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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  June 15, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the two of them presumably how they want this to end. and those two candidates are talking face to face, and the d.c. results, what this means for the democrats moving forward. be here with us, after the last word. 11:00 eastern. the last word starts right now. thank you very much. >> donald trump said he listened to president obama's speech today and he said he didn't understand anything that the president said. when someone as ignorant as donald trump said he didn't understand anything, you should believe him. >> it is time to grow up and figure this out. >> weapons of war have no place in our streets. >> she wants to take your guns away. >> i am not talking about being tough on terrorism. >> we have a radical islamic
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terrorism problem, folks. >> if someone thinks we don't know who we are fighting. >> he was more angry at me than he was at the shooter. >> we don't need conspiracy theories and pathological self congratulations. >> when we acted out of fear, we came to regret it. >> you knew damn well i was a snake before you took me in. >> i will not demonize and declare war on an entire religion. >> where does this stop? >> the meeting with the national security council on fighting isis on the ground in the middle east, and preventing isis-inspired terrorism in the middle east. it is the kind of meetings, many pretends the president never
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has. the vice president, five members of the cabinet, secretaries of state, defense, homeland security, the attorney general, the director of the feb. because the president is leading a multipronged attack against isis, today's meeting was held at the treasure department. in charge of cutting off the funding for isis. for over a year, they have refused to confirm the secretary under secretary of financial intelligence. >> it has been more than a year, 420 days, he still hasn't been given a full vote. there is no good reason for it. time for the congress to help
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keep our countly safe. >> of course, donald trump and his followers have no idea that that job exists in the treasury department. they have no idea that republicans have refused to fill that job. it would never to donald trump and their followers, to accuse republicans for aiding and abetting, to fully cut off isises money. if donald trump is the next to fill the job, he will probably pick someone like the treasurer of his super pack, hofffenberg convicted of fraud once, and for one of the largest ponze.
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they choose to do nothing about domestic violence. president obama has enough enough of their tough talk. >> enough talking about being tough on terrorism. actually be tough on teroimp, and stop making it easy to these otherwise, despite extraordinary everythings by law these kinds of events going to keep on coming -- happening.
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trump was blaming was ronald reagan. >> we don't know what we are doing, folks. every year, wree bring in more than 100,000 lifetime immigrants, from the middle east. and many more from muslim countries outside of the middle east. a number of immigrants have hotile attitudes, it doesn't take a big percentage. >> look at this one horrible savage, look what he did, in a short period of time. >> donald trump's audience does not the shooter's parents came to the country in the 1980s, in 1986, the shooter was born an american citizen in new york city n queens just like donald trump. donald trump, whose mother was
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also an immigrant. because ronald reagan allowed the parents into the country and allowed them to stay here and have a baby. according to trump logic. ronald reagan is the president to blame for what happened in orlando. hillary clinton at 49%, trump at 47. jim, that poll to, work backwards, gary johnson is included in these polls, he is pulling 9%. johnson is probably not yet, but probably will be on the ballot
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in 50 states. does it seem reasonable to you that he should be included in these polls? >> yes, i think so. i think it is part of the calculus there are moments in the a campaign where you start to see really inside their souls, the average voter looks behaved and said, wait a second. this is not the sflo i will you >> the way he would have reacted in the respect -- he campaigned on xenophobia.
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one of his big themes, a golden opportunity. that is what he is doing. >> listen to this. donald trump has been clear about what he won't do. he won't stand up to the gunlobby. i believe we protect our second amendment rights and making sure guns don't fall into the right hands. >> the gunman was the definition of the wrong hands. weapons of war have no place in our streets.
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make sure guns don't fall. we are going to protect our second amendment. >> jim, everyone who believes anything that donald trump just said is voting for trump. >> if you believe the lie that hillary clinton wants to abolish the second amendment, you are not a swing voter. >> hillary clinton says this targeting at swing voters and donald trump said this thing that is clearly not true. how can that leverage him more votes? >> it the trump states are so
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outrageous, we want a president that brings us tonight. all you have seen is him -- >> we have a high bound, they >> donald trump used to believe that hillary clinton what she said.
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gun control, he said, not the ones that use in africa. >> sensible he used to believe in a lot of things. >> because he candidate has a high negative. trumps' being higher than hillary. in the blue -- >> the number of voters won't vote for the candidate? >> 55% said mathematically, gave over. 43% they would never forfor in an election.
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they are looking a free fall. interesting. we see more moels like this, then, there will be something full panic. to the studio. really appreciate it. >> up next, president obam aa last word, he we will hear from
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>> obama spent a long time talking about it, and nobody at the end of that speech, understood anything other than, boy does he hate donald trump. that is about the only thing. >> you have every right to believe that that is exactly and only what donald trump got out of president obama's speech today. you have every right to believe that donald trump didn't understood anything, when someone as ignorant as donald trump said he doesn't understand something, believe him. >> nobody in that speech understood anything. >> that is the way i felt in the third week of physics' class. it was a horrible feeling. imagine feeling that. every day.
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every day of your life. you don't understand anything. that is the very, very sad life of donald trump. >> nobody at the end of that speech understood anything. >> there he is. confessing to the constant merciless pain of not understanding anything. it is very simple stuff that donald trump is confessing he doesn't understand. imagine how that is like, should have trouble understanding that. donald trump told you today that he didn't understand anything. that president obama said. nothing. imagine. imagine how that must feel. imagine how maddening that s president obama speaks in clear, sentences, you don't understand
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a word. that has to be truly maddening. that is what is making donald trump so par mad? here is what donald trump couldn't understand. >> there has know been a moment in my seven and a half years as president, that we have not been able to pursue a strategy, because we didn't use the label, radical islam. not once has an advisory of mine said, man, if we use that phrase, we will turn this whole thing around. there is no magic to the phrase, radical islam. it is a talking point with us,
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>> lawrence, look around the world at countries, pulling themselves apart, ethnic groups, separating themselves from ethnic groups, the thing that stands out about the united states, is the melting pot. you have a group of people. and donald trump who think they can separate themselves from that melting pot.
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that is as it was a denining moment. >> if sounds that donald trump cheerleaders win the game. the cheerleaders. >> we would be alone in the field. we need the rest of the world, including muslim states, islam. and if you use the term rad and drive supporters away. that is the last thing we want.
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>> they know full well who the men me s so do the intelligence, and spent countless hours, disrupting plots, including politicians who tweet. and appear on capable news -- cable news shows. the semantics are different than
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a warped sense of the country, and unplugged what it means to be american. when you where talking about a disaster, like we have just seen in orlando, you get at the issues, the great number of hispanics, joining their livelihood in orlando, in a to it is insane, unlevel. >> listen to what hillary clinton said about the use of
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the term, adical islam. >> he is fixated on the words radical islam. is donald trump is obsessed with name calling, from my it matters what you do not say. >> it mattered that we got bin laden. what we do in this fight? >> not once.
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is this is about what we actually do. maybe this is the one thing he has done. if what are you trying to do is. you tear it in half you weaken it. thats what trump is doing call it 46 or something.
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two icecreams, and many polls getting a bump out of this this is one, a race, we haven't seen this behavior from a candidate before. this is maybe a preview, of
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different kinds of reactions that we are going to see. >> i think it is a reality. when you have seen the reactions from donald trump in the last couple of days. if we were always asking ourselves this question, who is the one who will bring the country together? out of sorrow and fear. he has . failed
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nbc news projects that hillary clinton has won the final primary, held here in washington, d.c. today. a meeting between secretary clinton and bernie sanders in washington has just ended. joining us now is christen. what do we know about the length of that meeting and what happened there? >> reporter: it was a lengthy meeting, they met for a little over an hour and a half. they left without answering questions, a number of questions were shouted to them. he had a big smile on his face when he left the hilton. this was a high stakes meeting,
1:32 am
lawrence. both campaigns had measured expectations, they didn't know that sanders was going to concede, this could set the course for how and when he gets out bigger asks, he wants to get rid of center deligates, and called for debbie wasserman to go. she said that is not going to happen. i spoke with some of sanders' top officials, he is going to stay in the race through the
1:33 am
he does want hillary to take on donald trump. people's patience is going to stand to put out they feel it. hey are meeting on neutral territory. they pick a spot in the middle of d.c. they both show up there. remember, back in 2008.
1:34 am
when senator clinton sat down to have a similar meeting, it was at the home of senator diana there were top officials in that meeting with secretary clinton that is one of the questions we are trying to determine. highly choreographed as they try to work it out. she reportedly told the fbi, she
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was with the shooter when he bought ammunition and a holster. witnesses told the "l.a. times" and the orlando sentinel, the shooter was seen at the night club several times before this the shooter messaged him on a gay chat and dating app, called jacked. he told chris hayes he recognized him from grinder. >> ammann. >> yes, lawrence, as this investigation continues to widen. a key part of that is going to
1:39 am
be focused on the wife of omar mateen. the question, what did she know, when did she know it. there is now indication that she told the fbi, she was with her husband when he bought the ammunition, and driven him too there was a flurry of activity not long ago. we knew that nur was staying here, we saw a vehicle pull out, bundled up in the front car, was an individual, we believe it to be her. it appears, the person was completely covered up. the vehicle drove off for a few minutes, before coming back with
1:40 am
i spoke to him with his house. as i said, he regrets what is happening, i asked him whether he felt that his daughter-in-law could have prevented the attack. if she would be arrested. and he said he was confident that law enforcement would make the right decision. they are going to make whatever decision they need to make. as to where she is right now. if she is still speaking to the fbi, he would object comment. whenever they call, he is makes himself available. we believe that fbi is not only speaking to her directly, wants to speak to extended members of her family, believed to be in northern california.
1:41 am
you can imagine, the investigation focusing on the wife, what she knew, when she knew it and if she could have done anything to prevent what happened at the pulse night club. >> up next, a friend of one of the victims, joins us from orlando.
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i nerve thought in a million years that my eyes could witness something so tragic. looking at the souls leaving the bodies of individuals. looking at the killer's machine gun, throughout my right peripheral. looking at the blood and debris covered on everyone's faces, looking at the gunman's feet under the stall, as he paces.
1:45 am
the guilt of feeling lucky to be alive is heavy. >> 20-year-old patience carter, lucky to be alive. reading a poem that she wrote about surviving the orlando massacre, during a press conference at a florida hospital. >> eddie maynor, friend of one of the victims of the massacre. i really appreciate you telling us what you can about your friend edward. how long did you know him? my first question, and secondly, tell us, as you feel it, how you found out about this, and what has happened since? >> well, thank you, lawrence, i have known eddie about 10 years, i knew him for about ten years, one of my first gay friends. i went to rollins college in orlando.
1:46 am
when i would go, i didn't tell my fraternity. i guess i stuck out like a sore thumb. i was dressed like an easter egg. and i was by myself, and eddie comes up and said, what's going on. and he had this kindest eyes, the most incredible smile, and this twinkle in his eye. he made me feel welcome. we are fast friends. both named eddie, both hispanic. he was like, i can tell that you are new to being gay, and he is like, let me give you a hint here. he said, it might be cool to
1:47 am
look like an easter egg in your fraternity house, you should get tighter fitting jeans and a t-shirt next time you come out. he played a special role in my life, in a time when i was struggling. with my identity and sexuality. there was a point in my life where i was so ashamed of who i was, i didn't want to live anymore. you know, he was there for me. he kept me from jumping off my balcony once. he was a hero, he was a hero before saturday night, he saved his boyfriend, and kept his boif friend from coming back into the club and getting shot. and eddie was shot in the back, i found out at 6:00 a.m., i
1:48 am
don't know, i woke up early sunday morning, i go to my phone, check out news and face book, i see that eddie was shot. i immediately started calling people. heard maybe he would be okay. that this happened, and the shooting, and i posted his picture, and everything, i got an incredible response. then, somebody said, turn on the tv, when i turned on the tv, he was the first name. seeing his name in writing killed me. my stomach was in knots, and i
1:49 am
was overwhelmed with grief, was terrible. >> eddy, could you tell us, what it was that you learned about how he saved his boyfriend? what was that that happened in the shooting where he was able to save his boyfriend? they were very close with the management and the owners of pulse. they were were actually, it was the end of the night. they were going to go to the home of one of the managers, whatever, they were hanging out with the pulse crowd, the staff. his boyfriend was loading things, relating to the people in there t whatever. that was right when the shooting started. and when his boyfriend, luis knew what was going on, he wanted to go back in the club.
1:50 am
eddie kept texting him. he said, fingerprint it wasn't for eddie being insistent, calling and texting, and keeping the boyfriend out, saying he was safe, he was going to make it out there, the boyfriend would have come back in. he wanted to go and try to help. so, eddie kept him alive. he is, he is unconsolable right now. before he was a hero there, he was my personal hero. i am horrified telling these personal details, i am a private person. it is important to get the story out. how important he was. he was taken from us. he wasn't just important to me. he was important to so many in the community. so well known. he worked in management for the largest gay travel agency in the country. in the gay community, gay travel
1:51 am
is a big thing it is a big thing for gays to travel and vacation together in groups. he knew people all over the country and all over the world. i have heard stories over the past couple of days, he helped other people who came to terms, and were new to accepting being gay, and helping them make friends and taking them out and stuff. he was special to so many. >> thank you for sharing your friend eddie's story with us. we are sorry for your loss. >> thank you.
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we have more on the meeting that ended minutes ago, between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. christen welker on the scene reported from a clinton campaign
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not be on the red team or the blue team but be on the american team.
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will responsible leaders, stand up to their presumptive nominee. i am sure they would rather avoid that question all together, history will remember what we do in this moment. >> senator, you have endorsed hillary clinton for president. will responsible republican leaders come forward in this time and situation, with this nominee, of their party, that she believes responsible republican leaders should not be supporting. what would you say to the current leaders of your party about their support for donald trump? >> well, a lot of them say they will not vote for him and leave it blank. that is a great mistake.
1:57 am
at the end of the day, we have to choose one or the other. we have to look at the policy. there is the gun control policy, there is the deficit. secretary clinton is running as the fiscal conservative, as far as military spending and a lot of other things, there is the issue of religious freedom. the new york times had an article, i am a mormon. there is a serious issue of religious freedom, if we segregate musmims, we have a lot of third and fourth generation muslims in the southwest. overall, i think it will be a serious election, and people have to look at the policies, if they choose not to vote in the presidential race. i haven't gotten so many criticism from fellow
1:58 am
republicans, that i have gotten that they started to wish they could do that. they say they will not vote. if so many don't vote in the presidential race, it may go the wrong way. >> you travelled a long road, when bill clinton wases in the white house, you were opposed to hillary clinton's income tax rate. >> your policies have changed? >> in some ways they have not. i was -- we haven't had the mass shootings and size of the deficit.
1:59 am
it is secretary clinton, who is we spent mononny military, there are ways to streamline it she has put putting a plan others want to support. there is no perfect candidate, at the end of the day, operating in the two-party. all the things came together to call me to endorse secretary clinton. >> you will be trying to get others to join? >> i am busy doing other things, that is my question. we have to be careful.
2:00 am
i wrote a paper, we are headed in the terms of a toxic environment. we need to correct it. live coverage continues now >> former republican senator larry pressler. >> thank you. "first look" is up next. it's wednesday, june 15th. right now on "first look" -- breaking overnight. a 2-year-old boy is taken from his family by an alligator at disney's grand floridian resort as his father tried to rescue him. we have new developments in the investigation of the orlando shooter and whether his current wife could have prevented the terror attack.


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