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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 15, 2016 11:00am-11:36am PDT

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breaking news in the race for the white house. presumptive nominees hillary clinton and donald trump giveing dueling speeches or gun security in the wake of orlando. here is donald trump moments ago in georgia and hillary clinton in virginia. >> we have to go and we have to maybe check respectfully the mosque mosques, and we have to check other places because this is a problem that if we don't solve it it's going to eat our country alive okay? it's going to eat our country a alive. >> the terrorists sin orlando was not born in afghanistan, as trump claims. he was born in queens new york only miles away from where donald trump himself was born. a ban on muslims would not have stopped this attack. neither would a wall.
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i don't know how one builds a wall to keep the internet out. >> on the hill the democrats are a few hours into a filibuster on gun control, kick kicked off around 11:30 by connecticut senator, chris murphy. we will take you there in a few minutes. let's start with two of our road warriors katy tur following the trump campaign and kristen welker following the clinton campaign. katy, you're in beautiful atlanta and donald trump is responding and comments that rubbed many the wrong way. establishment members continue to recoil from trump's rhetoric. does the campaign care about that or is this trump's general election campaign strategy? >> reporter: if the campaign does care about it they certainly aren't acting that way. they said publicly they want party unity. donald trump tweets and
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re-tweets folks that say the party needs to stand behind him. he's been adamant about that. the party is getting little in return from donald trump for them to stand behind him. this week is just another example of that going after president obama, seeming to suggest he has sympathies with terrorist terrorists. also talking about last night, soldiers taking money from the iraqi reconstruction. the campaign clarified and said he was talking about iraqi soldiers ss and not american soldiers. this is not the first time he said that last fall in new hampshire and linking muslims to the law and saying most like their law. this is not something donald trump can rally republicans behind and he came out today on the nra, called for a meeting with the nra, saying those on the terror watchlist or no-fly
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list should not be able to get guns. that's not what the gop believe believes, rightly or wrongly, if you believe it it's not what the party believes. what you're seeing on capitol hill right now is congressman literally ducking and weaveing and running in the other direction from reporters asking them about donald trump, mitch mcconnell yesterday refusing to talk about it in his press conference. bob corker who has been a supporter of donald trump, praised his foreign policy speech, thought it was a step forward in the campaign thought it was a hopeful sign now say saying he is discouraged by the campaign. whether they plan on changeing things to make it so they can find more party unity, that remains to be seen. we are just a month out until the convention. all signs, thomas point to donald trump doing this the way he's done it this entire time which is own way, let trump be trump and take it on his own. >> katy tur, reporting in atlanta for us. thank you so much.
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kristen welker joins us to talk about hillary clinton. she did not let up today in her remarks the strategy against donald trump. it seems to be this coordinated effort with the white house to build off of what president obama is saying. >> reporter: very coordinated, thomas. today, secretary clinton hitting donald trump very hard on a couple of key points one, the fact he is calling for banning muslim muslims. she made the point today you need to work with muslims here and abroad to fight terrorism. she's using this moment more broadly touting her experience as secretary of state. she and prob hitting trump for the fact he has been accuseing them of not using the term radical islam and not hit this problem head on. take a listen what secretary clinton had to say about that today. >> he has been fixated on the phrase i quote, radical islam, as if those are magic words once uttered eded will stop terrorists
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from coming after us. he wants to ban all muslims from entering our country and suspend immigration from large parts of the world. his comments have become even more inflammatory in recent days. this approach isn't just wrong, it is dangerous. >> going back to that coordinated response thomas those were very similar words we heard president obama use yesterday when he said using the quote unquote words radical islam is not a magic bullet a slogan. a little preview of what's to come. the backdrop of all of this secretary clinton opening up her lead against donald trump, one of the latest polls showing her topping him by 12 points and democrats going towards party unity and met with sanders two hours and sanders still in this
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race he hasn't conceded yet and it was a small step toward him getting on board with her. >> we're waiting for that hand holding and as soon as they do hold hands you'll be the first to tell us. joining the conversation is mark halperin being the managing editor and the former communications director for george w. bush. two of my favorite people. the new poll giveing hillary clinton this lead over donald trump by 12 digits and airtime in seven battleground states. can she continue to build a more dominant lead? >> she can. she's got room to grow particularly as christian mentioned. and they're showing a lot of proof for efficiency and following what a lot of bill clinton advisors believed in his campaign for re-election in 1996 this is the period the
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election is decided, the fall barring some huge event during the debates is falling action and they will define this by following trump on his terms and the candidate has made some mistakes and doesn't have nearly the level of infrastructure and resources the clinton has using that that works to their benefit to set the shape of the race right now. >> nicole we've been talking about this it's been surreal to look at what happened in orlando and know the reality of that and seeing it pollitteicized so quickly. we're getting two different visions from donald trump and hillary clinton today. take a listen. they tell me they will work in that. when it comes to donald trump's point on what this means, he is saying he's open to the fact of having those on the terrorist watchlist not have access to gun purchases. we know hillary clinton has been a long time advocate for more
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measured gun reform especially taking on assault weapons. the narrative of the day, when it comes to perception being reality and some people being afraid whose message is stronger right now? >> i can't wait to talk about trump, i will get to it. i have to say, i watched you in orlando since sunday and your reporting was awesome. i'm sure that's a really hard story to cover. .coming out, telling the nra, who endorsed him early, that he's open to banning gun purchases from people who are on that list is sort of the riddle rapped in the insult wrapped in the mystery that is the mind bending candidacy of donald trump. this as in the case of planned parenthood a place where good things happen. this for his strategies reaching into part of the electorate and kitty tur said this is not republican positions, i can't read man's minds and no one in
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my place would suggest i am. it is negativity here i am i'm this transformational figure i can appeal to parts of the electorate usually not on board with us get on board, team meanwhile all the other republicans and paul ryan see him saying incendiary thing after incendiary thing on the campaign trail and blowing up their chances of hanging onto the majority. it is a collideing world not just right-left inside our own party almost a whole bunkch of collision collisions. >> i almost think of ""animal house"" double secret probation and the gop keeps putting donald trump on secret probation. but it's working. >> sort of maybe. not yet. >> it's worked for him so far. you think about unity in the summer season leading up to the convention he doesn't seem like
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he really cares about that. >> i think he thinks they're sort of a bunch of, you know up uptight politicians. he thinks the contest between establishment politicians and outsider like himself has been had and that he won. part of his -- i agree with katy tur's assessment the campaign is aware they're in a moment of crisis but they think this is a dead period and have moments to reset the race with their vp pick and convention and the fall. they see this race far from over. >> as to vp picks, do you have any info on hillary and donald's choice choices? >> i do. if you had more than 10 seconds i'll tell you both who they're planning to pick. >> we're out of time. >> out of time and we have new polling data. >> you're such a tease. >> you're my mentor thomas roberts. >> wow, this got dirty. >> thanks gang.
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coming up next more on the news from the gnatsenate floor, democrats and led by connecticut senator, chris murphy. >> for those of us who represent connecticut, the failure of this body to do anything anything at all in the face of that continued slaughter, isn't just painful to us it's unconscionable. >> this just days after democrats in the house protest protested, walked out after a moment of silence, among them connecticut congressman who will join me next from capitol hill. road trip. thershe is. uh oh, oh, oh, oh, what? so here is our road trip itinerary. what's this? a buh of different places... nah, bro. we gotta go off-script. rip to shreds every motel, cabin and teep between here and the wedding. now get out of my seat. alright. (screams) road trip! whahhhh haha...
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get ofon the right foot. ask your doctor about lyrica. if some of those great people that were in that club that night had guns strapped to their waists or strapped to their ankle, and if the bullets were going in the other direction aimed at this guy, who
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was just open target practice you would have had a situation, folks, which would have been always horrible but nothing like the carnage that we all as a people suffered this weekend. >> not one of donald trump's reckless ideas would have saved a single life in orlando. it's just more evidence that he is temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be commander-in-chief. >> hillary clinton saying it's a reckless idea from donald trump and donald trump saying folks with a concealed carry permit with a gun on their ankle or waist would have thwarted efforts of omar mateen. but the shooting continues to s tos to spark this major debate on the campaign and on capitol hill there's a filibuster by democrats pushing for action on guns in the wake of the nation's deadliest mass shooting. right there is senator dick
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durbin talking about why democrats feel so strongly about moving forward with some type of gun reform. chris murphy has also been speak speaking out on this represent representing the state of connecticut which saw its own tragedy in sandy hook and lead leading this with senator blue men hall -- blue menmenthal and senator booker and they walked out of the house previously. luke russert reporting on this. why democrats feel they have the leverage necessary to move forward an any type of gun measure measures, right now different than no-fly no buy bill. what's the st.atus? >> reporter: they're belief because of the events in orlando the biggest event on u.s. soil since 9/11 counting in the terms of the number of deaths there is
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some momentum to move what they say is sensible gun regulation. two things at the heart of this push. no-fly no buy. the idea if you're on a terrorist watchlist you should not be permitted to buy a firearm. this has gotten bipartisan support in the past and question how one's due process rights would be affected if they're put on that by mistake and where the divide is by republicans and democrats and the republicans backed by nra, say hold on we can't allow for a sale to go forward. there should be some judicial process in between. democrats say, okay we agree with that. the burden of proof you guys set is too high. chris murphy the senator from connecticut, is the one that started this. he believes by putting the attention on this he believes it will be in the democrats' favor and sees it as a moral issue being from the state where newtown occurred and he started at 11:20 this morning.
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listen to what he said when he kicked this off. >> i shoulder to think what it will be like for senator nelson four years from now, to talk to the parents of those that were killed this weekend in orlando and tell them four years after orlando, eight years after newtown, congress has been utter utterly silent. >> thomas that really is the goal here by democrats. they want to get something. they want something tangible they can show voters they did to move the needle on this debate. i can also tell you before we came over here to talk to you, i spoke with joe mansion, the democratdrrk democratic senator from west virginia and move the needle up to close the loophole in gun show shows. and said they just had a meeting and will introduce the legislation in coming days and will move quick to take advantage of the puck move now.
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there may be some movement. i wouldn't be shocked if there was some movement on no-fly no buy list if there is some compromise. that is something there seems to be public sentiment. >> the nra said we're happy to meet with donald trump and their position has not changed and believes terrorists should not be able to purchase or buy firearm and any on that should be thoroughly investigated by the fbi and that sale delayed while investigation ongoing and due process should be put in place to allow law abideing americans wrongly put on a watchlist to be removed. more to come out of this while donald trump comes out with a statement more in line with senator feinstein of california. appreciate it. one of the democratic members of congress who walked off the house floor as the chamber was observeing a moment of silence was congressman jim himes. if the house of representatives
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had a solitary moral fiber, even wisp of human empathy, we would be screaming about the 49 whose bodies were ripped apart in orlando and previous victims and the ones before them. i'm joined by senator heimsimes. since sandy hook there have been no change in federal legislation. you have senators murphy and blumenthal, both from connecticut. does it surprise you that we're still waiting for congress to act? >> thanks, thomas. no in fact joe courtney also of connecticut and i just walked over to lend our support to chris murphy and dick blumenthal. as you may have noticed, we are particularly here in connecticut, absolutely determined that we are not going to do just business as usual.
11:21 am
there will not be next week when we have our next mass shoot shooting another moment of silence, 10 seconds that allows my colleagues to put on their serious face and pre-tend that is some meaningful change that will stop the bloodbath in this country. i'm thrilled they're bringing attention to it in the gnat and we are going to keep working on it in the house. just hope all of us are family with the newtown survivors, just hope that fewer and fewer of these events happen over time. none of us are saying we can end gun violence but this chamber, the congress can do things quickly that would dramatically reduce that violence. >> right now, it is a test of how you and all your colleagues want to be remembered by history, because we live in a time period where, yes these types of events are happening too close together too often and the numbers continue to go up. i was just going over the list of things i've covered here sir, over the last seven years. it goes from charleston to aurora to gabby giffords in
11:22 am
tucson san bernardino fort hood, orlando, also the boston marathon bombing. and the community college in oregon. the list goes on and on. when we think of donald trump categorizeing this toward some type of muslim issue, my list is more dominated by white men who have had access to buy these types of weapons and not a part of the muslim faith. if we look at chicago over the weekend, they reportedly had at least eight people killed and 36 others wounded in a string of crimes where chicago is suffering from an issue of black on black crime. how we're able to put this together in a thoughtful way that actually makes sense and stops divideing left and right and it just gets people in your position to think how can i protect american to american? >> that's a really good question. i think it may be the key here. every time another american dies because a bullet shatters that
11:23 am
american's body there's a whole bunch of things going on. in orlando, yes it looks like this guy was radicalized by isis looks like there was some homophobia at play and mental healthcare issues. i'm on the intelligence committee, we're at war with isis and fighting the terrorists here and abroad. chris murphy is leading on mental healthcare issues. these things all have one thing in common the unbelievably easy availability of military grade firearms. that, we don't do anything on. all we toodo, stop talking for 10 seconds and look serious and observe a moment of silence. the common denominator here is the crazy availability of firearms, we're not talking about that. to be clear, not that adjusting these regulations will damage anybody's second amendment rights and not like we're going up against the majority of the american public, the opposite is true. 90% of americans support
11:24 am
universal background checks and most support the second amendment and say the kind of training and licenseing you get to have a gun ought to look like the training and licenseing to drive a car! >> congressman hime thank you. we've been watching senator pat leahy of vermont speak and then after this we will look at all beaches of disney resorts close after an alligator snatched a toddler away from his father and we're looking at a recovery effort nearly 17 hours later.
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why doo many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we makeore e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in e country. here, ere, everywhere. ited states postal service priorityyou there were eyewitnesses here
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who certainly saw the child taken under the water and what have you. we know that that happened. it certainly is not survivable at this point for him to have been submerged for this period of time. we know this is a recovery effort at this point. >> there we have the orange county sheriff on the apparently failed effort to save a 2-year-old boy attacked and dragged into a lake at a disney resort property. according to officials, the child was playing a foot or so in the water on the beach area near the grand fluridian resort and spa when the alligator snatched him. joining us from lake buena vista, florida. what can you tell me about the investigation and how many alligators have been euthanized in the effort to find the one that attacked the child? >> reporter: let's start with the latest on the investigation, thomas. as of this hour 50 law enforcement officers remain out
11:28 am
there searching for the remains of this little boy. it has shifted from a search and rescue effort to a recovery effort. they are assisted by boats with sonar, aerial cruise and sonar. and they have pulled five gators and no trace of the child. they say the search is compounded by the huge area they have to cover. not only looking at the lake the child was last seen but it connects to one other lake via a canal and they have a large area to cover. still, they will search as long as they have to to bring this family closure. fish and wildlife have been out to the scene today and say attacks like this are very rare. in the past six years there have been 41 unprovoked major alligator attacks, two deaths last year were the result of alligator alligators.
11:29 am
meanwhile, disney has made the decision to shut down all beach beaches, ferris and water type features in the open water area areas. they say it is for the safety of their guests and aid in this search thomas. >> unimaginable for this family coming in to have a vacation from nebraska and to have to live through this. i woke up at 3:00 to get ready to fly back i was turning on the tv and thought i was going to watch updated coverage what we were all covering with the shooting and couldn't believe my eyes the police were talking about this. unimaginable. >> reporter: you can see it in the police when they talk about it. two officers today addressing the media have gotten choked up about this. it has been a horrible week for everyone involved includeing those first responders and you can really see it in their faces today. >> sara dahlllop, reporting from florida. a new poll highly favoring
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breaking news in the race for 2016. hillary clinton and donald trump wrapping up dueling speeches and she hit trump on his remarks in the wake of the tragedy in orlando. kasie hunt was there for the remarks by secretary clinton at hampton roads. what stood out for you in the remarks and i want you to dive into the new numbers out of wisconsin? >> reporter: nice to see you. hillary clinton continueing this push into donald trump but the more subdued less campaign type of field way that marked the events of orlando. she repeated much of what she said yesterday that mirrored the president's speech mocking donald trump. take a look. >> not one of donald trump's reckless ideas would have saved
11:34 am
a single life in orlando. it's more evidence he is unfit and totally unqualified to be commander-in-chief. >> reporter: so that's what you've been hearing day in and day out from hillary clinton that donald trump is temperament temperamentally unfit to be president of the united states. we've also seen news on gun control today. hillary clinton doing an interview with the "huffington post" where she says to donald trump of this issue of whether or not people on the terrorist watchlist should be able to legally buy guns in the united states, she says quote, welcome to the cause. this is something i've been doing for a long time. this issue has, of course tied up some people on the hill rob portman seeming to go back and forth on this issue. >> the wisconsin poll out of likely voters clinton is up by nine points over donald trump. it will be interesting to see how that case falls out.
11:35 am
case from hampton roads, virginia my colleague, kate snow picks things up now. good afternoon to you.


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