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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  June 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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like "arrested development," that's huge. i watch it once and i don't watch it again. but what i watch all the time are the gag reels. that's what i remember. that's what i love. >> thanks for coming. >> thanks for having me. and it's time for "rachel maddow." >> it's been a very, very busy news day. it started with the unexpected filibuster for gun reform mounted by representative murphy and it started in the 11 a.m. hour today. as of this hour it is still going on in the senate. so we are like ten hours into this at this point and counting. senate minority leader harry reed's office says the democrats will drop this filibuster if republicans agree to schedule a vote on expanded background
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collection for gun purchases, as well as a bill blocking gun sales to people on the terrorist watch lists. so we'll have the latest on this ongoing filibuster, including a live interview with one of the democratic senators who has been in on this fight today. that's coming up in just a moment. nobody knew this was coming. it's been a big surprise today. it continues into this evening as we speak. gun politics also got briefly confusing today when republican presidential candidate donald trump said he would meet with the nra to talk with them about people on the terrorist watch lists being able to buy guns. now, there's no indication that this indicates any real breakthrough in terms of government opposition to reforms like that one, but it is an interesting and indeed unexpected development on a day that had a lot of those. we also just got in some brand new polling, which you have not seen anywhere. we're going to break it exclusively here tonight. it sheds a little bit of light on the hillary clinton versus
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donald trump presidential race. it sheds even more light, though, on the issue of gun reform. and specifically this new polling out tonight, which we've got exclusively, it shows how strongly even republicans want there to be some basic lowest common denominator gun reforms now after the orlando massacre. we got that new polling data, swing state data here exclusively tonight. that is coming up in just a few minutes. but, oh wait, there's more. there's wialso new and unexpect primary news today from each party. on the republican side it concerns marco rubio. when florida senator marco rubio declared he was running for presidency, he also announced at the time that he would be all in in the presidential race. he would not simultaneously run for reelection in the senate, even though he's up this year. he's up in 2016. he announced he was running for president and it was basically president or bust.
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that led to a big open hurley burley senate primary in florida with lots of different politicians vying to get into that race to replace marco rubio in the senate now that his seat will be open. now perhaps inevitably having lost the presidential primary to donald trump, marco rubio indicated today that at this late date he's maybe rethinking his decision to not run in the senate. he indicated he might run for reelection in his senate seat after all. he says he's going to spend the weekend talking about it and inevitably next week we will hear from senator rubio that he has decided to run to hold on to his seat in the senate after all. on the democratic side of the presidential primary, hillary clinton and bernie sanders of course had their big personal summit last night at the washington, d.c. hilton. the democratic primary now is over now that d.c. has voted.
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secretary clinton has unequivocally clinched the nomination and won by a pretty considerable margin. but senator bernie sanders did not drop out of the race last night after that one-on-one meeting at the hotel in d.c. and we got today some surprising news of how senator sanders will get out of the race and what is expected at the big video summit that bernie sanders is planning for his supporters all over the country. i told you there's a lot going on. all of those stories breaking and developing tonight, of course alongside what continues to be the biggest and most important story in the country, which is how the country is still reeling and still reacting to the largest mass shooting in u.s. history. this weekend in orlando, the attack that killed 49 people on latino night in a gay night club in orlando, we now know this was the worst terrorist attack on u.s. soil since 9/11. in terms of the investigation
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into that crime today, there's news to the that law enforcement authorities are questioning the killer's wife as to whether she had any advanced notice that he was going to attack that club. also they are asking whether she may have lied to investigators about what she knnew onekne kne attack had happened. >> a political and international bomb shell dropped tonight thanks apparently to a band of russian hackers. "the washington post" had the first part of this story yesterday morning, and it was intriguing enough then. "the washington post" yesterday, quote, russian government hackers penetrated the computer network of the democratic national committee, they so thoroughly compromised the system they were able to read all e-mail and hack traffic. a security group called it a
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deal with the hack, there were two different hacker groups that accessed the dnc network the first one they called cozy bear, apparently gained access to the dnc's futurecomputers la summer and they were capturing and monitoring e-mail within the dnc. the second group they decided to call fancy bear. they believe the group fancy bear works for the gru, the russian military service. and that party broke in in late april and specifically targeted the dnc's opposition research files on donald trump. hmm. late april. so when donald trump was locking up the republican nomination in april, when he was winning new york and then connecticut and then delaware, maryland,
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pennsylvania, rhode island, when he was putting the republican presidential nomination out of reach for any of his competitors, russia's military intelligence service apparently decided at that time that they would break in to the democratic party servers and check in on what the democratic party had in its files on this guy, donald trump, who is apparently going to be the republican nominee for president. this is interesting, right? i mean, whether or not you watch "the americans," the idea of the russian government sending spies to steal that kind of stuff in in america, that is intriguing, cloak and dagger, binge watch it kind of stuff. we do know this is not the first time stuff like this has happened. in the 2008 presidential campaign, it was hackers backed by the chinese government who broke into computers from the john mccain campaign. they also apparently broke into computers from the barack obama presidential campaign in 2008. there were reports in 2012 that chinese government hackers tried again with the romney and obama
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campaigns in 2012. you know, on the one hand it's a little scary that foreign governments like china and russia are able to do this, right? think about the consequences of this. if they're able through this kind of hacking to obtain some truly damning and truly secret information about a candidate by breaking into computer files this way, then presumably if that candidate ended up becoming president, the chinese or russian government could then be in a position to use that information against the american government. i mean, conceivably they could use it to try to blackmail the sitting u.s. president. that is scary. also on the other hand, it's a little flattering to know how interested these other countries are in our elections. if the american public cared half as much about our elections as the russian and chinese apparently do, we would probably triple our voter turnout in this country. so in terms of trying to get this in perspective, we do know that this has happened before. we know that the campaigns at
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least, if not the parties, have been targeted by foreign hackers supportsoned by foreign governments in previous presidential elections. what is different here and now is that we know from the "washington post" reporting that apparently what they were after inside the democratic party was the democratic party's opposition research on donald trump. that's what they were after. and the other thing that is different this year is that right now we are in the donald trump era of republican politics. that makes a story like this even stranger and spookier this your than if it involved some normal american politician in some normal political year. these hackers that broke into the party servers, they're russian government hackers. at least according to the security firm that they believe they were dispatched by the russian government, by vladimir putin. this year vladimir putin has a
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very strange role to play in republican politics because donald trump is the republican nominee of the party and donald trump has some strange lie december about vladimir putin. >> putin. he said donald trump is a genius and he's the real leader over in that country. and these people i'm negotiating with all the time, this said you should disavow what i said i'm not disavowing that he called me a genius. are you crazy? don't worry, i can't be seduced. >> he called me a genius and said donald trump is going to be the leader of the world or leader of the party. these characters i'm one runs against said we want to you disavow that statement. what, he called me a genius, i'm going to stay it? and besides that, wouldn't it be good if we actually got along with countries? wouldn't it be a positive things?
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do we have to always fight. i. >> actually, putin did call me a genius and he said i'm the future of the republican party. so he's off to a good start. i will say -- i will say he's off to a good start. right, folks? and, by the way, i'm not a friend of putin, i've never met putin, i respect putin. he's a strong leader, unlike what we have. we have a pathetic leader. pathetic. then putin said donald trump is a genius, he's going to be the next great leader of the united states. no, no, think of it. so they wanted me to disavow what he said. how dare you? wouldn't it be nice if we actually got along with russia? wouldn't that be good?
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>> when you're a person who holds a grudge? what do you call someone who never another gets a compliment. that makes putin a great leader, a strong leader, somebody who the united states of america could work with. he said this nice thing about me. look, they're already on a first-name basis. vladimir. vladimir he calls him. vladimir has said -- donald trump said such nice things, it's become a problem for him. >> he said if he were grading him as a leader, he would give him an a. now, i will leave it to others to explain his affection for tyrants. i just wonder how anybody could
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be so wrong about who america's real friends are. because it matters. if you don't know exactly who you're dealing with, men like putin will eat your lunch. >> democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton has criticized donald and vladimir sitting in a tree. >> putin praises bright and talented trump. vladimir putin praises outstanding and talented trump. there was some controversy over how to exactly translate putin's remark. he took care to flatter donald trump policy, and that's apparently enough for donald trump. who so that is the very, very unusual context here. that you have a republican presidential nominee who is
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very, very susceptible to flattery. it's the most powerful thing. >> and it's one thing for the russian government to hack into a political party to get the opposition on the candidate. but when donald trump and vladimir putin are so in love with each other, then whens russian government breaks into the democratic party's headquarters and gets their oppo file on trump, it sort of has a different caste, right? it raises the prospect of russia and vladimir putin rooting for trim trim to win the election. and trump's campaign manager has in a typical year, you wouldn't
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look at the russian government obtaining this onio file, you'd think it that the biggest risk but when we learned about this hack in the dnc, the indication that russia is actually rooting for trump to become president. russia wouldn't take that on o. >> give it to him! share it, leak it. so nothing in that file could be used against him. or at least he could defend everything in that final fooil because he'd know everything the dnc had to throw at him. >> and then lo and behold, one day after "the washington post" story, one day we learned they
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had broken in and gotten information on donald trump's oppo file. what appears to be the whole 200-plus page document. it does appear to be the democratic party's working oppo file, everything they had to throw against donald trump, everything they've been able to throw against him since mid december. google translates says this is how you say you're welcome in raugs. iraq? thanks for publishing everything they have in their arsenal
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against donald trump. the dnc says tonight "we believe that today's release and the claims around it may be a part of a disinformation campaign by the russians." the russians leaked the oppo file so it's all public domain. now we have some interesting questions. number one, what does is mean if the russian government truly is trying to help the donald trump presidential campaign? how are we supposed to respond to that information in the country? number two, "the washington post" said these hackers were roaming around in the democratic party servers for a whole year before they noticed and kicked them out. the biggest question here, and it may be pressing, is this really all the democrats have got? because now, for whatever reason, we got thanks to the russians, we've got access
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democratic national committee -- he's a liar, he's loyal only to himself, he's a bad businessman, he's a rich guy who only wants to help himself, he's got a history of scandalous activity with his ex-wives and girl friends. this is basically just a collection of news articles. there's no individually -- individually researched stories here. there's no original detective here, at least as far as can i tell. it's news stories that have been reorganized, categorized and formed into thematic argument by
6:19 pm
donald trump. but it's all the stuff they've got. in high level electoral politics, is this what a real opposition research trevor trove looks like? >> is it damaging that this of, including the trump campaign seeing it themselves. and belated this seems to be from the democratic committee. it's not from the clinton champagne. should we expect that the has more original work. if not the clinton campaign, should we expect that from the superpacks working for hillary c can. >> in addition to the opposition research, there were a few other documents leaked online today,
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in response to the news today that the democratic national committee has been hacked by russian government hackers and as a result of that hacking the democratic party's lengthy opposition research file on donald trump has been posted online. in response to that almost unbelievable news, the trump campaign tonight has put out this statement, "this is all information that has been out there for many years. much of it is false and/or enti entirely inaccurate. we believe it was the dnc that did the hacking as a way to distract from the many issues facing their deeply flawed
6:23 pm
candidate and failed party leader." nbc news has asked the trump campaign when they said the dnc, quote, did the hacking. we'll let you know if we get that information. >> mr. ceasele, thanks for joining us tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> this is a weird story. i don't expect you direct information about this because you can't coordinate directly with the clinton campaign or dnc. does it seem feasible that russian government hackers got into the dnc files and published the file to help the trump campaign? >> i think it's likely given the opening segment and i think it's more likely that that happened
6:24 pm
that cozy bear and fuzzy bear were in a basement with debbie wasserman. so i guess in this election, anything is possible. >> you do opposition research for mr. trump as part of your work on the super pac. the document released today is that what opposition research files look like? >> honestly it's phase one of what opposition research documents look like. a lot of times the very first thing that researchers will do is take a look at the public record, exactly what you pointed out. they'll take a look at what's been written, what's been covered. but that really is just the launching point to dig deeper into a candidate. especially someone like donald trump. you know, he's not -- i know this is an understatement, rachel -- a typical candidate. he doesn't have a legislative record, a policy record or a record as a governor. so it's really important we take a look at his business record, about things he has said about others because it's a pretty
6:25 pm
good signal for what he would be like as president. i would note that, as you said, it was done in december and that my best guess is that it was simply a launching point for other research they were prepare too long do. >> do you think it will strategically help the trump campaign to have this document, even if it is an early document, even if it's phase one of a multi-phase campaign. if you have something like that that the republican party had put together on hillary clinton works you take it? would it help you? >> certainly you would take it. you'd rather have it than not but most of the stuff in that report is pretty easily accessible through public records. the other fact of the matter is you could ignore everything in that report and just focus on what donald trump has said this week and it might be enough for most opposition research books to run a campaign against someone for president. this week he used the murder of 49 people to congratulate himself and to retweet an article that suggested that
6:26 pm
hillary clinton had seen a briefing saying that barack obama was supporting isis. so while it's important to have this information, the fact is that donald trump has given us an enormous amount of material to work with just since he has announced for president. >> let me ask you one question, guy, which is a little bit off the wall and you can take it exactly the way i mean it, which is literally. donald trump's campaign manager, paul manafort has ties to vladimir putin and dictators in the past. do you have concern in your role in the super pac that trump has these ties to vladimir putin and russian interests? >> there's such an endless amount that concerns me about donald trump and the work history of the people working for him, the ties that they have to other countries, the relationship that donald himself has been trying to build by
6:27 pm
pointing out the, quote unquote strength of people like vladimir putin or kim jong un. of course it worries me but it worries me as much as a lot of the things he has said in the past week, past month, past six months, since he has run for president. >> guy cecil, thanks for giving us a window into how you're thinking about it. >> appreciate it. >> we know now what bernie sanders is doing tomorrow and we know what he's not doing tomorrow. it's a bit of surprising news from the sanders campaign today. that's ahead. stay with us. (man) oh, looks like we missed
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nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not toyota. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, evy time you drive. so nobody knew this was coming today, nobody had a tipoff even that this was happening until it was happening, but the democrats in washington are filibustering in the senate for gun reform. it started about 11:30 eastern time this morning. it's still going on right now. it's being led by this man, connecticut senator chris murphy. before he was in the senate, he represented newtown, connecticut in the house. he says he can no longer look into the faces of the connecticut families from sandy hook elementary school and tell them that the country has done nothing to make things any better since newtown, since though 20 first graders were killed in connecticut going on four years ago now. this filibuster again he launched today before the noon hour. we're in hour ten and counting
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of this dramatic event today. already this filibuster today seems to have shaken loose some talk on possible compromise legislation in congress. we've got that story ahead. stay with us. one of millions of orders on this company's servers. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of at&t, and security that senses and mitigates cyber threats, their critical data is safer than ever. giving them the agility to be open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t.
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in april developments senator bernie sanders threw his support behind a congressional candidate from nevada. he asked his supporters on his huge bernie sanders mailing list
6:34 pm
to please donate to her campaign as well. his resposupporters responded a helped raise $6 million in the wake of that endorsement. yesterday democratic primary voters went to the polls and they did not select lucy flores to be their candidate in the 4th district in nevada. she lost by 14 points. she did lose to another progressive latino candidate, but the sanders candidate did not win. and that's tough news for team sanders today, in what has otherwise honestly been a tough week for them. after last night's meeting between senator sanders and hillary clinton, we got word that the sanders campaign was planning a big event for tomorrow night, a video address, sort of a telephone town hall that bernie sanders was planning for his supporters tomorrow night at 8:30 p.m. eastern. that planned address to what is likely to be hundreds of thousands of sanders supporters tomorrow night and the fact that the press is invited to listen
6:35 pm
in on that, that led to prettiwipretty widespread speculation that tomorrow might be the night that bernie sanders bows out. but we now know tomorrow will not be the day that happens. reuters was told, "no, he's not ending it." so bernie sanders staff layoffs have been widely reported over the past week, he has stopped holding public rallies and events but he is being very vocal about some of his political demands, including his desire to replace the leadership of the democratic party, he wants to change the way the democratic party runs its primaries. maybe those demands are what tomorrow's speech will be about, maybe they'll be about some
6:36 pm
organizing effort on how to keep the sanders campaign energy together now that the democratic primary is over. but the democratic primary is over. senator sanders ran a strong campaign, he came in second. even so, he is as of right now still in with no firm plans for when he will get out. what's next for him? maybe we'll find out that tomorrow night. watch this space. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee!
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6:40 pm
against the women who fight again them every day. it's versus the women of the congressional press corp. andrea mitchell calls the game. tonight the journalists won. politics is a fight. he's barbecues and ball games are usually displays are as far as politicians go to pretend they liking working together. i like those pageants of part asiansh -- partisanship, even if they are mostly made up. and tonight a spirit of cooperation may be finding its way to capitol hill on something real, a matter of real work. and that remarkable story is next. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close.
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6:43 pm
we are first to get this tonight. it's new data from public policy polling. the top line result from this poll in virginia, swing state virginia, is that hillary clinton is beating donald trump there. she beats him by 3 points in virginia if you include minor party candidates gary johnson and jill stein, she also beats him by 3 points in virginia. if you just take hillary clinton versus donald trump head to head. so that's a good result for democrats. hillary clinton beating donald trump in this new virginia poll. but here is what is more interesting than that. this poll was conducted after the orlando shooting this weekend and they asked questions in this poll about gun laws. and check this out. on support for universal background checks, look at these numbers. this is among virginia registered voters, universal background checks supported by 93% of democrats, by 87% of independents, by 83% of republicans. even republicans favor universal background checks. 83% of republicans.
6:44 pm
ppp also polled support for stopping people on an fbi terror watchlist from buying guns and that support is also overwhelming. 89% of democrats support banning people on the terror watchlist from purchasing a firearm, 89% of democrats, 84% of independence, 85% of republicans. that's in virginia, swing state virginia. anything that popular should be politically possible -- you'd think. these are live pictures of the senate floor right now where democrats for ten hours and counting have been staging a filibuster, a surprise filibuster to get congress to act on the issue of gun violence. this started at 11:21 eastern time this morning led by connecticut senator chris murphy. senator murphy represented newtown connecticut as a congressman before he went into the senate. senator murphy has had help over the course of the day from at
6:45 pm
least 30 other democratic senators, including the senior senator from connecticut, richard bloomenthal. it's unclear how long this will go into tonight. >> this isn't new to me but i'm at my wit's end. i've had enough. i've had enough of the ongoing slaughter of innocents, and i've had enough of inaction in this body. there is a panoply of measures that we need to consider. we have suggested starting with the two that are the least controversial. start with the two that have the broad support of the american public. start with an expansion of background checks to gun shows and internet sales and prohibit those on watchlists from buying guns. that's a start and then we can
6:46 pm
get to the other measures that will truly understand with substantial change, the change in reality of people that live with this epidemic every day. >> two republican senators, nebraska senator ben sass and ben toomey wasn't went to the floor, mainly to ask questions and voice concerns about due process rights for americans who may inadvertently end up on a terrorist watchlist. but senator murphy started this conversation today. pat twomey, among several other republicans, has said that there must be some sort of compromise way forward on this, that there must be some way to get something to pass. just to keep things interesting, republican presidential candidate tweeted "i will be meeting with the nra, who has endorsed me, about not allowing people on the terrorist watch lit or the no-fly list to buy guns." .
6:47 pm
the nra said they're happy to meet with mr. trump but they're not budging. the question is has chris murphy and has orlando shaken something loose here? might the be room to move on this finally? and how late is this filibuster going to go into the night tonight? joining is connecticut senior senator richard blumenthal. thank you for joining us. >> it's been a long day on the floor. we been with my colleague, senator murphy from connecticut on the floor today. we've seen people come to the floor and very powerfully talk about these two moderate measures, a start as chris
6:48 pm
murphy has stated so eloquently. >> what do you think you're shaking loose? democrats are basically united at least on those kind of gun control measures you're talking about there, the terrorist watchlist and background check loophole. do you think you're shaking loose anything from republicans? >> shaking loose, maybe. but what is truly shaking loose the gridlock is i think orlando and the tipping point that it may reflect. we have been feeling mounting frustration and outrage. 30,000 deaths a year, as you well know because you've covered it so well, this kind of carnage and slaughter is not just the mass killings. it's the one by one on the streets of hartford or washington, d.c. so what we have said this week is, yes, we'll consider this appropriations bill for commerce, justice and science, a routine kind of measure, important. but no more business as usual.
6:49 pm
enough is enough. there is this national consensus, the poll you've just cited reflects a countrywide support for stopping terrorists' access to guns. if somebody is suspected based on evidence of aiding or preparing or engaging in terrorist activity, shouldn't that person be stopped from buying a gun and shouldn't there be expanded background checks to make sure that law and other prohibitions against dangerous felons or dangerous people buying guns be enforced as well ? i think shaking loose is the logic of these frustrations. >> senator, how late do you think this filibuster will go? we've had a clock up over the course of this program. you're about 10 1/2 hours right now. how late will this go into this evening? >> i'll let you know when i get
6:50 pm
back. there's been a long day but we want there to be votes on these two proposals. we think the american people deserve action. words are fine but actions speak louder than words and we want there to be votes on or related activities or support from say, isis, who can be against that proposal, and expanded background checks. it is a start. there should be an elimination of immunity from accountability, there should be more protection for survivors and victims. a ban on trafficking, school safety. mental health initiatives, this is just a start. these votes are just a start in
6:51 pm
a continuing battle. >> connecticut senator bloomen
6:52 pm
. republican presidential candidate donald trump is known for hyperbole. third time in u.s. history. i am not sure i heard him brag
6:53 pm
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ronald reagan's first presidential inauguration made history. the first president sworn in on the west front of the capitol, which, he was the oldest person sworn in as president. in january, 1981, he was 69 years old. our oldest president ever. he still holds that record. that record is now at risk. sterday, republican presidential nominee donald trump turned 70. if he wins the presidency, he would be the oldest person to ever ascend to the white house.
6:57 pm
perhaps anticipating this, he released a letter from his physician to his health. quote mr. trump has had a recent complete examination that showed only positive results. actually, his blood pressure, 110 over 65 and lab test results were astonishingly excellent. his strength is extraordinary. he will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency. healthiest president ever, unequivically. happy seventh birthday, to the man who would be the oldest penalty in u.s. history. happy birthday. >> he announced he would run for penalty, it has ended up
6:58 pm
successful. he secured the nomination with relative ease. how unlikely he has been as a candidate or nominee. many wondered if donald trump had any idea at the beginning that he would go this far? that he would win? that is actually something that we have evidence about. it is this. on this one-year anniversary of donald trump coming down the escalator, and announcing this bewildering run to the months. on the day he announced at trump tower, he reportedly had to pay people to be there to pretend to his his supporters. at the beginning, day one, he had to do a casting call, pay people $50 a pop, to come to trump tower to pretend they supported him.
6:59 pm
xla mile casting sent -- this first, extra mile, sent this emile out as their casting call. hithere, there is misspelling and grammar here, this is the gift of it. we are working, helping one of our associates out with a big event happening tuesday, june 16th. in scht of donald trump, the event will be televised. we are looking to cast people to wear t-shirts, and cheer him in support of his announcement. we understand this is not a traditional background job, we believe that acting comes in all forms. 8:45 to 11:30, that is, all
7:00 pm
caps, less than three hours. the rate for this is $50 cash, at the end of the event. we would love to book you, we will get back to you with confirmation. exactly one year ago. actors, preparing to pretend to support donald trump in exchange for money. as he made his announcement at trump tower, he had to stack the room with paid extras. then he got up to the microphone, and said mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals, he republican voters started flocking to him, and made him the nominee. the phrase you are looking for is fake it until you make it. one year ago this week. happy birthday. that does it for us tonight. now it is time for "the last word". >> is there any way to pretend


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