. but rick raises a bunch of good points. the republican party of course has to think about where it goes, where it heads going
4:50 am
forward and also whether or not we have a shot to win in november. and the nominee of the party will certainly impact all of the down ballot candidates. interest are governors, there are members of the senate and the house running for re-election and they are all going to be impacted by what happens at the top of the ticket. so this is a particularly critical convention and it certainly is going to make for interesting television. >> sure is. joe and rick, thank you guys. what "star wars" has to do with the election. we'll connect the dots and a galaxy not so far away.
4:51 am
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nothing will stand in our way. i will finish what you started. >> that was a clip from swars the force awakens. my next guest says the franchise has much to teach us about
4:54 am
political uprisings, the law and political economy. joining me sun seen, author of "the world according to star wars." i predict bestseller just in the title alone. cass, thanks for being here. as a former adviser for the president, i want you thoughts on the president's endorsement of hillary clinton. >> he obviously worked closely with her. they know each other extremely well. she would in many respects continue some of the policies that in his view and mind have been working. among the three vibrant candidates right now, she was the clear choice for him. >> secretary clinton has repeatedly said the investigation into her private e-mail server is not going to hinder her campaign. listen to what josh earnest said the same day president obama endorsed clinton. >> that's why the president, when discussing this issue at each stage, has reiterated his
4:55 am
commitment to this principle, that any criminal investigation should be conducted independent of any political interference and people should be treated the same way before the law. >> criminal investigation, cass, was that a slip? is it a slip? is that possibly damaging to her? >> well, i don't think so. i think the whole picture is what matters. many people have concerns as secretary clinton has suggested. but the whole picture looks very good for her, both in terms of her extraordinary record of public service and in terms of her success in the democratic primaries and in what the national polls look like. any particular issue does deserve attention, of course, as she said. but i wouldn't take that particular comment to be a problem for her. >> okay. let's get to the book now. the idea of a democracy turning itself over to a dictator, that is the theme of star wars.
4:56 am
donald trump has been called a demagogue, dictator, compared to hitler. do you see this as it's a democracy, the u.s. turning itself over to a tyrant in trump? >> i wouldn't put it that way, but i think it's a legitimate concern given some of the statements he's made in his, let's say, failure to show extremely clear respect for constitutional limits on the authority of the president, at least thus far. we've had very robust institutions and succeeded for well over 200 years in avoiding anything like collapse into dictatorship. i think for people to say this is an unusually challenging person for our institutions, that's a very fair question to pose to mr. trump. >> how about those who say trump is the populist, he's for the people, rising up against the establishment, wouldn't that make him a jedi? >> i'm not sure the force is with him. it's not clear that he's in clear touch with that.
4:57 am
you're absolutely right he has a lot of popular support. what star wars actually depicts is the rise of someone who is a tough guy and a tyrant who does have popular support. i wouldn't want to analogize any american candidate to something in the star wars movies. the fact he has popular support is not by itself sufficient, to say there aren't risks to our institution there. >> the intro of the book says star wars knows republics can be highly fragile and empires, too. success of rebellions turns on small decisions and seemingly irrelevant factors. does that sound like the 2016 presidential race sf. >> i wouldn't say that the american culture and institutions are highly vulnerable as some others have been to dictatorial control. under multiple presidents of different parties, the thought of an executive authority going off in directions that are threatening to our liberty, that's been a fair question, and
4:58 am
mr. trump, i think, puts the question in very sharp relief. to think that we have a challenge here in terms of maintaining liberties of various sorts, that is completely fair in view of some of the things he's said, and i think it is fair to say that he is a unique challenge in terms of our institutions. now, he doesn't have a thick political record. so to say if he became president everything would fall apart is certainly speculative. but there is a challenge to our institutions from the sorts of statements he's made. >> cass, what's the top thing you want people to take away from this book? >> that if your child loves you, then you can be saved in the deepest sense. and if you have a parent who is still alive, express your liberty by calling that parent on father's day and maybe tonight. >> okay. cass sunstein, that is good advice. thank you very much. >> thank you. a one-time star of "the
4:59 am
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