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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 14, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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brand new interview with hillary clinton my colleague just wrapped up a few moments ago, thomas roberts picks things up right now. >> hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. thank you, craig. we have much more coming up in this hour. we are live reporting once again from orlando, just a block away from the pulse nightclub. we just got new information, hearing from the first time from the survivors of the massacre of the nightclub counting the sheer horror that happened inside pulse. >> the gunman entered the bathroom and was shooting his machine gun, so we're all like scrambling around in the bathroom screaming at the top of our lungs when he was in there for the first time and people were getting hit by bullets and blood everywhere. there was a moment he stopped shooting in the bathroom and when everyone looked around and
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when i first realized my leg was shot. >> before we go with the new comments from the president to talk about this hour, where president obama was holding nothing back and taking on donald trump directly and his recent remarks. >> we now have proposals from the presumptive republican nominee for president of the united states to bar all muslims from immigrating to america. you hear language that singles out immigrants and suggesting entire religious communities are complicit in violence. where does this stop? the orlando killer, one of the san bernardino killers, the fort hood killer, they were all u.s.
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citiz citizens. are we going to start treating all muslim-americans differe differently? are we going to start subjecting them to special veins or are we going to start discriminating against them because of their faith? >> we have this covered from every angle from the campaign trail, that includes from washington and overseas. i'm joined by ron allen live from the white house for us. katy tur following the trump campaign and kasie hunt in pittsburgh where hillary clinton just wrapped up a rally a short time ago and richard engel is nbc's chief on for correspondent. what more are you hearing from the administration about the president and why he decided to come out so forcefully today and specifically going after the remarks of donald trump? >> reporter: think about it, the president was just in a room with two dozen of national
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security advisors. the issue was intense about isis and the comments donald trump made about islamic radicalism really bothers president obama. a lot of comments coming together today in his remarks. the election season, i would argue, is over for him. primary season is over. you have all these things coming. the attack in orlando. the president has said on a number of occasions, his inability to stop this sort of carnage on the streets of america is one of the most frustrating things he has encountered during his time in office and all these things coming together. the president said what's on his mind. he has very little time left at the white house and feels very passionately about this and the way his spokesperson explained and the president did hisself, this is about america a's basic values and national security and sees these comments donald trump
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and others and other republicans are making threatening national security and if the president didn't say it himself, the administration sees this a threat to security. that's why he is so passionate about that. this is essentially what i think we will hear going forward as the campaign gets going in even more ernest. we know president obama wants to get out there. he was planning to meet, to have a joint appearance with hillary clinton on wednesday. that's now been cancelled because of the events in orlando. we know he wants to get out there and know this thing between him and donald trump is somewhat personal. the one thing the president didn't do today is he didn't directly respond to donald trump's insinuations somehow president obama sympathizes or is in cahoots with terrorist groups out there. perhaps he'll get to that in the coming weeks and days.
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the intensity of 2016 just ratcheted up completely. we know today is the last day of voting on the democratic side and expectation bernie sanders will step aside soon and all this will move forward in ernest. what you heard was the president unplugged because so much is coming together in comments donald trump has been making. >> at the white house, thank you very much. to our colleague, katy tur. you've been following the trump cam papaign from the very beging and pretty quick to respond when challenged. what has the trump campaign said if anything in these statements by president obama. >> reporter: they haven't yet said anything. usually he tweets a reaction and we should be on the lookout for that and only tweeted his thank you about his speech yesterday saying thank you to the lbgt community. why this matters, it's his
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relationship with the gop and gop's relationship with donald trump, president obama going after donald trump extraordinarily harshly and painting the entire gop with that brush. these policies, muslim ban, the things gop believes in and endorses. for the most part the gop does not endorse these things and been trying to distance themself from that topic quite some time and finding themselves in the position of doing that again. so far on capitol hill nbc news reporters trying to track down a number of senators to get their reaction. for the most part they are either running away from reporters, literally walking in the other direction pretending as if they don't know who donald trump is or trashing this idea. you saw lindsey graham do it and senator flake has done it, shouldn't come as a surprise. even senator bob corker rumored to be in the running as vice president had a meeting with donald trump and spoke glowingly about his foreign policy plan
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early on coming out saying he doesn't believe in this. this is not right and is disappointed in the campaign right now and told this to benji. the only one that has come out strongly in support of trump is jeff sessions, who as we know has been one of the main supporters, at times only supporters of donald trump in the senate. that is why it matters on the whole. the campaign has been bucking the system and establishment and gop, using their attacks on the president, using this extreme rhetoric like muslim ban to their advantage. it's been working in the prim y primaries. after all, he won the primary, gotten more primary votes than any other republican in primary history, which is a big thing. they feel they don't necessarily need to lean on the party or lean on the political establishment to move forward. the question is, is that enough to get them into the white house in november?
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and so many people out there are saying frankly, that is just not going to happen. that the general electorate is a lot different than the primary. thomas. >> this is a lot of red meat being thrown out to certain members of the republican and conservative party. katy tur in new york, thank you. to kasie hunt following hillary clinton and the secretary just finished a rally. i know secretary clinton spoke to our colleague, nbc telemundo. talk about this new interview. >> reporter: that's right. at this rally in pittsburgh. honestly rally may not be the best way to describe it, more of a speech. no campaign signs designed by the union here. the only hillary clinton signage in the place said stronger together, it was on the podium. very clearly still trying to send this message of calm and
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resolution of these terror attacks in orlando with the content of the speech what was publicly presented. she really went after donald trump aggressively, almost ec echoing the president of the united states word-for-word at the same moment. they're both talking about this language donald trump uses about radical islam saying there's no magic about using that phrase and what matters are actions very much similar to the speech that she gave in san diego on national security but with a much more somber tone of voice, although she did throw a jab or two, saying this shooter in orlando was born in queens, new york, just like donald trump himself. hillary clinton did elaborate on the orlando shooting in an extensive interview. take a look. >> i am just heartbroken over this terrible terrible tragedy, and i want to send my sympathy
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and support to the families of all of the young people who were murdered so barbarically in the nightclub. i want to send my very best w h wishes to those who are still fighting against their terrible injuries in the hospital. the families and those who survived are really going to be facing a long path forward. i hope that not only the orlando and florida community but the american community stands behind and with these families that have been so shattered. i know that the telemundo family actually lost a young man who worked with you. in pennsylvania, two young women from philadelphia were in the nightclub, one died and one has been injured. this is a deep and profound shock to us all.
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>> reporter: so hillary clinton there recognizing one of our own nbcuniversal employees who, of course, died in that terrible tragedy in orlando. all of this today, thomas, setting up in the clinton campaign's view, a very sharp contrast with donald trump and the way he's approached trying to increase that ban on muslims, far from backing away from it, as he suggested he might after the primary season, he has instead leaned into it. you've seen in turn both hillary clinton and the president in quite a remarkable address earlier today, stepping away from and urging the country to come together. one other note that stood out to me from her speech here, she read aloud the letter that george h.w. bush left in the oval office for her husband, bill clinton, in 1993, she read it aloud and said the sentiment it expressed, the country was now in their hands and he was rooting for them for that reason, she said that's the sentiment the country needs to
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get back to, thomas. >> kasie hunt reporting along with the hillary clinton campaign. thanks so much. donald trump has said most of the items he talks about when it comes to policy is just a suggestion. however, the speech he gave the other day is pretty derogatory what it would mean for a muslim ban. we had the president give us an update on the fight against isis saying gains are being made. i want to bring in richard engel. he can talk more about those gains. how does using the words "radical islam" and the fact donald trump wants those on the left to be using that phrase, how does that help defeat isis? >> reporter: it doesn't at all really. it's a phrase. the way this organization is being fought, the way it will be defeated is through a variety of means, military power. the arab world needs to start using that phrase. that's important for muslim
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leaders to start denouncing isis more vocal lathan they have been -- vocally than they have been. using it in a political context in the united states has very little impact in the actual fight, frankly. >> richard, is the president correct when he says we are winning the fight against isis? >> reporter: winning, that's probably an overstatement. there are a lot of gains being made. the problem is they are being made incrementally and being made in an incoherent way. you have a u.s. led faction fighting with kurds that are making their progress and then you have what is an enemy faction to that group also making gains. you have the assad government, which is moving in on oh lep poe, moving in on idlib and there have been horrific
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incidents of violence the last several days against civilians in syria. yes, isis is under pressure but under pressure from two competing force which aren't coordinating right now. there are also immediate concerns. isis has put out a call. it has called on its members, its supporters, its fan base to carry out attacks during the muslim holy month of ramadan. we are in ramadan where i am now and the call to prayer just ended the day's fasting a short while ago. that call, unfortunately, is being taken up by some people. you saw that attack last night in france, about an hour's drive west of paris. an extremist, well-known militant stabbed to death an off-duty police officer and went inside the house and made a video, saying he was taking up the isis call and specifically responding to their appeal to carry out ramadan attacks and
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the largest issue here in that isis still is appealing to angry people who have a derang outlook, who are confused and who are putting their hatred and ner ro -- neurosis and linking it up to isis as appears to be the case in orlando. >> my thanks to all four of you for giving us that update. we will turn to breaking news coming from washington, d.c. we have the dnc's computer network breached by russian government hackers, hackers that actually targeted the unit gathering research on donald trump. following this breaking story, the very latest and response from dnc to this digital espionage. all e way to jordan and chelsea's wedding. rumble! road trip. there she is. uh oh, oh, oh, oh, what?
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welcome back, everybody. we have breaking news to talk about washington, d.c., nbc news confirming the democratic national committee was hacked by two russian intelligence agencies and the hackers are believed to have access to dnc databases since at least last summer, basically the entire year. i want to go now to tom costello. explain what your sources are telling you and the interest of why hackers would target a place like the dnc. >> what we believe is u.s. sources are telling nbc news, a russian intelligence agency, one believed to be associated with the russian military and the other former russian kgb, both targeting the democratic national committee's computers and they in fact did gain access as long ago as at least last
11:20 am
summer. this was discovered we believe in this last spring, they notified the fbi and brought in a cybersecurity firm to assist them in dealing with this problem. why would they go after them and why would they try to penetrate the dnc's computers because the dnc and republicans both gather information on the opposition. that would be donald trump, marco rubio, ted cruz, you name it they are gathering information on their political opponents. the rnc does the same thing to democrats. if you can gather that kind of information learn what those candidates' positions were on everything from trade to nuclear issues to foreign policy, cybersecurity, a whole host of issues and even whether there might be blackmail material there in rich for espionage agencies. we can tell you debbie wasserman schulz, the dnc chair woman said
11:21 am
it is critical to our operation and campaigns we work with. we treat this like the serious incident it is and reached out to crowdstrike immediately, a cybersecurity firm and they moved as quickly as possible to kick out the intruders and secure our network. that said, it is possible the damage was done and the russian intelligence agencies gathered quite a bit of information from the dnc computers and they also last year hacked into the white house computers and targeted the white house computers, joint chiefs of staff and state departmentnd have been active targeting and penetrating governments around the world, companies around the world, pharmaceutical companies, media companies and companies engaged in media development, a complete full throttle approach to cyber espionage and the united states
11:22 am
this is prime target. back to you. >> what have we heard from russian government sources about this allegation and confirmation from the dnc? >> the russian government saying it's unaware of this information and is looking into it, that is their official position. i couldn't have the exact quote in front of me. i may need to pass on that until i get an exact quote. this is an ongoing issue. you have the two world super pow powers, who are always engaged in espionage against each other. the difference is you have a foreign actor and those espionage agencies targeting a u.s. political campaign and party. you have to presume that if they went after the dnc, is it not possible they went after the rnc as well? we simply don't know the answer to that right now. >> tom costello, thank you and we'll wait to see if there is any official reaction from the government. in the "washington post"
11:23 am
article, a russian embassy spokesperson said he had no knowledge of such intrusions. i want to bring into the conversation, shawn henry, msnbc contributor with cloud strike services and former executive assistant director of the fbi. you investigated this hacking. if you were on the investigation of this, why would two russian intelligence agencies hack the dnc? what's the payo off? >> russian intelligence services are constantly looking for information related to ongoing government issues. they're interested in policy of candidates, interested in some of the strategies. they may be looking at people's positions on foreign intelligence, foreign policy, trade, economic issues, et cetera. the political campaigns would be the type of place you might look. what is happening in the future and where are the organizations going?
11:24 am
we think when the russians targeted that campaign, that's clearly what they were looking for, thomas. >> meanwhile, i know you're fresh into this investigation but sure you followed the news about the accusations of clinton and sanders campaigns having access to each other's data early in the primary season. from what you've learn so far about the system the dnc has, how porous is it and accessible to being hacked? >> two things there. first of all, the issue with the sanders campaign and clinton campaign was a completely ent e entirely separate issue. what this matter is here a nation state highly sophisticated, very technically skilled adversary with very unique tactics and techniques targeting an organization that is protected like most organizations in this country. they have protections in place. when you have an organization with sophistication and time and
11:25 am
resources on their side, these are professionals. they wake up day in and day out. their sole job is to collect intelligence on the u.s. process whether political, economical, et cetera. they will get onto networks with enough time and effort. the dnc identified this breach through their it folks. they saw unusual activity on their network and called us in to do a much more thorough investigation, thomas. >> thank you very much. msnbc contributor, shawn henry. i know we will be talking about this more in days and weeks to come. thank you. we turn back to the tragedy in orlando, florida, new revelations about the shooter, sources tell msnbc his wife tried to talk him out of the attack. live from orlando, as we head to break we will show you lester holt's interview, whose desperate search for her son touched so many. >> if i had known that my son was in the club, laying on the
11:26 am
floor, i would have gone in myself and brought him on my back and carried him the two blocks to the trauma center. >> reporter: have you accepted that he's gone? >> i had accepted it before. my heart wanted him alive and he is always going to be alive in my heart. it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down.
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ >> hi, everybody. welcome back. we want to bring you up to speed the very latest on the orlando shooting at this hour, we are hearing from survivors on sunday's attack. hospital officials say 33 are still being treated, six in critical condition. also, police looking into the shooter's past, if he was conflicted about his own sexuality. several people claimed to have seen mateen at pulse nightclub previously and another said he chatted with him on a gay dating
11:30 am
app. they're considering charges against the shooter's current wife. she told nbc news she tried to talk omar mateen out of doing something violent. pete williams was the first to confirm the details about the shooter's wife. what more have you learned about sources you've been speaking to about any connection or information she may have had before what happened at pulse? >> what we have been told by several sources she told the fbi she drove mateen around to a couple of sites, she understood he was considering about atta attacking including the pulse nightclub. she was with him when he bought ammunition and a holster. that she was aware about thi thinking of doing something violent and she repeatedly tried to talk him out of it. she has told them one of the
11:31 am
reasons she drove him to these places was to do just that, try to talk him out of doing something. the night of the attack he drove himself to the nightclub and authorities found his van in the parking lot. it's not clear when these trips were. they were obviously in the days and weeks leading up to the attack. that's what she has told authorities. precisely what the dates are of these trips, i don't know. exactly what she thought he was going to do is not clear to us, nor according to some of the folks is not clear how extensive her knowledge was what he was thinking about doing and something violent against the law, something criminal has raised the possibility she herself could face criminal charges for in essence, knowing about something and doing part of it driving him around and not telling authorities. that decision to file charges against her is a long way off.
11:32 am
perhaps charges won't be filed or perhaps they will, that's a decision yet to be made, thomas. >> reporting in washington, d.c. thank you, sir. we appreciate it. today, we've been learning more about the survivor stories of those who were able to escape from pulse nightclub or saved by police. now, for the very first time since that attack, one of those survivors who hid in a bathroom stall for three hours with a female friend and at one point had to play dead has now decided to talk on camera. orlando torres is a promoter at club pulse. this is an exclusive interview we have with him because he has not shown his face on tv yet. why didn't you want to show your face? >> i thought it added some relation to isis and the big connection. i was fearing for my life. i can see he was only a radical and found out he doesn't really have any ties with isis. i was protecting myself and my family and roommates that lift
11:33 am
with me and i was fearing for my life. >> when the shooting started, where were you? >> i was in the restroom with my friend and heard these gunshots. she said that it was either music or, you know, effects. we heard it again much louder. i know my music and know the effects of my d.j. and did not sound actually the same. i realized there was something serious going on inside the club. i told her, we're not going out there, we're going to stay in here. so she followed my protocol and i said we will sit on the toilet seat, lay sideways and keep our feet from not being seen if the shooter comes in and does not see our foot northeaunderneath. >> other people were coming in. >> there were other people in the restroom as well. >> they were not hiding? >> they probably heard and probably stood in there. i don't know if anybody ran into the stall, i don't know. >> during your time in hiding, you heard mateen on the phone. what did you hear him saying?
11:34 am
>> he, i believe he called 911 and was making a statement that america needs to stop bombing isis and syria. and then two seconds later he repeated the same thing. in between they were asking questions, he repeated the same statement. >> at one point, he came into the bathroom where you were, correct? or you knew he was nearby, you couldn't see him? >> he was in and out. >> in and out. >> in and out. he did not know i was in there. he had already shot or injured the people in the back stall and they were screaming and fearing for their lives, please don't kill us, please don't kill us, he was busy fixing his weapon and heard them texting back and forth and he told them nicely, please do not text. he said anybody black? one male said i was and another female said, i was, too. he said he had nothing against
11:35 am
bla blacks. >> when shooting happened in the stall next to you, what were you and your friend doing? >> we were still holding our position and not moving hoping my phone does not ring to give us away. he did not know we were in there. >> you still have on and i think we can hold this up for the camera, the medical it bracelet from when you were taken to the hospital. >> right. >> just to give you a warning at home, orlando is suffering from some major bruising on his side. i wanted to show it if you don't mind. >> sure, no problem. >> you used your whole body to barricade up against the door? >> yes. >> using my shoulder. >> your whole weight to keep him from getting to you. >> yeah. if he decide to try to kick in the door, i was making sure that my feet was going to keep that door closed. >> at one point, you actually played dead? >> yes. because someone else -- he shot again in the stall and someone was trying to go for cover and crawl -- i don't know if they
11:36 am
came in from the back stall, crawled underneath and tried to pull hisself up on our bodies at the same time we fell, me and my friend fell to the floor. >> because you were still raised on the toilet? >> we were still raised on the toilet and we fell to the floor. he was trying to save himself from being shot more. >> do you know what happened to him? >> he was breathing hard, breathing hard and at one point, i mean, we were there three hours. at one point i didn't hear him breathing hardened i thought he had died on me. at times in between i felt him moving a little bit but i was relieved to know he was alive. >> pulse is a place you know so well, you're not only a promoter there but a patron. >> yes. >> do you know most of the people that were shot and injured? >> yes. i know at least 80% of the people that go there. the ones that were shot, i still don't know the total list. a good amount of 20 i know
11:37 am
passed away and still finding out more news. >> do you think pulse will reopen? >> i believe so. they have their hearts set for it. they want to keep pulling forward and don't want to give up on a community and think whatever happened scared us away. we are a tight community and love to take care of the community, a place of great entertainment, music, love, we do benefits for any family members that pass away in the hospital. we are a giving nightclub. >> we saw that last night. i met you at the vigil, thank you so much for making time for me today and sharing your story with all of us. i wish you all the best. >> thank you. back with much more hey head with continuing live coverage in orlando after this.
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do you really know what it means? no. the answer is no. cause it's complicated and science-y. but with my nutrition mixes, you n't have to worry about the science. you can just put it in your pie hole. planters. nutrition starts with nut. welcome back to our conti e continuing coverage. i'm thomas roberts live from orlando, a block away from the pulse night club you can see
11:41 am
behind me. doctors at the florida hospital in orlando are reporting six patients remain there in the hospital, listed in fair condition. we have staff at orlando regional medical center earlier reporting 27 remain in the hospital with six being in intensive care. fbi sources tell msnbc news about omar mateen's current wife and she could face criminal charges. she reported trying to talk her husband out of doing anything violence. the shooter questioned his own sexuality. there are claims he visited the pulse nightclub and had used gay dating apps to meet other men. two days after the massacre in orlando, the lbgt equality caucus is speaking out about this tragedy and calling on florida officials to drop the restriction from blood donations from gay men. >> the fda's policy for gay and
11:42 am
bi-sexual men many are prohibited from donating. the cruel irony of this policy is personified by this particular terrorist attack where victims were targeted for being members of the lbgt community and the gay men who wanted to donate blood for those in need were banned from doing so. >> democratic congressman maloney is a member of the lbgt kawasaki caucus on the hill and became the first gay man. tell us what it means for gay men to donate blood and the hurdles from the aids epidemic in the '80s and what steps are in place to hopefully lift this ban so people can use blood that would effectively be used. >> what we have to understand,
11:43 am
there are risk factors for people donating blood. that doesn't extend to sexuality. this is just a legacy of the aids epidemic at its height and need to do away with it so people of good will can do this. it's wrong wen so many gay americans are being turned away when they need blood. donald trump is talking not far from you -- paul ryan is talking not far from you. we want to listen in. >> the thrust of this is clear. we know there's a better way. 7 out of 10 americans think this country is not heading in the right direction. we agree with that. so does our nominee and why we're offering this better way. >> one of the plarngs of the agenda has to do with the constitution and executive overreach. yesterday, donald trump said he would have the ability as president to change the country's immigration laws to
11:44 am
change -- >> i would say you have to look at the act to get your answer. we will be following up in the house of statutory congress where the first house of representatives met to show what resuscitating of reclaiming and replacing the article i is with the status quo we have. we will reclaim the constitution. >> you are listening to speaker ryan on capitol hill taking questions about immigration policy, suggestions by donald trump in his remarks the other day. one of the statements speaker ryan said a moment ago before we cut in is the fact he's not s n spinning on remarks made by the presumptive gop donald trump or that of president obama on a y daily basis. i want to go back to new york congressman maloney, as we were talking about the issue at hand and contradictions in place when it comes to gay men donating blood. we saw this outpouring of support in the orlando community. one blood which was taking volunteers had a 13 hour line.
11:45 am
i spoke to a gentleman that waited 13 hours to be able to go there and donate o positive blood. but this is an act against the gay community. when people are thinking about what they could do and when the request came out they could donate blood, most gay men knew that meant they would be turned away or their blood would be deferred. as i understand it they either have to be celibate for a year before giving blood or they can donate and that blood is then held for at least a year. >> there have been a bunch of rumors and a lot of confusion. if we can get the policy right. i can just say listening to speaker ryan. the problem is there is hipocracy at the highest level of the government. speaker ryan has rationalized discrimination against lbgt people in the proclamations and
11:46 am
presidential race because he wants to win. he wants to win that presidential race and wants to win an appropriations battle in congress and he thinks we can have it both ways we can have these discriminatory practices in simple ways like donating blood or profound things whether you can be fired from your job. it's wrong. we need to write discrimination out of our law and do it right away. there can be no better tribute to these victims in florida to say we as a country will make ourselves more perfect as a union by ending lbgt discrimination. >> congressman maloney, thanks for your time. i appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up, the interview with the presumptive nominee, hillary clinton. right back live from orlando after this. what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take
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women. because of all of you, over the past seven years, we have significantly improved the lives of women and girls not just here at home but around the world. i could not be prouder of what we've accomplished. i want to talk about why it matters and why we've got to do more. some of you may know that on friday my older daughter, malia, graduated from high school. [ applause and i sat in the back and wore dark glasses. and only cried once. i made this weird sound because -- mmm -- and people looked at me, people sitting in front of us turned back and then
11:51 am
i suppressed it. but i was thinking about how she is graduating at this extraordinary time for women in america. the year i was born, in 1961, women made up less than 40% of college students. today, you earn almost 60% of college degrees and make up roughly half of the workforce. [ applause ] >> back then, the pill was still illegal in some states. today, thanks to the affordable care act, birth control is free. >> so president obama making remarks there at the white house summit on the united state of women, also referring to himself as a feminist. now, the issue or not issue but the support that president obama has demonstrated for hillary clinton has put wind at her back heading into the general election up against a
11:52 am
presumptive gop nominee, donald trump. my colleague, jose, just had the opportunity to speak with secretary clinton and discussed everything on the table from the fallout to the terror attacks in orlando and even to the accusations from donald trump who said clinton wants to scrap the second amendment. take a look. >> it's like so much he says, absurd and one of his demonstrably lies. not what i propose. i support the second amendment and right of individuals to own firea firearms. we all agree there are some people, like this young man, who had been under fbi investigation, who turned into such a brutal killer who should not be able to walk in and buy weapons of war. you want the country to come together. responsible gun owners, brokenhearted family members from sandy hook to san bernardino to aurora, colorado
11:53 am
and orlando to so many other pla places. let's work together to try to save lives, protect people. we can do that consistent with our constitution. >> this was an exclusive interview with my colleague, jose balart. he will have much more at 10:00 a.m. on msnbc. stay with me. we have much more ahead, the continuing live coverage from the tragedy here in orlando. the right things working together can give you an advantage.
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we are back here live in orlando and want to focus more on capitol hill where democrats are demanding the house consider
11:57 am
gun control legislation in the wake of what happened in orlando. joining me is our correspondent, luke russert. talk about what you are hearing. paul ryan just spoke moments ago, is there really going to be an appetite for this based on the language of speaker ryan? >> reporter: no. because the house is held by republicans who are deeply embedded with the nra and the nra views the type of gun control bills put forward by democrats the one president obama put forward today no-fly-no buy, those on the terrorist watchlist can't buy a gun and the nra views that as violation of civil liberties and the republican party. speaker ryan said to president obama, look, you need to define the threat. the threat is radical islamic terrorism. president obama went back to speaker ryan and said, no, if we use that threat it is a war of religion isis and al qaeda would
11:58 am
like to see. i asked speaker ryan to respond to president obama. this is what he said. >> reporter: president obama refuted your comments saying calling it islamic terrorism makes this a war between religi religions. what is ire responyour response president obama? >> that doesn't sound like a regulatory question. i will indulge it all the same. i stand by what i said we are at war with islamic terrorism and a distinction needs to be made from millions of muslim allies our brothers and sisters to help us in this fight. that doesn't mean we need to ignore what is facing us. we need to call this threat for what it is if we're going to fully confront it. >> paul ryan also said earlier he opposed donald trump's continuous call for a ban on muslims coming in the country. i am struck, we are two days after the worst terrorist attack
11:59 am
on 9/11 and doesn't seem to be a lot of unity goingn in washington, d.c. or the presidential process at all. >> it doesn't seem like the conversation is one that is ready to be had where you are. nbc's luke russert on capitol hill for us. thank you very much. that will wrap up our coverage this hour live in orlando. i'm thomas roberts. a quick programming note for all of you, don't miss chuck todd's interview with national democratic chair woman debbie wasserman-schultz based on news russian hackers were able to infiltrate democratic databases. kate snow picks things up now. hello, everyone. kate snow in orlando just down the the from the pulse nightclub, as we have been since yesterday. it is what happened here early sunday morning that prompted president obama's most blunt, most angry response to donald trump yet after trump repeatedly
12:00 pm
attacked the president for not using the term "radical islamic terrorism" when referring to the incident here and the president called the semantics a political distraction. >> what exactly would using this label mr. speakey label accomplish. an advisor not once said if we use this label, we will turn things around. if there is any out there confused who our enemies are, that would come as a surprise to the thousands of terrorists we have taken off the battlefield. there's no magic to the phrase, "radical islam." it's a political talking point. it's not a strategy. >> new this afternoon is pete williams reporting officials tell him the orlando shooter's buy drove


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