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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 16, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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attacker shouted britain first. jo cox is 41 years old and new labor mp with a background in charity work. she was in fact an adviser to the bill and melinda gates foundation. she's in the past spoken out in favor of taking action in syria. most of her work was for international charities like oxfam and save the children. she has two young children. there's nothing in that background that would suggest any motive for this attack. a 52-year-old man has been arrested and pictures taken at the scene do show a white man with blood coming from ail body wound and being arrested by police. jo cox was taken by air ambulance to a leeds infirmry, armed police outside that hospital and david cameron says this was a terrible attack. he's very concerned and says our thoughts and prayers are with jo and her family. tamron? >> thank you very much, bill.
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this latest development out of northern england. we'll work to get more information as bill gets it in to the bureau there. now to breaking news on capitol hill right now we're waiting for senate democrats to speak out just hours after their nearly 15-hour filibuster to push for stricter gun control. they succeeded in getting republican leaders to agree to hold votes on two key measures. they are a ban on gun sales to people on the government's terror watchlist and expanding background checks at gun shows and on the internet. that fill buflter was led by connecticut senator chris murphy whose district when he was a congressman included newtown. it ended around 2:11 a.m. with senator murphy standing with a picture of dylan, one of 20 people with six adults killed in the newtown shooting rampage in 2012. >> ask yourself, what could you
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do to make sure that orlando or sandy hook never ever happens again? >> senator murphy tweeted this morning, 15 hours on the floor, two hours of sleep and i'm back on my tired feet ready to keep pressing congress to end its silence on gun violence. he had been joined by 30 of democratic senate colleagues, including massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. >> if we fail to act, the next time someone uses a gun to kill one of us, a gun that we could have kept out of the hands of the terrorist, that members of this congress will have blood on our hands. >> nbc's luke russert joins us live now from capitol hill with the latest and we see the podium there behind you. we're expecting to hear from lawmakers. where do things stand right now? >> reporter: hey, tamron, there is an agreement between mitch mcconnell and harry reid, the
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min or leader to have a vote on two specific items, no fly fno buy. this is something that attracted a lot of bipartisan support but republicans do have concerns about due process. essentially that look, if you're on that list and it's a mistake, the government should not continuously have the right to prohibit you from getting a firearm. they are trying to work out a compromise to say what is a way for perhaps the department of justice to flag a problematic sale and there a way to get that before the courts. there has been ideaed by john cornyn of texas. they say a terrorist would wait out the three day period. there is potential for that to be worked out. they'll have a vote on the original bill, the no fly, no buy. the manchin toomey gun show loophole and this came after
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newtown, it was voted down shortly after that and very emotional. there were newtown families in the chamber and voted down again after san bernardino in december. i think while murphy did bring a lot of attention to this issue and got a real social media push along with corey booker there the entirety of the time, the reality is tamron, the nra is so powerful on capitol hill, essentially the republican party beholden to them, won't do anything the nra opposes even though donald trump says he'll meet with the no fly no buy bill. we'll see if they can work out a compromise on that one but the gun show loophole and internet background checks and those gun sales probably going to go down. i imagine the no fly and no buy will go down this vote, tamron. >> let's talk about emotions and we've grown accustomed to filibusters regarding budget issues and senator ted cruz and made him a very controversial
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figure and in many ways propelled his national profile. but the emotion seen to your point by corpsy booker, and many others yesterday regarding this latest shooting and really trying to see some move forward with congress. >> there was certainly i think a belief within the senate democratic caucus that orlando was different. orlando was different because lgbt americans were targeted and different because the fbi had investigated this individual and i was still able to access what they call a weapon of war. and yesterday the floor was very emotional. tammy baldwin, someone who is part of the lgbt community, went on the floor and read stories about every single victim from orlando, cory booker talked about the time dealing with gun violence as mayor of newark and chris murphy having conversations with families from newtown, why can't anything change? the reality is, the nra is just
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too strong but they want to shed light on that especially now and for the rest of congress being in session this summer until july 15th. >> thank you very much. let me bring in shannon watts, founder of moms demand action for guns. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. >> let me get your reaction. when you hear luke russert, something you know very well, discuss the influence of the nra when this discussion of common sense reform enters the political dialogue. >> yeah, you know, i don't remember voting for the nra or voting for wayne lapierre to write gun laws. so i'm incredibly proud of senators murphy and feinstein and schumer, all senators who stood up during the 15-hour
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filibuster and if they could stand for 15 hours, americans can take two minutes to text disarm hate 64433. we know to show senators we want change and want it now. >> when you look at the dollars spend, the nra spent $27 million in support of 50 senators all of which are republicans. you in a tweet singled out one of the lawmakers, senator heidi hi highcamp of north dakota. >> in the vote for background checks in april, four months after sandy hook, she voted the wrong way on background checks and she's a mom and democrat and we expect her to do the right thing on this vote. hopefully she has evolved but if you look at the vote after sandy hook, it took us four months to get a vote on background checks after 20 children were shot and killed in the sanctity of a elementary school. this vote on orlando took four
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days. make no mistake, this is a sea change in gun politics in this country and the presidential election is also proof of that. guns have become a wedge issue and we are winning. >> shannon, i want to take our audience to this meeting with the democratic senators rights now and also nra spent 27 million, all republicans including democratic senator hide camp which you tweeted her stance. let's listen in. >> heroic survivors, tina mines and her father damian was an employee of san bernardino county shot and killed by a co-worker in his office and his wife who both pledged allegiance to isis on december 2nd of 2015. she'll be followed by reverend sharon richer, her mother, ethel and cousins were shot and killed a year ago june 17th, 2015 in
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the emmanuel ame church in charleston, where the shooter was able to buy a weapon because of a loophole in the nation's background checks laws. please welcome to the podium first tina and then reverend richer. >> thank you senators schumer and blumen thal and murphy and feinstein booker markey and baldwin for inviting me today. i'm grateful to you and members of your delegation for taking action on this issue so that other families do not have to live with the heartbreak and anguish my family has been forced to endur. your leadership has been a source of comfort to my family andmy. my name is tina mines, my father was killed on december 2nd last year at the regional center while at the work event with the san bernardino county environmental health department when a co-worker and his wife who pledged allegiance to the
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terrorist group isis burst through the doors of his office spraying bullets from the semiautomatic rifles. my dad along with 13 co-workers was killed in mere seconds, my life and lives of my mother and sister were changed. our family was small but close, very close. dad was always happen to spend time with us, whether helping with our homework or teaching us how to ride our bikes and helping coach our soccer teams or going for long walks. we traveled the world today and talked about the importance of helping others and everything else from politics to current events to whatever was on our minds. in our house there was laughter all the time. now that laughter is gone. as news of the horrific mass shooting on sunday morning in orlando began to unfold in front of our eyes and numbers of dead and injured continued to rise, i
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was immediately taken back to december 2nd. i know exactly what those families were going through. i know what it's like to get the call telling you the worst news you could ever imagine. and the pain of knowing this was happening and again in our country to so many families was just too much to bear. each person in that club was someone's child, a sibling, a lover, a friend. i wish i could say i'm surprised we're here again, but sadly i'm not. we will continue to be here again and again if our elected officials fail to take action that prevents dangerous and hateful people from getting their hands on a deadly weapon. it's time to disarm hate. one day after the san bernardino mass shooting congress had the opportunity to take meaningful action to make our nation safer but instead the majority of
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senators voted in lock step with the gun lobby against a common sense measure that would have prevented people on a federal terrorism watch list from purchasing guns. how can we ignore the fact in this country we make it easy and legal for dangerous people, including suspected terrorists, to commit unspeakable acts by providing them with easy access to guns? suspected terrorists are prohibited from boarding planes yet they can still legally purchase firearms. since 2004, more than 2000 terror suspects have taken advantage of this loophole in our laws to buy guns. i can't wrap my mind around why anyone in congress finds this acceptable. closing the terror gap could have prevented what happened on sunday in orlando. the fbi had investigated the shooter multiple times for terrorist ties and homicidal threats. based on his history, terror gap
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legislation could have blocked the gun sale and prevented the deaths and injuries an emotional scars on hundreds fz our fellow americans. it wasn't easy for me to be here today. it wasn't easy for my mom and my sister and i to get on the airplane and fly across the country. we're still in very early stages of our grief. i think about my dad every single day. i lost my father, my best friend in a horrific and brutal way that seems to defy all reason. but that's also why i couldn't not be here today. i want my story to remind others it doesn't have to be this way. it's time to take a stand in this country and disarm hate. thank you. >> thank you.
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thank you senators schumer, blum blumenthat will, murphy, feinstein, booker and baldwin and markey for bringing us here together today. it's hard to believe that tomorrow will be one year since i received the devastating news that my mother and two of my cousins were among nine people who had been shot and killed while praying at the emmanuel african methodist episcopal church in charleston, south carolina, by a man so filled with hate armed with a gun. the pain of knowing my mother and cousins were killed in a racially motivated hate crime carried out against black church
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goers, peacefully praying is something that i carry with me every day. i've spent the most of my professional life working as a er trauma chaplain. but no amount of training could have prepared me for the shock, pain and emptiness that consumed me in the days after the death of my family members. i struggled to answer why. why my loved ones and so many other people have been killed. along with so many americans, i was baffled at how the shooter was able to get his hands on a gun and how we lived in a country filled with so much
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hatred. racism, sexism, miss ogny, nationalism, home phobia and religious intolerance are all things that we have sadly experienced over and over in this country. but hate becomes deadly when we make it far too easy for those intent on causing harm to get their hands on a gun. and that is why i'm here today to disarm hate. my momma's life was an expression of her faith. her strength and resiliency, coming from humble means, my momma always wanted more. the circumstances of her life were hard. yet she found a way to keep on
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dreaming. after the shooting in charleston, i needed to be a part of the solution to find a way to keep on dreaming like my mother did. i needed to channel my pain in action. i became part of this group, every town survivor network, joining my voice with others who have experienced the same inkprensible grief. on sunday, when i learned that 49 people were killed at a gay club in orlando and 53 more were injured, making it the largest mass shooting in the modern u.s. history, i turned off the tv.
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i did not participate in social media because my heart could not take hearing about that, knowing that families were getting ready to feel the same kind of pain that all the people in charleston and especially the nine families were feeling. i was overcome with sadness and anger. i was full of heartbreak for victims and their families who lies are forever changed physically and emotionally by the sheer horror of that day. i am still learning how to walk this walk of action and advocacy. i must profess, i don't know all the things. i don't know all of other nation gun laws point by point.
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but i do know that the unspeakable grief that accompanies the deatof a loved one killed by gun violence is something that stays in your heart. i know that there is more that we all can do. we must do to prevent the next tragedy. and i know that america is with us. in less than a week since the orlando tragedy, more than 19,000 americans have called their members of congress and more than 70,000 people have signed petitions demanding our elected leaders do more. as our communities come together to remember the lives taken and the horrific events that took
8:20 am
place in charleston south carolina one year ago. and the lives taken in the tragedy that occurred in orlando on sunday, and more than 90 americans are killed every day by gun violence and hundreds more are injured. i plead with you, i plead with you with everything that i have in my heart, i ask everyone to join me in this walk to disarm hate and for those of you watching this, i urge you to text disarm hate to 64433. together america, together, senators, everybody, we can build a safe future and spare
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other communities from experiencing tragedy by someone who should have never had access to a gun. thank you. >> we're listening to powerful comments from reverend sharon richar, her mother and two cousins were killed. before those remarks we heard from the daughter of damian mines, he was killed in the san bernardino attack. after a 15-hour filibuster to push for stricter gun control. they have succeeded to getting republican leaders to hold votes on two key measures and both touched upon in the emotional words from those two women, a ban on gun sales to people on the terror watch list and expanding background checks at gun shows and on the internet. let me bring back sharon watts, founder of moms demand action.
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she's here with us. sharon, what do you compare this to? this filibuster and strong move by democratic senators and now hearing again two very powerful statements from people personally impacted as we all could be at any moment? >> first of all, i want to thank these very brave survivors for telling these stories, it's just unfathomable that we've had 150 mass shootings since 2009 and yet congress has done nothing. and i feel their sad nsz and anger and shame on every cowardly member of congress who hasn't acted. we will remember this in november, have no doubt. in the meantime, you have a chance to do the right thing and chance to vote your conscience opposed to voting on behalf of the gun lobby. as a mom of a gay teen it's terrifying what happened in
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orlando. guns make hate deadly. it is their job to protect the constituent and they need to do their job and we're going to hold them accountable for that. >> thank you so much for your time. we'll continue to follow the developments from capitol hill. meanwhile donald trump is in washington this morning as members of his team meet with congressional republicans but exactly a year after launching his presidential bid, now issuing what many see as a new threat to his own party leadership. >> this is too tough to do it alone but i think i'm going to be forced to. i think i'm going to be forced to. our leaders have to get a lot tougher and be quiet, just please be quiet. >> next up, conservative radio host hugh hewitt will join us live, what he thinks of the latest comments telling leadership to be quiet.
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donald trump appears to be ramping up attacks, this time against his own party. according to new reports from nbc news, there are potentially damaging trust issues between the trump campaign and the rnc. largely because trump follows his own campaign strategy. yesterday while speaking at the packed rally in atlanta, donald trump called for the republican leadership to be quiet or he may take on major platform issues alone. >> just please be quiet, don't talk. please be quiet. just be quiet. they have to get tougher. to have get sharper and smarter. they have to stick together or let me do it by myself. i'm going to do very well. i'm going to very well, okay. a lot of people thought i should do that anyway but just very nicely by myself. you'll have a very good result. >> well, these poll numbers speaking of potential results here, right now bloomberg shows
8:28 am
trump's favorable, 32% among republican voters, the lowest recorded since the poll was created seven years ago. joining me now political analyst and host of the hugh hewitt show. let's get started here. what's your take on what donald trump said yesterday directed at the gop leadership? >> there's always friction between party leadership and nominee. it happened with romney and mccain and always happens. but the truth is that both need each other. the finest hour donald trump had when he testified about the u.n. remodeling a few years ago. the senators brought him in because donald trump knew about skyscrapers and remodeling. he was fascinating and completely captivating to watch because he had expertise. people like mcconnell and paul ryan have great expertise in winning elections as do people who have run successful national campaigns before. donald trump clearly has care is
8:29 am
ma and a base but there is expertise and they need each other. they've got to be on the same page. i think they are getting there. it's not the easiest evolution towards cooperation i've ever watched but it's happening. >> what do you compare this to? you brought up the mitt romney issue, if you can, give me an example where you've seen a presumptive nominee tell the leadership publicly at a rally to be quiet or he could go it alone. >> in 1964, barry goldwater had extraordinary difficulties with party leadership. in fact, late in june in 1954, a bunch of republican governors and then former vice president richard nixon got together in cleveland to try to remove goldwater. didn't work. you can't do that. it's hard to do. eventually they either fall silent or get behind you. what mr. trump needs is to rally the party and the party needs to be ralliable.
8:30 am
i was a critic of trump but as i wrote in the "washington post" today, people can vote for hillary clinton or donald trump, one of those two are going to be the next president and everyone ought to focus on that choice because secretary clinton for reasons -- qualified from being the commander in chief rarnlgly because of her server and disastrous foreign affairs record. i think it helps rublicans and conservatives to focus on hillary clinton, president obama and not on their disputes over the best set of tactics to follow. >> you have mitt romney seeing he's going to write in a name and republican governor cannot support donald trump. while you see it as a two-choice issue there are some who do not. you bring up hillary clinton's foreign policy. let's bring up what donald trump said about russia yesterday on stage.
8:31 am
>> putin has -- the military again and again, the military is much stronger. he's doing nuclear, we're not doing anything. our nuclear is old and tired and his is tippy top from what i hear. better be careful, folks, better be careful. >> do you have confidence in the tippy top description that donald trump just gave for russian nuclear program and do you agree with him? >> he is warning about the modernization plans russia has underway for its nuclear weaponry and also warning about the fact that putin is aggressive towards the baltic -- >> is that what you said though, hugh? what you're saying and articulating, the presumptive nominee of your party, that gives you confidence that he describes russia's nuclear program at its tippy top, that gives you -- >> gives me more confidence than
8:32 am
the russian -- that was mislabeled that secretary clinton gave to vladimir putin's then foreign secretary. secretary clinton has been compromised by the russians. they have been in the serve every over a year without being detected. he articulated he's worried about the russians and whether or not commentators approve of his language, he's aware of the threat. mrs. clinton is not aware of the threat. she gave them the russian -- >> do you believe the former secretary of state and former senator from -- of russia, you say that with confidence? >> i absolutely, why otherwise would she have allowed libya to become grounds for isis and syria to evolve into a civil war with russia -- >> what's donald trump's plan to deal with russia? >> he's going to embark upon the largest buildup since reagan and said that repeatedly, that is what is necessary -- >> how does he explain that? >> you go --
8:33 am
>> what has he said? >> he has said, the largest military buildup since the reagan defense buildup which -- the answer specifically to your question is money. right now the democrats are holding the defense bugtd hostage and not moving ford with the defense authorization act and the defense appropriations bill for four years in a row. her party and she as the nominee has been in favor of the sequester. i think that's something donald trump wants to campaign on. >> but he hasn't -- >> he did yesterday. he did yesterday. you don't like the word tippy top, i like that -- >> it's not the word it's just part of some of the criticism is that he is as his democratic critics have said, ignorant, newt gingrich described him as an absurd amateur. i'm trying to get to the point where we understand where you stand now because you've been not always been on this position on donald trump versus the
8:34 am
leadership like paul ryan tried to trickle out. you have republican leaders running away from microphones unwilling or unable to defend donald trump in the passionate and respectful way you've done here. >> i have to go back and say newt gingrich did not say amateur with regards to his defense position. he said amateur with regards to his campaign tactics and that's where the bristling is. i think you will find the republican party and house rollinged out an agenda last week, in agreement with donald trump about the dangers posed by russia and iran nuclear -- >> he reiterated he would be willing to meet with kim jong-un and not go to north korea but north korean dictator could come here. do you agree with that? >> no i don't. i don't believe we ought to have anything to do with north korea however it is in fact bill clinton who signed the 1994 agreement with north korea that allowed for the nuclearization which mrs. clinton never
8:35 am
repudiated. any serious discussion will benefit the republicans, rob portman, john mccain, republican senators who need to be re-elected. democrats mean weakness when it comes to national security. that's the bottom line. and donald trump articulated that yesterday and hopes he stays focused on the nashlg security. >> thank you so much, great having you on as always. >> traveling to orlando to pay respects of families of the victims of the orlando nightclub shooting. an update on the investigation is next. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ i will change you. change your goals to get you home earlier every day. sometimes i will give you superpowers. but sometimes, i'll make you feel like the weakest man in the world. i will test your patience to make your heart softer... ... and your limits to make you tougher. but i promise dad, it will be the greatest journey of your life. ♪
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vote yes on the drug price relief act. and drug companies are spending but i keep it growingption drug by making every dollar count.g. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? developing now, president obama and vice president biden are traveling to orlando to pay respects to the victims in the worst mass shooting in the country's history. the president boarded air force
8:39 am
one and the president will meet with the families of those killed as well as doctors and first responders as well. this comes as fbi investigators are now trying to identify people whose photos have shown up on omar mateen's electronics, including his cell phone, also chilling new footage emerged showing mateen works as a security guard part of a documentary about the bp oil spill. >> like everybody is out to get paid. hoping for more oil to come out and more people to complain so they'll have a job. they want more disaster to happen. that's where their money making is. >> yeah. all about the money, right? >> all about the money. >> nbc's chris jansing is in orlando with details with the latest on the investigation. chris, again, a lot of focus on the digital footprint of omar mateen and what authorities can learn from it. >> reporter: and when you think about that, tamron, they are looking at pictures on his cell phones and other electronic
8:40 am
devices that pete williams has learned shows how painstaking the process. there's a bus and flashing lights just a very short distance from pulse nightclub. that very difficult work of going through the crime scene, various teams trying to put together a time line of the shooting, all of this coming together with help frankly from the public. we've seen the fbi has put out a ask for help and officials have said they are getting a lot of tips and following up on each and every one. we heard from senator ron johnson, the head of the homeland security committee, he sent a letter facebook's mark zuckerberg asking him for -- cooperating. one of the things he said the staff has found are postings on various accounts that they believe belonged to omar mateen. nbc has not been able to confirm that. but postings that would give folks here some idea what the
8:41 am
motive is. there's still this outstanding question of why but today this visit by the president and vice president is about healing and really about sending a message you are not alone, something the president had to do so many times before. it's hard to imagine it was exactly a year ago tomorrow that the shootings in charleston happened and we all remember he went to the church there and gave that very moving eulogy. there will not be a big public service here. obviously whenever the president travels and certainly the president and vice president there's a large footprint, hasn't been that long since the shooting here. and he will meet privately. with the first responders with people who are inside that nightclub but we will also hear from him. he will make a statement to the members of the press who travel with the president, again, statements he has made at least 14 times before in the aftermath. then late afternoon he'll return
8:42 am
to washington where there's a debate about terrorism and gun control. >> i have to take the audience to breaking news, paul ryan giving a weekly news conference, he was just asked about a vote for gun control legislation. let's listen. >> again, we could go today, we rolled out a 67-point plan for a better national security to address these issues. >> the bill you brought up, terrorist radicalization act, that is countering violent extremism training. that particular training happens -- training these federal agents -- >> i agree. >> political correct training and telling agents they can't investigate particularly suspects with a background thing and they can't.
8:43 am
>> i have certain -- muslim background thing and they can't look into people who have certain things that may be islamic, is is condoning? >> i have concerns about this aspect of dhs and one of the reasons why we delayed the markup of the homeland security bill in the appropriations committee because we wanted to look at all of these issues to see if something needed to be improved in the appropriations process and that's one of our concerns. >> mr. speaker, in the aftermath of orlando, your presumptive nominee recalled the muslim ban. if he continues to say controversial things that draw concerns, give any any scenario whic you would rescinds your endorsement? >> that's not my plan. i don't have a plan to do that. we're going to agree to disagree on some things, that's the way
8:44 am
things work. mitt romney and i didn't agree on everything. what we do agree on, we don't want another democrat in the white house, i can tell you that and do have a lot of common ground on a lot of things that we think will move us in a better way in this country. we don't agree on that. everybody knows that. you also know that if i'm asking a question i'll answer it honestly and asked a question about proposal i don't agree with, i'll say i don't agree with it. that simple. >> to that end you wake up and read the paper, there it goes again and how many more times can you do that? >> i don't know the answer to that either. >> does it bother you you have to do this repeatedly. >> he's a different kind of candidate, this is a different kind of year. i'm going to be myself and speak up in defense our of principles and our country's principles. as conservatives we want to conserve our founding principles, self-determination, bill of rights, very important
8:45 am
principles. no matter what we're going to defend those principles. i do believe that the last thing we want is a democrat in the white house like hillary clin n clinton. >> we need to know what is it the fbi learned when they visit the with him, why did theyake him off the list? there's a lot congress has to do to get to the bottom of this particular case to see if mistakes are made they are not to be repeated. that's points number one. point number two, we don't take away citizens rights without due process. i'll defend the constitution here. we do not take away a citizen's rights without their due process. and so if you have a quick idea in the heat of the moment that says let's take away rights without due process, we'll stand
8:46 am
up and defend the constitution. >> do you have any thoughts on -- or had a discussion with mitch mcconnell? >> i'm familiar with it and haven't talked with mitch about it in particular. i've talked with our members about it. i think there's a version of it floating around here in the mou house. this codifies what the fbi already does. we think they should do what they do. i think we'll have further conversations about how to codify what the fbi does. >> last question. >> regarding the constitution -- >> did you already ask one? >> no, i didn't. >> just making sure. >> regarding the constitution, republican nominee has revoked the credentials of the "washington post," it's a pattern. the national review, our liberal publishations, mother jones, what do you think about the republican nominee revoking credentials. >> don't think i've heard of it before. i think that's a new one. i don't know a whole lot about it. i hope and assume this will get
8:47 am
worked out. >> hasn't so far. >> who's with the post? okay. last question. trying to come up with one now, aren't you? >> what do you? >> this morning, mr. speaker, you rolled out your plan to -- consecutive power. mr. trump said this addressing congressional leaders like yourself, please be quiet, don't talk. what is your reaction to that? do you have any confidence with respect to -- separation of power? >> you know, you can't make this
8:48 am
up sometimes. i'll just say we represent a separate but equal branch of government. we just spent the morning talking about how valuable the separation of powers is and how we're trying to restore the entire principle of self-government by consent. we will lose our freedoms in this country, including all of the bill of rights if we don't robustly defend the separation of powers and we're going to fight for those rights on behalf of our citizens so that we remain a self-governing people. make sure you call your dads this weekend. thanks. >> once again, how speaker paul ryan trying to dodge and weave and bob and weave on questions regarding donald trul p but also a lot of questions regarding guns and what we've seen here is that democrats have been the ones on the offensive, whether it's been on guns in the wake of the orlando shooting or comes to
8:49 am
donald trump. and this is a big departure what we've seen after past terror attacks. thinks back to after paris and san bernardino, the really big topic was about president obama and his handling and we're seeing a different issue matrix, talking about donald trump and role of guns in the terrorist attack. >> i know that speaker ryan will be on with chuck todd as well and sit down and perhaps give more substantive and detailed answers as it relates to donald trump saying he may go it alone here. we're hearing there's more tension between his campaign and the rnc. >> i thought that paul ryan's answers when it came to donald trump were interesting. he was shrugging his shoulders and you can't make this stuff up. he was saying he's such an unusual type of campaign. this isn't what paul ryan envisioned a year ago, someone who cares a lot about ideas and policy proposals and the
8:50 am
conversation and what the presumptive republican nominee is taking up have been anything but. >> florida officials are awaiting confirmation that they found the alligator responsible for killing a 2-year-old boy at the disney world resort. this as the disney resort. this is facing a lot of questions why there were no warning signs near the location of the attack. that's next. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good. we're total heroes. scale on demand with the number one company in cloud infrastructure. burning, pins-and-needles of beforediabetic nerve pain, these feet played shortstop in high school, learned the horn from my dad
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8:53 am
that is rights in orlando are searching for the second day of the alligator that killed the boy. wildlife is catching the alligator that attacked the two years old. this happened on tuesday in front of his family. searchers found lane's body. new reports whether disney should have done more to warn people of the potential danger of the water. there were no swimming signs posted.
8:54 am
the sign says nothing and nothing of alligators in the water. look at this video. this was posted online and the wedding at the hotel just days into the attack. >> it shows the alligator just when lane was snatched. >> how is disney reakicting to these questions. >> reporter: the president of the disney walt resort releasing this statement there were no words to convey the sorrow that we feel. we are devastated of this tragedy and doing what we can to help the family. we offer our deepest sympathies. now, there are questions being raised and the bay is exploding whether parents paid enough attention to the no swimming signs here on the property or
8:55 am
whether disney should have given them a warning. there is no specific mention of alligators on those signs. disney official that i spoke with says alligators is a fact of life here and it is apart of their natural habitat. disney works with them to remove nuance alligators that are longer and four feet in length, here what i say they had to say yesterday >> they routinely take out alligators in the lakes and property at large. i don't know and i have not heard any taking out recently but they have taken alligators out. >> reporter: now this morning in nebraska, that's where the grace family was from. there was a service there to honor the life of the two years old toddler. tamron, the family is recovering from that devastating loss as authorities is searching for the alligator responsible. >> thank you, very much, we'll be right back. turquois dresses...
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hour of msnbc, right now andrea mitchell reports. >> right now on "andrea mitchell reports" a call against arms. the democratic filibuster break breaking the republicans refusal to hold votes on the gun law policies. >> we cannot go on as business as usual. >> what do you need to make sure orlando or sandy hook never, ever happens again. >> coming up here the two leaders of that marathon, chris murphy of connecticut and corey booker of new jersey and warnings of the spread of isis. >> coming up, we'll talk to former cia director and the secretary of defense.
9:00 am
the comforting of the chief. president obama will arrive in orlandos to meet with victims and families of the post night massacre. >> i refuse to give up. we refuse to give up. >> good day everyone, i am andrea mitchell in washington where senator democrats are trying to win key concessions closing gun law loopholes. it started just over 24 hours ago led by connecticut chris murphy and corey booker, can they break the hole that the nra has had for years. fresh off that marathon is corey booker


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