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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  June 13, 2016 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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worst mass shooting ever on u.s. soil. president obama calling it an act of terror and an act of hate. this morning, we'll hear more from witnesses and from family members who are still waiting to hear about the fate of their loved ones. there is also new information on the gunman, his reported pledge to isis, the claims of abuse from his ex-wife, and why he was already on the radar of u.s. law enforcement. it is 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west, this is "way too early." good morning. it is monday, june 13th. i'm chris jansing reporting live from orlando. it has been just over 24 hours since the deadliest mass shooting in american history. this morning, we know much more about the gunman, but little about his motive. at least 50 people are dead, another 53 wounded after authorities say 29-year-old omar mateen opened fire inside the pulse nightclub in orlando. fbi agents have descended on the home about 120 miles away in ft.
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pierce, florida, looking for anything that might explain why he carried out the attack. sources tell nbc news pete williams that before opening fire, mateen called 911, pledged allegiance to isis' leader, and mentioned the 2013 boston marathon bombing. according to authorities, gunfire erupted inside the club, just after 2:00 in the morning. a hostage situation unfolded. and by 5:00 a.m., police decided to go in, driving an armored vehicle through a wall. a gunfight then broke out between police and mateen, some of the audio of that exchange you can hear in this clip. during the gunfire -- a bullet hit an officer, his kevlar helmet likely saving his life. mateen was killed in the exchange. police say 30 people were rescued from the club. according to atf, mateen bought the two guns used in the shooting, just within the past week or so. a handgun and an ar-15 style
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rifle like the one you see here. investigators say both firearms were purchased legally. mateen's father posted a video to facebook last night saying he is shocked and saddened by what his son has done and here is what he tells nbc news this morning. >> was your son radicalized in any way that you know of? >> no. no, he was -- he was taking care of his family, going to work. he doesn't even have a beard. he doesn't miss his work. he was always on time. so i didn't see anything differe different. until yesterday, he was the same. >> so where did he get these crazy ideas? >> that's what i said, i wish he was alive, i could ask him that question. one question, why did you do it? >> mateen's father also told nbc news that his son became enraged after recently seeing a same sex couple kissing in front of his
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family. the fbi says it first became aware of the 29-year-old in 2013 when he made threats to co-workers, including what an agency spokesman called possible ties to terrorist activities. the fbi looked at him again, the following year, because he contacted moner abu salha, an american who travelled to syria to become a suicide bomber for al nusra. he was the first american to carry out a suicide attack in syria. u.s. officials say he tried to recruit some friends to fight in syria when he returned to his hometown in 2013. at the time, the fbi deemed mateen's contact with abu salha minimal and felt it did not pose a threat. law enforcement officials tell nbc news there is no indication mateen was in touch with terrorists overseas or that the attack was directed by someone else. meanwhile, mateen's ex-wife addressed the press yesterday, describing her former husband as unsound. for more on the investigation, let's bring in blake mccoy, who is here with me, talk of
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steroids, talk of someone unstable, what else did his ex-wife have to say. >> she said he was abusive during their short four-month relationship. they met online and she moved to florida to be with him. it was shortly after moving here she said things turned physical, he would often go into a rage according to her, set off by the smallest things like laundry not being done when he got home from work. she said she feared for her life during that relationship. take a listen. >> instability, emotional instability, sickness, mentally, he was mentally unstable and mentally ill. that's the only explanation i could give, and he was obviously disturbed. when he would get in his tempers, he would express hate toward things, toward everything. so in that respect, you know, yeah, but he was at the moment when you would see his emotional instability and turning totally different. >> they were married for four months, but things got so bad that her parents did come to florida to rescue her from that
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situation. she says she left all of her belongings behind and got out of there. he did since remarry and has a young son who is 3 years old and it is with that new family that he was apparently in miami recently where they saw a gay couple kissing, which set him off and may have led to what happened here today, a motive, though, still very much in the works as far as investigators are concerned. >> as we saw in san bernardino, so hard to fathom someone with a child, this sort of situation. we're also starting to learn more about his employer and his relationships at work. >> right. he did work for a private security company called g4s, he was a security guard at a retirement community here in florida. they say he passed two background checks and nothing came up. now, keep in mind you heard chris talk about the two fbi investigations, he was cleared in both of those cases in 2013 and 2014. so that would not have been showing up in a background check, but we did hear from an ex-co-worker who says that he was certainly unhinged, and
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would make derogatory comments, not just about gay people, but also black people, people of different races, religions, and that he had a particular disrespect for women. >> thank you very much, blake mccoy. in fact, we are getting more insight about mateen from the people who knew him. according to daniel gilroy, he and mateen worked together as security guards in florida. he said mateen was always on table, time, or a bit early. but they talked about police issues and how they handled incidents. he called him scary and toxic. >> he always referred to every other race, religion, gender, in a very derogatory, negative way. >> how about gay people? >> that was mentioned once or twice, but more so was women. he did not like women.
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at all. he did like women in a sexual way, but he did not respect them, they have too many rights and they shouldn't drive. he resented the fact that he has to be nice to these women, just to sleep with them. he was scary too in a concerning way. and it wasn't at times. it was all the time. he would kick things and slap his hands on -- he just had anger management issues. the things that would set him off were always women, race or religion. it was never finances or the weather, you know, that was his button pushers. >> gilroy said he and mateen were both issued guns through their employ, but stored them in their vehicle. let's look more closely inside the pulse nightclub in the early hours of sunday morning. one of the deejays seen hugging a woman in this photo says it was chaos after the shots were fired.
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he told the new york times at first he couldn't tell what was happening over the reggae music he was playing. there was also a mother who shared the text messages she received from her son, who said he was trapped inside the bathroom with a gunman. >> he text me at 2:06 and said, mommy, i love you. in the club. they're shooting. that was at 2:06. trapped in the bathroom. y downtown. please call police, i'm going to die. call them, mama, now. i am telling -- i'm in the bathroom. he's coming. i'm going to die. i asked him was he hurt and he said, yes, i said, are some of the people hurt, he said yes, and i said what bathroom are you in, he said the women bathroom. and then he said hurry, he's in the bathroom with us. >> after that heart breaking exchange of messages, sadly it came out this morning that her son eddie justice is on the list of those who lost their lives.
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this as other family members continue to wait, desperately hoping for some good news. >> my son was at the nightclub with his boyfriend and other friends. and i know that his boyfriend has been shot multiple times and is in the emergency room. i don't know where my son is. no one can tell me where my son is. if he's been shot, if he's dead, no one knows. but they told me there are fatalities. >> you haven't heard from -- you haven't gotten -- >> i texted him, i called him and he's not answering the phone. but he was sitting right next to his boyfriend and his boyfriend definitely was shot with multiple gunshots and taken in the ambulance. so another friend in the bathroom at the time said he heard over 100 shots, but it was
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still active, they weren't taking any bodies out of the club because they had a potential bomb in there. so i don't know if he's still in the club, if he's incapacitated or if he's dead or if he's being worked on here at the hospital. >> the city of orlando has identified 21 people who died in the orlando nightclub shooting. the names are slowly being leased and right now the youngest victim was 20 years old. the oldest, 50. as we learn their names, we're also learning their stories. according to the orlando sentinel, kimberly morris moved to the city months ago and took a job as a bouncer at pulse. author jc rowling posted a tribute to a victim, luis vielma who worked at a harry potter ride at universal orlando. another universal orlando employee tony morero survived
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the massacre, shot in his leg and his back. a 26-year-old survivor, angel cologne shot three times inside the nightclub. this photo was taken after he got out of surgery. i want to bring in nbc's sarah dallof at orlando regional medical center with more on their work to treat the dozens still wounded. good morning. >> good morning, chris. authorities continuing the difficult task this morning of identifying those killed and notifying their families. you touched on that website, that heart breaking list of names as we learn more about the dead and about the injured. now, this hospital here, it is just a few blocks away from the scene. level one trauma center. it is where a lot of the injured were immediately taken, following the shooting. it has become one of the places that families come to try to find information, find a locate of their loved ones during the past 24 hours. you talked about the injured, talked about tony morero there,
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he was one of the injured, one of the 53 injured and his family opened up following the shooting. >> they're kids and they happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. it is the worst feeling that any mother could go through, anyone. i really wish that this would never happen. if i could turn the clock back, it would be the greatest thing, but i pray for them, i hope they find peace. >> there has been a huge outcry of support and love for those injured and those killed, but right now, police are actually asking the public to hold off on any vigils or public memorials saying they're already straining resources now, they need to be dedicated to the investigation, chris, and to the victims. >> thank you so much. still ahead on "way too early," president obama calls what happened in orlando an act of terror and an act of hate. we'll have more of his response from the white house as well as that of the two presumptive
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so talk to your doctor, and for more information, visit although it is still early in the investigation, we know enough to say that this was an act of terror, and an act of hate. today marks the most deadly shooting in american history. the shooter was apparently armed with a hand dwun agun and power assault rifle. this massacre is a further reminder of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a weapon that lets them shoot people in a school or in a house of worship or a movie theater or in a nightclub. and we have to decide if that's the kind of country we want to be. to actively do nothing is a decision as well. >> president obama addressing the nation yesterday. by nbc's count, his 15th time.
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it did not take long for the candidates hoping to succeed president obama to react. donald trump tweeted, horrific incident in florida, praying for all the victims and their families, when will this stop? when will we get tough, smart and vigilant? a short time later he added, appreciate the congrats for being right on radical islamic terrorism. i don't want congrats. i want toughness and vigilance. we must be smart. hillary clinton sent a personal tweet, quote, woke up to hear the devastating news from florida, as we wait for more information my thoughts are with those affected by this horrific act. awaiting comment from the president, trump tweeted, is president obama finally going to mention the words radical islamic terrorism? if he doesn't, he should immediately resign in disgrace. he also-- after the president
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spoke, trump released a statement. in his remarks, president obama disgracefully refused to say the words radical islam. for that reason alone he should step down. he added, if hillary clinton after this attack still cannot say the two words radical islam, she should get out of this race for the presidency. hillary clinton has posted a highly -- has postponed a highly anticipated rally later this week. similar statements from the campaign and the white house said wednesday's event in green bay will be rescheduled. clinton, however, will deliver a planned speech today in cleveland, though her remarks are being rewritten in light of this attack. this speech had an economic focus but will now include comments on terrorism and hate. donald trump also scrubbed a rally in portsmouth, new hampshire, but is keeping an appearance in manchester this afternoon, to deliver what his campaign calls a major speech on threats to the nation.
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now, let's get a check on your weather with bill karins. good morning. >> good morning, chris. let's get everyone out the door as we start our workweek. as far as the worst weather in the country goes it heading out of kansas and going to woodward, oklahoma. does not look like it will hit oklahoma city, will stay west to elk city. other areas of concern, rain and thunderstorms in northern wisconsin. later today, severe weather will return to the central plains, the possibility of isolated tornadoes, but the largest threat here, in this area of orange, is the enhancement, large hail possible and damaging winds. on the edge of the denver metropolitan area, of the cheyenne and over to interstate 80 to north platte and royal sesec sections of kansas. much cooler today, areas of d.c., around 83. philadelphia is enjoyable. new england, chilly this morning in some cases. beautiful afternoon. and it was very hot over the weekend from the ohio valley right through the mid-atlantic,
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much of the south, still hot, 97 today in atlanta. 92 in charlotte and st. louis is 95. and then tomorrow, we take the chance of severe weather from kansas, moving it to areas of missouri, iowa, watch st. louis carefully too, potentially severe weather, isolated tornadoes, that will be for your tuesday forecast. that's a wrap of weather, also one major sports story last night, and that was the pittsburgh penguins taking home lord stanley's cup. after trading goals with the sharks, all pittsburgh would need is chris la tang's go ahead score. an empty netter makes it a 3-1 victory for the penguins, fourth stanley cup title in franchise history. exactly seven years since last hoisting the trophy. pittsburgh's sidney crosby earns his first conn smythe trophy as layoff mvp. they did appropriately start the game with a moment of silence, reflecti reflection, in observance of those affected by the tragic events in orlando. back to you. >> thank you so much. still ahead, more from here
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welcome back to "way too early." the victims of orlando's mass shooting are being honored from coast to coast. here is a memorial from san francisco where people left flowers and notes.
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a memorial also went up outside a stone wall inn, the historic gay rights landmark in new york city, where hundreds gathered to pay their respects. also in new york, the empire state building went dark while the spire of one world trade center lit up in rainbow colors in solidarity with the lgbt community. the events in orlando cast a pall on the 70th annual tony awards, broadway's biggest night. tributes and dedications to the people of orlando were added. the cast decided they would do a performance without muskets in the song york town that re-en t re-enacts the 18th century battle. the most moving moment of the night from lin-manuel miranda, when he won the award for best score, accepting the honor in the form of a sonnet about saturday night's tragedy. >> my wife is the reason anything gets done. she nudges me toward promise. she's the perfect symphony of
2:55 am
one, our son is her most beautiful reprise. we chase the melodies that seem to find us until they're finished songs and start to play. when senseless acts of tragedy remind us that nothing here is promised, not one day. the show is proof that history remembers. we live through times when hate and fear seems stronger. we rise and fall and light from dying embers remembrances that hope and love last longer. and love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love cannot be killed or swept aside. i sing vanessa's symphony, eliza tells her story, now fill the world with music, love and pride. thank you so much for this. >> the musical won 11 tonys out of a possible 16 nominations, including best musical. and with just one award short of tying the 2001 musical the producers for the most ever. the night was also a history-making one for diversity in theater as for the first time
2:56 am
all four musical acting categories were won by people of color. and back here in orlando, a final personal thought, my cab driver said to me, near tears this morning, bad things happen to good people and so this morning we remember the good people. we remember the victims and their families and we pray for them as we do for this community, as we do for this community, as we do for the lgbt community, two parents said to me yesterday, i'm so afraid for my child. we also remember the families of victims from sadly columbine to sandy hook, boston to san bernardino, who are remembering their pain as well. this morning, in the orlando sentinel, the editorial board wrote, beyond offering our abundant prayers and sympathy we must ensure those who survive, who forever carry the scars from the trauma know that they are not alone today, tomorrow or in the months or years to come. let our community divine itself,
2:57 am
our unequivocal response united. that does it for me on "way too early." i'll be back live on "morning jo joe." what could have stopped omar mateen from perpetrating the deadliest massacre in u.s. history? we have that and much more coming up next on "morning joe." e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars. i have an orc-o-gram we for an "owen."e. that's me. ♪ you should hire stacy drew. ♪
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what was your reaction when you saw the news. >> i saw bodies falling, screaming, the person next to me shot, i fell down, crawled out. >> he was mentally unstable and mentally ill. the divorce took a year and a half to finalize. >> this is a sobering


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