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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 14, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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the main contribution of some of my friends on the other side of the isle have made against the fight of isil is to criticize me and this administration without using the word "radical is slam." muslims are our partners. it appears to be an angry and disturbed young man who became radicalized. >> i looked over and he shoots the girl next to me and i am just there laying down and i am thinking i am next, i am dead. >> just a few moments ago, president obama absolutely taking donald trump to task for what many have called anti-muslim rhetoric in the wake of terror attack here in orlando. the president's speech coming after meeting his national security council. we want to play a chunk of ta speech a few moments ago.
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before we do that, i want to let you know we are expecting a news conference to happen here in orlando of any moment now. a news conference at the hospital where we are expecting to hear from at least one of the doctors and perhaps, one of the survivors from the massacre when that happens. we'll go to it. we start with president obama explaining why he does not use trump's preferred phrase, radical islamic terrorists and also contrary to donald trump that does not mean they are not taking the fight against terrorists seriously. here is the president a moment ago. >> they don't knknow well who t is. >> and protecting all americans of our military, including politicians who tweet and appear
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on cable news shows. they know who the nature of the enemy is. so there is no magic to the phrase "radical islam." it is a political talking point, it is not a strategy. the reason i am careful about how i describe this threat has nothing to do with political correctness and everything to do with actually defeating extremism. dpr groups like isil and al-qaida want to make this war, a war between islam and america or islam and the west. they want to claim that they are the true leaders of over a billion muslims around the world who reject their crazy notions.
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they want us to validate them by applying that they speak for those billions plus people that they speak for islam. that's their propaganda, that's how they recruit. if we fall in the trap of painting all muslims with a broad brush and imply that we are at war with an entire religion? then we are doing the terrorist work for them. we now have proposal from the presumptive nominee, republican nominee for president of the united states to bar all muslims from immigrating to america, the language that singles out immigrants and suggests that entire religious communities are complacent in violence.
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where does this stop? the orlando killer, the san bernardino killer, the fort hood killer, they were all u.s. citizens. are we going to start treating all muslim americans differently? are we going to start subjecting them to special surveillance? are we going to start discriminating them because of their faith? we have heard these suggestions during the course of this campaign. do republican officials actually agree with this? because that's not the america we want. president obama just a few moments ago, we are told in the white house briefing is also
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going to be starting in just a few moment, ron allen in the briefing room at the white house. president obama openly mocking the presumptive nominee, republican nominee. >> i thought that was an extraordinary statement. i don't think we heard the president expressed such anger and frustration, you see a lot of things coming together here. the attacks in orlando clearly angered the president and he's upset about that. the gun law issue frustrated to him because he tried various steps and taking executive actions but the administration sees nothing more to move that issue forward and the issue of muslims of america and how minorities are treated. in that moment there, the fight against isis and terrorism and the criticism the president is faced in that front, that moment
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you saw all of this come together as a president essentially then and saying what he deals with all of this and clearly he just laid all of this at donald trump. it was a moment of candor and bluntness and i think we'll hear much more of that coming forward as the election coming up. the president feels strongly about all of this and he took every opportunity to weigh in. remember, this was supposed to be a briefing following the terrorist of isis and for a lack of a better phrase, it was a partisan campaign statement, again, just the president unplugged really saying what he feels. craig. >> ron there in the briefing room. we got a close eye and ears on that briefing. at the bottom of your screen, the survivor here in orlando
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expected to speak any moment now. now, lets get to halie jackson, in jegreenville north carolina, that's where donald trump is holding a rally. i just checked donald trump's tweet and i have not seen anything yet. had there been any response to president obama's speech moments ago? >> reporter: no reaction, we have reached out to the campaign to see if they have the response to the president's force full words that you just heard that ron talked about. no tweets from donald trump either. his most recent talking for the need of extraordinary screening and talking about how this country need to get tough and smart and very vigilant. with that said, craig, i think what you can expect to hear from donald trump and likely tonight is what we have heard in the past when president obama has begun to go after him. this is trump turning vote barrels on not just president obama but on hillary clinton as
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well. it is our understanding that trump is eager to get back out on the campaign trail. he's got a series of them set out throughout the week. for trump and this is an opportunity for him and he will likely see this as an opportunity to continue to go after president obama and defending himself on temperments. it is tough to see how strong these words are and how emotional president obama looks and particularly when it comes to the phrase "radical islam." it is something that donald trump has been talking about. you heard a strong review not just from the president but from hillary clinton too expecting to hear donald trump talking about it here in north carolina tonight. >> halie jackson, thank you, lets bring in kristin welker now. >> where bernie sanders and hillary clinton is scheduled to meet face to face.
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while we were listening on president obama, i also had my ears on hillary clinton's speech. he was giving the speech in pittsburgh and that speech sounded at times very similar, almost word-for-word, similar to what president obama was saying. >> it almost seems like the speeches were coordinated. president obama just endorsed secretary clinton so we know they are hitting the campaign trails soon. they cancelled their first appearance which was scheduled this wednesday. there is no doubt these speeches were coordinated. secretary clinton frequently argued he fail the test for his policy. clinton saying instead it is important to work with muslims here and to fight against terrorism but screening him for those controversial comments he had made that she argued in races and ethnically charged
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comments and arguing that the latest attacks accusing president obama somehow being linked to the attack in orlando crossed the line. >> what donald trump is saying is shameful and disrespectful to the people who killed and wounded from their families. it is yet more evidence he's unfit and totally unqualified to be commandeering chief. [ cheers ] >> reporter: so i think that's again a preview of what we can expect to hear from secretary clinton and president obama when they end the campaign trail together. sn senator sanders is just here t he left and went down this hall
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and headed to the capitol building where he will be having a lunch and he will be meeting with hillary clinton and party unity. secretary clinton needs that heading antonio the general election. >> kristin welker for us this afternoon. that meeting is set to happen this evening between bernie sanders and hillary clinton right now. right now from where i am standing of a news conference is under way, we just saw one of the survivors being wheeled in in his hospital bed and the other wheeled in a chair, we'll hear from those survivors and told also one or two of the doctors who helped them in orlando, lets listen in. >> we are continuing to heal and grieve. without further adieu, i will introduce our trauma surgeon who was here on sunday caring for
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our patients. doctor harris. >> thank you, the same sentiment, my heart and our community, i am sure the nation in the world going out to both angels and patients and of all the patients we treated and all the victims and my prayers going out to the wonderful community. i want to introduce myself, i am brian, i have angel on my left. on sunday morning and these are two great people that i think just found themselves in the wrong place and at the wrong time, we see it everyday of the trauma center is something that touched every one of us around the world. i am not going to waste much more time. i am happy that they are doing well and they are here with us today. i am going to leave it at that and let them talk to them and tell their stories. thank you.
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>>. [ inaudible question ] >> so i arrived at pulse nightclub probably around 12:30 and i was there with two other friends and we just had a good time dancing and talking, toward the end of the night, we moved towards the rear bar which of the latin bar section. that's where i ended up with my friends and right around 2:00 is
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where they stopped serving alcohol that's when we heard the first round of shots. so, immediately, my friend and i fell to the ground to take cover and my initial thoughts were maybe it was an altercation, stay to the ground until it is over. then we heard additional round going off, at that point, my friend and i ran to the bathroom and there was a bathroom to our left and right and the left had a large handicap stall and when we arrived there were people hiding in that stall. we continue to hear the fire and we dropped todd t the ground. i hid as much as i could underneath the sink.
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there was not much protection there but i thought it was better than nothing. my friend jeff who was in front of me. there were a couple of people surrounding us. i believe overall maybe about 15, maybe 15 to 20 people in that handicap stall just hiding. so, we just continued to hear gunfire. i remember when is it going to stop. i just keep on hearing fire over and over again and it kept on getting louder and closer and i can actually start to smell the gun powder, i am not sure. it kind of smells like fire cracker. everyone in the stall where we were, we are all trying to be as quiet as possible. we did not want to draw attention, the gunfire kept oncoming closer and closer. at one point everyone was just
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like be quiet, be quiet. and, that's when bullets started going through the stall wall towards us. i cannot recall how many bullets but it is unbelievable. a my left foot on my right kn knee -- my friend who was with me was hit as well and his injuries are worst than mine. overall, it was a lot of blood and a lot of people hit and even some fatalities which were apparent immediately. everyone is just panicking. after the shots stopped, -- at
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that point we were just trying to be as quiet as possible because we did not want to atrack h atra attract him down to us. we are trying to kneel down. trying to explain to the operator what was going on of continuous gunfire. since time went by and it kind of quiet down a little bit. i finally heard the police arrived. i heard this yelling "drop it, hands up." i don't know what was going on. eventually, it got quiet down some more. i was bleeding and jeff was bleeding a lot. i was on the ground with a pool
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of blood, i was not sure. it was from my friend jeff. he was hit and with a hole right here. he was sweating. my thought process was do we stay here or wait for the shooter to come back or do we try to leave? so i tried maneuvering so i can exit and i saw people said stay here, don't go anywhere, you will get killed. i stayed there for a little while and it just got quiet down. all i heard was police chattering from the radio in a distance, i did not hear any gunfire. at that point, i decided to drag myself underneath the stall to exit the handicap stall that we
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were. once i got out of there, there, i saw there was a body in front of the door on the opposite side. i didn't see anyone else around so i could not walk so i had to drag myself out of the bathroom towards the bar area where i was initially, and -- until i actually saw the face o f the police officer. so when i finally saw the police officer, i started waving the light so he could see me. and, at that point, the officer instructed me with my hands dropped and he instructed me to drag myself towards them. i yelled, there are people shot and people who were kill inside t and needed my help. they were not coming towards me. they told me to come towards them. once i got close enough, a couple of the s.w.a.t. grabbed
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me by the arm as and dragged me outside. i saw my friend were shot and several people are dead. there are at least 15 people that we need your help and need someone to go in there. at that point, they're asking me exactly where the bathroom was and after i told him that, he put me in the ambulance and brought me here. i didn't -- after that t, i did not know what else was heard. i didn't see the face of the shooter, i didn't know if it was a female or male. it was until i actually saw on television of what the shooter actually looked like. i didn't know anything about my friend jeff of the third friend we were with. it was a matter of get to the hospital and i was grateful to the staff because by the time i got to the hospital, they said
10:21 am
my blood pressure was very low, i was dizzy and cold and they gave me two units of blood to stabilize me and after that it is just been here. thankfully i heard that my friend he was in critical condition and he's in stable. my third friend, she did not suffer any injuries, she's doing very well but i am just grateful to be alive because after seeing this occur, i don't know how i am alive today. that's pretty much what i know. [ inaudible ] >> one of the survivors describing how he managed to hide in the bathroom when the
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because credit isn't just a score. it's a skill. and you can get better. experian. be better at credit. some breaking news right now, nbc has confirmed that the democratic national committee was hacked by two russian intelligence agencies. the hackers had access to dnc databases and communications. since sometimes last summer, the main target believed to be opposition research on the presumptive nominee, donald trump. i am joined now by former ambassador, thank you for being with me. how unusual is this kind of cyber breach by russians. >> the russian government and the intelligence agency and proxy have tremendous
10:26 am
capabilities. i think we grossly under estimate these capabilities. they are at this every single day targeting political elites in this country and trying to gather information. >> we should note here that the washington post wrote this story. we were the first on the air with it. again, roughly an hour ago. let me ask you again, for viewers and listeners may not understand, again, these two russian agencies reportedly briefed the dnc as early as last summer, it is not clear if they were working together. how do the russian intelligence agencies work? >> well, their job just like all intelligence agencies around the world is to gather information
10:27 am
on competitive nation to inform leaders of what his happening. we do this two and what's different of russia, they just have way more capability than most other countries in the world and so they can be on your system as it sounds like they were with dnc for a long time and not noticing they are on your system and throughout that time, they are gathering data and feeding it back to their ears. >> what kind of data and information to get the servers? >> they look for data of everything, they look for security data and business data and obviously here, they are looking at political data and how they would use that as information, i have no way to speculate what their ulterior motives were. they were spying on us and
10:28 am
having real capabilititieies to it. we have not figured out the rules of the road yet, what is appropriate or what is not. the rules and the treaties and the institutions if you will have not caught up yet to these new capabilities that russia have be chinese have and by the way, so do we >> the russian embassy says they got no knowledge of any of this stuff, you are buying that? >> i actually think that's probably true. that'll be the last ones to know about what their intelligence agencies are doing in this regard? former embarraambassador, thankr the insights. >> we are back of what the wife of the shooter here in orlando knew about the horror that her husband is planning to unleash
10:29 am
and donald trump's response, senator harry reid ripping on the nominee on capitol hill today, take a listen. >> within an hour of the shooting, trump congratulated himself. he suggests that our president, one of secretary clinton's aid is one of the terrorists. with's range of properties, rebel and key can wing it all the way to jordan and chelsea'wedding. rumble! road trip. there she is. uhuhh, oh, oh, oh, what?
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hidd valley cucumb ranch just one of our delicious ranch flavs. experience the thrill of the lexus is f sport. because the ultimate expression of power, is contr. this is the pursuit of perfection. breaking news report right now on america's deadliest mass shooting in orlando. six patients remained in their hospital all in fair condition. staffs at orlando regional medical center, that's where the majority were taken. 27 folks are still in the hospital there. six of them are in intensive care and also at this hour, fbi sources telling nbc news that the shooter's current wife told the fbi that she drove omar
10:33 am
mateen to pulse prior to the night of the shooting. the fbi also investigating report that is the shooter not only had visited pulse on multiplicati multiple occasions but he may have been using gay dating apps as well. >> lets go to our pete willia. i know you have got some new reporting on what the wife is telling investigators. at this point, do we know when she reportedly to take her husband to the nightclub here? >> we don't have the dates on it. we are told from some people, she said that she drove him to the pulse nightclub on one location and to another location where he's considering attacking. she tried to talk him out of doing anything violent. it is not 100% clear to us of how extensive her knowledge was.
10:34 am
it was enough officials say that she was concerned that he was dpoi going to do something violent and he try to dissuade hall-of-fahim. whether she knew if he's going to attack the nightclub, that, we don't know. the question now for authorities is they want to continue to question her, she's been cooperative but some are considering the anthropologipos filing charges against her failed to come to authorities with this knowledge. the fact that she drove him around is in furtherance of this plot. we are told that no decisions have been made.
10:35 am
>> our justice correspondence is following this story for us now. kerry sanders now, he's joining us outside over in mateen's home in fort pearce, florida. you just spoke with mateen's father a few moment ago, what did he say? >> reporter: well, i am here at mateen's home. that's the father of the gunman. you can see that there is some microphone set up. he's going to come out and speak to us a little bit again. upstairs that's where we believe he is. she has not come on camera and has not made any public statement. there maybe some criminal charges. this is what her father, in la the gunman's father had said to us about this recent incident. >> do you think your daughter in law helped your son commit this crime? i don't think so.
10:36 am
>> have you asked her that. >> do you know anything about her son's sexuality? >> as long as i know -- it came from the news and i believe that he was whatever you call it. i have to wait to find out myself. would it surprise you to hear that -- >> he's 29 years old and i doubt it. >> reporter: so there you hear the gunman's father saying that if his son were gay, not only he not know it but saying that would have been something that his son would have done with his life and not necessarily
10:37 am
including him and of course, in the afghan culture, the community of afghanistan, they look poorly upon homo sexuality. >> we are told that the father will be holding a news conference here in a few hours. any idea of what we can expect from that. >> i am not sure whether he actually provides more information we are waiting to see, we certainly asked him questions the last couple of days and there is a certain reputation of what he's saying. i am curious whether they'll retain legal councils by the time he's holding this. his daughter in law and i have asked and thus far she has turned down any requests to talk to us about what she knew about
10:38 am
this and suspected her husband were following through with this. >> he's outside the house with the gunman's father and along with the gunman's wife. fantastic work there. thank you for that. we'll take a quick break in orlando, we'll talk more with the victims and talk more with those survived of this massacre of our u.s. history. this is msnbc we'll be right back. why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? why do so because whenses they ship with us, thr business becomes our business. that'shy we ma more commerce deliveries homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. commerce deliveries
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what are you doingetting faster. huh? detecting threats faster, responding faster, recovering faster. when your security's built in nojustolted on, and you prott the data and not ju the perimeter, you get faster. wow, speed kills. systems open to all, but closed to intruders. trusted by 8 of 10 of e world's largt banks. just a few moments ago, we got our first response to donald trump. here is that tweet again just posted on trump account. thank you for the lgbt community. i will fight for you while hillary clinton brings people that there threaten your
10:42 am
freedoms and beliefs. >> meanwhile back here in orlando, i am joined my adam who lost two very close friends inside that pulse club. both of them were gunned down and they will be buried side by side. we found that out a short time ago. adam, first of all, i am so very sorry, we are all very sorry for your loss. tell us about your two friends and a little bit juan and drew. >> they were two great people. they were deeply in love. they have been together for about two years. and, both their smiles were were -- they both care extremely
10:43 am
about people. they were definitely for a lack of better terms, soul mates. it is such a tragedy that this has happened here. we are all very, very hurt. >> my understanding they were planning on getting married? >> that's true. they were two hearts with love and one another. and, words just cannot describe the loss that we feel. >> one other thing that continues to strike me here and struck me after charleston and after newt town and the north here. i saw thousands of people
10:44 am
supporting. what do you want to see come frg a from all of us. >> i want to see that we are coming through. i don't think it is possible as long as there are people just like our, find our freedoms revolting and wanting to, you know, impose their own version of devine dui taictatorship. >> i want to pull up this tweet that we got from donald trump. this is his message. thank you to the lgbt community, i will fight to you while hillary clinton bringing in people threaten your freedoms
10:45 am
and beliefs. what do you think of that. >> everything he says, i don't know if he's a conspiracy person. i don't see how people can take him seriously. he has not done much for the lgbt community so -- it is just one of his tweets. >> we'll leave it there. thank you. >> we are here more today from family members and friends of the 49 victims. twelve of them pictures. his friend talked to our colleague, chris jansing. >> chris was an incredible caring person, he cared so much about the community and so it is devastating. hmmmmmm.....
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just a few moments ago, we heard from the first time of a hostage inside the pulse nightclub here in orlando is now recovering at the hospital. carter describes in the bathroom, she heard him on the phone while he was talking to authorities. >> everybody can hear him and the reason why he's doing this because he wants america to stop bombing his country and from that conversation from 911 he pledges allegiance to isis and he started speaking and i believe after he got off the phone with 911, he started speaking in arabic. now that i know it was arabic
10:50 am
because i first i did not know what the language was. after that, he spoke to us directly in the bathroom. he said are there any black people in here. i was too afraid to answer. there was an african-american male in the stall where most of my body was answered said, yes, there are about six to seven of us and the gunman responded back too him saying, you know, i don't have a problem with black people, this is about my country. you guys suffered enough and he just -- he made a statement s saying it wasn't about black people. >> my god. a survivor there. a short time ago, patience carter describing those moments inside the bathroom. i'm joined by the pastor of the emanuel ame church in charleston, south carolina and ir ironically enough, i suppose, from that sound bite to this,
10:51 am
the race of people mattered completely when kill ldylann ro stormed into that church one year ago friday. you were supposed to be in d.c. for a summit as i understand it and changed your plans and said you just had to be here. why? >> in d.c. i was to be honored. here, i'm a servant. i wanted to come here so i could be with the people here in orlando. >> you were at the vigil last night and watched speaker after speaker get up and talk about this community and talk about how this was not just a crime against a group of people, against all of orlando and america. it's been one year since what happened in charleston. how is that community doing and how is mother memanuel doing? >> we're doing well and have
10:52 am
days we cry and mourning but for the most part we're moving forward. >> you've also become an outspoken part of advocate of gun control. and i want to play something from president obama. >> actually be tough on terrorism and stop making it easy as possible for terrorists to buy assault weapons. reinstate the assault weapons ban. make it harder for terrorists to use these weapons to kill us. otherwise, despite extraordinary efforts across our government, by local law enforcement, by our intelligence agencies, by our military, despite all the sacrifices that folks make, these kinds of events are going to keep on happening. >> after newtown, i was there and remember a lot of talk about change and charleston, there was
10:53 am
talk about making it more difficult for people who demonstrated in the past for mental issues or substance abuse issues making it difficult to get guns, that didn't happen then. 50 people mowed down inside a nightclub by one man. do you think it changes this time? >> well, i have to hope. as a clergy person, hope is what i do. but as the national spokesperson for the brady campaign, i urge, i ask strongly that lawmakers would close the terror loophole. that this might be the last time we have an interview such as this. >> we'll leave it there, reverend clark, thank you so much as always for your time. >> can i have a hug? >> you can. >> it's not normal but thank you. >> we're still on television. that's okay. we'll get reaction from capitol hill where democrats staged an all out revolt last night as speaker ryan tried to hold a
10:54 am
moment of silence for orlando victims. will this tragedy be different? up next. time for your entreprene entrepreneurial business of the week. they knew nothing when they opened their orlando based cafe. and knew a little more opening the second store but they needed help. and we'll have more. ♪ try your favorite rah with a fresh taste so crisp, you'll be surprised it doe't crunch. hidden valley cucumber ranch. just one of our delicious ranch flavors.
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if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. 's covered by most health plans. velazquez. two days after the attack in orlando, president obama addressed america on the fight against isis and push for gun control last hour. >> we have to make it harder for people who want to kill americans to get their hands on weapons of war that let them kill dozens of interest s innoc. it is absolutely true, we cannot prevent every tragedy. but we know that, consistent with the second amendment there are common sense steps that could reduce gun violence. >> so what can congress do to move the needle on new legislation or pending legislation? congressman joe crowley, democrat from new york joins me
10:58 am
now. first of all, i want to get your reaction to the president's remarks last hour. >> i think it's poignant, the president is frustrated. how many times has he had a give a speech like this and nothing coming from congress. continuous nothing at all. moments of silence and after that complete silence. it has to be frustrating for him and the american people as well. >> congressman, i know sometimes when you and your ilk get on television you say one thing, but then when you're in private with your lawmaker buddies, you say something else. what's the sense that you get from those opposed to meaningful gun control legislation? what's the sense you get from them in private conversations? what are they saying to you when there are no cameras around, why not? >> it's interesting to say your ilk. the level of conversation on this issue in private is nil. there's not a lot of discussion going on at all about this in private.
10:59 am
and i think you saw that level of frustration on the floor yesterday. when i was one of many on the democratic side of the caucus asking for the bill. where is the bill? where is a bill? give us something to address some part, some aspect of this crisis that's in america today. 30 people a day are gun down by gun violence. we wouldn't have enough time on the floor for a moment of silence for every person gunned down in america today let alone get anything else done. i think, craig, the reality is we need to have more of a discussion but actually take action. we have a bill called the no-fly no buy. it makes sense, if you're on the no-fly list you shouldn't be able to buy a weapon in the united states. >> kentucky joe crowley. i wish we had more time and you come back to join me. thank you. >> love to do it, thank you, craig. >> we have much more live coverage in orlando including a
11:00 am
brand new interview with hillary clinton my colleague just wrapped up a few moments ago, thomas roberts picks things up right now. >> hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. thank you, craig. we have much more coming up in this hour. we are live reporting once again from orlando, just a block away from the pulse nightclub. we just got new information, hearing from the first time from the survivors of the massacre of the nightclub counting the sheer horror that happened inside pulse. >> the gunman entered the bathroom and was shooting his machine gun, so we're all like scrambling around in the bathroom screaming at the top of our lungs when he was in there for the first time and people were getting hit by bullets and blood everywhere. there was a moment he stopped shooting


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