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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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strong leader. that plays into his hands. so in a month, this could look different than it does now. >> chris murphy filibuster just to get a vote on gun reform. he succeeded. it's a little bit of a hurdle, but a hurdle cleared. >> i second what david ignatius said. i'm very worried as we look ahead. and you? >> republicans, stand up and be counted. steve kornacki picks up the coverage right now. and a good morning to you. i'm steve kornacki. we are 145 days now away from the election. topping our agenda right now, the filibuster is over. and democrats are claiming victory after holding the floor for almost 15 hours trying to force the senate to take action on guns. >> the failure of this body to do anything -- anything at all in the face of that continued
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slaughter isn't just painful to us. it's unconscionable. >> that was senator chris murphy of connecticut there. he led the filibuster. he says this morning that it worked. that republicans have agreed to some key concessions. we'll tell you what those are and whether they really matter. that is ahead. also on our agenda, just be quiet. a frustrated donald trump with a message for republican leaders who aren't on board with his hard line response to orlando. >> just be quiet. because they have to get tougher. they have to get sharper and smarter. we have to have our republicans either stick together or let me just do it by myself. i'll do very well. >> the presumptive republican nominee seeing some republicans turning their back on him after his controversial remarks threatening once again now to go it alone. and also rounding out our agenda this morning, the latest out of
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orlando, florida. president obam avice president joe biden traveling to that city today to meet with the families of the victims of that attack last weekend. new information this morning on the gunman to tell you about. and also police recovering the body of 2-year-old lane graves. he was attacked by an alligator at the walt disney world resort. did disney do everything it could have to keep people safe, to keep that family safe? all that and much more still ahead. we'll begin with our top story. an old-fashioned filibuster on the floor of the u.s. senate. it wrapped up early this morning. senate democrats saying they have won concessions from republicans on gun control. connecticut's chris murphy whose state was the scene of the horrific sandy hook school massacre four years popping he took to the senate floor wednesday afternoon and stayed there for 14 hours and 50 minutes, finally standing down at 2:11 in the morning this
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morning next to a picture of one of the students killed at sandy hook, 6-year-old dylan hockley. >> this has been a day of questions. and so i ask you all this question. if anne marie murphy could do that, then ask yourself, what can you do to make sure that orlando or sandy hook never, ever happens again. with deep gratitude to all those who have endured this very, very late night, i yield the floor. >> murphy says republicans who control the senate have now agreed to hold two votes on gun control measures. first, a vote on closing the so-called gun show loophole and expanding the background check system. and second, a vote to prohibit those who are on the government's terror watch list
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from being able to purchase firearms. our reporters are covering all angles of this story this morning. let's go first to capitol hill. nbc's luke userussert has the details on what democrats say is a win for them. let's start with these two votes. one on the terror watch list. one on background checks. the questions are, if you have the votes, it's still the republican senate. will they pass? even if they pass, you have a republican house. is this still going to go anywhere? >> let's start with your second question. that's the most important. whatever comes out of the senate would have to go through a republican-led house and it's safe to say if there were to be some sort of bipartisan compromise, really has a possibility of being watered down. and we've seen that on a whole bevy of issues. 14 republicans voted for a bipartisan immigration bill. there was a lot of hope something like that would go through the house, and it was dead on arrival. these two votes are significant.
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the one about no-fly, no buy, there has been some movement to have a bipartisan bill regarding those if they are on the terrorist watch list not to be able to buy guns. this is something john cornyn of texas put forward an idea on. dianne feinstein has had an idea about it. yesterday pat toomey, republican senator from pennsylvania, put forward his idea. if the vote sothe feinstein amendment it will probably go down. if it's on something more bipartisan and able to pick up mark kirk of illinois who has been supportive of this in the past, those vulnerable republicans from blue or purple states, ayotte, johnson, portman, it's certainly a possibility. the manchin/toomey proposal about closing the gun show loophole and more stringent background checks for private sales has gotten a lot of opposition over the years, steve. >> we always look at these
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tragedies and say is it going to change anything, break up the opposition that's always been there from one side of this. maybe change the way supporters approach it. when you look at the republicans who have been opposed to these gun measures in the past, are you seeing movement from them you haven't previously seen? >> i think it's fair to say those from the vulnerable senate seats definitely do not want to look like they support terrorists being able to purchase guns. and they realize that even if they have these votes, democrats can make some very nasty ads against them that would be very hurtful if they get into a fight about due process and legalese. all that being said, the nra is the single most powerful lobby on capitol hill. they have members that if they tell them to say yes, they say yes. if they tell them to jump, they ask how high. the nra wants to do something, they'll do it to the republican party on capitol hill. it's very difficult to break that logjam.
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>> luke russert on capitol hill. thanks for that. speaking of the nra and its role in all of this, donald trump, the presumptive republican nominee, announcing yesterday that he will meet with the nra soon and suggesting that he may be pushing the group to support that measure luke was just talking about. a ban on those on the terror watch list buying guns. the nra has previously opposed legislation to do so on the grounds that law-abiding individuals can land on that federal terror watch list without any due process. and then not have any recourse to get off of that list, even if they've done nothing wrong. trump also holding his position that more people carrying guns could prevent massacres like the one in orlando. >> if some of those great people that were in that club that night had guns strapped to their waist or strapped to their ankle, and if the bullets were going in the other direction
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aimed at this guy who was just open target practice, you would have had a situation, folks, which would have been always horrible but nothing like the carnage that we all as a people suffered this weekend. >> comments like that from trump coming as another republican governor, this time larry hogan of maryland. that's obviously a very blue state. saying yesterday that he will not support donald trump for president this fall. hogan telling "the washington post," quote, i guess when i get behind the curtain i'll have to figure it out. maybe write someone in. i'm not sure. let's bring in msnbc's hallie jackson. luke russert just set this up and said when it comes to congress and what, if anything, it's going to do on gun issues in the wake of orlando, a huge factor here is what the nra does. and here's donald trump suggesting maybe, maybe it's always difficult to read into what these tweets mean but suggesting he may try to prod
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the nra on this issue of the terror watch list. >> it's an issue there's daylight between donald trump and the nra. we know trump met with the executive director of the nra in new york earlier this week and those tweets about another upcoming meeting. trump's endorsement, or the nra's endorsement of trump is something they talk about often on the campaign trail. even given their differing positions on the no fly, no buy rules or potential bill, will trump's influence trickle down into congress and the senate? i talked with senator joe manchin this morning. and senator manchin said -- made the point which is valid that there is plenty of daylight between trump and his fellow republicans on capitol hill. you've seen that over these last two weeks. you are seeing that with, for example, the daylight between larry hogan, some of these other blue state governors like charlie baker from massachusetts, who have not been able to back donald trump yet. so when you talk about his influence on sort of this issue when it comes to congress, the
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question is, how much will he have? so far the answer seems to be not much. >> it's interesting, too, because either this mix with donald trump of these very hard line positions, very hard line pronouncements that sometimes can get him into trouble or at least stir up controversy but at the end of the day, if what he's teasing yesterday does play out, you'd have the spectacle of a republican nominee being at odds with the nra. that's something that's been unimaginable. >> and at odds with a lot of people within his own party. people he's representing now in his bid for the white house. so now this comes back to what donald trump has been talking about or what he's been speaking to or representing for a while now which is at points on certain issues, a very different position than members, the mair majority of his party, at least the establishment elite. >> hallie jackson in washington, thanks as always. meanwhile, when it comes to the democratic, the presumptive
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democratic nominee, hillary clinton on the trail yesterday going after trump for his rhetoric, calling him, quote, temperamentally unfit. >> not one of donald trump's reckless ideas would have saved a single life in orlando. it's just more evidence that he is temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be commander in chief. >> for more let's bring in nbc's kristen welker. when you just do the bottom line on this, you look at the polling in this race, this has been a good week politically for hillary clinton. she's moved ahead significantly in some polls. a new one out yesterday that had it at 12. she's opened up a bigger lead. her campaign is going on the offensive with new ads in battleground states. >> this has been a good week for secretary clinton. no doubt about that. secretary clinton off the campaign trail today but ramping up her general election campaign releasing $7.3 million in ads in
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battleground states. this is her first big ad blitz in the general election in these states. let's take a look at some of those states. virginia, ohio, iowa, colorado, new hampshire, florida, north carolina and nevada. so this really covers a broad swath. some of the ads are going to be hitting donald trump. but a lot of them, in fact, most of them are going to be these new bio ads that are just out today aimed at reintroducing people to secretary clinton and increasing her favorability ratings. that's been an issue for her in this campaign. take a listen to one of the ads just out today. >> for hillary, it's always been about kids. and when millions couldn't get health care, this first lady worked with republicans and democrats to fix it. creating the children's health insurance program. >> so that every child gets the health care that child deserves to have. >> now 8 million kids are covered. that's the kind of leader she is. and the kind of president she'll
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be. >> so as hillary clinton focused on the general election, senator sanders still in this race. he has not dropped out yet. in fact, this evening, he is holding an online discussion with some of his grassroots supporters and it is being dubbed the revolution continues. >> kristen welker in washington, thanks for that. coming up, president obama and vice president biden are set to depart in about an hour for orlando. they'll be meet with survivors and families of the victims. chris jansing is there ahead of those meetings. later, republicans backing away from trump as his unfavorable numbers rise. trump says he can win it by himself. can he go it alone and win in november? retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely reprepared to retire?s. plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement th e*trade. i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests
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president obama is set to leave the white house a little over an hour from now. he is heading to orlando. the trip an attempt to put the focus on the victims of the massacre from last weekend even as investigators uncover new information about the man behind it. nbc's chris jansing is following all of this. obviously, the president coming down there trying to bring some healing, some comfort. this is something the whole nation watching closely at the same time we continue to get new developments. what's the latest? >> it's something he's had to do so many times before, at least 14 times by nbc's count, that he has come out and spoken about a mass shooting of this kind. and so many times poignantly, for example, in newtown. he has come actually to the city where these attacks have occurred. and met with the families which is what he will do today. we'll not see this on camera. all of the families of the victims have been invited.
6:18 am
they'll have an opportunity to meet with the president and joe biden is coming as well, something that often does not happen. even as this community is still in shock, they are asking the question why, they still want to know who this shooter is. what motivated him and how did he not stay on the radar of offici officials. just this morning on "morning joe," jeh johnson reiterating he seems to be the kind of person that has most worried analysts within and without government and that is the lone wolf. take a listen. >> all the signs are this is yet another tragic example of a homegrown, home-born violent extremist. he does not appear to have been part of any cell or any group. this does not appear to be a terrorist directed attack from overseas. it is most likely a terrorist-inspired attack. >> and meantime a letter has gone out to facebook founder
6:19 am
mark zucker berg from the head of the homeland security committee asking for his cooperation. ron johnson says his staff has gone through many of the postings of omar mateen. and we should be very careful to say nbc news has not confirmed any of these, but these are coming out of the office of ron johnson. and as reported in "the washington post" this morning, they say that mateen then posted, according to this letter that was sent by ron johnson, you kill innocent women and children by doing us -- by doing u.s. air strikes. now taste the islamic state vengeance. there is also a number of other postings that he refers to, including, he says, a search by omar mateen for the san bernardino killers. so that will not be the focus today, though, when the president comes here. the president will again be
6:20 am
consoler in chief. he'll make comments but not in a public setting. there will not be a big public memorial service but what we call the pool, this small group of white house reporters will be there and we will have a chance to see it later this afternoon, steve. >> all right, chris jansing in orlando. expecting the president there later today. going to keep an eye on that all day. thanks for that, chris. coming up, republicans have their presumptive nominee in donald trump. but is he the leader of the party? more republicans backing away from pledges to support their nominee. >> what do you think about that? >> well, one -- >> you made a pledge. >> yeah, it's painful. it's painful. people even get divorces, you know. i mean, sometimes things come about that -- look. i'm sorry this has happened. but we'll see where it ends up. i'm not making any final decision yet, but at this point, i just can't do it.
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we have to have our republicans either stick together or let me just do it by myself. i'll do very well. i'm going to do very well. >> donald trump telling republicans he can go it alone and win if they don't get in line behind him. politico reports that trump's relationship with the republican national committee has taken a turn for the worse as he ignores its advice and his help. i want to bring in now andy card, the former chief of staff for president george w. bush. currently the president of franklin pierce university in new hampshire. home of the ravens. andy card, thank you for joining us. we talked to you about six weeks ago on this show. donald trump had just become the presumptive republican nominee. asked you about whether you could support him in the fall. you indicated you wanted to get there. you weren't there yet. in the time since then, the last six weeks, have you moved closer or further from backing donald
6:25 am
trump? >> my fear is that donald trump is the head of the narcissist party rather than the head of the republican party right now. i think that he's being very selfish. the republican party is a broad inclusive party, probably best defined by speaker paul ryan right now and the agenda he has. it includes a lot of wonderful people like kelly ayotte in new hampshire and rob portman in ohio. we've got wonderful republican leaders that we should be talking about. donald trump cannot win it all by himself. and he should be lifting everybody else to victory, not just folk cusing on the selfish aspects of a donald trump narcissist. i want to see him demonstrate he's a republican. i'm giving him a chance, but he has not earned my confidence right now. and i am ready to work very hard for the republican party. and especially for the agenda paul ryan has put forward. >> if he sat down and said, andy, i want your support. i want to earn your support?
6:26 am
what's the one thing you'd tell him the most important thing to do is? >> to have the courage to listen honestly to advice from other people. taste his words before he spits them out. and demonstrate that it's not all about him. it's all about leading this great country. and making sure the republican party is best positioned to have not only a republican president and a republican vice president, but a republican infrastructure that can be supportive in the house and the senate to ride real direction and optimism. the american party is the party of optimists and entrepreneurship and i'm going to say compassion. and so far donald trump has not demonstrated the broad expectations that we have as republicans, not only for the republican party but more importantly for the united states of america. i want him to demonstrate that he understands that the united states can't be alone in the world. we've got to be part of a relationship with other nations that have common interests.
6:27 am
and we should be the maker of those common interests and invite other people to join us for the better good for all americans and everyone around the world. and donald tends to be a divider, not a uniter. we've had a divider as president. i want to see a uniter as leader of the republican party so we can have a uniter as president again. something i've witnessed republican presidents do. ronald reagan, george h.w. bush and even george w. bush even was a uniter. he brought the world together to fight for causes very important not only to the united states but also to the greater world. >> there has been some talk in the last couple of days as donald trump as these poll numbers have started to go pretty sour for him. there's been some talk that, hey, look. he's not the official republican party's nominee for president. still has to get through the convention. some talk there could still be a movement to deny him the republican nomination this summer. do you think there is any prospect of that? >> i tend not to believe that's
6:28 am
a viable expectation that any republican could have right now. i think there should be a discussion about what we should be doing to make sure the republican party is strong moving into the fall elections. but it's not just about winning the presidency. it's also about doing well with our house and senate candidates and holding on to the house and holding on to the senate. we have an agenda paul ryan has outlined that's exciting for america and one the republican party can stand behind. i hope donald trump will stand with that agenda and help to bring it to reality. >> andy card is the former white house chief of staff. currently the president of franklin pierce university. thanks for the time. appreciate it. some breaking news just coming in. we want to tell you about. we are learning the search for egyptair flight 804 has now yielded the flight's cockpit voice recorder. the black box that has been located. let's go to nbc's bill neily in london. what do we know? >> well, this is potentially the
6:29 am
biggest breakthrough so far in the search for the cause of why egyptair 804 twisted from the sky and plunged into the mediterranean. it's just broken in the last few minutes. we understand the cockpit voice recorder, one of the two black boxes has now been found. the egyptians have produced a statement saying that the john leathbridge, which is the ship specifically charged with trying to find those flight recorders. the "john leathbridge" has found the cockpit recorder. it was damaged but they retrieved the party that contains the memory unit. the box itself is damaged but the memory unit appears not to be damaged but that will now be brought back to cairo where investigators, french, egyptian investigators also from the u.s. will look at that cockpit voice recorder and try to work out
6:30 am
what happened. no word yet as to the flight data recorder. it was only less than 24 hours ago that we learned that that ship had, in fact, located the wreckage. we understood the wreckage was in several pieces. so it's actually a great success that they've managed to find the flight -- the cockpit voice recorder quite so quickly. but it will take some time to get that back to cairo and even longer for that to be analyzed. remember, this is still one of the great aviation mysteries. what on earth caused that plane to plummet into the mediterranean. there were reports that there was smoke in the cockpit, possibly coming from the avionics bay, but it was still unclear whether this was a technical fault or whether it had something to do with terrorism because, remember, this flight was going from paris to cairo. so the connection of those two countries made many people initially think that terrorism was indeed a possible cause. but the cause still unknown, but this is definitely the biggest
6:31 am
breakthrough so far in this investigation. back to you. >> and, bill, quickly, the clock was really ticking here, too, in terms of, if i understand this right. another couple of days, maybe a week, if they found it later it might not have been good anymore. >> that's right. there's, as we know from mh-370. there's a pinger on these cockpit voice recorders. the batteries traditionally only last around 30 days. we were right at the end of that. but once the ship had located the aircraft debris itself, there was an extra window, if you like because once you've got the debris, the flight recorders are found in the tail section. so you can pretty much narrow down the search. but, yes, it was a race against time but now the biggest breakthrough so far n we'll probably have to wait another week or ten days to know exactly what the data in the cockpit
6:32 am
voice recorder tells us. >> bill neely in london with the news the cockpit voice recorder from egyptair flight 804 has been found. bill neely, thank you for that. turn to headlines at the half hour. president obama set to leave the white house less than an hour from now. he will head to orlando, florida, the site of that nightclub massacre over the weekend. the white house says the president will visit with survivors and with families of the victims. this an attempt to show solidarity with the people of orlando and the lgbt community. 15-hour filibuster on the floor of the united states senate ended just after 2:00 this morning. but not before connecticut democratic senator chris murphy says he received commitments from republican leaders to hold a vote on new gun control measures. newly declassified documents reveal details about cia enhanced interrogation programs in the aftermath of 9/11. they also reveal that president bush expressed concern about the mistreatment of detainees.
6:33 am
and tonight, bernie sanders is set to deliver a live online video message to his supporters. although he hasn't revealed what it will be about. at the same time, sanders losing his very first congressional supporter, arizona congressman raul grialva. the first member of congress to come out and endorse sanders last year. today he is announcing he'll back hillary clinton. authorities in florida have released a picture of the toddler snatched by an alligator while wading in a manmade lake at disney world. this is 2-year-old lane graves. searchers recovering his body in that lake yesterday. gabe gutierrez is live in lake buena vista. new questions this morning about what disney had done or really hadn't done to prevent something like this. >> yeah, that's right, steve. the debate is really exploding on whether parents should have paid more attention to the no swimming signs that are here in
6:34 am
certain places in the park, or whether disney should have given them more warning. today investigators are still trying to identify the alligator responsible for the death of lane graves. but there are still many questions about leading up to that, whether disney should have done more. disney has released a statement saying there are no words to convey the profound sorrow we feel for the family and their unimaginable loss. we are devastated and heartbroken by this tragic accident and doing what we can to help the family during this difficult time. on behalf of everybody at disney, we offer our deepest sympathies. disney's ceo released a similar statement expressing condolences. but a disney official did tell me that alligators here in florida are a fact of life. and they are in their habitat. local sheriff believes disney will review its policies regarding signage. they do have no swimming signs here, but at the seven seas lagoon there were no signs specifically referring to alligators. and several industry experts
6:35 am
have said that out of shape guests may or may not know that alligators which are very common in florida are in the lakes here. there are still a lot of questions about whether disney could have done more. >> gabe, i think we might have just been showing it there. i'm not sure. there's some video, i understand nbc has obtained. we've been showing that. that's just from a few days ago? a sighting of an alligator in this same lake a few days before this happened? >> that video was posted on youtube. and it appears to show an alligator at the seven seas lagoon taken by a wedding guest on june 3rd. that is earlier this month. it appears to show an alligator in that same lagoon. of course, it wasn't -- we don't know if that was the alligator. we certainly don't know that. and we should point out that authorities have removed five alligators from that manmade lake as they search for the alligator responsible. others have been posting videos
6:36 am
throughout social media, other visitors here to the disney resort showing toddlers playing really close to the water here throughout the park, and those parents, it seems to show that toddlers did it very often, right here on the beach, even though there were alligators in those lakes, steve. so certainly disney facing a lot of tough questions today. >> and, gabe, if you could just -- for people who haven't been down there, just to sort of describe a little more detail what this scene is like. i mean, it's sort of a mixed message here. there's a sign that says no swimming. at the same time, there's a beach here. there's sand. there's beach chairs. it makes it look like the water isn't that dangerous. >> yeah, and that's, you know, what some of those videos, the parents that posted them are outraged. disney isn't giving enough warning by simply posting the no swimming. they don't say why people shouldn't swim. some industry experts say that
6:37 am
might be enough and disney is not fulfill ting its duty here d some are outraged because it's happening. >> gabe gutierrez, thanks for that's. more breaking news to tell you about this from the uk where there are reports that a member of parliament has been attacked. we're working to get the details. going to take a quick break. we'll share what we know as soon as we come back. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to fl alive"♪
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6:41 am
>> 41 years old. meeting with constituents in the uk. it's called a surgery. that's the place you go to meet constituents. if you have an issue with your passport, pension, you want to go see your member of parliament, that is what she was doing today in the town of burstol in leeds in northern england. 41 years old. she's done a lot of humanitarian work before becoming a member of parliament. worked for ox-fam and the bill and melinda gates foundation. we've heard from the mayor of london and the prime minister of the uk write, i'm very concerned about reports jo cox has been injured. our thoughts and prayers are with jo and her family. she was meet with constituents when somebody both shot and stabbed her. there's been a massive police sweep of the area. it's unclear if the assailant is still out there or if they've been detained. we'll obviously update. >> any word on her condition, on -- >> yeah, according to the hospital that she was taken to,
6:42 am
she's in, quote, serious condition. keep in mind this just happened about an hour and a half ago. this is very fresh. people in the uk are shocked by this. it's breaking news across the major networks in the united kingdom. >> shocking news there and around the world. you think back in this country, gabby giffords, about five or six years ago, a member of congress who was shot but she survived. >> eerily similar. it was because she was meeting with constituents. we're going to turn back to politics and get back to our most important number of the day. we've known that donald trump has been struggling in the polls lately, but there is one particular number that may really surprise you. we'll show it to you next. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneurs of the week. omar and camille brown knew
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me. some people, they love trump. they'll do anything for trump. and some people don't like me too much. >> donald trump at a rally in atlanta. he knows he's a polarizing figure. he knows people have strong views on him. but how polarizing can he afford to be and still have a chance to win in november? that gets us to our most important number of the day. and it is a shocker. you can see it. the number 70. what does the number 70 have to do with that question of polarization and donald trump? check this out. this is a brand-new abc news "washington post" poll. donald trump's unfavorable rating among all voters has hit 70%. 7 out of every 10 voters this fall right now saying they have an unfavorable view of the man the republican party is poised to nominate for president. we have never, i repeat never, seen a number this guy for a
6:47 am
major party's presidential candidate at this point in the race. a 70% unfavorable score. let's put this in a little perspective. look at donald trump's opponent. this would be a terrible score. if we debidn't know donald trum was at 70% and you saw hillary clinton had a 55% unfavorable. you'd say hillary clinton is in grave danger of losing this election in november. this used to be about the worst score you could imagine. 70%, significantly worse. hillary clinton when it comes to the favorable/unfavorable question, she's in pretty good shape right now. let's compare this across different groups. excuse me. i pressed the wrong button. let's do this among different groups. among african-americans, donald trump's unfavorable rating right now, 94%. among hispanics, it's almost 90%. even among white voters, he's there at 60%. this crosses gender lines.
6:48 am
less unpopular with men than women. over 60 in both case. hillary clinton, these are not great numbers by and large for her but compared to donald trump right now, much better. this is not the position donald trump wanted to be in a month or so after becoming the presumptive republican nominee. these numbers had started to improve, it seemed. he had drawn even with hillary clinton in the polls but the last month or so, with the controversy over trump university, over the judge, we will see how his handling of orlando plays out. but the past month has brought his numbers to truly, truly historic depths. a 70% unfavorable score for donald trump. if he's going to become president of the united states this november, he has got to bring that number down. coming up, could trump go it alone and pull that off? what we're just talking about. going to ask some political reporters. that is ahead. ok team,
6:49 am
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6:52 am
donald trump is showing some willingness to move and all i can say to mr. trump, you're on the right path here, my friend. >> well, there's an interesting change of pace. we've been talking so much about republicans distancing themselves from donald trump this week but lindsey graham, his old nemesis in the republican party saying positive things about him today. the reason he's saying he thinks donald trump might be moving on right direction on something he's talking about, guns right there. talking about potentially backing an effort to keep people on that federal terror watch list from purchasing weapons. let's bring in mike pesca and jackie kucinich for the daily beast. we put up these unfavorable scores and donald trump hitting 70% in the newest poll and hillary clinton at 55% unfavorable. i guess the question strategically for trump is, is the effort to bring that 70 down to 55 where hillary clinton is
6:53 am
or is the effort to try to bring her 55 up closer to his 70? >> the striking thing about that poll, he also dropped with republicans. at this point in the campaign usually, we are so far from usual it's unbelievable, the republican party is consolidated and aiming fire at the democratic nominee. we're not seeing that. donald trump is still having trouble bringing his party together let alone looking to attack hillary clinton. i think to answer your question, it's two-fold, he has to bring the number up. you better believe he's going to try to bring her down as well. >> trying to figure out donald trump and what the strategy seize pursuing is could be a full-time job and then some. but the comment from graham is interesting, he's talking about guns right there. there's so much talk about donald trump taking hard line stands maybe in some cases that have been previously out of the mainstream of american politics on this idea of banning muslims
6:54 am
from coming into the country. if he follows through on what he's suggesting on guns here, he would actually have on the issue of guns, a more moderate position that be we've seen from previous republicans, breaking with the nra. >> that gives way too much credit. he says one thing sometimes within the space of one sentence and contradict himself, look at abortions and all of the walk backs, talk of a pivot. i have this hash tag, contradiction not a pivot. he constantly contradicts hixself. that's what we're seeing on guns and what we're going to see. i don't see it playing well. i loved your question to jackie, just trying to drag down the electorate, so alienate all americans that only 2 people show up on election day and neither is latino. >> the key here too, if he follows through, so far we have the tweet and talk of a meeting with the nra.
6:55 am
we'll see if that produces anything. i want to play -- we showed a cut earlier, how donald trump is talking about his relationship with the republican party right now. we have reports of friction with the republican national committee. we have other republicans like larry hogan saying they are not going to support him. here's what trump is saying about that just yesterday. >> the republicans, honestly, folks? our leaders have to get tougher. this is too tough to do it alone. i think i'm going to be forced to. >> we have to have our republicans either stick together or let me just do it by myself. i'll do very well. i'm going to do very well. okay? i'm going to do very well. a lot of people thought i should do that anyway. >> so look, jackie, the conventional wisdom would say this is a disaster of a major party's nominee separates himself from the party's national committee and leaders. is there a piece of this that could work with donald trump in terms of showing independence?
6:56 am
if he has the entire republican establishment distancing itself from him, does he establish more independence that way potentially? >> sure, but he's saying one thing behind closed doors to republican leaders and then doing another. we've seen it time and time again. you've seen reince priebus say he's going to tone it down. once he gets in front of the crowd, without a teleprompter, the same candidate throughout the primaries. donald trump really doesn't have any ties to the establishment republican party. he was elected from people angry at the republican party. so i mean, in fairness, there really is a disinsensitive for him to march along with the same washington set of rules that we've seen in so many cycles before. >> mike, do you think when we show a number like the 70% unfavorable rating right now, do you think this registers with donald trump in a way that would get him to change course meaningfully? >> i don't think he's a candidate that relies on
6:57 am
favorable. his brand is i'm the tough man, i'll be your sob, do that for you, the dissatisfied white downwardly mobile voter. it's beyond rhetoric the fight he's picking with the republicans. maybe that's a thing to say on the stump but he needs the get out the vote apparatus. he has almost no staff. he needs them desperately. right now the republicans are worried they are worry the about losing the senate. might lose the house and their ideas can be destroyed. paul ryan has this anti-poverty agenda, this is what he believes in. this is what he's dedicated his life to. if people say in future elections after trump loses, that's a donald trump idea, let's not go with conservative ideas, that could hurt conservatism for years to come. >> we have the question, obviously terrible poll numbers here for donald trump, the one encouraging sign, you look at the events right now, so much
6:58 am
focus on terrorism. you ask the question when candidate would be best to handle terrorism. there's a new one out that has hillary clinton slightly ahead of trump. there was a poll out that had trump slightly ahead of hillary clinton. when you look just at this issue of terrorism, there may be more of an opening there to get back in the conversation? >> i think you hear him talking how he does about terrorism. he also refers to hillary clinton and democratic party, including president obama as weak. and as long as i can get mileage out of that, you're going to see him do that. >> that should be a natural advantage. if he's only leading slightly, he's really screwing up. >> thankds as always, appreciate it. that is going to wrap up this hour. i'm steve kornacki. msnbc live continues jose diaz-balart right now. >> good thursday morning.
6:59 am
it's another supreme court decision day if there are any major decisions we'll know at any moment and we'll bring that to you live with our own pete williams. but first this hour, we're following breaking news on the egyptair crash. nbc news has learned the cockpit voice recorder has been recovered and after the wreckage was found in the mediterranean. tom costello joins me for latest. >> this is critical because the cockpit voice recorder will contain the conversations between the pilot and the co-pilot as well as any a.m. bee ent noise in the cockpit. would it have detected any sound of explosion or sounds that might suggest a plane was coming apart? what about the conversations between the pilots, hopefully the cockpit voice recorder will contain that. we're told it was damaged, however, they were able to extract the memory unit. that's critical. also critical, they did this just in the nick of time. this is the pinger right here on the black box. the batteries on the pinger were
7:00 am
set to expire in about another week or so. they managed to find the cockpit voice recorder just in the nick of time before the pingers expired. however, there's yet another black box they need to find and that of course being the flight data recorder. they would love to be able to hone in on that in the wreckage field. that brings us to the point of what they were talking about late yesterday, they found two locations where they think they have identified the wreckage from egyptair flight 804 there in the mediterranean. the question will be, where is the flight data recorder? it is also damaged like the cockpit voice recorder. that's critical. they need to not only hear what the conversations were like inside the coke pitd but see what the plane was doing and how it was performing. the flight data recorder contains 1,000 perimeters of information about engine performance and wing configuration and any electrical systems were failing and engine systems were failing, all of that,


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